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Looking for a match for a debut for new girl

Sat Aug 08, 2020 6:42 am by Void Effect

Like the title said: Looking for a match for Lily, contact me using Discord please or PM

"Radical" Edward Sealgair - Tension Scalliwag FIasYCH

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Looking For Matches/Long Term Story Threads For New Wrestler

Fri Aug 07, 2020 12:19 pm by HighFly

Hey everyone, I just made JJ and need some threads for her!

I am looking for matches, maybe even a long term rivalry as well! If you feel like you want to work with her long term asa sparring partner for friend outside the ring after a match that is fine as well. Really anything that tells a fun story would be awesome! Please PM me if interested, thank you!

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Thu Aug 06, 2020 2:16 am by ChateauDame

My apologies for the delay on all posts and plans. My workday has a start time dialed back to a 4:00 AM start as of late and I don't end until about 4 or 5 PM so I am utterly tired as of late. I have about the rest of the week at this schedule and then it should lighten up a bit. I am optimistic for a sense of normalcy soon, maybe this weekend or start of next week.

Apologies for the delay!

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"Radical" Edward Sealgair - Tension Scalliwag

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"Radical" Edward Sealgair - Tension Scalliwag Empty "Radical" Edward Sealgair - Tension Scalliwag

Post by Old_Man_Tai on Thu Jun 28, 2018 10:53 am

Stage Name: “Radical” Edward Sealgair

Nicknames: "The Doonhamer of Dumfries" "The Scalliwag"

Sex: Male

Age: 19

Eyes:  Green

Hair: Blonde

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 128 lbs

Nationality: Irish-Scottish

Hometown: Dumfries, Scotland

Alignment: Face

Entrance Theme - Omnia - "Fe Ra Huri"

Ring Style: While Ed does have some chain wrestling skill, and some decent kicking power, his speed and flying skills are by far his best assets, using blitzkrieg style attacks of fast paced striking and wrestling to bring an opponent down and set them up for some sort of flying assault to put them away.

This fast pace, as well as his bravado, makes him reckless on occasion, going for big moves that, while effective if hit, tend to leave him exposed and in danger when they miss.

His flexible build is lean, slim, and smooth, but what he lacks in abs, he makes up for with slim muscle, and impressive endurance, allowing him to take a bit of a beating, though he’s outmatched against any “super-heavyweight” types.

Attire:  Same as pics:

Favored moves:  Suicide Dives, Planchas, Hurricanrana/Frankensteiners, Dropkicks, DDT Varitions, Various roll up pins, various kicks, Springboard/Avalanche variations of moves.


SlingBlade: A variation of the Sleeper Drop, Ed charges at his opponent, raising one arm and catching them around the neck with the crook of his arm, then jumping and rotating around their body, switching arms before bringing them down onto the mat with his momentum and body weight, slamming the back of their head against the mat.

Radiant Druid - Ed's version of the Shining Wizard, where he charges at his opponent, leaps, and swings his thigh and the side of his knee into the side of his opponents face!

Ayrshire Kick: A Koppu Kick, where Ed flips his body forward, swinging one leg forward, trying to strike his heel onto his opponents head/body!

Selkie Splash: Ed springboards off the top rope, tucking his arms and legs to hit a Frog Splash on his opponents!


Battle Raven Splash: Ed climbs to the top rope, back facing his opponent. He jumps, turning in mid air, and rotating a full 450 degrees before landing on his opponents chest with a splash.

Sealgair Cutter: Ed gets a running start, jumping onto the middle, or if needed, top rope, and springs backward, catching his opponents head in mid air, and driving them face first into the mat with a cutter!

Ayrshire Comet: Ed climbs to the top turnbuckle, steadies himself, then leaps off, curling his body into a ball and doing nearly two full rotations, landing back first onto the opponents body!

Personality: Intelligent, energetic, quick witted, yet also loud and arrogant, Ed manages to present a different side of himself depending on where he is and who he is with.

