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I'm back

Wed May 20, 2020 4:48 am by Ragdoll_Jobbers

Hey everyone! I'm back. My grandparents are safe now and I have been able to get some free time again. I look forward to RPing and talking with everyone again.

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Cicilia De'Reignhardt: Looking for a Match

Tue May 19, 2020 10:41 pm by Cicilia


Looking for a match for my main German Juggernaut: Cicilia De'Reignhardt!

Match Type: Up for discussion! (Minus hentai)

Who wins: Up for Discussion!

Cicilia's Profile:

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Hoping for some matches

Sat May 09, 2020 9:32 am by anime_hentaifighter

Hoping to find some more matches here. Send me a message if interested

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Mina Oates and Mina Vice. First date

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Mina Oates and Mina Vice. First date Empty Mina Oates and Mina Vice. First date

Post by luffy316 on Thu Jun 04, 2009 1:36 pm

Takes place after a sparring match where Oates bested Vice through multiple orgasms, though with building intensity the girls agreed to a follow-up get-together immediately after. "Mina" was generally used to refer to Oates, while Vice was used to avoid confusion for the other. Incomplete but covers their budding relationship and up to when lordoftigers went elsewhere for a spell

Mina walked hand in hand with her lover to her room they were still sweaty and sticky having just ended their last match but she hardly noticed it and if anything there was a shower in her room. She opened up her door showing a modest room with a nice big bed being the center of attention. It was a clean room not exactly spotless but it was obvious she took care of herself and were she lived. She closed the door behind them blushing a bright red looking at Mina "so what would you like to do" she said obviously letting Mina have control of the situation a little shy about things like this.

"Oh wow... what HAVE I got myself into?" Mina thought, though happily. The room wasn't much for show, though the Vice girl either had a lot of visitors or was just plain prepared for her visit, given the oversized bed.

"Mind if I test the bed?" she blurted, doing best to act casual despite being ready to burst from excitement from the walk over.

Vice blushed nodded "yea of course, I know its big but um I kind of got it just in case my sister comes over so we can sleep in the same bed together and she doesn't have to sleep on the couch." She held on to her hand walking over to the bed she was so excited she was trying her best to be casual also but it was hard as she could sense her lovers excitement also.

Mina smiled her biggest, most comforting smile. Without warning, she lept up onto the bed, giggling excitedly and bouncing on it like a miniature trampoline.

She'd yanked on some bright pink shorts and a baggy, lime green tank top before they'd ran giggling to the Vice sister's room, but hadn't managed the patience or focus to grab any underwear. Her breasts bounced freely inside her shirt. "Eeheee! I haven't done this in ages! Try and tell me you have a bed this big and don't just do this all the time!"

Mina was always willing to break the ice, even if it was with a sledgehammer.

Vice blushed shaking her head "I don't really do this all the time I'm serious" she said getting up on to the bed with Mina smiling happily she had only had one other time in her bedroom with Sadie. Yet this time was different a lot different as she had serious feelings for Mina. She giggled watching her jump around waiting for her to calm down some what though with the hyperactive Mina that could be a while.

Mina slowed her bouncing a bit so as not to rattle her... whatever she was now. It was something she'd have to explore gradually.

"So..." she said casually, despite the underside of her breasts being briefly exposed by the shirt that was a size or two too big, making it flow upward gently as she'd drop down. "What this sister of yours like? Is she even half as cute as you?"

Vice sat down looking at Mina nodding with at her question blushing at seeing the underside of Mina's breasts thanks to her to big shirt. "Well she is my twin basically though her skin tone is darker tan than me and is taller some what. Maya is well Maya she is a very good fighter not beyond getting rough though she is weak when it comes to sexual stuff. She is very nice though and she has a boyfriend who she spends most her her free time with."

"That's kinda cool," Mina observed, folding her legs into an "Indian style' position in midair, letting herself land on her butt and slowly bounce to a stop next to Vice. "So she's kinda like your evil twin more than your identical?" Biting her tongue, Mina corrected herself. "I mean, she's rough and tan and all, while you've got that light skin of yours... which I like! And you're better at the soft stuff than your sis, I guess? You uh..." Mina cleared her throat meaningfully. "You really knew what you were doing there when you pinned me down early on in the fight."

Vice blushed but smiled nodding "yes I am better than her at it by far she isn't used to it and doesn't ever do any of the soft stuff but she will learn probably I mean she is competitive after all." Vice blushed more as she was complimented on her skill "thanks though I'm not that great I mean it didn't work on you quick enough to get you to well orgasm. Though you really knew what you were doing to I mean you were wonderful with what you did to me..." she stopped blushing a bright red looking down though she had scooted closer to Mina almost in her lap "I um... you were really good with that stuff Mina."

Mina grinned, consciously making no effort to interfere with Vice's efforts. She played with Mina's long violet locks, stroking it gently with her palm before running her fingers gently down her back.

"Heehee, thanks. I wrestled in my club at school. I'm better at that stuff and gymnastics than I am at... well, at your style of things. I've only uh... I've only tried that stuff outside the ring, ya know? It was kind of a fantasy of mine, though..."

She slid a hand around Mina's back, cradling her slightly as well as gently urging her closer. She feels her heartbeat increase at the smell and the feel of the other girl's warmth against her.

Vice moved closer now in Mina's lap as the girl cradled her closer she was close enough she could smell Mina quite clearly feel the warmth coming off from her body at being so close. She looked up into Mina's eyes smiling before leaning closer to her a blush breaking out over her face but she pressed her lips against Mina gently letting out a soft moan as she tasted the girls lips her body pressing up closer to Mina's.

Mina's soft, slow breath breezed gently over Vice's cheeks. She slid a hand under her other arm, encircling Vice in her arms and holding her tightly against her. Their soft lips pressed together, only a faint smacking sound coming from the girls as they sampled eachothers' tastes.

Mina leaned in a bit closer, forcing her lover to lean back a bit as a teasing sign of assertiveness. She leaned past Vice's face, brushing aside her hair to whisper softly and hotly into her ear.

"How does it feel to cum while you scream your own name?" she purred. "Spare me no detail."

Vice allowed herself to be leaned back by her lover obviously not opposed to the idea her blush still their as she could already feel herself being turned on at being so closed. She blushed more as she whispered into her ear "it feels so great I want to keep screaming it again and again there is nothing like it. I don't want the pleasure to stop because its just so amazing." She blushed but Mina's enticing hot words just made her like that she definitely knew how to get Vice excited finding her weakness in the dirty talk.

"Mina..." she said softly, urging Vice back further so that her head was held by Mina a few inches off the slightly tussled bed. She looked squarely into her eyes, her own wide and her face looking as serious as it got. "I want you to keep screaming it too. I want to keep on tasting you and smelling you and hearing you sing out in that cute little voice you get when our pussies touch. I want it all, and I want it all the time. And I want it from you."

She leaned gently on top of the Vice sister, taking slow, soft kisses at her neck. She worked her way up under her jaw before nipping teasingly at her ear lobe. "Tell me..." Mina whispered. "Tell me what you'd want me to do with you right now."

Mina listened to her lover speak looking her in the eyes she knew was being serious it made her blush to hear this but at the same time it turned her on more than anything to hear her say that. She laid here as Mina got on top of her letting her lover have her way with her letting out a soft moan as she gently kissed her and bit her lips as she nipped at her ear lobe. "Strip me down and have your way with my body do what ever you want I want it all also as long as its you doing it" she said looking at her seriously also.

Mina smiled warmly and nodded, tugging gently at Vice's sides to urge her into rolling to her side, so they laid beside eachother face to face. She slid her hands under Vice's top, slipping it upward slowly to grace her fingers across her stomach and chest. When the shirt covered her face, leaving her momentarily blind, Mina struck. She suddenly lowered her face to her chest, wrapping her mouth entirely around one of Vice's modest breasts. She drenched it in her saliva, caressing it in with her tongue. She stopped Vice's efforts to remove her blinding garment, only releasing the hand to carress and tease her opposite breast.

She will also bend her knee to start to rub against Mina's crotch through her bottoms.

Mina laid on her side now blinded by her own t-shirt as her efforts to remove had been stopped though she moaned out loudly as her lover lavished her breast with her tongue. Vice then felt her crotch being rubbed against by Mina's leg and began rubbing her crotch in to the leg her bottoms being the only thing that separated them from full contact. She slid a hand up Mina's shirt rubbing the undersides of her breast as she received her very amazing treatment enjoying it more by the second.

Mina felt Vice move against the sheets, but let out a muffled yelp when she began to rub her breasts. She moaned throatily, though dulled by her mouthful of tit flesh.

"Mmm. So dirty," Mina teased. "I knew you had it in you." She lifted Vice's shirt enough to reveal her mouth, giving her a deep, wet kiss, letting her moans fill her lover's throat and mouth as she timed her leg movements to those of Vice's hips. She finally pulled the shirt off of Mina's head, grinning brilliantly again. "Peekaboo, dolly," she giggled.

Mina blushed but giggled as she was finally allowed to see again keeping up with her movements against Mina's legs which was already starting to make her wet as she was basically getting humped by Mina's legs. She smiled kissing her lover again as she moaned into her mouth this time as she was really starting to get aroused by this. She then whispered in to her ear "please get rid of my bottoms."

"Well well, all business are we?" Mina smiled. She gave a gentle nip at Vice's lower lip, then slung one leg over her torso and turned to face her legs. Mina's tight ass wiggled in front of her through her shorts as Mina slid her fingers into the hem of her shorts, relieving the petit fighter of them with agonizingly slow pace.

She planted a soft kiss just above her pussy. "Theeere. That's a pretty sight, huh? Stand up now, lemee see you all at once," she said eagerly, hopping off Vice and softly bouncing on her athletic bum on the bed at she fondly watched her bared lover.

Vice blushed as she was bared by her lover but she had wanted it so badly that if she hadn't it would of been tortured though the slow pace which she had done it was torture though it had given her a good view of Mina's ass. She stood up like her lover wanted bared and flush her petite body being shown for her lover to look over and do with what she wanted. She was in one way put a very clean shaven girl being quite bare when it came to hair every were which she wondered how Mina would respond.

Mina stared, eyes warmly regarding the exposed twin. She observed her in an absorbed way, much like a work of art (though with a hint of hunger to it as well). She finally smiled and stood up.

"It's so lovely..." Mina ran her fingers over the flesh of her cheek, letting her hands drift down to her chest and gently cup her breasts, as though she was something incredibly fragile and priceless. She tickled her fingers down her abdomen, carressing her hairless pubic mound before rubbing them faintly over her crotch.

"You really want this, don't you?" Mina coaxed, looking into her eyes. Already well aware of the answer, Mina cut her off by slipping a finger inside her wet and waiting snatch, circling a finger almost curiously around inside her hole.

"Though I do believe its traditional for lovers to undress one another... and here I am all jealous of you." She pressed her body up expectantly against Mina's.

vice bit her lip as her lover looked her over she had never been ogled before really and never had she just put herself on display to be ogled. As she rubbed her hand down her body she blushed she loved the way how Mina made her feel so fragile so important. She moaned softly as she felt the fingers enter in to her she did want it though she hadn't forgot about Mina. "I'm sorry " she whispered slipping her hands up to the girls shirt pulling it up first even though her lover had to pull her fingers out so she could bare the girls front. Not wasting any time though she went down to her knees taking her lovers short pulling them down slowly also to bare her sex. She giggled seeing the cute red pubic hair kissing her sex warmly before standing back putting their body's together again. "Is that good enough for you lover" she said looking up at her.

"Hmm. You tell me," she intoned, stepping back to gently separate them and give Vice her own look at her. Her stomach was toned and flat, her legs long and smooth. She cupped her juicy C-cups in her palms, squeezing them tauntingly as she licked her lips. She kept her red pubic hair a bit unkempt, though trimmed enough to be excessive.

She turned and wiggled her bottom at her. Her back arched seductively, more than capable of doing so with her tremendous flexibility. The occasional show of muscle appeared on her back when it flexed in the right direction, and her butt was similarly toned, but with a thin layer of thickness to it from sitting around watching television.

Mina turned and braced herself on a dresser, her eyes never leaving Vice's as she leaned forward and bent her one leg straight upward, performing a sort of sideways split. Her moistened pussy was spread and put on display for Mina, but with far less modesty than her counterpart had shown.

"Is everything in order then?" she asked coyly.

She watched Mina perform for her blushing as she was starting to show her own hunger from watching this sexy display of her toned body. It was amazing how smooth she was but also how toned and flexible she was it made her feel somewhat inferior though that was immediately over ridden by lust. Her mouth dropped as she did the sideways split showing off her moistened sex which made Vice touch her own sex which was getting wetter from just watching this. "Y...yea everything is in order."

Mina's eyes watched Vice's self-affection fondly, catching herself having to lap a bit of drool from her lips. Mina let her leg slide down gracefully, easing up to her lover. She gently held the wrist of the hand in Vice's pussy. "Don't stop. Yet... please." she pleaded gently. It was an immense turnon for her to see other girls masturbating, not matter how much she'd done it herself on those nights when she just couldn't sit still.

One hand went to Vice's soft rump, the other touching the back of her hair and pulling her into a kiss. Mina was never very good at containing her passion for anything, and making love to a soft, sexy, sensual wrestler like Mina was impossible for her to overlook. Even if the lovers introducing eachother would sound awkward...

She cradled Vice's head in the kiss, gently tilting her head this way or that to reach the far corners of her mouth with her tongue. She kneaded the violet-haired fighter firmly, using it to pull her closer. It would place their wet, warm pussies mere inches from eachother, and Mina's would be resting up against the back of Vice's stroking arm, literally getting off as she pleasured herself.

vice blushed at what her lover wanted her to do but she would do it for her if that was what she wanted she never did things like this before so it was a little embarrassing. She moaned into her lovers mouth softly as she lead her through the kiss her ever probing tongue exploring her mouth which she would rub gently with her own tongue. She blushed as she felt Mina's hand on her rump which might not have been as toned but it was as smooth as it got. As she pulled them together she continued to work herself with her fingers moaning more in to Mina's mouth while the back of her hand rubbed up against her lovers pussy.

Mina's purr was passionate enough to be a growl as it passed between their lips. She felt the butt of Vice's wrist rubbing against her, rubbing the flesh just beyond the reach of her clit. She moved in closer, letting the hand caress them both slightly harder as she slid her hand from cheek to cheek on Vice's backside. "Good god, it's smooth as silk..." Mina practically sang passionately, momentarily breaking her kiss. "Now you sit that perfect ass into bed right now, young lady," she said with teasing firmness in her voice.

Vice looked at her giggling that was the first compliment that she had ever gotten for her butt she rather liked it. "Yes ma'am" she said giggling but blushing all the same sitting down on the bed hand still in herself as she looked at her lover waiting for her to continue or do something else not really sure what she was up to or thinking in that mind of hers.

Mina knelt down on the best beside her, her eyes closely watching each little stroke that Vice applied to her moistening womanhood. Mina was on her knees, bent forward slightly with a small opening between her crotch and the bed as her legs were spread slightly apart. "Don't be so selfish now," she giggled, blushing brightly but not letting it hinder her. "Let me have some..."

She'll try to urge Vice's legs apart and guide her hand from hers to Mina's waiting lower lips. She'll simultaneously sneak her own hand into Vice's now vacant opening.

Vice needed no urging really to remove her fingers bringing them to Mina's waiting lips letting them slide in so she could taste her honey as much as she wanted. She then let out a sharp gasp feeling Mina's finger penetrate in to her moist sex which quickly turned in to a soft moan. Vice closed her eyes as she felt her small frame tremble at having Mina inside her like this she really couldn't do much else most of her body being taken up by her lover which is what she really wanted not minding it one bit.

Mina looped her arm with Vice's, feeling eachothers' movements to the fullest. She bucked gently along with Vice's and her own strokes, keeping her posture forward so that with each thrust, her hardened nipples would tickle against Vice's smaller breasts. She would keep herself tauntingly close to Mina's face, not kissing her but simply watching her lovely face being engulfed by the sensations from her handiwork.

Despite her seeming to be in control, Mina's own pussy was drenched. The playful closeness she and Mina were going through was incredible, let alone her perfectly sweet touch as she stroked over her pussy with her talented fingertips.

"So good, baby," Mina sighed at her momentarily sightless lover. "I've never been touched like this before... not ever this good. God, I've touched myself a thousand times now, and you just touch it once and make me soooo fucking hot... I just want you inside me all niiiiight," Mina moaned noisily whenever Vice's strokes hit just right.

