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I'm back

Wed May 20, 2020 4:48 am by Ragdoll_Jobbers

Hey everyone! I'm back. My grandparents are safe now and I have been able to get some free time again. I look forward to RPing and talking with everyone again.

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Cicilia De'Reignhardt: Looking for a Match

Tue May 19, 2020 10:41 pm by Cicilia


Looking for a match for my main German Juggernaut: Cicilia De'Reignhardt!

Match Type: Up for discussion! (Minus hentai)

Who wins: Up for Discussion!

Cicilia's Profile:

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Hoping for some matches

Sat May 09, 2020 9:32 am by anime_hentaifighter

Hoping to find some more matches here. Send me a message if interested

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Dream Match - Amami Haruka vs Sacchi "Sekky" Kokoro (CMPL))

Go down

Dream Match - Amami Haruka vs Sacchi "Sekky" Kokoro (CMPL)) Empty Dream Match - Amami Haruka vs Sacchi "Sekky" Kokoro (CMPL))

Post by Yatori on Tue May 19, 2009 2:51 am

Private Room
Standard match
One fall

yatori_shizuku: Haruka was really nervous. Specifically, she was terrified of the room she would wrestle in and the probable outcome of the match. She had developed a healthy fear of private room matches ever since her disastrous title shot at the Kawaii Championship. In her mind, holding the match in a private room automatically seal it as a sex match. Still, she had to do this for herself and Masato. And maybe her opponent would be nice to her. It was a soft match after all- -just like with Luci… (Mou… I’️m doomed…)

Patrick OConnor: Sekky was already in the room, her back against a corner, her palms pressed against either side of the room. She was dressed in dark purple panties and a matching sheer purple bra. She tossed her hair back as she awaited her partner, not knowing a lot about her, just that the girl's name was Haruka. She closed her eyes, giggling as she thought of all the fun they could have together... depending on who the girl was.

yatori_shizuku: Finally mustering the courage to open the door, Haruka shyly entered the room in her cute pink bra and panties. (She’️s pretty,) she immediately thought of her confident-looking opponent. (And sexy, too… I couldn’️t wear that kind of underwear, ever…) She blanched all of a sudden. (I have a bad feeling about this girl…) But the door was already closed behind her. A metallic click said it was locked. She was trapped with this girl in this room. Only the end of the match could set her free. So she squared her shoulders and went on bravely. “Hi,” she stammered. “I’️m Amami Haruka. Let’️s have a good match…”

Patrick OConnor (5/11/2009 11:12:26 AM): Sekky tilted her head, seeing the girl was small, timid, but seemed to have at least some heart. "Just call me Sekky. We'll be sure to have a good match, honey. " She said with a wink, then stepped out from her corner. This was going to be a lot more fun than she thought.

yatori_shizuku: Haruka blanched even more. (H-honey? Oh, no… please don’️t let her be like Yatori-senpai during one of her more perverted moods…) “H-hai!” she stammered. “S-Sekky-san!” She got her hands up and moved to meet Sekky for a standing grapple. (I need to start this match strong!)

Patrick OConnor: .oO(Oooh, and japanese colloquialisms. How lovely) She smiled, moving in to lock arms with her, trying to push her back.

yatori_shizuku: Haruka’️s lips set into a serious line now that she was wrestling. Her opponent was bigger than her, so she had to work harder. That she did by setting her feet into the mat like how Momoko showed and taught her. (You’️re not pushing me back…) So thinking, she made to push Sekky back into her corner.

Patrick OConnor: Sekky struggled with the idol, and tried to push her back, but while she was bigger, she did not work out a whole lot as she felt defined muscles on her body destroyed her graceful look. She ended up getting pushed back into her corner, trying hard to push her back.

yatori_shizuku: Haruka worked to keep Sekky cornered. That pushed her blushing face into the taller girl’️s bigger breasts, something she tried not to pay too much attention to. When satisfied, she would release Sekky’️s arms and then drop down a little so she could put her smooth shoulder into Sekky’️s silken-skinned belly and her powerful arms around that voluptuous waist for a strong hug.

