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I'm back

Wed May 20, 2020 4:48 am by Ragdoll_Jobbers

Hey everyone! I'm back. My grandparents are safe now and I have been able to get some free time again. I look forward to RPing and talking with everyone again.

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Cicilia De'Reignhardt: Looking for a Match

Tue May 19, 2020 10:41 pm by Cicilia


Looking for a match for my main German Juggernaut: Cicilia De'Reignhardt!

Match Type: Up for discussion! (Minus hentai)

Who wins: Up for Discussion!

Cicilia's Profile:

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Hoping for some matches

Sat May 09, 2020 9:32 am by anime_hentaifighter

Hoping to find some more matches here. Send me a message if interested

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"Friendly spar" Izzi vs Gord

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"Friendly spar" Izzi vs Gord Empty "Friendly spar" Izzi vs Gord

Post by Kelsea on Sat Jun 26, 2010 6:46 pm

Hardcore spar

anegge: Moonea smiled softly as she saw exactly who she was loonking for. It was a young succubus girl who was lifting dumbells faqr larger than might be expected for someone her size. "Excuse me, dear. I have a bored friend, and I thought you might be interested in having a fight with him. Come out here, Gord." A lumbering brown furred behemoth in blue boxer shorts came out from behind the gym doors. "Yes, Moonea?" he asked, then he slowly started to look very confused, "This is her? She's. Really. Small."

kelseakk: Izzi didn't really seem that interested when Moonea came over, but seeing the big minotaur came out from around back seemed to brighten her up a bit. Another giant to show off her strength against. "Heh.. What's the matter? Scared to take on little old me..?" She teased, putting away her weights

anegge: Gord frowned sheepishly. "I'd just, feel bad hurting such a small girl." Moonea stiffled a laugh, "She'll be fine dear. She's not human, she's a sucubus." Gord brightened up, "Oh, in that case. No, I'm not scared. What kind of match would you like, Izzi?"

kelseakk: "Not afraid huh?" She asked flapping her wings "Well good, it'd be embarassing for someone your size to be scared of losing to someone my size, let alone for it to actually happen." She walked over towards the ring "Seems we've go enough stuff around this gym, how about a good old fashion hardcore match

anegge: Gord nodded, "Okay. That sounds fun. I think." H elooked at Moonea for aproval and she repeated slowly, "Yes, she'll be fine." Gord followed Izzi over to the ring and lifted the ropes up for her to slide under.

kelseakk: Izzi came over, smiling as if thankful for him being a gentleman and holding the ropes up for her, but as she drew close she'd suddenly drop down to one knee and drive her arm up between his legs before they've even gotten into the ring

anegge: Gord's eyes went wide and he dropped to his hands and knees. "Ohh, you bitch." he groaned glaring at her. Moonea gave a smug look and sat down on the bench for the bench press.

kelseakk: "That's what you get for underestimating a succubus!" She taunted right in his face before taking a step backwards and jumping up to try and deliver a standing drop kick right to his face

anegge: The thunderous kick to his face dropped Gord violenetly muzzle first onto the carpet with a thud. He growled to himself weakly, this girl was really mean!

kelseakk: Izzi knew she had to use her quickness and stay on the minotaur at this moment seems she had been gifted an early advantage. She scrambled to her feet quickly, her butt cheeks wiggling in the tight purple lycra biker shorts... Leaping into the air, she'll try to come down on Gord's back with an elbow drop...

anegge: Gord howled as the small blonde drove down into his back with a rough elbow spike. He was really starting to get pissed off here. He reached up to grab the ring apron and pull himself back to his feet.

kelseakk: Izzi get up along with him, moving to his side and being a relentless little succubus as she wraps her arm around his head to put him in a side headlock while he is trying to get up... "Still worried about hurting me, huh?"

anegge: Gord snarled as he was snagged in the headlock and he brought his arm up to slam it down elbow first on the girl's back.

kelseakk: "Ahhh!!" Izzi cried out, her question apparently answered as Gord slammed his elbow deep into her back. She released the headlock, her body arching forwards with the pain in her back.

anegge: Gord leaned over her his limp member pressing into her backside as her wrapped his arms around her waist. He began to squeeze her firmly as if in a bear hug, but at the same time he pulled her off her feet and stepped further away from the ring. Then suddenly he leaned back throwing her away into a suplex that would spike her back or neck against the side of the ring apron.