Vice was quickly becoming drenched her body heating quicker than it had ever before it was like Mina was touching her all the right ways. Her nipples were hard little pebbles as they clipped her lovers nipples as they tickled up her breasts. Her fingers finally worked themselves deeper in to her sex no longer just rubbing her as she started working them in and out. Her sex began bucking harder in to Mina's fingers by this point as she was really starting get to off quickly. "Mina" she whispered out "stay in me all night and I'll stay inside you as long as you want me to." Unable to resist any longer she brought her mouth up to Mina's wanting to taste her lips again.

"Oh Mina..." she gushed. "I glomf!" She was cut off by Vice's suddenly assertive kiss, locking their bodies together. It caught Mina offguard, making her stumble back while still holding the kiss. They fell on the bed, Mina Vice on top of Oates. Their breasts squashed near flat between eachother, their hard nipples pressed together tightly. What saliva fell from their locked lips dripped over Mina's neck and tickled its way down her chest. She didn't know Vice could be so assertive, but she was rapidly riled up by the notion.

Mina felt the heat and wetness of their matched womanhoods turning her pubic hair into a practical rainforest, with Vice dripping onto her. Seizing the opportunity, Mina tangled her legs around Vice's to brace herself and began to wiggle side to side, teasing her lower region against Vice's. Fighting for breath through her nose, she'll hastily untie her hair bun and throw the bindings aside in frustration.

Vice let out a moan in to Mina's mouth she hadn't planned to topple her over but she was so caught up in the action she hardly noticed. Her eyes widened though as she could feel her lower area being teased by Mina's wiggling body which quickly rolled Vice on to her back putting Mina back on top. Her sex was so wet from her juices but was now getting even more wet with her lovers juices. She broke the kiss trying to breath in to get some air back her world spinning as lust and euphoria rocked her. She looked up at her "Mina" she moaned now seeing her with her hair down for the first time.

The red locks dangled around her cheeks, sticking a bit where the sweat was heaviest. She kept it in silky condition, particularly for a girl with an aggressive streak and little to no fashion sense.

"It's a mess... I know..." she gasped, smiling distantly amidst the flood of sensations. She spread her legs a bit, leaning close to Vice from above to press their hot sex organs together. She cooed softly, but started to grind slowly against her. Her breasts bounced beneath her as she looked warmly down at Vice, her violet hair splashed out across the sheets.

"I wanted to say before... nng... Mina... I'll stay in youuuu all night..." Mina fought with her words through her slowly mounting arousal and fighting for air and moisture in her mouth that seemed to be accumulating between her legs instead. Soft squishing sounds came from between the girls as their juicy lips connected repeatedly. Mina braced herself on Vice's breasts, planting her hands on them and kneading them furiously.

"I'll stay in you..." she gasped again. She could feel her clit stiffening rapidly now, her eyes widening and attempting seek out and guide it into Vice's own nub.

"Mina" she whispered out softly now as her body shook feeling her sex press against her lovers she was glad to know that she was going to stay in her all night just as she wanted. She grind back against her as slurping noises could be heard as their juices intermingled with each others it was so perfect so hot it was overwhelming her senses. She then let out a sharp cry of pleasure as their clits rubbed together her body shaking as she was nearing her peak quickly. "O god Mina don't stop! Please don't!" she cried out looking up at her. Her body bucked suddenly against her as she let out a cry of pleasure as she hit her orgasm her juices squirting out in to her loves sex her body trembling and rocking.


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Mina Oates and Mina Vice. First date Empty Re: Mina Oates and Mina Vice. First date

Post by luffy316 on Thu Jun 04, 2009 1:37 pm

The grinding had been working her up rapidly, but this was perfect. Vice's juices splashing over her pussy as she bucked in a practical seizure of indulgence was too much to bear. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh MINA, YES! OH YEEEEEES!" Mina wailed noisily. She threw her head back, letting her orgasm squirt her own love juices against Vice's own pulsing pussy.

She collapsed in a heap at an angle on top of Vice, crotches still aligned but with her head lying next to hers, Mina's left breast aligning with Vice's own left. Mina panted, eyes wide and excited as she shuddered uncontrollably just by remembering the lingering sensation. "Oh my god.. I can feel your heart hammering through my tits," she said, giggling absentmindedly.

She gratefully kissed over Vice's neck and cheeks.

Mina laid there breathing heavily she was spent after that her body was shuddering uncontrollably as she felt Mina's juices mixing with her own it was amazing. She was flushed a bright red as her lover collapsed on top of her in a sweaty sticky mess which felt so great at that moment. She giggled as Mina started kissing her neck again "yeah I know it feels like its about to beat out from my chest. That was amazing it was fantastic it was the best thing I have had happen ever in my life." She blushed brightly at her comment feeling so embarrassed that she had just said that "" she closed her eyes "that's embarrassing."

"It shouldn't be..." Mina sighed contently, wiping a few amazed tears from her eyes and kissing her ear sweetly. "This is..."

She wriggled up close to Vice, wrapping her arms around her neck and lying her head next to hers.

She thought "I... I know I'm kinda headstrong and I can think too much for my own good sometimes and I know I'm kinda silly sometimes and you're like, REALLY cute and holy-crap sweet and I was just wrestling you about an hour ago and I bit your nipple during our first meeting and I'm probably really overreacting here..."

And so on. But she managed to keep that in her head thanks to the serene warmth that Vice's lovemaking had filled her with.

"When you said if I was in you all night long, you'd be in as long as I wanted... I wanted to say..."

Emotions once again being Mina's enemy, she somehow found a shade redder than her post-orgasm shade. "I really think I might want you inside me forever... if you get me..."

Vice's eyes widened as Mina finally got to what she really wanted say she felt tears coming out of her eyes now she was so happy and overwhelmed she didn't know what to do. Mina looked over at her, her eyes a little red from the tears rolling down her face though they were all happy tears. "I get you" she said smiling a big smile "I think I would like to stay in you forever" she said using the words of her lover. Her face was a deep shade of red just as bad as Mina but she was all smiles at this moment. It was odd though as she had just met the girl who had destroyed her during the match and had bitten her. Yet here she was feeling like the happiest girl in the world. She didn't know what to say just waiting for Mina to say or do something as she was to choked up with emotions.

Mina bit her lip, seemingly to contain what could have been the biggest smile she'd ever done. "Don't you get going, you dummy," she sniffled, tears welling up in her eyes as well.

She'd never felt so close to someone else. Physically of course, but here she was, in the wrestler's bed moments after a random spar and with her cum between her legs.

"C'mere, sweety," she whispered, pulling Mina as close to her as physically possible. She squeezed her tightly, letting her tears rub off on her skin along with any other bodily fluids she had to offer. It was funny, the way her slender body snuggled up against hers. They just seemed to fit together like puzzle pieces. Mina slid a leg gently between Vice's thighs, rubbing her back with one hand and stroking her hair soothingly with her other.

"It's ok," she cooed. "Take your time. I'll be here as long as you need me." She had to giggle as she wiped her tears with her wrist. "And whenever you're ready for round two, of course."

Mina giggled as she was pulled closer to her lover her body fitting perfectly in to Mina's it was the most amazing than how right it felt being snuggled so close to her. vice buried her head in to Mina's neck while she stroked her tears continuing to come out no matter how hard she tried to stop them she was just to happy at this point. "Thank you Mina" she whispered she smiled kissing her cheek glad that she was being patient with her as she finally stopped crying wiping the rest of her tears off on Mina's neck. "I think I'm ready for round two now" she giggled whispering in to Mina's ear "as long as you are the assertive one."

Mina let out a sensual growl, grinning mischievously at her. "I drop a bomb like that and you're already bouncing back for more nookie!" she teased. "Did I find me a catch or what?"

She sent her hands darting over Mina's sides, tickling her ribs and tummy playfully as she rolled back on top of the other girl to pin her down in her giggly grip.

She waited for the perfect opportunity to lunge in and peck Mina on the lips, then repeated in a slightly longer kiss. She then wrapped both her lips around Vice's bottom lip, tugging at it gently while looking up at her with a coy expression as her lips started to move down to her cheeks and neck, finally stopping to suckle heavily at the side of her neck.

Vice giggled happily "yea you did though I think I can say the same thing as you were the one who suggested it after you dropped that bomb." She laughed as Mina began to tickle her squirming a little bit as she was rolled back on her back still laughing. She quickly found herself enveloped in a sensual kiss one which she savored as long as she could moaning softly in to her lovers mouth. She bit her lip as she started kissing down to her neck letting out a gasp as she began to suckle on her neck. She closed her eyes letting out a soft moan as she felt her flesh being sucked on which would surely leave a clear hickey.

Mina licked, sucked, and nipped at her neck, removing herself from her leech-like applications to observe her bright red mark on Vice's neck. She ran a finger over the wet, tenderized flesh.

She giggled and turned Mina slightly away from her so that she could see her handiwork in a wall mirror. "Teehee. I marked you, see?" Mina pointed out, leaning in against Vice's back in a spooning position. She rested her still-damp crotch against Vice's ass, wrapping her arms around her to squeeze gently at her breasts while pulling herself closer and squishing her breasts into her back.

"That means you're mine, see? Like a brand. So I have free range over this cuddly little body whenever I want, right?" she whispered in her ear, fingertips starting to trace over Vice's nipples.

Vice looked at her mark with a blush she had never branded like this but she was glad to have it on her as long as it was Mina's she let out a small giggle. She wiggled a little feeling Mina's damp crotch pressing in to her ass making her ass a little slick from her juices and felt her plump breasts press right in to her back. Mina was getting wet again as her lover started rubbing her breasts making her moan out softly "yea you have free range over my body any time." She blushed as she thought about what it said but it made her smile "I think I like being branded."

"Heehee. Like my own little moo cow. Moo moooo!" Mina teased, accompanying the sound affects with a firm squeeze of her chest.

She kissed along Mina's shoulders before kissing her on the back of the neck and down her middle back. She seperated her hands from her chest at last to run down her stomach, tipping Vice onto her back. Mina lied on her stomach, resting her head on Vice's belly and kissing at it, licking softly around her belly button.

She brushed her fingers over her cleanly shaved womanhood, not daring to enter as she glanced up at her lover. "May I milk you, my cute little moo cow?" she chimed childishly.

Should she agree, Mina will then lean up to her head and insist "Now tell me to ravish you..."

Mina giggled as she was tipped on to her back as her lover kissed her sensitive tummy feeling her tongue near her belly button which got her really giggling. Any other time she might of been offended at being called a moo cow but she was making a lot of exceptions for Mina and that was one of them. She bit her lip as she felt her fingers near her woman-hood getting aroused at the thought of her entering her again. "Yes, please milk your little moo-cow" she said giggling she was enjoying this. She looked at her lover smiling but blushing all at the same time "Ravish me Mina" she said whispering looking her in the eyes.

Mina stared back into her eyes adoringly, but didn't bother to speak for once. she took Vice's hand and pulled her into a sitting position by it, slipping behind her to act like a living chair, her chest acting as a pillow for Vice's head as her back lying in her lap. To her own pleasure, Mina found the position allowing her to gently rub her crotch against Vice's soft backside.

Mina leaned down over her, her scarlet locks hanging like a small curtain between them and the light of the room as she passionately kissed Vice in a nearly upside down position, passionate purrs, hums, and smacking sounds coming from her as she invaded her mouth hungrily.

She was far from through, though. Her arms slide down over Vice's, cupping each of her breasts firmly. She game them a strong squeeze every few seconds, running her index and middle fingers around her nipples the whole time to tweak and twist them softly.
Lastly, she slipped her right leg around her waist, angling it so that her toes could rub against her crotch. Her shockingly nimble toes parted her lips gently as she stirred two of her toes about inside Vice's love hole.

Vice allowed herself to be manuvered into the sitting position which ended with her some what laying in Mina's lap her head resting against her soft breasts. She looked up at her as Mina leaned down her hair blocking out everything as she brought them in to a kiss. Vice let out soft moans in to the passionate kiss while the seemingly always hungry Mina invaded her with her tongue again. Her breasts by this points were very sensitive and her nipples were still little rock nubs that made her moan even more in to the kiss. Vice's eyes widened in suprise as Mina invaded her sex with her toes which was something she had never felt or heard about in her life. She moaned out loudly this as the new sensation really got to her little body her juices coating Mina's toes.

Mina grinned wickedly, all teeth in front of Vice. "You like, huh? Well just wait til it gets to the good part..."

She continued to work Vice's entire body between her limber limbs. even letting her free foot run gently along her stomach. Her nipples were thickened and hard in her fingertips. She broke their kiss enough for Vice's moans and gasps to go unhindered, Mina burying her face in Vice's long locks and taking in a long whiff of her erotic scent. It was heavenly.

When Mina felt she was adequately teased, she shifted her foot slightly within her. She flexed her big toe precisely down on Vice's clitoris, stroking it gently up and down with the thick digit.

"O god" Mina let out as her clitoris began being rubbed by her loves bit toe her body shaking and squirming it was crazy but it felt so good it was amazing. She moaned loudly as her breathing rate started to pick up again rather quickly at her lovers treatment. "Mina" she cried out as she continued to squirm a little causing her back to rub in to Mina's damp crotch her poor nipples had started to lactate having been rubbed and pulled long enough which was pleasurable but also made her nipples sore as could be.

Mina felt the liquid dribble from Vice's nipples, which would have ordinarily startled her as it was nothing she had experienced before. But Vice's gyrations had her too riled up now, cupping and squeezing her tender breasts between her hands like stress balls. She took the bottom of one in her hand and angled it upward, craning her neck forward to suckle on her nipple tenderly. Her toe caressed her clit, pushing it this way or that or pinning it down for a moment or two.

Mina's hard nipples rubbed against Vice's back rapidly, and her ass was proving to be surprisingly stimulating. This was becoming rapidly more accurate, as Mina's wetness rubbed off on her. Her buttocks shone when light hit them properly, and Vice's regular bouncing and writhing was driving Mina up the walls, simply making her squeeze and rub Mina all the more enthusiastically.

"You'll be done soon, sweety" Mina assured hotly into her ear. "Trust me. It... mmmmm!" She squeaked suddenly as Vice pivoted just enough for her extending clitoris to graze against her soaking snatch from behind, dipping itself in Vice's own warm fluid.

Vice was just bouncing and squirming at this point her body not really sure what to do as her mind was just overloaded by this point as Mina kept up her sexual dominance on Vice. She let out cries of pleasure as her nipple was brought into Mina's mouth who would taste her milk that was coming out and covering both of her nipples. Her body was soaked in sweat by this point her sex drenched in her juices while drenching her loves toe which was having it's way with Vice's throbbing clitoris. "O god Mina!" She cried her body bucking "M..m...Mina!!!!!" she yelled as she orgasemed her dam bursting as she drenched Mina's foot and the bed with her cum as her body rocked more and more.

Mina smiled broadly, lapping up whatever milk came from Vice's breasts as best she could. Everything this girl produced was just so good.

"That's a good girl," she coached throatily as she came for her. Her foot became soaked, the sheets darkened by her cum. Her ass ground into her pussy hotly, her tailbone seeming to connect with her pelvis on occasion from the force behind her thrusts.

Mina was wound up tightly, but she didn't quite manage to cum with her lover. It was just as good, she thought, since it gave her a chance for a change of pace. She slid out from behind Vice, gently lowering her head to the pillows before straddling her stomach. Her hot, wet snatch touched her skin, her pubic hair tickling her gently as her wet pussy started to form a tiny pool in her bellybutton with its leakings.

Mina leaned back on her arms, raising her foot to her mouth and licking the excessive amounts of cum off of it, taking her time to lap up between the toes in a feline fashion. "You came so good..." Mina praised. "So big! And so tasty! Buuuuut..."

She lowered her leg again and returned to straddling Vice's chest. She scooted up to place her opening in front of Vice's face. "Don't want you getting too much of a head start now, do we? Do a good job and maybe... just maybe..."

Mina tauntingly stroked two fingers over Vice's drenched pussy meaningfully.

Vice looked up at her lover breathing heavily as she straddled her west feeling the wet mound against her skin feeling her leak on to her which felt so good everything she did just felt so good. She blushed watching her lick the cum from her foot which apparently tasted really good which made her smile she was glad that Mina liked tasting her. vice looked at the pussy was right in front of her face knowing what Mina wanted though she wanted to give it to her just as bad so she had no problem. She let out a soft moan as she felt the fingers on her drenched pussy and nodded "I will do a good job" she said hungrily. She then slipped her tongue quickly in to her lovers. She put her mouth against her sex sucking on it while her tongue worked inside her rubbing up against her walls.

Mina shuddered in mid-moan, grabbing a handful of Vice's hair. She had first intended to pull her in deeper as a gut reaction, but found her work to be too amazingly perfect. She instead simply massaged her head encouragingly as Vice licked her insides, her sucking pulling even more of it into her reach than normal. Mina found herself leaning back to support herself on her arms as she grew slightly lightheaded.

