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Poll regarding the possibility of Mods booking PPV matches.

Sat Oct 24, 2020 1:43 am by Old_Man_Tai

So, basically, was wondering all of your thoughts regarding the possiblity of mods booking ppv matches.

The thought was, since people often seem to have trouble finding partners for ppv matches until the last minute or so, what if the mod team was to step in and, well in advance of the show, book the show ourselves, and try to put together the best matches we can, including title defenses, no.1 contender matches, and so on and so forth?

While I doubt our more popular members need such a …

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Comments: 8

Need Debut matches/Simply looking for more

Tue Sep 08, 2020 11:19 pm by Void Effect

Got bunch of girls that need to debut, if anyone interested, PM me here or on Discord

Comments: 11

General Avalanche Reminder

Fri Oct 23, 2020 9:21 pm by Old_Man_Tai

General Reminder: Friction PPV Avalanche goes live on December 1st: So if you need to do any promos or build up for your Avalanche matches, you should be focusing on that now. You are allowed to do such things over Discord and then post them after if it helps get them done faster so matches have proper build up.

Also, if you are looking to get on the ppv, and have a partner and match set up, (or can do so quickly), contact me to let me know what match you are doing on the show.

If you have …

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Nerissa «Echidna» Labong

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Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Empty Nerissa «Echidna» Labong

Post by skip-stop on Mon Oct 19, 2020 1:15 am

Nerissa Labong
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Q4511

Personal information

    Name: Nerissa Labong

    Alias: Echidna

    Sex: Female

    Sexual orientation: Homosexual

    Age: 26

    Birthday: 03 May

    Eye color: Brown

    Hair color: Brown

    Height: 185 cm // 6’1’’

    Weight: 75 kg // 165.3 pounds

    Nationality: Native American

    Alignment: Neutral Evil

    Entrance Music: Mad Max: Fury Road | Music / Theme / Soundtrack / Junkie XL - Brothers in Arms | HD

    Nerissa has a very unusual appearance, which is due to her origin and constant sports training.
    She is tall, one hundred and eighty-five centimeters, or six feet and one inch. It can be noted that the girl slouches a little, so her shoulders are almost always tilted slightly forward. Nerissa has a very good height-to-weight ratio, weighing seventy-five kilograms or one hundred sixty-five point three pounds.
    She is excellently developed in physical terms, Nerissa spends a lot of time in the gym. She almost completely lacks subcutaneous fat, which is why the muscles of her arms, legs and abs stand out noticeably. Nerissa has not very large, but neat and elastic round-shaped breasts, the second size or B.
    The Native American girl has a slightly elongated face, pointed towards the chin. She has narrow cheekbones, but wide enough lips, which is why her smile almost always looks venomous and arrogant. The girl has very short eyelashes and thick dark eyebrows. Nerissa has brown eyes.
    Her hair deserves special attention. Nerissa has never cut her hair in her life, she only trimmed the ends, because of this, the length of her hair reaches almost the middle of her shin. The girl has natural brown hair and usually ties it into one long French braid.
    Nerissa always has very lively facial expressions. She laughs and smiles a lot as a result of her temperament. She always says what she thinks and uses active gestures to do so. She has a high-pitched voice that fits a lyric soprano (like Nicole Scherzinger), and because of her slightly unstable emotional state, her voice often rises and falls several octaves.
    In clothes, Nerissa prefers unusual bright colors that emphasize her individuality. She can safely go out in a tracksuit or wear a chic evening dress for a special occasion. The main thing is that she feels comfortable.


    All arts belong to Maren

Wrestling standard:

Nerissa «Echidna» Labong J536j10
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong E67lke10
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Q4jw610
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong E67k10
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong W56k10
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Wtjwt10


Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Q42w6j10

Wrestling special:

Nerissa «Echidna» Labong D84bgw10

Wrestling alternative :

Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Q54jq410


Nerissa «Echidna» Labong W46jw10

Alternative workout:

Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Ed-poi10


Nerissa «Echidna» Labong E57ke710
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Renner10
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong W56kjw10


Nerissa «Echidna» Labong D1i5bp10
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong D2dntu10


Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Egjyht10
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Eq84mm10
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Q4512

Believe me, it's a pleasure for me:

Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Dwggig10

I hope you're ready for a beating:

Nerissa «Echidna» Labong D8lgy410
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Djyssc10
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Dwgzsj10

I love sex, seriously:


I'm serious:

Well, okay...:

Nerissa «Echidna» Labong D0tfsg10
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong D1n9s910
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong D7cbjo10
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Dvdzvv10
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Dxixmc10
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Dz9w-i10
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Ein-vj10
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Eipgte10
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Eqrvou10
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Er4git10

