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Looking for a match for a debut for new girl

Sat Aug 08, 2020 6:42 am by Void Effect

Like the title said: Looking for a match for Lily, contact me using Discord please or PM

Savannah 'The Bumpkin' Sayer FIasYCH

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Looking For Matches/Long Term Story Threads For New Wrestler

Fri Aug 07, 2020 12:19 pm by HighFly

Hey everyone, I just made JJ and need some threads for her!

I am looking for matches, maybe even a long term rivalry as well! If you feel like you want to work with her long term asa sparring partner for friend outside the ring after a match that is fine as well. Really anything that tells a fun story would be awesome! Please PM me if interested, thank you!

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Thu Aug 06, 2020 2:16 am by ChateauDame

My apologies for the delay on all posts and plans. My workday has a start time dialed back to a 4:00 AM start as of late and I don't end until about 4 or 5 PM so I am utterly tired as of late. I have about the rest of the week at this schedule and then it should lighten up a bit. I am optimistic for a sense of normalcy soon, maybe this weekend or start of next week.

Apologies for the delay!

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Savannah 'The Bumpkin' Sayer

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Savannah 'The Bumpkin' Sayer Empty Savannah 'The Bumpkin' Sayer

Post by yummybunny on Fri Jan 22, 2016 1:26 am

Savannah 'The Bumpkin' Sayer!
Nickname: 'Southern Sweet Heart' Age: 26 Gender: Female Height: 5f11h Weight: 160Ib Eyes: Green Hair: Amber Nationality: American'
Savannah 'The Bumpkin' Sayer Download_zpsix7pvznh


Savannah's Personality!

Savannah is just a good old, home grown, country boy. From the clothes she wears, to the way she speaks, to the way she handles her whisky. If she's got a problem with you, she'll handle it right then and there, no talkin' required. If she's hot for you, she'll get up the courage to ask you out, take you out and around and hope to get lucky. If your a friend of hers, she'll come through for you in thick and thin, through hot or cold. Even when she's gettin' down, feelin' all kinds of low, she'll keep it bottled inside, and work on what she needs to get down for the years end. She truly is a country boy, through and though.

When she isn't out messin' with her animals, or playin' with her boys around the town, she can be seen gettin' blasted in a bar. Takin' down shot after shot of whisky, and truly lettin' it all get in her head. When she's drunk she's like a whole new cowboy. Her emotions all come out, her feelin' start to run her mind, and choose her ideas. On top of that, this cowgirl get's a bit touchy-feely, and frisky at the same time, often throwin' off her shirt, and grabbin' a hold of the finest girl she can find before dancin' as closely as she can with 'er.

Savannah tries to keep a sense of respect when she fights, aimin' to keep everything above the belt, and clean. She likes to avoid fightin' people when there on the ground, and likes to keep goin' until one girl can't get back up. However, when someone gets 'er nice and drunk before a match, her morals go right out the window, and they better hope they'er able to handle a horny bronco.


Savannah's Appearance!
Buckin' Bronco!:

Savannah 'The Bumpkin' Sayer 5d3bee945b1bb7f3450c6d40db0190a0_zpsok8snfwc
"*Hic* Hm-hm hmmm h-*hic* mmm hm! I love this bar!"
Savannah 'The Bumpkin' Sayer Noibat_is_the_night_by_biscuitcrumbs-d6pliur22_zpsfl1y8cvy
"Mmm~ Somethin' wrong partner'~?"
Savannah 'The Bumpkin' Sayer 94abfaf301380d097b4a3bba6da07a4a_zpsxtzlyu2q
"*H-Hic* C'mon now, Vale, don't leave a cowgirl waitn'!"
Savannah 'The Bumpkin' Sayer 45bfa0728046dd08fc04c3c13edcf16e_zpsupk4zkix
"Hehe~ How long you gonna last, with this Bronco~?"


Savannah's Wrestlin' Info!

Alignment: Tweener
Preferred Matches: Mud Wrestlin'!


"Ya havin' fun partner?"
"This isn't your first rodeo, is it?"

"Whoa, feel's like my whole world's spinnin'"
"Gonna need to do more than that, to take me out!"

"Nothin' to it!"

"Oh', I'm not feelin' so hot"
"Ya lassoed me up nice and tight."