"Ohhhh myyyyyy it feels beautiful! I had no idea anything could feel this GOOD! You're so perfect, baby. So perfect and beautiful and sexy and strong..." she ranted, throwing her hair back as her pussy overflowed with pre-cum onto Vice's waiting lips. Mina was rapidly reaching a breaking point, having already been turned on by Vice's grinding and the sheer arousal of watching Vice getting off earlier.

Vice was a tomato red as Mina complimented her she would of never thought of herself like that but the sheer fact that her lover did made her almost cry as she continued to lick her. Her tongue continued to lick every little thing it could inside Mina's sex rubbing across her walls as if trying to feel every little thing she could. She continued to suck on her sex while pre cum filled her hungry mouth knowing that her lover was close to climaxing for her which made her suck even harder as if to draw it out quicker.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!" Mina gasped each breath as a short, shrill cry, her hips grinding against her face to get the most of out each of her perfect slurps. "That's it, angel... ohhhh, you perfect little sex goddess you. Oh YES! That's the spot! OH YES! YES! YEEEEEESSSS!"

Mina's thighs clamped around Vice's ears, her muscles tightening as she spasmed a moment before her cum squirted almost explosively from her love canal, rewarding Vice with a sloppy embrace as it splashed onto her.

Mina's breasts heaved as she laid backward on top of Vice, gasping squeakily for breath. She was speechless, only able to absentmindedly caress her soft skin with one hand.

Vice laid there in surprise never once had she imagined she would make a girl like that but here she was with the perfect girl her face coated in her love juices. Mina lifted a finger up to her face wiping it off slurping it down she kept it up until her face was squeaky clean after gorging herself on her lovers juices. "Mina" she whispered as she continued to lay there "your the one who is perfect."

Mina giggled distantly from her tremendous orgasm, regaining her some semblance of a calm as she shifted herself up to face her tidied up lover. She smiled brightly. "Then how 'bout we be perfect together, hm?"

She kissed Vice soft and long on the lips, letting the afterglow of their orgasms linger as she waiting for her heart to slow its rapid beating.

"You did an amazing job," Mina sighed loudly, clinging to Vice with a tight hug. "Better than amazing! Superb! Perfect!" she rambled. She couldn't believe how truly magnificent Vice turned out to be. Not just her lovemaking, but her mere aroma and touch and personality were just so fascinatingly addictive.

"You deserve everything wonderful in this world, Mina," she said as she smiled in adoration at her purple-haired love and stroked her cheek with her fingertips.

Vice kissed Mina back on the lips tasting her again she would never be able to get enough of this girl she was just to addictive like a drug she always craved though a good one. Mina was once again blushing a bright red as her lover began complimenting her again it was just to much for her humble little self but she wasn't going to tell her to stop. Vice looked up at Mina as she stroked her cheeks her eyes filling up with tears again as she was just to overwhelmed with joy. "Mina.....your just amazing I don't know what it is but your better than what I deserve. I mean you are so straight forward so assertive so passionate so wild and just every perfect thing I could want in somebody. I just want to be with you forever" she said tears flowing down her cheeks.

Mina took Vice's small hand tightly in her own, kissing the back of her hand gently before leaning in to kiss at Vice's cheeks, picking off tears in mid-stream as best she could.

"Awww, baby. I know how you feel. I didn't know anybody here when I first showed up, and I felt so lost and alone. And I still don't know if the fans will like me or not... but I just found you and I'm really not worried at all. At the very least, I've found you, and that's wroth... well, anything. Because I truly think you're the love of my life, Mina... and I just feel like I want to do anything for you."

Vice could only smile looking at Mina she was truly starting to think Mina was the love of her life which made her smile more it was amazing to feel this way even after only a day of knowing her. She buried her face into Mina's neck as she clutched her hand tighter "O god Mina I would do anything for you I would I think you are the love of my life also." She took her head off her shoulder looking at her smiling finally having stopped crying she kissed her on the lips passionately. she broke it blushing a bright red.

Mina blushed in turn. "That... that's amazing... I mean, the kiss was great, but your love is... um, wow." she trailed off meekly. She curled her naked body up against Vice's again.

"You know, I always thought I'd fall in love some day," Mina said softly. "But when it happened... I honestly never thought it would be this hot." She stirred a bit to rub her crotch against Vice's knee, essntially scratching an itch as the craving for Vice's flesh returned to her.

Vice nodded she hadn't expected it to be like that either "yea I think hot though is quite the understatement though I have also found that I am really weak when you start talking dirty god it gets me hot." She blushed she couldn't believe she had just said that but it was the truth and with Mina she knew she could tell the truth. Feeling Mina's sex on her knee made her start craving Mina's flesh again also she knew that one more time would probably put her out but it would be well worth it. "Mina" she said meekly "would you um want to go a third time."

Mina smiled brightly and shivered. "Vicey, I'm already wonderin' if I'm gonna want a fourth," she said, mostly jokingly. "Here, I got an idea."

She positioned Vice delicately on her side, then turned around to face her feet. She shimmied closer, leaving her slit in mouth's reach, but not covering it. She took hold of Mina's butt and pulled herself closer into a similar position.

"Since you're so into the dirty stuff and I'm seriously like, addicted to your taste now, we can do a little game for this one. We'll take, I dunno, about a minute or two each licking eachother, but just one of us do it at a time. While the one's downstairs, the other one will talk dirty, praise them, whatever they want til the time's up and we switch. And if you feel like you're gonna burst, then you can start licking so we can cum together."

Mina paused for a moment. "Did that make any sense?" she asked, seemingly half to herself.

vice listened to what her lover was suggesting it seemed like a very good idea one she would of never thought of it did make sense though. "Alright that sounds good to me I guess I'll be the one to start seeing as you did make the idea." She immediately began licking up Mina's slit before pressing her tongue back in to her still wet sex. She would run her tongue along the walls of her again though this time swirling it around more already intimate with were everything was so this time she was rubbing the outter most parts lovingly.

When her lover began to eat her she moanded loudly her body shivering as she craved her lovers tongue and touch it made her so aroused and hot. "O god Mina you are the greatest. I love it when you touch me when you lick me when you have your way with me. Come on make me orgasm for you again so you can taste me and I can taste you." She was making herself blush from this type of talk but it was so good just to say it to her lover.

"Ohhhh Mina. You're like an artist with that tongue. Work those perfect lips, angel... yessss! Oh, you're enjoying this so much, aren't you? I'd like to see if you'll last 5 seconds once I get my mouth on you..."

She switched out, letting her lips suck and nip gently at the outer reached of her lower lips. She finally wrapped her lips around her womanhood, sucking gently as her tongue ravished her insides, compensating for and capitalizing on her teasing a moment ago. She hummed softly, letting her voice vibrate her pussy like a warm vibrator.

Vice was already shaking her sex throbbing as her juices were already starting to leak out Mina obviously knew how to use her dirty talk and her tongue to full effect which would eventually leave Vice a quivering mass after she orgasmed. She wrapped her lips back around her lovers sex her tongue tracing circles around it before finally entering in to her. She was just ravishing Mina's insides this time going all out with her tongue lashing while she alternated between sucking and blowing on her sex.

"O yes Mina more, more god your perfect at this like everything else you do I want you to taste every little thing I have. though you'll give it all up before you taste my sweet nector." Though she was already shaking more her sex was on fire as her body was starting to squirm just from this second tongue lashing.

Mina used her fingers to pry Vice's pussy lips gently apart, quickly but briefly tapping at her clit like a kitten drinking milk. She then lowered her entire mouth down to it, slurping up her moisture while using her nose to prod at her love button. When she felt Mina approach her thighs for her turn, Oates planted a quick kiss to her upper pussy lips before parting.

Mina purred encouragingly. "Mmm, you're so lucky to have a pussy as tasty as mine. Not like those rough girls in the ring, huh? This is the best..." Mina cut off her verbal assault in mid-sentence as Vice blew on her sex, a thoroughly new and far from unpleasant first experience. She swallowed and made herself go on. "The best cum you could ask for, so dig in. You know you're so good you'll make me burst any second now..." It was a slight exaggeration, but she was intensely aroused by the whole ordeal nonetheless. Her clit was distinctly growing harder, let alone her rock hard nipples.

Mina planted her mouth back on her lovers sex letting her tongue trail up her slit to her clit which she rubbed with her tongue. She then began to blow in to the girls sex again thouggh alternating by sucking also while her tongue worked its way inside of her eating at her hungrily. her fingers running along the seide of her sex teasinly dipping into it while she worked her with her tongue.

"O god Mina your cum is the best I've ever had but mine is by far the best you will ever had so don't dissapoint me by not getting any." She was holding on to her lover by this point her little body shaking as he rarousal had just gone through the roof. "O I think I'll cum any second for you your just so good its hard to keep myself contained while you work inside me like that."

"Ohhhh join the club," Mina whimpered, gyrating her hips in the air to bump in front of Vice's face, desperate for more stimulation. "I feel like I'm gonna die if you don't eat me right now," she begged. "Please... just return the favor."

Unable to contain herself, she grabbed onto Vice's ass cheeks and pulled herself deep inside her, haertily embracing her womanhood. She puckered her lips around Vice's clitoris, suckling it between her lips and letting her tongue take long, steady strokes up and down her pussy. She postively slobbered as warm drool escaped her lips and making Vice's soaked pussy a touch wetter.

Mina will knead Vice's ass cheeks like dough, and gently brush her thumb against her rear hole. She'll caress the opening softly, intending to stimulate her further but ready to pull back at a moment's notice should Vice show any signs of discomfort.

Vice instantly agreed she began eating her lover out with even more vigor not wanting her to be left out of any of the pleasure. She first attacked her clitoris sucking on it and licking at it while her fingers worked her lovers sex moving in and out slowly. Though she quickly switched her tongue licking in to her warm deep folds tasting all the savory juices. Like her lover also she was practically drooling making her sex a little wetter.

Vice's body was shuddering as she began to buck her sex in to Mina's waiting tongue as she felt her sensitive clit being subjected to her ever loving mouth. "O god" she cried as the stimulation kept up with her fingers rubbing her hole which was anything but uncomfortable. "I'm going to cum" she cried out as her body began to buck more almost at her orgasm.

"Mmmhmmm!" Mina squealed, hurried and excited, from between her thighs, unwilling to part her mouth with the bucking, soaking sex, and perhaps too far gone in her own lust to be able to express herself properly anyway. One hand dug her nails into Vice's cheeks, holding Vice in place so that she could maintain that explosively erotic moment. Her other hand smoothly slid between her asshole and lower sex, alternately adding stimulation to both.

Mina's wetness lubed Vice's welcome fingers, her clitoris swelling to its maximum capacity. Vice's soft, perfect lips sucked and licked it all over, Mina thrusting to brush it against her lips with sudden haste. "AH! MINAAAAA PLEAAAAAAASE YESSSSS!" she urged a split second before her nether dam burst once again.

Mina continued licking her lover with as much vigor as she could her tongue working her as quickly as she could trying to get her to burst because she was already there. She let out a very loud cry of pleasure as her body bucked harder then any other time. Her dam burst releasing her honey all over her lovers face while she shuddered in euphoric bliss "O GOD MINA!!!!!" she cried as her body went limp after the orgasm.

Mina let out a loud wail as Vice broke though her defenses, her cum spilling out onto Vice's lips. This turned out to time perfectly, as her sudden jolt of her lips stimulated Vice into her own orgasm. Her wail became a gurgle as her cum spilled past her shocked lips, spilling all over her face. Mina gulped it down and gasped in ecstasy, adoring the feeling of Vice's juices pouring over her as she plunged back into her pussy, lapping up every drop she could find inside. Her pussy thrusted rapidly the whole time, riding out her orgasm as her own juices and Vice's tongue filled her hole.

Once she'd cleaned her plate and Vice was finished with her southern reaches, she will move to turn up to lie with her face by the exhausted Mina Vice's face. "Oh god how I love you..." she squeaked, her face aglow with wonder, admiration, and ecstasy.

Vice had got coated with Mina's juices her eyes widened in amazement as her lover gushed on to her which made her giggle happily. She cleaned herself of again gorging on her honey which was the best taste in the world at this very moment being squeaky clean when her lover got back up to her face. "I love you to" she said blushing a tomato red though she was glowing just like Mina. She was also very exhausted her head snuggling up to Mina's neck "I'm so tired love I think I just need to sleep for a couple of hours."

Mina cradled her exhausted lover against her with one arm, the other gently holding her hand.

"That's fine, angel," she said, stroking the stay hairs from Vice's face dotingly. She yawned widely and loudly, but she shrugged. "I got a little more left in me, but I um... well, you wouldn't mind if it held you while you slept, would you. It's just that I'm already here, and I really don't want to just leave after all we've been through today. And it's gonna sound pretty silly, but I was hoping I could watch you sleep for a bit."

Her skin, normally a peachy white but now a rosy red, blushed once more. "I just think you're so lovely that... it seems to be like I couldn't possibly have any bad dreams if you were the last thing I saw when I went to sleep..."

vice looked at her blushing as she listened to her lover but she smiled sleepily nodding as she held on to her hand "of course you can stay. If you want you don't have to leave love you can just stay here with me but its what you want." Her eyes were starting to flutter shut her breathing starting to even out. "I'm not going to have any bad dreams as long as I am with you Mina so just watch me while I sleep." She was quickly asleep cradled to her lover who she hoped would be there when she woke up.

Vice softly closed her eyes and dropped off like a stone. "Too tuckered out to put on clothes," she observed, using her free hand to gather up an acceptable handful of blankets.

As she tuned back to Vice, her normal color starting to return to her normal tone, Mina bit her lip at her dozing fellow Mina. She looked down at her tiny lover and nearly shuddered, but managed to stop herself lest she disturbed her slumber. "Damn, she's even cute when she sleeps... she's fucking impossible..." she squealed in disbelieving glee.

"First real day on the job," she sighed distantly. "Can't say I can complain." She gave Vice one last, admiring look over before pulling the covers over them both. Mina only considered getting clothes or borrowing pajamas for a second, then curled her naked body up against Vice.

With the utmost care, Mina shimmied Vice over a few inches, getting her off of the still-moist stain on the sheets. "Don't want you getting a cold..."

She spent some unclear amount of time just watching Vice breathing slowly in her arms. At last, she leaned in close and let her lips softly caress her ear as she spoke.

"I'll be here when you wake up," she whispered softly, kissing her cheek. "I promise." And clutching her gently like a teddy bear, Mina slept for what she hoped would be first of many, many times to come against Mina Vice's bare body.
Mina would wake up the next morning later bare naked against Mina's also very naked body she then realized that Mina had laid with her all night. She giggled smiling happily she would lay there until her lover got up wondering what she had dreamed about all her dreams had been happy ones not a single one was bad or at least the ones she could remember. "Thank you love" she said letting out a happy sigh nuzzling her neck.

Mina snorted a bit, licking drool lazily from her lips as she snuggled up against Vice, resting her cheek against her breast. Mina gradually blinked awake. "Eep!" she squeaked in embarrassment, shooting upright in a panic. She looked around rapidly before calming down to a degree that Mina might call normal.

"No coffee for me, thanks!" she hooted. "Face full of tits is fine for me." More or less awake now, she blinked and smiled shyly at Vice. This shyness did not, apparently, involve covering her body in the least.

"Sorry 'bout that. You uh... you sleep good?"

"I slept perfectly love glad to see that you were sleeping so well to I didn't mean to wake you up" she said giggling a cherry red covering her face. She then looked at her lover with a giggle she was so sticky and sweaty probably like she was "well if your awake enough we should get a bath. I'm afraid my showers broke so if you don't mind using the tub to clean up."

Mina smiled wide, stretching her arms and legs out (a particularly fascinating sight to see when done by a naked gymnast).

"That sounds great. So long as it'll hold two," she added with a giggle and a quick smooch on the nose.

She'll take hold of Vice's hand and eagerly guide her towards the bathroom as best she can without having located it yet... Mina seemed to be at near full steam already.

Vice giggled as she got guided to her own bathroom which she gave a slight nudge to Mina so she would find it with ease. Mina's shower wasn't really that big with a walk in shower a modest sink and cabinet above it to hold all her things. Her bathtub on the other hand was big enough to easily hold two. It wasn't really that fancy or even that expensive but it was perfect for her.


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Mina Oates and Mina Vice. First date Empty Re: Mina Oates and Mina Vice. First date

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Mina's eyes brightened significantly at the sight. "It's huuuuge!" she gushed. "That is so awesome! Its like an indoor pool! You have the BEST place in the world for hookups, you know that!?"

Mina immediately stepped into the tub and squatted down, fiddling with the handles with mixed success, yelping and jumping back as cold water came from the spigot and down her legs.

