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Update regarding my inactivity

Sat Nov 30, 2019 9:13 pm by Jaystar

Hello everyone,

Unfortunately my PC crashed last weekend (some hard disk problem), and I am not yet certain when I will have the opportunity to buy a new one. Since writing posts on a phone is grueling, I'm sorry to say that my posting will likely be halted for the time being.

I'm hoping that I will have the situation fixed soon, but can't tell just yet exactly when that will be. Apologies to everyone!

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A Debut for a Heroine

Fri Dec 13, 2019 8:47 am by Ragdoll_Jobbers

Hello there.

It's Ragdoll, and I just finished creating my latest Kawaii, The Kamen Wrestler, and I need to find a debuting partner for her. If someone is willing to have a match with her, please send a PM. I look forward to hearing your response.

Artemis Michelle Armstrong Hikaru30

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Brat Business... Possibly

Wed Dec 11, 2019 6:41 pm by Kelsea

Considering doing a bit of Brat Business >:3

If you want to have a match, start up a rivalry or continue a previous rilvary with the brat pack and have a powerhouse character (male or female) over 5"9 send me a message

Or if you want to have a short RP (in a similar vein to the brat pack recruitment threads I did years ago: here, here and here) and have a kawaii-esque character, you can also get into

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Artemis Michelle Armstrong

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Artemis Michelle Armstrong Empty Artemis Michelle Armstrong

Post by Berial on Fri Sep 15, 2017 8:22 am

Artemis Michelle Armstrong
"Mrs. Valkyrie"

Artemis Michelle Armstrong UbuNZLX

Sex: Female
Aliases: “Mrs. Valkyrie”, “The Strongest Actress in the World”,
Age: 30
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 260 lbs.
Eyes: Blue (Light Green in certain lighting)
Hair: Light Blonde (Dyed faintly purple at the edges)
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Nationality: American
Alignment: Face

Entrance Music:
Past Themes: Hai Yo (Oh Ashes)

"To Glory"

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Artemis is big, strong, loud, boisterous, eager, brash, but not overtly stupid in her approach. Charging headfirst into danger is usually something she does from the outset for impressions sake, but remains cool and confident for the duration of the match. Assessing the threat before she deals with it is always part of her early match routine. However she decides to play things, Artemis uses her overwhelming strength as the core of her strategies. Her goal is to slam her opponent down, trap them, pressure them, and push them to the brink of submission. She prefers to keep things simple, but can try her hand at more complicated submission holds if she feels confident, or if her opponent is particularly stubborn. She lacks a good amount of professional experience, however, so she’s not the best at identifying and countering certain holds. This doesn't deter her in the slightest, however, since she believes she can tank just about any assault, anywhere, at anytime.

Style: Raw Powerhouse

Preferred Matches: Falls Count Anywhere l Tables l Iron Woman

Favorite Moves:
- Lariats
- Stomach Claws
- Bear hugs
- Full Nelsons
- Powerbombs
- Chokeslams

Finishing Moves:
Hard Impact: A back breaker with enough force to bounce the opponent off of Michelle's knee. As her foe is bounding off and back into the air, she finishes them with a body slam.

Cut! - A feint jab that transitions into a strong hook to the jaw. A little bravado thrown in for added spice.
In Action:
Artemis Michelle Armstrong Ls72QAk

Physical Stats
Endurance: ★★★★☆
Can eat just about any strike, save from people of a similar stature. Years as a stunt double have built up her body to quite a lot of punishment, and have blessed her with a great reservoir of stamina, long before her beginnings at bodybuilding.
Strength: ★★★★★
The center of her character. Even by the standard of a number of AFW heavyweights, Artemis makes a mark in being one of the toughest bruisers around. She could send someone flying across the ring at a moment’s notice and easily lift those even a few pounds below her. It as though her willpower directly contributes to her physicality.
Speed: ★★☆☆☆
A combination of her weight and lack of training formulates this statistic. Despite her time as a stunt double, her added weight has slowed her down significantly from those years. Even now, she has trouble learning to move with her bulk rather than in spite of it.
Defense: ★★★☆☆
Keeps up a good guard, but it's largely one-sided. One could get around it with a bit of skill. She can also deflect strikes well enough, but is at a bit of a loss when it comes to grapples.
Technique: ★★☆☆☆
Nothing impressive, really. She demonstrates a heavy reliance on using her strength and weight to her advantage, but doesn't have much expertise under her belt. A more experienced wrestler would have an easy time outsmarting her. Pretty flexible for her size, though.

