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Killer King

Sat Jul 04, 2020 5:58 am by KillerV

Looking for female opponents to lose against Killer King, willing to discuss about it...

Thanks in advance.

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Summer Splash start date reminder

Tue Jun 30, 2020 7:13 pm by Old_Man_Tai

Summer Splash starts on July 15th this year.

After the poll that was taken, we decided to push SS back a little this year, to give people more time to get stories together given the pandemic.

With July around the corner, we decided to give a couple extra weeks and start SS halfway through July, just to give people some more time.

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Coming Back?

Wed Jun 24, 2020 7:38 pm by Lotuswarrior

I've been thinking of coming back, but I want to focus on a single character to promote some development. Looking back at what I've done, I've been thinking about how I did things and how I've could've made them better.

Not saying I've greatly improved while I've been away, but I think that most people will at least notice some improvements in my future matches or roleplay events. I have a few characters that I want to truly focus on using, but the others will probably be deleted or turned …

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Anime_hentaifighter rooster

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Anime_hentaifighter rooster Empty Anime_hentaifighter rooster

Post by anime_hentaifighter on Thu May 19, 2016 1:18 pm

Anime_hentaifighter rooster 166a726eb28cae23681d3537ccf6bf6d
AFW Newest Reporter - Elena Vandersteen


Anime_hentaifighter rooster Rqbga42eqrbacwmxqt2yq2klwqrzo2nz_hq
Yugito Shirone - The cat lover

Anime_hentaifighter rooster Latest?cb=20110213233710
Lyra Heart - enthusiastic singer

Anime_hentaifighter rooster Manga_by_zict7-d3hk045
Akemi Tsukuyomi - The shy moon goddess

Anime_hentaifighter rooster Art_trade__dawn__total_drama_series__by_satoshitakeo-d71tjqg
Luna Sage - The aura reading animal lover

Anime_hentaifighter rooster Princess_daisy_ii_by_layerth-d72kjn8
Esmeralda Santana - The perfect Athlete

Anime_hentaifighter rooster 00599a9bd191266ab4ab63a69a4aaa72
Irene Adams - The arrogant PI

Anime_hentaifighter rooster 189bd32bbc2e2a519ee802a38a1b327c
Diana Kim - The Masked Vigilante

Anime_hentaifighter rooster Fe8
Tuya Radna - The Mongolian beauty

Anime_hentaifighter rooster April_o_neil_by_papawaff-da1byl2
Ella Geerts - The manipulating Teen

Anime_hentaifighter rooster 281246-shantae
Jasmine Deha - Bellydancing extraordinary  

Anime_hentaifighter rooster Cbc9ebf03305f0f2bad99f5176d9388f
Summer Samson - The queen bee

Anime_hentaifighter rooster Trixie_sepsy_by_shinta_girl-d8l523u
Bellatrix Booth - The Queen's magician

Anime_hentaifighter rooster S-l300
Kara Mui - Martial arts milf

Anime_hentaifighter rooster College-Student-Belle
Athena the Librarian -  The dedicated Librarian

Anime_hentaifighter rooster Latest?cb=20150228095133&path-prefix=protagonist
Regina Ravenwood - The Noble Bitch

Anime_hentaifighter rooster 46328
Gwen Gothica - the Gothic witch who hopes to become a highflyer

Anime_hentaifighter rooster Shirayuki_mizore_colored_by_sangrde-d5d99t6
Mizore Shirayuki - the winter loving grabbler

Anime_hentaifighter rooster Sexy_bloom_enchantix_by_randomperson77-d8fa2wk
Bloom Domino - The cosplaying Fairy

Anime_hentaifighter rooster 500050-linda_halloween_large
Linda Halloween - The American powerhouse

Anime_hentaifighter rooster Silky_dancer__ty_lee_by_thefxgirl-d8u5m49
Ty lee - The Sexual Acrobat

Anime_hentaifighter rooster Katara12
Kaiala Yuritza - The Brazilian submission specialist  part of the tagteam called  the surfing girls

Anime_hentaifighter rooster 0e998fd213e9817df326c917c5270662_zpsfxjxa7ky
Korralyn Ramos - The Filipino Amazone part of the tagteam called  the surfing girls

Anime_hentaifighter rooster Summer_misty_by_louisblack78
Ariel de Ruyter - The naive newcomer

Anime_hentaifighter rooster Tifa__s_7th_heaven_by_momorii-d42w97a
Tiffany ''Jinx'' Daniels - The brawling Barmaid

Anime_hentaifighter rooster Raven_the_titan_by_w_e_z-d4ua2cr
Morgana Corvi - The Purple haired avenger

Picture of the  Nymphs together Anime_hentaifighter rooster Will_and_irma_by_vp_artworks-d2ypnts
Lynn fox & Evenna Carey aka the Nymphs
Lynn and Evenna are into single matches as well


Anime_hentaifighter rooster Tsume%20Inuzuka-from-Naruto-12602-2530992
Tsumi Ama - The wild dog

Anime_hentaifighter rooster Queen_revy_by_toms2435-d69bjre
Rebecca Nightgale

Anime_hentaifighter rooster 168110-4de1ecaa00e1b41fd4e6c73fbe649e0b92bf91ee_2__large
Jenny Quick - The Lawbreaking cop

Anime_hentaifighter rooster Doctor_sexy_tsunade_by_darkalx-d3kvbko
Tsunade Senju - The doctor of love

Anime_hentaifighter rooster A8bb60cf30ac20d0ff07082f68b2e832
Cyrena Eros - The reborn Aphrodite

Anime_hentaifighter rooster Farm_rogue_by_kayzer-d51tesu
The Southern Seductress - Roseline Lebeau

My fighting girls

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