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Soft Reset!

Thu Jan 23, 2020 5:04 pm by TiefBlau

So yeah I've kicked the whole uh..struggling to get back into forum rping that I've had in the two years. I've been really kicking it back into gear and I want to get back to the place where Heather and it all started.

I'm only gonna take a couple matches and such to start, but yeah I'd love to jump into a couple with some people! I've said elsewhere that 2020 will be the year of Tief and I've been really into making that true!

I've also removed a couple wrestlers from my …

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Comments: 6

New segment for the AFW magazine, need lovely ladies of friction!

Thu Jan 09, 2020 6:29 am by daemongirl

So Natasha is going to begin hosting a monthly segment for the magazine, title isn't set in the stone yet but the idea is "Babe of the Month" where its a photoshoot plus a small interview with the chosen lady for that month. Need someone for January onward so if interested post here or shoot me a message, this can be just for fun with Natasha who will be her usual flirty self or to push a character or talk about what you're doing story wise with them, ending with a spot in the magazine with a …

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Tension Showdown 2019 Start Date

Tue Oct 29, 2019 6:40 am by Old_Man_Tai

Hullo all of AFW!

Due to personal issues in my life, I have been a bit slow in setting up the latest Showdown PPV. But, matches are planned, and I know everyone is working hard to build their matches for the show.

To that end, I will be pushing back the original start date of the show.

Showdown 2019 will start November 20th.

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"Gnarly" Charlie Haines

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"Gnarly" Charlie Haines Empty "Gnarly" Charlie Haines

Post by HighFly on Wed Mar 12, 2014 10:41 pm

Name: Charlie Haines
Alias: "Gnarly Charlie"
Sex/Gender: Male
Age: 30 (D.O.B 4/3/87)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Short, sloppy dirty blond
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 140
Nationality: USA
Citizenship: USA
Ring Attire: Baggy blue athletic shorts with black stripes up the sides, black knee and elbow pads as well as a pair of blue converse sneakers.
Entrance Theme:  This Is Absolution by Killswitch Engage
Alignment:  Face

Stat spread:  Physical Qualities/Mat Skills

Strength- 3/5
Submission- 3/5
Durability- 3.5/5
Technical- 4/5
Speed- 5/5
Charisma- 4/5
Hardcore- 3/5
Stamina- 5/5
Strikes- 4/5

Finisher: Surfs Up/Wave Rider-a diving moonsault from the top rope onto an opponent.

Favorites/Signatures:  Hurricanrana
Diving Dropkick from the top rope
Vaulting Body Press to an opponent outside the ring
Abdominal Strecth (used mostly in submission matches)
Roundhouse kick
Reverse DDT
Spider Suplex

Strategy:  Adaptable.  Charlie can go on the offensive to try to get the upper hand (which is what he does most of the time) or if he is feeling out of his league he'll try to wear down his opponent.
Style: High flying speedster.

Difficulty level: Medium-hard.  Charlie is quick and crafty when healthy.  Currently with his injured knee having been rehabbed he is back and healthy.

Appearance and Personality:  

Charlie looks like a stereotypical surfer or slacker.  His hair is usually unkempt (unless Alaina yells at him to comb that mess) and he wears baggy clothing much of the time.  He has facial hair on his chin but nothing else.  Also present are a cane he uses to help get around as his knee injury mends, as well as a knee brace on his right knee.  While he is nice and outgoing akin to Alaina, she is the more serious of the two.  Charlie has a goofy sense of humor that is zany and outlandish, as he often quotes movies while impersonating the voices of the actors who say the lines.  To some he can appear to be apathetic, or a bit of a prick as he is sarcastic but once people get to know him they find out its just a part of his sense of humor.  Unlike many male wrestlers Charlie doesn't have much of an ego at all.  He respects the women for their athleticism and, thanks to Alaina, he knows to never underestimate them.  Typically Charlie likes to wear shorts when the weather permits as well as a tank top.  In colder weather he'll wear jeans, boots, and a dark colored hoodie.  If he ever has to dress up he'll throw on a pair of khakis and a polo shirt.  At first glance even before the injury, no one would think the short, somewhat wide and bulky guy would be a speed based athlete of any kind.  Charlie is in actuality fairly ripped, but this is largely unseen due to his wardrobe which helps portray the illusion of him being a portly guy.  Charlie knows this and uses it to his advantage.  Also because of his humor he'll poke fun at himself when trash talking with lines such as "The short, bulky American slob is outpacing you?  Come on man!"  Charlie is also good natured in the ring, most of the time.  He never tries to humiliate an opponent unless they are a bully type, in which case he gives them the treatment he believes they deserve.  He was always put down and doubted when he was young.  Because of this he always sees himself as an underdog and prefers things as such.  He is always quick to stick up for anyone that reminds him of himself during his youth.