!: To earn money for her Farm.
!: To steal find strong, capable farm help.
!: Have an awesome time


Savannah's Stats' and Style!
Savannah 'The Bumpkin' Sayer 20160121114235_zpsb55cxrzv

Style: - Just be Patient: Bein' a farmer, Savanna's knows she has two very strong attributes on her side. Her strength from taking care of the farm, and her patience from farmin' and waitin' for crops to grow in. So, she uses these two together while fightin' to make a really strong style, that allows her to wait, and watch what her opponents gonna do, and where they'll mess up before she acts.

Preferred attacks:
When she wrestled back home in the mud, she liked to get up and personal with the other person, normally stickin' to hugs or body to body slams. She also likes usin' her strength and height to her advantage, and do some powerful bombs, or throws as well.

Finisher!: - 'C'mon Bessie!':
Van starts off the move, by liftin' her opponent up, and sittin' them down on her shoulders, with there crotch pressed to her face. She'd then walk around a bit, lettin' the crowd build up suspense for the move, before she begins to twirl around quickly like a top, spinnin' like crazy with the girl on top, before finally jumpin' up into the air mid spin, and extenedin' her arms up, and then down to finish the move, and slam her opponent down between her legs. Then, depending on the match type, she'd adapt it from there to take advantage.


Savannah's History and AFW record!
Wins: 0 Losses: 0 Draws: 0 Total: 0-0-0 Rivals: N/A Enemies: N/A Crushes: Elisa Valentina Friends/Allies: Elisa Valentina

Savannah's past isn't much of an intrestin' one. She was born on a farm to a hardworkin' mother and father, she was an only child, and as such she picked up most of the slack that her father left behind during his farm work. Because of this, while other girls were busy learnin' how to knit up clothin' or cook, or were bustin' tables as a waitress, she was busy becomin' your average farm boy.

While at first it didn't seem like a big deal, with her beatin' up any boy that talked smack, it got a bit worse in her teen years. While again, girls were out lookin' for guys to get with, and were busy gettin' rides from them in there pickups...She was busy doin' the pickin' up. Sense she'd hung out with guys for most of her life, bein' the ones she could relate to the most, she quickly began to connect to them in more ways then one. She started becomin' one of them, hittin' on girls, and takin' them out for a night of love makin'.

She'd lived a simple life up to her early twenties, with little to no real surprises rushin' in to upset it. She'd had a decent number of girls she'd seen, and had taken over the farm from her folks after they deiced to retire and settle down for their later years. But, the farm did come with its own set of problems, like the manpower it was takin' to run it. She was only one women, one, women, she didn't have the stamina and strength needed to take care of the whole farm by herself day 'n and day out. She needed some help...And help, she got.

One night, while drinkin' her worries away, and dancin' like a fool in her favorite bar, the Van, drunk off her mind, took home a sweet little number by the name of Elisa Valentina, a Spanish bun, with a little feisty body, and an even feistier attitude, when the two were about to get it on, the bun flipped the script on an unsuspecting Van, and Dominated the hell out of her, forcin' Van to moan her name, and admit defeat to the women's amazin' sexual skills. Vale, hearin' that Van' needed abit of help around the farm, deiced to kick in, and live with her, knowing that secretly, at the time, she'd just moved out of her parent's home, and had no clue how she was gonna get by.

While the girl was a great worker to have, and the two were really enjoyin' workin, and partying together, they were still lacking heavily in staff. Savannah, unsure of how she'd be able to keep her farm open, began to lose hope in it, before Vale came bustin' into their home one day, and slammed down a notice for a strange wrestlin' league, and explained how they could get some strong people from there to come in 'n work with them! Savannah at first seemed unsure of the whole idea, she slowly grew to like it, as she saw it as not only a way for her to get some helpers, but for her to finally beat out Vale, and possibly tell her how she was startin' to truly feel about the girl. With the idea in mind, the two decide to sign up, and wrestle together.

Friction Wrestlers!:

Savannah 'The Bumpkin' Sayer 089c6340-a62b-4c3f-a656-40600f81bdb0_zpsxcsawi9g
"Heeey, Heeeeey, all eyes on me✮~!"

Savannah 'The Bumpkin' Sayer 88c02b54-1914-438e-8ece-63e294635915_zpsyg10njwb
"Hanako will win!!!"


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