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Looking for a match for a debut for new girl

Sat Aug 08, 2020 6:42 am by Void Effect

Like the title said: Looking for a match for Lily, contact me using Discord please or PM

Elfrida De’Reigndhart FIasYCH

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Looking For Matches/Long Term Story Threads For New Wrestler

Fri Aug 07, 2020 12:19 pm by HighFly

Hey everyone, I just made JJ and need some threads for her!

I am looking for matches, maybe even a long term rivalry as well! If you feel like you want to work with her long term asa sparring partner for friend outside the ring after a match that is fine as well. Really anything that tells a fun story would be awesome! Please PM me if interested, thank you!

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Thu Aug 06, 2020 2:16 am by ChateauDame

My apologies for the delay on all posts and plans. My workday has a start time dialed back to a 4:00 AM start as of late and I don't end until about 4 or 5 PM so I am utterly tired as of late. I have about the rest of the week at this schedule and then it should lighten up a bit. I am optimistic for a sense of normalcy soon, maybe this weekend or start of next week.

Apologies for the delay!

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Elfrida De’Reigndhart

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Elfrida De’Reigndhart Empty Elfrida De’Reigndhart

Post by Berial on Tue Jan 02, 2018 5:10 pm

Elfrida De’Reigndhart
“Wütender Nachtkrapp"

Elfrida De’Reigndhart Y7W2iFQ

Sex: Female
Aliases: "Goddess of Martial Arts", “The Supreme”, “The Crow from Munich"
Age: 28
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 167 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Red
Hometown: Munich, Germany
Nationality: German
Alignment: Heel

Entrance Music:
“March of the Unshakeable”

Boxing Information

Strategy: A boxer first, a martial artist second, a wrestler third. Elfrida employs her years of experience into a single, refined style. She favors opening matches with a quick reversal of her opponent’s attack followed by a number of quick, crisp strikes to shatter their guard. If it harms their confidence, that’s an added bonus. Her aim is to end the match as quickly as possible. It’s both a point of pride and a habit born from her father’s tutelage. She likens the run time on the clock to the weakness of her abilities. The longer a match goes on, the more aggravated she becomes. Longer fights have her using more on power moves and aerials to force her opponent down, relying on them to set her opponent up for some excruciating groundwork. If her ire is provoked far enough, she may even let her adversary simply rise again, only to slam them back down with even greater force and resentment.

Boxing Style: God Hand (Swarmer / Switch-Hitter)
Fighting Style: Queen of All Trades. Lethwei aficionado with numerous other martial arts influences.

Preferred Matches: Virtually anything, with a preference towards standard matches when boxing. As a part-timer, she’s desperate to see everything the federation has to offer. Including hentai and all its variations. Except pudding. Can’t stand pudding.

Signature Moves:
Rain of Talons - Adopting an unorthodox stance, Elfrida will let out a battlecry to signal the Rain of Talons: a blinding and relentless series of hooks, jabs, and uppercuts designed to eviscerate her opponent. Her strikes land with such force and aggression it slices her opponent’s skin with every inch of contact. Escape is nigh impossible, as if one is being swarmed by a ravenous murder of crows.

Finishing Moves:
Nevermore - A sideways kimura lock with a triangle choke applied to her opponent’s upperbody. Wrenching their arm to expose their guard, she’ll aim to get as close as possible to the neck with her legs. The speed at which this hold is established is but a glimpse into what she’s learned over her travels.
In Action:
Elfrida De’Reigndhart ZQGJtgt

Aeternum Vale - Tucking her opponent's head between her legs, Elfrida will grab their arms from between their legs and thrust them into the air. Executing a double rotation, she'll yank down on their arms to force them back down, slamming them into the canvas with a double pump handle sit-out powerbomb.
In Action:
Elfrida De’Reigndhart 249Mhmf