Patrick OConnor: "Ghrrn..." She growled, trying to push her back, then blinked as Haruka pushed her own face into her breasts. "Aohnn.." She moans a little, then sees Haruka dropping down and was suddenly trapped in the idol's bearhug. "ARhh!" She groaned, then smiled, deciding she was playing possum enough and reached her hands up to press against the wall, springing off them and tried to make the idol flop to her back and giggles a little.

yatori_shizuku: Haruka was trying to forget the feel of Sekky’️s breasts against her cheeks by focusing entirely on her bear hug. However, her over-concentration meant she neglected to secure her footing. So when Sekky suddenly sprung off the wall, Haruka tumbled onto her back with a yelp, releasing Sekky while falling. “Kyah!” she exclaimed as she scrambled on all fours and then hurriedly stood up to face Sekky.

Patrick OConnor: Sekky was surprised when Haruka let go of her when she hit the mats, and tries to roll away from her and got on all fours as well, staring Haruka down, then grins and wiggles her rear a little bit, giggling playfully.

yatori_shizuku: Haruka blushed at Sekky’️s provocative butt wiggle. Her embarrassment prevented her from getting on her feet, meaning she remained on all fours. Shaking off her dismay, Haruka then made to throw herself onto Sekky’️s head so she could get her arms around the blonde’️s neck for a sleeper.

Patrick OConnor: Sekky fainted a lunge in before suddenly pull back, just barely escaping Haruka's grasp, and then tries to wrap her arms around her waist while laying on her back, just squeezing her belly with both arms in a hug and holding her down underneath her, just beginning a little round of grappling wrestling. She was curious as to how the idol would try to break out of it.

yatori_shizuku: Haruka gasped as her lunge missed, then yelped as she was caught in Sekky’️s own bear hug. Her blush covered her whole body as she felt Sekky’️s bra-clad breasts pressing into her bare back, even as her own small breasts and her face were pushed into the warm matted floor due to their combined weighs pulling them down. She grabbed at Sekky’️s hands to try and break the hold on her waist. “L-let me go!” she grunted in protest, as her feet tried to push up against the mat, moving her cute little butt into Sekky’️s face.

Patrick OConnor: "MMmn..." She cooed as that cute little rear of hers pressed up into her face, but she shook her head, continuing to squeeze her, but made no advances on her either. She could tell, this girl was tender. Soft, gentle, non-perverted touches would get to this girl sooner or later. "Honey, this is a grappling bout... find your own way out."

yatori_shizuku: Sekky’️s suggestion made sense to Haruka. “O-okay, Sekky-san…” She repositioned her feet upon the mat so she could brace herself, and grasped Sekky’️s waist with her strong hands. Taking as deep a breath she could manage while being hugged, she let out a “Raaaah!” and suddenly attempted to stand up to hold Sekky partly over her head. If she succeeded…

Patrick OConnor: Sekky gasped as Haruka suddenly managed to get to her feet, and was suddenly grasping onto Haruka's waist for dear life as she was now suddenly hanging upside down behind her.

yatori_shizuku: "Get ready!” Haruka then dropped onto her back, to slam Sekky beneath her. She knew it wasn’️t a soft move, but it was better than hitting Sekky, who seemed like a nice girl.

Patrick OConnor: "Aghhh!!" Sekky cried out as she was slammed onto her back and let Haruka go, letting out a soft groan as her body was a bit sore after that rough slam. "Owww...."

yatori_shizuku: Haruka rocketed off Sekky after scoring the slam. The feel of Sekky’️s breasts squashed beneath her back was too pleasant for her. “G-gomen!” she told her opponent before quickly going for the pin. In her haste and embarrassment, though, Haruka forgot to hook one of Sekky’️s legs, making her pin tenuous.

Patrick OConnor: Sekky blinked up at Haruka when she just laid on top of her, and starts to turn her head a little, before finally making her move, and started to slide her gentle fingers up her waist, and back down, making no other action, except locking eyes with her.

yatori_shizuku: Haruka’️s count of “One!” came out as a startled squeak due to Sekky’️s caressing her waist. Her eyes went wide in horror as she made to bat Sekky’️s hand away. “Sekky-san!” she exclaimed as she rose away from her opponent. But she didn’️t move far, as Sekky’️s pink eyes proved hypnotic…

Patrick OConnor: Sekky was surprised at how freaked out Haruka was just from the stroking of her waist. "Wow... you're really high strung, aren't you?" She asked, slowly sitting up.

yatori_shizuku: "I... I..." Haruka stammered. "I don't like that..." She shut her eyes and hugged herself. "I don't like it at all!"

Patrick OConnor: "Don't like what? touching? You do it all the time in a match though..."

yatori_shizuku: "N-not that! Touching is fine! But what you just did..."

Patrick OConnor: "All I did was touch you, sweetie."

yatori_shizuku: Haruka’️s blush was now indignant. “You were feeling me up!” she accused.

