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New segment for the AFW magazine, need lovely ladies of friction!

Thu Jan 09, 2020 6:29 am by daemongirl

So Natasha is going to begin hosting a monthly segment for the magazine, title isn't set in the stone yet but the idea is "Babe of the Month" where its a photoshoot plus a small interview with the chosen lady for that month. Need someone for January onward so if interested post here or shoot me a message, this can be just for fun with Natasha who will be her usual flirty self or to push a character or talk about what you're doing story wise with them, ending with a spot in the magazine with a …

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Where is that stupid Spider?

Sat Jan 04, 2020 7:00 am by Tarantulust

«skip-stop» station Sojqtwc
Greeting's Flesh Bags!

My name is Tarantulust! I have been gone for a while...and to be honest I won't return for some time either. Megatron has been busting my rear, and Energon is scarce here. A close pal of mine left the site recently, and it put some things in perspective for me. I play a bunch of cartoonish villains because thats all I am ever any good at. Each character based of a colleague of mine ranging from the famous Starscream to the rampant …

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Tension Showdown 2019 Start Date

Tue Oct 29, 2019 6:40 am by Old_Man_Tai

Hullo all of AFW!

Due to personal issues in my life, I have been a bit slow in setting up the latest Showdown PPV. But, matches are planned, and I know everyone is working hard to build their matches for the show.

To that end, I will be pushing back the original start date of the show.

Showdown 2019 will start November 20th.

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Post by skip-stop on Sat May 25, 2019 11:35 am

Okay. Hi, I'm skip-stop.

If you are here, then most likely you are interested in something. So I think you should know a few things.

  • I'm open to any suggestions.
    Do you have any ideas about the interaction of our characters? Or you have no ideas, but do you think that we can come up with something together? Let's discuss this. It's possible that we will not come to anything. But it's possible that we will come to a great storyline.
  • My characters are conventionally divided into main and additional.
    Main characters:
    The main characters have a higher average win rate compared to additional characters (about 75-80%). As a rule, my main characters have a personal development line, which I adhere to. And the main characters are more interesting.
    Additional characters:
    The additional characters have a lower average win rate compared to main characters (about 55-60%). As a rule, my additional characters do not have a personal development line, which I adhere to. And the additional characters are less interesting.
  • Some of my characters are available for tension. If the character is available for tension, this will be indicated under his name.
  • I am planning three more main character and two more additional characters.
  • Next two characters will be main.
  • My Discord is skip-stop#4063. It’s easiest to contact me there.
  • Sending a PM on forum is also an option, but Discord be better.
  • I have to ask you to do three things before sending me message. These three simple things will save time for you and me.
    1. Please read my posts and make sure you understand them. English is not my native language. Judging by the reviews, I write pretty well in English, however, I already had to face the fact that my posts may not be understandable to everyone.
    2. Please make sure the style of my posts suits you. I believe that each person sees rp in own way. My posts show how I write matches and how I write backstage.
    3. Please make sure you have the opportunity to write posts a little more often than once a month. There is nothing special to add. I understand that there are unforeseen breaks. But I do not want to be in a situation where I receive an reply once a year or so.
  • Maybe there will be more information in the future.

My opportunities: A bit busy

Free - there is time to write posts often (at least once a three days) and there is opportunity to take a few threads for my characters

A bit busy - there is time to write posts relatively often (at least once a week), but opportunity to take threads is limited enough

Busy - there is almost no time to write posts (maximum once a two weeks) and there is no possibility to take threads

Break - I do not write posts and do not take threads

--------------- My main characters ---------------

Karen Aoki-Justice / Hawk Moth
(Character is available for tension)
«skip-stop» station W6j10

Charlotte "Lotta" Ravel' / Sand Lizard
(Character is available for tension)
«skip-stop» station W56j12

--------------- My additional characters ---------------


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