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Poll regarding the possibility of Mods booking PPV matches.

Sat Oct 24, 2020 1:43 am by Old_Man_Tai

So, basically, was wondering all of your thoughts regarding the possiblity of mods booking ppv matches.

The thought was, since people often seem to have trouble finding partners for ppv matches until the last minute or so, what if the mod team was to step in and, well in advance of the show, book the show ourselves, and try to put together the best matches we can, including title defenses, no.1 contender matches, and so on and so forth?

While I doubt our more popular members need such a …

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Need Debut matches/Simply looking for more

Tue Sep 08, 2020 11:19 pm by Void Effect

Got bunch of girls that need to debut, if anyone interested, PM me here or on Discord

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General Avalanche Reminder

Fri Oct 23, 2020 9:21 pm by Old_Man_Tai

General Reminder: Friction PPV Avalanche goes live on December 1st: So if you need to do any promos or build up for your Avalanche matches, you should be focusing on that now. You are allowed to do such things over Discord and then post them after if it helps get them done faster so matches have proper build up.

Also, if you are looking to get on the ppv, and have a partner and match set up, (or can do so quickly), contact me to let me know what match you are doing on the show.

If you have …

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Taylor Parker

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Taylor Parker Empty Taylor Parker

Post by Bluemouse on Thu Nov 18, 2010 5:44 am

Taylor Parker 8mNeo7Y
Stage Name: Taylor Parker
Full Name: Taylor Erin Higurashi

Division: Friction
Age: 25
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'6" (168cm)
Weight: 138lbs (63kg)
From: Staten Island, NYC, USA

Entrance Music:
Past Themes:
1. Rise Against - Last Chance Blueprint
2. Rise Against - Worth Dying For
3. Rise Against - Obstructed View
4. Rise Against - Broken English
5. Finch - What It Is To Burn
6. Rise Against - Survive
Taylor Parker 1XABpik

The Champ
Taylor Parker Sf35ziS
Versus Ace, 2014
Taylor Parker F72VrtB
One-Piece Suit
Taylor Parker Rr73ae
Taylor Parker Vg04k2
Taylor, 2013
Taylor Parker 352rtxx
Taylor, Age 19
Taylor Parker 33auk4h
Manager: Junko "Diao-Chan" Higurashi
Tag Team: Kamikaze (w/ Akashi Tanikaze)
Married to: Johnny Higurashi

In The Ring: Any time, any place, no hentai.

Style: Aggressive High-Speed Brawling High-flyer.
Taylor is fast, aggressive, agile, and at full speed she hits like a truck. She has her own style of high-speed, heavy-hitting high flying and brawling, and she specializes in overwhelming her opponents early by swarming on them and not giving them any room to breathe. She uses her speed and mobility defensively as well as aggressively. She's deceptively a very tactical fighter, though it's sometimes difficult to tell given her level of aggression.

More recently, she's added more grappling and actual wrestling to her repertoire, a product of her training partners Akashi Tanikaze and Cassie Elliot, as well as her husband Johnny Higurashi. She's also picked up more muscle and more strength in the last year, enough that she's been able to be comfortable adding body slams and suplexes into her existing style. Her submissions have been above average, and she's won several matches by clamping on a submission hold after her opponent is too dizzy to defend it. Her weakness remains slick grapplers who can tie her up and keep her from using her speed and her striking.

Moveset: Knees, boots, and brutality.
Striking: Taylor's dropkicks are second to none, but she might as well have a patent on the flying knee.
Flying Knee
Shining Wizard

Grappling: Even when grappling, Taylor is geared for fast, high impact moves.
Single Knee Facebuster
Tokyo Calling (Float-over DDT)
German Suplex
Capture Suplex

Sparksault (Springboard Moonsault Kneedrop)
Triple Jump Crossbody
Shooting Star Press
Springboard Dropkick (from apron)

Curb Stomp
Standing Moonsault
Handstand Kneedrop

Submissions: Taylor's signature submission is her finely-tuned single leg Boston Crab, but her crossface has earned her more than one victory.
♥ Single Leg Crab (often high angle)
Stepover Armbreaker

Halo DDT - (Shooting Star DDT) - With opponent standing and facing her, she jumps forward from the top rope, turning a back flip grabbing the opponent's neck for a DDT on the way down.

