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Update regarding my inactivity

Sat Nov 30, 2019 10:13 am by Jaystar

Hello everyone,

Unfortunately my PC crashed last weekend (some hard disk problem), and I am not yet certain when I will have the opportunity to buy a new one. Since writing posts on a phone is grueling, I'm sorry to say that my posting will likely be halted for the time being.

I'm hoping that I will have the situation fixed soon, but can't tell just yet exactly when that will be. Apologies to everyone!

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A Debut for a Heroine

Thu Dec 12, 2019 9:47 pm by Ragdoll_Jobbers

Hello there.

It's Ragdoll, and I just finished creating my latest Kawaii, The Kamen Wrestler, and I need to find a debuting partner for her. If someone is willing to have a match with her, please send a PM. I look forward to hearing your response.

Blue Imugi Hikaru30

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Brat Business... Possibly

Wed Dec 11, 2019 7:41 am by Kelsea

Considering doing a bit of Brat Business >:3

If you want to have a match, start up a rivalry or continue a previous rilvary with the brat pack and have a powerhouse character (male or female) over 5"9 send me a message

Or if you want to have a short RP (in a similar vein to the brat pack recruitment threads I did years ago: here, here and here) and have a kawaii-esque character, you can also get into

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Blue Imugi

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Blue Imugi Empty Blue Imugi

Post by Berial on Fri Oct 27, 2017 3:09 pm

Blue Imugi
"The Pit Viper"

Blue Imugi KtyevO2

Sex: Female
Aliases: “The Pit Viper”, “Little Hurricane”, “Ghost”
Real Name: Bada (unknown)
Age: 18
Height: 5’2”
Weight: 115 lbs.
Hair: Zaffer Blue
Eyes: Blue
Hometown: N/A
Nationality: South Korean
Alignment: Tweener

Entrance Music:
Gospel of the Throttle

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Speed is everything for Imugi. Her small size and strong legs gift her incredible mobility. She uses this directly to her advantage in the ring. She gets in close, deals some damage, and backs away before her opponent even realizes what happened. Her naturally strong frame makes these moments particularly devastating for her foes. She makes use of her opponent's blindspots, hitting them hard in their exposed areas and disappearing in the blink of an eye. A match can end rather suddenly to those that don't give her the necessary attention. That being said, take her agility away, and the match can turn on her in an instant.

Style: Aerobics / Street Fighting

Preferred Matches: No Holds Barred l No Disqualification l Cage Match

Favorite Moves:
- Hurricanrana
- Fujiwara Armbar
- Rolling Wheel Kick
- Tornado Kick
- Pretty much any kind of kick.

Signature Move:
Water Dragon - Spinning Back Kick. Aim for the throat.

Finishing Moves:
Imugi Crusher - Imugi leaps up to, using her opponent for support, to wrap her legs around their head. Bending back, she’ll arc her strong legs down and bring her opponent down over her, sending them headfirst into the canvas with a hurricanrana.
In Action:
Blue Imugi MrbzVFS

The Coiled Serpent - Imugi bounces off the ropes to build momentum and take advantage of her remarkable speed, leaping at her opponent whilst spinning in midair. Catching her opponent’s head, she will bring them down to the mat and land their head hard on her shoulder, laying them out with a spinning sitout sleeper slam!
In Action:
Blue Imugi IvbGapG

Physical Stats
Endurance: ★★★☆☆
Blue has taken a fair amount of punishment and has started getting used to most wrestling holds. Needless to say, her abdominals are near impenetrable, though the same can’t be said for the rest of her body. She’s fairly well put together and can take a good strike or two before going down.
Strength: ★★★☆☆
Her smaller size gives her better control over her center of mass, letting her launch powerful strikes with the right balance and know-how. She can lift individuals a bit larger than her with some effort, too. A good all-rounder in this category.
Speed: ★★★★★
Her greatest strength both outside and inside AFW. Blue Imugi is blessed with strong legs and an even stronger core, letting her run, roll, bob, weave, backflip, forward flip, somersault, and just generally bounce all over the ring. Allow her to gain enough momentum, and she practically becomes a blur. One would suspect she’s had a background in gymnastics.
Defense: ★★★★☆
Mostly because she’s so damn hard to hit. Dodges jabs and kicks with relative ease from all but the best strikers. Getting your mitts around her is hard enough with her small size and light frame, and that's without her putting up a fight in between.
Technique: ★★★☆☆
No formal training to speak of. She’s just a copycat, but a damn good one. She makes exceptional use of plenty of grapples and some high-flying tricks. However, none of these skills are particularly practiced, and everything save for her finishers aren't particularly devastating.