Patrick OConnor: "I was nooot..." She replied teasingly.

yatori_shizuku: “Yes, you were!” This was accompanied by Haruka thrusting her displeased face almost into Sekky’️s.

Patrick OConnor: Sekky smiled and pursed her lips to gently, and quickly smooch Haruka's lips, but not enough to sap any strength.

yatori_shizuku: Haruka froze when Sekky kissed her. Then her face turned red as the sun. She retreated with a loud “Eeek!” landing on her butt and scrambling backwards until her back bumped into the wall. “Y-you kissed me!” This while holding her hands over her mouth.

Patrick OConnor: "Aww, that wasn't a kiss honey... nowhere near it." She said, starting to stand up and slowly approach her.

yatori_shizuku: Haruka panickedly backed herself into a corner of the room. She was thoroughly intimidated by Sekky's sultriness. "K-keep away from me!" she warned.

Patrick OConnor: " was just a tiny smooch, babyyy.." She protested, swaying her hips as she approached her. "It's just you and me here. No cameras or anything... nobody to see any embarassing acts this time..."

yatori_shizuku: Haruka hunched into a trembling ball as tightly as she could. “No,” she protested. “Yada…”

Patrick OConnor: "Shhh..." She whispered, crouching up with her, trying to cuddle up beside her. "I'm a nice girl when I want to be, honey..."

yatori_shizuku: “I… I still don’️t want it…”

Patrick OConnor: "Hey... listen to me... now that I see who you are, I saw your title match. That was your first time, wasn;t it?"

yatori_shizuku: Haruka steamed with embarrassment at that particular memory. “D-don’️t remind me of that!” she fairly screeched while clasping her hands over her ears. “That was really, really embarrassing!”

Patrick OConnor: "Hush baby.. listen to me... if there were no cameras... no spectators... put all your previous beliefs aside, and tell me... was it enjoyable for you?"

yatori_shizuku: Haruka wanted to refute that query. But Sekky’️s voice was so kind as to be hypnotic. And it was the truth. “Y-yes… it was… sort of fun… if only we weren’️t wrestling… and if Luci-san wasn’️t a girl… maybe if it was Masato-kun… or something…”

Patrick OConnor: Sekky beamed at her, still cuddling close with her. "Why does it have to be a boy, honey? You know it hurts your first time?" She asked, then shook her head for a moment, as if pushing something out of her mind.

yatori_shizuku: Haruka was quickly relaxing into Sekky. "I... I know that, but..." (It was Masato in my dream back then...) She looked up to Sekky. "Is something wrong?"

Patrick OConnor: "Hm? Oh nothing, just... family memories." She said, then looked down at her. "Besides... in my experience.. a girl can make another girl's body just sing with pleasure... they know what feels good, and what doesn't. If you still want to like boys, that's fine, but you should give girls a chance as well." (This... isn't quite how I thought this would turn out, but it's still good.)

yatori_shizuku: Haruka looked away from Sekky. “I… I don’️t know,” she whimpered as she looked at her knees.

yatori_shizuku: Sekky beamed at her, still cuddling close with her. "Why does it have to be a boy, honey? You know it hurts your first time?" She asked, then shook her head for a moment, as if pushing something out of her mind.

yatori_shizuku: Haruka was quickly relaxing into Sekky. "I... I know that, but..." (It was Masato in my dream back then...) She looked up to Sekky. "Is something wrong?"

yatori_shizuku: "Hm? Oh nothing, just... family memories." She said, then looked down at her. "Besides... in my experience.. a girl can make another girl's body just sing with pleasure... they know what feels good, and what doesn't. If you still want to like boys, that's fine, but you should give girls a chance as well." (This... isn't quite how I thought this would turn out, but it's still good.)

yatori_shizuku: Haruka looked away from Sekky. “I… I don’️t know,” she whimpered as she looked at her knees.

Patrick OConnor: Sekky smiled a little. "Regardless, this is still a match, so we have to continue either way." She said, patting her shoulder before standing back up, and walked away from her, swaying her hips a bit as she stepped away from her.

yatori_shizuku: Again Haruka was reminded of Yatori, but in a good way, Sekky's coaxing positive. "H-hai!" She got up as well, and blushed when she realized she was admiring Sekky's sway. Haruka shook her head again cutely to clear her mind before getting into her stance.