Black Flag - (Death Valley Bomb) - Taylor lifts the opponent across her shoulders in a fireman's carry, and then falls to the side to drive them head-first into the mat.

Details: Kick ass NYC punk rock chick.

Taylor has big, expressive, deep-blue eyes and light blond hair. Her bangs are long enough that they often threaten to cover one eye. She has sharply defined features, like her eyes, eyebrows, nose, and smile. Her body is slender and strong, lean and muscular, bouncy and kinetic. She is above average height, but not quite tall, and while her build is more like a runner than a weight lifter, she is very tightly packed with sleek, toned muscle. She's ripped, with defined abs and arms and muscular thighs and back.

Her most striking feature, aside from her unusually dark blue eyes, is her smile. She has an infectious, punky grin that can be cocky or flirty or imposing, and it's helped make her a star. She has perky but modestly sized breasts, especially compared to the average Friction girl, a trim, narrow waist, moderate hips, and long, sleek legs.

 Taylor is energetic and intense. People often love her or hate her, and because of her polarizing effects she can be difficult to get to know. She's come a long way in recent years in controlling her temper and not just running her mouth all the time, but she still loves to poke and prod and make fun and get people riled up.

She fiercely loyal to her friends and protective of people who are picked on or targeted by less gentle people. She will never, ever back down from a fight, which has caused her a lot of pain in the past but has also given her the success she's had. In the ring, she's thrilling to watch because of her tenacity and spirit, as well as for her playful showmanship.

Taylor grew up near NYC. Her parents divorced when she was little and she grew up with her mom, who worked several jobs and left Taylor on a very long leash. Taylor got the impression that she was a burden to her, and that her mom never intended to be raising a kid at all, especially not one like her.

Once into her teenage years, Taylor started slacking off in school and getting into trouble... her mom was never around to catch her doing anything and only ever found out about things after they were done. A screaming fight would follow, ending when her mom was tired and Taylor slam the door on her way out to who knows where.

She loved her dad a lot, though she didn't ever see him much. She always jumped at the chance to spend time with him, but while he loved her his priorities were elsewhere. He jumped from job to job and town to town and his visits became increasing infrequent before finally they stopped altogether somewhere in Taylor's teenage years.

He died while Taylor was in Japan, and she wasn't even able to go to the funeral. She only found out he had died when she called her mom looking for a phone number to reach him, since he wasn't picking up anymore. She wanted to tell him about everything she'd done in Friction. Her mom told her that he had died two weeks earlier, and Taylor was crushed. Now, the picture she always kept tucked away somewhere in her things is in a photo album for safe keeping.

She always used to dream about leaving her mom and going with her dad, wherever he was at the time. She would daydream about him coming to visit, and him and her mom calling her down to the living room to tell her the news, that she would be living with him from then on. She imagined traveling around the country with him, keeping him company and helping him with the things he was always terrible at, like money and laundry. He always told her that her smile would sail ships someday, and though at the time she had no idea what it meant, she always remembered it.

High school didn't go very well for Taylor. She was constantly in trouble. Her teachers were frustrated and her classmates were mostly one of a few different kinds of hostile. She never felt accepted, as if she was the new girl year after year. She became brash and obnoxious, trying to prove to everyone and herself that she didn't need them anyway.

She quickly established a reputation. To the 'good girls' she was white trash, and to the 'bad girls' she was an easy target. Once her trouble-making powers were applied to some of her more mean-spirited class mates, she found herself on the receiving end of countless beatings. She always fought back, but even if she was only fighting one girl there were always friends nearby to help her. She felt like she couldn't win, she felt helpless, and so she tried to become tough enough that no matter how badly she got beat up they could never make her cry, never make her shut up.

She became fascinated by punk rock in high school. She adopted the style, went to shows, took up guitar somewhere in her sophomore year, and soon after started trying to join bands. The few bands she was in were all with kids from other schools, and none of them were particularly good, but she always put every drop of energy she could into it. She played guitar in one, covered bass in another, and sang in another. Music carried her through much of high school.