Vice giggled looking at her lover shaking her head with a sigh before she came over turning the nobs quickly getting the water to a warm temperature though not scalding. She looked at her wet legs smiling "well maybe this will be better" she said before climbing in the tube with her lover as the water began filling up the tub.

Mina's eyes watched Vice as she slid her bare body into the tub. "M-much better," she said, admiring her small but shapely frame. The water filled up rather quickly, soon covering Mina's hips with warmth. She sighed in satisfaction as it reheated her skin.

She ran her legs through the still-climbing water, and despite some very acceptable legroom (estimating about 10 feet long, maybe 3 wide?), she'd reach her feet down to playfully footsie at Vice.

"This is so nice... we had a big tub in my old house. Reminds me of when mommy and I would take baths together when I was little."

Vice giggled looking at her now content lover as she cut off the water realaxing in the water smiling "hmm you look so cute when your relaxed." She giggled as she played footsie with her listening her talk about her life back home. "Me and my sis would take baths together Maya would always wash me off she always did every day she said she had to make sure I stayed clean." She giggled smiling at Mina "this feels so good doesn't it."

"Mmhm!" Mina chimed happily. "Showers are good and all, but you just need a good slow soak sometimes. ESPECIALLY slow if you got a sexy lady sittin' with ya," she added with a meaningful caress of her leg.

"Say, I don't know if it's like... some kind of 'sisters only twin thing,' but I could scrub you down if you wanted," Mina offered. "I don't want to intrude if you two're that tight."

The mental image had been bobbing in and out of her head for a while now, but she found it hard not to imagine Mina Vice with her so far unseen sister, both bathing together in the tub. The kind of bath that had lots of "oh, ni-chan!" and "don't! mom might hear us!", according to some of the yuri mangas Mina had read. she hoped her perversions didn't show across her face with her mostly pure intention.

Vice giggeled looking at Mina as she rubbed her hand down her leg which made Vice bite her lip Mina always knew how to get her riled up. Though at the offer of scrubbing her down she nodded giggling happily "yea of course you can its not like Maya does it anymore any how it has been a little while since she has." She couldn't of ever known what was going through Mina's head so she just smiled waiting for Mina to scrub her down.

Mina motioned for Vice to turn around, nabbing a soap and washcloth nearby.
"I... I hope I'm gentle enough at this," she said. "I've never really bathed with anybody before."

When she was turned, Mina would move Vice's hair up to her shoulders and begin to gently scrub her back with the soapy rag. Again, Vice's perfect, pale, smooth skin made her feel like she was fragile, and wouldn't know what she'd do if she somehow ruined it.

She loosened up as she lathered up and scrubbed down Mina's back and shoulders when a new idea struck her. She took the soap and rubbed a good lather over her own chest, then leaned straight against Vice's back. She rubbed her breasts up and down her back, her nipples hardening quickly at the smooth rubbing.

"Much softer than any old wash rag, eh?" she cooed.

Vice sat there giggling as Mina began to scrub her down with her wash rag so surprised at how gentle Mina was with her. She wasn't sure why Mina treated her so fragile but it did make her smile it meant that Mina really cared about her and didn't want to hurt her. "Mina" she whispered though she let out a soft gasp as she felt Mina's nipples scraping down her back along with soap making her blush a bright red and smile. "Y..yeah a lot softer" she moaned out her eyes closing obviously enjoying this way of washing a lot more.

"Heehee. Gotta get the front too!" she added. While her breasts coated Vice's back with a fine film, Mina's soapy hands reached around her sides and scrubbed under her armpits, down her arms, and ultimately began to lather up Vice's breasts from behind.

It all placed her face directly next to hers. "Next time I'll wash your body completely with my tongue," she said plainly. "I doubt there's a single spot on you that isn't delicious." She emphasized her statement with a quick kiss on the hickey she'd left last night on the side of Vice's neck.

"o god" Vice moaned as she continued lathering up her back and front her modest breast being coated in soap which made her blush. This was already turning in to the best bath ever and she didn't want it to end at all. Though listening to her lover tell her what she would do to her next time made her blush a dark red. "O god you can do what you want seeing as you branded me last night" she said with a smile as Mina kissed the hickey. Her body had began to rub up and down against Mina obviously showing her lover she was getting turned on by this.

Mina giggled as she felt she was really piecing together what made Vice tick in the arousal department. She like aggression, not domination. Letting her know you were in charge was good, but she would probably object to the full blown "whips and chains and whatever you can fit up your ass" treatment. Which was all incredibly fine with Mina. A little humiliation alone was fine, but nothing truly painful or that she wouldn't be allowed to say "no" to.

"That's my good girl!" she praised in childish baby talk. "Such a good moo cow! Giving me so much milk last night. Such a sweet thing to do, my precious moo cow! Just how I like her: not too much meat, but plenty to drink on her, hm?"

She'll begin teasing Vice's slippery nipples as she wraps her legs around her, using them for leverage in both sorts of breast rubbing.

Vice was blushing as she was referred to a moo cow but she smiled quite happily at it though she couldn't help but being happy when she got called that. "O Mina" she whispered as she began playing with her slippery nipples feeling her toned legs around her which pressed her sex against her back more. "I did didn't I if you want more you just have to milk me the right way" said starting to breath a little heavy. Something about doing this in the bath tub was just adding on to the arousal factor and she was just getting more and more in to it.

Mina was surprised but delighted by the offer. She enjoyed the teasing kink that lied beneath her surface.

"Yea?" she said in excitement. "It's breakfast in bath!" she said, urging Mina to turn towards her and rinsing her breasts off quickly. "I swear, everything that comes out of you is so damn tasty," she said, licking her lips as she recalled her small taste of Vice's milk the other night. "Next thing you'll be telling me is you piss soda pop and poop out hentai mangas."

She laid Vice back by the far end of the tub, leaning her back so that he breasts would jut out slightly. With a last glance upward to make sure it was alright, Mina will lean in and suckle on Vice's nipple, massaging the other with her palm and fingers. She centered her lips around her areola, drawing them out sucking on the nipple firmly as she massages it with her tongue.

She leans into press her knee against Vice's crotch as well, not rubbing but pressing gently and solidly against her.

Vice giggled as she turned around so her breast could be rinsed off she knew Mina was enjoying this probably more than she was if only by a slim margin. "Well I don't know about all that but I think my milk and cum should be good enough to quench your thirst so to speak. AS she laid back in the water she could only wait in anticipation before heer lover finally took her breast in to her mouth making her moan. She moaned out softly as both of her breasts were being worked on her nipples already rock hard nubs sticking up from her areola . "Mina" she moaned out softly feeling the knee pressed in to her crotch which she rubbed against a little bit.

"Mina..." she sighed back. It still didn't sound odd to repeat her name.

She nuzzled at Vice's breast to coax one of her sweet fluids from her body, letting her hands take over for now. They splashed from the water, spreading the warm bathwater trickling over her body as she leaned up and kissed Vice softly, teasingly on the lips. "i want you..." she breathed. Her leg started to rub at last against Vice's groin. "I want to kiss every last inch of that perfect body. I just want to lay you here and fuck you and lick you and stroke you until this whole damn tub is full of your cum. You're just THAT sexy, and I'd do ANYthing for you, and I really mean that."

She truly felt like this could be her day. Cleaning and stroking her little doll of a lover. Or was it girlfriend? She'd have to try to remember to clarify later, assuming that she and Mina didn't just hump the whole day away.

Vice blushed as she kissed her lover back even if it was a short kiss but she started turning a tomato red again as she told her what she wanted to do to her. Listening to this made her begin to lactate her milk starting to leak out of her now sore nipples. "I would do anything for you also Mina I mean it also I really would. Though if you really want to do something for me and I know its something you can do then do exactly what you just told me you wanted to do." She was blushing but she was serious as it got right now. Like Mina she did want to clarify what they were but for some reason and it might of been Mina's knee rubbing in to her crotch she only had capacity for one thing on her mind.

"That's a very tall order," Mina said grimly, rubbing her chin. She then grinned and winked. "It'd be a pleasure."

She leaned forward and kissed Vice on the forehead, her long wet locks quickly brushed to the back of her head. Mina then began to systematically kiss once every few inches of flesh, tracing a path of warm, slow kisses along her ivory skin. She took her time, kissing her nose, cheeks, throat, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, sucking lightly on her fingers, then to the other arm.

When she finally came back to kiss her lips, she slid her one finger down to her lips (which she peppered slowly with kisses of various durations), she slid two fingers gently into the water, drifting them silently while Vice's eyes were shut from the kiss to surprise her with her fingers entering her womanhood. She stroked her at a deliberate slow pace, looking to keep her steadily hotter and hotter, but making it last so she had enough time to make her round trip of lips before she would burst.

Vice blushed as she laid there as Mina started kissing her body down every inch of her front which made her let out soft moans as she continued to work on her. She let Mina do as she pleased letting her fingers rub across her tongue when she got to them. As Mina made it back to her lips she kissed her back her eyes closing as she let out soft pants her eyes opened in surprise at the sudden entrance of fingers in her womanhood. Feeling Mina was working her up slow she closed her eyes going back to the kiss loving how Mina was doing this.

Mina took her kisses down Vice's throat, traveling down her sternum between her breasts. When she could feel Vice's anxiety as she neared her nipple, she giggled and slipped in beside her, She kissed along the back of her neck and down the plane of her slender back before urging her upward slightly to plant a swift smooch on each of her butt cheeks.

She reached back around to squeeze her breasts, urging her softly back into the water. Finally she returned to her front, planting kisses along her bosom on her path for her nipples. Then she genuinely paused.

She didn't understand lactation fully, never having experienced it herself, but she felt something different in the way Vice cringed when she touched her milky breasts.

She quietly and carefully relinquished her grip on them. "I'll be gentle," she insisted softly, cupping the breast tenderly from below in one hand. She brought her lips delicately to it. There was that sense of the fragile again, she noted as she lapped at the sensitive nipples, drinking in their sweet milk with a mixture of lust and care.

Vice was laying there for the whole of this as Mina continued to kiss down her body moving up some so she could get at her back easier and moving up some more so she could kiss her cheeks. Though her arousal was building up all the while with the fingers were still inside her heating her up making her squirm more. As Mina said she would be gentle with her breasts smiling glad that her lover had sensed the pain in her breasts or just noticed how she reacted. Though as she lapped at her sensitive bud she moaned softly obviously enjoying it as Mina got another taste of her milk. Though now her honey was starting to leak out in the water as she moaned more her orgasm having been built up.

Mina continued to savor the flavor that poured slowly from Vice's nipples, remaining careful not to irritate them as she shifted from one to the other occasionally. Perhaps that was why she had been so outraged when she'd bitten her the other day...

It took Mina a moment to feel it amidst the water, but Vice's southern nectar was building rapidly. She balanced Vice out until she had her lying almost fully prone, head resting against the end of the tub. She lifted Vice's legs from the water, resting them on her shoulders to leave her womanhood just above the water.

She extended Vice's legs, sucking and nibbling lightly on her toes. She slid her foot into her vag, nudging her clitoris softly with her big toe as a place holder. Once she'd done both feet, she kissed her way along her ankles, shins, thighs, and finally lowered Vice softly into the water. Her honey had spilled so much that one could see patches of water glimmer, as if baby oil had gotten into it.

Mina's fingertips touched the bare flesh between her stomach and pussy. "Are you ready, my beautiful little angel?" she asked sincerely.

As vice was made prone she did her best to keep her little body from shaking to much as she moaned out softly as Mina kissed down her legs. As she felt the big toe rubbing her enlarging throbbing clitoris she moaned out loud glad that Mina was holding to keep her from squirming to much and falling. As she was finally put back down in to the water she was breathing heavily her body obviously at its peak and so was she. "Yes love I am so ready please go ahead" she whispered out trying to keep herself calm though not wanting to rush this as it was all so perfect.

Mina nodded and folded her hair securely behind her head. "Alright!" she said with determiend vigor. "Now don't you worry about me during this, okay? I was on swim team for like... 2 weeks or something once." She winked at Vice seductively.

"Sorry if I blow bubbles."

She disappeared under the water, her tongue passing through the warm, cum-tainted water into Mina's eagerly waiting pussy. She took long, slow, strong licks, her lung capacity being quite good. Her athletic nature gave her a healthy set of lungs, and she didn't mean to be down there long. She wasn't going to take any dumb risks down there anyway. Great wrestlers don't drown in the tub!

Her bottom stuck up out of the water, wriggling this way and that as she angled her slurps, kisses, and licks to keep Mina guessing what angle she'd hit at. She would have one hand reach up to caress Vice's stomach, spreading the bathwater across it soothingly as she softly tickled. The other would reach beneath her, cupping her ass and when she felt ready, slipping her middle finger inside her rear entrance to massage her hole.

Mina watched her lover disappear under the water wondering she could possibly be up to when she let out a soft gasp and moan as her tongue entered in to her. She giggled softly as she ran her hand up her tummy which tickled her though it also made her feel good all at the same time. Feeling her hand on her butt she wondered what she might of been up to but as the middle finger slipped in her and began rubbing she moaned loudly. She was bucking now in the water as she suddenly felt how very close she was to cumming. right when she was about to cum she gripped the bathtub letting out a cry of pleasure and stream of her cum under water her body shaking violently.

Mina tasted Vice's rewarding gush hit her lips. She slurped and gulped it up quickly, accidentally taking in some bath water as well. A distant part of her brain dismissed it, excusing it since Vice had been soaking in the water and that was just as well. The rest of her went after Vice's cum like she had been lost in the desert without water.

She rose from the water, hand still supporting Vice's ass as she squeezed and removed her probing finger, but she continued to suckle on her fragrant pussy. At last, Mina broke her kiss with Vice's nethers, smiling at her with her soft lips lightly coated with cum. "Outstanding... no, hang on. You're not done yet, gorgeous. I need to try this out or I'll never forgive myself."

Mina takes two fingers and inserts them back into Vice, grazing her overstimulated clitoris again briefly to salvage a sizable smear of her cum. She leaned forward, her breasts resting on Vice's stomach as she spread the cum on Vice's sensitive nipples like a salve or, more accurately, jelly.

"Milk and honey," she giggled as she greedily, eagerly mixed the cum with what milk hadn't been splashed off by her writhing, screaming orgasm. She did so with both nipples before opening her mouth wide and licking and sucking them like tiny ice cream cones.

Mina will lap them up with gusto, only replying when Vice spoke to her. "It's heavenly..." she purrs throatily, not stopping until her nipples are lapped clean.

Mina let out a little yelp as she was lifted out of the water with Mina still supporting her and licking her nether regions she blushed wondering if Mina thought she really tasted that good. SA Mina broke the kiss with her nether region she was about to say something but got cut off with Mina telling her she wasn't done yet and wondered what else her lover could possibly have in store for her now. Watching her cum get mixed with her milk she blushed a bright red looking at her lover it apparently must be good if she was mixing it as. As she began lapping her nipples greedily she moaned "is it good..." with her response she closed her eyes waiting for her to finish her 'meal.'

"Yukiiiiiiii," Mina sighed, cuddling up against Vice's should and nestling in like a kitten. She had a proud glow to her, beaming from ear to ear without even cumming herself. She batted her eyes at the winded, purple-haired girl.

"I... I'm sorry. I think you were going to say something," she said, a bit embarrassed by her rather savage lust. She didn't regret it, of course, but still a bit embarrassing.

Mina shook her head as Mina cuddled up against her that one orgasm had really taken a lot out of her though it didn't help there had been so much leading up to it. "Don't worry about it you kind of said it all for both of us to be honest my god Mina that was an orgasm you put me through." She blushed a little bit chuckling though as she looked at Mina who was glowing with pride "I'm glad you enjoyed doing it."

"Well then you better let me do that a lot if you wanna keep me happy, And I wouldn't mind a little attention myself, sometimes, ya know," she chimed, licking her lips. "Like how you just made me breakfast here, kinda."

Mina shared a giggle with her lover, shifting the tub water between them as she draped her arms around her neck and held her tightly, quiet for a moment.

"...I do love you you know. And I really meant what I said back then... I DO want you. Like, really want you. And I know I can rush things, but I feel like I'm... I'm truly in love with you..."

Mina sniffled a bit and tears came down her cheeks, making their way down to Vice's soft skin. "I just... I'm silly and a knucklehead and just this once I don't wanna screw something up!" She looked up through her tears at Mina's face.

"I really like it here. In this league and in your place and in your arms. I wanna stay here! I wanna wrestle and I wanna be with you and I don't care what else happens to me! I want us to train and to fight all day and come back home and hold eachother in something besides a chokehold... you know?"

