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Poll regarding the possibility of Mods booking PPV matches.

Fri Oct 23, 2020 8:43 pm by Old_Man_Tai

So, basically, was wondering all of your thoughts regarding the possiblity of mods booking ppv matches.

The thought was, since people often seem to have trouble finding partners for ppv matches until the last minute or so, what if the mod team was to step in and, well in advance of the show, book the show ourselves, and try to put together the best matches we can, including title defenses, no.1 contender matches, and so on and so forth?

While I doubt our more popular members need such a …

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Need Debut matches/Simply looking for more

Tue Sep 08, 2020 6:19 pm by Void Effect

Got bunch of girls that need to debut, if anyone interested, PM me here or on Discord

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General Avalanche Reminder

Fri Oct 23, 2020 4:21 pm by Old_Man_Tai

General Reminder: Friction PPV Avalanche goes live on December 1st: So if you need to do any promos or build up for your Avalanche matches, you should be focusing on that now. You are allowed to do such things over Discord and then post them after if it helps get them done faster so matches have proper build up.

Also, if you are looking to get on the ppv, and have a partner and match set up, (or can do so quickly), contact me to let me know what match you are doing on the show.

If you have …

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Masuyo Ai

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Masuyo Ai Empty Masuyo Ai

Post by Berial on Wed Jul 12, 2017 1:50 am

Masuyo Ai
"The Demon of Shibuya"

Masuyo Ai 2zzDAYp

Sex: Female
Age: 20
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 155 lbs
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Black
Hometown: Tokyo Metropolis
Nationality: Japanese
Alignment: Face

Entrance music:

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Masuyo is a rather agressive fighter who aims to be the first to strike when the match is underway. She tries to keep the pressure on her opponent by throwing everything she has at them. She harasses them with quick strikes, getting in their face and never surrendering an inch. When she has them down, she'll wear them down with tight submission holds to either force a knockout or a tap. She either fights with all of her spirit, or none of it at all. This doesn't mean, however, that she is without caution and is far from careless. She is constantly gauging her opponent, looking for openings and watching for counters. She isn't above using dirty tactics to win, but likes to rely upon her own strength whenever she can if she is to improve herself.

Type: Striking Submissionist
Style: MMA / Aikido

Preferred Matches:  Standard l Hardcore l Iron Woman l Cage/Octagon Match

Favorite Moves:
- Rear Naked Choke
- Guillotine Choke
- Gogoplata
- D'Arce Choke
- Kimura Lock

Finishing moves:
Demonic Pull: Starts out as a simple Bow and Arrow. Masuyo then extends her legs and moves her grips onto the opponents shin and forearm. This extends the bow and whilst she manages to keep her foe balanced on their side, allowing gravity to assist in the punishment as she bears down on them. Given her superior strength, this move has the potential to tear a limb from its socket if done harshly enough.

Physical Stats
Endurance: ★★★★★
Spent a lot of her time before AFW hunting bullies and harassing criminals. Has been in more than a few scraps as a result, outnumbered and outgunned, losing in these circumstances more often than not until authorities arrived. However, she is all the stronger for it and can easily take punishment from anyone. No matter how large or how tough, she's always determined to be the last one standing.
Strength: ★★★★☆
Maintains a consistent conditioning schedule and has been mentored by an accomplished fighter within the Shibuya ward. Her street brawls have only added to her experience. She hits hard and strikes true. Anyone caught in this tempest best steel themselves. A firm swing will leave you flat!
Speed: ★★★☆☆
With martial artists and gangsters alike, Masuyo understands that being quick on your feet will keep you out of harm's way. She can move deftly to the side or behind an opponent as well, but only if they're caught unawares first.
Defense: ★★★☆☆
Keeps up a decent guard, but is used to being on the offense. Knows how to take and dodge a punch, as well as the best way out of a grapple, but is nonetheless susceptible. Part of her vulnerability seems to come from her 'No pain, no gain' philosophy.
Technique: ★★★★☆
Combines professional technique with street-brawling instinct. Mixing in her expertise in Aikido creates an impressive repertoire fully at her disposal within the ring. Any foe who hasn't taken the time to prepare themselves thoroughly will be in for a painful surprise!

