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Looking for a hardstyle (or another type) hentai match

Tue Sep 15, 2020 7:48 pm by skip-stop

Hi hi everyone!
Skip-stop is in touch and I'm looking for a hardstyle (or another type) hentai match with my Lunara Ashmore and one of your characters!
Small side note: I would prefer Lunara to take victory
Here is the link to the Lunara's profile -
And here is my Discord tag - skip-stop#4063
If you are interested, I will be glad to see your message
Thanks for your attention!

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Need Debut matches

Tue Sep 08, 2020 11:19 pm by Void Effect

Got bunch of girls that need to debut, if anyone interested, PM me here or on Discord

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Dice Tag Match for Casino PPV still open

Tue Sep 15, 2020 6:30 pm by Serpon

So in case you have forgotten, this is just a reminder that the Dice Tag Match is still open for the Casino PPV. So if anyone is interested, feel free to message me or leave a reply here.

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Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore

Go down

Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Empty Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore

Post by skip-stop on Mon Feb 03, 2020 9:19 am

I dedicate this character to my friend, LunarWolf,
who has been supporting me from almost the first day on this forum.
Lunara Ashmore
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Ss9bt311

Personal information

    Name: Lunara Ashmore

    Alias: Jaguarundi

    Sex: Female

    Sexual orientation: Bisexual

    Age: 25

    Birthday: 16 April

    Eye color: Light blue with turquoise tint

    Hair color: Blond

    Height: 175 cm // 5’9’’

    Weight: 67 kg // 147.7 pounds

    Nationality: American

    Alignment: True Neutral

    Entrance Music: Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis OP 「EXiSTENCE」

    Lunara has an elegant and refined appearance, however, along with this, her athletic training is clearly noticeable.
    She is quite average in height, one hundred and seventy-five centimeters or five feet and nine inches. She has a direct and strict posture, which is especially noticeable with her gait. Lunara has a good height-to-weight ratio, her weight is sixty-seven kilograms or one hundred and forty-seven whole and seven-tenths pounds.
    The girl is well developed in physical terms, especially the muscles of her legs and abs. Lunara has a fairly large rounded chest, third size or C.
    The American girl has a pretty, narrow, triangular-shaped face, pointed to the chin. She has narrow cheekbones, thin lips, long eyelashes and thin eyebrows. The girl has expressive eyes of light blue with turquoise tint.
    Lunara has quite long hair, the length of which almost reaches the middle of the back. The girl has a natural blonde hair color and usually she ties them into two fluffy tails.
    In a relaxed atmosphere, Lunara has a rather lively facial expression, she often laughs and smiles. However, in a serious situation, a girl can turn into a real statue, in which there will not be a single emotion on her face. She has a high, but at the same time quite smooth voice. Playing with different tonalities, she gives her voice a special charm.
    In clothes, Lunar prefers a variety of bright colors. Style takes a very significant role in her life. Despite the fact that attracting attention is not her goal, she always stands out thanks to the bright and unusual clothes.

Wrestling standard:

Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore P5ds-a10
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Nmu8ma10
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Tumblr14

Wrestling future:

Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Evt3cn10

Special wrestling 1:

Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore 4bcc1611
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore 46330611
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore M-x9mr11
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore N-cfej10
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Tery5u10
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Tinxfr10

Special wrestling 1 Black:

Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Pfacib11


Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Img_2010


Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Pq2_an10


Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Sample12
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Sample13
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Takama12
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Tumblr16
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Ujot0r10


Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore 1e28ae10
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore 3b663a10
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore 37fc1710
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore 05192111
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore A1b35910
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore An_tak10
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Ann_sk10
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Ann_ta10
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Ann-ta10
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore B7729b10
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Bxvwmm10
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Da2il610
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Dbadtg10
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore E6a2a310
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore F2d5cb10
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore F84f7d10
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore F84qgc10
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore J0sjkv10
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Lhkufp10
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore P-6sao10
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Qkn38t10
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Rbhogg10
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Sample11
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Stand_10
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Takama10
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Takama11
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Takama12
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Takama13
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Takama10
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Takama15
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Takama14
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Takama11
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Tumblr15


Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Dbbbu410
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Facbpw10
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Ikiw9r10
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Jlrfln10
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Person10
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Tumblr17
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Tumblr18
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Zmy4nk10

Only one tale. Shock content!:

Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Ldwd6110


Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Takama16


Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore 2017-110
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore 65679910
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Takama17

Minor problems:

Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore 617ad210
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore 82440a10


Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Ann_ta11


Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore 4a031611
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Ukn21b11


Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore 62228610
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Kq2i1410
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Yajlp510

Sister's wet dreams:

Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore 65408710

Special costumes:

Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Afl6pb10
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Du_axj10
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Vvedpt10
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Wfmrjg10

Summer style:

Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore 77796210
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore R383rj10

Swimming suit:

Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore 00ac2a10
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore 5r0gw510
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore 53bd6610
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore 642d7410
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore C_zn2q10
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore N9zu0h10
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Uzytbx10
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Yaxix410
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Ybysp410
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore 72777511

Taste them:

Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore 4cc1f710
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore 37233410
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Sample14
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Sample15
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Takama13

Theme party:

Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Nsdmbm10
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Person11


Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore 66a05e10
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore 01600910
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Fcc9fb10
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Sample16
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore 75477010
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore 80122510

Unlimited power:

Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore O0lfrh10

With friends:

Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore _5brcv10
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore 7gg5vt10
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Aad0oy10
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Db-8f_10
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore F0_na110
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Gskjp110
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Gvkalv10
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Mmueu710
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Ol8qsu10
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Puljoy10
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Pxzslq10
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Rvc3s410
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Sample17
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Shin_m13
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Shin_m12
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Shin_m11
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Shin_m10
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Shin_m14
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Ttmgth10
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Tumblr20
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Tumblr19
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Uhcthn10

With sister:

Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore 93c8eb10
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore 96c66110
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore 9129f710
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Bf5f5510
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Jezzj510
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Sample18
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Shin_m11
Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Shin_m16

    Lunara has a fairly simple, but at the same time dual temper.
    Despite the fact that she never wanted this, the girl has excellent leadership qualities. People always aspired to her and were ready to follow her.
    By nature, Lunara does not like power and does not like to give orders, however, realizing that the people around her believe in her and follow her, she is ready to do everything necessary to protect them. She especially cares about her sister, despite all her flaws. The girl believes that family is the most important thing in life.
    In everyday life, Lunar is a light social butterfly. She easily makes contact with people and, thanks to her natural oratory, quickly finds a common language with almost any person, gaining the trust of others.
    However, appearances can be deceiving. If someone crossed the road to her or to someone from her friends, then she is ready to become the most cruel person in the world, and person will regret that he has met with her.
    Lunara does not believe in true love. She believes that this limits the individual’s personal freedom. The girl has nothing against a permanent partner, but so far she does not see herself with anyone on an ongoing basis in the future. She loves sex and is content with every pleasant moment, but she does not believe that she needs the same person next to her.
    It is worth noting that the girl has a very diverse view of sex. She is not only a bisexual, but also loves to experiment. Despite the fact that she has only one bright fetishes, she is ready to try everything that her current partner is ready for, whether it is group sex, role-playing games or BDSM.
    Being the leader of the school gang, then university gang, and now the city gang, Lunara has repeatedly shown real cruelty. If someone was ready to go against her and her friends, then the girl, in turn, was ready for any methods of struggle. Including blackmail, corruption, fraud, and more. And even now, nothing has changed. She has a huge number of connections. If necessary, she can take advantage of the best lawyers, dirty cops or even the black market. The girl fully uses her power and authority, if necessary.
    She is respected in certain circles. Often they look at her askance in bars if members of other gangs find themselves there. But they fear her because I know that it’s better not to mess with Jaguarundi.
    Her relationship with her sister deserves a separate book. Lunara loves Sintharia very much and Sintharia also loves her sister. But due to the complex nature of Sintharia, there are often clashes between them. Sintharia considers most of the things and people in her life to be her property, including Lunara. This extremely upsets the girl, but even so, she is ready to do everything for her beloved sister.
    Despite the fact that Sintharia has a much greater potential as a strategist, Lunara also shows this skill. She can come up with a sophisticated scheme of deception or fraud. And the same trait is reflected in her fighting style.
    If you are not her enemy, you can be sure that you have got a reliable friend, and maybe a very passionate lover. But if you are on the list of her enemies, beware. It is possible that in the near future you will wake up with a horse's head cut off in your bed.

