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Looking for a hardstyle (or another type) hentai match

Tue Sep 15, 2020 7:48 pm by skip-stop

Hi hi everyone!
Skip-stop is in touch and I'm looking for a hardstyle (or another type) hentai match with my Lunara Ashmore and one of your characters!
Small side note: I would prefer Lunara to take victory
Here is the link to the Lunara's profile -
And here is my Discord tag - skip-stop#4063
If you are interested, I will be glad to see your message
Thanks for your attention!

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Need Debut matches

Tue Sep 08, 2020 11:19 pm by Void Effect

Got bunch of girls that need to debut, if anyone interested, PM me here or on Discord

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Dice Tag Match for Casino PPV still open

Tue Sep 15, 2020 6:30 pm by Serpon

So in case you have forgotten, this is just a reminder that the Dice Tag Match is still open for the Casino PPV. So if anyone is interested, feel free to message me or leave a reply here.

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Yuri-chan, The Disgraced Idol

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Yuri-chan, The Disgraced Idol Empty Yuri-chan, The Disgraced Idol

Post by pu-level-up on Thu Apr 30, 2020 8:57 pm

Yuri-chan, The Disgraced Idol _yuugu27

Name: Miyaka Kobayashi
Alias: Yuri-chan, (former) leader of T1A, The Disgraced Idol
Sex: Female
Age: 19
Eyes: Blue (naturally brown)
Hair: Green, tied in a thick long braid reaching down her back (naturally black)
Height: 5'1" (155cm)
Weight: 105lbs
Nationality: Japanese
Alignment: Heel

Entrance Music:

Wrestling Information

Strategy: A sensual sexfighter with excellent hentai technique and years of catfighting experience, Yuri is not afraid to hit way below the belt. She uses her small, innocent appearance to disarm her opponents, but be warned, she is a true monster does whatever it takes to win. With her small size, she is able to move very quickly, and despite an outwardly creampuff appearance she is also quite strong. That being said, she knows she can’t really take a hit even if she has a high threshold for pain, so she tries her best to avoid her opponents or cripple them before they can fight back. Her secret weapon is her incredibly powerful grip, which makes her hold hard to break and her various clawing attacks extra powerful and effective.

Type: Catfighter

Preferred Matches: Any type will do, she’ll always fight her way

Statistics based on percentiles
Endurance: 70%
Strength: 75%
Speed: 75%
Defense: 65%
Technique: 65%

Favored moves:


Strikes at her opponent’s breasts and crotch

Crotch kicks

Crotch claw

Stomach claw

Eye gouge



Finishing moves:

Humiliation Lily!:
Yuri-chan, The Disgraced Idol 80137210


Visual Appearance:

Wrestling Outfit:
Yuri-chan, The Disgraced Idol _yuugu10
Yuri-chan, The Disgraced Idol _yuugu11

Idol Outfit:
Yuri-chan, The Disgraced Idol _yuugu12
Yuri-chan, The Disgraced Idol _yuugu13
Yuri-chan, The Disgraced Idol _yuugu14

Yuri-chan, The Disgraced Idol 02f91310
Yuri-chan, The Disgraced Idol A9583010
Yuri-chan, The Disgraced Idol _yuugu15
[/Yuri-chan, The Disgraced Idol _yuugu16

Casual outfits:
Yuri-chan, The Disgraced Idol _yuugu10
Yuri-chan, The Disgraced Idol _yuugu11
[Yuri-chan, The Disgraced Idol _yuugu18
Yuri-chan, The Disgraced Idol _yuugu19
Yuri-chan, The Disgraced Idol _yuugu20
Yuri-chan, The Disgraced Idol _yuugu23

Yuri-chan, The Disgraced Idol _yuugu22
Yuri-chan, The Disgraced Idol _yuugu21
Yuri-chan, The Disgraced Idol Sample21

Yuri-chan, The Disgraced Idol Sample22
Yuri-chan, The Disgraced Idol _yuugu24
Yuri-chan, The Disgraced Idol _yuugu25