Moments of matches:

Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Djh99t10
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Djysqc10
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Djysvh10
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong D225z710
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong D225ag10
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Dkf2l-10
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Dl4ev810
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Drmw7v10
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Dwgfvj10



I'm serious:

Well, okay...:

Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Ebkrqd10
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Ebkrqd11

Scream for me, bitch:

Nerissa «Echidna» Labong El2wbr10

Take this, heh:

Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Dww2jw10

Was it a mosquito bite:

Nerissa «Echidna» Labong D-lh3x10

Yes, I'm pretty lewd:


I'm serious:

Well, okay...:

Nerissa «Echidna» Labong D9czvx10
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Dj2vwk10
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Djh_f410
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Dkf3ud10
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Dl4gnv10
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Doxnep10
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Dqnjoy10
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Dt7jaa10
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Dvj8yp10
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Dyl9az10
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Ecczuf10
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Eis6sa10
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Ekfmgq10


Nerissa «Echidna» Labong D1i5cf11
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong D5mlmg11
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Dlpfae11
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Drmy2y11
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Dvlrci11
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Dww2ht10
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Dzuzdv10
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Ebkj_m10
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Edex-x10
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Egjyj-10
Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Ehla9910

    Nerissa is the real standard of a free and independent girl.
    For her, there are no authorities other than herself. The girl does not consider anyone's opinion and does not accept any advice. She only acts as she sees fit, without any exceptions. She firmly believes that she can cope with any difficulty, so she is not afraid to be alone, even against the whole world.
    Nerissa always says what she thinks, so the girl never lies. She can speak the truth in the face of absolutely any person without the slightest remorse. She cannot stand hypocrisy and she is insanely annoyed by two-faced people who are ready to smile in your face, holding an ax behind their back. We can say that she is a real truth-teller.
    In addition, the Native American is an extremely self-confident and rather arrogant person. She never tried to be like everyone else, putting her individuality in the first place for herself. The most important thing for her is to be herself, and not to be who society wants her to be. That is why she will never stop and will only go forward, doing only what she likes.
    She's a lesbian to the core. But even this is not the strangest thing. Nerissa loves sex, and hard sex. BDSM and fetishes are like air for her. Her biggest weakness is that she loves being humiliated by a strong woman, it just drives her crazy. She is turned on by the very thought that she can kick any ass, and then let that kicked ass fuck her.
    But the strangeness of the girl does not end there. More than anything, she loves to fight. Oh, not just to fight. She really loves pain. Every blow she sends in the face of her opponent and every blow she receives in return makes her feel real pleasure. Nerissa never refuse a challenge and is ready to challenge anyone she meets on her way. There are no restrictions for her, the more rough and brutal match she faces, the better. The sight of blood excites her, especially the sight of her own blood. And even more the feeling of victory excites her. She firmly believes that putting her foot in a victory pose on a defeated rival is the most pleasant thing in the universe.
    Nerissa lives without rules and therefore always does what she wants. There are no barriers for her. She always sees her goal and is ready to go ahead in order to achieve this goal. That is why she is an extremely strong person, whose willpower cannot be broken. She knows exactly who she is and what she wants. She doesn't need approval, she doesn't need praise. She just needs to live and enjoy life.
    Despite her aggressive and even gangster behavior, as well as numerous lewd habits, Nerissa is a very educated girl. Indeed, she does not have a higher education, however, the girl loves to read. Therefore, she has not only high intelligence, but also knows a lot of little-known things. Of course, she doesn't brag about it, however, sometimes it can play the role of a trump card in certain situations.
    The girl has a very limited social circle. She openly despises those who want to be only a part of society, fearing judgment. She is ready to become a friend only for the person who is ready to be himself. In other words, Nerissa can only feel comfortable with the same person as herself.
    In general, Nerissa has a very combative temperament. She solves most of the issues that arise solely with the help of her fists, without caring about the consequences. Only the fittest survives in this world. And if someone thinks that he has the right to take something from her, then she is ready to prove that it was a very big mistake.
    However, despite all the cruelty, uncompromising and stubbornness, Nerissa is not without a softer side of her soul, although this side is rarely manifested. And yet she is quite capable of smiling genuinely and having a good time in the right company. True, this is really rare.