kelseakk: Izzi gripped onto his wrist as he squeezed his arms around her waist firmly, her butt cheeks rubbing and grinding right against his member. She felt him manuever her forwards a bit and then suddenly lift her small weight up and over in one smooth motion, slamming the back of his shoulders roughly into the side of the ring apron... "UGH!!" I huffed out as she flopped down and rolled over onto her back, her body again arching upwards with a small chest puffed out..

anegge: Gord was panting now, his member a little more excited than it's previous limp state. He glared with rage at the downed girl as he turned around stepping forward and suddenly going down on one knee, trying to send it right down into her sex.

kelseakk: Izzi was too hurt from that viscious german suplex into the apron of the ring to move out of the way or kick at him as she felt the Minotaur looming over her. He sunk down forwards and she suddenly felt his weight jar right into her groin, forcing her to pop right into a sitting position, letting out a mouthful of spittle as she cried out.

anegge: Gord grinned at the girl's stunned reaction standing back up and trying to draw her to her feet by one ponytail. Then he tried to slam his arms around the injured girl and wrap her up in a powerful bear hug pinning her arms to her sides.

kelseakk: Izzi had one of her pony tails snagged and was slowly being dragged up to her feet, this minotaur was really getting rough with her and she had started panting lightly. She was still badly hurt from both the knee drop and the suplex, but if she didn't do something here she'd be in for a whole lot more hurt. As she got to her feet, she'll swing her arm up to try and break his hold on her hair, and then aim to ram her shoulder into his stomach, charging his back towards the iron corner post

anegge: There was a clang as the 6'6" minotaur colided spine first with the corner post. He arched his back in pain placing one arm on the ring apron to support himself as Izzi ricocheted back away from his mass.

kelseakk: Izzi stumbled backwards a few steps after ramming him into the iron post, at least buying herself a few moments.. She'd move forwards try to kick in his exposed abs, hoping to make him bend over a bit. If he does, Izzi will then reach up both hands to grip him by the horns and yank his head down.. She'll then jump and kick her legs out, trying to ram him down face first into the harsh outside flooring between her legs..

anegge: Izzi's plan worked beautifully once again downing Gord on the carpet, her violent actions bloodying the Unalans snout. Gord snorted indignantly, grasping in his dizzied stat for Izzi's ankles to whip them out from under her and buy himself some time to get up.

kelseakk: Izzi tried to get to her feet only for Gord to give her ankles a good yank and send her down onto her side. She was able to cushion her fall a bit with her arms at least and rolled away from Gord towards a row of unfolded steel chairs, using them to hold onto as she tried getting to her feet.

anegge: As Gord stood he grinned as he saw Izzi's new venue and tromped quickly over to drive a hoof down into her back to smash her down into the chair she was gripping.

kelseakk: "Uhhf!!" Izzi let out as Gord stomped into her back, she fell sideways against the chair which scattered away from her into the row of chairs behind it. She had been dropped down onto her front on the floor again, hand feeling her back..

anegge: This time Gord had a better idea than just tossing Izzi around. He knelt down stradling her and then grabbed for the girl's wrists wanting to pull them back into a surfboard stretch while sitting on her tight ass.

kelseakk: Izzi felt Gord gripping her wrists in his big hands, her arms yanked behind her back so that the top half of her body was forced forwards. Her butt tightened as she was forced into the stretch, pressing right against his member as he sat on her.. "Nhhh!!"

anegge: Gord panted as he felt the girl's butt press into his rod. He began to grind slowly into her enjoying the feeling, but shook his head clear after a few moments and twined his arms round hers in more of a full nelson placing his knee across her spine to add a painful bite to the bend of her back. "How's that?" he asked cruelly want ing to get some real comeupance on the succubus.

kelseakk: Izzi firm butt rubbed against his member, the lycra bike shorts really giving it a squeek feel as he ground against her. He then pulled her back a bit more, putting her in a close full nelson, her hair in his face as her arms gets tied up and his knee presses deeply into her spine, forcing her body to arch forwards painfully on her knees.. "Ahhh... nnh! damn.. smelly minotaur.." She hissed, one eye closed as shakes her wrist and stumbs her toe against the floor..

