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Dice Tag Match for Casino PPV still open

Tue Sep 15, 2020 6:30 pm by Serpon

So in case you have forgotten, this is just a reminder that the Dice Tag Match is still open for the Casino PPV. So if anyone is interested, feel free to message me or leave a reply here.

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Need Debut matches

Tue Sep 08, 2020 11:19 pm by Void Effect

Got bunch of girls that need to debut, if anyone interested, PM me here or on Discord

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I'm baaaack~

Tue Sep 22, 2020 5:27 pm by ChateauDame

Hey everyone!

I think it has been just little over a month and a half? Sorry for the delay all around on everything but I had a drastic life change so a lot of things changed for me. Now that I am settled in again, I can finally have free time again. So I get to come back to hobbies like writing.

For those that I have RPs with, give me a little time and I'll have responses up. For those that I do not have any, I have a number of new characters still in mind so I'll be looking to make them.

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Valerie Blanchard

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Valerie Blanchard Empty Valerie Blanchard

Post by SiennaAFW on Wed Apr 29, 2020 5:36 pm

Name: Valerie Blanchard
Sex: Female
Age: 27
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Platinum Blonde
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 191 lbs
Nationality: French
Alignment: Heel
Entrance music: Sortil├Ęge - Amazone

-=Wrestling Information=-

Endurance: 9
Strength: 9
Speed: 7
Defense: 5
Technique: 5
Total: 35

Other Attributes:
Valerie is an accomplished shoot fighter and bodybuilder who has entered the independent wrestling scene, making quite a splash. She is a natural born fighter, blessed with both impressive physicality and charisma. Taking her aesthetic to heart, she wears her "rabbit ears" even in public, rarely if ever breaking character. In the ring, she takes to her role as a Heel rather naturally, taking cheap jabs at the crowd and reveling in their jeers. She is one of few words but is great at delivering what she does, and is adept in establishing dominance in the ring over her opponents with her intimidating and often infuriating presence.

Favored moves:
Heavy-handed strikes, brutal throws, and dominating rest holds. She also makes liberal use of the ring itself as a weapon, pushing the envelope of what will and wont get her disqualified.

Signature moves:
Various delayed overhead suplexes (more to be added soon)

Curb Stomp (more to be added soon)

-=Biography/Other Information=-

Visual Appearance:
Valerie Blanchard __usagiyama_rumi_boku_no_hero_academia_drawn_by_kadeart__76cbf0e69614d37088b3155d10c3a038
Valerie Blanchard __usagiyama_rumi_boku_no_hero_academia_drawn_by_kadeart__e4a4f00851bfa5f93d5b977d9cc7fb9b
Wrestling Attire:

Valerie Blanchard 80880639_p0_master1200
Valerie Blanchard Sample_60fb5543036ae7b3838b6e38f23b16a1fde65afe

Having grown up pampered and being provided with everything she needed, Valerie was at one point rather spoiled and self-centered. That all changed with the sudden death of her parents. After moving in with her less well-to-do relatives and attending public school, a tweenage Valerie quickly developed a mean streak and contempt for those around her, believing herself to be better than everyone else.

In truth, this was simply a means to harbor the grief she kept hidden away, and in private she was a much gentler soul, using much of her inheritance to raise rabbits, devoting much of her spare time to their care, while training her body and practicing kickboxing with every other waking moment she could spare. Utterly devoted to her passions and hot-blooded to a fault, Valerie is a woman of absolute dedication to everything she takes pride in.

As an adult, Valerie became enamored with the athleticism and grandeur of pro wrestling, and put her pride aside to begin training in a "lesser" indy fed for some time. It was here that she learned to crank her personality up to 11, become a caricature of the more mean-spirited facets of her personality, devoting herself to her nature heelwork.

TLDR version (full version to be added later):
Valerie grew up in a rich family for much of her youth, but lost her parents in a plane crash. She moved in with a guardian appointed by the family in the event of such an occurrence and was entitled to a great deal of the family's wealth once she came of age. She used this wealth to eventually pursue a career in wrestling, adopting a "white rabbit" persona due to her love of her own pet rabbits, for which she collects. She is a devious heel that will do whatever she can get away with, and loves getting a rise out of crowds.

-=AFW Information=-

Record: 0
Wins: 0
Losses: 0
Draws: 0

-=OOC Information=-
The following pertains to my personal tastes and what I'd like to do with this character:

  • Mild Lewdness: I love this. Foreplay and groping sort of stuff. Valerie is a hothead and a Heelish one, at that. She is not above playing with her opponents from time to time, and only seems to get "riled up" when someone dares toy with her!


  • Jobbing out: Like my last character I'd like to sport a relatively winning record. The occasional loss should thus feel impactful. I am not a fan of 50/50 booking or constant losses for this character. I intend to make one or more characters closer to the "Jobber" side of the spectrum, but not this one!

Strongly Dislike:

  • Excessive dialogue during match: It takes me out of it when someone speaks more than a few sentences in a single post when we should be wrestling. This changes depending on context, of course, if someone is controlling the match during a long stretch of slower action i.e. submission / rest hold / lewd moments, then it's all good!
  • Excessively descriptive lewd or violent acts: Lewdness and Violence come with the territory here, but I'd like to keep both to relatively sane levels. No long descriptions of bodily fluids or genitals, no borderline psychopathic depictions of violence... even if Valerie does work a bit stiff!

(More to be added later)

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