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Looking for debuts and matches.

Mon Jul 27, 2020 8:26 pm by Old_Man_Tai

Looking to be more active around here, which means starting more matches.

Yay more matches!

For those interested:

Cami (will do hentai, but not for debut match)

Hiromi (No hentai)

Blazing Kitsune (no hentai)

All still need debut matches

I'm also accepting offers for matches against:

Kairi (will do hentai)

Dark Star Chaos (no hentai)

Grizzly (no hentai)

Feel free to PM me or find me on the Discord if any of those sound interesting, or if you have another match you want to suggest. …

[ Full reading ]

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Apologies for delays

Fri Jul 24, 2020 11:19 pm by Old_Man_Tai


I just wanted to take a minute and apologies to the many people I am RPing with and my slowness this last month or two. It's been a busy time and I've had trouble with motivation and inspiration to post.

I am going to do better, I promise, and I will have posts up for everybody soon and I will try not to falter least for a while XD.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Specific Debut Match Idea

Fri Jul 24, 2020 10:45 pm by SuckerPunch

Hello friends and fellow AFW'ers! I'm looking for a very specific type of squash for the debut match of Harmony Harper, my newest character. If you're interested, please send me a PM on the forums! I'm looking forward to playing with you all!

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Madison Kelly - Float Like a Fairy, Sting Like a Hook.

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Madison Kelly - Float Like a Fairy, Sting Like a Hook. Empty Madison Kelly - Float Like a Fairy, Sting Like a Hook.

Post by Yori on Sat May 19, 2018 3:54 pm

Madison Kelly - Float Like a Fairy, Sting Like a Hook. 5wIdXqV
Name: Madison Kelly
Nickname: Tinkerbell
Sex: Female
Age: 19
Eyes: Jade
Hair: Brown
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 139
Nationality: Australian
Alignment: Face
Entrance music:
Jessica Mauboy - Inescapable:

Ring Attire: Madison sports a white tank top with a black trim along the collar and straps. The front is blank, while the back has a unlicensed look alike image of Disney's Tinkerbell character on the back in black and white armed with a pair of green boxing gloves. She wears simple black trunks, short cut with small triangular slips at the very base on the outside thigh portion. The shorts have a thick white line running up the side. and generic branding for Everlast in white on the upper front corner. Both her boots and gloves are a pale green with bright gold trims and laces. Her mouth guard is also a yellow hue to match the rest of her attire accents.

Madison Kelly - Float Like a Fairy, Sting Like a Hook. 3QHAYQx
Casual 2:
Madison Kelly - Float Like a Fairy, Sting Like a Hook. PVATWMv
Casual 3:
Madison Kelly - Float Like a Fairy, Sting Like a Hook. EIJS9Su
Casual 4:
Madison Kelly - Float Like a Fairy, Sting Like a Hook. LRbXyr1
Casual 5:
Madison Kelly - Float Like a Fairy, Sting Like a Hook. Y9KRNTt
Casual Training:
Madison Kelly - Float Like a Fairy, Sting Like a Hook. FjC8O9m
Casual Training 2:
Madison Kelly - Float Like a Fairy, Sting Like a Hook. TSz8nbm
Excited to fight!:
Madison Kelly - Float Like a Fairy, Sting Like a Hook. DXWtQeW
Haha yeah!:
Madison Kelly - Float Like a Fairy, Sting Like a Hook. EQZYwhk
Madison Kelly - Float Like a Fairy, Sting Like a Hook. UrirjtW
Swimwear 2:
Madison Kelly - Float Like a Fairy, Sting Like a Hook. IwmK0iq
Madison Kelly - Float Like a Fairy, Sting Like a Hook. W84YP1s
Madison Kelly - Float Like a Fairy, Sting Like a Hook. GYJtzdi
Toweling off:
Madison Kelly - Float Like a Fairy, Sting Like a Hook. AhOd3da

Type: Swarmer In-Fighter, Evasive Counter Puncher

Strategy: Rather than an offensive hit and run technique fairly common among other speedy fighters, Madison has an incredibly in your face style. She moves in and aims to stay close, cutting off her opponents ability to throw big punches by applying constant pressure with flurries of blows and quick evasive dodges into strong counter punches. Her impressive ability to stay on a Target and avoid being hit lead to her nickname "Tinkerbell", being compared to the fairy of the same name, capable of flitting around her target as a constant annoyance. While she is far from the strongest or most experienced boxer, her unique approach to in fighting can catch even arguably better fighters than her off guard.

