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Poll regarding the possibility of Mods booking PPV matches.

Sat Oct 24, 2020 1:43 am by Old_Man_Tai

So, basically, was wondering all of your thoughts regarding the possiblity of mods booking ppv matches.

The thought was, since people often seem to have trouble finding partners for ppv matches until the last minute or so, what if the mod team was to step in and, well in advance of the show, book the show ourselves, and try to put together the best matches we can, including title defenses, no.1 contender matches, and so on and so forth?

While I doubt our more popular members need such a …

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Comments: 8

Need Debut matches/Simply looking for more

Tue Sep 08, 2020 11:19 pm by Void Effect

Got bunch of girls that need to debut, if anyone interested, PM me here or on Discord

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General Avalanche Reminder

Fri Oct 23, 2020 9:21 pm by Old_Man_Tai

General Reminder: Friction PPV Avalanche goes live on December 1st: So if you need to do any promos or build up for your Avalanche matches, you should be focusing on that now. You are allowed to do such things over Discord and then post them after if it helps get them done faster so matches have proper build up.

Also, if you are looking to get on the ppv, and have a partner and match set up, (or can do so quickly), contact me to let me know what match you are doing on the show.

If you have …

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Tam Nguyen

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Tam Nguyen Empty Tam Nguyen

Post by Berial on Sun Feb 04, 2018 8:37 am

Tam Nguyen

Tam Nguyen Plehodn

Sex: Female
Aliases: “Kōtetsu”, “Grins and Smiles”
Age: 24
Height: 5’31/2
Weight: 130 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Nationality: Vietnamese
Alignment: Tweener

Entrance Music:
Abandoned Temple

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Tam is a ticking time bomb on all full throttle. Even when she should back down, she typically doesn't. Her main weapon is the explosive power hidden within her small frame, and her aim early on is just to get her mitts on the opponent. It could usually be a matter of punching them to open up their guard, or bull rushing them to either slam or beat them into the canvas. She's all about offense and never shows her back. What appears to be conservative behavior is often merely a setup for another strike. If an opponent pisses her off, she'll draw more and more from this strength and explode again and again to try and shut them up, but with mounting frustration.

Her exposure to Võ Bình Định gives her the flexibility necessary to take on a wider range of opponents. This also gives her an edge in hardcore matches, using weapons more effectively and with greater dexterity than the average competitor.

Type: Power Brawler
Style: Võ thuật Bình Định

Preferred Moves:
-Palm Strikes

Preferred Matches: Hardcore l No Holds Barred l Falls Count Anywhere

Signature Moves:
Động đất - Tam sidesteps her opponent, getting a grip on their chest before sending a knee into their tailbone, or spine, depending on their height. She will then push them to the ground with a palm strike and deliver a crippling punch into their sternum.
In Action:
Tam Nguyen 1ycR9Ef

Bell Ringer - A low blow. Plain and simple. As illegal as it is effective, but Tam’s gotten away with worse things in her life.
In Action:
Tam Nguyen WOTJsLO
Tam Nguyen 5slxFnX

Finishing Moves:
Deadweight - With her opponent on the charge behind her, Tam will leap up in a spin move before locking her legs around their neck. Executing a headscissor takedown, she ends in a sitting position on their chest to deliver a punishing blow straight to the head.
In Action:
Tam Nguyen FyzbBLX

One Fathom - Pulling down on her opponent’s arm, Tam will leap up and wrap her legs around her opponent’s head. She will then coil herself clockwise from top to bottom, channeling her whirlwind-like momentum down her body and to her opponent, causing them to flip forward and bringing them to the ground while she wrenches their arm away. This effectively traps them in a headscissor and armbar submission hold.
In Action:
Tam Nguyen 6DooAgI

Soul Render - With her opponent down on their back, Tam raises her fist high, building the energy in her fist before striking down with an earth-shattering punch. Simply harsh under normal circumstances, Tam's strength and compact frame adds a devastating level of force to the strike that leaves the opponent helpless for the three-count.
In Action:
Tam Nguyen XvH9Nks

