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Need Debut matches/Simply looking for more

Tue Sep 08, 2020 11:19 pm by Void Effect

Got bunch of girls that need to debut, if anyone interested, PM me here or on Discord

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Poll regarding Kayfabe rules of hentai in non-hentai matches.

Sat Oct 17, 2020 9:03 pm by Old_Man_Tai

So, one of the various different things we are looking to bring to the board soon, is an official list of "In-World Rules", to help with world building and such and just make clear what the in-story rules of the Friction and Tension leagues are.

One thing I've noticed that people seem to handle differently, is the idea of using hentai, as in fucking, groping, stimulation, anything actually involving touching privates and beyond just flirting/kissing/rubbing in non-hentai matches. Some seem to …

[ Full reading ]

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Looking for a match.

Thu Oct 08, 2020 10:11 pm by Old_Man_Tai

Simply put, looking to get Silver Ace two or three short, quick matches to set up her story for her Avalanche match.

Also if somebody knows how to use photoshop, have a favor to ask.

Contact me on Discord or PM if you are interested.

Would be willing to offer proper matches with other characters in trade if that's acceptable.

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Julie O'Reilly - The Spunky Irish

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Julie O'Reilly - The Spunky Irish Empty Julie O'Reilly - The Spunky Irish

Post by Jaystar on Thu Mar 23, 2017 9:14 pm

Julie O'Reilly - The Spunky Irish!

Julie O'Reilly - The Spunky Irish ZKQHNat

Personal Information

Real name: Julie O’Reilly
Wrestling alias: The Spunky Irish
Sex: Female
Age: 22
Eyes: Blue
Hair: "Ginger!"
Height: 5’4 (163cm)
Weight: 115lbs (52kg)
Nationality: Irish
Alignment: Jobberish Face
Entrance music: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Irish Celebration

Wrestling Information

Wrestling strategy: Julie is brave to take on new opponents, and tries to counter their strategy in the most effective way possible. She’s definitely more focused on defending than attacking, and can move around the ring very fast. Strategy to win relies on speed and getting the opponent ending up in a precarious situation, making it possible for Julie to get the upper hand.

Preferred Matches: Julie is used to standard matches, bed wrestling and submission matches. However, as an adventurous person, she’s quite willing to try anything new.

Attitude to hentai: “Oh, I’ve never done that…. It looks kinda fun though!

Physical Statistics

Endurance: ★★★ – Julie isn’t one to give up easily, and likes to have quite long matches. However, her opponents haven’t usually been too hard on her, so she’s not used to take really strong hits.
Strength:★½ – Julie has been to the gym, sometimes, mainly to keep herself in shape. She’s able to counter average girls her size, but then again, she is quite small. And wrestlers are rarely average.
Speed:★★★★★  – Julie’s strategy really relies on speed, and that’s what she’s been developing the most.  
Defence:★★ – Julie has some defending skills, mostly those relying on speedy moves, but gets in trouble if caught in holds.  
Technique:★★ – As a long-time wrestling fan she knows a lot of technique, but in practice she’s lacking in skill.  

Wrestling Statistics

Strikes:★★½ – She’s good at strikes after some speedy moves, but otherwise doesn’t really pack a punch.
Submissions:★★★ – Julie is quite good at submissions, especially when getting her opponent in a precarious situation.    
Powerhouse:★ – Julie knows that she’s not really strong, so avoids any power moves.  
Aerials: ★★½ – She knows quite a variety of aerial moves, but lacks somewhat in experience with them.
Counters:★★½ – Julie countering relies on being fast enough to avoid the attack, and then strike from the other side. But if she gets caught, her counters tend to be ineffective.

Favored moves: Speedy moves avoiding attacks, trying to end up with strikes or submission holds.

Finishing moves: The O’Reilly Cross: The move begins in a situation where Julie manages to barely avoid an attack and then quickly position behind the opponent. Then she peforms a Schoolboy Sweep to slam the opponent on their back, then quickly jumping to a sitting position on their belly. But she immediately continues by grabbing the opponent’s wrists, and leaning forward to cross their arms over their throat. Finally, she positions herself on their chest and applies neckscissors with their crossed arms also caught between her thighs, with the aim of her opponent choking themselves to a submission.


Personality: Julie is a cheerful and adventurous person. She’s usually in a happy mood and always ready to try new things. While being quite social, usually she only has a few close friends.  Likes to party though, and travelling is her passion. Besides wrestling. In the ring she is a brave contender, willing to do her best against any kind of opponent in any kind of match. The mentality has ended her up with a lot of losses, but she still enjoys the matches and the fight.

Past/History: Julie was born in Dublin. Her mother was an accountant, and father a successful businessman. Her father had been assigned for a manager position in Canada, and had left there right before her mother found out she was pregnant. Hearing the news, he had promised to come back to Ireland as soon as possible. He never came, and a couple of years later Julie’s mother saw a picture of him with a younger lover.

