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Need Debut matches/Simply looking for more

Tue Sep 08, 2020 11:19 pm by Void Effect

Got bunch of girls that need to debut, if anyone interested, PM me here or on Discord

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Poll regarding the possibility of Mods booking PPV matches.

Sat Oct 24, 2020 1:43 am by Old_Man_Tai

So, basically, was wondering all of your thoughts regarding the possiblity of mods booking ppv matches.

The thought was, since people often seem to have trouble finding partners for ppv matches until the last minute or so, what if the mod team was to step in and, well in advance of the show, book the show ourselves, and try to put together the best matches we can, including title defenses, no.1 contender matches, and so on and so forth?

While I doubt our more popular members need such a …

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General Avalanche Reminder

Fri Oct 23, 2020 9:21 pm by Old_Man_Tai

General Reminder: Friction PPV Avalanche goes live on December 1st: So if you need to do any promos or build up for your Avalanche matches, you should be focusing on that now. You are allowed to do such things over Discord and then post them after if it helps get them done faster so matches have proper build up.

Also, if you are looking to get on the ppv, and have a partner and match set up, (or can do so quickly), contact me to let me know what match you are doing on the show.

If you have …

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Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen

Go down

Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen Empty Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen

Post by skip-stop on Sat Aug 31, 2019 8:57 pm

Margarita "Margo" Jorgensen
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 41654710

Personal information

    Name: Margarita “Margo” Jorgensen

    Alias: Sea Star

    Sex: Female

    Sexual orientation: Bisexual

    Age: 22

    Birthday: 07 February

    Eye color: Light green

    Hair color: Natural – blond, painted – pink

    Height: 168 cm // 5’6’’

    Weight: 60 kg // 132.3 pounds

    Nationality: Danish

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Entrance Music: アニメ「刻刻」OP / 主題歌「Flashback / MIYAVI vs KenKen」TVver.

    In Margarita, a sporty physique and pretty female beauty are harmoniously combined.
    The girl has a fairly average height, one hundred sixty-eight centimeters or 5 feet and six inches. She has a slightly tanned peach skin. Despite Margarita's not the tallest height, she has a rather big chest, round shape, third size or C.
    The Danish girl maintains her body shape and keeps track of her weight, which is equal to sixty kilograms or one hundred thirty-two point one and three-tenths pounds.
    Margarita has a slender, pleasant figure, and at the same time, her athletic training is very noticeable. The muscles of the legs and arms stand out noticeably, while the girl’s abs may not be of steel, but she is very proud of how she trained her abdominal muscles.
    The Danish girl has an oval face shape, which gradually narrows to the chin. She has thick and medium-sized eyebrows in the shape of arrows in the direction of the temples. Margarita also has long, but not too thick eyelashes. The girl’s eyes are light green in color and, due to her genetic features, seem to be higher than other people.
    Margo's natural hair color is blond. However, while still an actor, she repainted them in pink. The length of the hair almost reaches the girl’s shoulders, and the haircut in shape resembles a bob. In most cases, Margarita walks or with her hair loose, or collects them in a short tail on the nape.
    Facial expression is a separate topic that can be revealed endlessly. Because of her temper, the girl incredibly often gestures, and different emotions constantly play on her face. She prefers to keep nothing in herself, therefore her face and her whole body in general always reflect what she feels. Margarita has a high and sonorous voice, which according to the classification refers to the classic mezzo-soprano (like Avril Lavigne).
    Clothing is the same item as facial expressions. Margarita loves to constantly change clothes, so she constantly appears in public in different outfits, sometimes assembled as if for a high fashion show, and sometimes as if she was going to go for a drink some beer somewhere near the port docks.