Physical Stats
Endurance: ★★★★☆
Good resistance, motivated more by willpower than actual conditioning. Years at sea knocking skulls together have toughened her up a bit, but her small size doesn't do her any favors.
Strength: ★★★★★
Tam could easily roll with the heavyweights of the division, packing a shocking amount of power in her small body. She shoots fierce strikes with remarkable knockback and stopping power, and her kicks are nothing to laugh at either. She can topple foes far larger than her with a strong grip in the right place and one solid heave.
Speed: ★★★☆☆
Good footwork and above average reflexes. There is a bit of a windup to a lot of her strikes, which can give her opponents the opportunity to escape. She isn’t the fastest around, but her naturally small body makes her a fairly mobile mound of muscle.
Defense: ★☆☆☆☆
Evasion is a rare commodity for her. Tam just doesn't know how to back down and meets almost every punch headed towards her. Counters are easier for her to pull off but come with the obvious risks.
Technique: ★★★★☆
Her skills are custom tailored by her region’s Võ Bình Định schools. Devastating punches and hammer fists paired with tight, agonizing grapples and takedowns, peppered with some flying kicks. She can also make impressive use of pole and blunt weapons, should the occasion arise.

Wrestling Stats
Strikes: ★★★★☆
Devastating punches and hammer strikes with little finesse behind them. There’s enough force in them to put down pretty much anyone, even if her strikes aren’t all that flashy.
Submissions: ★★★★☆
A relentless power submissionist. She’ll push anyone’s body to the limits if there unfortunate enough to get caught in her grasp.
Powerhouse: ★★★★★ -
Tam’s small body is latent with an astounding amount of power. She can throw around anyone and anything, slamming them down with ruthless force. Pissing her off is a bad idea.
Aerial: ★★☆☆☆
Other than some flying kicks, she’s largely ground-dweller.
Countering: ★★☆☆☆
She’s a bit too focused on doing damage to properly counter most things. If she can power her way through, though, she most certainly will.


Personality: Getting one-sentence answers and the cold shoulder from Tam isn’t uncommon for strangers. She's a stoic individual that likes to deal with her own problems in her own way and doesn't prefer meddling in other people's affairs. Naturally charismatic and energetic people wear her out and she'd sooner punch herself in the stomach than consider making friends with them. However, her tough exterior is more learned than it is intentional, an adaptive shell from her upbringing. Give it some time and a few traded insults, and that shell might just crack.

It’ll reveal an independent, wisecracking figure that can make a joke out of almost anything. She's often loud, vulgar, and hates to be told to what to do. She’s already been through the worst life can throw at her, so there isn’t much anything that she takes seriously, and that includes herself. She never thinks of herself as someone with latent potential ready to be unleashed, or a leader just waiting for her chance to emerge. Just a wayfarer looking for meager profit and success in this odd part of the world.

That being said, she is surprisingly prideful. If a match isn’t headed her way, she can get pretty riled on occasion and become outright explosive if egged on further. Her technique and natural talent are the only things that have kept her head above the water. She calls things like she sees them. An attack on her character won’t go unanswered. An attack on her skills won’t go unpunished.

Appearance: Tam isn't one to like attention and prefers a simple approach to her attire. Wears her gi, black belt, and ribbon choker. Casually, she wears rather baggy clothing and carries a backpack with most her essentials in it. She’s kept her body up to scratch to hone her craft despite her rather young appearance. A combination of her height, choice of clothing, and introverted mannerisms may make her appear somewhat meek on the surface, but rest assured, this is the last person in Japan you'd want to agitate.

