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I'm back

Wed May 20, 2020 4:48 am by Ragdoll_Jobbers

Hey everyone! I'm back. My grandparents are safe now and I have been able to get some free time again. I look forward to RPing and talking with everyone again.

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Cicilia De'Reignhardt: Looking for a Match

Tue May 19, 2020 10:41 pm by Cicilia


Looking for a match for my main German Juggernaut: Cicilia De'Reignhardt!

Match Type: Up for discussion! (Minus hentai)

Who wins: Up for Discussion!

Cicilia's Profile:

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Rookie Avalanche Event

Mon Oct 09, 2017 4:37 pm by Serpon

Rookies of AFW, are you trying to get your character in big events?  Well look no more, we have an event for you that will start in Avalanche.  What kind of event you ask, well we do have some ideas but we want your feedback as well.  I will be giving out suggestions but these are just suggestions, if you guys want to do something else, we can do something else.  For those of you who are wondering what is considered a rookie, anyone who has been around for less than two years or has less …

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Xerxan the drow fighter

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Xerxan the drow fighter Empty Xerxan the drow fighter

Post by kiranar on Wed Feb 04, 2015 10:53 am

Name: Xerxan
Gender: male
Species: drow or dark elf
Age: 190
Eyes: red
Hair: snow white hair
Weight: 140 pounds
Height: 5'0
Nationality: somewhere in the underdark in the land of Farune
Alignment: chaotic neutral
Living family in house vholk drokk (translated iron fist) pretty low ranked but feared fighters.
family he is aware of all dead
families names
mother Vindaarea dead now
sisters Kinelilae and Mdienia

second number is his stats post curse from thread
Strength: 8(3)
Defense: 6 (2)
Endurance: 7 (1)
Submissions: 8 (2)
Speed: 10 (3)
Technique: 8 (2)

Tactics and style: technical, striking, and quick moves
Preferred match: Boxing match, standard matches, or no holds bared but other matches options will be added as he experiences them.

Favoured moves: leg locks, clutches,spear

Finishing move/s: The dark nap : He gets behind his opponent wraping them in a sleeper while wraping them in a body scissor.

Powers Finishing move/s: fiery spear : he uses his innate ability to cast the spell faerie fire which is illusionary flames to scare them then charge for spear as brutal as he can pull off at that point in the match

Powers: He can only use his innate magics once a day
a natural resistance to magic used against him doesnt always work but when he does he takes advantage of the surprise if he is in a match.
Faerie fire: range of 400 feet with 5 foot area burst for 10 mins or I remove it willingly. They flames make them look like a candle with differnt colors which he commonly makes it look like fire which doesnt burn, but only looks like fire.
globe of darkness: places an orb of pure darkness that is up to a 20 foot radius for 10 mins from which he uses his hearing to locate his opponent and strike or run away

Entry music: In the Halls of the Mountain King by Bach

Personality: mysterious he doesnt seem social because of his past. He speaks in a heavily accented english when he needs to because he didnt need to practice it. He at times will feign not understanding, but will understand what is said as he maybe trying to learn about his opponent. He will only kill if it was allowed in matches otherwise he would try to brutalize his opponent

