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Early Notice: Summer Splash 2020

Wed Feb 19, 2020 8:58 am by Old_Man_Tai


Summer Splash 2020 starts in June-July!

This is an early notice to those looking to participate in the ppv, to please start thinking about and planning what matches you want to do at the PPV now.

I know everyone is still working on their Showdown/Avalanche matches, and that's fine and good, this is just an early notice is all.

The earlier you start, the easier it will be to get your pre-match story threads completed!

Title Holders, please start looking for potential …

[ Full reading ]

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Sorry for the delay

Sun Feb 09, 2020 7:21 am by LARIATO

(Meant to post this yesterday only just now got to it. Ironic I guess >_<)

Apologies for the delay on posts. No excuses, I just suck.

I think I've posted to all my active threads, but in my infinite stupidity and forgetfulness it's highly possible I've missed something somewhere. If anyone has a thread with me I still need to post to, please let me know so I can get on it asap.

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The hardest part is finding girls for it (Tension Request)

Mon Feb 10, 2020 1:01 am by Old_Man_Tai

Looking for two Tension girls willing to do mixed for some involvement in an upcoming Tension Hentai Title event.

Please PM me or find me on Discord/Trillian for more detail, thank you.

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Home Empty Home

Post by IndigoDragon on Tue Mar 04, 2014 5:37 am

Warning: This is more of a story,so dont read if you are not prepared for a semi-long read.

For the inventor,mechanic,and clumsy dog Nick Solem;the early morning started as many mornings did.With a well-balanced breakfast.Some eggs,toast,cup of milk.....Chocolate milk.And a chocolate bar.And maybe some chocolate cereal.And put the chocolate milk in the cereal! But,there was no time for that at the moment! No,no,no! Nick had more important things to do than mix various things with chocolate and enjoy them,even if they tasted so good....

He'd do it later.

Japan was such a vast place.Bigger than his hometown by far.And bigger than any town or village that he had ever traveled to.Full of nice people,good food,great entertainment,and much to do with little time to do it.Oh,such a difference from the world he previously knew! His parents hadnt really approved for his (what they called) "Dirty Love" for the sport of wrestling.And finding out where he wanted to do this at almost made them keel over.But,their son usually got what he wanted one way or another.By either through their help,or on his own.The worst mistake he could have made was buying tickets to a match for him and his parents to watch for his 22nd birthday.

They were absolutely mortified with it.The sex and the violence.
But,Nick looked at it with a large fondness.

Within the week,Nick signed up to partake.He would fulfill a childhood dream!

It didnt matter that a year later Nick Solem wouldnt be found in a ring not once.
It didnt matter that a year later he would be doing various odd jobs to feed his chocolate addiction,or pay for various other odds and ends. (Including food,travel and the few.....Dozen bottles her broke as a bartender)

Yes,breaking all those bottles got him fired.Why the hell wouldnt it? Good thing it was after hours,or every hardened drinker would be chasing him across the entire country.

So today,he was going to his new job.He had started this one about two weeks ago.And this one was REALLY different.Being paid by a private company,he was to chase cats around much of the country.Some were strays,and some were runaways of very rich and famous people.Given his dog-like look and experience running for long periods of time,he was the perfect candidate.

Today,he was traveling to Yokohama from Tokyo to find a large cat named Belle for a model.She was paying a hefty price,so Nick COULD NOT mess this up.


"Come on!" Nick yelled. "Outta the way!"

He had pinpointed Belle and had made chase.He was keeping up with the large,gray cat for the past 10 minuets.

They were right by the water,running by the Kanagawa Government Building.Nick panted heavily as he burst through the crowds of people.Well.....Most of them just moved out of his way on the count of him running out after the cat while on all fours himself.

He had been chasing Belle from Harbor View Park towards the Northwest.

It almost seemed the cat knew what it was doing,because it made so many turns around buildings,street corners and alleys,Nick had to resort to being on all fours to keep up.It was a crafty one indeed;Nick thought.

Suddenly,the cat made a wrong move that favored Nick in his goal.Belle was now moving towards a dead end in Osanbashi pier.