After high school, she realized that college was not in the cards. She didn't have the grades to get into a decent school and her mother made it clear that she wasn't giving her a dime for anything. She was left to figure out what she could do with herself. She played in a band called Sledgehammer Lobotomy, and after a fight with the guitar player and songwriter she left and formed another band called the Secondhand Sex Dolls. Neither were any good, but both had energy, and people came to watch Taylor perform even if the music was sub-par.

As much as she loved punk rock, that wasn't going to pay her bills... even the bigger bands in the area still didn't make much money. The only other thing that she did well and had experience with, and that was fighting.

Having seen pro wrestling on TV at some point, she decided to give that a shot. She was tough, obnoxious, and good looking. She figured that she had the personality and the body for it and started going to local shows. She would strike up conversations with the wrestlers and promoters, and especially went after every opportunity to talk to a female wrestler. To her they had such a glow, like they were special and tough and no one would mess with them. Soon thereafter she signed on with a pro wrestling gym and started training under local talent. She paid her gym dues by working as a waitress and often held more than one job at once, which worked out well because she had a way of losing them.

After working a few months in the local circuit, Taylor set her sights on bigger things. She applied to Friction and moved to Japan shortly thereafter, without speaking the language, or knowing anyone or anything about the place. [Continued in Timeline]

Record: Friction and Tension Singles and Tag.
Friction Singles Record: 16-10-0, 4 NC - 10 pins, 5 submissions
Loss vs Kei Maxwell via Submission, sharpshooter. First match!
Loss vs Sarah Gatt via Knockout.
Win vs Karina via DQ due to Interference.
Win vs Kagami via Pinfall.
Win vs Satomi Kojima via Submission, modified single leg crab.
Loss vs Adrian Kytes via I Quit!
Win vs Natalia The Dream, 2 falls to 1, via Submissions, flying armbar and crossface.
No Contest vs Adrian Kytes & Lia Cross (Adrian DQ)
Win vs Tessa Price via Pinfall.
Loss vs Brittany Luvve via Submission, octopus hold.
Loss vs Chigusa Yuuki via DQ, due to Interference.
No Contest vs Akashi Tanikaze (Boxing Match) due to Interference.
Win vs Karisma via Submission, crossface.
Loss vs Akashi Tanikaze via I Quit!
Win vs Iron Maiden via Pinfall.
Win vs Silver Ace via Pinfall.
Win vs Fallon Terrazas via pinfall.
Win vs Adrian Kytes, 2 falls to 1, via Submission, single leg crab and Pinfall.
Loss vs Kelly Conway via Pinfall, crucifix pin.
Loss vs Angel Pinfall, powerbomb (Friction Title).
Win vs Brittany Luvve via Pinfall, springboard moonsault.
Win vs Dixie Clemets via submission, camel clutch.
Win vs Sandalwood Cooper via pinfall, Shining Wizard (in 34 seconds).
Win vs Angel via pinfall, flying knee (Friction Title).
Win vs Valerie Von Vulpes via pinfall, Halo Drop DDT. Retained Friction Title.
No Contest vs Brittany Luvve & Death Bunny
Loss vs Kelly Conway via Pinfall, Phoenix Facebuster. Lost Friction Title.
No Contest vs Nikolette Tessla due to interference.
Win vs Kelly Conway via Pinfall, shining wizard. Regained Friction Title.
Loss vs Brittany Luvve via Pinfall. Lost Friction Title.
Friction Tag Team Record 4-2-0
Win Kamikaze vs Shiro Shinde via Pinfall
Loss Kamikaze vs Hard Velocity via Pinfall
Loss vs Angel & Mayu via Pinfall, powerbomb
Win Kamikaze vs Uncharted Love! via pinfall (double team death valley bomb)
Win Kamikaze vs Kelly Conway & Death Bunny via Pinfall (Banzai Bomb!)
Win (w/Julia Rodgers) vs Jessica Wright & River Stix (sunset flip)
Tension Tag Team Record 2-0-0
Win w/Akashi vs Tai Kamiya and Brad Chad via submission, Ankle Lock
Win w/Cassie vs Johnny and Mamouru Higurashi via sexual tension, and a pin.
Detailed Match History:
0-1 Kei Maxwell- Taylor debuted against Kei , and lost by submission due to a figure four leglock.

0-2 Sarah Gatt - She talked her way into a match against Sarah Gatt (in a cell). After putting up a good fight, Sarah took over with some help from Nha and Sha from outside the ring. Taylor ended up brutally beaten and humiliated.