Wrestling Stats
Strikes: ★★★★☆
Surprisingly creative with what she can do. She seamlessly integrates her aerobics training with her unorthodox way of fighting, letting her launch kicks from almost any angle with frightening speed.
Submissions: ★★★☆☆
The power in her compact frame should be feared. While her size limits her options, it also gives her plenty of flexibility. Even without formal training, she’s more than capable of squeezing someone’s lights out.
Powerhouse: ★★☆☆☆
Eerily strong, she can easily throw around anyone her size and move people even larger than her. Thing is...she’s not that motivated to do so. She prefers to run around and kick over anything else.
Aerial: ★★★☆☆
A natural-born acrobat, Imugi can leap and flip from just about any surface. She’s a graceful flyer with plenty of potential if she could be asked to train in some high-impact moves.
Countering: ★★★★★
Evades strikes with minimal effort, punishing foes just as easily. Keeping her down is an even taller order. It’s way too common for her to bait someone into a waiting strike. The bigger the opponent, the easier this becomes.


Personality: Brilliant, but lazy. Incredibly lazy. It’s honestly anyone’s guess how this girl became so strong. She appears less than motivated to commit herself to anything for too long and shies away from most suggestions to do so. Beyond that, Imugi is a rather reserved individual. More often than not, she’s found sleeping in some hideaway or grabbing a bite alone while browsing her phone. She looks out for herself for the most part and has difficulty trusting more than a few people at a time. Unless they’re offering a hot meal.

All of this is in direct contrast with her attitude in the ring. Once the fight gets underway, all of the aforementioned details go out the window. She can become quite hyperactive once she starts building momentum. The thrill of a fight and the taste of victory seems to spur her on, coming and going with the battle's inevitable end. It’s a moment of brilliance that lasts for but one evening before the eyelids droop once more and she reverts to good ol’ lackadaisical Bada.

Appearance: Underneath her wrestling outfit and short shorts, she wears a form-fitting top and undergarments. Pulls her blue hair back in a ponytail during matches. A pair of long socks go beneath her knee pads. Wears a matching trench coat as her entrance attire. Generally wears a blank expression to accompany it all outside the ring. Dead fish eyes, too.

Ring Attire:
Blue Imugi TMK1c6A

Casual Attire:
Blue Imugi Bjo6JdvBlue Imugi 6nL5T2V

Blue Imugi EE3E1ut

Water Dragon:
Blue Imugi Pkka5Yz

Stretching out:
Blue Imugi Hvab5l4

Blue Imugi USm4iSY


There isn't much of anything to be told about Blue Imugi’s early life. Nothing but collections of vivid images and feelings from repressed memories. She remembers it being cold, dark and smelling like garbage. She never knew her parents, nor has family to speak of, much less a home to go back to. Everything she once knew disappeared into an unforeseen, unrecognizable abyss, leaving her bare and without anything to identify herself. Not even a last name. As far as she could recall, Imugi had only ever gone by “Bada”.

She’s a living mystery.

So how would this young vagrant one day come to be involved in the world of professional wrestling? By all accounts, the most relevant place to start would be around the time she was thirteen. A passing talent agent had noticed her rummaging through trash one day and took a closer inspection. She liked her face, her eyes, her skin, and that was about it. The woman didn’t even care for the context of the girl being knee-deep in trash and half-starved. “Excellent cheekbones and muscle tone” were a couple details she recalled being mentioned. And that was how she got recruited…

…to become a K-pop idol. Admittedly apprehensive at first, the promise of a place to live and three meals every day quickly changed her opinion. The following month, she was being fitted for her stage outfit.

The first few rounds of rehearsal went over surprisingly well. Imugi possessed a naturally fit frame with strong legs and, most notably, an extremely well-tempered core. Needless to say, her endurance was impressive and perfectly suited for group performances. With a few months of practice, her lungs would eventually reach a level of fitness to match the rest of her body. Soon enough, she would be ready to debut as the next addition to “Spicy Starlet".