In ring, when the spotlight is on him, the crowd is watching, adrenaline is flowing through him, He is friendly, full of bravado, though serious, and can get visibly frustrated if the match turns against his favor. By the same token, he can grow cocky if things start working in his favor, going for bigger, flashier, and riskier moves as a result, more a result of youthful excitement than any actual superiority complex.

Outside of the ring, Ed is still friendly, though quieter once the spotlight is off of him. Tends to be more laid back, not as flashy, though the right situation can have him getting excitable quick enough.

In either case, Ed tends to be very curious, eager to seek out knowledge, often spending hours reading books on subjects that pique his interest, or in the case of wrestling opponents, often spending hours watching tapes of his opponents matches to study them,  their moves and mannerisms, even stopping in the middle of matches to question opponents in curiosity and excitement about how they did a certain move, or got the idea for their outfit or kept in conditioning, or...well, anything.

He can also be surprisingly thin-skinned, not liking being teased or bullied around, quick to anger if the right buttons are pushed. While he has overcome most of his former shyness, it can still pop up and make him feel awkward, though this is pretty much exclusively when dealing with hentai matches, or just women in skimpy clothing all-together, especially if they are flirting with/rubbing against him.


(Just some bullet points until I properly finish, because I hate writing histories)

*Born to a Scottish father and an Irish mother, getting his fathers eyes and mothers hair color. His father owned a whiskey distillery, exporting single malt whiskey, while his mother ran a restaurant attached to the distillery. While his family had no existing/living connections to it, Ed’s father had a grand-uncle, from several generations back, who, through marriage, had ties to Clan Hunter, an old Scottish Clan, and, having no children of his own, gave what trinkets he had representing the Clan to his nieces and nephews, and stories of Clan Hunter’s various exploits filled a young Ed with a deep respect for the clan whose name he shared, as well as an immense curiosity and fondness for stories, history, folklore and mythology.

*Inherited his father’s meticulous and studious nature, as well as his mother’s temper, leading to a childhood where he would attempt to sate his immense curiosity by reading and studying all he could about various subjects...only to end up getting in brawls when other children made fun of him for it. Eventually, tired of getting beaten up by bigger kids, Ed became something of a recluse, staying at home with his books and the internet outside of school hours.

*Discovered pro wrestling when his father, wanting to get his son out of the house for a night, and having bare knuckle boxed in his youth, started taking Ed to local boxing and wrestling events, hoping to bond with him over the sport, as well as have him learn something that might help him if he got into another brawl. While Ed was mildly interested in the boxing, the wrestling absolutely blew him away. The exotic and flashy outfits, the hard hitting slams, and especially the amazing high flying moves, with a women’s match between a lovely Irish lass and a British woman capturing his attention the most, both for the physical appearances, but more for the incredible fast paced moves and acrobatic flips they pulled off. Even better, once he began diving into the history, styles, and stories of the sport, he found himself entirely fascinated.

*In a surprising twist, when he was 14, Ed was given an offer by his father. He had recently started exporting his whiskey, “Highland Hunter” into Japan, and had become fast friends with the buyer, an owner of multiple whiskey bars named Mr. Yamaguchi, who, noticing how selling “Highland Hunter” had actually increased his business, wanted to open a new distillery in Japan to make it, figuring, since Japanese Whiskey was made to imitate the production and taste of Scotch whiskey, having a distillery with the actual scotch makers in control would lead to a better product, and he was happy to invite Ed’s family to come visit for the opening.

*Being in Japan was an entirely new experience, and Ed found himself absolutely stunned by the new country. He dove into Japan’s history, culture, and mythology, loving every second of it, burying himself in reading manga, watching anime, nagging his folks to take him to museums and historical landmarks, finding himself not wanting to return home, where all that awaited him was more teasing, bullying, and hiding out at home behind a book. Realizing this, and after much discussion between Mr. Yamaguchi and his parents, Ed was presented with a choice. He could return home with them, or he could stay in Japan, under Mr. Yamaguchi’s care, as part of a foreign exchange student program. The decision, for the most part, wasn’t a hard one to make, and soon enough, the paperwork was filled out, and Ed was officially living in Japan.