    Stage personality:
    Nerissa does not need a special stage image, she just needs to be herself.
    Nerissa absolutely always behaves insolently and aggressively towards any opponent. Thus, she deliberately provokes her rivals so that nothing can hold them back, because in the end Nerissa loves to hurt and receive pain in return. As in ordinary life, there are no authorities for her in the ring. She absolutely does not care who is in front of her. Let this be the strongest champion in history, she will never doubt her strengths and methods.
    It should be noted that Nerissa, despite her temperament, always acts within the established rules. However, the subtle point is that she will use everything that is available to her. And she will never feel remorse for beating her opponent with a piece of metal pipe, if allowed by the rules. The girl loves the sight of blood and therefore she is ready to use everything to make the match as difficult and cruel as possible.

        Friends: nope
        Allies: nope
        Rivals: nope
        Enemies: nope
        Lovers: nope

    Nerissa was born in the United States of America, California, San Jose. And she is Native American. Her ancestors had long ago adapted to life among the pale-faced. And although her family managed to keep their blood pure, they have long lived like ordinary Americans. Her parents were quite ordinary people. Her father, Henoe Labong, was an ordinary programmer in a small IT company. And her mother, Helma Labong, was an air traffic controller.
    The girl's childhood was not remarkable until the moment she went to school. Of course, Nerissa always showed a rather wild and active temperament. However, from the first day at school, when she truly found herself in society, the first features of her true nature appeared. It's no secret that school is one of the most violent places in the world. And the case of Nerissa was no exception. Almost immediately, she faced harassment and attempts to humiliate her.
    However, this did not become a big problem, since she always solved issues in one single way. Nerissa never really cared about the consequences, so as soon as she felt that someone was trying to bully her, she used her fists. This is why she got a bad name, she was not like most girls who tried to be as quiet as possible. No, it was not for her. Nerissa always tried to stand out from the crowd. And it was not show off. She was just herself, nothing more.
    And although at first the parents tried to re-educate their daughter, they soon realized that it was absolutely useless. Moreover, Nerissa had a younger sister and brother, who also demanded attention. Therefore, her parents were forced to let the eldest daughter's life take its course. Whether it was a mistake or not, no one will ever know. But the fact remains. Left to herself, Nerissa grew up the person she wanted to be, without anyone's help.
    In middle school, the girl thought about one simple thing. She always managed to find a use for her fists. So why not try using her fists professionally? Nerissa started attending the martial arts section, where she quickly realized that hitting people was her calling. No no, she didn't enjoy the beating directly. But she really enjoyed the fight process. Every blow she sent to her opponent. Every blow she received in return. Nerissa enjoyed every second, pain became a kind of drug for her.
    By high school, Nerissa realized that she absolutely did not fit into society. Most people were hypocrites, liars, and just two-faced scum. Each tried to become better than the other, holding a smile on his face and an ax behind his back. She was sick of this society. That is why Nerissa began to gather like-minded people around herself who were not afraid to be individuals, and not part of the herd.
    Having found real friends, the girl's life went in a new, stormy direction. Since Nerissa could not endlessly live at the expense of her parents, and the classical work in the office disgusted her, she went the way that seemed to her the most logical. Using her incredible fighting skills and lust for pain, she began to fight in the street. At the same time, Nerissa discovered that she had an irresistible desire for sex. Damn it, the girl was just insatiable. And the most interesting thing was not that she was a lesbian. The most interesting thing was that she just loved hard sex.
    It was very difficult, because her parents did not encourage her lifestyle. And no matter how person she was, Nerissa loved her parents. They were not against their daughter's desire to earn money with their fists. However, they did not want Nerissa to end up spending her entire life on the street. Therefore, at the family council, it was decided that the girl would go in for professional sports.
    Thus began her long journey. She tried literally everything and in many places she has success. She won the state boxing championship. And she got the chance to participate in the national jiu-jitsu championship. But none of this attracted her much. She tried to find something of her own. And it seemed to her that her road lay in MMA. Oh, indeed, here Nerissa almost reached her full potential. She didn't like it when her options were limited. And MMA made it possible to use her full potential. Nerissa again reached certain heights, taking first place in the state championship. But then something happened that changed her life.
Nerissa was interested in pro-wrestling before. However, it all seemed too ostentatious to her. Most of the wrestlers seemed to her just dolls, nothing more. But then she heard about the underground promotion that brought people like her together. The girl's eyes lit up and she changed her place of stay without hesitation.
    Now she has finally found what she has been looking for for so long. Her life has become an endless cycle of matches and sex. She enjoyed every day. She hit people and they hit her back. But no one could stop her. She was aliased Echidna and she was the strongest. She accepted every challenge, no matter how brutal the challenge was. She enjoyed her superiority, but she did it with dignity. And the audience loved it. Over time, she became the real Queen of Underground Wrestling.
    The last match was one of the most difficult in her life. It all started in the ring and ended right in the middle of the parking lot. She was surrounded by people, there were several wrecked cars nearby. And right now she was sitting on the body of an unconscious rival. Blood dripped from her face, but she was the winner. And then someone handed her a business card.
    “It seems to me that you have reached your limit here,” came the purest British accent.
    "Do you want to invite me to those dolls that perform under the red-blue-yellow brand?" smiled Echidna.
    “No, I want to invite you to the strongest women on this planet,” the Englishwoman replied.
    Nerissa took out a business card that read Victoria Palmer. Indeed, she heard that in the land of the rising sun there is an organization where you can find not only money, but also real rivals. This Victoria Palmer has long followed Nerissa's success. And since the stars converged in such a way that she was now in the United States because of a special PPV, which was called Jackpot, she decided to propose to the Native American woman. Well…
    When you reach the top in one place, it means only one thing. It's time to move on. Nerissa packed her things and left her home country. Now her path lay in AFW. And she was sure that no one was ready for her. A self-confident smile was on the girl's face when she took the first step in Japan.
    "Time to shake this place up!" she told herself.

