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I'm back

Wed May 20, 2020 4:48 am by Ragdoll_Jobbers

Hey everyone! I'm back. My grandparents are safe now and I have been able to get some free time again. I look forward to RPing and talking with everyone again.

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Cicilia De'Reignhardt: Looking for a Match

Tue May 19, 2020 10:41 pm by Cicilia


Looking for a match for my main German Juggernaut: Cicilia De'Reignhardt!

Match Type: Up for discussion! (Minus hentai)

Who wins: Up for Discussion!

Cicilia's Profile:

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Hoping for some matches

Sat May 09, 2020 9:32 am by anime_hentaifighter

Hoping to find some more matches here. Send me a message if interested

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Mina and Tai: Experimentation

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Mina and Tai: Experimentation Empty Mina and Tai: Experimentation

Post by luffy316 on Tue Apr 13, 2010 11:12 am

Mina waved at the man behind the counter. "Yo, Shiro!" she called out, the round-faced man at the ramen stand turning and smiling. "There you are. How's work been?" he smiled warmly at her as he put down some more noodles. "Cool," she said. The stand wasn't far from the arena, so she liked to pop by when she was too starved to make it to the house or didn't feel like cooking. "And the little lady?" he asked with a wink. "Perv," she grinned playfully. "The 'little lady' who's got like a hundred pounds on me? We're cool." She patted her belly. "But I swear if I eat one more leftover bowl of sumo chow I'm gonna need more elastic waistbands..." Shiro chuckled and gave her usual beef ramen with and egg in it. She took a deep whiff, gave him the usual exact change, and went to town on it
Tai Kamiya: Tai sighed as he went to the noodle stand, having just heard he was taken off the match card that night, leaving him with nothing to do, so upon seeing the noodle stand, he decided to get some chow, walking up to the stand and hailing the owner "Hey man, can I get some chicken Ramen with apple slices?"
vielmonk: "Sure thing!" Shiro went to work humming while Mina raised an eyebrow at him. "Yick. Apples in chicken ramen? Wierd tastes you got their, bu-" She studied him for a moment, squinting a bit at him. "You Tai or Kai. I always forget who you Sex Wars kids are."
Tai Kamiya: Tai looked at the girl next to him, who dared to insult his favorite ramen dish, when he blinked..Mina Oates? and she knew his name? "...ummm....Tai, Tai Kamiya, pleasure to meet ya, your Mina Oates right?"
vielmonk: "That's me," she said, raising a hand in offer of a lazy high five, her other taking up another chopstick's worth of ramen into her mouth. "Sup? What you doing taintin' a Friction stand with your hetero bullshit?" Shiro looked a bit concerned at her. "Mina, they do come..."
vielmonk: "I'm kiddin, I'm kidding," she said with a dismissive wave. "mostly...." she murmured
Tai Kamiya: Tai chuckled and high fived her "Heh, very amusing, if that giant sign out behind you didnt advertise the whole "Friction and Sex Wars Matches Tonight" over there, as for why Im here, well, apparently it was decided that I wasnt needed tonight, so they sent me about you? I take it you finished a match recently? or are you just here spectating?"
vielmonk: "Sparrin'," Mina said with a shrug. "Place's got the best gyms around, and like to meet Kirin there to mess around. You know Kirin, the milf who's kinda..." *Mina mode a general "large woman" motion with a mime of her arms far out at her sides near her belly, then a cupping of breasts much larger than hers. "Stayin fit, ya know? Gal's gotta watch her figure. ...unless she's somebody's hot curvy girlfriend," she added, lickin her lips and happening to catch a bit of noodle
Tai Kamiya: Tai nodded, paying for his noodles before starting to eat "Yeah, Ive heard of her, her daughters are up in SW, Ive faced the two of them, shes trained them pretty darn well actually, You friction girls are lucky, you get alot of better gym equipment than SW does, funny really, SW is mainly about building up future Friction stars, with the guys basically training tools, yet we get half assed equipment to work with...oh well....Hey, man these noodles taste great! Thanks!"