Preferred Matches: Boxing, willing to dabble in wrestling.

Physical Stats:
Endurance: ★★★☆☆
With decent pacing and technique, it's rare for her to run down her stamina. She is capable of taking hits, but has very poor second wind.
Strength: ★★★☆☆
Surprising strength for her smaller frame, it mostly comes through in her punches and nimble footwork rather than raw lifting strength.
Speed: ★★★★★
Fast on her feet and with her hands, it isn't uncommon for her to dance around her opponents hitting them with flurries of blows.
Defense: ★★☆☆☆
Her style leans more to evasion. Basic blocking skills with an inability to guard against big power punches.
Technique: ★★★☆☆
What she packs for in versatility she makes up for with her ability to turn defense into offense. She has remarkable balance, allowing her to throw strong punches on the move or from odd angles with ease.

Boxing/Wrestling Technique Stats:
Striking: ★★★☆☆
Her raw punching power isn't terrible impressive on it's own. Her true strength lies with landing punches where they count and in mass.
Submissions: ★☆☆☆☆
Trained as a boxer, she never had use for this.
Powerhouse: ★☆☆☆☆
Little to no real experience, lifting is not her strong suit.
Aerial: ★☆☆☆☆
Despite her nickname, she doesn't really fly at all.
Countering: ★★★☆☆
Her evasive step punches are a trademark of her style.

Favored moves:

- Peek-a-boo Jabs
- Defensive Slipping

Signature Moves:

Fairy Dusting: Given a name by a ringside commentator which later lead to her backstage nickname, this is less one type a move and more of a part of her style. Madi will often circle her opponents and pepper them with smaller punches as she rounds her targets. On a swift dodge, she will often throw big hooks with her momentum, managing to keep her balance while twisting her weight behind her blow.

Captain's Hook:
A feigned straight into a crippling hook with her opposite hand, often used to bypass a normal standing guard.

Finishing moves:

Neverland: Crouching down at the feet of her opponent, Madi tucks  in her whole body before springing up with a powerful knock out punch directed at the chin of her opponent. Originally she had called it her "star punch" in homage to her love of the Punch Out series, but this too was renamed by commentators once her Tinkerbell nickname stuck.
Madison Kelly - Float Like a Fairy, Sting Like a Hook. Yo3rSyO
Madison Kelly - Float Like a Fairy, Sting Like a Hook. FJ1Nfz9



Approachable and high spirited, Madison tends to go into most things with a bright outlook an an open mind. Well, she tries anyway. Madison has incredibly thin skin when it comes to being teased or picked on making her extremely easy to rile up. She is extremely apprehensive when it comes to people's options about her, though she had been trying to become more dependent now that she is out on her own. She is inexperienced at high level competition, but is excited to take on just about any challenger regardless of the outcome. She doesn't mind close contact as it relates to being in the ring, as she believes that the sort of stuff that just happens naturally beyond the few obvious outlying circumstances. She is a bit of a hopeless romantic, overly sentimental about her childhood memories, often times combating her want to grow up and act like an adult versus her overwhelming desire to play video games, host slumber parties, or binge on sweets.


Ema Jones was always a fighter in some form or another. Her rebellious nature often found her challenging the established rule of law, be it at home, school, or actual society at large. Taking up the role of an activist came natural to her, and when it came to equality she doubled down. Boxing had always been a man's sport, not just for a public limelight, but due to actual legislation. Early laws prohibited women from even being trained in any sort of competitive capacity, it even barred women from attending boxing matches entirely. Such was the case just outside of Griffith in New South Wales. The illegality of the sport only served to be a driving force behind her want to get involved. She found her way to several other like minded women, who would then go on to make a small underground boxing league.

As their numbers grew, they branched out to more public venues. At first, it wasn't questioned, but as they gained traction it became too much to turn a blind eye to and the sheriff's office raided the event, attempting to round up all the ladies involved. Ema  managed to escape, jumping her the back of a truck bed idled at a red light. Before she could hop back out however, she was driven off, far from where she had been to the farmlands just outside of town. It was an awkward first exchange between Ema and Travis, having to explain why she was climbing out of his vehicle. Despite the odd nature of their meeting, the two hit it off right away. When Travis offered to give Ema a ride back to town for the small price of a date, she took him up on the offer. After that, it was history.

