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Need Debut matches/Simply looking for more

Wed Sep 09, 2020 5:19 am by Void Effect

Got bunch of girls that need to debut, if anyone interested, PM me here or on Discord

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Poll regarding the possibility of Mods booking PPV matches.

Sat Oct 24, 2020 7:43 am by Old_Man_Tai

So, basically, was wondering all of your thoughts regarding the possiblity of mods booking ppv matches.

The thought was, since people often seem to have trouble finding partners for ppv matches until the last minute or so, what if the mod team was to step in and, well in advance of the show, book the show ourselves, and try to put together the best matches we can, including title defenses, no.1 contender matches, and so on and so forth?

While I doubt our more popular members need such a …

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General Avalanche Reminder

Sat Oct 24, 2020 3:21 am by Old_Man_Tai

General Reminder: Friction PPV Avalanche goes live on December 1st: So if you need to do any promos or build up for your Avalanche matches, you should be focusing on that now. You are allowed to do such things over Discord and then post them after if it helps get them done faster so matches have proper build up.

Also, if you are looking to get on the ppv, and have a partner and match set up, (or can do so quickly), contact me to let me know what match you are doing on the show.

If you have …

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Silver Ace - Canadian Bravado

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Silver Ace - Canadian Bravado Empty Silver Ace - Canadian Bravado

Post by Old_Man_Tai on Tue Mar 17, 2020 2:50 pm

Name: Silver Ace/Haley Cote
Sex: Female
Age: 25
Eyes: Red contacts
Hair: Dyed Silver
Height: 5'9'
Weight: 135
Nationality: Canadian
Alignment: Face
Entrance music: "I'm Back To Rise" by Mick Gordon

Wrestling Information


Type: Jill of All Trades

Preferred Matches: Any except hardcore and hentai.

Appearance: see pic

Favored moves:
Superkicks, brainbusters, running strikes, springboard dropkicks/forearms, neckbreakers, hurricanranas, plancha's, tiger/dragon suplexes and bombs.

Signature Moves:

Sharpshooter - Silver Ace grabs her opponents legs while they are one the ground, steps one leg in between their own, then crosses their legs over her own and flips them over, hooking both feet under her arm and sitting on their back, bending them in half by pulling back on their legs until they submit.

Valleysault - Ace climbs up to the turnbuckle and flips backwards off of it, landing her stomach onto her opponents own with a moonsault.

Superkick - A short range side shuffle kick, usually aimed at the face or chest. The very first finisher she ever had or learned, taught to her by her mentor Silver King.

Farewell to Kings- A Death Valley Driver. Originally used by Silver King, Ace began adopting it as a move of her own after he passed away. A simple move, she lifts the opponent onto her shoulders, before dropping down sideways to plant them headfirst into the mat.


Tri-Ace-Choke:  Silver grabs her opponents arm, pulling them closer in order to wrap her legs tightly around their neck while in front of them, one leg wrapping around one side of their neck and the other interlocking with it. She pulls their arm to keep their head and neck trapped in her smooth thighs while she chokes them out until they submit or pass out.

Ace Crusher: Ace grabs her opponents head, applying a 3/4 quarter-turn face lock, dropping to her back while driving them down face first, impacting against her shoulder as it hits the mat, sending a painful shock to their system. Ace chose this move for being practical for her style, and for having a variation of ways to be able to apply it.

Diamond Flowsion - One of the most famous moves in wrestling. Silver Ace scoops her opponent onto one of her shoulders, letting them hang down and grabbing their waist and back of their head for balance...and then drops down onto her backside, dropping the opponent head and shoulders first onto the mat.

Silver Flash- A highly effective knock out kick, Silver Ace spins, and halfway through one revolution, she throws a leg out, cracking her opponent right in the face/side of head/chest with the flat of her boot to drop them onto the mat, moving so fast all they see is a flash of movement before it connects.


In the ring, Ace used to be highly energetic and aggressive, responding to taunts and throwing herself headfirst into reckless situations, desperate to prove herself.

After years of being in Friction however, two title reigns to her name and both training with her old mentor again and with Valley Doll, Silver Ace now has a cool and confident approach to in ring action, fully comfortable with who she is and confident in her ability and place in the league.

