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I'm back

Wed May 20, 2020 4:48 am by Ragdoll_Jobbers

Hey everyone! I'm back. My grandparents are safe now and I have been able to get some free time again. I look forward to RPing and talking with everyone again.

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Cicilia De'Reignhardt: Looking for a Match

Tue May 19, 2020 10:41 pm by Cicilia


Looking for a match for my main German Juggernaut: Cicilia De'Reignhardt!

Match Type: Up for discussion! (Minus hentai)

Who wins: Up for Discussion!

Cicilia's Profile:

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Rookie Avalanche Event

Mon Oct 09, 2017 4:37 pm by Serpon

Rookies of AFW, are you trying to get your character in big events?  Well look no more, we have an event for you that will start in Avalanche.  What kind of event you ask, well we do have some ideas but we want your feedback as well.  I will be giving out suggestions but these are just suggestions, if you guys want to do something else, we can do something else.  For those of you who are wondering what is considered a rookie, anyone who has been around for less than two years or has less …

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Zeltron grappler

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Zeltron grappler Empty Zeltron grappler

Post by kiranar on Sat Jan 09, 2016 12:08 pm

Name: Shalana zebs
Race: Zeltron
Sex: Female
Age: 25
home planet: Zeltros
Entrance music:
Powers: a unique pherommones and minor telepathy to read arousal levels in her victim or just emotional state.
she is a heel


Strength: 4



favorite Moves
Unseen pheromones
She will casually release her pheromones to when close to start arousing her opponent.

Tree of Arousal
If she gets her opponent in a corner she will lift them and place them upside down in a tree of Woe where she will depends on her opponents gender pleasure them till either the oponent pushes me away or ref breaks us up.

Blowing the good night kiss
When she blows her kiss she will spray her opponent with a really potent aphrodisiac that if they are really close to climax it will push them into a climax.

Personality:Friendly, Seductive, but could be decieved at times.

While she was on the planet Zeltros Shalana was your typical young zeltron woman growing up learning different sensual arts, but finding something she desired while lacking a name for it at the moment. She would travel around the planet to the many wild parties that were always being held enjoying herself with a playmate of her chosing which wasn't in short supply. She studied chemistry during the more quiet moments on the planet when she wasn't sleeping which her instructors found she was quite adapt making a new aphrodisiac not quite as potent as the one commonly used on planet to make the parties unforgetably enjoyable for everyone. Shalana managed to refine it quite well to be nearly as powerful with it also being able to be made into a powder, liquid, or even breathable. One of her friends asked her to a particular party that had a very exotic guest list which including many men and women from across the galaxy which excited her. When they arrived she spoted an odd depression in the party hall which her friend said" you will see what it is used for later on after the party kicks into high gear." Hours later after visiting with the other party guests one Twilek woman anounced it was time for the ladies to go on the prowl for some sexual fun, but if there is compition for a lover the two must sexually duel with the winner getting the prize they desired while the loser rests off her defeat with the option to try again with a different opponent." Shalana noticed her friend took off and found herself a twilek male which happen to be the lover of the one who did the announcement which the two exchanged words then moved to the the smooth pit where they both striped completely. The two hissed at each other then pounced when one of the staff said go struggling to push the other onto her back while grinding against each other causing moans of pleasure from each other. It didnt take long before the Twilek woman took her opponent down and started tribing her out classed opponent through several powerful climaxes till she passed out in a sweating heap to be carried to some pillows to recover by the staff. The though of sexually dominating other women intriged Shalana so she picked her man that she knew would get her challenged by one of the other guests which happened to be an ebony woman who was watching the latest challenge till she spoted Shalana puting the moves on the one she desired. The two faced off poking the breasts into the others till the ring was cleaned then went to strip down for their duel which Shalana slowly striped to tease both her opponent along with everyone else which she noticed was working. The signal went and the two locked up to begin the normal grinding till someone had the advantage except Shalana leaned in and niped at her opponents weak spot which made her nearly fall down. Shalana proceeded to slowly dominate her opponent using her own experience with other women she slept to soundly defeat her opponent without looking worn out herself which intrigued the other women in which several of them one at a time challenged the appearent sexual titaness. One by one the challengers were layed out causing cheers from everyone except the hostess who was licking her lips ready to crush another Zeltron woman which looked like an actual challenge compared to the first one she crushed. She anounced that noone else may challenge Shalana till she rests up and enjoys a break from the action which she was starting to get that glow about her nude body. After she rested up the two went to the ring and wrestled around breaking the twliek womans record for longest match before Shalana went into a string of orgasms that left her passed out with her opponent close till she finishes herself off before laying down onto her opponent to rest after their long tiring match and satisfying pleasure from her climax. After the party she told Shalana of a league where she could find lots of different opponents of many exotic races to challenge.

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