1-2 Karina Rine - Unbeknownst to Taylor, Karina was hell-bent on taking revenge for Taylor having previously beaten up her sister Leiko during a scuffle in the AFW gym. Taylor, however, was in control for much of the match, and was beating Karina until Leiko came out to make sure her sister got the job done. After an argument, Karina knocked out her sister with her guitar, and then began to beat Taylor with it as well. Before she could finish the job, Akashi Tanikaze, who Taylor had only just met, ran in, knocked out Karina, and carried Taylor away.

2-2 Kagami - An easy match for Taylor. She put her away with little trouble, and pinned her after a shooting star press.

3-2 Satomi Kojima - This was a hard fought match. Both girls gave it everything they had, and neither wanted to back down. Taylor earned the win with a modified single leg crab that left Satomi limping for weeks, but at the end both girls were in bad shape.

1-0 Tag w/Akashi vs Tai & Brad - Taylor was picked by Akashi to be her tag partner in a Friction vs Tension tag team match. They beat the guys without too much trouble, and Akashi accidently came close to relieving Tai of what manhood he had left. Akashi made Tai tap with an ankle lock.

3-3 Adrian (I Quit) - Bad blood between Adrian Kytes and Taylor eventually culminated in a vicious I Quit match. Taylor beat Adrian until she passed out, and with the girl helpless and unconscious Taylor couldn't bear to continue. Rather than unnecessarily brutalize someone to take the official win, she quit, earning a moral victory and a loss for her record.

1-0 Kamikaze vs Shiro Shinde - Another tag match with Akashi, this time as an official Friction tag team. Their official debut was against a pair of Yakuza wannabe's. Akashi smothered Stephanie out while Taylor worked over Naoko to stop her from interfering. Boundless trash talk from Taylor further bruise the egos of the two gangsters.

4-3 Natalia (Entropy PPV) - The highlight of Taylor's career so far, a best 2 out of 3 falls submissions only match at Avalanche 2011 to determine the first Friction Entropy champ. Taylor overwhelmed Natalia early with her speed and aggressiveness and took the first fall with her third armbar attempt. In the second fall, Taylor's overconfidence led to a quick and easy knockout for Natalia, by scissoring her neck until she passed out. She refused to tap on principle. Taylor took the third fall, the match, and the belt, by savagely brawling with Natalia and finishing her with a crossface hold.

2-0 Valentines vs Higurashis - As a more lighthearted and fun Valentines day match, Taylor and Cassie Elliot were booked in a match against Johnny and Mamouru Higurashi. Taylor and Johnny had been dating for a while before that, and their overwhelming physical attraction eventually took over the match. An academic pin and Taylor was leading Johnny off to somewhere more private.

4-3, 1NC Lia & Adrian (Entropy Title) - For Taylor's first defense of her new belt, she called out both Adrian Kytes and Lia Cross, the two people in the world she hated most. It was nearly a handicap match, with both Adrian and Lia prefering to go after Taylor, and in the end Adrian lost her nerve and hit Taylor with a chair, ending the match. It was ruled a no contest, and the belt did not change hands.

5-3, 1NC Tessa Price (Entropy Title) - Taylor's second Entropy title defense was against relative newcomer Tessa Price. She quickly got rid of her, pinning her after hitting her Shooting Star DDT for the first time.

1-1 Kamikaze vs Hard Velocity - Taylor and Akashi fought the team of Heather Sunderland and Cecelia Northman. Cecelia was barely interested in participating, and the match quickly became a singles match between Taylor and Heather. Heather was beaten badly, but rolled out of the way of Kamikaze's very high risk finisher. Taylor injured her ribs on the landing, and after a vicious DDT, Heather pinned her and took the win.

5-4, 1NC Brittany Luvve (Entropy Title) - With Taylor's ribs still injured, taking a match to defend her title was a bad idea. She couldn't back down, though, and while she was obviously the better fighter, Brittany was eventually able to badly hurt her by taking advantage of her injury. She horribly beat Taylor, cracking ribs in the process and putting her in the hospital.

