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Afw or discord matches

Mon Oct 14, 2019 12:10 am by wrestleryu

Hi there guys. I'm mostly seeking female opponents for mixed wrestling matches to be played here or discord. I'd play my boys as either uppity jobbers or switches, depending on scenario settings and personal likings ;p

Since I'm being quite active on discord recently, here's my discord for those who may like to add me:

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Powering down for a few Cycles...

Thu Oct 03, 2019 4:40 am by Tarantulust

"Silver Wolf" Okami VHiQxC2

Hello one and all.

First, I would like to apologize for the delays on my threads. I have been pretty silent over the past few weeks on this site, and I haven't been posting as much as I regularly do. I have been trying to keep up, and post something everyday, but at this point, I'm calling it.

My job is winding down, which oddly enough means my workload is at an all time high. Megatron is making me work overtime, and with the past three weeks being some odd …

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Unexpected shit has come

Wed Oct 02, 2019 9:07 am by skip-stop

In the words of Zoltan Chivay, "Long to tell, life is shit"

Therefore, I will be brief. A few days ago, something happened and therefore, from today and for an indefinite period, I greatly slow down in the publication of posts. I will continue to write posts as quickly as possible for my ppv thread because it is ppv. But I have to slow down in all other topics. I will try to keep up the pace, but I will definitely be slower than before this day. I could start writing posts of 4-5 lines, but …

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"Silver Wolf" Okami

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"Silver Wolf" Okami Empty "Silver Wolf" Okami

Post by wrestleryu on Fri May 22, 2015 10:39 pm

Name: Okami
Genre: Male
Species: Halfbreed human-werewolf
Age: 20ish
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 150
Eyes: Blue and gold
Hair: Ice / silver
Nation: Japan (alternate medieval reality)
Alignement: Good guy - random when in 'wolfie' state

Powers: Enhanced perceptions and physical abilities in general. Furtherly enhanced when in half-lycan state.

Wrestling style and moves: grappling and street fighting
Signature moves:
1) Claw of the Wolf - Grabs opponents' wrist to pull them in, and nails them with a clothesline.
2) Predatorial Ambush - Basically a spear aimed at the opponents waist.
3) Wolf Bite - Clings the opponent into a tight hug and lovebites their neck hard, while grinding his hips against them (frontally or from behind).

"Silver Wolf" Okami Okami11

Okami's origins are a mistery: Found in the deep of an ancient mysterious forest when he was a little child, he was raised in a guild of fighters to become one of their affiliates. At the age of 14, during a tough sparring match, his half-lycan nature suddenly decided to show up for the first. Quite unfortunate for his occasional opponent as the incident lead to a nearly deadly outcome. As a consequence, the young confused wolfboy was immediately banished from the Guild.
Since then, Okami has been living as a wandering adventurer, accepting occasional jobs as guardian of small villages, monster hunter or witch hunter. Oddly enough, in this far far away region of the world most of the villains, monsters and schemers are, in fact, strong and beautiful looking females. That makes male adventurers weary and supsicious around female fighters and strong women in general, leading to more male vs female fights.

Okami's past experiences had made him not easily trusting towards strangers in general, until the young fellow adventurers and demon-hunters Ryu and Ataru Toranami became his friends, giving him shelter without expecting anything in exchange for the first time in his life. Through common adventures and perils, the 3 young fighters strengthened their mutual friendship and loyalty, and eventually the wolfboy was like a newfound brother to Ryu and Ataru.
In time, Okami had found a way to repay his dearest friends, when his werewolf abilities had been decisive in saving the Toranami boys from a very dire situation, as two busty lamias had firmly decided to take them as their husbands (and lamias marriages are, like, literally forever!). The wolfboy would always rush to their aid whenever it was needed, and the thought that his friends would do the same for him was very comforting. Finally, Okami felt like he really had a family.  

Considering his starts (living his early childhood in the forest, getting booted from Guild because of WHAT he was) Okami is a relatively positive guy at heart, tending to see the good side of people more than the bad.
While the silverhair boy is overall easy going, dealing with the werewolf boy is a bit more complicated: intense rage, fear, pleasure are the main triggers to awaken Okami's inner wolf and change him into his half-lycan self. When transformed, he still remains MAINLY human in looks, and brain, except for his reactions getting more instinct-driven, and overall less rational. Particularly naive and hot tempered in this state, Okami can become fierce like a wolf or be  turned into a docile puppy, depending on the situation and, sometimes,  the fighting and seductive abilities and tricks used by his female opponents.

Appearance - Human: Same as the picture.
- Half werewolf: Slight gain in muscular mass and definition, improved physical stats. Wolf ears, longer hair, canine fangs and tail will instantly grow, giving him quite the "wolvish looks" but without major alterations of his human appearance in body and face.

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