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Killer King

Sat Jul 04, 2020 5:58 am by KillerV

Looking for female opponents to lose against Killer King, willing to discuss about it...

Thanks in advance.

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Summer Splash start date reminder

Tue Jun 30, 2020 7:13 pm by Old_Man_Tai

Summer Splash starts on July 15th this year.

After the poll that was taken, we decided to push SS back a little this year, to give people more time to get stories together given the pandemic.

With July around the corner, we decided to give a couple extra weeks and start SS halfway through July, just to give people some more time.

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Coming Back?

Wed Jun 24, 2020 7:38 pm by Lotuswarrior

I've been thinking of coming back, but I want to focus on a single character to promote some development. Looking back at what I've done, I've been thinking about how I did things and how I've could've made them better.

Not saying I've greatly improved while I've been away, but I think that most people will at least notice some improvements in my future matches or roleplay events. I have a few characters that I want to truly focus on using, but the others will probably be deleted or turned …

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This Seems Familiar

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This Seems Familiar - Page 3 Empty Re: This Seems Familiar

Post by Liesmith on Thu Nov 17, 2016 3:34 pm

A firm nod in agreement followed Mikayla’s views – Alicia thoroughly agreed on that. Jocks were the worst, both before and – if they could get away with it – after they got their butts kicked. She’d had one or two who’d tried to laugh it off as well, though the redhead hadn’t ever been the pinning type. She’d always gone for submissions in those little matches and, once she’d got them locked up nice and tight, there hadn’t been much laughing.

Mikayla hadn’t seemed to know how to react to the revelation of what she’d done to Ian’s ribcage, but luckily not in a bad way. She seemed a bit impressed, before she started giggling – but in a good way. After a moment, Alicia joined in with a snicker of her own.

”I never asked,” She confessed, snickering again, ”But I’m pretty sure he was too embarrassed to try saying I did it. Got to be honest, I half think he thought it was worth it to roll with me in my underwear.”

Boys would be boys…

”Don’t worry,” Alicia was very clearly talking to Mikayla as she slid one leg under Aless, kicking the other up and over with practiced ease. She flashed the blonde a sharp grin, her ankles sliding together seemingly of their own accord and her quads delivering a first, testing pulse of pressure. Nothing serious yet – just the redhead bracketing her target.

Making sure she had everything in exactly the right position.

”I promise not to break anything.”

And with that, possibly less than reassuring promise, Alicia took a deep breath, let it out and squeezed Aless – not using her full strength yet but, after Mikayla’s try, just applying as much power as she felt she’d need for an instant tap. That was about all the concession she was giving to the leaner redhead being the blonde’s friend.

Otherwise, like the rest of the trainers, it’d have been tap, nap or snap for Aless. It’d still be tap or deal with a lot of pain, of course, but there wouldn’t be any damage.

As she put on the pressure, Alicia’s thighs swelled, flexing until they could have been sculpted from marble.

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This Seems Familiar - Page 3 Empty Re: This Seems Familiar

Post by Rei on Thu Apr 06, 2017 1:46 am

Mikayla held in a disgusted snicker and shook her head. Of course this jock thought it was worth getting squeezed and shamed to get to enjoy Alicia in her underwear. Mikayla supposed she could understand it – it wasn’t as if anyone but him and Alicia would know anything about what had happened – but it was still kind of sad that a guy had to resort to that to get to tangle up with a girl. That could always come later if he was into it…

Or she, in Mikayla’s case, she supposed, thinking of Fallon. But they kind of knew what they were getting into, each choosing to be with a competitive wrestler… no egos to destroy there.

Though Alicia told her not to worry, Mikayla… worried, as she rocked on her feet and watched Alicia get her gams around Aless’ midsection. It was weird – Mikayla had been squeezing on Aless all the time when she first arrived to be able to improve herself, but she supposed when it was her doing the squeezing, she knew what the limits would be and was aware of when it was getting to be too much. Watching Alicia do the work, with those broader legs of hers – it had Mikayla kind of anxious for Aless’ ribs, too. And her breathing ability. And whatever tendency she had towards passing out when under this kind of duress…

Then again, Alicia promised not to break anything, so that was good. ”You heard her, Aless, don’t worry!” The trainer didn’t look particularly convinced. At least passing out didn’t lead to a hospital trip… Smiling through her worries, though, Mikayla squatted to watch the scene.

What followed was as impressive as Mikayla thought it would be.

Aless let out a little choked cough almost as soon as the pressure started, and Mikayla’s violet eyes slid from Alicia’s bulging legs up to the trainer’s face in time to see her leaning her head back to deal with the crushing of her torso.

Mikayla could tell… Alicia had done this hundreds of times. Thousands. She made it looked so practiced and routine, but her legs bulged from end to end with power that Mikayla could put out herself… but with a lot more leaning down and wrenching. It made sense, because Alicia was bigger, but the process also looked more… effortless. Less tiring. As Aless’ hand wavered over a pale thigh, just barely resisting a tap as she started groaning, Mikayla briefly forgot the trainer’s plight in favor of her fascination. ”Do you even strain to keep balance for flexing your legs when you do that? What are you leaning on?”


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This Seems Familiar - Page 3 Empty Re: This Seems Familiar

Post by Liesmith on Thu Apr 06, 2017 10:20 pm

This was far from the first time Alicia had been demonstrating her scissors for an audience. She’d done it more than a few times at school, when she’d been picking it up, then when she’d auditioned for Friction. It didn’t particularly bother her and it didn’t bother her now. Mikayla had shown what she could do and now it was her own turn to strut her stuff. So to speak.

Admittedly, her assurance not to worry hadn’t really been calculated to make anyone not worry.

So Aless worrying was a good sign that she was more intelligent than 90% of the training staff hereabouts.

That said, perhaps it was all that training with Mikayla, perhaps she was just that bit tougher. Either way, the redhead didn’t get the instant tap she’d been going for. Aless did have her hand wavering over the big thigh pressing on her stomach but it didn’t fall.

Alicia kept her eye on that hand, watching it waver. And decided to expedite the process.

Mikayla interjected at that point, drawing the redhead’s attention away from the squirming trainer, though Alicia’s thighs didn’t slacken a millimetre in their vice.

An eyebrow rose at the questions though. What was she resting on?

”My elbow?” Alicia’s words were as much a question as a statement, feeling it was perfectly obvious what she was leaning on. As for struggling to keep her balance, well, she was pretty clearly not struggling with any of this.

At the same time as she spoke, the legs wrapped around Aless’ belly started to close in tighter, the pressure steadily ramping up as if trying to touch through the trainer’s body. Alicia was aiming to score that tap. She was still being careful not to risk an injury but, after all their talk, she felt like showing Mikayla what she could do.

So, well – Aless was going to tap. She was going to tap in the next few seconds and Alicia was going to keep squeezing tighter and tighter and tighter until she found Aless’ quitting point.

Friction - Isabel Armstrong - Submission Specialist


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This Seems Familiar - Page 3 Empty Re: This Seems Familiar

Post by Sponsored content

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