anegge: Gord growled. "It's just sweat, I showered an hour ago." He slowly slipped the girl forward across the carpet placing her chin on the seat of the nearest folding chair and slowly shifting his knee up to shatter the girl's spine and slowly choke the girl.

kelseakk: "Ack!!" Izzi choked out as she was dragged across the floor and had her chin placed on the steel chair, finding it hard to draw breath as she started squirming hard... Her body aching but trying to make it difficult for him to hold onto her, a few sweat droplets forming on her silky smooth skin also.

anegge: Gord laughed under his breath, at Izzi's struggling, but the truth was that she was a handful to hold onto especially as he skin started to get covered in a sheen of sweat. He let go of his full nelson with his right hand and grabbed her by the hair starting to stand up. Then he slammed her skull into the surface of the chair three times before walking over to pickup another chair and fold it up.

kelseakk: She was thankful when she was finally released from the hold, covered now in her sweat and his.. She was forced up by the hair again before being rammed into the seat of the steel chair repeatedly, the third time she bounced upright on her knees and slump onto the side of her ass... She was pretty badly stunned and also busted open on her side of her forehead, her arm reached out as she tried to stagger back to her feet, not aware of the danger she was in as Gord collected up another steel chair

anegge: Gord swung the chair down fiercely into the dizzy blonde's damaged back trying to propel her forward back into the chair she had just been trapped on. "Uh, Moonea, is it okay if I," he mumbled trailing off. Moonea rolled her eyes, "Oh, no, you'd better not fuck the succubus. It could tramatize her." she remarked sarcastically. Gord frowned at his mistresses' mocking tone and looked back to where Izzi was.

kelseakk: Izzi was on her way up when Gord swung the steel chair hard right into her back with a clang "AAHHHH!!!" She cried out, her body flung forwards onto the chair and knocking it down as she spilled back down onto the floor. She reached behind to press her hand against her back, kicking her feet on the floor repeatedly as she tried to take the pain.

anegge: Gord huffed mockingly leaning down to cup the girl's lycra covered crotch with his palm and slide his other hand under her neck so he could heft her up over his shoulders into a torture rack. The bovine had hardly started his punishing demolition of the short blonde's back.

kelseakk: Izzi was panting hard as she was pulled up to her feet, her lycra short on so tight and snug that Gord could feel her mound pretty good through it. She bent her knees and exhausted hopped up a little as Gord hoisted her up and over his shoulders, a spluttered cry leaving her lips as he held onto her neck and streched her already seriously pained back across his shoulders

anegge: Gord shifted his hand onto the girl's thigh cupping it in such a way that he was able to press his thumb firmly on her mound as he bent her fiercely over his shoulders pulling down on both her thigh and her chin. "You gonna give up?" he asked the his agonized opponent preparing to deliver a spine jolting hop if she resisted.

kelseakk: Her body jolted as his thumb pressed so hard against her mound, her leg instinctively kicking out a bit... It looked like this minotaur was really looking to break the little girl's body! Izzi panting became heavier, thinking of giving it up as her back had taken just so much punishment.. Her hand thumping a couple of time across his large bare chest

anegge: Gord leapt into the air coming down hard to apply fierce pressure to Izzi's body as he shrugged off the feeble beating she was trying to give him with her fists. He walked over to a big folding table turning slowly to make sure that Izzi saw it.

kelseakk: "ACKK!!" Izzi coughed out another mouthful of spittle as her eyes went wide open, her back screaming out in pain. The arm that was thumping on him just dangled loosely, panting out really heavily into the air and close to his ear, her small lycra covered bust rubbing against the back of his head as he moved her over to the table and turned.. "nh.. n-no.." She murmured so low that it couldn't really be heard.

anegge: Gord laid the injured succubus down on the table letting her knees hang over and took her bottoms firmly in his hands and yanked on them trying to expose the arrogant succubus' little snatch.

kelseakk: Izzi wanted to stop him but it had been one brutal move or hold to another and she desperately need a moment to rest, even though she was resting in the dangerous position on top of a wooden table. His hands gripped her bike short and only got resistance due to how tight it was and how her sweat made the material cling to her body... Still her shorts were yanked down a bit, her small succubus snatch revealed as a trickle of sweat rolled off her breast and down the side of her body onto the table..