Things were promising at first. The group’s debut was the largest the agency had ever arranged. A long series of successful shows and packed stadiums would follow. Despite her natural talent, however, Imugi lacked the initiative to train alongside her fellow idols. Slowly but surely in the coming years, the group fell out of sync. Their performances were hit and miss for the most part. Sales of their CDs declined sharply. It was becoming quickly apparent to the administration that Imugi simply might not be the fit they had been looking for and considered cutting her from the group entirely.

After one particularly nightmarish show, a dissatisfied “fan” grabbed a fistful of her hair threatening to rip it clean off her scalp. The man held her close for a few seconds before she got the idea to kick him below the belt. In an instant, he let go and dropped to the ground. And Imugi liked it. So she kicked him again. And she loved it. By the time security had managed to get through the crowd to her, the assailant’s face had been reduced to a red smear. For the sake of the agency’s image, she was put on suspension.

From that point on, idol life simply didn’t excite Imugi any longer. At night, she’d sneak out into the dark corner of the city to participate in lesser-known pit fights. She’d come and go, appear and disappear from the chalked circle whenever she felt like it. Imugi was practically a ghost to these bands of miscreants and criminals. Her first few fights were met with hard losses that thankfully didn’t go much further than that. Her fourth fight, however, was when she began to make a name for herself.

Something had changed considerably in her style. She was faster. Too fast. Even the lightweights of the league had a hard time keeping up with her. In more than a few occasions, she would approach foes nearly twice her size with a step forward, soar high with a spinning kick, and be back in the same spot before they had even hit the ground. Not only that, but she’d managed to figure out the basics of a number of rather devastating takedowns and complex grapples. With no training at all. Not unheard of, but certainly not something to be overlooked. Throughout her month-long suspension, Imugi would simply appear in these arenas unannounced. A few punches, a strong kick, a bit of blood, a body hitting the floor, and she was gone again. She was a nameless force that had even the most rugged of veterans opting out of fights and newcomers sectioned off entirely. A true terror. Quick as a snake, yet struck like a dragon. “Imugi” they would call her. “Blue” added onto that for obvious reasons.

Some months later, by the time her reputation within the pits had spread far and wide across Seoul, an AFW scout would arrive at her idol agency. How he had managed to track her down was a story in itself, much longer than this one. His intentions, however, were clear as day. Imugi mulled on it for about an hour with her agent, but since the former idol already had one foot out the door, there wasn’t too much to discuss. Imugi would accept the offer.

A street vagrant turned K-pop idol turned pit fighter turned professional wrestler. Quite the accomplishments for some cute little no-name. Still, there was one problem to be addressed.

Living without a real identity made a lot of things understandably complicated. Blue Imugi was simply too good a talent to pass up, however, and a number of arrangements were made. She could accept, but only if she agreed to join Tension, free to live in the on-site dormitories. Something she was surprisingly fine with. Her years of coordinating, rehearsing, and performing with girls had worn her appeal to female attention somewhat. Her months spent fighting in the pits may also have ranked males as a preferred target for her. Either way, a career in fighting didn’t sound all that bad to her.

A couple of months later, she would cross the Sea of Japan. Now wandering Tokyo as Bada Song, existing and not existing as a ghost of the squared circle, the Pit Viper sees nowhere else to go but up.

Fun Facts:
- She believes the fact she doesn't have a last name to be the work of a curse, and she's doomed to wander the Earth to find one. She's a bit into mythology, if the name wasn't enough.
- Has an active fan club based in Seoul. The group has since expanded to Japan upon learning of her induction to AFW.
- Loves Rock and Roll.
- Gotten into Shōnen since coming to Japan.
- Hard at hearing in one ear from a fight-related injury.
- Still hasn’t fully unpacked from the move.

Career Information

Record: 1 - 0 - 0

Wins: 1
- VS Armando Rodriguez [via Pinfall by Coiled Serpent]
Losses: 0
Draws: 0

Career Milestones:
- Broke the Tension!

Friends: Armando "Army" Rodriguez
Allies: None
Rivals: None
Enemies: None
Crushes: Armando "Army" Rodriguez(?)

Timeline & Events
Match l Backstage l Promo

1. Breaking the Tension!™ Episode 12: Blue Imugi - Imugi makes her first appearance in Tension! On prime time!

2. Thunder and Lightning - Imugi's debut match against one of the bigger names in the Tension roster. And just big in general.

3. Year of the Dragon - Imugi goes to check up on Army after their match...

Blue Imugi 6NRJND5

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