Patrick OConnor: Sekky smiled a little, deciding it was time to start to try tainting the kawaii, as she kept a hand on her hip, standing in a bit of an alluring pose. "Your move, little kawaii."

yatori_shizuku: "R-right, Senpai!" Haruka advanced on Sekky with her left palm gesturing for a test of strength.

Patrick OConnor: Sekky smiled and reached her arm up to grab that arm, and would then try to twist that arm up and manuever behind her. If that worked, she would lean her head down to slowly inhale Haruka's scent at her neck, and gently trace her fingers along Haruka's navel, hotly uttering a few words in her language. Of course, Haruka wouldn't understand it, but it would cause goosebumps on her with what she might've said to her.

yatori_shizuku: Haruka's confidence was quickly shattered by Sekky's unexpected taking advantage of her. (Wait! Isn't she supposed to accept?!) She writhed in the arm lock, then shuddered as Sekky inhaled her plum scent, goosebumps on her neck summoned instantly due the caress directed at her belly

Patrick OConnor: Sekky slowly slid her fingers up Haruka's belly, then let go and slid away from her as she began to toy with the kawaii.

yatori_shizuku: Haruka moaned fron Sekky's fingers. When she was released, she staggered forward weakly, clutching at her front, her face red. "W-what was that?" she mumbled. "S-Sekky-san... we're supposed to be wrestling..."

Patrick OConnor: Sekky beamed as she moved around to face Haruka. "This is how I fight, baby... it's simply another fighting style, with it's pros and cons... you just have to be strong enough to overcome it." She giggled.

yatori_shizuku: Haruka huffed. (I'm... dizzy... We've only been fighting a short time, but I'm already as dizzy as I was with Luci-chan...) Shaking herself, she walked towards Sekky, not quite sure what she could do.

Patrick OConnor: Sekky moves in as she sees Haruka trying to focus and places her hands at Haruka's hips, pressingthe kawaii's hips up against her own, and starts to guide her in a sensual dual dance with their hips as she locks eyes with her.

yatori_shizuku: Haruka gasps as Sekky took her by her hips. She could only follow Sekky's lead in the dance, grasping Sekky's hips, squeezing them while she wiggled her butt, moaning as her crotch not quite rubbed against her partner's.

Patrick OConnor: Sekky beamed as she took Haruka's mind further and further off the fight, feeling her hips being squeezed, and then turns around to throw Haruka away, spinning her gracefully as she did as she continued to sweep the kawaii off her feet with more romantic moves than perverted ones.

yatori_shizuku: Haruka felt so light on her feet as Sekky danced "dirtily" with her. She flew a fair distance when Sekky threw her, but landed on her feet and, while stumbling, stayed standing, if dizzy. "Uhhh...."

Patrick OConnor: Sekky smiled and then bowed gracefully once Haruka wasn't as dizzy and looked up at Haruka with a wink and a smile before standing back up with a hand on her hip, staying in that alluring stance. "Mmmm...such a cute kawaii..."

yatori_shizuku: Haruka automatically bowed back. "A-arigatou..." Again she stared at Sekky's swaying form. (She's like Senpai, yet very different... better?) "L-let's continue..." So saying, her eyes locked on Sekky's panties, she lunged at those, moving to pull them down before realizing what she was doing.

Patrick OConnor: What happened next was unexpected for her, but she was delighted by the action. She gasped, raising her arms up in surprise as those purple satin panties slide down her silk-like legs. She offered no resistance to it, feeling her panties hit her feet and then stepped out of them. "You wish to dance a bit more.. closely, don't you?"

yatori_shizuku: Haruka caught herself holding Sekky's lovely panties. "Ah... ah!" She looked up, got a good look at Sekky's sex, froze in place. "Ummm..."

Patrick OConnor: Sekky smiled down at her, reaching a hand down to stroke the back of her fingers along her cheek. "Touch me, kawaii... run your fingers along my petals, and see how much more beautiful sex can be between two women..."

yatori_shizuku: Haruka trembled at Sekky's touch. Still, her hand rose to run her fingers down that salacious slit slowly, as if to savor the feel of it. Then she repeated the motion just to make sure she got it right.

Patrick OConnor: Sekky hissed softly, tossing her head up and closing her eyes, letting out a soft moan while running one hand through Haruka's hair. "Oooh.. yes... just like that... keep it up, kawaii, your fingers are like silk.."

yatori_shizuku: Haruka blushed at Sekky's praise. "H-hai..." She closed her eyes and resumed stroking Sekky's sex. Several caresses later, she began timing it so that whenever Sekky breathed in, a motion that slightly pulled her sex up, her fingers would be stroking downwards. The opposite applied when Sekky exhaled, Haruka's fingers now prodding upwards. And each cycle found her fingertips digging slightly deeper into Sekky...