vielmonk: "Taste great. With apples~?" she said, playfully teasing him at this rate. "Ever think maybe the equipmant's half assed because you boys ARE the good equipment?" She shook her head, smiling to herself and sucking up another mouthful. "Not like you'd get my adorable ass in a ring with a guy anyway, but still, hear that if you can win a match over there as a guy, you're like a freakin' legend."
Tai Kamiya: Tai chuckled "Actually yes it does, try some if you dont belive me, and truth be told, Ive never really thought of it like that.....I suppose your right, and as for that last thing, well, I have won plenty matches in SW, in fact, im a two time Sex Wars Hentai Champion, back when the belt was active, and Im the only two time male champion in AFW History, which is pretty cool considering theres only been one two time female champion in AFW history as well"
vielmonk: Mina plucked up hiis concoction quick as he let her, sucking it up like a kindergartener with spaghetti. "Hmm. Not a groundbreaker or nothin', but nice." Mina raised her eyebrows at him, genuinely impressed. "No shit? Didn't even know you guys were ALLOWED to win the title. I keep seein your stats on that territory stuff on commercials and shit, and your side don't look so good, but... still, fuckin' NICE," she conceded
Tai Kamiya: (note, everything in last post was true lol)
Tai Kamiya: Tai grinned and blushed a bit "Thanks, well, yeah, I mean, this newer breed of SW guys are idiots just wanting to shoot their load and be done with it, so half of them lose on purpose without giving a crap about the point system, I swear to god if they get us kicked out of our dorms and me with nowhere to sleep, I will hurt them badly..........anyway, the reason Im so damn good, is because Im one of the orginal sex wars members, a founder in fact, and back then Friction gals were the only opponents we had, so I got to mix with the best of them ya know?"
vielmonk: "Hehe, you're what? Twenty somethin' and already a veteran. Says somethin', I'm just not sure what." She nibbled on her egg a bit and looked at him skeptically. "But seriously? Homeless? You guys even get paid over there, or is it like some reality show garbage?" She had a very tidy living in town off the Friction wages, though originally living with her aunt until her checks cleared. "Cuz sorry, you seem cool enough for a dude, but no way you're crashing anywhere near my sleepy ass without a half dozen walls between us."
Tai Kamiya: Tai raised his eyebrow at her last comment, before shrugging "We get paid ya, but not much, like I said, SW was created mainly as a training ground for future AFW stars, in other words, your replacements, management doesnt really care about tha guys there, so we get the bare minimal, anyway, I got enough saved up to get my own place, I just stay there cause its rent free, so dont worry about your sleepy ass"
vielmonk: She patted her butt jovially. "I won't, then," she smiled perkily. "Maybe if I work here a bit longer they'll even offer me a punching bag with legs and a wang too. Rather have a title shot, but y'know, mama Kirin's got that so let her have the spotlight for a while, I figure." She slurped up her ramen water, shrugging. "Hey... what's a guy like you do on his days off from Sex Wars anyway?"
vielmonk: "Whenever you're not, you know, playing capture the flag with the opposite sex in your 'no girls allowed' pillowfort of a dorm?"
Tai Kamiya: Tai laughed shaking his head "Thats a real confidence booster, but on my days off I do whatever, play my music, walk around, usually I train as much as I can in our crappy gym, before heading out for dinner, why do you ask?"
vielmonk: Mina shrugged casually as she could, leaning back and twirling her seat around. "Cuz fuck it... you introduced me to the new ramen sensation sweeping the nation and helped kill some time. 'Kashi... well, my girlfriend's out with a match tonight, so how bout you use our training grounds? I can bluff you in no problem and it's no skin off my nose. It'll be cool. We got speed backs with speedometers and shit, it'll be cool." She'd grin. "And if you're good as you say, you just might have the luck of a sparrin' partner who'd rather talk over ramen or a workout than rape ya. How often you get THAT in your sex wars?"
