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The Duel Seeker seeks duels!

Wed Aug 05, 2020 4:40 am by Deus001

Hey all

So I'm getting back into the swing of things and want to discuss finding matches for Charlotte Harenwood. I'm open for discussions for both Friction and Tension and stuff.

You can send me a PM here or contact me on Discord. Stillwinston#3222

Hope to hear back! Smile

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Killer King

Wed Aug 05, 2020 4:36 am by KillerV

Looking for female jobbers to face the beast!

Also, been having skin problems on my hands full of blisters, been slow at typing and recovering as I can, but yes, can contact me PM or Discord- Killer King#0165

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Looking for debuts and matches.

Tue Jul 28, 2020 2:26 am by Old_Man_Tai

Looking to be more active around here, which means starting more matches.

Yay more matches!

For those interested:

Cami (will do hentai, but not for debut match)

Hiromi (No hentai)

Blazing Kitsune (no hentai)

All still need debut matches

I'm also accepting offers for matches against:

Kairi (will do hentai)

Dark Star Chaos (no hentai)

Grizzly (no hentai)

Feel free to PM me or find me on the Discord if any of those sound interesting, or if you have another match you want to suggest. …

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A Challenge For The Dragon

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A Challenge For The Dragon Empty A Challenge For The Dragon

Post by skip-stop on Sun May 10, 2020 1:34 am

- I promised that you would soon have a new match with a worthy opponent, - Victoria said, adjusting her glasses, - why can't you just wait a bit?
- Time... - Astrid said shortly, putting on her unique glove, - we must always value our time. And if I can spend my time on a new fight, then I do it.

The manager sighed heavily and nodded. During this time, she managed to understand what the Norwegian girl was made of, so arguing with her was pointless. And since it was pointless to argue, she could only support her, which she intended to do. The blonde smiled at her manager and stepped out of the locker room.

Her life now was like a stormy river. And each new turn was a new test. But Astrid lives precisely for this. And that is why, when the river began to calm down, she decided to rock the boat. Her life was empty without a good challenge. Each of her rivals gave her an incredible match. But even that was not enough. She wanted more. Astrid stopped in front of the curtains. She had an anticipating smile on her face.


A Challenge For The Dragon Tumblr19

Entrance Music:

Her music began and Golden Dragon came out from behind the curtains. The girl raised her hands above her head, clasped her palms in the manner of the crown. The audience greeted her loudly and enthusiastically. It was no secret that many wrestlers are able to give a good show. But Astrid began to do this from her debut match and her every fight was truly mesmerizing. She was proud of each of her rivals she met, since each became a real test for her.

The blonde began to descend the ramp. Today she was supposed to do a show and so she decided to demonstrate a new outfit. She was wearing an orange sports top with her personal logo, black tight pants, a dark belt, high black boots and the glove on her right hand. It was a long glove, at first glance resembling a high-tech prosthesis. On her back and left arm was a huge Golden Dragon tattoo, and in the lower part of her abdomen and right shoulder was her personal logo.

The most ardent fans asked for give five and an autograph, and she saw no reason to refuse. To applause, the girl took the microphone from the commentator's table and climbed into the ring and before the end of her music she hard hit with her right fist on her left palm. She raised her hands and waved to the audience in all directions. There was a smile on her face. They loved her and she reciprocated. And now her music is over.

- Hi AFW, hi Tokyo!!! - she greeted the audience, which again caused a wave of noise, which again made her smile broadly. - We have know each other not so long, but I am grateful to every person who came here today! I'm Astrid Arvidsson and I'm immensely glad that you like to watch me move up!

It really was like that. Judging by recent polls, Astrid has received tremendous audience support. Strong rivals had a great influence on this, among whom was a two-time champion. And yet, rivals alone could not bring her fame. She deserved most of this only with her skills.