Patrick OConnor: Sekky shut her eyes tighter as the kawaii started getting into it, and felt the pleasure between her legs increasing fast. Soon it was to the point where her legs were buckling, although she tried to stay on her feet. Her moaning grew high pitched, and she started to caress her own breasts. "Oohnn.. yeah... you're learning very fast..." She said, then gasped as those fingers started to go into her. "A.. a really good spot... look for a button like. p..piece of flesh..." She instructed.

yatori_shizuku: Haruka found herself rather pleased that Sekky approved of her clumsy minstrations. "H-hai..." She felt for that target rather than looked, her eyes being closed. Her fingers soon found it; she rubbed it experimentally. "W-what should I do?"

Patrick OConnor: "Ahh-huh!" Sekky moaned loudly as soon as Haruka found it, and she couldn't help it anymore as she fell to her knees. "Keep... keep it up... this feels... incredible" She moaned out.

yatori_shizuku: Haruka nodded. "T-thank you... I'm glad you like it..." She directed the fingers of one hand to stir up Sekky's slit while her other played with Sekky's clit.

Patrick OConnor: Sekky was gasping and panting, her face red from arousal as the kawaii continued to work her up, and bucked her hips up as Haruka attacked her slit with both hands now. She was close to her orgasm, gasping breathlessly, her moaning growing higher pitched with each moan, which would no doubt arouse her partner a bit. "You're doing.. w..wonderfully... f..finish me off, I'm so close." She said, starting to lean on her back, bracing herself.

yatori_shizuku: "Hai!" Haruka rather strongly confirmed. She herself was getting short of breath and wet in the legs simply from listening to Sekky's ullulations. At Sekky's command she plunged one finger into Sekky's sex. Finding there was room for more, she withdrew her finger and put in as many as she felt could it.

Patrick OConnor: "Ahhh!! Th..that's wonderful, kawaii!" She cried out, arching her hips up in rhythm to Haruka's pumping of her fingers. "Right there... right there..." She moans, tossing and turning her head, feeling herself close to climax now, just a little more.

yatori_shizuku: Following Sekky's instructions, Haruka pushed her fingers deep into Sekky's sex, seeking that spot, finding it, hitting it hard!

Patrick OConnor: Sekky let out a loud, pleasured cry as she finally reached her climax, rolling away from Haruka so she didn't get anything on her, her sex juices dribbling on the mat, her breath shuddered as she started to try and cool down. "That... was beautiful..."

yatori_shizuku: Haruka was surprised by Sekky's roll away from her. Gasping, she leaned forward to pursue the bigger girl, paused a few steps in. Her fingers dripped with Sekky's juices.

Patrick OConnor: Sekky stayed on her side, starting to cool down before looking at Haruka with a small smile. "Do you want your turn now?"

yatori_shizuku: Slowly Haruka nodded assent. "Yes... please..." She eyed Sekky's spent sex with longing...

Patrick OConnor: Sekky smiled and started to get up to her knees, walking over to Haruka, and gently guided her down to her back. "Fingering is really nice.. especially with your fingers... but let me show you something even better." She declared, slowly parting Haruka's legs, and dipped her head down to slide her tongue up Haruka's petals once just to see her reaction.

yatori_shizuku: Haruka completely obeyed Sekky's guidance. She gasped a little when her legs were parted, her flower spreading. Then she gasped aloud, sharply, as that wet firmness slid in between her sex lips. "Ooohhh!"

Patrick OConnor: Sekky looked up afterwards, smiling up at her. "Nice, no?"

yatori_shizuku: Haruka panted weakly. "Y-yes..." Her wetness had instantly doubled at that one lick. "P-please... continue..."

Patrick OConnor: Sekky smiled and nodded, leaning down to slide her tongue into her sex just a little bit, moving her tongue up and down that little slit of hers while her hands come up to grab her hips, caressing them gently.

yatori_shizuku: Haruka's lips began firing off deep moans even as her other lips leaked. "Oohhhh... ooohhhhhh... more," she began pleading... "Deeper..."