vielmonk: she's grin and wink]
Tai Kamiya: Tai blushed and laughed before finishing his ramen "I gotta say, that actually sounds rather refreshing, it would be nice not having to watch my ass for once, Sure why not, Lead the way!"
vielmonk: "It's not rape if you yell 'surprise!' first!" she giggled, patting him sportingly on the shoulder. "Let's roll then." She'd lead him off towards the nearby arena, hands in her shorts pockets, flipflops hitting the pavement. "So if everyone's so hooked on spooging rather than winning... why not you? What makes you wanna win unlike every other guy alive?" she asked as they neared the Friction grounds
Tai Kamiya: Tai chuckled her joke, following at her side, adjusting his sweatpants a bit as he followed "Well dont get me wrong, I enjoy a good hentai match like anyone else, but I watched AFW when I was younger for the matches themselves, not just the sex, plus I spent alot of time on the indy scene before coming here, and alot of the people there are ones you dont want to fuck, and dont want fucking you, so I focused on the wrestling aspect of it, the sex is like....a bonus of sorts, the other idiots just watched AFW as porn and wanted in because of that, I enjoy it, but I wanted to put the wrestling before the sex, not the other way around.....of course, Ive seen your matches before, Im not exactly sure you have the same sentiments" he joked
vielmonk: "Yukiki," she grinned proudly, waving to the doorman on the way in and getting in without worries. "I wanna be my best. I'll have you know I'm one of the few people in the world capable of giving 110 percent. I can enjoy myself, yea, and I'm not gonna lie, I spent lonely friday nights watching the league. It's all... wrestling's just this PRIMAL thing, ya know? Like, there's monkeys that do it, and people still do it, and it's just rolling around sweaty and cursing and half naked and screaming, and it's like... almost EXACTLY like sex, man!" she insisted. She was caught up in her rant, walking instinctively into the locker room and opening her locker, yanking down her shorts to bare her comfy red thong and rooting around for her workout pair in her locker
Tai Kamiya: Tai followed her with his head down, thinking about what she said "Ya know, Ive never made that connection before, thats a pretty good point...." then he looked up and blused as he saw her thong and wiped away a small nosebleed "Nice thong, red suits you..."
vielmonk: "Yea, the hair'll... Huh?" Mina looked up, seeming to just get where she was. She grew bright red, bounding a long step back and grabbing her shorts, shoving them in front of her crotch. "D-Don't you sneak up on me like that! GOD! Warn me if I'm gettin' naked in front of you, why don'tcha!?" she snapped. It wasn't so much accusitory as it was just a shocked outburst, biting her lips thoughtfully a bit before tucking herself halfway behind a locker, changing her shorts while only top half visible, blushing but looking more embarassed than mad. "Freaking guys, one things on their mind, I tell ya," she murmured
Tai Kamiya: Tai blushed and turned around so that his back was facing her, not expecting that kind of outburst "S-Sorry bout that! I was just thinking over what you said, I wasnt paying any attention!!! Sorry!!!!"
vielmonk: "Well.... well neither was I," Mina huffed in a begrudging concilation. "So... sorry I sorta blew up at ya..." She looked him over and frowned a bit, maybe a bit of curiosity but distaste on her face. "Don't suppose you got anything to change into? Cuz if you do, just... WARN me before you get naked, ok?"
Tai Kamiya: Tai nodded and stepped inside the locker room "Relax, I was supposed to have a match before I got sent away, I came prepared" Indeed he did, taking off his sweats to reveal a simply pair of gym shorts, blushing as he started to unzip his jacket before stopping "Ummm.....Is it allright if I go shirtless?"
vielmonk: Mina gave a small twitch when his pants dropped, but she didn't run like a deer like she'd half expected. She blinked at the surprising courtesy and nodded. "Uh... yea. That's alright. I mean, I'd prefer you go topless with tits, but whatcha gonna do?"
Tai Kamiya: Tai shrugged and opened a random locker, pulling out someones bra before taking his jacket off and slipping the bra on, using some paper on the ground to stuff it "Like this?"