    Stage personality:
    Lunara does not use a special stage image.
    However, she does not experience any problems in order to throw a few phrases to an opponent.
    Possessing certain principles, the girl acts within the framework of the established rules of the match. However, if an opponent violates these rules, then she does not see any reason that does not allow her to do the same.

            Sintharia Ashmore – Despite the fact that Sintharia has a very complex character, Lunara loves her sister and is ready to do anything for her. Both of them are responsible for the gang, and they share absolutely everything with each other. When both sisters are together, no one can stop them, they act as a whole.
        Friends: nope
        Allies: nope
        Rivals: nope
        Enemies: nope
        Lovers: nope

    Lunara was born in America, the city of New York. Her mother, Cassandra Ashmore, is a psychotherapist. And her father, Brian Ashmore, is a captain in a private security service.
    Lunara’s childhood was unremarkable, she was brought up as an ordinary child, surrounded by the care of her parents. When she was three years old, her sister, Sintharia, was born. Their unusual names are explained by their parents' passion for exoticism.
    When Lunara went to school, over time, she began to show talent, which later had a great influence on her life. The girl showed real mastery of oratory, she knew how to talk with teachers, how to calm an exuberant peer and how to convince a friend to do her a free favor. With each new school year, other students began to gather around Lunara. Even her sister. Despite the difference in age, Sintharia had the mind of a real genius, so they did not have problems with communication and mutual understanding.
    Pupils were turning to Lunar for advice, got acquainted with like-minded people and gained new connections with her help. By the time she moved to high school, Lunara, without noticing it, became the leader of the school gang. On the one hand, she did not need it. But on the other hand, she felt responsible for those who trusted her. At first it did not cause problems. However, on one of the most ordinary days, after finishing classes, one of the members of her gang approached her. This guy had a broken lip and he said that in this way a message was transmitted through him. Not everyone liked that the girl received such a large share of popularity and authority. She was assigned the meeting. With the active assistance of her sister, Lunara gathered her people and gave them her instructions, and in the late evening she and her sister came to a designated quiet place. Of course, they were waiting. Despite the excellent physical data, Lunara was not a fighter. But she was not going to fight. The moment they were about to attack, flashlights appeared on all sides. She ordered her people to make calls and notify the cops that a group of people was about to attack two defenseless girls. A bit of acting, a bit of verified time, a bit of luck. And then each of the group was detained, and Lunara and Sintharia got rid of ill-wishers.
    However, since then, the girl decided to do martial arts. And her sister did the same. They both had very outstanding data and in physical, the rest of the girls envied their beautiful and strong bodies. Both girls devoted themselves to different approaches, but each of them made progress and in time they both were sure that if necessary they would be ready to kick their ass with any bastard.
    But the school years were drawing to a close. It was a time to think about the future. Lunara and Sintharia have long dreamed of a trip to Japan. Both of them were smart and ambitious, in the same time both learned Japanese in their free time. And their parents decided to give a present to their daughters, allowing them to go to Tokyo University and fully pay for their studies.
    At the university, they began a completely different life. Lunara had previously heard that in some Japanese schools, colleges, and universities, some students were harassed by others. Especially between the girls. But even more it concerned foreigners. From the first day, both sisters were under pressure. But Sintaria’s cunning and Lunara’s velvet voice did the trick. They didn't even have to use fists. Learn weakness. Find the weak link. Get close to the weak link. Get incriminating evidence. Destroy the enemy. Lunara learned that the main bully of their group indulges in soft drugs. She found out that one of the girlfriends of this girl serves as her bedding. Lunara made friends with this girl. And she convinced her to take the moment of drug use on camera. After that, she could only honestly provide this material to the police. It is done.
    Lunara gained popularity faster than the price of bitcoin grew and fell. Supporters gathered around her again. But this time it was much more serious. This time she had rivals. However, Lunara and Sintharia were invincible together. Their methods have become more stringent, but along with this, the stakes have risen. Now, not everything could be solved only by cunning, now they participated in real bloody fights. However, each time they came out not just as winners, but also relieved themselves of all responsibility.