Shortly after their eventual marriage, Ema's involvement in her boxing movement slowed to a crawl when she hit an unexpected bump in the road, mainly her pregnancy. Taking a break from fighting, she worked to help with family farm and ranch. She would eventually go on to give birth to a bouncy baby girl named Madison, or Madi for short. Travis took on the stay at home dad duties, becoming the more permanent fixture for their child at home while Ema took up her crusade again. It wasn't until eight or so years later that her efforts finally paid off, by that time she had missed out on so many moments with little Madi. No longer having to hide her boxing from the authorities, she took the job on full time, but was able to actually involve herself more at home having to travel less.

Ema hadn't wanted her daughter to become a boxer. The hardships she had faced to make her own dreams a reality are something she looks back on with less than a favorable view of her own foolish youth, with how much time and energy she spent with it. Even with her best efforts though, it seemed her daughter had inherited a similar desire to push back against authority, and pursued boxing anyway. Ema would eventually relent, and become her daughters trainer. If she couldn't shot her daughter from joining the sport, she wanted to make sure she turned out to be good. Between her duty on family farm, school, and training under her mother, Madison grew up to be a strong willed young woman.

Female boxing however, while legal, was still a bit of a rarity. The country just didn't allow for much in the way of competition... and she didn't want to have to fight her mother eventually. So she made a deal with her parents to forgo an expensive college for some time to test her meddle abroad in the land of the rising sun. Friction and Tension were brands known the world over, and while Momentum, their boxing league was in decline, she had no doubts she could find some good competition to really cut her teeth on. With a small savings account, and a dream, Madison headed to Japan!

Fun Facts:

Take Me Serious!: Madison gets incredibly annoyed when people don't respect her as a competitor. While she is far from intimidating, she really hates when people call her adorable or cute when they are in the ring. People who tease her, or more skilled individuals who actively toy with her in the ring really get under her skin. She is relatively ease to anger or fluster, sometimes getting lost in the frustration of the moment and making crucial mistakes. She originally hated the nickname she had earned, but has recently owned up to it enough to sport it on her gear.

Lightweight: Madison loves mixed drinks and fruity cocktails. She can't however hold her alcohol very well. She still likes to indulge a bit, especially in social situations to help loosen her up and be less stiff when it comes to chatting with people.

Clear the Club: She loves to sing and dance, though she isn't exceptionally good at either. Considering how great her movement and timing is in the ring, many think her terrible dancing is a joke... it isn't. A very stereotypical "white girl" dance, she seems oblivious to most odd looks she may get or embarrassment she may cause people via proxy.

Completionist: Madison loves video games. When she digs into a game, she tends to do so to the point of obsession, clawing through every nook and cranny until she has every unlockable, easter eggs, and achievement. While she prefers RPGs, she had a real love of co-op games whenever she can find someone to be her player 2.

Animal Empathy: Great with animals. They love her, and she loves them... most of them. While she doesn't own any pets of her own after leaving the farm, she is more than happy to go over other people's houses to play with their animals.

Seed Savant: The Kelly family farm actually is a massive producer of sunflowers, which had in turn given her a great fondness for the seeds when toasted and slightly salted. She can often be found snacking on them, even if the store brand ones aren't as good as the ones back home.

AFW Information

-Wins: 0
-Losses: 1
-Draws/No Contest: 0


Friends: N/A
Allies: N/A
Rivals: N/A
Enemies: N/A
Crushes: N/A

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Madison Kelly - Float Like a Fairy, Sting Like a Hook. 9snJ8fq
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Madison Kelly - Float Like a Fairy, Sting Like a Hook. Empty Re: Madison Kelly - Float Like a Fairy, Sting Like a Hook.

Post by Yori on Sat Oct 26, 2019 9:50 pm

Tag Key:

[M] Match: Recorded match for AFW.
[T] Training/Spar: Unrecorded match or training session.
[S] Social: Thread with an out of ring focus.
[E] Extra Character: Plays a small role in thread.
[C] Character Development: Generally a solo thread used to expand a character story. Journals, behind the scenes stuff, ect.
[P] Promo: Character promo, or involvement in someone else's promo.

Thunder from Down Under:
1: [M] Gaining Momentum- Madison vs. Margaux:[Standard Boxing] Madison makes her premier to AFW Momentum's invitational tournament and is set to face one of the favorites to win.

Madison Kelly - Float Like a Fairy, Sting Like a Hook. 9snJ8fq
Feel free to toss me a PM or IM on Trillian to chat.

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