Ring Attire:
Ring 1:
Tam Nguyen RGCtiuj
Ring 2:
Tam Nguyen TQD95El
Ring 3:
Tam Nguyen F9kbr8I
Ring 4:
Tam Nguyen 5eYNmdZ
Alternate Attire:
Tam Nguyen AdpFD6o
Casual Attire:
Casual 1:
Tam Nguyen UAyN26w
Casual 2:
Tam Nguyen Cvq02yL
Casual 3:
Tam Nguyen UVDe6xQ
Gym Attire:
Tam Nguyen FuMll6O

Trouble Making Ruffian:
Tam Nguyen Pz0prfw
Skater Princess:
Tam Nguyen TDP7lY2
High Kick:
Tam Nguyen ULSTvNt
Tam Nguyen NUaFqzk
Inner Power:
Tam Nguyen CInIoi4
Punch to the Face:
Tam Nguyen YpNeXYu
Soup is good for the soul:
Tam Nguyen 110LDJp
Tam Nguyen P6HRcy6
Quy Nhon is fairly well known for its beaches:
Tam Nguyen HhPL0AD


The Nguyen family is one that holds an infamous reputation across Quy Nhơn. Generation after ill-mannered generation saw their family fortune dwindle, leaving a bloodline of once reputable magistrates rife with imprudent heads and undeserving heirs. Reduced now to nothing more than a single broken household, Tam would come into their lowest level of depravity in the family’s 600-year history.

She grew up beside the sea in a single, two-room squalor with a total of three uncracked windows, two hammocks, and one working light. A light that worked twice as harder than both her parents put together. Despite plenty of chances to find work in the city, they instead chose the life of lowly scrappers, hunting for parts at night, lazing about in the day. Laboring tasks that kept their hands full and never left any time for Tam. She never had them around when it mattered. Never even had anyone to teach her how to ride a bike.

So, she grabbed a skateboard instead. A chipped, fragile thing that someone decided was better off placed neatly on top of a pile of trash. But one man’s junk, as they say.

Those rusty wheels were Tam’s only avenue out of the slums.  Her thrills were mostly found at the skatepark. The more innocent ones, at least. She and her friends had developed a nasty habit of pilfering “lost” goods and booking it as far as their wheels would take them. Things steadily grew from there to smashing windows and amateur burglaries. One place, in particular, being a supposedly antique dojo filled with plenty of valuable collectibles. They snuck in through an open window, dropped down and... Tam wasn’t really sure what happened next. A blow to the back of the head knocked her out.

Her friends were being escorted out the back door while Tam regained her conscience, by the “dead” master of the dojo that was clearly very much alive, but getting on in years by the look and smell of him. The old fart let her off easy, but only if she spent her summer cleaning the gym. Boring as hell, but it kept her away from home and out of the rain, so it was a small price to pay altogether. For whatever reason, he started saying how much "potential" she had, and wanted to educate her in the ways of Vietnamese martial arts like a proper native. Great.

They were some interesting years, to say the least. She was a star pupil in his eyes. His only pupil, but clearly a step above the oldcomers. It was hard training that held its own reward, and it made her more confident at the end of the day, but she couldn’t help but feel uninspired by it all. What was she even doing there? Why learn any of this? It was impossible to tell why he was doing this, why he had so much interest in her, and to what end this was all for. Just more confusion adding to her already disjointed life.

The “generous” master took her on a brief stint around the province, wanting to show off his shining pupil to all the other practitioners. She hated all of it. The constant attention. Earning pointless medals. Even the tournaments didn’t have all that much payout. After a few months, she only had enough to get her a quick ride out of the country. An idea she found herself pondering more and more each day. All the same, her master’s ever-growing interest in her was starting to get on Tam’s nerves, and she stopped attending sessions for about a week in search of other distractions.

She came back only to find the place evicted, set for demolition. It was later that afternoon, from a discarded newspaper at the town square, that she found out her master had been taken by the state. Sentenced to lethal injection for several counts of child molestation.

After about an hour of puking her guts out, Tam headed back home for the first time in years. She knocked on the door, and she didn’t recognize the faces that came to greet her. A family not much better off than her own. She looked around, but there wasn’t a trace of her old life anywhere. Maybe they forgot she’d even existed. Maybe they got desperate and were caught stealing, wasting away in some jail cell somewhere.