Wrestling Stats
Strikes: ★★★★☆
Experienced in a variety of both professional and dirty punches and kicks to put her opponent down. She’s not quite at the top, but she can give some of the best strikers a run for their money all the same.
Submissions: ★★★★☆
Tempered with a long array of joint locks and disabling techniques for quick takedowns. Her martial arts have only been further built upon by her MMA experience, letting her hold down almost any opponent.
Powerhouse: ★★★☆☆
Plenty of raw power in her frame. An avid fan of takedowns and flips, she can push around almost anyone her size.
Aerial: ★☆☆☆☆
She might get crazy and try a flip. The results won't be pretty.
Counters: ★★★☆☆
An aikido prodigy, adept at redirecting her opponent's force and using it against them. Her offense-oriented style, however, has seen these skills fall into some neglect.


Personality: A very courageous and determined woman, although a bit too tenacious for her own good at times. Masuyo is largely motivated by her love of the fight and a desire to rise above one challenge after another. Though she's largely foregone the peaceful lessons from her upbringing, she still acts with a degree of restraint in her matches, giving the opponent only what she believes they deserve.

Through and through, she's a good-natured individual raised by a loving family with proper morals. She accepts and gives help wherever it may be found or needed within the federation. If it means protecting those weak or disadvantaged, Masuyo will throw herself into the line of fire without a second thought. She faces her opponents with respect, but isn't above talking down to a presumably lesser foe, more out of genuine fun than any sort of arrogance.

Despite her local reputation, she maintains a social life similar to anyone else's, mixing fun and professionalism freely. She's incredibly confident and optimistic, to the point she's developed a rather cocky side to her. Nevertheless, her simple and light-hearted demeanor keeps a smile on her face regardless of the situation. She moves forward fight after fight, day after day with a burning passion deep in her heart, improving slowly through whatever experience life thrusts upon her.

Appearance: Commonly wears a sports bra and shorts, unless the match demands otherwise. Keeps Gin's scarf with her for good luck. Only wears it to the ring with her secondary attire.

Ring Attire:
Masuyo Ai IbwqBG7
Alternate Attire:
Masuyo Ai Ng6O5Mr
Hentai Matches:
Masuyo Ai QLa2DnO
Casual Attire:
Casual 1:
Masuyo Ai SNViGRT
Casual 2:
Masuyo Ai Dpg2LjhMasuyo Ai J9r398W
Casual 3:
Masuyo Ai G2q05SA
Casual 4:
Masuyo Ai TMoT6uK
Casual 5:
Masuyo Ai CTTLDRd
Casual 6:
Masuyo Ai GP1ohXB
Bed Time:
Masuyo Ai Ai3odwa
Formal Attire:
Masuyo Ai 2VkKSVR
Gym Wear:
Gym 1:
Masuyo Ai XQJVw5e
Gym 2:
Masuyo Ai IF6Sc73
Gym 3:
Masuyo Ai C4ZcA86

Promo Material:
Masuyo Ai PK7TZ8H
Masuyo Ai BfQnxaS
AFW Stock:
Masuyo Ai MtHHyWd
Masuyo Ai DUIqYMB
Fan Autograph:
Masuyo Ai KDMAytR
Fitness Promotion:
Masuyo Ai AsbqQ2x
Masuyo Ai MeAkBjG  
"Don't lose. Got it?"
Full Range of Motion!:
Masuyo Ai SaWDdSd
Noodle Shop Portrait:
Masuyo Ai R68hshT


Masuyo Ai grew up in a fairly atypical household for a future fighter. Living in the attic of her family's ramen shop, there was scarce a reason to learn any form of combat in the family trade. Martial arts had long been a tradition within the Ai bloodline, tracing back generations, done today more out of respect than resourcefulness. Aikido, however, was a recent addition to the household. This split was bred from her grandfather's dissolution with violence after months of killing his fellow countrymen in the Boshin War. He took up the way of the harmonious spirit, determined to foster a lineage of peace as recompense for his actions. When Masuyo came of age, it was only natural that she was put through the motions, just as her mother before her. Having adopted and fully mastered the art surprisingly quickly, her parents were convinced that tradition ran deep in her veins and she would grow up to become a superb noodle chef.