*Living and going to high school in Japan was a unique and different experience. Back home, he was considered as being nothing special, meaning he was often either ignored, or targeted for bullying. In Japan however, he was something new, something unique. A blonde Scots-kid was a rarer sight than the usual american tourists, weeaboos, and japan-o-philes that tried to spend time there. The attention, from people wanting to know about Scotland, guys wanting to befriend him, to girls thinking he was cute, actually forced him to break out of his shell, spending less time at home and interacting and going out with people more, honestly enjoying the feeling of being somewhat popular.

*One particularly notable friend Ed made, was a young Ryo Kamiya, a semi-popular kid who he shared a couple classes with. The boy was very outgoing, a fast talker, and a bit cocky, often flirting with girls older than him, and out of his league...which sometimes led to him getting beaten up by their boyfriends. Their friendship began when Ed, staying after school to study for a test, came into a mostly empty hallway, except for where a bully...or possibly an angry boyfriend, he never found out which, had Ryo pinned against a wall of lockers, about to punch his face. Not liking seeing someone else get picked on like he had been, Ed charged in, tackling the older boy...and taking a punch for his trouble. Still, the two of them together brawled well enough to get the older boy to leave them alone, and a friendship started.

*They spent their time discussing various anime, traded stories of Scotland and Japan, and sports, both of them sharing a mutual love of pro wrestling, with Ryo quickly turning Ed onto watching AFW, the skilled professional matches...and the scantily clad people, keeping Ed’s attention. When he expressed a desire to do it himself, Ryo revealed that his cousin, Tai Kamiya, was in fact, a former Tension wrestler, along with his wife, and he was planning on getting in shape and asking them to train him, with Ed determined to do the same.

*Ed’s desire to get into shape and become a pro wrestler himself shaped his high school years. He did light weight training, wrestled on the high school wrestling team, he took up track to improve his cardio and speed and leg strength, and, along with Ryo, joined the swim team to help shape his build. As they got older, Ryo announced he had convinced his cousin Tai’s wife, the lovely Chigusa Yuuki of the Idol Group, Eclipse, and a former long time wrestler herself, to train him Ryo into becoming a wrestler for AFW, and, after some begging, Ed and Ryo convinced Chigusa to train him as well.

Over the next three years, he trained, growing faster, stronger, adopting a high risk, high reward, fast paced style. When he turned 18, and graduated high school, his exchange family helped him obtain a work visa, allowing him to stay in Japan, and officially begin a career as a pro wrestler.

Unlike Ryo, who used Tai and Chigusa’s contacts to get himself a contract with AFW right off the bat, Ed went a different route, wanting to make a name on his own merits. With that, he ended up signing with a local independent promotion, Neo Japan Wrestling, which focused more on “pure” wrestling matches, with non of the hentai matches and sex appeal and wild characters of AFW.

The first few months, things...didn’t go so well, Ed taking several hard losses as he learned just what a real match outside of training felt like. But he did what he did best, he studied, he learned...and in time, it all finally clicked.

Over the next few months, his skills improved, trading wins and losses with the various fighters, his high flying style gaining him the attention of the crowd...and talent scouts.

It was just after he celebrated his first full year with NJW, that he got a visit from a talent scout, offering him a Tension contract, which he promptly signed without a second thought, eager to re-join his friend and finally step into the big leagues!

Misc. Facts:

Ed’s last name translates to “Hunter”, which, out of respect for the old Scottish Clan, Clan Hunter, for which he was named, Ed chose to make the english translation his ring name, to encourage others to look up the history of the clan, as well as other bits of Scottish history.

Ed’s curious nature, and often never-ending questions that come from said nature, tend to irritate people, more often than endear himself to them.

Due to being bullied as a child, Ed can’t tolerate a bully, and will go out of his way to fight a bully and defend people against them if he comes across them, even if he has nothing to do with the situation.

Once he decided to become a wrestler, he begged his temporary “new dad” for a large trampoline for the backyard. Upon getting one, he spent hours bouncing on it, getting adjusted to the idea of being in the air, learning to control his body, and, over the next few years, teaching himself to do the various flips and spins and as many of the various high flying wrestling moves as he could.

