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Looking for matches

Mon Nov 11, 2019 7:54 pm by dragonswill

Hello again it is I dragonswill again im currently looking for more matches if anyone would like to fight my girls i would gladly talk matches with you.

here's my roster please don't be worry i am okay with loses for some of my characters but some you need to convince me on why you want them to lose. the ones that are okay for loses are Del Lizzy AI Hoshi and Misaka please Message me on pm or Dm me on discord Kevin#5221.

thank you …

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Looking for Discord/Forum matches involving Karina Northman

Thu Nov 07, 2019 7:57 pm by Cirno

Just PM me here or on Discord if you're interested or have a plan involving Karina.

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Match request

Sun Nov 10, 2019 12:42 pm by anime_hentaifighter

Hi I am looking for matches , and hope someone will react to this post. Plan on posting some new wrestlers before the year is over ^^

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Harrier's Flock

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Harrier's Flock Empty Harrier's Flock

Post by Harrier on Fri Mar 02, 2012 8:03 pm

General Notes:
When we have a match and you don't answer anymore, I am ok with that and won't bother to ask why, assuming you have reasons. If you feel like picking the match or RP up again,just post. I will move on from a theme to not block my characters for months to come, but pick up again if you like.
*If you are interested to interweave any character development, feel free to PM me. But please, let your girl also have a life beside that! I can't and won't play 24/7 with the same person over and over again.
*If you have an idea you think it's cool, want to play and I haven't listed  it, feel free to contact me so that I can think about it and see if it's fitting for me. But please not only have a vague idea and let me flesh it out fully. I can´t read your mind and can only make a guess about your intention, a problem I encountered myself numerous time here too.^^
*Requirements: Not a big deal here. Halfway understandable English, 3+ lines would be nice. Not be afraid to express emotions. And please, use 3rd(he she it) person! I can't stress enough how much that disrupts my dedication to a theme to change my model of match thinking from 3d access from all sides to 1stperson(I) shooter perspective.
*I try to answer as fast as I can, which is not too fast lately Sad .
*Added by popular demand: I don't do PM or IM matches. Forum or no buys, sorry^^

Girls of the Flock

Tessa "Harrier" Price
Name: Tessa Price
Record(W D L): 6 1 7
Special Program: History matches, matches are held in a historical background
Roman colliseum match I
Ancient Borderland War: Minerva vs. Tessa.
History match III: Colonial Wars

Anja the Raven
Name: Anja Mueller
Record(W D L): 9 2 8
Special Program: none

Officer Garuga Ise
Name: Garuga Ise
Record(W D L): 1 0 2
Special Program: The Conspiracy Stable

Barb Wire(Tag Team)
Name: Barbed Wire(Tag Team)
Record(W D L): 3 0 0 as team, 0 0 1 Sayuri as singles wrestler
Special Program: none

Kelly "Pony" Flowers(Kawaii)
Name: Kelly Flowers(Kawaii)
Record(W D L): 10 0 8
Special Program: none

Amaya the Maiko(Kawaii)
Name: Amaya Morimura(Kawaii)
Record(W D L): 2 0 6
Special Program: Massage Service
Masseuse Amaya, Part I
Masseuse Amaya Part II

Gina "the Brat" Lees
Name: Gina Lees
Record(W D L): 0 0 3
Special Program: Surprise hentai matches

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Harrier's Flock Empty Re: Harrier's Flock

Post by Harrier on Tue May 12, 2015 5:10 pm


do you want to have a match or a backstage scene against one of my girls?

I have both girls that are weak and strong, depending on what you would want to do, and kind of have a regular program I like to see done or continued.
*Amaya has a massage service with an oil wrestling training side clause. Rather weak, but fights valiantly.
*A semi spontaneous match with Gina where cameras are hidden in certified places, the attacker knows about the cameras and has the job to overbear and hentai pin Gina. This is a series I think of as a video on demand service in story terms.
*Backstage tennis court backstage seduction. Gina looks for the home advantage.
*Tessa takes part in historical matches, like a roman coliseum match with both persons dressed in appropriate gear, like tunica, bikini or furs for other areas like. I would also like to see her seduced in private from a determined and controlling, but still rather nice girl for a friendship or even a pairing.
*Anja is my controlling, hard and crazy, yet ultimately nice girl with a protection instinct. Likes to hang around in the Satin Predator, an in-club that is known by most of the forum´s top posters and was well received. Can also fill a role contrary to Tessa.
*Kelly can be used as a giant killer as she has defeated several girls much bigger than she is herself. Classical oil wrestling seductress in a small girl vs. big girl scenario. Likes to peek and watch people in private.
*Barbara and Sayuri are my strange pair in love. Sayuri is open to other girl too when Barbara does not notice, and likes to stroll around in the backstage area for a little seduction and bondage. Barbara is someone I want to build up as powerhouse.
*Ise is my backstage girl and a *good old girl*. Has an official video podcast called "Ises Insider Information" . Gives strange but well meant advice to anyone asking her. Also to people who did not ask 

General ideas to avoid that awkward feeling of unrealistic meetings:
-Make it a photo shoot. A weird meeting becomes a planned business schedule.
-Make it a movie. A weird meeting get the idea.
-Video on demand matches, like Secretary vs Cat Burglar scenes.
-Exhibition booths to promote AFW.

I also like locations in general for backstage matches/RPs:
Location ideas would be an exhibition match, a model job or a photo shoot scene, a warehouse dressing cabin, a park, no matter as long as it catches my interest.

Match wise, I am pretty much open to anything except invasive toys, and I have a weak spot for oil, tied hands, POW, soft mat, full body press pin, shallow pool and bed wrestling matches.

Special matches I would like to test right now:

Noblewoman and Pirate match
Ring: King size bed in the captains quarter
Attire: Pirate bandana over the head, soft pirate boots
Victory conditions:
*The pirate bandana has a black side and a white side. Girls start with black side on top of the head. To win, the bandana has to come off and the hands of the girl have to be tied in front of her chest with the white side showing after she has submitted.
*Hentai moves allowed
*Hentai Submission victory only

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