vielmonk: Mina looked a little disgusted at this, then offended, then just baffled. She wound up snickering. "Just... just like that," she said, shaking her head with a facepalm and a wide smile. "Yea, toss that on and nobody'll give you a second glance 'round here," she giggled, seeming to struggle between wanting and being unable to look at him straight. "Come on, knock it off," she snickered. "You'll catch cooties!"
Tai Kamiya: Tai grinned and tossed the bra back in its locker before strecthing a bit and looking around "This place is pretty cool, twice the size of our own gym....lucky...."
vielmonk: "Tit'sll get you everything, Tai my boy," she said with a nod. "That's why you should just kept the bra on and started a new life over here, but noooo. 'Whatever of my dearest penis, Mina-hime!?" she mimicked in an even squeakier voice than normal.
Tai Kamiya: Tai glared slightly as he started to head around, looking for a ring "Hey now, dont forget this is a penis that has achieved legendary status before my mid twentys, can your tits say the same thing?"
vielmonk: "EVERY pair of tits could probably say that!" Mina insisted. "Say, friend? Would you like your picture taken with ANY pair of tits?! Why sure I would!" She threw up her arms. "Tits beat dick every time, no question. Hell, I've given chicks orgasms with my tits! Just face it. Dude's got more natural muscle, but women won the genetic lottery with tits." She waved him over towards the training ring, not bothering to look for one of the random refs that hung around the place at all hours of the day, it seemed. She smiled and motioned at it. "Ladies first," she grinned teasingly
Tai Kamiya: "Well, theres no need to hurt the little guys feelings over it." He joked, despite knowing her point, noticing and waving a random ref over, he shook his head at her comment and got on the ring apron , sitting on the middle rope and holding the top rope up for her to climb in "Please, Ill have you know that Chivalry, while mostly dead, still lives on in guys like me, after you"
vielmonk: Mina hesitated. It was silly, she knew, but she hesitated. Tai was a nice guy, her gut told her that. But that unsettling little seed of doubt was always in her head, threatening her relationships and thinking through much of her adolscense. She just hoped he didn't notice, hopping through the opening and nodding when she was through. "Thanks..." she said, a bit quieter than normal. "So um... any special rules or anything you wanted to work on?"
Tai Kamiya: Tai raised his eyebrow again when she just hopped through oh so quietly like that...shrugging it off though, he stood up and leaned on the ropes thinking "Well....anythings fine with me, we can add hardcore, or submission, or if you want we can even add hentai rules"
vielmonk: "Ohhh no ya don't," she said, waggling a finger knowingly. "I've watched this show and been around enough to know better than the old 'we just met so let's fight/bang' routine. Well... at least not when I'M not the one pullin it." She shrugged again. "Say submission. Sparrin' right, so let's leave it pretty tame...." She thought a moment more. "Well, not THAT tame. K, hardcore rules are fine then."
Tai Kamiya: Tai chuckled again "Cant pull the wool over your eyes can I? alright then, Hardcore it is...any special stakes you want to put up?"
vielmonk: Mina rolled her shoulders and stretched a bit, holding the ropes to slowly and carefully raise her leg up near her shoulder, as high as the shorts would allow. "Donnnnn''t think so," she said as she lowered her lega again. "Just rumble and see what happens, howzat?" she grinned raising her arms in a readied grappling position
Tai Kamiya: Tai shook his arms and streched a bit before getting his arms up and slowly moving towards her "Alright then, well, ladies first, your move"
vielmonk: "Oh real mature," she teased back, but grinned as excited as with any bout. "Then my first move... pawn to queen's KICKYOUINTHENUTS!" She'd bolt sudenl at him, leg pulling back quickly as if to follow up with her declaration, though would use it to pivot and try a quick elbow across his jaw
Tai Kamiya: (Oh my god, I just spat my drink out from that
vielmonk: hahahaha
vielmonk: then a moral victory!