While he does wear a speedo for hentai matches, its less because he wants too, and more because Ryo keeps convincing him to do it. Ed suspects it’s just because Ryo likes looking at his butt in them.

Ed is a huge fan of mythological folklore, and stories about such folklore and legendary figures from various countries, and loves visiting museums and historical sites. Anybody having a story to tell about such things would quickly be able to get on Ed’s good side.

His stage name, “Radical Ed” is actually a tribute to his favorite anime character ever, Radical Edward of the anime “Cowboy Bebop”, by far his favorite show ever.

While Ed's various signature and finishing moves mostly have names taken from either Scottish/Gaelic Folklore, ("Battle Raven" referencing the Deity "The Morrigan", "Selkie" referencing Shetland myths of people able to turn into seals, and the Ulster Cycle referencing tales of Irish/Gaelic heroes of myth, who, while not Scottish, were told often in the west of Scotland, and whose tales Ed enjoyed hearing growing up) the Sealgair Cutter is named after his own family, to honor them.

Ed’s shyness around attractive men and women stems mostly from inexperience and lack of confidence regarding them. While not a virgin, thanks to one or two brief encounters in high school with a cute Japanese girl, he never was much of a ladies man, and he has little defense in terms of hentai match tactics, though his desire to win matches and overcome this flaw means he won’t turn down, or run away, from a hentai match.

Ed is Bi-sexual, something he learned while during his time on the swim team in high school and training with Ryo, where he was required to spend time around guys in speedos, realizing his attraction to Ryo in particular, which wasn’t helped by Ryo being a bit of a man-slut, a casual flirter, and insisting on wrestling/training in a speedo. Things came to a head when, during a private match between the two, to see who was getting better, a combination of general lust, and general annoyance at Ryo’s constant inappropriate touches and rubs led to Ed responding in kind, which led to things getting...interesting. It’s unknown if any sort of relationship progressed past that night, or if they still hook up on occasion., though it seems it hasn’t hurt their friendship any.

Ed's favorite AFW wrestlers were the wonderful high flying women of the league. Yuki-Onna, Julia Rogers, Taylor Parker, and others, with one of his favorites being the Slamazon veteran Valley Doll.

Ed has a desire to gain signed autographs from his favorite wrestler.




Match Record: 2 wins/3 Losses


Edward Sealgair defeats Nanami Tomonari via Pinfall (Roll up)
Edward Sealgair defeated Naomi Brock via Pinfall (Post orgasm pinfall)


Dash Turner defeats Edward Sealgair via Submission (Undertow Hold)
Noomi Holm defeats Edward Sealgair via Pinfall (Pinfall post-orgasm)
Valley Doll defeats Edward Sealgair via Submission (Trapped in the Valley)

Thread History:

1. Edward Sealgair makes his Tension debut against the lovely brawler Nanami! WIN

2. Tension debuts its new beach ring, as a speedo clad Edward takes on the swimsuit wearing beach bunny, Dash! LOSS

3. Edward takes on a new kind of challenge when he faces the incredibly adorable and sexual Noomi Boom! LOSS

4. Edward returns to the beach to face a bikini clad giantess virgin in her first hentai match! WIN

5. Edward Sealgair gets a match against his high flying wrestling idol, Valley Doll! LOSS

6. Edward takes on another bikini clad actress giant in a hentai match on the beach, the lovely Artemis!

7. Edward tries to get some pre-tournament training in, only to meet a stunning new beauty added to the roster.

8. Young Edward takes part in a tournament for a new Tension Championship, and faces his first round opponent, the attractive and charismatic musician Junsu!

9. Edward meets another new rookie in Kazuma, and offers to show him around the Tension Arena!


Regular Attire:
"Radical" Edward Sealgair - Tension Scalliwag X7wCtc4

Hentai Attire:
 "Radical" Edward Sealgair - Tension Scalliwag DpSjhS4    

Check out the recently revamped Roster Page, now with pics!

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