As a result, she's far friendlier than she used to be, looking to encourage fun matches and test her opponents, and gets less emotional and frustrated during matches. Opponents will find a professional, looking to test her best against their own and compliment their skills, checking on them after the match...however, that doesn't means she shows mercy, and will pinpoint any flaws or weaknesses they have, and any enemies who intentionally push her too much in a match, she will make pay for it, no longer tolerating the sneak attacks and heelish tactics that plagued much of her early career.

Outside the ring, if not provoked, Haley is much more laid back, kind, and snarky than her professional gimmick. When comfortable and around people she likes, she's very open and personable. With those she's just meeting, she's cordial and a bit reserved...but can be very quickly won over if the other person has a good attitude.


*Grew up in Canada, the daughter of a very prominent couple. Her father owned a successful logging and trucking company, while her mother was a politician.

*Haley was an unwanted and unexpected pregnancy for the very busy couple, and while their personal beliefs prevented them from getting an abortion, their incredibly busy lives, combined with a general disinterest in being parents, combined with feeling uncertain and concerned about their parental duties, caused them to somewhat unintentionally distance themselves from their daughter.

*As a result, Haley grew up being cared more by the staff, maids and butlers taking more time with her, giving her more attention, advice, and doing more to teach her than her own parents, whom she didn't often see.

*Started watching pro wrestling though watching old Stampede Wrestling and NWA tapes with one of her favorite butlers, an older man and former athlete himself, and often did play wrestling matches with the various other sons and daughters of the staff, who became her main playmates.

*Her love of wrestling continued as she got older, joining her jr. high wrestling team, though she didn't do very well, and found the less flashy olympic style wresting to be kind of...dull.

*At age 16, with her grades already slipping from lack of studying, and a few encounters with bullies that turned into her trying to use wrestling moves on them, and at risk of being kicked out of private school, Haley went to her parents for a long talk, explaining that it was her dream to become a famous pro wrestler, and asking permission to get access to her inheritance early, in order to attend a Canadian wrestling school.

*While leery about her request, their desire to do something nice for their daughter, aided by Haley guilt tripping them a little over it, and admitting that school wasn't entirely needed given their wealth, caused them to tenatively agree with her request.

*From there, the Canadian dropped out of school and, using her money to attend a Toronto wrestling school, spending a few months there for basic training and doing local matches...but when an opportunity came to join a few other students on a mexican excursion, she foolishly joined, not thinking of the consequences.

*Her naivety and innocence nearly got her into trouble with the more disreputable and dishonest wrestlers across the border, and may have come to a bad end, had she not met the wrestler Silver King. The kind veteran took her under his wing, protecting the teenager and teaching her far more than wrestling school ever could, making her his protoge and giving her the nickname "Silver Ace".

*After a few years in Mexico, Ace, now an adult, parted ways from Silver King, continuing her wrestling journy, doing matches in europe, and eventually Japan, where she became a star of Neo Japan Wrestling.

*Eventually, early into her twenties, she had gained enough attention and notice to be offered an AFW contract.*

*Debuting at Avalanche 2013, her first year was impactful, immediately going into hard fought matches with big names like Taylor Parker, Akashi Tanahashi, Nikolette Tesla, as well as her future girlfriend and lover, Valley Doll, the year culminating her in winning the Friction Entropy Title...and quickly losing it to future rival Gwendolyn*

*From there, She struggled to maintain relevance, watching as opponents and friends like Taylor, Alaina Sanders and Valley Doll outpaced her, while she struggled in a one sided fued with the faction WAR and River Styx, involving her getting injured more than once and holding the Hardcore Title. Finally, after losing the title and the feud, a depressed and burnt out Ace took a year off, reconnecting with Silver King and re-training herself, and is now returning to AFW, eager to begin again and take the league by storm.

Fun Facts:

*While she can't help what the internet fans happen to find out, Silver Ace does work to try and keep her identity hidden as best she can, not wanting to be bombarded by fans in her private life.

*Used to be rather...immature and overly emotional, causing issues with her personal life and relationships with the likes of Valley Doll, Akashi Tanikaze, and especially Taylor Parker. Over time, she's matured and grown up...though can still have her moments from time to time.

*Ace is extremly defensive of her friend and student Gallium Heart, and will go after people who target her.

*Despite being in a relationship for a long time now, Silver Ace and Valley Doll have a long standing agreement to not interfere in each others matches or feuds unless asked, stemming from issues in their early relationship where Ace was struggling to prove herself and be independent. These days however, they are far more willing to support each other.

*After her stint as Friction Hardcore Champion, Silver Ace has developed a distaste for hardcore matches and prefers not to be in them.