Vice looked at Mina in shock as she began talking listening to her love as she began pouring out to her things that Vice's heart flutter with an ever growing sense of love. As she finished she found herself fumbling for the word sto say to respond she was so overwhelmed buy this. She looked at her lover tears now coming out of her eyes "I love you Mina I really do I think you are the one of my life. I just want to spend every waking moment with you and spend every night asleep in your arms. You couldn't screw this up because I honestly wouldn't notice if you did something silly because I'm just that much in love with you. I want to fight all day and come on just to have you hold me and me hold you. I want us to have intimate moments when were not to busy fighting or training. I....I love you Mina!" She was crying now unable to keep herself composed any longer.

"I love you too," Mina blurted, though she was choked up from her outburst. It came out as a rasped, heartfelt whisper,The water splashed around them as Mina held Vice as close and as tightly as she could. She hugged her with all the might in her tired little muscles, then pulled her head back the inch she needed to fuse her lips with Mina's.

Mina's heart races, and she swears she feels a tiny click. It comes from inside her head and from her lover. "I think I finally fit somewhere," Mina sniffled, forming a small smile against Vice's lips.

Vice smiled looking at her love "you do fit some were and I think I do to" she pecked her on the lips as her tears started going on to their lips. She sniffled wrapping her arms around Mina who was already holding her tightly "so is it safe to say that your my girlfriend or what."

Mina giggled and settled herself in her arms, soaking in the still warm waters (though perhaps not the most cleansing bath water).

"You can call me worse than that. But... yes. I'd love it if you said that." She gave Mina puppy dog eyes. "Did you have any plans for today? I don't think I have any matches today (I should really find out how to check...)."

Mina shook her head smiling "no I didn't actually having no matches tends to help out and don't worry you don't either your name hadn't been on the notice board but once and that was our match." She giggled smiling "so do you want to do something girlfriend" she said the work already liking the way it felt to be able to say that and be referring to Mina.

Mina smiled a bit at her new "codename." Mina was a quick thinker, preferring that over good thinking.

"I wanna take another step in being the best, most popular wrestler EVER!" she cheered with a dynamic gleam in her eye. She paused to consider if there was anything else. "And breakfast. I'd like breakfast. Otherwise haven't thought that far ahead. Well, maybe..." She looked coyly at Vice as she twirled a finger thoughtfully around her nipple. "Maybe figure out my living conditions around here..." She had been living with an aunt nearby until she got her own place, having been far more ambitious than a good planner for her life

Mina giggled then nodded "alright then I think I can help with breakfast more than the most popular wrestler. AS for as your living conditions well yea I'd like to figure them out also." She giggled though she let out a soft moan as Mina started to twirl her finger around her nipple. She looked at Mina knowing that if he kept up for a little longer that she would probably miss breakfast for being in the tub to long with her girlfriend.

Mina nuzzled her face between Vice's humble but lovely breasts. "We should really get on the breakfast thing first. I dunno if we should make something though. Would going out be better, ya think?"

Perhaps it was being out of ecstasy for more than 5 minutes for the first time since she'd gotten in the ring, but Mina's stomach gurgled. "Sorry. I haven't had anything to eat in a while... well, except vagina." She stuck out her tongue in what she hoped was a comically cute way. "I'm such a romantic."

vice giggled and smiled nodding "yea going out would be a lot better than us making something I mean I can cook but you know." She smiled "well I hope you liked the vagina because its time to get some different food" she said smiling sticking her tongue out back. She then pulled the plug so the water and cum could drain away.

Mina hopped out of the tub with a splash, nabbing up a towel and drying off, this time hiding her smile as she made a show of rubbing her body down in front of her girlfriend.

When Vice exits, she'll spread the towel out between them invitingly.

Vice watched as Mina rubbed down her wet naked body biting her lip at the display she was getting turned on again by this and Mina probably knew it to. She got out of the tub though blushing a little wondering if Mina was planning on drying her down which she wouldn't mind by any means it would be a great end to a great bath.

Mina bound her up in the towel, giving an enthusiastic rubbing throughout Vice's body, naturally paying more attention to some parts than others. The fabric tickled across her nipples and she gave her crotch a good rubdown. It was the least she could do, since the bath might not have been ideally cleansing as it should have been. But she spared Vice's slender, tender body too much teasing. "She's gotta rest some time," she told herself. "...later," she promised quietly.

Mina froze and looked hectically around the room.

"Uh... do you happen to have any spare clothes? I kinda grabbed my underwear but last night's are kinda skeezy..." She paused and looked dangerously thoughtful. "Hey... just how loose do you think the dress code on the grounds anyway?"

Vice blushed as she was gave a thorough rub down enjoying every second of it as the soft fabric went across her nipples and her crotch was given a good rub down. She was blushing by the end of all this having let out a soft moan during most of it but smiled more when it was all done. "You can't walk around in just a thong so I'll get you some clothes come" she pulled Mina to her room quickly finding some clothes. She giggled putting Mina in a red tank top which on Mina looked like a belly shirt that showed off a good portion of her cleavage. She then handed her a pair of black shorts that were long on Vice but on her girlfriend would probably show off some of her ass thanks to the height difference.
Mina took in a deep breath as she squeezed Vice's outfit over her underthings. The shorts clung to her hips and thighs, but it did little but capture the curves of her body a bit more than usual. The top was another story, as she was forced to acknowledge how significantly bustier than Vice she was.

It showed the outline of her bra with the slightest sign of stretching, and probably worse if she went for broke. She wobbled a bit with most of her movements, and if she reached too far upward, her underboob was flashed for all nearby.

"Oh yea, no apparent weight issues here," she sighed sarcastically. She'd poke at herself in efforts to make things more comfortable until her newfound girlfriend is ready. "Where should we go, anyway?"

Vice looked at Mina poking her fingers together she would have to get her some bigger clothes she felt kind of horrible that she was pretty much going to be on display the whole time. "You know if I've ever had any fantasy's like this you would be completing them." She giggled blushing as she pulled on a pair of white bra's and panties. She then put on a black t-shirt and a matching black mini skirt. "I don't know really there is a few good places to get breakfast around town so we could just walk there and see." She went in to the bathroom brushing her hair getting it to the point were it was just flowing down her back. She giggled with a smile "perfect" she said before going back to her girlfriend taking her by the hand "sorry for the clothes we can stop and get you some."

Mina tied her hair into pigtails that tapped her shoulders at their lowest. She threw her fists up into the air. "Alright! Let's go our best day yet!" she seemingly challenged the world. She felt alive as ever, plus the new pep of making a new friend who'd becoming a new lover and her new lot in life.

"Eats and some new clothes, I guess, then..." she shrugged when Vice came out, her eyes unwittingly drifting up and down her body. She giggled. "So long as we're a couple now, I guess it might be nice to have a first date, hmm?" She took Mina's hand and led her out the door, not seeming to give a second thought to her vividly displayed body as they passed people by.

Vice giggled as she was lead down the street all the people looking at Mina who's body was almost on full display earning them so good looks. She smiled it made her feel good knowing that her girlfriend earned those types of looks what could she say Mina was very sexy. "I think we are going to be getting some looks all day while your in the clothes I can't wait to see our waiters face when we go to get food." She giggled just thinking about that "by the way what type of food do you want to get anyway?"

"Oh, I dunno. Pamcakes always get me going in the mornin'. Not sure if that's too filling though. Maybe just hit a coffee shop for somethin'..."

Mina had been noticing the looks too, actually less than Vice. Mina seemed to be quite at ease with her situation, though she still gave a sly grin once in a while when there were whispers or double takes.

"I hope you don't mind the stares. I assure you, I'm a bit more uh... formal, I guess, when I go out."

A thought struck Mina. She bit on her tongue a bit to avoid giggling outloud. "Are you jealous?" she asked Mina innocently. "Do you mind that people are oggling your girl, or do you wanna get all macho on me and tell em to back off?"

Mina would wait for Vice to answer. Nearly regardless of her answer, she'll slide an arm around Vice's neck.

"We can give them something to REALLY stare at..." she'll whisper, and dip Mina back slightly as she gives her a long, tender, gently tonguing kiss.

Vice giggled looking at Mina "pancakes sound great to me it's been a while since I've went to go get some pancakes so that sounds like a plan." vice looked at Mina a cute little scowl covering her face at the suggestion she was jealous "of course I'm not silly I can't get macho any way." She was trying to be upset at that suggestion but it was just her looking all cute as her cheeks got a little red and she was barley keeping a straight face almost giggling. THough as Mina whispered in to her hear she looked at her curious before she was suddenly dipped back being in a very gentle kiss. Her eyes closed as she let her tongue run over Mina's letting out a cute little moan.

Voices were raised, onlookers froze in their tracks, and cameras flashed urgently. Mina ran her hands slowly down and up the frame of Vice's body, soft lapping and sucking sounds coming from their collective mouths. Mina parted the kiss after a solid minute, keeping her face an inch or two from her partner's. She looked at her warmly, liking the lingering saliva from her lips.

"We should fill up before we get too strenuous," she cooed, smiling down at Mina as she continued to gently support her.

"Too much?" she asked softly, unheard by others over the approving hoots and hollers, and the occasional complaint. Mina adored being the center of attention, though she wasn't sure how the soft and timid Vice would take it.

Vice looked up at Mina her face flushed red though not from the embarrassment just the over whelming heat that came over her body from that kiss. She was still just caught up looking at Mina before she began to realize that everyone was staring at them and they were getting a lot of approving hollers. Mina's face was starting to turn a bright red she didn't know exactly what to say. "J....just a little bit" she said at the last question she might be able to get down with a girl in the ring no problem but when it came to the general public she was to shy for this.


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Mina Oates and Mina Vice. First date Empty Re: Mina Oates and Mina Vice. First date

Post by luffy316 on Thu Jun 04, 2009 1:39 pm

Mina giggled and pulled Vice up into a hug. "Sorry. Especially if we wind up on youtube or something now. I'm a little wild, in case you didn't notice. It's just that I don't really care if people know I'm... you know, like that. Plus it's funny to see how people react to weird stuff," she chuckled.
"And you know," she said with a disdainful roll of her eyes. "Boys. Then again, I coulda gone a lot worse on ya if I were just a bit more skanky."

She gulped and suddenly looked modest. "There uh... there IS more to this relationship than sex. I swear." She slid her hand into Vice's and would follow eventlessly to their destination without further (Mina caused, anyway) mishaps.

Vice looked at Mina as she hugged her with a smile she didn't mind that Mina was wild not one bit she would just have to get used to it. "Don't worry I know there is more to the relationship than that but their is nothing wrong with it, it definitely keeps day to day things interesting." She giggled as she walked towards the pancake house biting her lip she didn't want Mina to feel bad about what happened. Sucking in some courage she stopped them both turning in front of them jumped up wrapping her arms around Mina kissing her lovingly. She could already hear peoples whispers and camera flashes but she closed her eyes blocking it all out for that moment.

Mina's eyes went wide as saucers at Vice's adorable ambush. Vice pelted her with kisses that actually went unanswered for a moment out of sheer shock before Mina's senses caught up with her.

Vice was a wonderful kisser, but her flash of aggression was a most pleasant surprise. Always the quiet ones...

She stroked Vice's hair and kissed back. She began to leaning back and offering her neck as well as her lips, allowing one of Vice's bolder moments to feel all the better (for both of them, she assumed). "Mina..." she whispered when their lips parted. "...mark me..." she pleaded. "Make me yours just like you are mine."

Vice looked at Mina as she continued to kiss her before moving her lips down to her neck beginning to bite it and suckle it. She continued to suck on her neck moving her mouth from her neck to see her nice little mark that she had left on her. Vice smiled kissing it one time before kissing Mina's lips again. "There now your all mine and everyone here got to witness me mark you" she smiled though she was blushing a dark red by now the bold moment over for her.
Mina shivered noticeably when Vice went to work on her neck, her noisy moans and gasps sending vibrations into her mouth. She went lax when Vice informed her that she had been branded as hers.

Mina had a soft, spacey smile plastered on her face. "Oh wow..." she mewled, looking at the beet-red Vice twin. Mina shuddered bodily, then softly smooched Vice on her own mark from the night before. "If we can't walk to breakfast without making a scene..." she giggled, urgently tugging Vice towards the restaurant and shooing away a few members of a small crowd that had appeared between them and their destination. "I'm not gonna have my baby doll pass out on our first date when you didn't even during our first fight."

Vice blushed more as the crowd got shooed away following Mina to the pancake house though she had a big smile still on her face. "I won't pass out" she said but she wasn't so sure about that herself almost wanting to faint after those two scenes that they had made but she couldn't help but like it. AS they walked in to the restaurant she let out a deep breath looking at Mina hugging her with a smile "well lets get some food then shall we."

The Minas sat at a booth and had their pancakes piled in front of them. Small talk arose when Mina wasn't piling away the food that may have very well explained how she stayed so wildly energetic.

"So if you're so shy and all, how come you're in a public league where everybody has sex? Some kind of like, badass pact you made when you were toddlers to be great fighters when you grew up cuz your ancestors were all great fighters? Or she just kinda bug you into doing it?"

Vice didn't eat no were near as much as Mina did obviously a very small eater but she did eat her fill which Mina wouldn't consider wasn't very much. "Well actually I don't really have a reason I just kind of did it though when I got here and did a couple of matches I found myself enjoying it. It's a rush to be out in front of the fans doing things that you normally would never do or just aren't allowed to do. There it doesn't matter your not being judged your being cheered on it's so wildly exhilarating."

"YES!" Mina insisted when she'd swallowed another mouthful. "That's what it's all about! You don't think about it, you just do it! And when it feels right, you keep it! It's not just being a spectacle of two chicks fighting or doing it or whatever. I mean yea, getting laid while you fight's great, but the competition of it! That's the real thrill! When it's when the crowd's goin' psycho, whether it's with or against you, and the moment's just got your heart and your brain pounding so hard you can't think and just gotta do whatever you can manage to come up with! Last minute comebacks and intense moves and crazy chicks in spandex! It's being a part of the big, beautiful, sexy monster that is wrestling!"

She only then realized just how loud she'd been talking. "That's... that's what I think anyway..."

Vice looked at Mina as she talked amazed at how passionate she was about wrestling it made her smile that her girlfriend was just so amazing and passionate. She could hear people talking about how loud Mina was talking and what she was talking about but it made her smile even more. "I think that what you think is definitely right Mina I don't think I've ever heard anybody say something so passionate." She giggled smiling it was just so hard not to now that she knew how Mina felt when it came to wrestling and the business they were in. "I think pancakes with a side of an impassioned girlfriend has hit the spot for me."

Mina blushed at the compliments. She let out a small burp and giggled. "I guess I'm good on the pancakes too." She reached across the table and took Vice's hands (surprisingly, clean of syrup, though because she'd licked them that way).

"I would like to have an adorable little sweetheart to go, though."

vice giggled blushing a bright red looking at Mina as she held on to Mina's clean hands "you got one she's free of charge also." She smiled brightly not even noticing the waiter coming up leaving them the bill to busy looking at Mina. "Though you know if you take her that means you have to make her feel special sometimes." She giggled looking at Mina wondering what she would say to that.

"Hmmmmm!" Mina exaggerated an impression of thinking. "Is it worth it? I mean, I only got so much love to give around... mkay!" she finished promptly, smooching Vice over the table. She quickly slid some of the allowance her aunt was leaving her with until she got paid from the league before Vice could notice.

"I'll have to work mighty hard to make you feel special when we're working at a place like that. So it's lots of cuddling and lovey dovey stuff I guess. Now c'mon. You get to watch me try on clothes. Your pick, even."

Vice blushed but nodded giggling at the thought of getting to see her try on clothes though she had to admit seeing her in clothes that showed off her body was quite the treat. "Alright lets get going" she said getting up having forgot about the bill though it had already been taken care of without her knowledge. "Well since your the one getting clothes you can just take me to were you want to go to get some."

"Eh. I usually just go to someplace practical. All sports bras and shorts, mostly, ya know? But I might as well spoil both you and me a bit and get something a little nicer."

She dragged Vice off in search of a boutique or any similar clothing store that may pop into view.

Vice giggled as she was dragged off to find a nice clothes store not really sure what Mina was looking for but she was content on being dragged along. "Hehe its going to be hard to imagine you in something other than naked, really revealing or my personal favorite naked." She smiled at Mina winking at her as she actually would like to see Mina in some nicer clothes just to see her dress up a little bit.

Mina bounced up and down and pointed eagerly at a store window.The Pink Petit: women's wear, beauty needs, swimwear, lingerie, etc. Pink dresses of various degrees of cute and sexy coated the mannequins.

"I thought of what looked pretty, then what the opposite of what my usual stuff would be. I like the et-cetera too. Makes it sound dirty."