anegge: Gord lifted his prey up into apowerbomb position pausing to take a few licks of her exposed slit, his tongue so thick that it coated her entire crotch with his drool,as with his final lick he pressed his tongue into her flicking the girl's clitty with his tongue tip.

kelseakk: Izzi got rolled up, not really able to offer much in the way of resistance to the much larger brutish animal at the moment. She felt his hot breath against her naked crotch, and then the rough tongue... "nhh.. g-get off me.. y-you big dumb mino..." She groaned out in protest as she squirmed around in the sitting position, her hands gripping onto the back of his head, gasping out as he pushed his tongue right into her with the last lick.

anegge: Gord dove forward driving the blonde down into the table and then after a loud crack the table parted from the force of Izzi's spine striking it at such a velocity followed quickly by her collision with the concrete flooring just underneath the carpet. Gord released Izzi for a moment huffing with monstorous arousal as he lowered his own shorts as well letting his firm but not yet full shaft hang out. Heleaned forward to pin Izzi's biceps down hanging his manhood in a very menacing position over her sex.

kelseakk: Izzi's small body slammed down with thunderous force on the table, it breaking into as well as into a few smaller bits underneath her. As her back hit the concrete floor she let out a soft breath that almost sounded like a gentle sigh of resignation, her left foot still drapped over his shoulder until he moved up to pull his shorts down. She was laying in the rubble of the table, eyes closed and panting huskily.. Cute little body really sweating it.. She didn't respond much as he pinned down her arms, a light cringe on her face, not fully realizing the danger she was now in with her sex undefended

anegge: Gord took advantage of the girl's dazed state hooking her lfet leg back up to expose her vulnerable mound even more before begining to prod her lips firmly with his tip rubbing up and down it slowly as he wroked himself up to extend his cock to it's full and massive length. He leaned down licking thickly on her neck as he proclaimed with a cruel grin, "If that rack didn't earn a submission maybe this will."

kelseakk: Izzi's leg was hooked up, making her lips part just a little as she let out another soft huff.. The tip of his huge member started to prod against her moist warm lips repeatedly, she seemed oh so small and tight that it promised good things ahead at least for Gord.. her pussy left the tip of his meat wet and warm as the prodding and lick on her face was enough to start bring her around, shaking her head a little as she cringed and murmured... Not coming around fast enough to protect herself

anegge: Gord couldn't reist his desire any longer, he plunged his throbbing length deep into the girl's tight slot giving a deep groan as he forced her cunt further open to make room for his rod's thickness. "Ohh, yes." he roared. As he completed his thrust his hips actually lifts Izzi's butt and back off the ground before dropping them roughly back onto the remains of the table they had smashed. If shattering her back wasn't the key to winning the match, shattering her cunt certainely must be.

kelseakk: Izzi was suddenly quite rudely awakened as the big brute thrust his member deep into her oh so tight cunny. "OWW GHAWD!!" Izzi cried out as her tight pussy was stretched so roughly, her unhooked leg lifting up a bit and straining outwards with the force of the thrust, hips lifted and butt dropped back down as her hands clutched to fists

anegge: Gord sighed licking at Izzi's cheek as he pulled out giving her another pump of his spear inside her while lifting his hips some to cause more friction against her clit. "How do you like that, slut?" he hissed at her knowing his shaft was too big for her small puss to actually handle. He pulled out and flicked her clitoris with his leaking tip before drilling into her a third time, his thrusts slowly speeding up. He placed his right hand and her chest stroking it over her lycra bra to excite the girl's nipples.

kelseakk: Izzi cheek was licked roughly and she cried out as Gord drilled in a second time, her inner walls gripping him like a tight glove so that she could feel every part of his member inside her... She'd only just about come to her senses to realize what was happening as he was pulling out from the second thrust and pressed the tip of his member to her clit. His meat had been lightly drizzled with her clear pussy juices all over... She shook her head a little as he press the tip of his member to her and forced his way in again, each thrust seeming to drain her of the energy she DIDN'T have left in her reserves

anegge: Gord leaned in until his left arm could reach the girl's chest as well hooking her let leg incredibly deeply. Gord pinched at the girl's nipples pinning them against her lycra top as he twisted them. Now that his shaft was nice and slick from the blonde's arousal he began to surge into her with abandon her cunt now splitting so easily that it was barely resisting his violent thrusts causing him to force the girl further into the air with each hip motion and continuing to jolt her against the ground. Gord grunted huskilly into her ear as he continued to dominate her sex showing her that he could own her sexually as well as physically.