Sometime after her 16th birthday, a young man burst through the front of their store. A known cretin within the area, he began flinging a knife around, making demands for their profits from today. Her training would prove...somewhat useful in subduing the thief. However, the basic "Do No Harm" philosophy of Aikido left her with little options when the blade was turned to the throats of her older parents. Masuyo could only surrender. He was free to take their money and leave. One look at her vulnerable state, however, and the boy couldn't help but get his licks in. A senseless beating ensued, one that left the Ai's restaurant in tatters and the floors stained with their daughter's blood. Long after the thug had left, Masuyo would continue reassuring her parents of her well-being. Internally, however, she was shattered. This ordeal could be marked as her first, most crushing defeat. She resolved to become strong enough to protect her loved ones and the city she was raised in. Abandoning the peaceful ways of the Ai tradition, Masuyo set out to become a warrior.  

At a local sparring gym, she met a prize fighter known only as "Gin", whom agreed to mentor her after days of hounding. The silver-haired, scruffy man was once a recognized champion within Tokyo, but had long since gone into an alcoholic-induced retirement. Nevertheless, he had an eye for talent, and Masuyo proved a worthy pupil indeed.

The following months she spent with Gin within the Shibuya ward, training and adopting a number of skills from the gruff prize fighter. Day after day the lessons were, quite literally, beaten into her until they became instinct, embedding into her mind like the bruises slowly lining her trained body. Long into the night, the sweat would build upon her skin until it would glisten under the coming morning sun. The days she was supposed to spend resting would instead be used on "improvised training", tripping up purse thieves, beating thugs into the dirt, and even challenging a yakuza on more than one occasion. After each passing day and with each fight, Masuyo's strength, experience, and confidence grew.

And then one day, during her usual sparring, Masuyo witnessed a sight that made her blood run cold as ice. Through the doors to the boxing gym came the thieving boy that had harassed her parents' store. All in that same moment, the ice melted, turning to a rushing flood that enveloped her whole body. She charged up to the boy, ignoring her mentor's protest, locking her steel gray eyes onto his lazy pupils, fists tightened as her dead-eyed expression remained as cool as it was the day he met him. Recognizing her, he gave a grim smile, lips tightening as he felt as though his mouth might drool. The boy reach a hand out towards her chest, aiming to relive that day that replayed so pleasantly within his mind, getting close enough to practically feel the heat from her perfect flesh radiating through the fabric. Only, his memory was cut short when her fist struck the bridge of his nose as quick as lightning. The boy reeled back, clutching his nose, and only noticed a few seconds after that Masuyo was pointing towards the ring, her expression as cold and still as the grave. "Beat me, and you can do whatever you like. But if I win, you'll apologize before me, my family, and you won't step a foot in front of our home ever again."

The boys eyes widened, then narrowed. He tasted the blood streaming down to his mouth then smirked. His eyes flashed with temptation for just a moment. A few minutes later, they would be overtaken with fear. Masuyo beat the boy to a pulp, expertly countering and striking her fists and legs into every inch of his body. It was such a brutal showing, in fact, that paramedics were brought in before the match had even ended. The next day, she dragged him before her parents, whereupon he begged forgiveness onto the restaurant floor. His sincerity was received, and Masuyo's annoyingly generous parents saw him disappear into the Shibuya crowds. It was the last day she would ever see him.