Vice looked at the store giggling this would definitely be interesting seeing Mina dressed up in pink everything but she wasn't complaining. "Alright then well lets go in I want to see you dress up for me" she took her by the hand pulling her towards the store wondering what it was going to be like in there.

A friendly tingling of bells welcomed the young couple, opening into a store full of everything so feminine it made Mina a bit awkward. She just didn't know what to do.

Things were separated between women's wear of varying degrees of comfort, formality, etc, and sub sections farther in the back for lingerie, swimsuits, underwear, and the more private matters. Friendly clerk girls were about, they and signs alike encouraging the woman wandering to try on whatever they liked.

Mina looked helplessly at Vice and motioned vastly towards it.

Vice giggled looking at all the feminine stuff she didn't even wear things this girlie or well not all the time only on certain occasions when she really wanted to dress up. She took Mina by the hand towards the dresses and formal stuff to get some nicer stuff for Mina."Pick something out I want to see what kind of stuff here you would wear before I try to start picking stuff out."

Mina tentatively poked through the racks and shelves. "Uh... dresses are cool, I guess. Legroom's cool. I can do skirts I guess, but they tend to be..."

She pantomimed raising an imaginary skirt. "Flashy' with how I like to move around. I guess nothing that's too constricting. Mind ya, tight is fine. Not the same thing, so long as it's not squeezin' me down too much."

Mina was caught up in her difficult decisions, bending over enough that Vice's shorts creeped up her backside, giving ample view of her lower cheeks to Vice right behind her.

"I never tried, but I think I can pull off heels just cuz I can balance so well. Shorts are always great, and I like bright colors, usually. I see black's up your alley, though, so I'm not real picky about em if they look cool. She spun around to Vice. "Just about anything if it's not too formal, I guess. Dressy's ok, just nothing you'd like, wear to a funeral." She paused for a moment. "Maybe gothy?"

Vice listened to Mina as she talked though it kind of sounded like rambling not really sure what she wanted. The more she talked the more she got confused. She was being some what specific but she didn't really get any answers on what she exactly wanted. She decided to throw out skirts and any types of jeans keeping dress's, shorts, and tops she would have to work with. "Alright then lets get started though I will have to get something that covers your butt" she said pinching Mina's butt giggling. Vice giggled as she began looking through the racks "lucky it's not all pink here I'm going to find you a good dress first though if you would maybe you should look for some bottoms that you would like."

Mina mewled as Vice pinched her bottom, slinked off with a coy look. "I like YOUR bottom best," she insisted quietly, giving Vice's backside a quick teasing squeeze before she

Mina poked through some cutoffs, and short shorts seemed to ruin the point of covering her butt. She took up a pair of stretch pants, knee socks (extra large to make any significant height on her legs), and some sky blue elastic pants that she seemed assured would hug her figure. She had another thought and finally took up a silky red skirt just in case she changed her mind. She went by Vice and the dressing rooms to see what they had collectively mustered.

Vice let out a cute little yeep as her butt was squeezed looking back at Mina giving her a playful growl rather enjoying getting a taste of her medicine.

Mina looked for a good dress finding a nice black strapless one that came down to her calves showing off her legs nicely a little loose for movement. She fond another dress that was as red as Mina's hair though this was more for elegance having red straps that flowed down probably to her feet. It was a little shiny also with a crisscross pattern on the back part. She took them over to Mina showing them to her "you probably won't like them but I tried."

Mina shrugged. "Dunno. Barely wore this stuff since I was a kid." She whistled and raised her eyebrows, impressed as Vice showed her the dresses. "Wow, not like THAT stuff, I didn't..."
She plucked up her choices and slid into the dressing room. It had a full body mirror and about 10 feet of space in either direction, and a bench on one side to sit on. It was fairly classy, as overrated closets went.

Mina wriggled around in her clothes, trying to fight her way out of Vice's undersized clothes. "Minaaaa..." she sang out to her, "I seriously think I could use a hand with these. I don't know how the heck you stay that skinny... pancakes just hang out for days in my boobs and ass, I guess."

If Vice will accommodate her, she'll squeeze out of the loans and try on the shorter black strapless dress. She'll match it with s pair of stockings she'd selected, laying on her back on the bench in the booth as she tugged them on carefully.

She'd turn and look in the mirror, nodding slowly. "I like... I like... might go an inch up or so on the hem, but I'm definitely liking it. She did a practice kick in the air, only up to her waist since she understood there'd be more limits than spandex and thongs with this. Her strong legs tightened as she held it at waist height, the shadow of her dress just covering up her upper thigh beneath it. "The stockings show off the muscle... what do you think, sweety?"

Mina walked inside the dressing room as she was called in for help knowing that Mina might not make them out of it sane. "Well I guess I just have a high metabolism or maybe I just am a freak of nature who knows" she giggled looking at Mina as she helped her out of the clothes.

Vice smiled at the fact that Mina liked the dress she picked out for her the stockings going on quite well with it. She nodded at her wanting to move the hem but she was just all smiles that she liked it. Though when she threw her kick giving Vice a good view of her well toned legs. She licked her lips a little bit god Mina was just hot "it looks great I like it." When Mina put down her leg she wouldn't be able o resist wrapping her arms around her giving her a good long kiss in the dressing room.

The secluded room was quiet outside of their soft suckling sounds as the lovers matched lips. Mina slid her own arms around her, bracing them together as they held their kiss as long as they liked. No cameras, no onlookers, not even a match to heat them up first. Just lovers.

When their kiss broke at last, Mina would hold Vice close to her, her hot breath, still sweet with syrup and fruit, cascading down to warm her neck and chest. "You don't have to..." she breathed heavily. "You know you don't. I don't care if I can only truly touch you in private. That's enough. But..." She kissed Mina softly again, holding it for a few seconds before breaking their soft lips apart. "Thank you for the public affection."

Vice smiled resting her head on Mina's chest just letting herself be held there close to Mina not caring if she was being a little selfish. "Your welcome, I wanted to I couldn't help myself though I think that's the best I can do but I'm glad your fine with just being with me like that in private." vice looked at Mina with a smile she was really enjoying this just because it felt so wonderful to be in Mina's arms. "I'll let you keep trying clothes on now don't want us to be here all day" she giggled letting out a happy sigh.

Mina giggled. "I dunno," she teased. "You said just in private, and this IS a private booth..."

But she kept on trying dresses and combinations, her and Vice dashing in and out and talking excitedly as they explored the potential they could bring out. Mina was developing a sort of gauge based on how softly or hard Mina kissed her when she tried on a dress, though she kept her own opinions in-mind and expressed along the way.

In the end, Mina settled on an outfit. A black dress similar to the first one, down to just about her knees, which comfortably stretched the hem during her longer steps but held strong. It hugged her figure without revealing too much to appear slutty. She let her hair down and had matching shoes and a silver ankle bracelet she had been quite enthusiastic about. She had to get a black strapless bra to keep it from revealing itself from the equally strapless dress, and there was just a low enough cut at the top to reveal a half inch or so of cleavage.

"Looks like it's eating in for me for a while, but damn this is worth it!" Mina said, simply aglow with her new look as she settled on her look at last. She was going to wear it out, rather than wriggle back into her borrowed outfit. "Fashion kicks ASS!"

Mina beamed as she slid her fingers into Vice's hand, the noonday sun still high in the air as she paid for her things. "Thanks a lot for doing this with me. I'm so bad with this kind of stuff. I dunno what matches or what goes in what season or any of that junk."

She nuzzled her cheek against the side of Vice's face. "Who'd have thought you'd complete me so nicely...?" she sighed.

Vice approved of Mina's dress completely it just looked so goon on her that she just didn't know what to say it was perfect on her. It had taken many different combination to be sure before finally settling on this one but it had worked out perfectly though it wasn't cheap by any means but Mina didn't seem to mind it. "Fashion definitely kicks ass especially when it's on your ass" she said with a giggle. As they walked outside hand in hand Vice smiled at Mina "of course I would do this with you you don't have to thank me I enjoyed myself." Vice rubbed her cheek against Mina's cheek lovingly "mmm I don't know but you definitely complete me. Come on lets get some lunch my treat seeing as you just probably broke your budget."

vice started walking down the street looking for a rather nicer restaurant not wanting to have something ruin Mina's new dress. That and she just wanted to treat Mina to something semi-fancy she had already got a couple of paychecks and she was doing well in her bank account.

Mina half strutted, half pranced down the streets, arm in arm with her love. New career, new girlfriend, and new clothes. She felt reborn. She was nearly as many looks as before, though less lewd, she noted. That was fine too, she'd decided. Being in an ACTUAL spotlight would be a much bigger achievement in the ring.

"Thank you, dear," she said to Vice's offer, kissing her sweetly on the cheek. She carried a shopping bag of Vice's borrowed (perhaps slightly stretched) clothes. "I was starting to get a little hungry. Not as bad as this morning, thank god, or else I'd suddenly be too chubby for these clothes too."

She sighed and held Vice's arm tightly, leaning her head against her hair. "I'm having a very nice time," she said. "I haven't dated much, so it's good to hear you're having fun too." She hesitated for a moment. "Have you?" she said in genuine curiosity. "Just curious, of course," she added quickly. "Don't need any details if you don't want, even just a ballpark would be... I dunno. Interesting."

Vice continued to walk as Mina laid her head on her smiling feeling a little proud that Mina got looks no matter what she was in. Though odds are she'd never be able to wear those clothes again they were probably stretched out more than she could ever hope to fit in. Though as Mina asked if she had dated a lot she smiled giggling a little bit "well to be honest I have had a couple of girlfriends. There was never one that lasted more than a couple of months they always broke up with me either because of moving or well they just thought I was to shy. Which is fine it happens and it's not like it stopped me from dating and I'm glad it didn't." She said the last part as she squeezed Mina's hand "your more than perfect Mina I'd take you over all the girls you or I have ever dated." She blushed but she continued to smile she really meant what she said she then noticed a very nice pizza restaurant and decided to go there for lunch. "Come on lets get some pizza that would be the best I know this place it's not some fast food pizza joint it's quite nice."

Mina bit her lip emotionally as Vice explained herself. "Awwww. Sweety, I feel the same way! I wasn't judging, yuki, I was just being curious. I don't care how many girls or even guys you went out with or slept with, I'm not gonna be those girls!" she insisted, seeming to come off more like a declaration in general than a promise. She still seemed very psyched about the notion, an even brushed off a tiny tear. "Now let's eat up that fancy-ass pizza!"
Vice giggled nodding "Yuki!" she yelled out trying on Mina's catch word it flt kind of fun to say it as they walked in to the restaurant. The place was quite tasteful very nice tables with ornate decorations but nothing over the top or really expensive. They were lead to a table for two their waiter coming up taking their order, Mina was getting a lot of looks in her dress everyone seeming to love it. Vice looked at Mina smiling brightly "I know you'll never be those girls" she whispered softly "I also know that your staying at my place tonight" she said again with a giggle.

Mina clapped giddily at the prospect. "Yukiiiiii! I get my sexy teddy to myself again!" She clasped Vice's hands together in hers and kissed them. "And that means private time with my sweet moo cow, too, hm?"

When she was done drinking in the sight of her love admiring her right back. Some slow J-pop played faintly overhead. "This is perfect," she sighed, dreamy eyed. "You couldn't ruin this if you tried."

Vice blushed as some other people over heard Mina's comments but she smiled nodding "yeah you definately do I think we will have a fun tonight if you keep up that attitude." Vice smiled looking at her dreamy eyed lover "your right nothing could ruin this" she said dreamily staring in to her lovers eyes. It was funny how something like a lunch date could turn in to something so romantic it was perfect. The waiter was walking up with pizza politely waiting for the lovers to unlock hands so he could sit their pizza down. Vice surprisingly had order a large pepperoni pizza despite her small frame and appetite.

Mina shrugged as she took a piece. "Eh, maybe they'll think I was talking about stuffed animals," she excused. Mina had already taken a few bites when it hit her. "So what was that about a metabolism again? Cuz I'm pretty sure lunch here is a bigass pie for us two. Even with my dent in that, you expecting leftovers?"

"Well actually" Vice said poking her fingers together blushing a bright red "maybe its just better if you just find out by what happens." Mina giggled a little bit before she began to eat some of the pizza enjoying every delicious piece she ate. Vice was a small eater to be sure but by the time they were done eating she had put the pizza away completely having ate what Mina couldn't eat. She was blushing a dark red looking down when she finished "I kind of like to eat pizza and sense I don't get it often well I kinda eat a lot."

Mina gawked a bit at Vice. "You're like a black hole!" she gasped. "Where's it all go!?" A broad smile came across Mina's face, as it so regularly did.

"That's friggin' amazing!" she squealed. "You're so full of surprises! And pizza, apparently. This is so coooool, yuki!" she raved.
"Oh god, is it wrong that I'm a little turned on?" she managed to keep inside her head.

Mina managed to quiet herself, but an uncontrollable smile was glued to her face. "I'm sorry, it's just such a cute surprise. It felt like I was dating a superhero for a second there."

Vice blushed more at Mina's outburst apparent;y she thought it was cute she had been afraid that she thought she was weird because of that. Vice smiled though giggling a little bit she was glad that Mina apparent;y liked it "hehe well I don't eat pizza that much so you'll only get to see that on occasion." Vice let out a happy sigh looking at Mina "you know only you would enjoy something like that, I guess that's why I love you."

Mina slid a hand into Vice's, hooking their fingers together. "i know what you mean... you like that I'm hyper and silly and well... you feel like you were just custom made for me. Not a flaw on you as far as the eye and the heart can see."

She smiled warmly at her for a bit. If Vice doesn't offer a better option, she'll tug at her hand gently, urging her from her seat. "Come on, let's go for a walk."

Vice nodded as she was tugged out of her seat holding on to Mina's hand like she just didn't want to let go of it. "Alright then were are we walking to or do you not have any were specific in mind." She giggled as she looked at her adventurous girlfriend knowing that they could end up walking any were if she let her.

Mina took her by both hands as they reached the restaurant exit, turning to smile radiantly face to face. "It's no good to think of everything! That's adventure! That's romance! And I don't care where we end up, just so long as you're right there next to me all the way. Cuz no matter where we'll wind up, it'll be all the more radiant and beautiful because you're there with me."

Mina will smile and await a reaction before taking her arm and running off in a random direction as fast as she can with Vice staying in pace, giggling excitedly.

vice looked at Mina blushing she was thinking the same thing as her it didn't matter were they ended up as long as Mina was there it would be beautiful. "Yea I don't care were we go as long as you are there with me Mina though you'll probably be the one taking me on the adventure." She giggled as they started to run off Vice holding her hand giggling loving every second of it as she just didn't care what was in store.

The girls bolted through the afternoon light. A streak of giggles burst past and around (and once through) people walking the streets. The sun was starting to dimg as it began to duck behind the trees of the park Mina had found her way to after several minutes of running. She finally stopped on a walkway, holding her knees as she caught her breath. Her chest heaved inside her dress as she bent over, hair dangling around her ears and framing her red face and near manic grin.

She felt so alive! And she was always alive, in a more than literal sense. She wanted to run again, even as her feet rudely reminded her that these were not running shoes she had purchased.

She collapsed backward onto a bench, but her brain seeming to not accept just how tired she was. She was still all smiles, ecstatic just with the moment alone. "Holy crap... this' the most fun I've had in ages," she gushed euphorically. She looked up to check on Vice, catching her standing in front of the sunbeams as they made their way to hide behind the treetops. She was, in so many ways, radiant, and Mina almost wanted to cry at the sight.

She instead patted invitingly on the seat.

Vice was panting a little bit more than Mina was as they finally stopped sprinting not exactly being her strongest asset though she could do it. She held her hands above her head breathing in though she was smiling her purple hair was a mess now as it went down her back her face was glistening as was her arms. Not seeing anybody around except for Mina she pulled off her tank top to cool off a little bit quicker.

Vice looked over at Mina who was already sitting down smiling not even noticing how the sunbeams were making her glow she could only look at how alive Mina was. She was glowing from the run her body a little flushed but she was smiling so brightly that the run had been worth it just to see this sight. "I have to agree this is the most fun I've had in ages" she giggled as she sat down next to Mina laying her head on her shoulder.

"Yuki..." she cooed softly, as she slid her arm around the slightly nuder Vice. She kissed her on the cheek and nuzzled her nose into her hair. She held her closely against her, one arm around her shoulders and the other on her lap, gently holding her hand.

"I never want this moment to end," she sighed, whispered and gasped all at once. "It's been amazing, baby. And... and I just know that everyday's gonna be like this... right?" A few tears dripped down her cheeks onto Vice's bare shoulders.

