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Wed Nov 20, 2019 4:17 pm by Old_Man_Tai

In the Showdown area of the Tension ppv sub-forum

Have fun!

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Looking for new matches.

Thu Nov 14, 2019 10:19 pm by Zero

Hello guys. I am looking for possibly two matches for my girl Abi. Drop me a reply or a Pm if you are interested.

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Looking for matches

Mon Nov 11, 2019 7:54 pm by dragonswill

Hello again it is I dragonswill again im currently looking for more matches if anyone would like to fight my girls i would gladly talk matches with you.

here's my roster please don't be worry i am okay with loses for some of my characters but some you need to convince me on why you want them to lose. the ones that are okay for loses are Del Lizzy AI Hoshi and Misaka please Message me on pm or Dm me on discord Kevin#5221.

thank you …

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Cabooses Friend List

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Cabooses Friend List Empty Cabooses Friend List

Post by M.J.Caboose14 on Mon Oct 03, 2016 1:53 am

Cabooses Friend List BTatjsu
Caboose's Friends List

So, welcome to my bio page! :
Cabooses Friend List 759LIu8

HELLO! I bet you're wondering "Caboose, are you available for a match or something". Or maybe not...I don't really know what you are thinking to be honest. But if you are, then let me know!

I'd love to hear your ideas, and maybe I have ideas of my own. It's the circle of ideas! So if I have the time, I'd be glad to do a match! DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK! I am open to mostly any match so ask away! As a famous actor once said...JUST! DO IT!

- Caboose AKA "The Puppy of AFW"

*Apologies to Killcarrion whom I am ripping off. Who ripped it off from Acuya, as well as Lariato. Who may have done the same as someone else. Oh and now Berial has ripped it off! XD*

Updates 1:

*Removed Cassandra and Allison from Main Bio / Two will be added in their place*

Updates 2:

*Removed Adam from Main Bio / Added one male and three females*



Cabooses Friend List C3RH36d
Himeko Akan
(Can do Tension)

Cabooses Friend List UGT3JfO
(Can do Tension)

Cabooses Friend List DzaZfk2
Monami "The Bear" Shagura

Cabooses Friend List RZpKfg1

Cabooses Friend List TU01Ff9
Junko Suzuki

Cabooses Friend List POG11lt
Elsa Karlsson

Cabooses Friend List AdGjLEl
Janice Claire

Cabooses Friend List P5G5OxWCabooses Friend List MoUmYtw
Akane Asahioka and Juno Lane
(Can do Tension)

Cabooses Friend List Gniqij1
Haruko Ryuzaki

Cabooses Friend List 8UVtqSN
Reina Rojo

Cabooses Friend List FslzMrw
Fiera Pantera

Cabooses Friend List GCRxW3E
(Can do Tension)

Cabooses Friend List MBSY47M
Benedetta Asia D'Amore

Cabooses Friend List KSlSFa1
Kimmy Cross

Cabooses Friend List 9LpwOBu
Laura Connors
(Can do Tension)

Cabooses Friend List 2dSl2ud
Nanako Fujimoto




Cabooses Friend List WKK9m9m
Mako "The Shark" Adachi

Cabooses Friend List Fnb0FXr
Ashley Evans "The Founder"

Cabooses Friend List NFjXpdL
Misty Goto

Cabooses Friend List P11S2I7

Cabooses Friend List QffwpMn
Tommi Sinclair


Cabooses Friend List RCbm9Pe
K'Challa Weka "The Werebear"



Cabooses Friend List JPJ0QOe
Heavenly White Army

Cabooses Friend List NvOk3AF

Cabooses Friend List WIz9fyo
Punk Kingdom


Void of less used chars:

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Caboose's Friends List
Cabooses Friend List MiMAWbv

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