Devastated for the father bailing out, Julie’s mother turned all her love and attention on her. She had a very protected childhood, but when becoming a teenager, that backfired. Julie started rebelling a lot against the limits her mother set her, wanting desperately to become more independent. Her father bailing out meant she never really learned to trust on boys, but she started sneaking often out with one of her friends, Katy. They became close, well, very close friends, often being intimate with each other.

Also as a teenager, Julie became hooked on wrestling. She wanted to watch every show, especially if women were involved. The fight for the win really appealed to her, and she often fantasized about being in the ring herself. Eventually, she ended up having some matches with Katy. Katy considered it more as a sexual foreplay, while for Julie the main point was the fight. She wanted to try all the tricks she had seen on Katy, and wasn’t happy when often Katy eventually just let Julie have her way with her, not really putting up a fight.

When Julie turned 19, two major changes faced her life. Firstly, Katy suddenly became involved with a guy. They soon ended up having an intense relationship, which left Julie heartbroken. Secondly, her mother also started dating a man, which made Julie wanting more and more independence. She decided to apply for the University of Iceland to study meteorology, and got accepted. It was time to move, and leave Ireland behind her.

After a year of studying and enjoying independence, Julie had to move into a shared apartment on the campus. She got herself a roommate, Isa. They soon became good friends. Julie was still having the wrestling addiction in her veins. One night they were sharing a bottle (or two) of wine together, Julie asked Isa whether she liked about wrestling. Isa admitted watching it a few times some years ago, but considered it to be a bit goofy men’s play. Julie then asked whether Isa didn’t think that girls could wrestle, to which she replied “Well, I guess they can…but do they?” “Haha, if you want, I can show ya…!” Julie told her.

Consequently, Julie started teaching Isa all kinds of wrestling moves. They ended up having a lot of bed wrestling matches together. Isa loved it, and learned quickly. Julie loved the way she was eagerly learning the moves, and started secretly having a slight crush on her. However, Julie was quite a bit smaller than her, so Isa soon became the dominant wrestler. She asked Julie what she thought about that, and Julie convinced that she loved wrestling her, even if she was doomed to be the jobber. But that they could always try to find out if there were any other eager wrestlers in the campus…

Isa and Julie decided to publish an invitation at the campus: “Any girls who love to wrestle are welcome to the gym campus at Midnight on Monday!” They were quite skeptical of anyone showing up, and wanted to time the event so that there wouldn’t be any unwanted visitors. However, a few girls actually showed up. Isa ended up inviting a lurking guy to join them, so eventually Julie got to taste how it was to wrestle a guy.

The group began to meet up every once in a while for a training session, and eventually ended up arranging some tournaments to perform for the other students of the campus. For that purpose they wanted to create unique wrestling aliases for each other. Julie came up with the “The Spunky Irish” for herself, which she considered to reflect well her cheerful and speedy style. Although trying not to get too much attention at first, the shows became popular events at the campus. For some reason, Isa happened to be the biggest wrestler of them all, and was usually the one who ended up winning. Meanwhile, Julie had become the group’s jobber. Although it wasn’t her intention, she didn’t really mind.

After a while, Isa announced she was going to head for her exchange studies in Japan. Julie didn’t take the news quite well at first. Even though it was supposed to be temporary, it meant that she would lose her dearest wrestling opponent, and their campus wrestling group would lose their brightest star. Then one night, Julie was watching an AFW wrestling night on her computer. Suddenly, she came up with a plan. Behind Isa’s back, Julie plotted a scheme to make her an application to AFW. Soon enough, Isa had been accepted. Julie grinned at the thought of watching Isa wrestle on Japan. It would be so much fun, almost as fun as… And in no time, she found herself filing another application, this time for herself. Julie was very excited about her plan, but was somewhat worried how Isa would react. And soon it was time for Julie to tell Isa the news.

Isa: “But… But… What were you thinking? Yeah I know I’m strong, and quite skilled, but I’m not a PRO!!
Julie: “Oh don’t be silly… You’re the best wrestler of our group, don’t worry, it’ll go great!” “I can join ya!

Wrestling attire:

Julie O'Reilly - The Spunky Irish RZPtiK8

"Hey there... Wanna wrestle with me?"

Julie O'Reilly - The Spunky Irish RqPX26w

Julie challenging Isa to another bed wrestling match

Julie O'Reilly - The Spunky Irish S9WkAfC

"H-h-how did you get this?!?!?!"

Julie O'Reilly - The Spunky Irish TOiml36

Fun Facts:
- Julie has travelled to 50 different countries
- Her favorite drink is Long Island Ice Tea

AFW Information

Wins: 0

Losses: 3

Draws: 0


Friends: Ísafold Hjalmarsdottir
Crushes: Ísafold Hjalmarsdottir (obviously secret)


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