- I don’t like to talk a lot, so I’ll try to be as brief as possible, - the blonde said, turning to the other side of the hall so as not to deprive anyone of their attention, - some of you might have heard that I was a MMA fighter before coming to Japan. The question arises, why did I do this after I won the European Championship? Why did I leave my native Norway and my outstanding career?

It really was a good question that she often saw on the forums. Well, as they say, people should know their heroes. So now Astrid was determined to give an answer. She was about to make it clear to everyone who she was and why she was here.

- Here, in AFW, the most powerful fighters of this planet gathered, in my opinion, - a fire was in Astrid's eyes, - I have devoted my whole life to becoming the strongest. I live only in order to go beyond my limits every time. I never run from difficult. I overcome these difficulties. And every time I get stronger. I never refuse a challenge because it is the meaning of my existence.

The girl accepted a new round of applause with a smile, but soon she raised her hand in order to reassure the audience, since she had not finished yet.

- But I'm not going to just talk. Words mean nothing. My fists will speak instead of me, - Golden Dragon clenched her fist and hit herself in the chest. - I intend to reach the top and my path has already begun. Golden Dragon came to AFW. And if someone believes that he has enough strength and skills, then I'm open! I appeal to everyone who hears me!!! I am never back down! I am not afraid of anything! And I can prove it! I challenge anyone who wants to go against me right here and now in an impartial standard match!!!

She already had experience with this. She knew the strings to pull in order to make a show. MMA was pure sport, but it was also a show. And if you don’t know how to interact with the audience, then you have nothing to do here. Astrid was sure of her every word. And the Norwegian girl knew that when a person is confident in his abilities and can prove it, it is expensive. Therefore, the hall exploded with cries of approval. Astrid raised both hands up, knowing that they were waiting for this. But now her gaze was directed at the curtains. She was ready. She was ready for anyone to come out of there. She wanted a fight. She wanted a strong opponent!

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A Challenge For The Dragon Empty Re: A Challenge For The Dragon

Post by Iceman on Sun May 10, 2020 7:23 am

Arjuna nervously waited backstage, switching the weight of her body between her legs, crossing her arms in an impatient motion. She wasn’t sure about what she was doing there and was starting to get impatient, getting mad at her agent. Her manager just texted her last night telling the Canadian-Indian to be there that day at that exact time.

“Some strong fighter is going to do something. We are not sure but if it is an open challenge it may be the chance you wanted to take the spotlight. Good luck, tigress.”

Arjuna still wasn’t sure that this was what she needed at that time. She indeed wanted some good oportunity to rise in front of the public and shine with her best light against some powerful rival, but she knew nothing about the person doing some promo tonight. What if she was all bark and no bite? She didn’t want a pushover, the Indian needed a real fight, a really strong rival to clash against.

And it looked that the Indian was just going to get exactly what she wanted. From her hiding spot she noticed a tall and fit blonde woman walk confidently to the ring. The woman knew how to use aesthetics to reinforce the strong and imposing image she wanted for herself. Her blonde hair looked shiny and taken care of but also wild, and her outfit revealed how strong she was and was adorned with what it looked like her personal logo. Also one of her arms was wrapped in a glove that made it look like some kind of prothesic robotic arm. All of that gave her confident look an even more menacing aura, like she was able to control any situation. She looked dangerous but also calm, like a big predator so sure of itself it doesn’t need to raise its guard while walking around.

On her way Astrid took some time to bathe on the appreciation from the crowds. That, that was exactly the thing Arjuna was after. Getting to get a good win and loss ratio meant nothing if she wasn’t able to get the public’s love. Back in her home Canada Arjuna got to win some tournaments, but the scenario wasn’t as big and crowded as the world prestigious AFW and most likely no one knew her, but there was this woman getting all the love from the thousands of people crammed in that stadium. She wanted that for herself, and maybe by challenging that woman she would get the chance of really showing her best by fighting a strong rival.