Tai Kamiya: Tai let out a loud, almost womanly yelp as he went to cover his crotch "My Tenders!" Which only left him completly unprotected from her elbow smacking into his jaw, making him back up a couple steps holding it "Well..........that was unfair....."
vielmonk: hahaha, tenders...
vielmonk: at least we get the cool names for it...
vielmonk: "Sorry if I don't telegraph everything, Ben Franklin," she said impishly, holding her ground with a bounce in her step. "Count yourself as lucky you don't get The Mina 100% Manhater Special to the junk, if you want."
Tai Kamiya: Tai gulped as he got his hands back up, slowly moving towards her again "Yes well....shall we continue?
vielmonk: "KICKINTHE..." she began, but didn't even raise a leg. "Nah, just joshin' ya. Come on, title boy!" She'd shift in towards him, trying to move in close before locking in with a collar and elbow
Tai Kamiya: Tai wouldnt be there though, as soon as he heard her opening words, he instantly moved to the side and dash closer, when she moved foward to try a lock in, he would be right at her side, where he would aim a sharp kick to the back of her knee
vielmonk: "What th-hey!" Mina's swiftness let her pivot suddenly, avoiding the kick in terms of its direct target, but tagging the side of her knee enough to stagger her in her now less hasty retreat
Tai Kamiya: "Protect the Tenders!" Tai yelled before rushing at Mina, trying to tackle her down to the mat, if he missed, he would simply turn around and try again!
vielmonk: Mina was hindered enough to be unable to avoid the tackle, at least bracing herself a bit. She didn't take much from the fall itself, as such, but he was still on top and had the edge. "Dammit," she cursed, trying to twist her legs to one side to toss him off in a hurry
Tai Kamiya: Tai grunted as her legs managed to force him off, getting up to his knees before grinning at her "Not as easy as you mightve thought?"
vielmonk: "Yea, I totally have to rethink things. All that tit weight is between your legs now," she said a touch sarcastically as she got to her knees and one arm. She'd boost herself up to just her knees and raise her hands in grappling position, intent on pulling him towards her to test the affectiveness of her own breasts on his chest.
Tai Kamiya: "Oh, You think your attractive enough to turn me on, Im sorry, I thought we were dealing with you know, Reality here...Ahh!" Tai yelped, his taunting cut as grabbed him and pulled him towards her so that they were chest to chest "Uh, Hi"
Tai Kamiya: (how are you on stayling awake?
vielmonk: jacked up on coke
Tai Kamiya: ah k
vielmonk: "I'll have you know tomboys are IN!" she said a bit defensively to his face, then trying to snap her head forward with an upclose headbutt. "Hi!" she added afterward
Tai Kamiya: "Oww!!! No wins with a headbutt!" Tai groaned, backing away a couple steps holding his aching head
vielmonk: even with her own skull aching a bit, she shook it off. "You wanted hardcore, sissy," she insisted, leaping after him to try and slam him with a speedy clothesline
Tai Kamiya: (Sorry bout that
vielmonk: saright
Tai Kamiya: Tai, shaking off the headbutt as best he could, would duck under her clothesline, aiming to grab her leg and try to quickly lift her up just enough to try and bring her down face first on the mat!
vielmonk: "Waaa!" not even Mina's balance could salvage the awkward position, landing on her face and bringing her arms up for balance. If he didn't do anything quick enough, she'd snap her free leg up at him to kick him across the cheek
Tai Kamiya: That free leg connected, smacking him hard against his cheek, knocking him flat onto his side, holding his cheek, laying for a bit, the move working with the headbutt to cause little stars around his head
vielmonk: Mina actually stayed down by choice, not making real effort to upright herself much beyond lashing out with her legs, trying to entangle them with Tai's to trap him where he was, then use them to sit up a bit and try to gain a more formal hold on them
Tai Kamiya: Tai groaned and started shaking his head, trying to clear the cobwebs, not even noticing the fact that she had his legs tangled and twined with hers
vielmonk: Having her way with his lower body in a way most girls wouldn't bother, she locked in a figure four leglock and leaned back, cranking on the pressure quick. "Gotcha, prettyboy!"