    All arts belong to ctchrysler

Wrestling standard:

Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 32503910
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 34905910
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 50177610
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 51155610

Alternative wrestling 1 / workout 1:

Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 38926010
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 39344310
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 61753410

Alternative wrestling 2 / workout 2:

Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 38745410
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 38868610
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 61539410

Hero space costume:

Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 13413210
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 13423510
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 37324910

Apostate space costume:

Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 10843910
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 13525510


Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 67730110
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 67796710
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 68980710
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 10598310
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 10706610Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 10731610
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 10785110
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 10817810
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 10986310
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 11008010
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 11055610
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 11142810
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 11184610
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 11226610
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 11374110
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 11380110
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 13258810
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 13258910
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 13259010
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 13277710
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 13328910
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 13388410
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 13391110
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 13643010
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 26868510Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 27576310
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 30856110
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 35575210
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 41654711
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 42842810
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 47583410
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 47693110Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 54512610
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 59447410
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 66655810

Swimming suit:

Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 11685110
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 17422910
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 10666210
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 62075210
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 64209610
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 64527710


Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 10454110


Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 51536010

A little advertising:

Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 51135410


Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 12917910
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 18298610Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 29088010
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 29096010
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 29400910
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 35998510
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 37101110
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 57488010
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 66643110
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 67719410


Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 18581310
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 18721710

Business suit:

Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 68738710


Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 13897810
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 23101210

Favorite summer outfit:

Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 37508210
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 39978010
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 45337510

Good pastime:

Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 11809910
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 12599010

Merry Christmas:

Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 25038310
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 47692610


Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 42908210


Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 10448810


Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 91477010Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 92845410
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 13896710
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 17380210
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 11008310
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 11351610
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 12093510
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 12120210
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 12144110
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 12224610
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 12519610
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 12547410
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 14561810
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 14705110
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 15043610
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 18380410
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 21107710
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 25022010
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 28434910
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 28436310
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 32157510
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 32233110
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 37114910
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 60325010
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 61065010Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 65034610

Ready for some sparring:

Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 10802810


Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 10517910
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 10735210
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 10802910
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 10895210
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 12331910
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 18721810
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 26872010
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 47585310

Summer style:

Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 18380610
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 37245410
Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 67443610

Time for some serious stuff:

Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 21909610

    The most accurate description which can be given to Margarita is a natural disaster.
    The girl has an incredibly hyperactive temper. And all would be well if her hyperactive nature were not associated with carelessness and recklessness.
    Margarita always stands for any idea except a hunger strike. In every event that can happen to her, she sees a new adventure. It does not matter what it will be connected with and what the consequences will be. Everything where she gets involved, the girl tries to make it chaotic and fun for herself. About people like her, they usually say that she had an awl in her ass.
    Margarita is extremely unstable in communication. With one person, she can just start a friendly and open conversation that seems too friendly to you. And she may come up to another person with a proposal to brawl here and now. In general, it all depends on pure chance.
    In everyday life, a girl always pokes her nose where she should not. He is interested in any little thing that her gaze can cling to. Be it a cat sleeping peacefully in the sun, or an interesting decoration in a store. Actually, this makes her a very cheerful person who knows how to enjoy any little thing.
    On the other hand, it can be quite dangerous for others. Because if it is possible not to do something, then this is not about Margarita. Criminal stole an granny's handbag? What? Wait for the police? Are you crazy? Catch up with the bastard! Knock all the shit out of him and save the day!
    The Danish girl loves fights and never refuses a good challenge. Even if it would be clear to a sensible person at first glance that the opponent was too tough for Margarita, the girl would only grin and rush into fight. Who will be against the newbie, motherfuckers? I will win all.
    Many times did this bring trouble to her. Because of her reckless nature, the girl completely does not understand the meaning of the word diplomacy. If any conflict situation arises, the girl without hesitation prefers to solve it radically, without any compromises and negotiations.
    Actually, that's why Margarita has repeatedly lost in fights, finding herself in a position where she literally had no chance. However, each time she became only stronger. Her passion for fights gradually formed her critical and logical thinking. She is able to see the opponent’s weaknesses and understand how weak she is in a particular situation.
    She adheres to the position that she can do anything. And if it turns out that there is some kind of wall that she cannot overcome, then she will give all her diligence, but she will break this wall, gaining new strength.
    Due to her career as an actor, the girl is very artistic even in everyday life. She does not behave pretended, but sometimes her emotions are too impulsive and it may seem that she behaves in such a special way. But in fact, she simply does not hold anything in herself, preferring to fully reveal her feelings.
    Margarita tries to take only the best from life, so she almost always does what she wants. She can't just sit all day at home. She will take things and go look for adventure on her ass. At the same time, she can how to get around half of Tokyo in one day, without stopping somewhere longer than five minutes, and can spend the whole day in one place, for example, in a bar, tasting the whole cocktail menu.
    Be that as it may, but a girl always stands up for her loved ones. If someone dares to raise a hand against her friend, Margarita will not leave a stone on a stone in the city, but will do everything possible to destroy the bastard who dared to make a painful to person dear to her.