"You're mine,you stupid feline!" Nick shouts before seeing the oar.A boat oar struck him square in the face.....


It didnt need to be said,but if you didnt get it....Nick didnt get Belle.Luckily,he wasnt fired.But that's because he was new,and his other assignments so far had all been done perfectly. (And,he was the only employee).He was not paid his cut since there was not pay to get his cut from.Nick was dismissed for the day back to his home.And whats more,as the weather that he choose not to listen to this morning accurately predicted.....It began to rain on his walk back home.


Where Nick currently lived.In his amazing apartment at the AFW complex.Most people saw an apartment as a rinky-dink room or two that was poorly cared for.But to Nick,and surely for just about all of the residents of the entire AFW federation,this was a home.

And Nick went home in pride,holding his head high in the rain.For he knew one thing was for sure.

One year had gone by.and another one was beginning.Doing so much in a year;including:

-Reuniting with his friends
-Meeting a girl that he has fallen in love with by the name of Cougra
-Becoming a 'coach/manager' for 2 (3) of his friends

A year didnt seem all that bad.

[size=150:5yuojq2x]One year! I cant believe it! <img src=" title="Very Happy" /> Thank you all!

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Home Empty Re: Home

Post by IndigoDragon on Fri Apr 04, 2014 3:12 am

"Its....Its been a while."
"Yes,It has been a while since we've done this.....My little mouse."

The sun was setting on the city,but nothing was calming down.On any given day,there was about 20 minuet of quiet between all of the people who worked in the day going home;and the people going to work at night.Back home,there was just quiet after the sun set.Everyone went home in their small town.But,for Conza Delejabon and Yoshiro Onamay.....This was far from their old-styled world.

Their world...Where walking into the forests were though of as a daily dare between children.They feared that Jay would tear them to shreds before they got out.Conza never minded the others who prodded the odd boy all day.He in fact looked up to the boy.Because he was a different change of pace from most of the normal people. (And just because Conza was short...)

His relations with Jay were shaky at best.The black-harried boy protected Conza from bullies and various dangers;but never talked to him on good standards once,until Nick Solem made them talk.Putting the giddy child with the cold Jay was insane....But it worked.

Yoshiro though of Jay as someone to be feared.She and Conza both heard about the wars that Jay was in to free the trapped,they ha varying opinions.

The bird thought he was insane.
The mouse cheered him on every time.


One thing that the two shared when they were at home,was watching the stars begin to appear when twilight turned to nightfall.Normally,they would watch this from the hills every night.But,times eventually changed.....Nick left.His linchpin to the group was drawing them together.With that gone,the whole mechanism fell apart.

Yoshiro moving devastated the mouse.He and her tried to think about different ways to experience the stars together,but nothing worked.And here? In the big city? The stars could NOT be seen with all of the lights in the way.

BUT,all was okay.
They were here now.Together.


They didnt have any hills here like they had back home,but the fields of the AFW complex provided small little humps for them to lay on.

"You and I havent talked much in the past year.Care to tell me why? Have you been busy fighting with as many girls as you can? Beating them and realizing your dream?" Yoshiro asks.She was sarcastic in her tone.

"Ha,ha,ha....Very funny...." Conza replies flatly,shaking his head. "You know very well that I havent been winning....." He lays down on the grass while the sun slipped off of the horizon and sighs,remembering all of his losses. "Parfois je souhaite que les choses dans la vie é️tait facile ..... Mais les choses ne serais pas amusant."

Too bad Yoshiro couldnt understand his sudden and odd outburst of French.Laying down besides him,she made a confused face as she looked up to the dark blue sky. "What exactly does that mean?"

The two looked up,seeing but one,maybe two stars and the moon.At least it was something that reminded them of their old home.Old home....For this place,was their new home.Or at least something pretty damn close to it.They were making some sort of living though.Yoshiro making friends,and Conza........Getting beaten up on.....

"It means that life is a bitch,and we're all her playthings.But thats just the way it is."

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Home Empty Re: Home

Post by IndigoDragon on Sun Apr 20, 2014 10:16 pm

The sun sucks.The cheery attitude in the air sucks.Spring sucks.