Physical Stats
Endurance: ★★★★★
Has gone the full ten rounds more times than she’d care to count. Fractures, breaks, dislocations, hyperextensions. She’s been through it all and would do it again. Elfrida has been trained from an earlier age than most, and has developed a rather tough hide as a result.
Strength: ★★★★☆
Regularly needs to replace her punching bag. Elfrida prefers keeping her body lean for the sake of her speed and form. Nevertheless, her body is packed with muscle that becomes more pronounced as the match goes on. Can lift, throw, and takedown just about anyone with ease.
Speed: ★★★★☆
Her general movement is above average in itself, but the speed of her strikes and lunges are near blinding. An opponent that drops their guard for a second will face serious consequences for the rest of the match. That’s a promise from her.
Defense: ★★★★☆
Incredibly difficult to make her break form. Great footwork that allows her to evade just about any straightforward strike with an impressive straightforward guard. Without either, she would have never survived the world championships. Facing her straight on is a bad idea, though grappling and submission holds tend to wear down her defense to a manageable level.
Technique: ★★★★★
Has thrown a punch on every continent. Hit someone, too. Born a boxing prodigy, her superb professional career led her across the world, to the homes of numerous martial arts and combat sports. Elfrida’s weaknesses in one area are covered by her strengths in another, making her deadly in the ring.

Boxing/Wrestling Stats
Strikes: ★★★★★
As a world-class boxer should be, let alone pioneering her own style. Her experience with Lethwei abroad has only honed her skills, making her the most brutal she’s ever been. Her punches should be feared and her headbutts are infamous for ending matches surprisingly quickly.
Submissions: ★★★★☆
Traveling the world has exposed her to a number of martial arts, picking up a wide variety of throws, takedowns, joint locks, chokeholds, and countless other holds she uses freely to bring her opponents to heel.
Powerhouse: ★★★★★
Loves to throw around everyone and anyone. If she ever gets tired of beating someone into the ground, slamming them is typically her next option.
Aerial: ★★★☆☆
Surprisingly excellent in the air. While she’s limited in the moves she can do, her grace in the air is only second to her dominance on the ground.
Countering: ★★★★☆
Elfrida loves to power her way through most offensives. She can overwhelm practically anyone and her martial experience makes even advanced movements predictable to her. It takes an expert striker to match her.


Personality: Of the two De’Reigndhart siblings, Elfrida seems to have inherited the personable qualities of their parents. Far more approachable than her younger half, she comes across as a fairly easy-going woman off the bat. A life defined by success has given her an air of perpetual confidence. She’ll joke and laugh about just about anything, and talk down to just about anyone. She admires strength, except when it's turned against her, but she nevertheless enjoys humoring someone thinking their even close to her level.

That is, if your first impressions of her are beyond the ring. Facing off with this beast is a new experience entirely. A wild look in her eye, a fierce stance, and a hint of malice. She’s a true force of nature. She knows it, everyone else sure as hell should. Beyond her killer instinct and brash attitude, she harbors a serious sadistic streak. Going overboard is far too common, often continuing to beat her opponents long after they’ve lost consciousness.

While thoroughly satisfying, it's more so a habit she’s groomed since adolescence to cement her claim as the strongest to stand in the squared circle. Boxing is her pride, her joy, her life. She'll defend her skills and the family that honed them to the very last. Those that have beaten her, or at least come close, can certainly expect a less than warm reception. Elfrida’s strength is far more important to her than her well-earned reputation. Tread carefully in either territory.

Appearance: A tall woman with long and trademark frazzled dark strands. In the ring, she’ll sport a tank top and compression shorts torn on her right leg, with a leg guard a ways down the same extremity. Finished with a red sash and a back waist cloth adorned with dried feathers. Goes for an easier casual look, with a sleeveless collared shirt, black pants, and red-trimmed heeled shoes. Sports a similar colored overcoat now and then.