Patrick OConnor: Sekky obeyed, then got an idea, reaching up for one of Haruka's hand and guided it to her hair to give Haruka a slightly more powerful position as she slid her tongue in further at the command of the kawaii, sliding her tongue in and out of her slowly.

yatori_shizuku: Haruka instantly clung to Sekky's head at the very beginning of the offer. Not only that, she spread her legs as wide as she could, and then pushed her crotch upwards to help Sekky's tongue dive deeper into her. She had turned desperate in her search for an answer, and a climax seemed to be what she needed.

Patrick OConnor: Sekky was delighted with how fast the kawaii was taking to this, and started to tickle Haruka's clit with her tongue as she felt little pubic hairs ginding up against her face, lightly pricking her cheeks as her tongue dug deeper into her folds.

yatori_shizuku: Haruka was now howling with pleasure from Sekky's tonguing. She loved the feel of Sekky's tongue slithering into her, wanted that tip to pierce into her sweet spot. "Sekky-san... you're almost there..."

Patrick OConnor: Sekky smiled knowingly, and slid her tongue in further, her tongue searching for the little kawaii's g-spot to really send her over as she caresses Haruka's inner thighs.

yatori_shizuku: Haruka shrieked as Sekky struck her g-spot dead on. "Sekky-san!" She arched powerfully into Sekky's face. Her cutely spread pussy gushed in rapture, her load of hot juices geysering upwards like an erupting volcano.
Patrick OConnor: Sekky took it full in the face before pulling back for a moment to clean the juices off her face, then leaned down to start cleaning up the kawaii as well. She then looked up at Haruka as she's cleaning her off. "How was it?"

yatori_shizuku: Haruka lay trembling upon a pool of her sweat and juices. Each lick that Sekky gave her sex made her shiver some more. "It... it's... it's good," she murmured. "It's very good..."

Patrick OConnor: Sekky soon cleaned her up, and started to crawl up her. "So... is being with another girl so bad, Haruka?"

yatori_shizuku: Haruka hugged herself weakly, tucking her legs in as well. "N-no," she admitted. "It's... it's not bad... not bad at all... but..." She started to sniffle.

Patrick OConnor: Sekky tilted her head as she heard her sniffling. "Sweetie, what's wrong?

yatori_shizuku: "I feel sorry for Masato-kun... I feel like I'm betraying him..."

Patrick OConnor: "That's the beauty of being bisexual, honey. You can love both a man and a woman if you so choose to. And if it makes you feel better, I won't utter a word of what happened here."

yatori_shizuku: Haruka sighed in relief. Her posture relaxed so that now she was resting. "A-arigatou, Sekky-san... you're a very nice person... I think you're nicer than Yatori-senpai..."

Patrick OConnor: "I'm nice to those that deserve it." She said, standing up slowly, and walked over to where her panties were, picking them up. "If you ever want to have a real match against me... one to orgasm, let me know... I have more things to show you, if you ever do get the courage to challenge me."

yatori_shizuku: "H-hai..." Haruka shut her eyes tiredly. "Sekky-san? Please finish me off..."

Patrick OConnor: "Hm?"

yatori_shizuku: "This is still a match... they're not going to open the door unless it ends... so, please pin me..."

Patrick OConnor: "Hmmmm...." She started to think for a moment, then smiled. "No."

yatori_shizuku: Haruka stared at her. "W-what? Why?"

Patrick OConnor: "Because, you're stronger, you took me down good, and you even made me orgasm first." She said, before laying down on her back. "You deserve the win."

yatori_shizuku: Haruka blinked. "So... so I won?" she whispered.

Patrick OConnor: She nods a little. "Pin me. I honestly didn't do much with you other than play with you."

yatori_shizuku: "Play with me? But you took me seriously! I felt it! I know!"

Patrick OConnor: "I wasn't able to do much to you, though. Just go ahead and pin me, honey."

yatori_shizuku: Haruka blankly stared at Sekky for a while as she mentally wrestled on what to do. Finally her head bobbed. "H-hai... arigato..." So saying, she got up on her elbows and knees, and padded towards Sekky. When she reached the blonde girl, she shyly bid, "E-excuse me," and then gingerly made to remove Sekky's top.

Patrick OConnor: Sekky smiled at her as she laid on her back, then blinked as Haruka went for her top, "Uh? What are you doing, sweetie?"

yatori_shizuku: Haruka swallowed slightly. "I'm going to thank you, Sekku-senpai," she whispered. "I'm going to make this pin good for you, too..." She now turned on her own top. In seconds they were both nude.

