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Looking for debuts and matches.

Mon Jul 27, 2020 8:26 pm by Old_Man_Tai

Looking to be more active around here, which means starting more matches.

Yay more matches!

For those interested:

Cami (will do hentai, but not for debut match)

Hiromi (No hentai)

Blazing Kitsune (no hentai)

All still need debut matches

I'm also accepting offers for matches against:

Kairi (will do hentai)

Dark Star Chaos (no hentai)

Grizzly (no hentai)

Feel free to PM me or find me on the Discord if any of those sound interesting, or if you have another match you want to suggest. …

[ Full reading ]

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Apologies for delays

Fri Jul 24, 2020 11:19 pm by Old_Man_Tai


I just wanted to take a minute and apologies to the many people I am RPing with and my slowness this last month or two. It's been a busy time and I've had trouble with motivation and inspiration to post.

I am going to do better, I promise, and I will have posts up for everybody soon and I will try not to falter least for a while XD.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Specific Debut Match Idea

Fri Jul 24, 2020 10:45 pm by SuckerPunch

Hello friends and fellow AFW'ers! I'm looking for a very specific type of squash for the debut match of Harmony Harper, my newest character. If you're interested, please send me a PM on the forums! I'm looking forward to playing with you all!

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Daichi Kurozu

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Daichi Kurozu Empty Daichi Kurozu

Post by Scourger X on Wed Jun 17, 2020 8:32 am

Daichi Kurozu Zpk67fK
Name: Daichi Kurozu
Age: 18 years
Hair color: Brown
Eyes color: Green
Nationality: Japanese
Weight:133 lbs
Alignment: Tweener

Entrance music:

Fighting style: Grappler

Preferred Matches: Smother, Standard, knock out

Preferred Moves: Lariat, Clotheslines, Body Press, Body Slams and Bear hugs.


Endurance: 3/5 – He isn't the most durable, as Akiko can tell.
Strength: 4/5 – For his petit size and fragile looks, he really is a strong fighter
Speed: 3/5 – He isn't the fastest, but his reflexes are slightly better
Defense: 4/5 – Product of constant beatings courtesy of his sis
Technique: 2/5 – As green as they come

Wrestling Stats

Strikes: 3/5 – His lack of experience would weaken him here if it wasn't for his raw strenght
Submissions: 3/5 – He doesn't have the heart to make people suffer for real
Power Moves: 4/5 – Is quite capable of lifting people several times his size
Aerial Moves: 1/5 – Putting him in the air is like putting a fish in the grass 
Counters: 3/5 – Should be difficult to submitt him

Finishing Moves: 

  • Gorila Press: Daichi makes use of his raw strength to lift the enemy above his head with his arms, followed by ruthlessly letting them fall into the ground.

  • German Supplex: Hugging his opponent from behind, the small wrestler bridges back to make them slam back-first in full force.

  • Cutie Smother: A move where Daichi uses both of his thighs to smother the face of his rivals. This is a cute sight for anyone, and a very embarrassing situation for Daichi


Daichi normally acts like a kid, even if he's a young man, his looks don't help either. He's honest, bratty and unwittingly rude at times, but he also is also very kind and friendly with the people he likes. He normally acts with cockiness, even if it's clear that it's just an act, he is not really that self-confident with his appearance, is a bit of a scaredy cat, and is afraid of hurting people with his strength.


Daichi, alongside with his sister, where raised entirely by their mother, not really knowing anything about his father. He lived a happy home life despite the low income they had, but outside of his home things weren't so bright. Daichi was constantly harassed by other kids for his girly looks and meek attitude. He was bullied for not being man enough for roughly all of his school life, until he decided to stand up for himself.

The kids that made his life difficult where not having any of this new attitude, they cornered him and where fully ready to beat him up, the leader of their little pack even pulled out a dagger in an attempt to intimidate him. The sudden feel of having his life at risk made something wake up in Daichi's mind, survival. With a punch to the arm of the boy that was holding him, the feminine boy broke his arm with ease, after that he tried to punch the knife away, resulting on the leader's broken wrist. Ever since then, he acquired the constant fear of hurting people with his strength

Daichi was suspended from their school despite telling them that he was defending himself, but the leader of his bullies was the son of an important politician in their neighborhood. Later after that, he was expelled from the school before he finished Highschool, The assault against his reputation ended here for some reason and for his good fortune.

With his chances of studying being virtually ruined because of his reputation of a "thug", Daichi decided to work on other things. After finding out that he was gifted with strength beyond the normal, he decided to try a career in wrestling. He found AFW sooner than later, and decided to find fame and fortune there, hoping to give his mother and sister the lives that they deserved,



Fun facts:

  • The easiest way of getting him to get a little more comfortable with you (If a little angry) is asking him for his sex, or assuming he's a girl.

  • His hobbies include playing videogames, eating sweets and watching cartoons.

  • It is said that he and his sister share their most embarrassing experience. Both of them refuse to talk about it.

  • Even if he tries to act all cool and stuff, he is highly insecure of his looks and the opinion of other people to him.

Hideyoshi Kinoshita belongs to Kenji Inoue, writer of the light novel Baka to Test to Shōkanjū
His website:
His Twitter:

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Daichi Kurozu Empty Re: Daichi Kurozu

Post by acuya on Wed Jun 17, 2020 3:09 pm

Approved - you may RP as you wish.

Daichi Kurozu SPoWQN2

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