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Need Debut matches/Simply looking for more

Tue Sep 08, 2020 11:19 pm by Void Effect

Got bunch of girls that need to debut, if anyone interested, PM me here or on Discord

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Poll regarding the possibility of Mods booking PPV matches.

Sat Oct 24, 2020 1:43 am by Old_Man_Tai

So, basically, was wondering all of your thoughts regarding the possiblity of mods booking ppv matches.

The thought was, since people often seem to have trouble finding partners for ppv matches until the last minute or so, what if the mod team was to step in and, well in advance of the show, book the show ourselves, and try to put together the best matches we can, including title defenses, no.1 contender matches, and so on and so forth?

While I doubt our more popular members need such a …

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General Avalanche Reminder

Fri Oct 23, 2020 9:21 pm by Old_Man_Tai

General Reminder: Friction PPV Avalanche goes live on December 1st: So if you need to do any promos or build up for your Avalanche matches, you should be focusing on that now. You are allowed to do such things over Discord and then post them after if it helps get them done faster so matches have proper build up.

Also, if you are looking to get on the ppv, and have a partner and match set up, (or can do so quickly), contact me to let me know what match you are doing on the show.

If you have …

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Sunetra Yasar "The Violet Queen"

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Sunetra Yasar "The Violet Queen" Empty Sunetra Yasar "The Violet Queen"

Post by valen311 on Wed May 18, 2016 5:39 am

Name: Sunetra "The Violet Queen" Yasar
Country: Formerly Ankara, Turkey, now lives in Tokyo, Japan
Age: 24
Hair: Purple (naturally black)
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'7
Weight: 135lbs

General Info From AFW Files:

Sunetra was born in poverty in Turkey. In her teens, she fell in love with the Yagli Gures oil wrestling that is the national sport there. Although she learned all that she could from various teachers, it wasn't much, due to the fact it was a male dominated sport. However, at 19, she came across an underground all female oil wrestling league, run by rich men who loved to see women oil up and grapple with one the nude. At first wary, Sunetra joined for the money which she desperately needed. She discovered a side of her that liked that clash of naked bodies, struggling to pin the other down, to force a submission. When the men added forcing orgasms as a way to win points and extra money, Sunetra and the other girls adjusted quickly, and she discovered she didn't mind it all. With her basic knowledge of grappling, Sunetra was quite successful, winning way more than she lost. However, the league was eventually discovered by police, who broke it up. Her family, ashamed at what she had done, disowned her. However, she had quite a bit of money saved at this point, and came to Japan where she heard about the AFW and it's various erotic wrestling matches. She quickly joined, looking for the thrills she once had.

After taking the time to learn the ways of professional wrestling from various trainers, including AFW Sex Wars veteran Johnny Laurence, Sunetra has entered the Friction league, with plans to also join Tension if things go well.

Personality: Sunetra often comes across as cocky, as she often matter of factly describes her wrestling and grappling talents and her belief that she will become a force to be reckoned with in the AFW. Having come from a poor family, she didn't have much kindness in her life growing up. As such, she's developed a serious, often cold demeanor that's off putting when people meet her for the first time. However, if someone took the time to get to know her, they find a passionate woman who is quickly falling in love with the idea of starting as a pauper and becoming a queen and has a love for wrestling. Perhaps a little too much love...

She quickly used her love of the color violet to establish a part of her royal identity as she enters the AFW. Sunetra has a love for music, and dancing and food. Not just eating for eating's sake, but because meals often brought people together back in her home city. Being a stranger to Japan, she finds something new everyday in this place she's decided to call home. Often outside of the ring you can find her wandering Tokyo, seeing the city and it's sites, as well talking to the people, although with varying degrees of success. While she has learned a lot of Japanese since her arrival in Tokyo three years ago, it's still obvious that it and English are second languages. Her primary language is still Turkish, and she also knows Arabic. English in particular is a hard tongue for her to master, but she's working on it.

Sunetra Yasar "The Violet Queen" FW5E0Rd
(Promo poster for the AFW's training league)

("Because they asked for something involving beachwear....I think I like my usual outfit better.")
Sunetra Yasar "The Violet Queen" U6AiR7z

Sunetra Yasar "The Violet Queen" IrHvD7I

Entrance Theme: Vagrant Story Opening Theme   

Favored Matches: Hentai, Hardstyle Hentai, standard, submission. Sunetra loves wrestling, the feeling of body on body while struggling for control and as such, is willing to match up against others in almost any scene, with the exception of hardcore matches.

Favored moves: She's definitely proficient with tackles, various throws and basic wrestling slams, but Sunetra truly shines when using submission and sensual holds. Strikes don't really seem to be a big part of her offense, mainly using open handed slaps and palm strikes to stagger opponents and open them up to holds or throws. Although she has a signature move from the second rope, Sunetra prefers to spend most of a match with both feet on the mats. She has been seen using somewhat unorthodox pinning holds as well. Sunetra can be surprisingly tough, given her royal demeanor. But her poor upbringing and over developed sense of pride makes her resilient, especially when in submission holds. She is also at home in oil wrestling events, able to move quickly and keep her balance despite how slippery the mats may be.

Signature Moves: Seated Senton butt drop to face up opponent's chest from the second rope while in the corner. She usually doesn't attempt a pin afterwrds, instead dragging the opponent away into the middle of the ring to continue the action ("Haha, that was fun! Come along...!")
Gannosuke Clutch A pinning hold that can be surprisingly effective on the unprepared, or the exhausted. Although a signature move, Sunetra has had some success winning in the training league with this. ("Escape if you can!")
Full Nelson Sit Out Atomic Drop Usually used after dodging a punch, or in a situation when Sunetra can attack a foe from behind. ("Now, sit on that!")
Running Jumping Hip Attack: (Make way, aptal! (fool!))

Finishing Moves:
Queen's Caress: (Hentai): With the victim seated, Sunetra sits behind them, her legs curling around her foe's legs and spreading them open in a grapevine fashion, exposing their sex. One arm traps the victim in a dragon sleeper while Sunetra forces an orgasmic surrender with her talented fingers. ("There, there. This is how it's meant to be. Now, cum for your queen...")

Violet Reign: Applied to a face up opponent, Sunetra seizes one of their arms before quickly walking around the opponent's head to their other side, forcing the victim to roll onto their stomach. She then kneels on the back of the opponent, clinching the victim's arm behind their knee, and applies an Arm Trap Single leg Boston crab, completing the hold. ("Enough, this ends now.")



Sunetra Yasar vs Tsubame Gozen: Sunetra makes her debut, and comes in looking to begin her reign as a true queen of the ring. Will Tsubame Gozen despoil her thunder, or will she kneel before the Violet Queen?


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