Vice smiled as she held on to Mina's hand snuggling in closely as she closed her eyes taking in Mina's intoxicating scent. "Yes, Mina everyday is going to be just as great as this day as long as you are with me." She squeezed Mina's hand tears moving down her cheeks as she felt the tears on her bare shoulders. "Don't cry Mina I'm already crying enough for the both of us right now."

Mina nodded rapidly as she buried her face in Vice's hair for comfort. "I know!" she sobbed, smiling through her tears. "I know we'll be happy together."

She sniffled and hugged Vice as tightly as she could. "I'm just so happy... I don't want to screw this up. It's so wonderful to be here with you and this place and this league..." Mina bit her lip to stop herself from rambling further.

Finally... "I'm not gonna fuck up," she promised quietly. "I'm going to love you forever, I swear, and I'm never gonna stop."

Vice looked at Mina as tears continued to go down her face it was amazing that Mina felt so strongly for her she didn't think she was worthy of such love. She soon slipped on to Mina's lap as she hugged her wrapping her arms around Mina also burying her face in to her neck sobbing happily. "I know you will love me forever, I will love you forever also Mina I promise you that I will always love you."

Mina looked up, her watery eyes unfitting for the tiny, resilient smile stuck on her slender lips. "You mean it..." she said softly. It wasn't a question. She ran her hands trailing slowly up the soft skin Vice's bare sides, looking up into her gorgeous eyes.

"Then kiss me," she pleaded. "Please... kiss me like you'll never stop." And she knew she'd do the same in return.

Vice didn't need a second invitation nor was she going to hesitate she kissed her deeply on the lips never wanting to pull away. She was holding on tightly to Mina with everything she had as tears continued to fall from her eyes on to their pressed lips.

A passionate, lightly salted kiss erupted between them like fireworks, Mina's hands pulling Vice into the kiss tightly. Lips pressed together, Mina's mouth moving softly as she repositioned them by the second, aiming her kisses all over Vice's lips. Their momentarily private kiss filled the air with heat and quiet, save the occasional moan, sigh, or wet slurping sounds.

The flesh of Mina's cleavage pressed against Vice's belly with her position on her lap as they pressed bodies together. The kiss alone was getting Mina wet, her heart pounding, her mind blank for all but this very instant. And they had hardly even applied their tongues yet.

Vice closed her eyes as the kiss was getting hot quick her body pressing in to Mina's which caused Mina's cleveage ro rub in to her bare belly making her moan more. Vice's head was swimming she was in a state of pure bliss by this one kiss her body shivering as her arousal went off the charts one more time. Her breathing was starting to get heavy hot breath going in to her lovers mouth. She pulled out of the kiss breathing heavily as she leaned against her lover "M...Mina we got to go some were private I'm getting extremely hot."

"Mmm hmm..." Mina agreed, nearly muted by the heat inside her. The taste of Vice's mouth lingered with the spittle on her lips, making her starving for more. She handed Vice her shirt and began to tug her towards what she believed to be the Vice sister's home.

Vice quickly pulled her shirt on as Mina tugged her in the direction of her sisters home not her home though she didn't know if Maya was home or not. "Mina that way is going towards Maya's place not my place" she said as she followed her lover who obviously wouldn't know were Maya lived at anyway.

Mina's thoughts were jumbled as it was, and directions weren't always her strong suit with her dynamic personality. Amidst her erotically flustered mind came thoughts of sisterly bonding and meeting the family and...

"NO THREESOMES ON THE FIRST DATE!" shrieked Mina's conscience over the din in her head, rattling her back to reality a bit.

Mina blushed a bit and took hold of Vice's arm. "Um... maybe you should lead... for now," she added with a smile.

Vice looked at Mina wondering what she had been thinking as her eyes seemed to have been out there for a second though knowing Mina who knew. "Well um we're kind of right here" she said as the place she was staying at was right across the street. "Might as well go now seeing that we're right here come on lets go i guess your meeting Maya sooner than expected" she said chuckling. She smiled as she ran across the street in to the apartment building going up to Mina's room. She knocked on the door looking at Mina smiling "your not nervous are you?"

Mina took a deep breath, fixed her hair for a moment, then clenched a fist heartily. "No way! I'm not backing down from this 'meet the girlfriend's sister' challenge," she declared. She realized it wasn't the best explanation. "Not really. You've said lots of cool stuff about her whenever she comes up, so she must be pretty cool. Mina held Vice's hand, meeting her eyes and smiling.

"And your twin. So can't be anything that bad."

Vice giggled smiling she was glad that Mina was so enthusiastic or this would be an odd moment for both of them. "Alright well I'm glad your so excited I think Maya will be happy to meet you. Maya it's me!" She smiled yelling though her sister hadn't said anything she knew what she was thinking. The door opened a few seconds later revealing Vice's twin though not identical but they did share similarities. Maya was taller than her sister with a dark kin tone she had striking purple eyes that were a little sharper than her sisters with long purple hair just like her sisters. She was in a pair of blue jeans that were tight at her legs showing off her well toned legs and a tight dark purple tank top.

Maya smiled at her sister "hey there Mina glad you could come by wish you told me you were coming with company I would of cleaned up." She looked at Mina holding out her hand "it's a pleasure to meet you I'm Maya and you are?"

"Ahhhh. So they weren't identical twins," she noted in her mind. She almost reacted when Maya referred to Vice by name, but caught herself quickly.

Mina stiffened a bit, but readily took Maya's hand and shook eagerly. "It's a pleasure for me too," she said, doing her best to sound polite and maybe a bit too loudly. Her bravado was necessary to keep her from panicking, though that was technically Mina all the time.

"I'm Mina too. Sorry for any confusion in advance," she said all at once. "Mina Oates, and I'm new to your league. It's very nice and I hope to enjoy it for a very long time." She fidgited a bit and gently touched Mina Vice's arm. "And I just met Mina yesterday..."

The terms girlfriend, lover, and fast friends came to mind, but she decided it would be best to let MV explain at her own pace.

Maya smiled nodding at Mina "well it's a pleasure to meet you Mina I guess I will have to develop a way to address one of you without confusion ensuing. Well then come on in you two I was just sitting down watching some tv its my day off so I'm pretty much lounging about I've had a string of matches and spars so I could use the break." She giggled turning around walking in to her room showing a very well toned rear even through the jeans.

Vice giggled taking Mina by the hand leading her in to Maya's room which was different from her sisters as the first room entered was a living room. A large couch sat there with a couple of chairs on either side and a nice big plasma given to her by Alex a sex wars wrestler under the name of Itzal was set in front of them that had a movie on. "Mina is my girlfriend Maya" Vice said looking at her sister. Maya turned looking at her sister with a smile "really that's great to hear Mina she must be something special." Maya looked at Oates with a smile she already seemed to approve of her sister dating her even though she knew they had only known each other for a day. Maya then sat down on the couch inviting the two to sit down and join her so they could talk.

Mina sat on one end o the couch, allowing Vice to sit between her and her sister. It wasn't just courteous, since as soon as she sat down, Vice took hold of her hand and squeezed tightly.

"So how long've you been wrestling, Maya?" Mina struck up what she hoped to be good smalltalk.

Maya thought about it for a few seconds "well only a couple of months in the AFW I had some training before coming here though not in wrestling so much." She giggled lightly relaxing against the couch looking at the two of them "so how'd you two meet?"

Mina blushed thinking about their first match but let out a small sigh "we met in a match actually I was her first opponent though it was just a spar."

"She's quite good," Mina defended approvingly. "And she can hit really hard when she wants to," she added with a blush. "But I got a um... second wind, I guess. When it was done, we went back to her place, and we just... became fast friends."

It wasn't a good code, but Mina almost felt like that was for the best. "Then we went on our first date today, and we wound up in the neighborhood and... tada!" She smiled and gave an appropriately related wave of her hand.

Maya nodded with a smile ruffling her sisters hair with her hand "well that's good Mina will get better she's just got to learn to keep her mind focused on the match not how sexy her opponent is." Vice's face flared a bright red at her sisters comment "Maya! Don't go saying things like that!" she yelled berating her sister. Maya giggled with a smile "what, I mean you two are going out now so it wasn't a bad thing this time." Vice blushed then nodded Maya was right she was with Mina now and deeply in love. Maya chuckled "though I haven't wrestled my sister before so you would know better than me what she is and isn't good at Mina."

Mina rubbed her chin, apparently taking this decision very carefully. "She's very, very good at turning a girl on," she said with genuine seriousness. "She's decent with holds and is surprisingly strong when she loses it. But, sweety, you do need more confidence in the ring. Better offense and more focus on the match. Not that there's anything wrong with just having a good time."

She paused and blinked at Maya. "You two really never fought eachother? Mina made you sound so close that you did everything together."

Vice nodded knowing Mina was right about what she said she really did need to focus more and develop an offense. She snuggled against Mina smiling "thanks sweetie your right I do need to work on those things." Maya nodded looking at her sister with a smile before looking at Mina. "Well we do, do a lot of things together though there are times when we don't as both of us had different types of friends growing up. also Mina didn't start until after i started so it never really came about that we did wrestle each other some time."

Mina was always interested in the subject of wrestling, which she'd later realize did an excellent job of her fantasies running wild with the notion of the twins. Maya was unarguably an attractive girl, but she didn't quite have the same air about her as her sister. Mina felt it like a sort of aura, just reclusive enough to beckon you in.

"Still, that never came up? I'm impressed. Must be cuz you two are super close, I guess." She put her arms around Vice's neck and smooched her on the cheek. "I should thank you, I guess. For helpin' her out and takin' care of her long enough for me to find her, I mean." She looked adoringly into Mina's eyes. "And I'm so glad I did."

vice looked in to Mina's eyes her face was starting to turn red but a smile was all over her face as she couldn't help but enjoy it when she was so close. Vice giggled softly wondering why she was so easily affected by Mina it was like everything she did just made her happy or made her horny depending on the situation.

Maya got up looking at the two love birds laughing a little bit as she walked over to the fridge to get out a dream. "Yes well" she said "I don't think what happened when I used to give her baths could be called wrestling so that's why i didn't mention that." She opened up the fridge pulling out a Dr. Pepper popping the tab taking a swig.

Mina immediately went red, her eyes glazing over for a moment. That one was impossible to ignore. "What happened when... when..."

Mina had read a lot of manga in her youth, and was still a bit surprised that a nosebleed didn't start. She squeezed Vice's arm tightly as steamy, fleshy visions traipsed through her head.

("Oh, Nee-chan, you're so dirty! Need to scrub you everywhere!"
"Relax, sis... a tongue is just like a sponge..."
"Big sister, I can't reach there. Can you wash it for me?")

"Y... yea... Mina does like her baths..." Mina said awkwardly. "May I have one please?" she added quickly before Maya could shut the door to the fridge. It was getting very hot all of a sudden.

("Oh god, she knows I'm banging her sister!")

Vice looked at Mina as he arm was squeezed tightly biting her lip as it was causing her some pain and the fact that Mina's fantasies might not be far off. Maya grabbed another soda out of the fridge seemingly not noticing Mina's reaction as she walked back sitting down on the couch handing Mina the drink. She studied Mina's face though before gasping "o god Mina didn't say anything did she..." Vice blushed a bright red "well...Maya I didn't think she'd be interested in knowing."


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Mina Oates and Mina Vice. First date Empty Re: Mina Oates and Mina Vice. First date

Post by luffy316 on Thu Jun 04, 2009 1:40 pm

"Nothing specific!" Mina insisted quickly at Maya. "I swear! She mentioned that there were baths but that's it! I know lotsa people who took baths together as kids! The rest was just a pervy imagination entirely on my part, and I didn't even think it was true! Honest!"

(Well, I'm an open hentai,) her mind sighed as Mina blushed a bit, but loosened her grip on Vice's arm with a quick "Sorry, hon."
(With any luck, that doesn't mean much in a sex wrestling league)

"I didn't mean to intrude," she mumbled. She took a gulp of soda.

Mina blushed twiddling her thumbs "unfortunately what you were thinking was probably dead on" she said not even looking at Mina trying to cope with the thoughts. Maya looked down turning almost blood red "every bit" she mumbled before taking a long drink. The two didn't know if Mina had heard them or not though it would be very hard for her not to and she was the first person to ever know about this.

Mina coughed loudly. "Well... I'll say that's... sweet. How close you two were, I mean."

She saw the drop in mood she'd brought on the room and wouldn't have it.
Mina took a deep breath and a big drink of soda. Oates' didn't regret or sulk, her mama had taught her. They did something about it. She took Mina by the chin between two fingers and tilted her head upward. Her eyes were sharp and determined.

"Mina, don't forget what we said. I mean to stand by it. I'm not hurt or ashamed or even jealous that you had sex with her sister." Mina was too caught up in her determination to give the last sentence a second thought. "It's just that... well, I just thought it was really hot. There. It's just dirty thoughts, and I don't care, and neither should you. Your sister clearly loves you very much, and I don't even care if you two still mess around. And so long as you love me as much as I do you, I'll still stay with you for all of our beautiful life together."

She looked up at Maya. "And I'm still grateful for what you've done for her. And... and Mina's not just my girlfriend. I love her. I really do. And I'll do anything if it keeps her happy, so I'm perfectly willing to share her with her family. And if I must, I'm glad it's somebody as kind and lovely as yourself."

She took another big drink and caught her breath after her outburst.

Vice looked up at Mina not sure exactly what to say she was overwhelmed completely tears rolling down her cheek. she then kissed Mina on the lips deeply she had no words to say she was conveying her loving emotions through that one kiss which was a lot of love. Vice did break the kiss breathing heavily before she leaned in to Mina's ear whispering softly "I'm surprised that you didn't want to have a three some."

Maya looked at the two with a smile she was glad that her little sister was in love with a girl like that and she knew Mina was love in her little sister. Maya let out a soft sigh she never thought that someone would ever accept what those two had done on more than one occasion."If you two want I can lend you my bedroom for some privacy so you can talk I can tell when my sister wants to be alone to talk with someone."

"I didn't exactly said I didn't..." she whispered back in Vice's ear, suckling at her earlobe. She was intensely hot after her passionate kiss that had left her on her back, Vice lying on her chest. She gave Maya a glance and a smile. "Your sister IS kinda sexy," she added, a bit louder than a normal person may have thought to. "But you're my number one, sweetie. Only when you're ready. And you can bet your adorable little ass that I'LL be ready by that time," she giggled.

She glanced at Maya again before going back to her smaller sister. "All at your pace, my love. Whatever will please you most, I'm willing."

vice was just as hot as Mina though she was blushing a lot more shy at some of the thoughts that went through her mind though she truly wanted to try. She then whispered softly in to Mina's ear "I want to right now if you want to then lets do it i know Maya will. Though if we do this you'd better not lose that assertiveness that I love so much because well it just wouldn't be you."

Maya was still sitting there not quite sure what the two were talking about but she was biting her lip seeing two girls apparently in a very hot moment. She let out a small sigh as she leaned back in to the couch her mind starting to fill with dirty thoughts that made her blush.

Mina giggled loud enough for Maya to hear. "You want assertive?" she purred quietly, easing Vice off of her so she laid next to her on the couch. "Then follow my lead."

Mina strolled up to Maya, putting on her sexiest swagger to roll her hips from side to side seductively. She was certainly going to get her money's worth out of that dress, it seemed. "Maya," she said soft and sweetly as she could. "We've got something to ask you."

She would slide over to stand behind Maya if she didn't answer too quickly. laying her hands over her shoulders to gently hold her arms down. "But I'm better with actions than words," she whispered hotly in her ear before she began to plant long, wet, lingering kisses down her neck. She'd motion Mina over to join the fun as she got her sister warmed up, waiting for the slightest sign of resistance to the idea.

Maya watched as Mina got up watching her sexy walk she was onviously quite hot something she couldn't argue against a little turned on by just her walking. At Mina's question she arched her eye brow curiously not knowing what to say though what happened next totally caught her off guard. As Mina whispered in to her ear she let out a soft gasp she obviously shared her sisters weakness in hot dirty talk. Though as the kisses were planted on her neck her eyes closed leting out a soft moan they felt so good. Vice smiled before moving over to her sister sitting on her lap kissing her chest her hands moving up to the straps of her tank top sliding them down her arms.

"Well my my, Maya," Mina giggled girlishly as she saw Vice kiss along her bronzed chest and lowering her top around her arms. "You're such a greedy girl. Can't be satisfied with just one girl, I see." She planted a short nip on her neck flesh as she knelt down, bending Maya's head back slightly to expose her throat and face to her while staying behind.

Mina would suckle gently at Maya's throat, tasting her warm, tan skin eagerly with her lips and tongue. Mina raised her eyebrows at Vice as both of their lips tickled her sister's flesh. "Enjoy the show, love," she said slyly, taking hold of Maya's chin and locking lips with her with a wild hunger.