Wrestling Stats
Strikes: ★★★☆☆
She’s more of a grappler, but when you’re her size, you don’t really need training to throw some hard punches.
Submissions: ★★☆☆☆
Limited in her experience. Aside from a couple basic holds in a good bearhug, she’s better at using her power a lot more wildly.
Powerhouse: ★★★★★
The center of her style. Artemis can and will throw around anyone she dusts up with. She’s built her career off being the strongest woman around, and her performance in the ring definitely proves that.
Aerial: ★☆☆☆☆
It’d be a cool finale.
Countering: ★☆☆☆☆


Personality: Larger-than-life. And not just because of her size. Artemis is a bombastic individual who enjoys making a scene and her presence known. She revels in being the center of attention and loves to leave with a memorable impression. She’s more than happy to get her hands dirty and aims to rise above virtually anything thrown her way. She's quite friendly and outgoing, hardly allowing her massive physique get in the way of her relationships. Although, she has a somewhat short fuse when it comes to character attacks. Lengthy criticisms, especially from official sources, can leave her fuming. No doubt an old wound from her days as an actress. A passionate woman whose entire career and lifestyle have revolved around living in fantasy after fantasy, Artemis is deeply convinced that she is the strongest person alive and the hero her fans imagines her to be. Now, she aims to make that fantasy come to life.

Outside of her profession, Artemis considers the performance over. She takes a more laid back approach to her daily life. Still outgoing, still plenty of work to be around, but the persona has clearly taken a back seat. She’s a bit more reserved and doesn't let herself into other people’s agendas or personal matters uninvited, preferring to go about her day unless the issue is unavoidable. Nevertheless, she is still a kind-hearted woman with a will of steel reminiscent of her most popular feature-length productions. Even if her body falls first, Artemis won’t allow herself to be broken by anything.

Appearance: Wears a halter top and a pair of matching spandex shorts into the ring. Has some flashier attire in store for special matches from her past movie gigs, but prefers to keep it simple in the ring and let her muscles do all the talking.

Ring Attire:
Ring 1:
Artemis Michelle Armstrong 70oNFwU
Ring 2:
Artemis Michelle Armstrong F5ftMzq
Full Apperance:
Artemis Michelle Armstrong TDaAm5o

Casual Attire:
Casual 1:
Artemis Michelle Armstrong RjtLc3t
Casual 2:
Artemis Michelle Armstrong XLBlQdo

When In Rome...:
Artemis Michelle Armstrong LQ6bU0Q

Ready the Cannons:
Artemis Michelle Armstrong EQNER7D

Artemis Michelle Armstrong H8NpDBJ

Because you have to:
Artemis Michelle Armstrong DA6zooo
From a Korean MMO or Something:
Artemis Michelle Armstrong 3vOSO3q
Glasses Model:
Artemis Michelle Armstrong DyWFLIg
I wanna eat good meat!:
Artemis Michelle Armstrong TryODT8

In Costume:
Artemis Michelle Armstrong DmBjfXg
On Set:
Artemis Michelle Armstrong EP0ofMw
The Knight's Apprentice, Release Poster:
Artemis Michelle Armstrong Wws7BUy


Artemis Michelle Armstrong was raised in the sunny state of Los Angeles, California. Born the youngest to a family of five, three brothers and one sister, there was an overwhelming air of masculinity permeating the residence. Her mother was an above-ameatur film director and her father was absent. Still absent. But even with their only parent out on the set for most of the day, the Armstrong siblings stuck close together and looked out for one another. Trouble with the school bully? He got flattened. Someone stole their bike? They wouldn’t get far. The siblings acted as extensions of one another, forming one unstoppable body of rough and tumble adolescents. And Artemis sat at the bottom, the weakest, yet most protected of all of them.

Things took a serious turn one late evening, when they had a break in. Their mother was out, as usual, but the criminal fled the instant he heard numerous footsteps heading his way. The situation was resolved without incident, and a young Artemis merely hid in her room, looking out at the long hallway, clutching her little bear close. However, when the eldest brother appeared around the corner, his face was half-covered in blood. Supposedly, the injury came from nothing more than some shattered glass. But nevertheless, it shook Artemis to the core. It took a significant amount of effort to deal with the shock, until she found an outlet. She started working out. But it was more so out of compulsion than anything else. Something to take her mind off of the break-in. It kept her body together under the stress and produced an impressive physique for someone at her age. It was almost an addiction. At least, one from the outside could only see it that way with how intense her sessions would become. Unfortunately, she couldn’t put that same amount of effort into her education, though.

