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Looking for debuts and matches.

Mon Jul 27, 2020 8:26 pm by Old_Man_Tai

Looking to be more active around here, which means starting more matches.

Yay more matches!

For those interested:

Cami (will do hentai, but not for debut match)

Hiromi (No hentai)

Blazing Kitsune (no hentai)

All still need debut matches

I'm also accepting offers for matches against:

Kairi (will do hentai)

Dark Star Chaos (no hentai)

Grizzly (no hentai)

Feel free to PM me or find me on the Discord if any of those sound interesting, or if you have another match you want to suggest. …

[ Full reading ]

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Apologies for delays

Fri Jul 24, 2020 11:19 pm by Old_Man_Tai


I just wanted to take a minute and apologies to the many people I am RPing with and my slowness this last month or two. It's been a busy time and I've had trouble with motivation and inspiration to post.

I am going to do better, I promise, and I will have posts up for everybody soon and I will try not to falter least for a while XD.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Specific Debut Match Idea

Fri Jul 24, 2020 10:45 pm by SuckerPunch

Hello friends and fellow AFW'ers! I'm looking for a very specific type of squash for the debut match of Harmony Harper, my newest character. If you're interested, please send me a PM on the forums! I'm looking forward to playing with you all!

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Carlos Calderón - The Crooked Coach

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Carlos Calderón - The Crooked Coach Empty Carlos Calderón - The Crooked Coach

Post by Jaystar on Thu Jul 18, 2019 10:50 pm

Carlos Calderón - The Crooked Coach

Carlos Calderón - The Crooked Coach LdlRsW2

Personal Information

Real name: Carlos Calderón
Wrestling alias: The Crooked Coach
Sex: Male
Age: 27
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Height: 5’10 (179cm)
Weight: 183lbs (83kg)
Nationality: Costa Rican
Alignment: “Neutral” (Mostly Heel in reality)
Entrance music: Pitbull – Rain Over Me  

Wrestling Information

Wrestling strategy: Taking advantage of his familiar role as a coach, Carlos tries to utilize those skills to the best of his capabilities. In the beginning, he often tries to portrait himself as an accountable, trustworthy opponent, who is out to have a good fight in the ring, and give some helpful advice to his opponent in the process. However, it is all just a sneaky strategy to then strike at his opponents when they’re at their weakest…

Naturally, not everyone always falls for his bluff. In those cases, his strategy is to simply go full out on inflicting pain on his opponent, trying to dominate them as completely as possible.

Carlos’s style counts a lot on having size and strength advantage over his opponents. Should that not be the case, he might find himself more easily in trouble.

Preferred Matches: Carlos is ready to take on any challenge that is issued his way, including even Hardcore and Hentai ones. Variety and different kinds of matches only inspire him more!

Attitude to hentai: “Isn’t that every hombre’s dream?

Physical Statistics

Endurance: ★★★ – Carlos usually tries to keep himself in control, and getting into the receiving end of things for a prolonged period can put him in trouble, despite his formidable physique.
Strength:★★★★½ – Yeah. I mean, just look at his body.
Speed:★★★ – While not nimble and agile, baseball background has granted the Coach some decent speed.
Defence:★★½ – Carlos has less experience of being on the defense – usually he prefers to stay in control.
Technique:★★★★ – A coach must know his moves, right?

Wrestling Statistics

Strikes:★★★ – Naturally a man can brawl, but strikes are not his specialty…unless they involve a baseball bat.  
Submissions:★★ – Carlos likes some basic ones, but doesn’t really care about anything too fancy.
Powerhouse:★★★★ – Yes. That’s what lucha is all about!  
Aerials: ★★½ – Carlos can climb the ropes, yes… But often it’s not really worth it.  
Counters:★★★ – Coach knows a lot of technique, and some of that is even good for countering moves.

Favored moves: Carlos loves all sorts of power moves. Anything that is going to send his opponent flying is of prime importance to him in the ring. And those are the ones he master himself best too… Against heavier opponents, the coach has to resort more to strikes.

Especially, if he is allowed to be equipped with his baseball bat for the match…  

Finishing moves

Strike Out: Carlos first punches his opponent’s belly three times to drive the air out of their lungs, before setting them up for a standard Piledriver.

Home Run: Carlos catches the opponent and lifts them up onto his shoulders, before running towards his corner of the ring and throwing the opponent down with a Buckle Bomb.  


