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Looking for action

Mon Dec 02, 2019 5:33 pm by skip-stop

Hi hi

The past few months have been rather sad, and the future has been very foggy. But now I can say that I'm alive again. In this regard, I would like to find a few new threads. My roster is here and here. Current preferences of matches:
for Karen - hardcore and everything related to it or special conditions with elements of hardcore
for Charlotte - standard or maybe standard in tension
for Margarita - standard or hentai
for Astrid - standard and hardcore or maybe special conditions
Although …

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Match Search

Sun Dec 01, 2019 1:41 am by GrandAkumaShogun

With two of my three boys open for something I was wondering if anyone wanted to do a match with either Takeshi or Takeichi. If you're interested hit me up on here or send me a message. Or if you want to plan not a match per say but some other kind of interaction that'd be fine as well. Thank you in advance.

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My current situation and an update about Eliza

Sat Nov 30, 2019 10:23 pm by Deus001

Hello everyone

Its Deus here, some of you might not even remember or know me if you joined this year. And to be honest I won't blame you, I've been juggled about IRL this year. I went from two part time jobs to a full time and then back to part time and in between, I had totally forgotten about this site in the process and didn't work with people like I should have.

Recently has been the final nail for me due to parental mental health issues, the hard part of the storm is over now thankfully …

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AV 19 Claire Von Brandt vs. Kana Kasama

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AV 19 Claire Von Brandt vs. Kana Kasama Empty AV 19 Claire Von Brandt vs. Kana Kasama

Post by killcarrion on Mon Nov 04, 2019 8:58 pm

AV 19 Claire Von Brandt vs. Kana Kasama KnrRSD1

AV 19 Claire Von Brandt vs. Kana Kasama Gdn0ivy      Vs.     AV 19 Claire Von Brandt vs. Kana Kasama Ss3sxKa

Match Type: Fall Count Anywhere, No Disqualifications.
Win Conditions: Pinfall, Submission or Knockout

AV 19 Claire Von Brandt vs. Kana Kasama 0uZ9YxE

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AV 19 Claire Von Brandt vs. Kana Kasama Empty Re: AV 19 Claire Von Brandt vs. Kana Kasama

Post by shanecawf on Tue Dec 03, 2019 2:51 am

Kana would be waiting back stage. She was facing the same witch who had tricked and humiliated her only a few weeks ago and the anger was still burning in Kana's body. She was looking forward to not only getting revenge on the witch bitch but on a PPV match that was one of the most popular match types on AFW.

Kana would be sporting her usual gear, a workout attire that was humble yet tight to the curves that mattered the most. She would be waiting backstage when a stage hand waved to her and told her it was time to enter.

Kana would make her entrance, walking through the curtains and onto the ramp where the crowd would erupt with cheer. She had made a name for herself, good and bad as in getting dominated but looking good while doing it.

As she walked down the ramp, She would wave at the crowd before making it to the ring where she would roll in before striking poses to get extra loud cheers from the crowd. Once her entrance was over, she would go to the corner and begin to stretch. She would of made a speech but last time that had backfired only adding to the burn of her embarrassment and she would rather surprise Claire with a beating rather then speak on it beforehand.

She would continue stretching, keeping an eye on the entrance knowing Claire and her dirty tricks.

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