    Interesting facts:
    1) Nerissa speaks fluent English and Spanish. At a basic conversational level, the girl speaks Japanese and Swedish
    2) Nerissa is able to drink an ocean of alcohol, by the way, she's a great wines connoisseur
    3) Nerissa has very, very strange and tough sex preferences
    4) Although she does not have a college education, she considers herself to be very educated, mainly due to the fact that she is very fond of reading
    5) Nerissa owns a black and green Yamaha YZF-R3 motorcycle

    Nerissa lives in a spacious panoramic apartment in the center of Tokyo. Most of the savings that she saved up her life went to this acquisition. However, she was pleased with her choice.
    Here she has her own small gym, a huge living room, several bedrooms and even a private jacuzzi. It may sound strange, but she really always wanted to live in luxury. That is why in the evenings she loves to look at Tokyo at night through the huge windows of her personal apartment

Wrestling information

    Over the years of practicing various martial arts, Nerissa has come to certain conclusions and now she tries to adhere to several tactics during any match.
    At first, she always uses her incredible speed to stun her opponent with a barrage of punches and kicks. Then, at the right moment, she uses her savage power to weaken her opponent with devastating throws. In the end, she uses her technical potential in order to catch the enemy in a submission hold, forcing him to tap.
    However, this is only the main tactic of the girl and in fact it all depends on the opponent. If Nerissa is confident in the right moment, she can turn into a real bloody bitch that will attack without interruption until the bloodless opponent falls at her feet.

    MMA: boxing, taekwondo, muay thai, jiu-jitsu. Street fight. Pro-wrestling

    Preferred Matches:
        Standard - anytime, bitch
        Hardcore - take the risk to test me
        Hentai - oh yeah, baby
        Special conditions - only if it’s something lewd, well, okay, not only

    Physical characteristics:
        Endurance: 7/10 – even if you do not take into account that the girl spends a huge amount of time in the gym, she went through numerous matches that hardened her stamina, she always knows how to use her strength best
        Stamina: 10/10 – Nerissa considers this to be her greatest strength and the point is not only that she has a high pain threshold, the whole point is that she literally loves pain, so the girl can absorb damage like a sponge
        Strength: 8/10 – let no one be fooled by her appearance, even if she did not spend a lot of time for pure muscle mass, she is still capable of lifting a lot of weight and delivering powerful punches and kicks
        Speed: 10/10 – now she is here, and in a moment she is already there, Nerissa perfectly uses her body to achieve maximum speed under any circumstances
        Defense: 8/10 – many people think that the best defense is offense, well, okay, try to approach her and test this theory in practice, Nerissa will find how to answer this
        Technique: 7/10 – Nerissa is a very versatile fighter with a lot of experience behind her, she can find an approach to almost any opponent

    Fighting stages:
    1) The True Bloodlust - the psychophysical state in which Nerissa completely surrenders to the thirst for blood and goes beyond all reasonable limits, both physical and moral. In this state, the girl pursues only one goal - to destroy her opponent, even if for this she has to sacrifice her body.

