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Looking for a short match

Sat Jul 11, 2020 12:21 pm by Kelsea

I'll be looking around for a short one off match for my test character Chantelle Lafleur against a male heel character in more or less a onesided battle. PM me if interested

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Killer King

Sat Jul 04, 2020 5:58 am by KillerV

Looking for female opponents to lose against Killer King, willing to discuss about it...

Thanks in advance.

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Summer Splash start date reminder

Tue Jun 30, 2020 7:13 pm by Old_Man_Tai

Summer Splash starts on July 15th this year.

After the poll that was taken, we decided to push SS back a little this year, to give people more time to get stories together given the pandemic.

With July around the corner, we decided to give a couple extra weeks and start SS halfway through July, just to give people some more time.

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Himeko Akan VS Death Bunny: Blackened Heavens

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Himeko Akan VS Death Bunny: Blackened Heavens - Page 7 Empty Re: Himeko Akan VS Death Bunny: Blackened Heavens

Post by M.J.Caboose14 on Sun Nov 10, 2019 8:10 pm

"Please, oh please, oh please, OH PLEASE let this bunny rest in peace!!!" Himeko prayed to herself as the fans got louder and louder. Honestly, the giantess worried all their excitement would wake the rabbit up. That would suuuuuuck. However, as DB remained flat underneath the rotund woman's body, the ref would quickly reach a one...and then a two...before a final count was shouted out.

"THREEEE!" the ref girl shouted out before the fans erupted in cheers. Himeko couldn't believe it. She won? She actually won? The shock of this mixed with her extreme exhaustion caused the woman to continue laying on top of DB. It took a solid ten seconds before Himeko released the Grim Hopper's leg. However, she didn't get up. She just continued to lay there unsure of whether or not she was dreaming. A part of her was thinking DB had knocked her out cold, and this was all just a dream, while DB was posing on her unconscious body in the real world. Then again, did DB ever pose like that? Actually, it'd be far more likely that she was stuffing Himeko's thick body in a coffin...and struggling due to the giantess being too she'd have to try to really smush the woman in their...or start making her smaller to fit in the casket...

When that thought crossed her mind during her weird, imaginary field day, Himeko immediately pinched herself to check. The sharp sting she felt from pinching her booty instantly relieved and thrilled the giantess. She was not dreaming. She had actually come out on top DB over. Then, Himeko would finally roll off DB and flop onto her side with both of them covered in sweat. The giantess was panting loudly, but otherwise speechless.

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Himeko Akan VS Death Bunny: Blackened Heavens - Page 7 MiMAWbv

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Himeko Akan VS Death Bunny: Blackened Heavens - Page 7 Empty Re: Himeko Akan VS Death Bunny: Blackened Heavens

Post by killcarrion on Sun Nov 17, 2019 6:56 pm

This was certainly a foreign sensation to the fallen reaper. Blacked out unconscious with not even the ringing in her bunny ears being quite loud enough to coax her from her deathly slumber. No second wind being felt for her beneath the rotund giantess taking her sweet time in peeling herself off of the resting bunny girl now becoming unpleasantly familiar with having Himeko's sweat slickened weight squishing down upon her.  Both of her elongated  bunny ears sticking out from beneath the general's legs as the unflattering pinning portrait continued onward for a full ten seconds before she finally saw fit to remember that she only needed a three count to win. Though soon after she flopped to the side, the fallen reaper would abruptly arise back to a seated position as if unearthing herself from a tomb.

A morbid stiffness to this eerie motion as she than started rubbing the back of her neck while rolling it around to get the cricks and cracks out of it. Not a word being uttered or a glimpse of the outside world being seen through her lidded eyes. Only a deep furrow to her brow and deep exhalation from her flared nostrils as she gradually started getting her feet beneath her again. Silted, pained movements and a bit of groggy dizziness making this all easier described than done...but once arising after a off-balance studder step from the lingering wooziness from of Himeko's brain busting finisher, did D.B. finally start to break the unpleasant silence between the pair. "...that was my loss. I...underestimated you from our previous encounters. Poor judgment on my part..." D.B. sullenly imparted with a somber inflection, her back turned to Himeko as she honorably accepted her part in this defeat.

Himeko Akan VS Death Bunny: Blackened Heavens - Page 7 0uZ9YxE

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