Ring Attire:
Elfrida De’Reigndhart XK9RGa7

Wrestling Attire:
Elfrida De’Reigndhart YhtnalO

Gym Attire:
Elfrida De’Reigndhart YvXsFon

Casual Attire:
Casual 1:
Elfrida De’Reigndhart Mb78yNk
Casual 2:
Elfrida De’Reigndhart LUqhef5
Casual 3:
Elfrida De’Reigndhart 6vqStrI

Elfrida De’Reigndhart DbBuTj6

Elfrida De’Reigndhart LFcovvg

Promo Poster:
Elfrida De’Reigndhart 7sk1eb6

Foreign Delights:
Elfrida De’Reigndhart UVnIykS

Mornings in Paris:
Elfrida De’Reigndhart DLT6XOk

Got a Problem?:
Elfrida De’Reigndhart CoJuS8E

Learn to Knock:
Elfrida De’Reigndhart KfqYV39

Bad Habits:
Elfrida De’Reigndhart HN5AuKh


There’s a rumor that circled for years in the Munich boxing federation sometime after the De’Reignhardt’s eldest made herself known in the junior league. People believed that from the moment she was born, the child possessed so terrifying a punch, her parents were too afraid to ever hold her. Elfrida chooses to believe in that.

Her parents certainly never treated her like a child. In a lot of ways, she was happy they didn’t. Before she was old enough to even lift a pair of gloves, she had to dodge hooks and crosses, uppercuts and jabs from the strongest fighter she’d ever known: her father. Her mother was an equally competent fighter and became a source of ever-growing motivation. They both were. Her mother’s encouragement. Her father’s zeal and lack of tact. They spiraled together, drilling and hammering the techniques and relentless prowess of the De’Reignhardt name into each and every inch of her being. By the time she joined the junior leagues, she was scoring knockouts one fight after another. Elfrida was set to become a legend in her own right.

Then her baby sister would arrive. She was put through the same motions but didn’t impress. Elfrida didn’t have time for that. Weaklings didn’t deserve empathy. No...rather, she couldn’t empathize with Cicilia. She didn’t know what it was like to feel weak. To be weak. There was no reason to consider her shared blood. It would only hold her back. A sentiment she was less than subtle at hiding. Unsurprisingly, her younger half wanted to challenge that claim. The bout was short, or at least, it should have been...

...but she just kept getting up. And kept getting. And kept getting up.

Elfrida backed off. It was either that or have her sister leave the ring in a body bag. Fine. Whatever. It wasn't as if she was close. Not once. Cicilia was done, she just didn’t know it. Elfrida was the winner. No question. She knew that. Her parents knew that. So...why didn’t it feel good? Why did it feel...was this defeat? What was this stabbing pain in her gut? This fire in her belly that only grew the more she thought on it?

Throughout the months her sister spent in recovery, Elfrida continued her amateur career. Things weren’t the same, however. Their bout had changed her, infuriated her. Every time her opponent stood back up, her baby sister’s boorish face flashed before her eyes. What started as a twitch became anger. What became anger turned into a habit. Her tendency to continue striking her opponents into the canvas long after they’d lost consciousness had soured her prodigal reputation to some degree. People couldn’t believe that was truly a woman, smashing the competition to bloodied heaps before their eyes. A dark figure picking violently at a corpse after the dust settled. “Wütender Nachtkrapp”. The raven with a terrible temper. In spite of the stigma surrounding such a nickname, it was one she’d come to embrace it. Fear equals respect. It was a true testament to her prowess in the ring. Through all of this, however, Cicilia was never far from her thoughts. As soon she was standing, they were going to put on the gloves again.

That would have to wait, however, as her string of decisive victories kick-started her career in the professional circuit. No surprise, there was more success to be found there. “Crow” was a title she’d picked up overseas as well. From a pro-fight in America. Somewhat contradictory to her local title but it had gained too much traction to bury. It was fine, either way. She’d carry that name across the globe, to every arena that would have her. That same fight would mark the turning point in her career, where she won by TKO against a former champion. The World Boxing Council recognized her as a rising talent and would invite Germany as a member nation to endorse Elfrida as a contender for the world championship.