Tai Kamiya: Tai groaned and cried out as she locked in the tight hold, cursing and reaching out for any ropes, with non nearby, he leaned up with his hands on the mat and tried to force himself to push towards the ropes, attempting to drag Mina with him!
vielmonk: "No... ya don't... punk..." she grunted, trying to dig her nails into the mat to hold her own. Though slowing him significantly, she couldn't really stop him entirely... just twist harder
Tai Kamiya: Tai cursed and cried out louder as she twisted harder, before leaning all his weight over to one side, trying to turn both of them over to reverse the hold
vielmonk: "Nnnnngh!" Mina grunted with effort, but he was gaining the edge. She'd try instead to grab hold of one of his toes and twist, hoping to deter him before he could turn the move around
Tai Kamiya: Tai's yelp, and the thump of his back hitting the mat signaled her success, but that didnt keep him from trying to reach for the ropes again, one hand barely pushing the two of them along as he kept reaching
vielmonk: Mina gave his toe the odd crank but focused on his legs, pleased with her success for now when he reached the ropes. "Tsh." She gave a small, wordless curse and slid her legs nimbly from his, sliding back to boost herself upright and give Tai some breathing room.
Tai Kamiya: Tai groaned in relief as she got away from him, taking some time to recover a bit before slowly getting to his feet, his aching legs shaking noticbly from how long he was in the hold for
vielmonk: Mina stretched her leg up and down, loosening up what was more like muscle ache than the pain Tai was in. "Those're gymnast legs you're up against, pal. And runner's legs, and soccer legs and wrestler legs, and some clubs i nearly forgot legs."
vielmonk: "So don't feel like any less of a man or nothin," she grinned
Tai Kamiya: Tai just chuckled and rubbed his legs down a bit, getting some feeling back in them before he stepped out in front of her with his hands up, he could still go, but his legs wouldnt be 100 percent..."I shouldve known, Ive seen you use them alot in your past matches"
vielmonk: "I use my everything when I fight, Tai my boy. You should see the shit I can do with my toes when I'm in the mood," she grinned and stuck out her tongue. "Not that you'll find out. Not even sure that'd work on boys..." She'd move left and right a bit, testing out his footing after the hold and wearing it down a tiny bit more before moving in to try and lock up with him.
Tai Kamiya: Tai tried to follow her movements, but was much slower now, and wasnt able to keep up when she locked up with him, luckily, his arms were fine, allowing him to push back with a fair portion of strength "Really?, I can think of a couple body parts I wouldnt mind you using on me"
vielmonk: "Gross," Mina said with a smirk, shifting her footing gracefully to slide between Tai's and lock near his ankles, trying to push him back to topple over with her crashing down on top
Tai Kamiya: Her sudden push and trip took the grin off his face as he crashed down to the mat, groaning as she landed on top of him "Damnit all1"
Tai Kamiya: !"
vielmonk: She grinned confidently, overlooking the fact she was straddling a shirtless boy for the sake of the match and trying to grab his wrists, tits bouncing gently a few inches from his face. "Gotcha now, sly guy," she grinned. "Wanna get counted out now or wiggle around a little first?"
Tai Kamiya: Tai blushed and tried to ignore the fact that there were boobs right near his face, instead turning his head to the side and moving his hips and legs around, trying to free his wrists from her grip "Damnit, not gonna lose like this...."
vielmonk: "Sure ya are, wuss," she laughed playfully. "Well, more list this..." She leaned a bit further in, spreading her legs wider into a split-like maneuver, straddling his abdomen as well as leaning her bust into his face, contained by her sports bra and tank top but squishing into his breathing passages all the same. "You have no idea how few guys have enjoyed this," she warned
Tai Kamiya: Tai gasped, blushed, and moaned lightly as her breasts covered his face, his kicking starting to die down abit as she cutoff his airways