*Haley does not have the closest relationship with her parents, as they were often absent in her young life, never really interested in having children in the first place. Neither parents or child really understand the other, but she is grateful that her parents allowed her the opportunity to live her dream and they try to have a good mixed results.

*Thanks to the interests of her favorite butlers and maids, as well as the kind of entrance music heard in wrestling, Haley has a great interest in classic rock and metal music, with her favorite band being Rush

*While she used to focus on an overly strike based moveset, has grown in skill to encompase a Jill of All Trades fighting style.

*Between her large inheritance, shares of her families logging companies, and high paying AFW contract, Ace is rather wealthy, affording a penthouse suite in a luxury Tokyo condo, where she lives with her girlfriend Valley Doll.

*Despite her various attempts to learn, and her various attempts at making dinner and lunches...Ace is a terrible cook...something her lover Valley and friend Gallium don't have the heart to tell her when they try her creations.

*Stayed in contact with her trainer, Silver King, for years after leaving Mexico, and was devastated when he passed away. She attended his funeral.

*In one of her last times seeing Silver King, he gifted her one of his old masks from the time they teamed together. She wears it out to the ring for her matches now, taking it off and putting it in the corner for every match, as a sign of respect and a way for him to "Watch" her matches.

*Despite being a lesbian, and always avoiding them before, finds herself growing interested in hentai matches, as a unique type of challenge...including possibly with men.

AFW Information

Allies: Gallium Heart, Angel.
Rivals: Gwendolyn Bettenpont, Alaina Sanders, Adrian Kytes.
Enemies: River Styx/War
Crushes: Valley Doll


Gallium Heart - The daughter of one of Ace’s maids, who was raised with Ace, the two formed a fast bond despite their age difference, with Ace acting as Galliums protector against school bullies and the girl being Ace’s closest friend. Once she came of age, and expressed an interest in joining Ace in Japan, Ace agreed to train the girl and bring her over to Tokyo. She gives the girl free reign and respects her bravery, but worries that she too often bites off more than she can chew.

Angel - Meeting the lovely latina with silver hair during her birthday party with several other wrestlers, and the two very quickly formed a deep bond with each other, each considering the other the sister they never had. While their only match together ended with interference and they never got to team together as they wanted, once Angel moved back home to Mexico, her and Ace stayed in contact, sharing phone calls and emails over the years.


Gwendolyn: Despite only having one match with Gwen over their years in the league, Ace considers Gwen to be one of her biggest rivals. While it all stems from their Avalanche 2014 match where Gwen cheated to defeat Ace for the Entropy title, their career has held parallels, like both becoming dual champions, fighting on multiple ppvs, and being considered some of the top of their divisions. Recently, the two seem to have put aside their animosity and become friendlier, but things between them still need to be settled.

Alaina Sanders: Ace has a complicated relationship with Alaina. One one hand, she can’t help but feel a little...bitter towards the woman, as she still feels that, after her title was stolen, Alaina was handed multiple title shots due to the woman being allied with the popular Taylor Parker, and she feels a bit hurt that, despite a very long reign, and the two having two wins a piece between them, the woman never gave her a title shot.

That being said, despite all of that, Alaina is a genuine true friend, a stalwart ally, and the women have a lot of respect for each other, with Ace considering Alaina one of her absolute best friends and biggest rivals.


River Styx/WAR: A heel group that attacked Silver Ace and Angel, and sent Ace to the hospital more than once. Ace spent two years battling their members, but ultimately failed to defeat them, and even lost the Hardcore title to one of their members, while failing in her goal of getting payback on River Styx. With WAR falling apart and imploding on themselves soon after, her odds of tangling with them again are slim.


Valley Doll: The single most important person in Haley’s life. The two met before a match they were booked against each other in, and almost instantly developed an attraction and chemistry together. Over the years, their relationship and trust in each other has only grown stronger and deeper, and being with Valley has made Haley a better girlfriend, wrestler, and person. Haley fully plans on spending the rest of her life with Valley.