With her training complete, it only seemed natural to have her undertake professional bouts. A mere mention of the idea from Gin, and Masuyo was fully onboard, feeling both vindicated and unstoppable. And unstoppable she was. Fight after fight, challenger after challenger, men and women, amateurs and veterans were broken and battered before her feet. The way she would quickly move and decisively strike her opponent from one side of the mat to the next. The way she would tear across the ring like a...yaksha. It commanded fear and respect alike. Her professional streak and ferocity, not to mention her infamous crusade against the underworld, gave rise to her alias as "The Demon of Shibuya". Given this notoriety, it wouldn't be long until a scout form the AFW would arrive. Taken aback initially, a world of opportunities struck her mind at once. The places she could go, the things she could see, the lesson she could learn, and all of them could be hers. Masuyo had all the assets the federation could desire. Strength, beauty, and dedication. "Just say the word," the scout said, simply, "and I'll show you the world of wrestling."

Only one thought came through her mind as she signed the dotted line: I'm going to win. No matter what.

Fun Facts:

- Makes an annual trip to Kyoto Tower, just to see her homeland out to the distance.
- Enjoys sweets, from simple candies to full desert spreads. Her strict training, however, keeps her figure balanced and limits her opportunities to become a glutton. Not too uncommon to find her at a candy shop on her break days, however.
- Her folks despise television, so she writes letters and occasionally stops for a bowl of noodles to assure them their daughter is still alive and kicking, but mostly grappling.
- Likes a good samurai flick.

Career Information

Official Record: 3 - 2 - 0

Wins: 3
- VS Daisuke Takeuchi [via Submission]
- VS Elsa Karlsson [via Hentai Pinfall]
- VS Vritra Savage [via Submission]
Losses: 2
- VS Valley Doll [via Pinfall]
- VS Imperial Order w/ Valley Doll [via Submission by The Despoiler]
Draws: 0

Career Milestones:
- Debuted against an AFW champion!
- #1 Tag Team Championship Contender! (Avalanche 2017 w/ Valley Doll)

Friends: None
Allies: Fubuki Kessho
Rivals: None
Enemies: None
Crushes: None

Timeline & Events
Match l Backstage l Promo

1. Debut!
The Demon of Shibuya makes her debut in the Friction arena, demanding to face a champion within the ring!
2. Start of a Rivalry
Her first day at the gym, Masuyo witnesses a brutal thrashing in the sparring ring. There are some things she can't let go, and one thing leads to another.
3. The Demon and the Prince!
Masuyo makes her first appearance in the Tension arena against the self-proclaimed prince of wrestling, Daisuke Takeuchi.
4. Hardstyle Hentai!
Completely out of nowhere, Masuyo's next fight ends up being a hentai match against an incredibly flustered "Officer Snow", Elsa Karlsson. She's never one to turn down a challenge, but...
5. Fight of Might!
The Demon faces the goddess of destruction within the ring, Vritra Savage, the Burning Asura. An absolute titan of a woman carrying over 250 pounds of muscle, she's had difficulties finding a suitable opponent. Until now.
6. So a Demon and an Angel Walk in the Park...
An unexpected visit that leads to an unexpected date with a former opponent. Life is just full of surprises.
7. Bloody Plushies
Masuyo clashes with a viscous newcomer in a hardcore match. Quickly removed from the official AFW YouTube page, this match can only be viewed by paid sponsors and through Dark Web outlets.
8. ~Crème De La Crème~ Feat. Masuyo Ai and Valley Doll
By royal decree, the Demon is invited to a posh gathering at the center of the Friction arena. The imperialists arrange an interesting pairing between herself and her old friend, Valley Doll, for this year's Avalanche. The four sit and partake in completely civil discussion.
9. AV 17 Tag Title: Imperial Order vs. Masuyo & Valley Doll
Her first pay-per-view match and the biggest fight of her career. The Demon of Shibuya and the current Entropy Champion take on the Imperial Order for the titles of Tag Team Champions.

Masuyo Ai Q0TkXJh

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Masuyo Ai Empty Re: Masuyo Ai

Post by Kelsea on Wed Jul 12, 2017 8:20 am

Approved, you may RP as you like.
Welcome to AFW ^_^

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