Past: While he was young boy his mother was pitting him against goblins and orcs for her amusement. He lost more than he won in the first years as he got older and his body became more resilient to the beatings and didn’t hesitate to kill them when his mother ordered him to finish them off. Xerxan started out with a more pugilistic style, but as situations presented him with chances he would lock in different submission holds most not very efficient. The dark sleep became his most common way to finish the various opponents his mother ordered to fight him. His two sisters would order him to enter that ring so they could take turns beating him till he was out cold knowing he wouldn’t fight back due to the his upbringing and only his mother could give him permission to strike a Drow female opponent. They used magic and alchemic potions to enhance their own strength being of a house that specialized in hand to hand combat their skills with no weapon or claw like blades made them a feared pair. The sisters began to fear Xerxan because of his innate grasp of the houses fighting style and strength. They knew he was fast approaching the empowerment ritual battle which neither of them has yet to pass even though by right of their gender they should have easily gained the power from the ritual first. They learned of a tournament held some distance away from their home where they could use their skills to become stronger and possibly force their little brother to forgo his trial due to injury. They approached their mother with the plan to bring him to the tournament for which she agreed as between the daughters one would get to undergo the ritual while the other escorted their brother to his unknown fate. The younger daughter once again failed the trial which left her bedridden in pain as her mother waited for her son who she knew was more gifted to become her ticket to join the ruling counsel once he passed the trial her foolish daughters have yet to pass.
The weeks went past while thy traveled to the grounds of the underground club where she studied many of the fighters sizing them up knowing who ever her brother defeated she would have him drag them away so she could drain their power to later augment her own strength. Xerxan kept close to his sister even though he suspected there were other reasons she brought him to this place. A seasoned Amazonian warrior spied them from the distance wondering why those two would travel so far from the safety of their home. She suspected the boy was related to the young woman then approached feigning a drunken state tossing the contents of a foul smelling drink on the female. The elder daughter grabbed the amazon by her top demanding an apology, but in her rage set into motion a fight between her and Xerxan. The amazon smirking as she dropped the drunken act saying you fell right into my trap and declared the loser will belong to the winner as the daughter realized she was suckered by an elaborate deception. The fight went on longer then she expected taking his best attacks and finally knocking him out cold. The elder daughter not planning to honor the terms of the match tried to drag her defeated brother away only to find her path blocked by the amazon who proceeded to drive her fist into the drow girls stomach stealing her breath while then bitch slapping her to the dirt ground saying “ He is my servant now . The sister groaned on the ground resisting showing tears as the amazon finished with “I got the best fighter of your houses children now.” The elder daughter shocked at how she underestimated the amazon and lost her brother so she struggled to get to her feet then heading to the tunnels hurrying home to report to her mother that Xerxan was kidnaped even though she gambled him on the match. The Matron mother having been watching the events unfold slides on a pair of adamantine reinforced gloves then as the daughter rushed in to explain she said “ stop and calm down as she descended down to her daughter. She says “you gambled your own brother to a human and then lost the bet and showed cowardice.” She then decides to begin the punishment as the daughter’s eyes go wide as she realized her predicament. The matron mother then proceeds to give her daughter a personal lesson by using her as a private sparing dummy not leaving any lasting injuries on the girl, but leaving her in so much pain by the time she walks back to her throne she is completely knocked unconscious. The youngest hurrying in to see her sister unconscious battered and bruised as she hears take her to the priests and prepare for me to train you both. When she finally wakes up she says to her sister” don’t get mother made she may look soft, but she will take you apart with little effort.”
The amazon picks up Xerxan carrying him to her room she rented as he is her property now, but she had other plans being he impressed her a little. She hands him a special collar motioning for him to slide it on around his neck. He does what she says as for some reason her words seem to make more sense like he was fluent in the same language as she was. She explained “The collar was enchanted to allow you to understand my words while allowing you to learn some languages. She also says I plan on taking you to other tournament grounds where I expect you to give each fight your best effort. The weeks go by as she tutored him in the parts of his technical submissions which were weak, but now due to her training were a lot more effective. She noticed when she tried to take him outdoors how he seems in pain as he was brought into the sun. They then worked with him helping him grow a tolerance to bright light while helping him keep his infravision as sharp as ever. She bought him a deep cloak that could shield him from the light if needed while also able to keep him dry as they traveled. Then as months went by as they were near a branch of the AFW fur and feather league which she knew after he got comfortable around the more exotic fighters of the league. While she was working with Xerxan the drow matron was selecting a suitable assassin to take out the woman who was undoing the brainwashing like training that would have made her son the perfect tool to advance her status. She also started working her daughters harder than ever saying if my assassin fails one or both of you are to retrieve your little brother. The assassin took off soon as she was giving her mission heading toward where the Matron though her sons ultimate destination would be. Xerxan and his mentor arrived outside the grounds she suspecting an assassin was close had Xerxan wait outside somewhat farther from the sign in area in case of an assassination attempt. She was right as she finished signing Xerxan up for approval she starts to return getting within a few blocks of her student. The assassin suddenly jumps grazing her with a fingertip barb poisoning the amazon. She flicks the useless barb off her finger as she quickly starts to fight the amazon not attempting to strike a lethal blow, but to allow the poison to course through her bloodstream to finish her off. They fight neither of them landing any significant attacks as the amazon starts to weaken until she falls to the ground then the assassin laughs as she suffers then snaps the amazons neck as she heads off to find her other target. She didn’t like that she had to bring Xerxan in alive, but knows she can make him suffer before bringing him in. the assassin moves to attempt to strike quickly not bothering to use caution as she still though he wouldn’t strike a female drow till she starts gasping for breath feeling Xerxan slam a hard punch into her stomach breaking a few ribs. Xerxan hearing the assassins cock approach as she rushed in he threw a hard punch into her stomach feeling a few of her ribs breaking as her breath gets blasted out as he reached up grabbing her head driving it into his rising knee. She cried out as her face is bashed into his knee dazing her as she falls back onto her ass. He moves behind her wrapping his arms around her head as in panic grabs at his arm to put as much resistance against as she could at the moment before her head twists sharply to snap her neck. He moves away from the assassin toward where his teacher laid and took the time to honor her sacrifice to train him. He prepares a burial mound for her offering a pray to whatever deity that would listen to accept her spirit to a pleasant afterlife. He walks toward the grounds where he would now be fighting, but didn’t know where to find the barracks for the fighters.

