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Afw or discord matches

Mon Oct 14, 2019 12:10 am by wrestleryu

Hi there guys. I'm mostly seeking female opponents for mixed wrestling matches to be played here or discord. I'd play my boys as either uppity jobbers or switches, depending on scenario settings and personal likings ;p

Since I'm being quite active on discord recently, here's my discord for those who may like to add me:

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Powering down for a few Cycles...

Thu Oct 03, 2019 4:40 am by Tarantulust

Tarantulust's Lair VHiQxC2

Hello one and all.

First, I would like to apologize for the delays on my threads. I have been pretty silent over the past few weeks on this site, and I haven't been posting as much as I regularly do. I have been trying to keep up, and post something everyday, but at this point, I'm calling it.

My job is winding down, which oddly enough means my workload is at an all time high. Megatron is making me work overtime, and with the past three weeks being some odd …

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Unexpected shit has come

Wed Oct 02, 2019 9:07 am by skip-stop

In the words of Zoltan Chivay, "Long to tell, life is shit"

Therefore, I will be brief. A few days ago, something happened and therefore, from today and for an indefinite period, I greatly slow down in the publication of posts. I will continue to write posts as quickly as possible for my ppv thread because it is ppv. But I have to slow down in all other topics. I will try to keep up the pace, but I will definitely be slower than before this day. I could start writing posts of 4-5 lines, but …

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Tarantulust's Lair

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Tarantulust's Lair Empty Tarantulust's Lair

Post by Tarantulust on Thu Jun 07, 2018 7:04 am

Tarantulust's Lair Bemq2bN
~Tarantulust's Lair~
Will you walk into my parlor?:

Tarantulust's Lair NRpoUjH

Greetings Dear Visitor,

I am Tarantulust, the creator of these interesting specimens. Welcome to my lair. Down here is where I create some of the fiercest, cruelest, nicest, or just plain strangest competitors a mad scientist can create! Each has their own set of goals, personalities and appearances, some of which may appeal to others.

Perhaps you are here because a certain creation caught your eye? Or maybe you have an idea that you wish to share? If so, please feel free to send me a PM. I am here merely to have fun, and if I can help someone else in anyway in the process, it works out well for both of us, right?

I am open to almost any kind of match, so please don’t hesitate to ask. I consider most of these little monsters to be something of a "Villain of the week" types, with a few exceptions. Some characters are closer towards my empty spark chamber then others.

As a legendary Decepticon once said: “Tell me what’s on your mind, or I’ll splatter in on the wall and see for myself!”

*I would like to apologize to M.J.Caboose14, which I am basically whole sale ripping off. Who ripped it off from Killcarrion, who ripped it off from Acuya, who may or may not have ripped it off from someone else. It’s a great format. (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)



Tarantulust's Lair CWWvjqE
Rhein Kazahana
A strong willed manager who is consistantly overworked, this woman has been tasked to help fix up the twisted creatures of Tarantulust's Lair, whether they want the help or not.



Tarantulust's Lair NQogkrB
Juno Sawyer:
A sadistic nurse who looks down on all of her foes, She focuses on painful submissions to wear down her opponents.

Tarantulust's Lair KpkjY4l
Stella Rozino
A shrewd business woman, this flirtatious ice queen will drag out her opponents suffering until she is satisfied.

Tarantulust's Lair Lrkrmbj
A loyal soldier to a hive no one else can see, this fanatic of a woman will go to any lengths to please her “Queen.”

Tarantulust's Lair UFSRh76
Harumi Hazama
Fighting with strong morals and a sense of honor, this fighter prefers to use Judo to incapacitate her opponents.

Tarantulust's Lair VEOGVW7
Tako Musume
An Inkvader from the sea, this Oblivion Obsessed Octopus is determined to make any hero or do-gooder bend to the mighty will of the sea!

Tarantulust's Lair D1DB7gL
Elektra Burton
A punk rocker with a dangerous attitude of living her life the most extreme way she can! Unfortunately, that usually means picking fights with others, and beating them to the ground for their troubles!

Tarantulust's Lair ABn4e4B
Maxene Thrasher
A well off woman who is sick of her stuffy upbringing's rules, Maxene intends to spark some controversy and have some fun as she cracks her foe's jaws with her lethal legs!


Tarantulust's Lair OZE4mCK
Kuro Nazaki
A violent, uncaring brawler. The only thing stopping this trained psychopath from destroying her opponents is her own lust.

Tarantulust's Lair UwgSvP8
Satana Giganta
A proud Luchadora, this demon of the ring uses her incredible strength to punish Heels of all kinds and excite the crowds.



The Sweep:
Tarantulust's Lair OqY6VSB
Naomi Brock:
A sweet but dim powerhouse, Naomi dreams of becoming a real life action hero through her exploits in the ring.
Tarantulust's Lair LjN999t
Drake Fond:
A treacherous fighter, he will use any trick or cheap shot he can to hurt his opponent either physically or emotionally. Winning or losing means little to him so long as he gets what he wants.
Tarantulust's Lair Zzr5vZW
Akane Akyama:
A former gang leader, her rough and tough attitude is not just for show, easily able to knock down opponents with her strength and street skills.
Tarantulust's Lair 6PyERyK
Ashley Wilson:
An excitable little speedster, she uses her small frame to deliver quick, high momentum attacks that can come from the side one moment, then the air the next.
Tarantulust's Lair WJy5KjD
Ruvik Nomire:
A quiet man who is easily set off, this berserker will do whatever it takes to smash his opponents into dust.
Tarantulust's Lair MH2V7ug
Selina Lash
A sinful seductress with an appetite for domination or humiliation, be it her opponents or her own.

Tarantulust's Lair AgyUk10
Eiko Bando
A powerful grabbler looking for a good time, Eiko is willing to take on just about anyone so long as it is entertaining to the thrill seeker, and she will do it all with a smile!
Tarantulust's Lair XJGouJU
Día Sect
A deranged demon hellbent on her opponent’s destruction, this wicked woman in black can appear in a flash and tear into her foes just as quickly.
Tarantulust's Lair FxjFnGe
Markus Wraith
An egotistical punk with the eyes of a devil, this bad bone breaker will smash his foes to bits with a bored expression on his face!

Tag Teams

P.D.S.M (Pain, Domination, Sadism, Masochism.)



Tarantulust's Lair Bhm9ci5

Tarantulust's Lair MKKkMQc
Tarantulust's Lair Cy3c4QB Tarantulust's Lair LlgBxTQ Tarantulust's Lair EFfymam
Kristy Miranda Bridgette
Tarantulust's Lair BI660kLTarantulust's Lair YRNcHQD
Brook     Kassidy

Tarantulust's Lair
Tarantulust's Lair 7pKWB42

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