    Stage personality:
    Margarita does not need a unique stage image, she herself is like a stage image.
    Here, the whole essence lies in her temper, because of which a girl can each time behave differently even with the same opponent. Depending on her mood, in the first match she may attack her opponent before the bell, and in the second match try to hug her opponent.
    Everything is completely and completely determined by pure chance and when it is impossible to predict which Margarita entered the ring today.
    The only thing that is a more or less static variable is that the girl is always confident in her abilities and never engages reverse gear. It does not matter who is in front of her, a beginner or the current world champion, Margarita firmly believes that she can do everything and always remains optimistic.

        Friends: nope
            Charlotte Ravel' / Sand Lizard - Following Victoria's advice, Margarita turned to the master of martial arts to gain new skills and streamline existing ones. And although she was too impulsive, Charlotte agreed to become her teacher.
        Rivals: nope
        Enemies: nope
        Lovers: nope

    Margarita was born in Denmark, the city of Copenhagen. Her father, Nathaniel Jorgensen, is a rather famous fashion designer. And her mother, Eleanor Jorgensen, is an eccentric stylist. For the most part, the Margarita family can be considered quite wealthy.
    The childhood of the girl was quite carefree, however, already from infancy she began to manifest a mischievous character. Later it became clear that she inherited from both parents a simply incredible mixture of temperaments.
    When Margarita was already able to think more or less independently, namely, when she was four years old, she began to slowly adopt the parents' passion for their work. He father to the girl passed a versatile sense of style, and from her mother she received a love of vivid images in terms of appearance.
    When the girl was seven years old, an almost real war broke out between the parents, who, according to the laws of Denmark, completely controlled the education of the child. Nathaniel wanted Margarita to attend a private school, and Eleanor planned to send her daughter to a free public school. Despite the fact that Margarita did not expect this, her parents decided to ask what she wants. And Margarita chose a free school to better feel the atmosphere in which ordinary people live.
    The school was quite an interesting period for the girl. From the first class, she began to have both problems and new discoveries. It is no secret that in most schools there are always separate hooligans or even whole groups. On the first day, a guy came up to Margarita who knew that she was from a wealthy family, and demanded that she give him pocket money for lunch. Without thinking twice, Margarita grabbed a textbook from the table and hit this asshole on the head with such force that he needed medical help. Who will be against the newbie, motherfuckers? Margarita already preferred to solve any problems radically, there were no barriers for her, and she was ready to stand up for herself. Of course, that day she and her parents were called to the headmaster. Mommy of that moron came too. And how did she start to say that her son is a real angel, and Margarita looks like a mad dog. And even then, the girl defended herself by simply saying “If your angel tries to take money for lunch from me again, next time I will take something heavier than the textbook. And if you have a problem with me, then let's go out, I’ll fuck you too”. There was a lot of noise, Margarita's parents had to spend a lot of effort to hush up this conversation before the headmaster, but in fact they were proud of their daughter.
    She was successful in her studies. She was easily given both exact and humanitarian sciences, and besides, she quickly learned foreign languages. However, Margarita herself did not feel that she wanted to spend her life on science or office work. She could stay with great difficulty until the end of the lesson. Many times she ran away from school, spending time in the city, studying shopping centers, parks and other places that seemed interesting to her.
    Shortly after starting her studies, Margarita found what she definitely liked. She joined a theater club. With small steps, but she comprehended acting. And she really liked it. Nathaniel and Eleanor were glad that now the daughter is doing what she likes. They gave her all kinds of support. Her father sewed costumes specifically for her performances, and her mother did makeup. Thanks to this, the performances of the children's theater club became well-known, people from other shows came to their performances. And Margarita was proud that she played the main roles in these performances.