Jay Zokaro was told that he shouldnt be going into that forest by several people.Even the higher-ups were concerned when he replied to them that he could handle himself against anyone that stood in his way.It annoyed him when someone told him not to do something.This life was his,and no one was going to tell him how to live it.

Not Ryan Knight
Not Nick Solem
Not Ninjette
No one

The lion liked the forest.Any forest,not just the one that is part of the AFW complex to provide a place for some of the Fur and Feathers roster.He lived in the forest himself for about half of his life.It was here that he learned loneliness and its advantages.He became the strongest person in his whole town this way.Jay was able to take out anything that moved.And it was in this town that he learned his true purpose.....

Fight for two things:

Yourself,and those who cannot.


The wind swayed,shaking the tree slightly.It rocked back and forth.Slowly,like a metronome.

About 40 feet up from the base of the tree,Jay sat himself on a strong branch that was able to support his weight.He was remembering the old times.Where he reigned King.That is,until he left his home town......Things changed drastically then.He was hit with all sorts of challenges from the world beyond his home.

Seeing butterflies reminded him of the Farfallias.That horrible bloodbath of the Arachniom killing and feasting on the dead bodies.....Their Queen having sex with her captured Farfallia prey before killing and consuming their bodies near whole.But before him now,were just common butterflies,moving with the winds....

The fields to the west of him.......The plains of the Bovinians.....Another war.

Jay shook his head and grumbled to himself. "God damn......Stop thinking about the past...."The sun was slowly rising to its peak,and Jay had been up there four hours now.He tried to meditate and find his own answers to his own questions.But it all came to one conclusion in the end.

No none understands....

He just stayed in that tree to think and think,and think some more.The year that went by was harsh on Jay,and gave him major losses and minor gains.ANd she spring flowers blooming were more of a mockery to him that an eyeopener to a 'fresh start' to another year.


Coming to the AFW,Jay learned many things about life.New people bring new views.And he accepted them all.Though he liked to keep to his own,and was deterred from swaying ideals.

Volcanica showed the lion that he could lose easily if he gives the enemy a chance.
Ryan had taught him that he was not the only person who fought for others.
Courtney taught Jay that being wild doesnt put off one's strength.
Gail forced Jay into calming down in non-violent situations.
Ninjette made the lion see that life is not as serious as he thought.
There are things even beyond Jay's control,from Xerxan.
Veldaris opened his eyes to 'another world'.

And most of all....Conza showed him that life was worth living.

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Home Empty Re: Home

Post by IndigoDragon on Tue May 20, 2014 4:37 am

"Miss Yatgra? Its lunchtime."

A nurse would walk in and say that everyday at noon so far since mid-April. Anampo has been in the hospital so far for about a month, and she wanted out already. The days were long. Even if they didn't tire her out, they bored her after the first few weeks. More or less because she had ran out of both comic books and manga to read. The television fared little better. Of all of the weird shows and such, the rabbit could barely understand what the hell was even going on. During the first week, she watched the channel that the AFW matches would appear on.....But she grew tired of watching so many matches.

The nurse brought her a salad with strips of ham on the side. As another side, was a baggie of baby carrots. The nurses just assumed that she liked carrots..... She never took off those rabbit ears. Even when she slept.

In reality, they're glued on her head. Well...Re-glued since her match with Minney went down, at least. It was a bad assumption of the nurses, but not a wrong one. As Anampo ate, she flipped through several channels. This was all that would happen, day in and day out. Although,she loved one day....A while ago, Ryan Knight came to visit her. He spoke of training Anampo when she got out of the hospital.....He was Anapo's boyfriend. She had heard rumors about him having other relations,or things about him and hentai; but she refused to believe any of the lies.....She knew that Ryan wouldnt do that....


The doctor gave Anampo a full evaluation once every other day.He checked her breathing, how much pain was still present when the area around her rib was touched or pushed, and her reflexes.

"Ah....Very good, Anampo.You're healing is coming along well." He gave her a warm hand on the shoulder,which made the rabbit smile as she put down her shirt. "You should be out of here by the end of May."


He nods. "Yes."