A sexfight!:
Yuri-chan, The Disgraced Idol _akigu11
Yuri-chan, The Disgraced Idol _akigu10
Victory Pose:
Yuri-chan, The Disgraced Idol _shira11

Her worst defeat:
Yuri-chan, The Disgraced Idol 80576810

Yuri-chan, The Disgraced Idol Sample23
Yuri-chan, The Disgraced Idol _admir11

Physical Appearance:

B/W/H: 34/24/38 (C-cup)

Small in stature with a pretty face and an appealing attitude, Miyaka is very good at seeming much meeker and more submissive than she actually is. She has quite a well-developed figure for someone of her stature, with a top that looks quite large on her small frame and nice hips to match. She is not shy and does not get embarrassed easily, and is very willing to show her body, even though normally she chooses not to.


Her outward personality is that of the ideal Idol, cute, kind, a little bit ditzy. She has a lot of glamourous appeal and a flair for show business, enjoying the attention of millions without feeling any embarrassment. She is also quite open and sexually enticing, and is not afraid of using her appeal to get what she wants. She even seems to have a submissive good-girl personality, being open and willing to do anything that is asked. However, her external good-girl appearance is mostly an act, as she is quite devious and manipulative. She likes to dominate and control other people to get what she wants, and enjoys fighting and breaking the wills of those who oppose her. Of course, she prefers if they just give in without having to put in too much effort, but she does take some perverse pleasure in dishing out the punishment herself.


Miyaka had a very spoiled upbringing, her father was a wealthy and powerful government official and her mother a spoiled brat, all of which rubbed off on Miyaka, making her believe that she was simply better than other people. That attitude did get her in trouble in school a few times when she was young, but Miyaka quickly realized that not only would her father always protect her, but thanks to her cute innocent appearance, she could often get away with all kinds of trouble. So long as she hid her manipulative deviousness behind a cute exterior, she figured she could do anything. Her experiences reinforced her behavior, and by the time she was a teenager she had already blackmailed multiple classmates, teachers, and even her parents.

That being said, it wasn’t as if she didn’t have people challenging her, or people wanting to fight back. Against those people, Miyaka let her vicious side out. More than once she has beaten up and humiliated her classmates for daring to fight her. Of course, she never fought fair, usually getting a posse of her followers to gang up on her opponents. Even during her “fair” fights, she would use dirty tactics to ensure victory.

During high school, she was scouted to join a newly forming Idol group called T1A. It was pretty typical for a Japanese idol group, eight cute girls with some musical and dancing talent, heavily managed by corporate suits to produce wholesome entertainment. Miyaka transformed herself into Yuri-chan, the leader of this group, creating a glamourous, kind, and very open persona for herself. However, behind closed doors, Miyaka was a true terror. She dominated her fellow idols using a mixture of coercion, blackmail, and sexual humiliation. Several of them tried to challenge Miyaka’s tyranny, however they all failed with humiliating results. And even the corporate suits couldn’t rein her in, as they didn’t want the success of their idol group jeopardized due to Miyaka’s actions becoming public.

However, this did not last. Eventually, both the suits and the other idols banded together, coming up with a plan to crush Miyaka. They found someone who could best Miyaka in sexual combat, tricking the imperious idol into taking on this fight. It was a close affair, however at the end Miyaka was crushed and sexually humiliated. That was her fall from grace, as not only did all the other idols she was oppressing join in on her punishment, but nobody came to save her. Her parents had finally awoken to the fact that she was a terror, and that she needed to be brought down. And so she was punished brutally by her fellow idols, humiliated and destroyed, before being kicked out of T1A.

She disappeared from the public eye for a few months, before resurfacing at the AFW. With nowhere else to go, she found the wrestling league was willing to take her in, not in spite of her reputation but because of it. She was to fight in her Yuri-chan persona, but was allowed to indulge her dark side openly. Miyaka saw this chance as her comeback opportunity. She would rise up from her disgrace, and become a reigning queen of AFW!

Fun Facts:

AFW Information

Record: 2-1-0
Won against Kirika Proud in a verbal submission match
Won against Akane Saito in a hentai submission match
Defeated by Sierra Oasis in a mystery hentai submission match



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