    At the same time, Sintharia began to want more. She became the real owner. If she want something, then she receive it, and she did not share it with anyone. Lunara noticed that her sister considered her as property, not letting anyone close to her. This order of things did not suit Lunar. She wanted a free life, because recently she discovered sex. There was no love here, but the girl realized that this is the best pleasure a person can get. She had to speak rudely with her sister and make her understand that she could consider anything but Lunara as her property. It even ended in a fight in which Lunara emerged victorious. And despite the fact that there were no offenses between them, and that Sintharia promised not to consider her sister as property, her sister to this day has not completely abandoned this idea.
    After graduation, the sisters decided to stay in Tokyo. They began to look for work that would appeal to every sister. However, here and there there was some kind of flaw. That is too small a salary. That boss is a complete idiot. That colleagues just a flock of sheep. And with such disappointing results, the sisters noticed that they were running out of money. They could no longer ask their parents, their conscience was already at its limit. Continuing her job search, Lunara heard that some of Tokyo’s gangs periodically organize underground fights in which good money can be earned. Sintharia, who agreed on everything where it was necessary to hurt, agreed without hesitation. Using their excellent training, both girls showed themselves in the ring and earned attention in addition to money.
    The gang that organized the battles offered Lunara and Sintharia membership in their ranks. It was not a very large gang, however, they controlled several areas. But the most outstanding achievement of this gang was that they were under the wing of the Yakuza, which allowed them to operate in free territories in exchange for a percentage and help if necessary. Because the sisters were desperate for money, they agreed.
    Since then, their life has gone on a dark path. Membership in this gang was a completely different level. School and university now seemed like some kind of kindergarten. The girls had to go to the gang's meetings, transport large amounts of money, and even several times to participate in skirmishes. However, over time, they began to notice that their leader is more and more inclined to too hard criminal directions. Rumors circulated that soon the gang would deal with weapons and drugs. This did not suit not only Lunara and Sintharia, but also many others. Using their talents, the sisters gathered people around them and organized a coup, during which they became the new leaders of the gang.
    Then Lunara announced that from now on the gang is taking a new course. The Spooky Gang is now engaged in the exclusively least dangerous criminal business: protection racket, underground casino, sale of counterfeit products. Not everyone was happy that Lunara and her sister became the new leader. They had to explain the need for a change of power in person to the Yakuza representatives. However, the arguments of the girls were convincing and they were allowed to continue their activities, despite the fact that profits decreased markedly. However, along with this, the risks decreased. Skirmishes ceased, and state authorities became a much smaller problem. Over time, the sisters were able to bring the system of their gang almost to automatism. Everything worked like a clock and now they had to devote less personal time to solving certain issues.
    Having firmly settled in Tokyo, the sisters found for themselves the fact that they lack something in life. The gang has become like a job for them. But every person needs a rest. And then they decided that their path lies with AFW. Possessing outstanding combat skills, and also thanks to their unique and specific talents, they were sure that this would be the very place where they could get what they wanted.

    Interesting facts:
    1) Lunara is fluent in English, Swedish and Japanese. At a basic conversational level, the girl speaks Italian and Chinese
    2) She has permission to wear a stun gun
    3) The girl always carries a stun gun and two telescopic batons
    4) Due to her status, as well as the ability to avoid punishment, the girl often carries HK VP9
    5) Lunara is a great shooter
    6) Due to her status as a street gang leader, she has a large number of connections with a wide variety of segments of the population: police, lawyers, informants... even the Yakuza
    7) She can adapt to any fetish of her partner, but her personal fetish is a foot fetish, and very strong
    8) Lunara owns the black and red motorcycle Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R

    Lunara lives in a spacious two-bedroom apartment in central Tokyo. Her living room is equipped with everything necessary for a fun pastime. In the bedroom she has a large number of wardrobes with clothes, in one of which sex toys of all shapes and sizes are stored. The third room is represented by a gym, where there is even the ring. In the bath there is both a shower cabin and a spacious jacuzzi.