She was consistently held back her final year, being forced to watch her sibling and friends all move on with their lives before her, one after another. On her third and final attempt making it through senior year, she managed to graduate with her high school diploma. Even so, she was disheartened, knowing her sibling would all being graduating from university just as she was getting started, and lacked a serious confidence in her academics. Backed against a wall, she took the only option available to her and started working on the set with her mother. Initially, it was mostly just not-so-usual busy work: moving props, acting as a stand-in, grabbing lunch for the cast, even being an extra a couple times. That would be the more exciting bits of Artemis’s daily life for about a year. Until one of the stunt doubles died on set. Tragic, but also morbidly fortunate for the young adult with nowhere to go in life but up. So, despite her mother’s protests, she filled in for the late double’s position and began working full time in a profession made exactly for her.

The movies she took part in weren’t anything special, but they kept her busy and money in her pockets. And more importantly, it eventually got her noticed. For a couple years, she got into riskier and riskier stunt jobs with better and better pay. Moving from set to set, director to director, on and off for quite a while. The danger may have been constantly increasing, but she nevertheless kept herself prepared for whatever situation may arise. She redoubled on her training, keeping herself occupied and focused on becoming strong enough to take on whatever and whoever came her way. In fact, she dedicated a portion of her salary to hiring a personal trainer, that kept her bulked and in the best shape possible. Even then, it wasn’t enough for her. She took to sparring, running triathlons, participating in deadlift competitions, and even made a lesser known appearance on American Ninja Warrior.

This became a bit of a problem. Artemis had eventually reached the point where she was too big, too unusual to be accepted as a either a double or a aspiring actress. A two ton, muscled-up sun-kissed blonde wasn’t exactly something that screamed superstar in the minds of producers and directors. Especially given that she had been in nothing more than a few amateur films without even top billing. Faced with the prospect of ever-dwindling career prospects, all seemed lost until a tall, Japanese man approached her. A film producer from abroad, known for kick-starting a number of successful action films, was there for a business venture, and on the side scouting for some foreign talent. That was when he saw Artemis. She was hard to miss. Then he saw her action, and knew he had found the talent he was looking for. He introduced himself as Ito, and offered her a chance to begin her career afresh in Tokyo. It didn't take much convincing, practically leaping at the offer. Artemis waved her family goodbye before boarding the plane across the Pacific.

That was by the far the best decision she had ever made with her life. Ito’s sponsored films became either hits or cult classics, and never far from the main attraction was none other than Artemis Armstrong. In a matter of years, Artemis would become a renowned actress, cited for her impressive strength and unbreakable will. With no need for a stunt double, the youngest of the Armstrongs became especially known for her remarkable dedication. Her most popular film, The Knight’s Apprentice, earned her top-billing and was especially noteworthy for the genuine props she would have brought to the set. Real greatswords, long polearms and halberds, battering rams, heavy shields, even her legendary plated armor. All of them she wielded with inhuman strength and swung the heaviest of armaments about like a child’s plaything. A bit intimidating at first, but the rest of the cast felt nothing but praise by the time the production had finished. Weeks after the film aired and the details came to light, nobody could doubt that Artemis was “the strongest actress in the world”, in the words of one particularly popular review. She was hailed as a newfound feminist icon and a living testament to both female strength and the necessary skill of the acting profession. To a degree, she let this popularity go to her head. She began to fall in love with the feeling of being recognized both on and off set and, more importantly, knowing that her work was being appreciated.

Deciding to take things a step further, her expansion into pro-wrestling came off the back of Ito's suggestion after noting her eagerness and set her up with a contact more suited for the trade.  She started a poll on her Twitter account to garner potential interest, and the response was surprisingly positive. Though, despite his recommendation that she work her way up and gain some experience before her proper debut, Artemis went straight for the big fish. Her contact gave her a direct line to the biggest agency in Japan, if not the world: AFW.

Their response came back in about a few hours.

Fun Facts:
- Wasn't allowed to have a dog in her apartment back in the States, so she got a roomba and called it "Churchill". She brought him with her to Japan. Still doesn't have a dog.
- Considers herself a decent cook. Word of mouth says otherwise.
- In addition to her house in the Japanese countryside, she still owns a bachelor pad back in the States for the occasional visit back home.

Career Information

Record: 0 - 1 - 0

Wins: 0
Losses: 1
- VS Great Kali [via Pinfall]
Draws: 0

Career Milestones:
- Newbie.

Friends: None
Allies: None
Rivals: None
Enemies: None
Crushes: None

Timeline & Events
Match l Backstage l Promo

1. What? Never Wrestled an Actress Before? - Before her debut, the actress-turned-wrestler decides to make her name for herself in Friction the only way possible: squashing vets.

2. Time For Your Close Up - For her debut match, Artemis faces a powerful, sensual giant in the ring.

3. Queen of the Mountain! - Artemis has a one-of-a-kind, pay-per-view match in the majestic Japanese countryside.

4. Shake the Earth - The former actress faces the Great Kali, a powerful Indian goddess hellbent on making Artemis her next worshiper.

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