Match Record:

13 wins/10 losses/2 draws

Silver Ace defeats Jocelyn via DQ
Silver Ace defeated Jade Hawk via DQ
Silver Ace defeated Valley Doll via Submission (Tri Ace Choke)
Silver Ace defeated Miss USA via Pinfall (Ace Crusher)
Silver Ace defeated Blossom via Pinfall (Ace Crusher)
Silver Ace defeated Lady Lakota via Submission (STF) (Entropy Title Match)
Silver Ace defeated Alaina Sanders via Pinfall (Roll Up)
Silver Ace defeated Amethyst via Throwing Off Scaffold (Scaffold Match: Summer Splash)
Silver Ace defeated Abattior via Pinfall (Ace Crusher)
Silver Ace and Alicia Wells defeated River Styx and Abattoir via Count Out
Silver Ace defeated Kaede via Pinfall (Ace Crusher)
Silver Ace defeated Adrian Kytes via Pinfall (Moonsault) (Avalanche 2016: Hardcore Title Match)
Silver Ace defeated Liberty Valla via Pinfall (Ace Crusher) (Hardcore Title Defense)
Silver Ace defeated Juno Lane and Navi Flores via Pinfall (Ace Crusher) (Avalanche 2017: Hardcore Title Defense)

Iron Maiden defeated Silver Ace via Pinfall (Avalanche) (Chokeslam)
Taylor Parker defeated Silver Ace via Pinfall (Shooting Star Press)
Akashi defeated Silver Ace via Pinfall. (Triple Sitdown Powerbomb)
Nikolette defeated Silver Ace via Pinfall (KO Punch)
Jocelyn and Allison defeated Silver Ace and Valley Doll via pinfall (Summer Splash) (Roll Up)
Gwendolyn defeated Silver Ace in a Ladder Match (Avalanche: Entropy Title Match)
Alaina Sanders defeated Silver Ace via pinfall (Roll Up)
River Styx defeated Silver Ace via putting through table
Jessica Wright defeated Silver Ace via Pinfall (Queenmaker) (Summer Splash 2018: Hardcore Title Match)
GASTER defeated Silver Ace via Pinfall (Roll Up) (Avalanche 2018)


Silver Ace Vs Valley Doll: Slamazon 2/3 Falls match ended in a Draw
Silver Ace vs Angel ended in a no contest


Reached Semi-Finals of Friction World Cup and helped Canada end up in 3rd Place

Former Entropy Champion (2014)

Former Hardcore Champion: 2 Successful Defenses

Silver Ace 2019 attire:
Silver Ace - Canadian Bravado Kennet10

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Silver Ace - Canadian Bravado Empty Re: Silver Ace - Canadian Bravado

Post by Old_Man_Tai on Tue Mar 17, 2020 2:53 pm

Ace's Story so far.


1. Ace gets introduced to AFW and pisses off the boss.

2. Ace's Debut vs Iron Maiden. LOSS

3. Tai tries to get a meeting between Ace and Taylor

4. Ace meets Taylor and gets mocked, angrily making a challenge.

5.  Ace vs Taylor LOSS

6. Ace, while recovering, picks her next opponent and fires Tai.

7. Ace meets Akashi, unwillingly and unknowingly dishonoring the Sumo

8. Ace vs Akashi LOSS

9. Ace meets Valley Doll, a beautiful older woman whose also her next opponent. Conversation leads into discovery of intense attaction

10. Silver Ace vs Valley Girl WIN

11. Ace vs Jocelyn. FWC Tournament Round 1 WIN

12. A spiritually broken Ace and a caring Valley go to Ace's apartment, where Valley tries to heal the wounds.

13. Still injured from her last match, Ace takes on a member of a team taking AFW by storm: Silver Ace vs Jade Hawk WIN

14. Ace gets invited to a party

15.FWC Semi Finals: Ace vs Nikolette LOSS

16. Ace and Valley call out The Terrible Three

17. Shopping Surprise

18. Ace in America

19. An earlier than expected dinner with Valley's parents before Summer Splash

20. Summer Splash! Ace's second PPV event, she teams with Valley to take on the Terrible Two, but a change in plans creates a new match with a former opponent! LOSS