Patrick OConnor: Sekky looked up in delight. "Oh my..." She replied, then leaned up to kiss her left nipple. "Your breasts are really cute." She giggled, reaching up for them, flicking her thumbs over her nipples, cupping what was there.

yatori_shizuku: Haruka held herself still as Sekky reached for her breasts. She gasped at the kiss and flicks she took to her nipples, moaned when her bumps were fondled. "Thank you... your breasts are very beautiful, too..." She placed her palms over Sekky's breasts, squeezed them gently with her fingers, rubbed her hands over them to stir Sekky's astonishingly large and hard nipples.

Patrick OConnor: "Mmmm..ahhhh..." She moans, gently laying back as Haruka guided her back onto the mat as her D cup breasts were fondled with. "1...."

yatori_shizuku: "No," Haruka murmured. She lifted her hands from Sekky's breasts. "Not like that..." She now moved over Sekky, her forearms and knees supporting her. Her shorter height complicated her decision. "Sekky-san... would you like to be pinned by my breasts, or by my..." She blushed. "... my pussy?"

Patrick OConnor: Sekky looked up in surprise at that, blushing at her question a little bit. "Hmm... think you could muster the guts to talk down to me a bit, if you decide to go for an SGP? make me worship your cute little body?" She giggled.

yatori_shizuku : Haruka looked cute when she was confused. "SGP? What's that?"

Patrick OConnor: "School girl pin."
Patrick OConnor: "The polite term for pinning me with your pussy." She giggled.

yatori_shizuku: "Oh. You mean when I use my pussy to pin your pussy?" Haruka blinked. "How did it get called 'school girl' if it's like that?"

Patrick OConnor: "Oh, nono, I thought you meant sitting up near my shoulders, with your lovely petals in my face..."

yatori_shizuku: "Oh." She blushed. "Oh. Ah... what would you like more, then? SGP or... or pussy pin?"

Patrick OConnor: "Mmmm... you didn't answer my first question. That will depend on what I want."

yatori_shizuku: Haruka closed her eyes. "I... I think I can..." She opened her eyes and met Sekky's gaze with a shy smile. "I know I can, thanks to your help, Sekky-senpai..."

Patrick OConnor: Sekky smiled and nodded. "Go ahead then... nows your only time you'll be able to say you controlled a succubus." She chuckled.

yatori_shizuku: Haruka beamed. "Hai!" Then she blinked. "Eh? A succubus?"

Patrick OConnor: "Oop! hehe, forget I said anything."

yatori_shizuku: Though puzzled, Haruka didn't press the issue. "Okay..." Again she shut her eyes for a while before taking a deep breath. When she opened her eyes, she looked as arrogant as she could be, a look she'd seen on Yatori and Cerbera's faces a lot. "Now how do you want to be squashed by my pussy?" was the purr that surprised and yet pleased her. "I'll let you pick how you want to remember my victory over you..."

Patrick OConnor: Sekky giggled at that, finding her talk to be rather convincing. "Mmmm... let me have a look up close and personal of the owner of the womanhood that defeated me." She said, giggling a little as she found what she said a little silly, but erotic nontheless.

yatori_shizuku: Haruka giggled at Sekky's cute plea. She tried to be serious again, but only partly succeeded. "Then..." And she made to kneel astride Sekky's face, her sex hovering an inch over her senpai's face. "Taste my generosity." So saying, she slowly, firmly pressed her pussy into Sekky's face for the pin. "Lap up my victory," she murmured.

Patrick OConnor: "Nnnnhh..." She protested quietly before reaching fingers up for her hips and began to worship her, sliding her hands up and down her thighs slowly while leaning her head up to submissively kiss the kawaii's petals. "1..."

yatori_shizuku: Haruka groaned as Sekky stroked her hips and sex so skillfully. "More," she gasped as she began massaging her own breasts and nipples in a fit of hot lust. Her green eyes glazed over as she became entranced. "More! I know you want me to cum on your face. I desire to brand my memory in your mind, so I will let you taste me. So: Adore me! Beg me to cum with everything you have!"

Patrick OConnor: .oO(Wow, honey.... REALLY nice acting...) She thought, looking up at the kawaii acting dominant. She blushed a little, then nodded, assuming a submissive role. "Y..yes.." She replied. "I.. I want your delicious sex juices painted on my face." She admitted, leaning up to smooch her sex lips again, and started to flick her tongue across her clit again, but then got a better idea and laid back, starting to grind Haruka's hips back and forth over her face, making Haruka pleasure herself on Sekky's face.

yatori_shizuku: Haruka let out gasp after pleased gasp over Sekky's vigorous adoration. "Yes," she uttered as she fondled her breasts with her hands and rubbed her sex upon Sekky's face, "Yes, that's right... I find your plea... acceptable... I will grant your request..." Indeed she leaked steadily, painting Sekky's face with her pre-cum as promised. All Sekky needed to do was pierce through the flimsy resistance of her wide-parted sex- Haruka spreading her legs immodestly- and the kawaii's golden treasure would spill forth anew. "Two!" she counted sharply. "Now make your last plea!"