Maya was over whelmed as both girls kissed along her warm flesh her poor body and mind were in ecstacy she could only moan out in pleasure. Maya looked up at Mina as her head was tilted back staring at the red headed beauty in lust seeing why her sister had chosen such a women. Vice smiled as the tanktop fell down Mayas body exposing her clothed tan breasts before she looked up at Mina. Vice blushed a bright red as Mina kissed her sister with such hunger but it made her lust for both of them more. Maya moaned out loudly in to Mina's mouth as her lips pressed against her's her tounge licking along Mina's lips begging for Mina to open her mouth as she shook in pleasure.

Mina mutely complied with Maya's equally silent request, opening her mouth to welcome her equally eager tongue. She gently massaged and grappled with her own organ as she opened her eyes, giving Vice an enticing stare. "You like?" her eyes beckoned, her tongue being far too busy.

Mina would reach one hand down to Maya's chest through her bra alongside Vice's head.

Maya's eyes answered in a definitive yes as her tongue massaged Mina's her lips still hungrily kissing at hers. Maya didn't even notice Mina's hand moving down to her breasts until Mina rubbed along it making her let out a long moan in to Mina's mouth. Vice giggled at seeing how much effect this was having on Mina before she decided it was time for the bottoms to go which she began to tug down though she slid off of Maya's lap to tug them down bringing them off with relative ease. She giggled as she began to kiss back up Maya's leg going towards her pantie covered mound.

Mina lingered at Maya's mouth, comfortable in their warm kiss. She would look down and let out an aroused sigh as she saw Vice start undressing her sister and kiss up her leg.

She smiled mischievously and broke the kiss, trailing wet smooches down her throat. She would continue down her chest, planting them over the top of her breasts as she linked her hands behind Maya's back, lifting her gently off the couch and unhooking her bra. She would toss it away and begin kissing a fraction of an inch from Maya's nipple.

She'd reach down and gently take Mina's hand. "Room for one more," she'd grin, cupping Maya's other breast. "Care to join me for?"

Maya let out an aroused gasp as Mina started kissing down towards her breath putting up no resistance as Mina lifted her off the couch. Vice looked up at her lover with a giggle before moving up towards her sisters breast "don't mind if I do join you" she said hotly. vice then took Maya's nipple in to her mouth beginning to to suckle on it gently before running her tongue over it lightly. Maya was trembling now a wet spot growing on her panties as she closed her eyes letting out a loud moan as the treatment on her continued.

Mina smiled softly at Vice as she joined in her feasting. She winked at her as she took as much of Maya's breast in mouth as she could, contrary to the slow and steady approach Vice gave her right breast. She rolled her tongue around the nipple inside her mouth as her lips and teeth ravished the meaty breast.

She would slide an arm across Maya's body to link around Mina Vice's upper back, pulling her closer to her as well as to her sister. She had to wonder how much Vice was enjoying being the aggressor against her apparently more outgoing sister, and how much of it was brought out by Mina herself.

Maya was moaning loudly now as her breasts were ravished under the Mina's leaving her a shivering mass between the two girls unable to do much else. Her nipples were quickly rock hard, while the wet patch in her panties continued to grow rapidly showing that she was enjoying this treatment very much. Vice looked at Mina with a grin as she started to work more of the breast in to her mouth sucking on it happily. She also began to grind her own body against her sisters getting very aroused herself. "Mina how about we take Maya to her bed so we can have more fun" she whispered to her lover grinning at the thoughts of what her and her lover could do.

Mina grinned back just as wickedly, her creative mind already armed to the teeth. "Mmm hm. We're gonna need a lot of room for this one," she assured. She'd motion Vice to help her take one of Maya's arms each and pull her up, helping carry her to the bedroom if her legs were too weak to walk herself.

She'd wink at Vice on the way. "And don't think you're getting off the hook either, young lady. I'm sure Maya's going to be very grateful, and looking to pay you back somehow."

Vice looked at Mina with a grin she knew wher sister was going to pay her back after the ecstasy that was yet to come for her. "I know I know but your not off the hook either she is definitely going to get both of us for this though we will both enjoy it so no reason to complain really." Maya just let herself be carried to her room her legs felt like jelly right now she hardly heard the other two talking as she breathed in heavily her body shuttering as she was basically waiting for the treatment that was yet to come.

The Minas eased Maya onto the spacious bed in the next room. "The Vice family sure likes their beds..." Mina noted mentally.

Mina scratched her head for a moment. "At last, years of hentai studying will pay off," she giggled. She'd get onto her knees on the bed, giving ample view of her cleavage down her dress as she walked on all fours towards Maya. She'd straddle her arm, sitting facing Maya's breasts and wave Vice over to do the same to the other arm.

Whenever she'd arrive, Mina would take her gently by the chin and guide her into a warm, wet kiss. She would invade Vice's mouth with her tongue, working her up into a steady heat just in front of Maya's face. The aroma of their own building wetness on top of the scene was meant to drive Maya wild. She'd eventually begin to grind against Maya's chest, aiming to rub her wet panties against her nipple to tease her own clitoris.

Vice giggled as she climbed on to the bed with Mina crawling over on to her sisters arm straddling it as she looked at her lover with a grin. Vice let out a low moan in to Mina's wet kiss her lips parting for the invading tongue rubbing back against it with her own tongue. She slowly began to grind herself against Maya's nipple her wet panties a thin layer between nipple and clitoris.

Maya laid there watching the two share a passionate kiss on top of her making her start to breath heavy as she was seriously getting hot from watching this action. She squirmed underneath the two letting out aroused moans as she felt her stiffened nipples being rubbed against, but also because she wanted some of the action.

Mina's eyes drifted eventually downward to check on the writhing Maya. "Big sister seems jealous," she giggled in Vice's ear, making no effort to hide it. "You seem to have experience, so you must know what she likes best. What makes her reaaally squirm?"

vice giggled a little bit blushing though at the question Mina asked her but she had the answer she knew how to get under her skin. "Well in truth deprevation tends to get to her the most mostly what we're doing now. The more she can't have it the more she wants it and it gets to her quickly before she can't stand it." She iggled smiling at Mina giving her a gentle kiss "I hope that gives you a couple Ideas at least I don't know if I can help much more than that."

"A few," Mina whispered back. She grinned, delighted that her creative and exotic tastes in sexuality was so appreciated by her lovers. "Follow my lead. As usual."

Mina looked around for a moment for something useful, but finally hopped off of Maya and laid back on the bed. She smiled seductively at the darker twin, raising her long legs and giving her a gander at her thong-coated ass as she slid off her pantyhose. Hoping the show would distract her from her actual goal, Mina would take both of her hose in hand and slide up beside Maya.

She'd make eye contact with Vice. "On her belly," she'd mouth as secretly as she could, hoping for Vice to give her a hand in quickly rolling Maya over. If they could, or if she simply went with it, she'd use the newly acquired pantyhose to bind her wrists behind her back.

"How's that fit?" she'd giggle.

Maya lay there breathing heavily as she watched the long legged Mina lay in front of her staring at her thong coated ass. She had to admit this girl had a well toned butt and very shapely looking legs. So caught up in watching the girl she never realized what she was up. Maya let out a small yelp as she was suddenly rolled over on to her belly and her wrists were bound behind her back. She wiggled around on the bed wondering what the two Mina's were up to though she had to admit she wasn't going to resist "fits fine" she whimpered out. Vice giggled as she looked at her lover "this should be fun I hope her boyfriend doesn't mind what we do to her though knowing him he will just wish he was here."

"Who wouldn't!?" Mina said, excitement palpable in her voice. She took short note of the boyfriend fact, but she was far too caught up in the moment right now. Boyfriends were only so significant when there was a lesbian threesome going on. "Especially with the show we're about to put on..."

She wold secure Maya's arms behind her back before gently rolling Maya onto her back, having Vice help position her on the pillows to give her a roughly upright sitting position. She'd take Vice's hand, guiding her to sit on the bed. She'd slowly and purposefully slip behind Vice, sliding her chest against her back as she did. She would reach over Vice's shoulder with her one hand, cupping her right breast softly through her top before she reached her other arm around her waist, barely slipping it inside the hem of her shorts.

Mina would plant soft, teasing kisses down Vice's neck, making sure to lock eyes with Maya. "Shame you have to miss out on this," she purred between wet pecks at her sister's body. "She tastes sooo good. And I'm not even at the REALLY good parts yet. Don't know how you can handle it. Just watching and no touching when your sweet, sexy sister's in my arms...." Mina hoped that Maya would soon become painfully aware of how constricting she'd left the bindings, meant to keep her from touching herself.

Vice smiled as she put her sister in the sitting position enjoying the fact that she wouldn't be able to move for what her and Mina were going to do. Though she didn't expect Mina to slide behind her like she did feeling her breasts rub along her back teasingly. Vice let out a soft gasp as her hand cupped her clother breast, she then let out another gasp as she felt the hand slipping in to her shorts though not were she wanted to go. "Mmm...Mina" she moaned out as the kisses went on to her neck her body squirming against her lover as her eyes closed.

Maya locked eyes with Mina biting her lip as she saw sister being taken adavantage of right in front of her wanting to touch her sister and herself badly. Maya tried to pull her hands out of the binding but realized that she was quite constricted. "Ngh....this is torture" she whimped out as she squirmed sitting there obviously getting turned on by the show. Even though no one was touching her the wet patch on her panties had started to grow again as she got more aroused.

"The best kind of torture," Mina giggled. "Besides, you think that's good?" Mina slid her lower hand around Vice's belly, taking hold of the bottom of her shirt and lifting it up over her head. She'd trail her kisses down Vice's back before undoing her bra, letting it fall gently onto the bedsheets.

"Now watch close," Mina said softly to Maya. "Watch her body, but watch her eyes. That's the best part. You can see when she's shocked or when she's just soooo lost in the moment and when you're rocking her fucking world out of her head. And here's the best part..."

She'd tease her fingers over her nipples, stroking them into hardened peaks before she'd gently flow one's fingers down to her bottoms, sliding them down gently enough to sneak inside her panties and barely, gently touch her pussy lips.

Vice moaned softly as she felt the soft trail of kisses down her back shivering with each one her body waiting for the real treatment. Then as the bra fell down she bit her lip knowing what was coming her body squirming as she waited for Mina's touch. Vice let out soft loving moans as her nipples were being rubbed quickly turning in to hard peaks "o god yes that feels so good" She then let out a shocked gasp as she felt the finger touching her bare lips squirming more it was amazing she knew she was being used for a show but she loved it.

Maya sat there watching wiggling like crazy she was going crazy here seeing her sister getting so excited like this. Maya tried her hardest to get her hands free but they were bound securely she was watching the hottest porno in her life and she couldn't even touch herself.

Mina gently let her hands and lips drift away from Vice, hoping to entice her regular lover on top of her new one. She sat between the two women, turning her back to Vice and smiling over her shoulder at her. "Not fair that I'm the only one here with clothes on, is it?" she said suggestively, wiggling her hips.

If Vice would take the invitation and remove her dress, she'd suddenly lean backward acrobatically, keeping her knees bent and her back arched. She'd slip Vice's panties down to her knees and begin to softly lap at her lower lips.

Vice giggled looking at her lover as she got in between her and Maya nodding her head. "O yea its definitely not fair here then let me help you with that dress." She smiled taking a hold of her dress gently taking it down her body which left her in nothing but her bra and thong. She then let out a sudden gasp as her lover was bent backwards licking her lower lips not expecting such an acrobatic move. "O god Mina" she said not expecting such a thing but it was wonderful herr pussy already getting wet.

Maya on the other hand was going crazy as she watched the show it was to hot to just sit there unable to touch anything. She let out a soft whimper as her legs started to spread more and her breasts thrusted forward.

Mina eagerly drank up Vice's dripping pussy juice, her lips caressing her from below. Her hands held her thighs to keep her balanced. She could feel and hear Maya's whimpers and squirming. "Wait," Mina said softly. She meant it for Vice, but she attempted her best to make it just audible to Maya. "Don't let her have any yet... only once she begs. Then we can touch her..." She'd go back to kissing at Vice's pussy, gently starting to insert her tongue.

Vice nodded gasping softly smiling at the thought of Maya begging to be touched she hoped she could hold out for a while she was enjoying herself. "Alright" she said with a soft gasp as the tongue entered in to her pussy, letting out a soft moan she began to grind herself against her lovers face as her pussy began to drip more. "Watch Maya, watch as she has me all to herself and you don't even get to have yourself."

Maya whimpered more as she watched squirming more this was getting ridiculous she wanted something anything to touch her. "Please touch me, rub me anything o god this is killing me" she squirmed more letting out another low moan and whimper.

"Mmmmm..." Mina purred in approval as Vice started to grind against her. Despite having done most of the arousing in the situation, she was getting incredibly wet herself. She was incredibly turned on by the very idea of this situation, and to have both women practically begging for her. And twins! And wrestlers! She could almost cum at the thought.

She'd nod gently against Vice's pussy. She pulled her mouth away briefly with a smack of her lips, gulping down her mouthful of Vice's wetness. "Go ahead" Mina giggled. "Sister asked your for something, didn't she?" She'd urge Vice's hips gently with her palms, trying to guide her to lie on all fours facing Maya with Mina still under her hips, licking her up again.

Vice bit her lip as she was moved on to all fours looking at her bound sister with a devilish grin. "Alright then I guess I can't deny her any more can I." Vice smiled taking a hold of Maya's panties pulling them down looking at her dripping wet pussy knowing that she had been wanting this more. She moved in closely with her mouth licking at her pussy pressing her tongue inside her quickly. She twirled her tongue around inside her sucking upon her pussy eagerly as she moaned more with Mina eating her out.

Maya almost screamed in ecstasy as she was finally given the attention she had been desperately craving bucking herself in to her sisters tongue. "O god yes more please o god more" she cried out moaning loudly as her pussy was flooding itself.


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Mina Oates and Mina Vice. First date Empty Re: Mina Oates and Mina Vice. First date

Post by luffy316 on Thu Jun 04, 2009 1:55 pm

Mina squeaked quietly in delight into Vice's pussy. The moans and cries of family bonding rang out overhead, Mina doing her best to keep her eyes on the action as sister ate sister. One hand held onto Vice's buttocks, holding her wet sex, soaked in her saliva and Vice's own fluids, up to her face. Lying face up with her legs towards Maya, her crotch just beneath Vice's chest. She decided to put the fact to good use. Her nimble feet stretched up and cupped and rubbed at Maya's full breasts, tracing her toes occasionally over her already eagerly stiffened nipples.

She'd slide her left hand down her stomach, starting to stroke herself through her thong. She wasn't willing to be totally left out of the direct stimulation.

Vice kept up her tongue lashing not backing off a bit as her tongue worked in to Maya's soaked sex rubbing the most intimate part. AS she kept up her work she couldn't ignore the work being done on her Mina as she moaned out in loud pleasure starting to buck a little bit in to her lovers face. MAya was crying out in pleasure at this pint her legs trembling on either side of Vices while her pussy felt like it was about to burst. She then let out a sudden gasp as Mina's feet cupped her breasts her nipples loving the feel of her toes running across them adding on to the unexplainable pleasure she was already in.

Mina let out an excruciatingly long moan at the sight above her, getting a near ideal view of Vice's tongue lovingly rubbing over Maya's sex. Her rubbing would accelerate slightly, keeping herself satisfied but forcing herself to keep her full arousal for the other girls. Her delicate toes would womanhandle Maya's breasts as a sort of venting for her passion, and she would wrap her lips around Vice's clitoris, cocooning it in her mouth and letting her tongue rapidly flick at its tip.

Maya finally unable to handle it as she was just woman handled by the two other girls let out a scream of pleasure as her eyes rolled in to the back of her head. Her body convulsed in orgasm as she coated Vice's tongue bucking up and down wildly in ecstasy though her hands remained restrained from all of it. Vice moaned more as Maya orgasmed her clitoris throbbing more as Mina wrapped her tongue around it. With Maya done for the moment she pressed her sex down more on to Mina as she got closer to her orgasm.

Mina shivered, her face flushing the last bit possible into redness as she watched Maya cum. She was wildly turned on by the sisterly love, her noisy moans of ecstasy and squeaks for attenion muffled as she indulged on Vice's abundant honey-coated bud. There were times when her flow was so strong that she questioned if she'd drown and was only more aroused by the notion.

Her ran more gently and adoringly up and down Maya's belly and sides, taking hold of Vice's bottom and massaging her soft cheeks gently as she pulled her sex down deeper into her waiting mouth, smothering it in sweet kisses and long, strong licks. She wanted to give Vice just as explosive an orgasm, appropriate for the moment.


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Mina Oates and Mina Vice. First date Empty Re: Mina Oates and Mina Vice. First date

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