Carlos is a confident man who is well aware of his looks and physique, and does not hesitate the least to use those to his full advantage in life. Whether it’s about winning a contest, earning lots of money, or make ladies fall for him, he seeks to excel and outperform others. And he does not hesitate to cheat to get what he wants…

Deep inside he may be wishing to find some true meaning, purpose for his life, or someone that he could cherish and share his life with. But those feelings are buried deep, deep down, and are very unlikely to overcome the years of hardening and cynicism his character has gone through.

In the ring this translates to true heel tendencies, sometimes playing and toying with his opponents if he’s capable of, and a desire to succeed at any cost. And even though he enjoys challenge and competition, after all, being strong in the ring could very well translate to being strong with other areas in life…such as ladies and money.


Carlos was born in San José, Costa Rica into a fairly wealthy family by local standards. In his childhood he never had to be missing anything – except for maybe attention, love and affection. His parents, and especially his father firmly believed that money was the answer for everything, and pursuing for more of it was always going to be worthwhile. And his mother did not really disagree…

Granted, money of his parents could buy Carlos lots of good things in life. Such as nice grades in report cards and a high school diploma. Not to speak of endless possibilities to enjoy his everyday life in much more pleasant ways than his peers…and boast off to his friends. Which apparently were also easy to get when you were rich. Not to mention girlfriends…

Baseball was Carlos’s main hobby since childhood. And success on the field was probably the only thing his parents could not buy him… After years of resilient work, building up his physique and constant efforts with trying to become a better player, he actually became one of the top players in San José at his age level by the time he turned 21. He even became good enough to be offered a spot in a baseball team in the US, after which he immediately bought a ticket to his new home town.

That town was Show Low, Arizona. And the team was terrible. It soon became obvious to Carlos that there was no money to be made there, and a serious lack of ladies too. The only thing that was plentiful was alcohol. And slowly but surely, the liquid substance began taking over his everyday life, leading to seriously degrading performance on the field… After less than a year, Carlos was kicked out of the team, and left back to Costa Rica.

His playing sucked, but his knowledge of baseball still didn’t. Thus, Carlos became a coach for his former team. The results he got were pretty good, but his coaching methods, unsurprisingly, caused increasing resistance over time. Qualities and skills for his players were another thing that Carlos could not buy, and the frustration over that fact led to some mean and unfair coaching practices. Needless to say, the fact that the coach’s patience was usually running very thin did not help at all. After less than a year, Carlos was kicked out of the team, and left baseball altogether.

Then came wrestling. Without baseball, only assets Carlos really had in life were his body and looks, and his money. Unfortunately, money was an asset that he did not know how to really invest in any other than hedonistic uses, so using his body was the only option. Joining a local wrestling league, fighting it up in the ring provided a nice escape for the former coach to unleash his frustration, and satisfy his thirst for competition.

Carlos became pretty good inside the ring. Usually he fought against other men, but participated in some matches against ladies too. The latter ones were obviously his favorites. The former baseball coach was never the best wrestler in the league, but his physique usually granted him good results. Oh, and subtle cheating and dirty tricks were always an option too. Plus, the referees liked money.

That eventually bit him in the ass. He got kicked out of the league, accompanied by a scandal. His career in Costa Rica was effectively over.

But as it turned out, only in Costa Rica. Soon after his ousting, he received an offer from AFW in Japan, inviting him to participate in the Tension league, where they claimed were ladies and money available. Plentiful ladies and money.

That was more than enough said.

Appearance and wrestling attire:

Backstage/Entrance attire:
Carlos Calderón - The Crooked Coach BrcSHQK

Wrestling attire:
Carlos Calderón - The Crooked Coach THSpui6

"Ready for your punishment?":
Carlos Calderón - The Crooked Coach JCALgWU

"You should see the other guy!":
Carlos Calderón - The Crooked Coach SF8lSby

Fun Facts:

- As a teenager Carlos was secretly an avid Harry Potter -fan, and often imagined his baseball bat to be a magic wand at the field

- Carlos once got caught cheating by buying lingerie at the same time for two of his girlfriends, and then accidentally mixing up the cup sizes of the two  

AFW Information

Wins: 0

Losses: 0
[spoiler] spoiler]

Draws: 0




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