Background Story

Charlie grew up in San Diego, California.  He could best be described as an outcast nerd who tried to fit in when he grew up.  He was teased often but he refused to let it keep him down.  He tried soccer and was pretty good, not because of any real talent but he was the fastest player on the field.  His teammates showed him some respect but the general student population still treated him like an outcast and brushed him aside.  Because he did his best to keep up on his grades (with mixed results) his peers called him "Gnarly Charlie" because he never partied or was overly social.  Charlie's response to this was simply "Yep, I never went out of my way to hang out with the people who had a good time making me feel like garbage every day.  Imagine that."

When he was 18 he had quit soccer and wasn't sure what to do with himself.  He did all right in school, but nothing scholarship worthy.  The girl he liked didn't even know he existed despite the act that they took the same bus to school.  He liked cars and had been thinking of taking up the mechanic trade when he walked by a gym with a flyer outside advertising for a new local wrestling promotion.  Curiosity got the best of Charlie and he went in to check it out.  He ended up finding something he loved as much as cars.

Charlie quickly became the high flyer of the promotion and was beating bigger opponents with ease.  He adopted his old mocking nickname for his high flying wrestling style.  While the promotion didn't pay overly well, Charlie still had a blast and wanted to work his way up to a major promotion.  

One day just about a year ago, Charlie finished up defending his title from a local show and was on his way out the door when a gorgeous brunette approached him.  It was Alaina Sanders, that girl he liked back at the end of his high school days!  He was shocked when she kept expressing admiration at his ability and even more surprised when she inquired about seeing their training facility the next day.  Charlie met up with her and gave her a tour then had his jaw hit the floor when she asked to try to wrestle one of the women.  Charlie didn't know what she was thinking, her chosen opponent was Rachel Harrington a 5'10'', 170 lb bruiser who was in good but not great shape.  However, when Alaina came out in her ring attire Charlie saw that the woman who looked like a model was in great shape and had a very sculpted body.  Alaina proceeded to snap mare, hip toss, clothesline, knee strike and body slam Rachel to the mat and down for 3 in just under two minutes.

The two became fast friends and headliners of the small promotion until they got word from a promotion in Japan that was interested in both of them a couple months ago.  Charlie was thrilled to have Alaina as a friend, although whenever he hinted at them possibly becoming more than that she never seemed to catch on.  Charlie isn't too aggressive or suggestive with it as "ruining a great thing like we have would be idiotic."  The two quickly accepted and went out to Japan to join the AFW.  They used their money to get a 3 bedroom apartment so everyone had their own room:  Including Charlies best friend and Welsh Corgi, Little Charlie or L.C for short.

Things seemed to be on the up and up.  One day very shortly after arriving in Japan Charlie took his challenger for a spin on back country roads while Alaina stayed home to relax with L.C.  Charlie found himself taking a turn too fast and getting into a nasty car accident by hitting a large tree.  In the aftermath he found out his right ACL, MCL and LCL were torn.  Doctors initially thought he wouldn't walk again for a year, but with the help of Alaina and a aggressive rehab Charlie is walking with the help of a cane.  As he continues to work towards fully rehabbing his leg he knows how much being a successful wrestler means to Alaina.  To this end he has pledged to train and manage her, and she in turn helps with his rehab with her nursing background.  He does as much hands on stuff as he can to show her better technique as well as aerial moves, but much of what he does is reviewing match tape.  While its not hands on Charlie claims by analyzing oneself and opponents you can become a smarter wrestler.  He believes that once Alaina learns better technical skills, an aerial move-set worthy of her natural speed and a good ring-mind she'll be a dominant woman in the industry.

Charlie's rehab was successful and he has made a mark since returning.  While perfoming well in the ring, it has been outside the ring that the biggest developments in Charlie's life have taken place.  A simple paperwork drop-off at AFW headquarters led to him meeting Talia Wilson.  He was smitten from the start.  Alaina has moved out, having gotten her own place and now Charlie lives with his girlfriend.  And of course, LC.  The two have formed a tag-team in Tension since.  Things were going great for one year until Talia abruptly called it off with Charlie.  Having the one woman who ever loved him walk out on him in the blink of en eye had a very adverse effect on Charlie, leading him to find answers in a bottle.  Making matters worse was the loss of LC, his best furry buddy.  Things seemed to be spiraling out of control when his friends Alaina and Carmen intervened, convincing him to clean up.  It was  along road, but after 8 months Charlie's knee continued to heal as did his mind.  Helping him do that are his friend Sayo and the dog he adopted, Angel.  Now feeling healthy, and clear minded Charlie is ready to get his career back on track!  


Charlie's career never took off the way he planned, and after a one sided loss he felt it was a real eye opener, leading him to retire from AFW and wrestling altogether. He is currently back at his home in San Diego living with his pet dog Angel and working back at the gas station he worked at before he got the contract to come to Tension in early 2014.

Fun Facts

Charlie is obsessed with all things Star Wars, and with quoting movies.
Little Charlie is alleged by Alaina to be a bit of a pervert.  She says he looks up her skirt or up at her when shes in her underwear or if she is on the couch he tries to snuggle against her breasts.  Charlie claims to not notice at all.
Charlie was never a wrestling fan growing up, his initial success in the sport is best described as a "freak accident."
Charlie enjoys all kinds of music, and does voice impersonations very well.  In fact he has thought of doing part-time voice over work for games or animation.
Charlie does at times say flirty things around Alaina and other women, but only after he knows them fairly well, and they in turn know that despite Charlie's goofy nature he is in fact a gentleman.
Charlie is actually a very good, if reckless driver.  Don't let that little "accident" fool you.