Luckily for Arjuna, the Golden Haired Dragon was there just to issue an open challenge. She proudly stated her prowess and how she woudl prevail against any challenger. It looked like Astrid wanted so bad to validate her reputation as a tough fighter. She also knew how to get the crowd on her pocket, the Dragon made sure that whoever got to step to the challenge she would have the crowd against her.

A Challenge For The Dragon LFpX8oDl

There was nothing to be done. This is what the Indian wanted, so when Astrid finished her speech and stood defiant, waiting for someone to just come out from the very curtains she was waiting behind she gave the signal to the sound operator, then her entrance theme began and she stepped on the ramp. She was wearing one of her secondary attires, a red outfit that exolted her ample breasts and her firm stomach and some spandex-like stockings that highlighted her long legs. It fitted her like a glove and she felt confident and reassured in that piece of attire. She catwalked confidently to the ring as the crowd looked surprised at first that someone they didn’t know accepted their loved Dragon’s challenge.

When she was closer to the ring Arjuna got a mic from a commentator that was dazed at the ebony beauty that just appeared in front of him. Her “Thank you.” adorned with a soft, elegant smile made the man melt, but Arjuna was just stepping inside the ring. She made through the ropes in a motion that highlighted her well toned legs and then stood in the ring, close enough to Astrid so everyone could have a good look at that new challenger.

“What a wonderful display, Dragon.”, Arjuna stated unironically while making a soft clap for the blonde. “The looks, the staging, the challenge… Everything looked perfect and I think everyone in here should congratulate you for that, right?” The crowd reacted at her words by roaring and clapping at Astrid once more, but this also served Arjuna to get some points in front of everyone.

“I have to admit that when I got a scoop that someone big was going to issue a challenge I didn’t take that info seriously. I thought some pushover wanted some attention, but now I see I was mistaken. That is why I stepped forward.” She made a dramatic pause so the crowd mumbled about her, still unsure of what her intentions were. “I stepped forward because you, Dragon, captivated me in the same way you did to this crowd, and some fire awakened in me. You claim that you want to test your limits and those are some words I could live by myself, so I challenge you. Let us face each other in combat and determine who is stronger!” After she lowered the mic the crowd exploded in an enthusiastic round of applause. Of course Arjuna was still behind Astrid in fan numbers, but that small promo just gave her some new supporters just as she wanted. She looked at her rival directly in the eye, waiting for a retort coming from the Dragon as the public went silent so the blonde could speak.


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A Challenge For The Dragon Empty Re: A Challenge For The Dragon

Post by skip-stop on Wed May 20, 2020 1:59 am

Not one muscle flinched on the blonde's face when unfamiliar music began. She is not required to know the musical theme of each fighter in AFW. However, when an absolutely unfamiliar girl appeared on the ramp, Astrid's eyebrows barely noticeably raised. Of course, she did not expect a top-class fighter to respond to her call, because any high-profile fight must first be earned. And yet the fact that a fighter came out from behind the curtains, about which even Victoria did not consider it necessary to tell Astrid... it was unexpected.

Golden Dragon was watching the newly arrived girl. Her appearance was very unusual, as was her costume. Perhaps she could even be called charming, however, Astrid did not have the habit of evaluating the appearance of a stranger. Any person whom Astrid meets for the first time is always nobody for her, only during the fight can she change her attitude if this person is strong enough. However, the Norwegian girl nevertheless noted for herself the strong legs and stomach of her potential rival.

The girl of Indian appearance took a microphone and climbed into the ring, not forgetting to demonstrate her legs to the general public. Astrid behaved absolutely calmly, waiting for what this girl would say. Some thoughts about the further development of events had already crept into the head of Golden Dragon, but there was not long to wait, because the Indian girl had already stopped right in front of her. Astrid turned her lavender eyes straight into the eyes of another girl.

You have chosen a good tactics, huh”, - thought Astrid, silently listening to the speech of her potential rival.