Patrick OConnor: Sekky whined softly as Haruka's scent started to linger on her face. "Ooohnn... Haruka... I want to taste your cum so baad..." She moans, sticking her tongue for Haruka to impale herself with.

yatori_shizuku: Haruka drove her spread sex downwards at the same time that Sekky's tongue stabbed upwards. She cried out as Sekky slid into her, screamed out a joyful "Yesss!" as her vision exploded into pure whiteness, Sekky having found and hit her G-spot instantly. Her pussy pulsed steaming juices all over Sekky's face, her climax so great, her load replenished so swiftly and fully due to some sort of magic at work. Indeed Haruka sustained her orgasm while howling "Here! Taste me!" to Sekky, moving her sex so that she shot everything into Sekky's mouth.

Patrick OConnor: "Mmmmmm!!!" She moaned loudly as she took a large mouthful of Haruka's cum, swallowing it happily, looking up at Haruka with a smile. "Three."

yatori_shizuku: Haruka's cry of orgasmic triumph petered out into a weak whimper of satisfaction. Her arms sagged downwards as she bowed her head. Sweat dripped from her forehead even as her juices splashed upon Sekky's face. "Three," she repeated. "Three... three..."

Patrick OConnor: "three....three....three..." Haruka faded out in front of her eyes, as well as the rest of the scenery before she started to open her eyes back up, finding herself in a rather lovely bedroom. She smiled knowingly before climbing out of bed.

yatori_shizuk: There was a knock on Sekky's door. "Ano, Sekky-san?" a woman's voice called out. "Are you done?"

Patrick OConnor : Sekky smiled a little. "You can come in, honey..."

yatori_shizuku: The door opened to admit Shizuku Yatori. "Thanks," she smiled. "So did you succeed, Sekky-san?"

Patrick OConnor: Sekky smiled, nodding. " Haruka became quite the woman..." She said, then grinned at Yatori, grabbing her by her shirt and pulling her in. "I believe it's time for my reward now, is it not?"

yatori_shizuku: Yatori smiled back. "Very," she agreed. "In fact, I'll give you a special bonus for your very good work." She caressed Sekky's wet, wet panties seductively. "How does that sound?"

Patrick OConnor: "Mmmm... bonus?" She asked, feeling her panties being stroked. "More than taking you to bed? What could it be?"

yatori_shizuku: "Why don't I show you?" So saying, Yatori kissed Sekky.

Patrick OConnor: Sekky smiled, leaning into her and locking lips with her. "Lets see just how naughty you can be compared to me, human..."

yatori_shizuku: "Sure thing, Succubus..."

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Dream Match - Amami Haruka vs Sacchi "Sekky" Kokoro (CMPL)) Empty Re: Dream Match - Amami Haruka vs Sacchi "Sekky" Kokoro

Post by Yatori on Tue May 19, 2009 2:53 am

“Three… three… three…”

Haruka stared at the ceiling of her room. “Huh?” she murmured out of surprise. “What?”

She found herself on her bed kneeling astride her long body pillow. Not only that, she was buck naked, her clothes scattered all over her room with her bra hanging upon her night lamp, and sweating.

Most shocking of all, her sex felt hot and sore, dripped like a leaky faucet. Her poor pillow was soaked through with her juices.

“Eh? Reh? Reh!”

What was I doing?

She remembered. Everything.

“Kyah!” She flung herself onto the dry end of her body pillow so she could bury her flaming face in its reassuring softness, even as she felt all too keenly the damp fabric on the end that nuzzled her sex.

This is embarrassing… I’️m lucky this is my room and not a match…

She paused. A tiny smile fluttered across her face.

But… it was fun, too… I wouldn’️t mind doing it for real… not anymore…

Haruko hugged her body pillow fondly. A surprisingly sexy wiggle of her hips rubbed her sex into the pillow for a pleasant murmur.

“Thank you, Sekky-senpai.”

Amami Haruka wins by pinfall

(Note: This match was a wet dream on Haruka's part thanks to Sekky's intervention.)

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