Anampo smiled.The doctor pats her head and tells her to get some sleep. And she does. Anampo would smile again. She hadn't smiled since Ryan visited her. Just about 2 more weeks..... And she would be back to the AFW. Anampo would be back to a place that she called; Home.

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Home Empty Re: Home

Post by IndigoDragon on Sat Jun 14, 2014 9:38 pm

There were the sounds of destruction across the fields outside of the city of Tokyo. A furious battle was going on. A fight for survival, that had been dead-locked for almost an hour now. The tall grass that went up to a person's waist was completely bare in areas where the fight reached points of boiling over. And this battle....Was all in the mind.

Alibaster Incarnivorous was madly slicing away at the tall bramble and trees. He was thinking hard about what happened, 5 years ago. How his father was killed. He stood by his father's side, and went along with him in every move that the man did. Even, unknowingly, his plot to destroy all animal races. But, Alibaster did NOT care. As long as he was with his father, he was content on doing whatever he was asked. Fighting, controlling the people of their town (Where his father was a dictator-type leader.) And even killing. Alibaster was desensitized to killing. He saw it every day at the hands of his father.

Until, HE came along to end it. The boy who vowed to the frightened townspeople that he would save them from the wrtath of Alibaster and Maranan (His father.) Alibaster's desensitization was repealed by one event. That fall from the 110- story tall tower. Where HE killed his father.....That he, was Jay Zokaro.


A tree was downed at the genius boy's feet.

"I was told that I could find you here."

Alibaster turned around. "You...." He was looking into the eyes of the murderer now. Jay was standing tall, while his father did not. The whole reason that Alibaster has followed Jay all these years was to kill him and get revenge. He pointed his Corbadda sword at the cat-clad boy. The tip of the blade was about a foot away from Jay's face.This was the perfect setting to kill Jay. No one would know. "Speak your last words, go on. Lest you not want to die later rather than sooner."

The lion's face stayed stoic. "Im not here to die. Or fight. I know why you came all the way to Japan, and Im pretty sure its not to wrestle or fight more people than just me. Now, put the sword down."

"No! Not until I kill you for killing a brilliant man!"

Jay looked at Alibaster with a glare. "You thought that his plan to mass-murder was 'brilliant' ? Are you sure that you are the 'genius' that so many claim you to be? Just listen to me for a moment. Put away the sword."

Reluctantly, Alibaster sheathed the Corbadda. The way that someone else but his father said it.....Was Maranan really going to kill so many because they were of another race? Because they were animals to him? Just this alone made him realize this. After his hand left the sheath, he fell to his knees. "H-Have the last few years been about this? Finding someone who was not....Wrong in his actions? Have I tried to carry on a plague that should have been left exterminated? At fault for striking fear for so many? No....It cannot be so. It is a quaint thought to attempt to justify the many wrongful exploitations of those who--"

"Would you shut your ass up and let me talk? Sounding like fucking Shakespeare...." Jay asked. "Stand up."

An entirely different man stood before Jay now. One who has seen the errors of his ways in but one sentence. One sentence to change nearly 25 years of a dead man's ideals that were drilled into the white-harried man. One who now partially resented putting lives in danger so recklessly. Anampo's and Ryan's, and even his own....

"You don't need to be here. You've only caused trouble that is not all your fault. You didn't know any better on what to do, and that caused your downfall in many instances." Jay sighed and looked at the floor. "Yes, I killed your father. But his tyranny would spread to far distances if he wasn't stopped by someone. Do you understand?"


"But you. You are someone smart. High IQ, strong, brave. You know this to be true. Im not pulling this out of my ass....Take that with you and do what you do best and have done for your entire life. Learn."


And with that, Alibatser took that advice from his greatest enemy. Who at the end of the day, wasn't such a bad person at all. Jay's bounty, however, was nearly tripled the next day. He left out of the AFW to start traveling the world to learn everything he can. Maybe he could make his father proud still. Not by carrying his dreams of making the world better by killing. But make it better....By helping. Alibaster claimed to the Administration that he was retiring. But, that he may be back one day to show those who he has wronged that he has changed.....

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Home Empty Re: Home

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