kelseakk: Her leg was lifted more, wracking her body with pain but also opening up her sex more so that she could not resist his thrusts. He teased her breasts, although with her body in so much pain it took a while for nipples to start responding to his teasing. She tried to move her free leg up as if thinking to kick him away but only managed to weakly drap it against the side of his hip as she arched her chest up with one of his particularly firm thrust, grunting out almost as deep as him.

anegge: As Gord felt Izzi presenting her other leg he reached back and hooked it as well. "Oh you do like it," Gord teased as he saw her groan with arousal. He hammered his cock firmly into her starting to search out her g-spot so he could finish her off. Now he was licking and sucking her neck excitedly feeling his cock surge wit hpleasure with each firm press of his hips.

kelseakk: She felt him grab her legs a hook that up securely too now, "n-nno.." she moaned out weakly, as his thrust kept to a rhythm.. She turned her head away from him, panting out in gruff deep breath as she felt his sweat dripping and trickling onto her already soaked with sweat form. Her sex convulsed once around his large member

anegge: Gord shuddered feeling her convulse as he continued to wear down her sex relentlessly draining the exhausted girl. He felt his shaft pulse in response and impaled her one more throwing all of his body weight into this last thrust as his cock began to erupt cum into her already more than full cunt. "Submit!" he roared.

kelseakk: The one last lunge and then the sudden thick squirt of Minotaur seed was enough to throw Izzi into her orgasm, her pussy starting to convulse repeatedly around his big shaft "Ahhhhh!!!" She cried out, her eyes going wide again with her hands holding onto the back of his shoulder blades just for something to grip onto in order to try and bear this.. Realizing only now that he didn't even have protection on as his cream oozed into her "annh.. *pant* st-stop.." She managed to whimper out but it was too late to save her sex

anegge: Gord gleefully hooked his hands under the sweaty climaxing succubi's arms lifting her up and bashing her repeatedly into the ground to spear her climaxing cunt even more brutally. "That's no submission." he growled at her as she began to fill with loads of his cum.

kelseakk: Izzi was hoping to slip away from the minotaur as soon as possible, but instead he collected her small sweaty body up in his big strong arms and slammed her back down against the floor, leaving her coughing out... She could still feel him pumping out into her vulnerable sex and new just how potent minotaur seed could be.. As he slammed her down a second time she tapped on the back of his shoulder, coughing and spluttering out "nak-! ok..ok! I give.."

anegge: Gord dropped her and pulled out still spurting from his manhood so that the remaineder of his seed spilled down onto her chest and face. He stood glaring at her, "Damn right, you give. I owned you, you little bitch." he roared triumphantly as he pulled his shorts back up. Moonea wlaked over casually and leaned over onto Gord, "He gets carried away when he's angry, dear. Although honestly, by reputation I was expecting you to do better." she explained.

kelseakk: Izzi rolled slowly over onto one side, still panting heavily... bloodied and covered in his sweat and semen, she was gonna have to bathe for ages now... not to mention he went and came right inside her! "Damn stupid minotaur.." she muttered weakly under her breath..

anegge: Gord grimaced angrilly at Izzi but Moonea brushed him away and pointed him towards the door. He sighed, and then walked away with a shrug. Moonea leaned down next to Izzi, patting her on the head. "We can hear you, silly girl. Keep saying things like that and he'll do the same thing to you when you meet in a real ring." She frowned, "You know that everyone in this league uses contraceptives right? You just, looked worried."

kelseakk: Izzi was too warn out and beaten down to respond or take much notice of what Moonea was saying, shortly after her muttering she had closed her eyes and slowly drifted off into slumber land.. Still panting deeply even as she lay there, all passed out

anegge: Moonea grinned weakly. At least the girl was adorable when she was asleep. She shook her head and stood up jogging out after Gord.

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