AFW Record 3-4-0

Win vs. Armando "Army" Rodriguez via K.O
Loss vs. Ryan Knight via submission
Win vs. Hawkeye via pinfall
Loss vs. Abbey Abraxas via submission
Loss vs. Thorns of a Rose (with Daisuke Takeuchi and Nathan Weed) in 3 on 3 tag match
Win vs. Felina Rodriguez via DQ interference
Loss via pinfall vs. Valley Doll

"Amazon" Alaina Sanders (Best friend, Friction wrestler)
Carmen Rodriguez (Friend and favorite training pal in Tension)
Sayo Morishige (A sweetheart and great confidant, the two would do just about anything for one another albeit in an entirely platonic way)
Talia Wilson (girlfriend, then ex, then girlfriend again.  These two crazy lovebirds seem at their best together.)


***Charlie is the blonde guy getting an awkward hug from an old teammate***

%20Giant%20Killing%2024%20[720p][85BDF52C]acts%20of%20gayness%20can%20also%20be%20seen%20ON%20THE%20PITCH%20in%20this%20anime.jpg]"Gnarly"Charlie Haines

1) New Kid In The Gym Charlie and Alaina stop in the Friction gym
2) Talia's Unusual Office Visit Charlie and L.C bring paperwork to the AFW office and meet Talia
3) A Lunch Date Charlie meets Talia for lunch
4) When Rommate and Love Interest Collide  Charlie and Alaina shop for Talia's birthday present when they bump into Talia and Aurora at the mall *Finished in IM RP
5) Breaking The Tension Episode 2 Gnarly Charlie Haines  Charlie is training for his debut match when he gets an unplanned interview!
6) One Day During Training Charlie has Alaina help him with some training, and they meet a couple new people along the way
7) A Quiet Dinner Get Together Charlie is present at Alaina's little party for her friends, and tries his absolute best to ensure mellow-ness is the set tone of the event.... although given the company he has his work cut out for him.
Cool Army vs. Charlie Charlie finally has his debut match against Army, and really has his hands full!  *Win via pinfall*
9) Ryan Knight vs. Charlie Haines Charlie fights his second match against Ryan Knight *Loss via submission*
10) Mr. Kuramoto's Hoze River Riflery Range Charlie looks to blow off some steam and alleviate some homesickness with a trip to go target shooting!
11) A Puerto Rican Mummy In Japan Charlie bumps into a banged up Carmen and the two have a nice conversation.
12) Hit me hard and hit me fast Charlie trains with Carmen in an effort to get him over a bit of a strategic wrestling obstacle
13) "Gnarly" Charlie Haines vs. Hawkeye Charlie faces his first female in an official matchup. *Win via pinfall*
14) Tis The Season To Be Merry  Charlie and Alaina get gifts from the UKE for Christmas!
15) Win Or Go Home Talia stops by, and Charlie discovers a little something about his lovely lady.
16) Abbey Abraxas vs. "Gnarly" Charlie Haines Charlie takes on Abbey, who is by far one of the toughest opponents he has ever faced!  *Loss*
17) Baby On Board Charlie and Talia meet up with her sister Aurora who has a bit of surprising news for them...
18) Locker Room MeetingCharlie and Talia head over to Alaina's place to hang out with her and her friend Kozue
19) Here Be Dragons Charlie has Valentines dinner with Talia when they bump into very unexpected company.
20) Anything You Can Do...  Charlie aces Talia in a spar to see who the leadoff member is for their tag team!
21) AD'15 Thorns Of A Rose vs. Nathan, Daisuke and Charlie  Charlie pairs up with possibly the most unlikely male tag team in Tension where he doesn't fit in too well to face three man-haters!  Uh oh....
22) Where's That Taco Stand? Charlie picks out an engagement ring for Talia, and meets someone new!
23) In The Cold April Rain Charlie has his world turned upside down, losing the one thing he cared about above all else...
24) A Goodtime Charlie? Charlie is confronted by Alaina and Carmen about his breakup.
25) Circling The Drain Charlie keeps getting worse, not better as he trains with booze.
26) Attention Spans  Charlie after a few months of non-stop drinking and wallowing in self pity gets a wake-up call on how his actions effect others.
27) What Ever Happened To Mr Fun  Charlie gets a very unexpected visitor.
28) Warm Souls Charlie goes to the park to see Sayo, and brings Angel along!
29) Rock The House Charlie and Alaina go to Clyde's title celebration!
30) Felina Rodriguez vs. Charlie Haines Almost like a second debut match, Charlie is eager to get back in the ring after yet another long layoff!
31) The More The Merrier Charlie is at an interview for his upcoming PPV match!
32) [url]Valley Doll vs. Charlie Haines[/url] Charlie takes on Valley Doll, the woman who beat Alaina twice in as many matches!

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