21.Ace and Valley argue after their Summer Splash Match

22. Ace and Valley reach a parting of the ways

23. Depressed after Summer Splash, Ace gets a pep talk from the Entropy Champ

24. Taylor phones Aceat night with a question

25. Miss USA vs Silver Ace WIN

26. Ace and Marilyn meet by chance, and go clubbing!

27. Silver Ace vs Blossom WIN

28. Blossom and Ace hang out...and have some fun.

29.The Silver Ace takes on the new rookie, The Crimson Daze

30. Ace gets called out by the Entropy Champion!

31. Ace vs Lady Lakota: Entropy Title Submission Match!

32. Ace's ex girlfriend, Valley Doll, comes back into her life, challenging her to the Slamazon's ultimate match!

33. Silver Ace vs Valley Doll: 2/3 Falls Match DRAW

34. Ace chooses her Avalanche opponent to defend her belt against...only to have it crashed...

35. Ace and Valley recover from their match and finally talk

36. Ace visits Angel for an autograph and a confession before her match at Avalanche

37. Ace returns to Avalanche, defending her title against the pompous Gwendolyn, in a ladder match! LOSS

38. The two champs meet again after losing their belts at Avalanche


39. Ace returns to Japan post Avalanche, with a chip on her shoulder, and gets into trouble as a result.

40. Silver Ace vs The Amazon, Alaina Sanders WIN

41. Ace and Alaina have a friendly chat post match

42. Ace again goes to a party at Taylor's, and again gets into trouble.

43. Ace tries to get a rematch, only for her "friend" to get it instead.

44. Ace and Alaina work things out

45. Ace and Alaina go to the motherfucking beach

46. Ace tries to forget recent issues by attending a birthday party for Angel

47. Ace congrats Valley on a win...then bad things happen.

48. Silver Ace vs Alaina Sanders: The Rematch LOSS

49. Realizing how dangerous Amethyst is, and dealing with her own sense of having lost her edge, Ace makes a challenge for the most dangerous match in all of pro wrestling, to take place at Summer Splash.

50. Ace makes a friend!

51. Summer Splash 2015: Silver Ace vs Amethyst Velour: Scaffold Match. Ace shows a new side of herself, as her and Amethyst risk life and limb fighting 25 feet above the floor. Time to put the beast down. WIN

52. Ace gets paired against her third crazy chick. Ace vs Abattior (WIN)


53: After months off, Ace discovers her first match back is to be against her best friend, Angel!

54: Ace vs Angel No Contest, due to interference from WAR

55. Ace returns from her injuries, saving Alicia Wells from WAR and setting up a tag match!

56. Ace and Alicia Wells team up to take on Styx and Abattoir of WAR! WIN

57. Ace and Alicia talk an alliance!

58. Ace gets called out by a dumb bitch!

59. Silver Ace vs Kaede! WIN

60. After a quick win over Kaede, Ace calls out Styx for an impromptu Tables Match!

61. Silver Ace vs River Styx: Tables Match! LOSS

62. Ace visits one of Styx's former opponents for advice

63. Silver Ace challenges Adrian Kytes to a match at Avalanche for the Hardcore Title

64. Valley Doll and Silver Ace discuss Avalanche

65. Adrian Kytes adds a twist to Avalanche!

66. Ace and Adrian meet up before Avalanche to bury the hachet.

68: Avalanche 2016: Back in Toronto, Canada, where it all began for her, Ace faces the biggest challenge of her career, fighting Adrian Kytes in a Steel Cage for the Hardcore Championship! WIN


69. Ace's attempt to call out River Styx ends with a former champion making a return.

70. Silver Ace has her first Hardcore Title defense, against the first ever Hardcore Champion, Liberty!

71. Due to her injuries, Ace is forced to accept becoming a Co-Holder of the Hardcore Title!

72. Silver Ace makes a new friend!

73. Navi Florges takes issue with Silver Ace, Ace responds!

74. Silver Ace takes on Navi Florges!

75. Ace and Valley discuss the Kaylee Rush situation

76. 3 Years after their Avalanche Match, Ace and Gwen reunite!

77. Avalanche Hardcore Title Triple Threat Match WIN

78. After Valleys loss to Kaylee, her and Haley have a heart to heart

79. A two part promo as Undisputed Hardcore Champion Silver Ace makes an open challenge title defense for Summer Splash!

80. Silver Ace vs Jessica Wright: Monsters Ball Match for the Hardcore Championship (Summer Splash) LOSS

81: Upset over her recent losses, Ace see's her friend Gallium being hurt, and makes a challenge to the girl who hurt her!

82: Silver Ace takes on the woman who injured Gallium Heart, GASTER, at Avalanche 2018! LOSS


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Silver Ace - Canadian Bravado Empty Re: Silver Ace - Canadian Bravado

Post by Old_Man_Tai on Tue Mar 17, 2020 2:57 pm

Bump to do re-making the old profile and completely updating it from scratch.

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Silver Ace - Canadian Bravado Empty Re: Silver Ace - Canadian Bravado

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