Wrestling information

    Lunara relies on several things in her martial style.
    Firstly, she uses all her strengths. She tries to keep tempo in order to take advantage of her stamina and exhaust the opponent. At the right moments, the girl uses her excellent acrobatics skills in order to weaken the opponent as much as possible with powerful throws and blows. And, when the opponent is weakened enough, Lunar finishes  him with the help of her most powerful air attacks.
    Secondly, using her intellect and natural strategic skills, Lunara is able to develop a strategy against each individual opponent. Using his weaknesses and manipulating what is happening, the girl forces things to go according to her scenario, even if the opponent thinks that the match is under his control. Despite the fact that Lunara is significantly inferior to her sister in this aspect, she is confident in her abilities.

    Muay thai, wushu, pro-wrestling

    Preferred Matches:
        Standard - full ahead
        Hardcore - I think yes
        Hentai - full ahead
        Special conditions - I think yes

    Physical characteristics:
        Endurance: 9/10 – Lunara devoted a lot of time to working on her endurance, the girl constantly makes long-distance runs and she knows how to control her breathing, so she is able to maintain her powers for a long enough time
        Stamina: 9/10 – possessing great willpower, as well as a well-trained body, the girl is able to withstand powerful blows and not succumb to submission holds, ignoring the pain
        Strength: 8/10 – despite the fact that outwardly Lunar does not seem too strong, in fact she is able to lift significant weight, and the strength of her blow is great enough to make even the most impressive opponent stagger
        Speed: 8/10 – using her natural grace, the girl is able to move extremely quickly and deftly
        Defense: 6/10 – Lunara firmly believes in the principle that attack is the best defense, so she doesn't devote too much time to dead defense techniques
        Technique: 8/10 – having honed her skills, Lunara is confident in her every action, her intellect also helps her, she is able to analyze the opponent’s movements and find weaknesses

    Favorite attacks:
    1) Almost all sorts of punches
    2) Almost all sorts of kicks
    3) German Suplex
    4) Dragon Suplex
    5) Leg Drop
    6) Elbow Drop
    7) Sitout Facebuster
    8) Diving Leg Lariat
    9) Diving Hurricanrana
    10) Diving DDT

    Signature attacks:
    1) Jaguarundi Attack: when the necessary moment comes, Lunara uses all her speed and strength to throw an instant series of six straight punches from the abs to the opponent's face, completing the series with a powerful back kick to the solar plexus.
    2) Daytime Predator (Diving Neckbreaker): when the necessary moment comes, Lunara climbs the second or third rope, and then jumps forward to the opponent, who faces her, wraps her arms around his neck in order to fall on her back, sending the opponent's head and back to the mat.
Daytime Predator:

Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Giphy
    3) Nighttime Predator (Diving Bulldog): when the necessary moment comes, Lunara climbs the second or third rope, and then jumps forward to the opponent, who stands with his back to her, the girl wraps her arms around his neck in order to fall on her back, sending the opponent's face and front of the body into the mat.
Nighttime Predator:

Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Giphy
    4) Cat's Eye (Sitout Full Nelson Atomic Drop): when the necessary moment comes, Lunara grabs the opponent’s hands in a double nelson, after which the girl jumps up, forcing the opponent to rise in the air too, and then Lunara falls into a sitting position, dragging the opponent down, causing his hands and spine to suffer from resonance.
Cat's Eye:

Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Giphy
    5) You Are My Prey (Modified Figure-Four Headscissors): when the necessary moment comes, Lunara the girl wraps her legs around lying opponent’s neck , closing the figure-four headscissors, the girl stands in a push-up position and holds her weight on one arm, while she uses her free hand to securely locking the hold.
You Are My Prey:

Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Giphy

    1) Sharp Claw (Inverted Leg Drop Bulldog): when the necessary moment comes, Lunara grabs her opponent in an inverted facelock, then lifts her far leg and turns to the opponent, putting this leg on the opponent’s chest, after which Lunara falls into a sitting position, sending the opponent’s head and back to the mat.
Sharp Claw:

Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Giphy
    2) Cat On The Tree (Shooting Star Elbow Drop): when the necessary moment comes, Lunara climbs the upper ropes and turn facing the opponent, after which the girl jumps forward, performing a back flip, and puts her elbow to the side in order to drop the destructive accelerated weight on the opponent’s body.
Cat On The Tree:

Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Giphy
    3) Survival Instinct (Corkscrew Shooting Star Press): when the necessary moment comes, Lunara climbs the upper ropes and turn facing the opponent, after which the girl jumps forward, turning 180 degrees around and performing a back flip, gaining incredible acceleration, Lunara falls on the opponent, crushing him with her body.
Survival Instinct:

Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Giphy

    Submission finishers:
    1)  Matrimonial Games (Fujiwara Armbar): when the necessary moment comes, Lunara lies on her back across the lying opponent, the girl grabs his hand and starts to twist it up, pressing the opponent to the mat, to prevent him from escaping.
Matrimonial Games:

Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Giphy

    Critical finishers:
    1) Wild Animal (Imploding corkscrew 450° splash): when the necessary moment comes, Lunara climbs the upper ropes and turn facing the opponent, after which the girl jumps forward, turning 180 degrees around and performing a front 450 degrees flip, gaining incredible acceleration, Lunara falls on the opponent, crushing him with her body.
Wild Animal (but facing the opponent):

Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Giphy

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Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore Empty Re: Lunara «Jaguarundi» Ashmore

Post by skip-stop on Mon Feb 03, 2020 9:19 am

Matches information

    Score of matches:
    Wins: 0 / Losses: 0 / Draws: 0


    Championship belts and achievements:

    1) Lunara Ashmore vs Autumn Wright. Lunara begins her career in AFW. And her first rival agreed to the hentai pow match. The girl already feels how her mouth is filling with saliva. She is in complete foretaste. Ongoing.
    2) Lunara Ashmore vs Brooke Thatcher. This time, Lunara must face a debutant who accepted the terms of a very specific match. The predator goes on a new hunt. Ongoing.
    3) Lunara Ashmore and Claudia Augusta. After meeting with the manager, Lunara had another unexpected meeting. And the fact that her rival is part of the list of those whom Lunar must fuck... is exciting. Ongoing.
    4) Lunara Ashmore vs Claudia Augusta. The excitement that Lunara received during her meeting with Claudia made her challenge this blonde right here and now. No spectators, just them, cameras and sex. Ongoing.
    5) Lunara Ashmore vs Asha Drauni. After recent events, Lunara felt a big blow to her pride and now she needs to rehabilitate in the eyes of her people. So now she needs to win. And this time it will be a non-hentai match. Ongoing.
    6) Lunara Ashmore and Sintharia Ashmore. Two defeats in a row hit Lunara's reputation and self-esteem hard. She decided to change her fighting style and for this she needed the help of her sister.
    7) Lunara Ashmore vs Ritsuka Fujimaru. Lunara decided to go back to basics and start a new chapter in her career. She intends to become the best hardstyle wrestler ever. And she is going to start with a beautiful red-haired girl. Ongoing.
    8) Lunara Ashmore vs Asaki Asakira. Finally, Lunara was in her element. She's almost done with her new fighting style. But today's match will be in a special environment and in front of her gang members. Today Jaguarundi intends to have some good fun with a bitch who dared to challenge her. Ongoing.
    9) Lunara Ashmore vs Sasuke Jackson. Lunara always knew that you need to become specific goals and objectives. But today she decided to set herself an additional goal. She intends to show that she is the best hardstyle wrestler not only in Friction, but also in Tension. She is Lady Hardstyle now. Ongoing.
    10) Lunara Ashmore and Sintharia Ashmore and Satou Kazuma. After quite a long time without rest, Lunara decided to invite her sister to one of the best restaurants in town. Ashmore sisters have always been bright girls and never hesitated to show off in front of people. The evening promises to be fun. Ongoing.

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