Not bad. Even commendable. The former MMA fighter has never delved into the intricacies of mental impact on the crowd. However, now she was sure that this girl was very skilled in this field. Sad or not, she put Astrid in a previously losing position. When two famous fighters, who are loved by the public, participate in the match, then none of them risk almost nothing if this is not a decisive match in their career. However, when a fighter beloved by a public and a fighter that no one knows participate in the match, the first of them is always in a losing position. Because if this fighter loses to the newcomer, it will be a blow to his reputation and, accordingly, to his fans love.

But. It was a double-edged sword. The Indian girl accepted the challenge and from the very beginning she tried to win her own share of love and reputation with the help of her defiant speech. Astrid did not know if this girl took into account the option that she could lose. After all, if she loses after such big words, then her rating will surely fall below zero. Funny. It turns out that today both Astrid and this challenger are fighting for the reputation and love of the fans. Well…

Astrid slowly turned her head, first in one direction, then in the other. Now almost every spectator in this room was looking at her, waiting for her answer. She did not know who this girl was. She did not know what she was capable of. But she knew that if she lost, it would be a very great damage to her reputation. Should she have felt doubts? Did this Indian girl, who had not even given her name, wanted Astrid to doubt herself? And how was she supposed to answer such big words now? Golden Dragon raised a microphone.

- We talk or we fight, huh? - there was a steel in her voice and a hellfire ran through her eyes for a moment.

Just five simple words. And these words almost blew up this hall. As she noted earlier, she is not here to talk. And she never backs down. Even if she had to stake her life, not her reputation. Did this Indian girl think she could create enough effect so that Golden Dragon couldn’t find the right words? The Norwegian girl did not need words, she had fists who were ready to speak louder than any words. And these simple five words made it clear to everyone in this hall that she was not exaggerating during her opening speech. She was still looking into the eyes of the rival now, not the potential one, and a defiant smile appeared on her face. Astrid handed the microphone to the referee girl, making it clear that she did not intend to talk anymore.

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A Challenge For The Dragon Empty Re: A Challenge For The Dragon

Post by Iceman on Wed May 20, 2020 7:46 am

Arjuna grinned at her rival as she used those first moments to evaluate Astrid’s character. It was obvious that the blonde woman wanted something like that to happen so the Norwegian had everything planned so the events unfolded the way they happened. Astrid knew that she had some love coming from the crowds so anyone challenging her just at the moment she was getting the respect of the crowd would be seen not only as a challenge to a match, but as a challenge for the public’s love.

That was exactly what the Indian wanted. It was actually a dangerous bold strategy, but Arjuna wanted to act daring. The people on the stands and paying to see a show liked brave and daring wrestlers, and being as new as she was seeing this woman that hasn’t been in many matches stand up to a challenge of that category was going to attract some attention. There was some to lose, of course, but Arjuna had also a lot to win. This was a statement, her way of saying that a new girl just arrived to town.

But Astrid wasn’t going to be scared easily. Far from that, the blonde retorted in the simplest of ways. If Arjuna had shown some of her speech skills and used them to get the crowd’s attention the Golden Dragon used that to make her look like she was all bark and no bite. It was true that the Indian babe had found a way to talk her way into that match, but in the end only fighting she could settle things and show what she was made of. The public roared in approval at Astrid’s statement.

Arjuna couldn’t look like it but she was a quite proud person and it was relatively easy to get on her bad side. When someone did Arjuna’s response would be getting sassy at her oponent, and that encounter was just a duel of peacocks flaunting their feathers at each others. But as facts remained: at that moment Astrid had bigger and brighter feathers, and the Indian didn’t like that.

“Hmph!” Arjuna pouted as she felt slightly ridiculed by her rival’s comment and by how she returned the mic signaling that the conversation was over. But she would have the last word. “You look strong, but let’s see who talks that big when we are done with our match. But you don’t want to talk, you want to fight so...”Arjuna returned the microphone as well and made a challenging gesture at Astrid, telling her to come at the Indian whenever she wanted.


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A Challenge For The Dragon Empty Re: A Challenge For The Dragon

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