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Looking for sensual jobbers. FRICTION ONLY!

Fri Feb 21, 2020 6:50 pm by Harrier

Hi all,

As the title implies, I am looking for sensual victims for my new mystery character GOLDFINGER.
Why only jobbers? I have planned a storyline with Iceman and want to build Goldfinger up for it. It can be a squash or a close match whatever you prefer, but Miss Goldfinger must come out victorious.

If you have a keen interest in your win/lose ratio (I feel you!), I can and will trade a win back with Tessa, Gina, Kelly, Sayuri or Amaya.

I may not be the fastest or best poster in general, …

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Early Notice: Summer Splash 2020

Wed Feb 19, 2020 8:58 am by Old_Man_Tai


Summer Splash 2020 starts in June-July!

This is an early notice to those looking to participate in the ppv, to please start thinking about and planning what matches you want to do at the PPV now.

I know everyone is still working on their Showdown/Avalanche matches, and that's fine and good, this is just an early notice is all.

The earlier you start, the easier it will be to get your pre-match story threads completed!

Title Holders, please start looking for potential …

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Sorry for the delay

Sun Feb 09, 2020 7:21 am by LARIATO

(Meant to post this yesterday only just now got to it. Ironic I guess >_<)

Apologies for the delay on posts. No excuses, I just suck.

I think I've posted to all my active threads, but in my infinite stupidity and forgetfulness it's highly possible I've missed something somewhere. If anyone has a thread with me I still need to post to, please let me know so I can get on it asap.

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Hitomi vs Cicilia: DOA vs AFW! (Non-Canon)

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Hitomi vs Cicilia: DOA vs AFW! (Non-Canon) - Page 2 Empty Re: Hitomi vs Cicilia: DOA vs AFW! (Non-Canon)

Post by Cicilia on Tue Jun 18, 2019 9:54 pm

Cicilia watched as Hitomi writhed and clutched at her belly on the ground, seemingly unable to back up her big talk at all. How utterly predictable.

"What? Don't have anything to say?" Cicilia asked, throwing the karate-girl's comment back in her face. This wasn't over, however... Even with the stone and mason cracked and shattered from under Hitomi's back, the girl was still able to roll around, gasp and cry in agony... Probably meant she could fight back too if she wanted. This battle had just begun and Cicilia was going to make sure she had control of it from here on out! Walking right up to her fallen foe, Cicilia would grab her by the back of her neck and TOSS her into the air a good foot or so, Gravity dragging the brown-haired girl... RIGHT into an uppercut aimed RIGHT at that wounded belly! If her punch connected, Cicilia would allow the much smaller girl to hang there, impaled as her abs were utterly smashed upon her fist... sanguine eyes glaring with utter hostility into Hitomi's.

"This is what you deserve..." She whispered, her voice as sharp and as quiet as a knife cutting it's prey.

Suddenly Cicilia would RIP her fist free from the girl's stomach, only to POUND Hitomi with a rapid barrage of blows, her arms seeming to faze out of existance as she blitzed past human perception!

The German roared as her fists ROCKETED towards Hitomi like a shotgun blast before finishing with one last mighty punch to her opponent's jaw! "MUDA!"

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Hitomi vs Cicilia: DOA vs AFW! (Non-Canon) - Page 2 Empty Re: Hitomi vs Cicilia: DOA vs AFW! (Non-Canon)

Post by Berial on Sat Oct 26, 2019 12:52 am

What did this girl eat for a living? Bricks?!

Hitomi kept to the ground, struggling to keep her lunch on the inside, still astonished by the power that had done her in. She tried to run through a mental list of people she could compare it to but kept coming empty. Hayate didn’t hit that hard. Jann didn’t hit that hard. She didn’t think Bass Armstrong hit that hard! Was she a DOATEC experiment?

The power this stranger was generating was unreal and she was clearly intent on making her feel every inch of it.

With zero remorse, the raven-haired woman picked Hitomi up by the back of her neck, making her groan in pain as she felt the raw power from her palm clamping down from behind. All at once, she was thrown up into the air with impossible strength, only to be met with another shot to the gut! Hitomi could barely focus on the words whispered with malice into her ear while she felt herself on the edge of barfing right then and there on her aggressor’s face. That image would have been funny in any other situation. Right now, in reality, it was just everything she could do to keep from giving in.

The fist buried at her stomach suddenly clenched and Hitomi’s fighter instincts roused. This woman was going for something else. Though she wasn’t sure what, the German-Japanese girl could at least cross her arms in a guard when she noticed Cicilia shift in her posture. A rapid barrage of blows followed, keeping Hitomi suspended from the ground from their force alone as this woman continued to wail on her! Each one felt like a hammer knocking on her bones, the killer intent behind each strike wasn’t a joke! Some of them got through, penetrating her defenses to hit her ribs, her forehead, her shoulders, anywhere there was an opening. Just when Hitomi thought she’d had enough, one last mighty blow nailed her across the cheek, rolling her eyes into the back of her head as the smaller brunette was sent flying down the alley in a spiral.

