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Friction World Champion
Alison Seong
#1 contender
Adrian Kytes

Tag Team Champions
Blazing Blizzard
#1 contenders
Sisters of All Styles (S.A.S.)

Kawaii Champion
Claire St. Clair
#1 contender

Hardcore Champion
Jessica Wright
#1 contender
Alaina Sanders

Friction Hentai Champion
Yayuuki "Lucky" Sakura
#1 contender

Entropy Champion
Manami Kuroda
#1 contender
Pyrena Alexandria Nikos

Rising Star Champion
#1 contender
Aisha Love


Tension World Champion
Reira Kirishima
#1 contender

Tension Tag Team Champions
White Gale (Daisuke Kamiya & Sion)
#1 contender

Tension Hentai Champion
Leo Fandero
#1 contender

Tension 24/7 Champion
David Blake
#1 contender


Wed Nov 20, 2019 4:17 pm by Old_Man_Tai

In the Showdown area of the Tension ppv sub-forum

Have fun!

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Looking for new matches.

Thu Nov 14, 2019 10:19 pm by Zero

Hello guys. I am looking for possibly two matches for my girl Abi. Drop me a reply or a Pm if you are interested.

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Looking for matches

Mon Nov 11, 2019 7:54 pm by dragonswill

Hello again it is I dragonswill again im currently looking for more matches if anyone would like to fight my girls i would gladly talk matches with you.

here's my roster please don't be worry i am okay with loses for some of my characters but some you need to convince me on why you want them to lose. the ones that are okay for loses are Del Lizzy AI Hoshi and Misaka please Message me on pm or Dm me on discord Kevin#5221.

thank you …

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Old Kamiya Inc.

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Old Kamiya Inc. Empty Old Kamiya Inc.

Post by Old_Man_Tai on Tue Feb 09, 2016 2:19 am


Old Kamiya Inc. 2EemQ1P
Alina Tereshkova
A Russian social media influencer.
Prizefighter who advertises sports company merch.

Old Kamiya Inc. OVOdmYR
Silver Ace
Face painted fighter with a well rounded style.
Powering her way through the rankings as a multi time champ.

Old Kamiya Inc. Fa0XKsI
Dark Star Chaos
Former wrestle Angels Champion.
Here to crush anyone and everyone.

Old Kamiya Inc. RH9EFfo
Teddy Cat Hori
Kitty loving grappler with surprising strength and stamina.
Always cheerful and ready to fight!

Old Kamiya Inc. EFxUgdF
Gallium Heart
Cute and determined rookie fighter.
Protege of her childhood friend, Silver Ace.

Old Kamiya Inc. NfeFcRv
Kaylee Rush
A former indy wrestler turned pro.
Uses a personal blend of wrestling and hentai mixed into one style.

Old Kamiya Inc. 6ftgenk
Rydia Highwind
An American cosplayer, amateur webcam girl, and social media influencer, looking to build her fanbase and experience some pleasure along the way.

Old Kamiya Inc. 0tx74in
Hirmoi Seiko
A Japanese former Idol Girl, bitter after being mistreated and rejected by that world, looks to share her pain by causing it on other idols, fan favorites, and even kawaii

Old Kamiya Inc. R42tQc6
Echo Alexandria
A young greek woman, with a very long linage in wrestling.
A rookie to the sport, who, while having potential, isn't nearly at the the level she thinks she is.

Old Kamiya Inc. NOU13QR
Lauren Summers
Former underground cage fighter looking for fast and hard fights.

Old Kamiya Inc. UzAfCW3
Grizzly Yamamoto
Former Wrestle Angels World Champion, with an old school style.
Coming out of retirement to put her body on the line and show she still has fighting spirit.

Old Kamiya Inc. CwNGfRp
Hazuki Musumi
A former Wrestle Angel known for being a bodyguard to several others.
Now finally claiming glory for herself.

Old Kamiya Inc. Hkwu5Iu
Garm Takanashi
Power prizefighter who only wrestles against opponents she feels are worth her time...
Unless she's paid enough.

Old Kamiya Inc. UqcRrUz
Georgia Flynn
Second generation pro wrestler, with both parents before her wrestling professionally.
Fights with a mix of various suplexes, high flying, and fast roll ups and counters.

Old Kamiya Inc. COhiMmX
Riyu Kikuchi
High flying wrestler with a high risk, high impact style.

Blazing "Twintail" Kitsune - The Fyre Fox of AFW, a formal model who fell from grace, using a mask to hide her identity as she regains the fame and acclaim she lost.


Old Kamiya Inc. NaBsoae
Erica Fairchild
Acting General Manager of Tension, here to keep people in line and make Tension the best league in all of AFW!

Old Kamiya Inc. MjK3Gfv
Ryo Kamiya
Trained under the former Wrestle Angel Chigusa Yuuki-Kamiya.
He carries on the Kamiya legacy with traditional and hentai wrestling rolled into one.

Old Kamiya Inc. SCdrwK4
Reira Kirishima
Current Tension World Champion
Grade-A Bitch, world class fighter.

Old Kamiya Inc. KDl6g4N
Kairi Kamiya
Sister of former Tension talent Tai Kamiya, cousin to Ryo Kamiya.
A flirty high flyer willing to get intimate when it counts.

Old Kamiya Inc. Dbx2RRR
Riza Hawkeye
Beautiful soldier who once fought in AFW.
She has returned to seek redemption for past defeats!

Old Kamiya Inc. 1h0rGkN
Edward Sealgair
A high flying, ass kicking, book loving,
speedo clad wrestling prodigy straight out of Scotland!

Old Kamiya Inc. SC98fje
Gai Tendo
The Buriki-One King, Ground and Pound Strong Style fighter.
Eager to smash bitches.

Tag Teams

Garm Takanashi and Hazuki Musumi

Speedo Scalliwags
Ryo Kamiya and Edward Sealgair

(Big thanks to Lariato, KC, and Acuya, Yori and others for giving me the inspiration to steal this idea from them, and big thanks to Yori for actually doing the work for me)

Check out the recently revamped Roster Page, now with pics!

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