Either way, the sea was calling her. She bribed her way onto a junk boat and spent the next couple of weeks in the cargo hold, avoiding coastal authorities and doing her best to forget the country she was leaving behind.

Between hopping boats, one of her voyages was beset upon by pirates. In her attempt to escape, she found herself staring down the barrel of a pistol. She heard the hammer pull back, and in that moment, the cylinder had turned into a swirling black void. She stared into the abyss, seeing images of her life flashing her by, feeling every emotion she’d ever had at once, flooding her brain. And she hated it. Every last scrap of what she was seeing. Tam drew her fist back and sent the skinny thug flying down the hallway, leaving an indentation on the wall. The security captain rounded the corner at the last moment, noticing what she had just done with his jaw practically hitting the floor.

In a meeting behind closed doors, Tam was set up with a security contract. She spent the next few years as hired muscle, traveling through the South China Sea for a brief stint before finding a better gig in Malaysia. Tam, ever hopeless with firearms, became somewhat infamous in the private business. At first as a joke, her name becoming synonymous with an absolute oaf, but soon enough it was out of respect. She was quite possibly the only woman - the only person - in the trade that enforced entirely barehanded.

It was an oddly heroic thing, seeing her clear entire decks of would-be privateers and professional criminals, all armed to the teeth, being thrown overboard in one, giant, human wave. The tight corridors of any ship were her elements. It all spoke for itself that Tam was a force in her own right, in more ways than one. Quickly, she rose in demand amongst private businesses transporting the most valuable of cargo. If a shipping route was shifty, you got Tam. If you needed someone that lived by the contract, you got Tam. If there was even an ounce of fear that just didn’t seem to go away no matter how hard you tried, you got Tam.

Eventually, she worked her way up to and into the cruising business. Mostly private affairs. Parties and personal tours hosted by independent businesses and entrepreneurs looking to lobby up. The usual song-and-dance happened. A group of pirates, looking for wealthy hostages showed up. Tam sent half of them overboard, but a couple wormed their way inside. Her partners stalled them just enough for Tam to put one of them through the table and crack the other’s skull against the three-inch glass window. When all was said and done, the crowd broke into applause and Tam waved them off.

One of the passengers, however, just so happened to work for a certain world-class wrestling league based out of Tokyo. He approached, offering Tam an opportunity at a chance on dry land. Her first instinct was to say no. She'd heard of AFW even way out here, and she wasn't so desperate to get naked in front of a camera for a few yen. Until she heard a "few yen" really amounted to. She clicked her tongue. At any rate, it seemed better than a short life of dodging bullets...until she couldn't dodge them anymore. If she was going to get out of this game and make something of herself, now was the only chance she could see coming for a long time. She made a compromise, took the employees hand, and enjoyed the cruise, just happy to get off on dry land when it was over for once.

Fun Facts:
- Prefers walking barefoot just about anywhere.
- Never used a tissue in her life. If fingers weren’t meant to go your nose, they wouldn’t fit so perfectly.
- Tam doesn't actually own a permanent residence, as she’s still qualifying for Japanese citizenship. She frequents a number of park benches, but her base camp is a little homeless gathering at the edge of Goyen park.
- Doesn't like being touched. Give some fair warning before you end up on the ground.
- Hangs around the Shinjuku skateparks in her free time. Her young looks have done her plenty of favors in getting in with the mostly adolescent regulars. The halfpipe is hers if anyone asks.
- Eyebrow Dancer. The best in the land.
Jusk Ask:
Tam Nguyen JXrM9qP

Career Information

Official Record: 0 - 0 - 0

Wins: 0
Losses: 0
Draws: 0

Career Milestones:
- Newbie.

Friends: None
Allies: None
Rivals: None
Enemies: None
Crushes: None

Timeline & Events
Match l Backstage l Promo

Tam Nguyen 6NRJND5

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