Her body skidded across the concrete and came to a slow stop at the end of a trail of dust and cement. She felt stiff, unresponsive, heavy. Her jaw throbbed maddeningly and felt like loose as the taste of copper soaked the side of her tongue. The karate girl clenched her fists a few times and opened her eyes, staring at the blue sky through uncertain eyes. What was going on? Why was this person so strong? What training did someone as brusque as her have? She’d been all over the world studying for DoA and her mind couldn’t think of this person’s face at any martial arts competitions. No MMA fights or boxing tournaments. Nothing.

Was this woman...this stranger...stronger than her? Her blue orbs widened a tad. That shaky gaze blinked once more and gave way to a determined glare, forcing herself to slowly sit up from the floor.

Hitomi studied the woman on the opposite end of the alley as she came up to one knee. She was quick to note the muscle and bulk lining her arms, free from the confines of her jacket to It looked like she might actually have a fight on her hands. She brushed a bit of blood from the corner of her lip and looked to her side, spying a discarded lawn chair someone had laid out against their wall by the dumpster.

Slowly, the karateka stood on wobbly feet, looking as though she might charge the woman down. Before she did that, though, she dipped off to the side, reaching out to grab the chair from the wall that unfolded as she plucked it off the ground. Hitomi threw it up in the air just as Cicilia had done to her a moment ago, only instead of a punch, the Japanese girl would send it flying straight at Cicilia’s head from down the street with a high roundhouse kick. Once she did that, she’d run straight at the woman, closing the distance quicker than expected with the damage she’d just sustained. But Hitomi was tougher than most, and she’d prove that now as she took this bruiser head on!

...but not before she swung the garbage bag she’d grabbed on the way! She threw it again right at Cicilia’s face, attempting to obstruct the heavy-hitter's view before Hitomi leaped high and kicked it straight on, spilling its contents open as her foot came out the other end, going to flatten the German face-first against her soles!

Hitomi vs Cicilia: DOA vs AFW! (Non-Canon) - Page 2 6NRJND5

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Hitomi vs Cicilia: DOA vs AFW! (Non-Canon) - Page 2 Empty Re: Hitomi vs Cicilia: DOA vs AFW! (Non-Canon)

Post by Cicilia on Sat Oct 26, 2019 10:30 pm

Hitomi, for all her big-talk and confidence, put up as much fight as a rag-doll. The German's punches became like an updraft of fists that RIPPED into the smaller woman from below, beating up OFF the ground with such strength and speed, each punch almost sent a SHOCKWAVE out through the other side of the girl upon impact! The boxer's vicious attack RIPPED apart Hitomi's pathetic attempts at defense as if they were nothing, leaving her body to be battered and picked apart like the holes of swiss-cheese... but not nearly as gruesome.

With one final blow, she sent her brown-haired foe FLYING into an alley, her body skidding and skipping along the surface of hard-concrete like a stone upon the surface of a lake. Each impact was gutteral, the sound of flesh grinding upon stone turning the boxer's stomach just a bit... But as she observed the carnage before her... she found that her foe was... relatively undamaged. Unhurt...? Hell no... She lay sprawled upon the ground amongst the garbage and dirt, still and unmoving, slow to recover. No, she had harmed the smaller girl... but the fact she was still alive and not bleeding on everything. Most people who took hits like that were usually blown apart with the same spattering as that of being hit point-blank with a shot-gun blast!

...Not Hitomi. At least from this angle, Cicilia couldn't see any truly permanent damage... Probably better that way.

"Hmph." Cicilia growled, spitting on the ground at the entrance to the alley within Hitomi lay. "Idiot."

The boxer turned her back on her foe, moving her hands to her stomach as if to slip her hands into her hoodie pockets... only to remember she had discarded it... stained with burning coffee. Letting out a low growl of frustration, she instead let her arms hang by her side, albeit stiffly, looking around for her jacket....


"What the..."
Cicilia muttered, looking over her shoulder ONLY to be struck in the back of the head with a massive lawn-chair! It came out of nowhere, like vengeance from god itself, sending Cicilia stumbling and nearly knocking her down to her knees! Rising again, face full of fury, she turned again... only to bear witness to a MASSIVE heap of GARBAGE flying right at her face! She only had time enough to SNAP back around, the heavy sack of shit CRASHING into the German's face and upper body!... but that wasn't the only thing that did! The bag was a PERFECT target for Hitomi to attack, her foot SHREDDING straight through it and SLAMMED into the German's face, Cicilia's eyes wide as the woman's shoe CRACKED into her jaw!

"GWAAH!" Cicilia cried, FLYING back just as Hitomi had a moment before, the boxer SLAMMING into a lamp-post pole, the metal structure catching her... and prompty crumbling under her momentum, collapsing HARD to the side! Cicilia's legs buckled as she collapsed on her ass, head downcast as her sanguine eyes fluttered rapidly. What... the FUCK  just hit her... Was it a human foot... or a fucking gun-shot...? She had no idea...

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Hitomi vs Cicilia: DOA vs AFW! (Non-Canon) - Page 2 Empty Re: Hitomi vs Cicilia: DOA vs AFW! (Non-Canon)

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