    Favorite attacks:
    1) Almost all sorts of punches
    2) Almost all sorts of kicks
    3) German Suplex
    4) Cutter
    5) DDT
    6) Armbar
    7) Sleeper Hold
    8) Boston Crab
    9) Diving DDT
    10) Powerbomb
    11) Powerslam

    Signature attacks:
    1) Echidna’s Needle (Hair Whip): when the necessary moment comes, Nerissa uses her incredibly long braid as a whip to deliver a horribly painful slap on her opponent.
Echidna’s Needle:

Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Giphy
    2) Scream For Me Bitch (Sharpshooter): when the necessary moment comes, Nerissa takes the opponent’s foots, who lying on his back, and puts her own foot between his legs, then crosses captured legs and takes a step to the side, turning the opponent to his stomach, starting to exert a unbelievable pressure on his legs and back.
Scream For Me Bitch:

Nerissa «Echidna» Labong 2neEMG3
Scream For Me Bitch:

Nerissa «Echidna» Labong El2wbr11
    3) Echidna's Defense (STO): when the necessary moment comes, Nerissa grabs with one hand the neck of her opponent, who standing in front of her, then she puts her leg behind the opponent's leg and sharply falls forward, throwing the opponent on the mat.
Echidna's Defense:

Nerissa «Echidna» Labong DneiOiX
    4) Echidna's Clew (Surfboard Stretch): when the necessary moment comes, Nerissa stay behind the seated opponent, the girl grabs his hands, pulling them back and thereby wrench them, after that Nerissa push her knee in the back of the opponent.
Echidna's Clew:

Nerissa «Echidna» Labong GJWAuKz
    5) That’s My Territory (Shooting Star Press): when the necessary moment comes, Nerissa climbs the third rope, after which the girl jumps forward, doing a backflip and landing with her whole body on the opponent’s body.
That’s My Territory:

Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Giphy

    1) Last Breath (Powerbomb Backbreaker): when the necessary moment comes, Nerissa wraps her hands around the waist of a bent opponent and then lifts him up, placing him on her shoulders. After that, the girl direct the opponent's body down, falling on her back and pulling her knees to her chest in order to destroy the back of her opponent.
Last Breath:

Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Giphy
    2) Echidna’s Poison (Fireman's Carry Facebuster): when the necessary moment comes, Nerissa grabs an opponent's arm and leg, lifting him on her shoulders in a fireman's carry position. After that, the girl throws her opponent higher, turning him ninety degrees. The girl puts her hand on the back of her opponent's head and falls on her back, sending her opponent's body down.
Echidna’s Poison:

Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Giphy
    3) Echidna’s Burrow (Jumping Cradle Piledriver): when the necessary moment comes, Nerissa places the head of her bent opponent between her hips, then the girl grabs his waist and lifts him upside down, then the girl grabs one of the opponent’s legs, jumps up and throws the opponent down, accelerating his fall with sharp jerk down.
Echidna’s Burrow:

Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Giphy

    Submission finishers:
    4) Protective Instinct (Inverted Cloverleaf): when the necessary moment comes, Nerissa stands over the opponent, who is lying on his back, grabs his legs and crosses them into a figure four, after which the girl straightens up to her full height, forcing the opponent to turn on his stomach. If the opponent is heavy enough, Nerissa leaves him lying on the mat and puts pressure on his legs and spine. If the opponent is light enough, Nerissa lifts him into the air, holding him with the strength of her arms and providing additional impact on his legs and spine.
Protective Instinct:

Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Giphy-downsized-large
    5) End Of The Hunt (Bridging Double Chickenwing): when the necessary moment comes, Nerissa sticks her hands under the arms of a sitting or lying opponent, fixing the double chickenwing, and then makes a leap forward, making a bridge and breaking the shoulder joints of the opponent.
End Of The Hunt:

Nerissa «Echidna» Labong 8i55fyR

    Critical finishers:
    6) Death Has Come For You (High Knee + Double Wrist Lock High Knee + Brainbuster): when the necessary moment comes, Nerissa makes a high jump, pulling her knee to her chest and sending it to the opponent's head. After that, the girl grabs both of the opponent's wrists and pulls him towards her, raising her knee again and sending it to the opponent's head. Then she grabs the opponent's neck with one hand and grabs his leg from the inside of the thigh, Nerissa lifts the opponent into the air, turning him upside down and then falls on her back, smashing his head against the mat.
Death Has Come For You:

Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Giphy

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Nerissa «Echidna» Labong Empty Re: Nerissa «Echidna» Labong

Post by skip-stop on Mon Oct 19, 2020 1:16 am

Matches information

    Score of matches:
    Wins: 0 / Losses: 0 / Draws: 0


    Championship belts and achievements:

    1) Nerissa Labong vs Carmen Rodriguez. Forgetting about her previous achievements, Nerissa is ready to take the first step to a new top. Today she will show everyone that no one here is ready for Echidna, even the world-class boxer she has to face. Ongoing.


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