Attire He wears a rothe hide gray top exposing a slight toned stomach with loose enough gray pants that allow him easy movement with dark boots made of the same materal. He wears a deep hooded cloak which can conceal his appearence with at times his red eyes can be seem. His only extra atire would be a collar that allows him to understand other languages while he also wears a pair of small wrist bands that could contain dust to throw in his opponents face if he got desperate.

Special note: He is very reclusive because he is nervous about being in an unknown area without any family or allies. The term friendship is an unknown term to Xerxan because of his upbringing in a drow society where backstabbing was common way to advance in social status if you weren’t caught. When startled by someone he will revert to speaking is native tongue even though no one will probably understand him. Due to his limited available opponents when he finally gets an opponent in the league their resilience to his attacks will shock him into working harder to give then as much challenge as possible even if he can’t win. He probably will lose most of his matches due to the fact even with his limited powers only his physical skills will be where he shines. Other than surprising him with a bright flash of light hentai moves will be very effective because his mother though to keep him as a virgin to build up his value once she introduced him to high society females. Due to his powers not really being anything special tension wrestlers could challenge him and possibly best him easily if they are way out of the range of his abilities.

Fur and Feathers thread
he will have no real knowledge of the modern world.
Alternative thread stories
He can learn about modern to space age technology but he will struggle at it.
current modern skills
learning to be a pilot which he wont mention to others unless he trusts them.

profile for his mothers and sisters active till they are killed off in the rp permanently.
Vindaarea Vholk Drokk
rank Matron mother
style power grappling, power striking, and Hentai when she is in the mood

appearence white hair red eyes
height 5'2
weight 150
outfit short tunic to barely cover her breasts while showing off her flat toned stomach with a pair of tight shorts to hug her hips. She wears short boots which she can use for painful kicks when she feels like kicking her opponent. Her strength is well hidden by her appearences so anyone who fights her will probbly underestimate her power till she unleashes it.

Strength: 15
Defense: 13
Endurance: 18
Submissions: 18
Speed: 18
Technique: 18

Kinelilae Vholk Drokk
elder daughter

Mdienia Vholk Dorkk
youngest daughter

appearence for both are white hair red eyes
height 5'1
weight 138
outfit the sisters perfer a sports bra like wrap to wear while they fight unlike their mothers tunic, but the wear the same shorts and boots as their mother.
style grappling, striking, and Hentai when they wish to humilate their opponents
Strength: 12
Defense: 10
Endurance: 8
Submissions: 10
Speed: 11
Technique: 10

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