    Due to her restless nature, the problems of the girl did not end. One of the most striking examples happened when she was skipping school and walking in the park. She was not lucky enough to stumble upon that boy who tried to take her money from her on the first school day. At school, he did not risk approaching her, but now they were not at school. And with him were two friends. Without even letting this bastard finish his speech, Margarita pulled out the first textbook she got from her backpack and rushed into aggressive defense. She was beaten. Three guys against one girl was too much. Although, as Margarita herself later said at the school commission “if this fucking textbook had not broken, I would have defeated them all". These three boys were expelled from school, and Margo received a severe reprimand and suspension from the theater club for one month. And this month was very difficult for the girl.
    However, this month gave time for Margarita to think about some things. For example, that she will not always have a textbook at hand. And so she decided that she needed to do some kind of martial art. Not only that, in this way she will not only be able to fend for herself, but this will be a big plus in her acting career. Margarita chose Taekwondo for herself, deciding that this is the most effective option for her, because in the end she was not going to become a professional athlete.
    Margarita received her first significant role at fourteen. She played a cameo role in the action movie, which did not receive much fame, however, this was the beginning of the journey. At fifteen, she played a minor role in a small series about school life, it wasn't a masterpiece of art, however, but it was an experience.
    At sixteen, Margarita graduated from high school and was ready to become a professional. And for this she needed to continue to study. Using her fees and a little help from her parents, she went to one of the most prestigious institutions, where she was taught acting. She went to London, at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.
    There she studied for three years and received a bachelor's degree. Then her life fell into an incredibly fast stream. Outstanding appearance, natural talent, well-known parents, excellent education - all these factors provided Margarita with a brilliant film career. For two and a half years she starred in many projects, each of which can be called successful.
    At the beginning there were three seasons of the series “Street Girls”, where she played one of the main characters and received great love from the audience. Then she took part in the drama “When the Leaves Fall”, where she played a child abandoned to her fate. Then there was the best project in which she participated, according to Margarita herself, these were two parts of the film “Future Came Yesterday”, where she played the pilot of her own spaceship and defended human colonies on different planets. Then there was the comedy series "Office Work". And the last project for Margarita at the moment was the film “The Last Battle”, where she played a heroine who was supposed to take part in a major tournament of fighters instead of her sister in order to pay off sister’s debts. She also managed to appear in an advertisement for the «Sprite» drink.
    Her film career could go on and Margarita could just have an incredible future. However, with each new project, she felt no longer at ease and the last film overfilled the cup of her patience. She performed all acrobatic stunts herself, just as she herself participated in the production of fighting scenes. But all this was not that, it was not for real, and Margo wanted to feel like a real fighter.
    She shared her thoughts with her parents, and they partially supported her. On the one hand, they understood that if she left the film industry, returning would be very problematic. On the other hand, they did not want to limit their daughter, knowing that it would be difficult for her to do things that did not bring her pleasure.
    The way out was found when one of Margarita's friends invited her to try her hand at wrestling. This idea inspired her, because she had the right fighting skills, she need only learn a few new movements. And this provided that wrestling could partly be considered a continuation of her career, because acting was valued there no less than fighting skills.
    Without thinking twice, Margarita bought a one-way ticket to Japan and flew to Tokyo. After spending some time on physical training, the girl, with the help of her parents, communicated with the manager named Victoria and signed a contract with the AFW Federation. Wow, if only they knew what awaited them with the advent of this energetic girl...
    Light. Camera. Action!

    Interesting facts:
    1) Margarita is fluent in Danish, English and German. She also knows sign language. At a basic conversational level, the girl speaks Japanese and Swedish.

    Margarita spent an incredible amount of money, but bought the two-story house on the outskirts of the city with an incredible view of Tokyo, Margarita always loved when she has a lot of free space. This is by all standards a modern house with all amenities, a garage, a security system, a pool and a sauna. Nothing more to add.