vielmonk: The ref girl poked around Mina's upper region, arms braced close to her chest by the elbow and keeping her breathing steady as she could but a bit rapid, soft little bosom pushing on Tai's face. "Come on, stay down," she insisted in a quiet hiss
Tai Kamiya: Tai groaned, already having most of his air taken out of him due to the figure four, and due to her landing on him, this smother didnt need much more to work, and indeed, within a minute or two, Tai's vision blacked out, his head slacked down, his eyes closed, and his body went limp underneath her
vielmonk: The ref checked his wrist to be sure, then Mina slid back off, catching her own breath. "Holy shit, I did it," she said, a bit wide-eyed but smiling. She shook her head and leaned over to smack at Tai's cheeks lightly. "Hey, T? You with us? Come on, man, wake up. I won!"
Tai Kamiya: Tai groaned and slowly opened his eyes, shaking his head and leaning up on his elbows "W..Wha....What Happend?"
vielmonk: Mina folded her legs beneath her, her smile a bit more raidiant with her pride. "You ah... you were the first guy I ever tit-smothered..." she said with a sheepish touch to her smile. "Was it... well, it wasn't all bad," she said, scratching her head. "Not bad as I thought, anyway..."
Tai Kamiya: Tai blushed and looked to the side again, then turned back "Well congrats, your part of a rather small club of girls to have an actual victory over me....I guess you were right about tits beating cock huh?"
vielmonk: "Well don't feel bad.... I'm actually pretty tough for this place, if I say so myself. Nevertheless, I'll take my membership badge with pride. Besides, I guess your thing is kinda blindsiding chicks... I'm adaptable, and sorry, but... well, if I wasn't shooting off flares high enough earlier, I'm just not into guys. Just... no way. Can't spell 'dick' without 'ick,' ya know?"
Tai Kamiya: Tai laughed and slowly sat up "Man my legs hurt, well you are tough, Ill have to give you that, and just for the record, and the defense of men everywhere, you can't spell happiness without 'a penis"
vielmonk: Mina snorted a bit at that and grinned. "Fuck, that's a good one..."
Tai Kamiya: "Heh yeah, well, it was certainly fun, I hope you wont find this intruding, but uh, perhaps we could have a rematch sometime?"
vielmonk: Mina shrugged. "You gave me someone to talk to over ramen and we trained together. No big deal, yuki." She smiled at the offer, thinking a bit before shrugging once more. "Yea, I'll buy it. Gimee a shout some time if you see me out 'n' a bout or somethin', I guess." She'd raise a hand to offer a lazy high five again. "Still... do your gender credit."
Tai Kamiya: Tai responded in kind, high fiving her before slowly rolling out of the ring "I plan to, how many other guys around here wouldve faced you in that ring and NOT tried something sexual eh?" after collecting and putting on his clothes again, he waved to her "See you around!" before heading out the gym door, intent on limping back to his dorm room
vielmonk: "Yea... I know," she sighed a bit, frowning after him a moment before hopping after him. "Look, can't have you getting your shit kicked in just cuz I kicked it in first. And I dunno how it works over there if it's a warzone or what, but thought I'd ask... need me to walk ya home or anything?"
Tai Kamiya: Tai couldnt resist laughing "Funny, usually thats what the guy says to the girl...but in this case, considering the girls own the field leading to my dorm and can challenge me there....I think Ill accept your offer, dont need another member of the club.....unless of course this is just your way of trying to find out where I live..."
vielmonk: "Fuck that," Mina insisted. "This' MY club now," she said folding her arms. "And as new chairman, I say 'no new members,' so straighten your ass up, Tai. No more losin' to anyone who's not a cute redhead." She shoved his shoulder playfully. "And I'm a lezzie. Hell, I'm downright dykey sometimes. We legally count as guys anyway, except more people masturbate to us, so whatev." Mina laughed at his last suggestion in reply. "Right! Maybe if I feel like egging it on mischief night!"
Tai Kamiya: Tai just shook his head and laughed "Well Ill certainly try not to......oh geez, egg my room? Kai keeps it dirty enough as it is already!"

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