She tore her way through the brackets in short order, all the way until the last. After a punishing ten-round fight with the American, Elfrida was the one left standing, albeit barely, as the new super middleweight champion of the world. And the world would greet her with open arms. Promotion after promotion around the globe would invite her to test their talents against her strength. Some visits lasted a few days, others over a year. All the same, she absorbed the techniques and knowledge thrown at her. Martial arts truly fascinated her wherever she went. Country to country, continent to continent, Elfrida would hunt down expert practitioners to indulge her hobby further. Her temperament made her ill-suited to take on more advanced training, however, as the masters found her composure lacking. Either way, it was enough. The years of honing her craft propelled her career, taking her to faster wins and higher heights than she thought possible.

Until that match.

She was up against a Muay Thai fighter from Thailand of all places. It was a bit of a novelty match. Her boxing versus his kickboxing. That kinda schtick. Pretty handsome guy, though. She would have asked him out...if the match had gone any other way. It was a grueling bout. Unlimited rounds and they’d gone well over ten. Well over her limit, and he just wouldn’t stay down. It got on her nerves. Really got on her nerves. When he finally went down, Elfrida didn’t relent. Strike after unmerciful strike would meet his bloodied face, all the way until the officials had to pry her away, just shy of a disqualification. That, in itself, wasn’t anything new, especially to those who kept an eye on her track record. Up to this point, she'd only managed to scrape by thanks to a very good lawyer and, given the very nature of the sport, and understanding that accidents were bound to happen. This time, however, was the last straw.

Permanent. Brain. Damage.

Bull. Fucking. Shit.

Dumb bastard was going to have to use a crutch for the rest of his life. When that news got out, her professional career stalled. Until all of that got sorted out, she was left with a bit of free time on her hands for the coming months. She passed a bit of time with a couple PR bouts and press conferences, but when nothing further came up, she headed home to get back in touch with her roots.

But not without receiving some interesting news first. Cicilia had become a real terror while she was away. Filled to the brim with anger. Elfrida could hardly contain herself. She rushed out of the terminal and hurried home the moment she landed. However, it was too late. Her sister had already gone. Vanished to the wind. Running off scared, no doubt.

Nothing to be done about it. Even if her career had developed a bit of a stain, Elfrida was hailed as a national figure all the same upon her return. Over the course of the next few months, she established her own gym in Berlin. A small place, but one she has a personal hand in both training and running. Amidst the traffic, she took on several pupils, though treats them more as a personal entourage than an investment in the future of the De’Reignhardt name. She hadn’t seen the need for it. Between a world championship to defend and a gym to manage, Elfrida had more than enough motivating her to continue pursuing boxing for years to come.

Soon enough, some passing talent came by her gym, one being from a certain world-class federation in Japan. A place as infamous as it is renowned, by the sound of it. While the hardcore setting and diverse talent intrigued her, she had enough holding her attention at the moment. Until she heard about a certain newcomer from Germany. Really stirring things up over there, too. Well...she couldn’t just let that go unacknowledged, could she?

They still had a match to finish.

Fun Facts:
- Has a pet mouse named Ruben. An albino she found swimming in a Brazilian sewer drain the same morning her plane touched down. He was and always will be her only traveling companion, and the closest thing she could call a friend for those years away from home.
- Never having the chance at university, she dabbled in a few online courses between PPV fights. Turns out she has a knack for crunching numbers. She could fill out her neighbor’s tax returns with one hand and throw jabs on prime time with another.
- Really nosy. If you’re paying attention to anything but her, she’ll get into your personal space to see what could possibly be so damn interesting. Even if its completely not.
- Visited 73 countries and counting.

Career Information

Official Record: 0 - 0 - 0

Wins: 0
Losses: 0
Draws: 0

Career Milestones:
- WBC Super Middleweight Boxing Champion of the World

Friends: None
Allies: None
Rivals: None
Enemies: None
Crushes: None

Timeline & Events
Match l Backstage l Promo

Elfrida De’Reigndhart 6NRJND5

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