Wrestling information

    Margarita prefers to be the first number. If she has the chance to attack, she will do it. Especially at the beginning of the fight. The Danish girl can spare no effort to start active actions and continue to put pressure on her opponent while she has powers.
    However, after the usually active start, Margarita slows down, analyzing the enemy's weaknesses and her own miscalculations.
    She studied Taekwondo for a very long time and therefore her legs are her strongest weapon. However, if she gives a good moment, she is not against showing the classic pro-wrestling techniques, because they can give suffer much more severe damage.

    Taekwondo, pro-wrestling

    Preferred Matches:
        Standard - full ahead
        Hardcore - I don't think so
        Hentai - I think yes
        Special conditions - depends on the specific offer

    Physical characteristics:
        Endurance: 7/10 – Margarita knows that she has a sufficiently large supply of endurance and she can withstand even a long and exhausting fight
        Stamina: 7/10 – conveying greetings to her acting career, Margarita is proud of her resistance to pain, she can resist pain from submission holds for a long time and continue the fight even after powerful throws
        Strength: 9/10 – Margarita is living proof that small people can be incredibly strong, she can lift a weight that far exceeds her own, and her punches and kicks are extremely strong, especially kicks
        Speed: 9/10 – the girl has developed her speed to an incredibly high level, in combination with her physical strength her every movement is a danger
        Defense: 7/10 – being the first number, Margarita does not really care about her defense, the skills of defense can hardly be called outstanding, however, at the right time, when she refuses an overly aggressive attacking style, she can strengthen her defense
        Technique: 6/10 – a small stumbling block, Margarita owns taekwondo at an incredible level, this is supplemented by movements from pro-wrestling, in which she got help the acrobatics skills that she acquired as an actress, however, this is where her variety of techniques comes to an end

    Favorite attacks:
    1) An extensive arsenal of punches
    2) Almost all sorts of kicks
    3) Back Suplex
    4) Boston Crab
    5) Camel Clutch
    6) Dragon Sleeper
    7) Headscissors Takedown
    8) Facebreaker Knee Smash
    9) German Suplex

    Special thanks to kerflubble for Fire Pro move set

    Signature attacks:
    1) Industrial Accident (Neckbreaker Slam): when the necessary moment comes, Margarita moves to back of the opponent and grabs his neck with both her hands. After that, the girl falls on her back and pulls the opponent behind her, thus dropping his neck on her biceps, and his nape on the mat.
Industrial Accident:

Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen Giphy
    2) Where Is That Damn Driver? (Spear): when the necessary moment comes, Margarita takes some run up, picks up the maximum possible acceleration and makes a horizontal jump towards the opponent, crashing into his stomach with her shoulder.
Where Is That Damn Driver?:

Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen Giphy
Where Is That Damn Driver? (Fire Pro version):

Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen RJ4Z9t0
    3) Complicated Story (Sitout Rear Mat Slam): when the necessary moment comes, Margarita moves to back of the opponent and grabs the opponent’s neck with her hands, after which the girl falls into a sitting position, pulling the opponent behind her and forcing his nape and back to crash into the mat. Sometimes Margarita can grab an opponent by the shoulders or hair instead of the neck.
Complicated Story:

Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen Giphy
    4) Where Is The Trigger???!!! (Ankle Lock): when the necessary moment comes, Margarita moves to the legs of the opponent who lying on his stomach, the girl puts one foot on the opponent’s far leg, blocking this one. Then Margarita places her second leg on the back side of the opponent’s knee, after which the girl begins to bend the opponent’s leg, thereby causing damage to his knee joint.
Where Is The Trigger???!!!:

Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen Giphy
Where Is The Trigger???!!! (Fire Pro version):

Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen 09Kjdnl

    1) Slow Motion (Inverted Stomp Facebreaker): when the necessary moment comes, Margarita grabs one of the opponent's hands, after which she raises one of her legs and rests it against the opponent's face. Then the girl falls on her back and pulls the opponent behind her, and thus dropping his face onto her foot.
Slow Motion:

Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen Giphy
    2) Is This A Stuntman? (Shooting Star Knee Drop): when the necessary moment comes, Margarita climbs the third rope, and then jumps forward, doing a backflip and bending her knees, as result the girl lands with both knees on the opponent. The opponent can be lying or in a sitting or even standing position. In addition, in some situations, Margarita can do two backflips, not one.
Is This A Stuntman?:

Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen Giphy

    Submissions finishers:
    3) In Space No One Can Hear You Scream (Abdominal Stretch): when the necessary moment comes, Margarita moves to back of the standing opponent, then the girl places her left leg in front of the opponent’s left leg, and then with her left hand grabs the opponent’s right hand, twisting it to back and stretching the opponent’s stomach. Usually a girl will upgrade this finisher, if necessary. She can begin to beat the opponent’s stomach with her right hand or grab his right leg, stretching him even more.
In Space No One Can Hear You Scream:

Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen Giphy
In Space No One Can Hear You Scream (Fire Pro version):

Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen Hx2dcXs

    Critical finishers:
    1) Dead Don't Die (Wheelbarrow Facebuster): when the necessary moment comes, Margarita bents and grabs the waist of her opponent, then she raises him above the floor in a belly to belly position, after that, the girl throws her opponent up almost in a horizontal position, after which the girl falls on the back, pulling her knees to the chest in order to destroy the opponent’s rib cage.
Dead Don't Die:

Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen ZMVbfPF
Dead Don't Die (Fire Pro version):

Margarita «Sea Star» Jorgensen F2KDvtI

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Post by skip-stop on Sat Aug 31, 2019 8:58 pm

Matches information

    Score of matches:
    Wins: 1 / Losses: 2 / Draws: 0

    4) vs Clyde Gastin by pinfall
    1) vs Eka Guramishvili by submission
    6) vs Alaina Sanders by pinfall

    Championship belts and achievements:

    1) Margarita Jorgensen vs Eka Guramishvili. The debut match for Margo. The girl’s dream is coming true right before her eyes, now she’s not the actress, now she’s the wrestler and she’s ready to show what she’s capable of. Finished.
    2) Margarita Jorgensen and Charlotte Ravel'. Margarita is difficult to admit her shortcomings, however, after an unsuccessful debut, she asked Victoria to find her a teacher. Soon she met with Charlotte. She managed to impress the master of martial arts and now she has a person who can show her how to use her potential as efficiently as possible.
    3) Margarita Jorgensen vs Yukari Tooru. After a not entirely successful debut, Margarita gets her second match! This time, she will show everything that she have, especially since today she has a very bewitching opponent! Ongoing.
    4) Margarita Jorgensen vs Clyde Gastin. Margarita's dream is extremely simple. And in order to achieve this dream faster, she decided to make her debut in the Tension unit, especially since her opponent would be the famous handsome. Unfinished*.
    5) Margarita Jorgensen and Charlotte Ravel'. For Margarita, this was a normal training session, but then Charlotte gave her an offer to participate in a charity match with a particularly strong opponent. The Danish girl did not hide her enthusiasm and immediately agreed.
    6) Margarita Jorgensen vs Alaina Sanders. A charity match for children. Today she is not Sea Star, today she is Poison Ivy. And today, she intends to show that she is one of the best AFW newcomers who is capable of a lot! Finished.
    7) Margarita Jorgensen and Charlotte Ravel'. After almost endless calls from her coach, Margarita was forced to meet Charlotte. However, she was absolutely in no mood to talk, she agreed to the last match because it was Charlotte who recommended that she do so. And now she didn't even want to see her coach, saying that she would deal with her problems on her own.
    8) Margarita Jorgensen vs Mia Yukari Wilson. After the shame in the last match, Margarita decided to fully concentrate on the one important thing. Today, she intends to win, no matter what. Ongoing.

*Unfinished - a thread where my partner has disappeared and/or has not posted for a long time. Therefore, I consider such threads completed with a predetermined outcome.

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