5-5, 1NC Chigusa Yuuki  - Taylor's triumphant return after her injury didn't go very well. She beat up Chigusa early in their cage match, but before she could climb out she was knocked down by Talia Wilson, who she had made enemies of weeks before. Chigusa took the advantage and beat Taylor up. She started to climb out, but Taylor goaded her to come back down and fight some more, despite being unable to get up. After some more weirdness, Talia returned and knocked out Chigusa with a chair, ending the match by DQ in favor of Chigusa. She beat Taylor with it until Cassie Elliot made the save by hitting a flying armbar on Talia and nearly breaking her arm.

1-2 Tag w/Tsumi vs Angel & Mayu - The match was part of the temple games leading up to Avalanche 2012, and Taylor considered it a fun little match for the newbies. She lost by pinfall after being powerbombed by Angel.

5-5, 2NC Akashi Tanikaze - A boxing match, also for the temple games match. Taylor and her former best friend square off, and Taylor uses her speed and aggressiveness to land flurries of punches on the bigger, stronger, but slower sumo. The match ends prematurely when Brittany Luvve and Morrigan come to the ring and taser both Taylor and Akashi unconscious.

6-5, 2NC Karisma - Taylor took out all the frustration and rage she had pent up from the ordeals of the last year on the very conceited and very annoying Karisma. She mercilessly beat her, and made her tap with another crossface hold.

6-6, 2NC Akashi Tanikaze, II - Taylor's final match. A special rules I Quit match in a cage at Avalanche 2012 against her ex-best friend. To win, Taylor had to make Akashi admit that they aren't friends, while Akashi had to make Taylor appologize. Several days later, Taylor retires.

7-6, 2NC Iron Maiden - Taylor returns to the ring after a year of retirement to face the nearly unstoppable Iron Maiden. Her new manager and mother-in-law kept Iron Maiden's manager occupied while Taylor, despite a few near death experiences, managed to use her speed to gradually wreck Maiden's face. She finished her off with a herculian death valley driver.

8-6, 2NC Silver Ace - The up-and-coming rookie gives Taylor a run for her money, keeping her at bay with submission holds and knocking her unconscious with a superkick, though Taylor kicked out of the pin just before a three count. Taylor endured Ace's best and got the better of her, decisively finishing the match with a capture suplex, two piledrivers, and a shooting star press, in the process drawing some criticism from Ace supporters for being unnecessarily rough. She probably was a little rougher than she had to be, but she had seen what happened when she took the rookie lightly and let her back up.

9-6, 2NC Fallon Terrazas - The bikini-clad belly-puncher talked her way into a match with Taylor, winner pounds the loser's abs, and lived to regret it. Fallon was very tough and Taylor made her show it with what was mostly a one-sided beating from the more experienced wrestler. Fallon was simply outclassed. Taylor declined her post-match reward, and the Triple Threat showed up to take it instead. Taylor tried to save Fallon and took a beating of her own from Black Dragon, a Tension male twice her size.

10-6, 2NC Adrian Kytes, II - Taylor and Adrian's career-long rivalry finally came to a head at Summer Splash '14 in a best 2 out of 3 falls match in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Adrian used her wrestling savvy to turn around Taylor's early lead in the first fall, and put her down with a neckbreaker-DDT combination followed by a top rope elbow drop. Taylor was rattled, but relied on her mother-in-law/manager to keep her focused, and came back to earn a submission over Adrian, marking the first time Adrian had ever tapped. The back-and-forth third fall saw both girls bloody and beat up, and in a nail-biting finish Taylor managed to gut out a pinfall to win the match. Adrian came up short, but finally earned Taylor's respect.
Titles Held:
Friction World Title (def Angel, lost to Kelly Conway, def Kelly Conway, lost to Brittany Luvve)
Entropy Title (def Natalia, def Tessa Price, lost to Brittany Luvve)

Random Taylor Facts:
-Taylor's front teeth are slightly longer than the rest.

-She has faint freckles across her cheeks that are hardly noticeable in the winter, and they're covered up most of the time anyway.

-She has volunteered at an after school youth program since Aurelia Fortuna arranged for her to make an appearance there just after Avalanche '12. She mostly plays soccer and acts like a little kid, and found that she actually enjoys spending time with them. Before that, she'd always hated kids.

-She hasn't spoken with her mom since she left home over three years ago. The only contact she's had was in the form of a note she wrote on a copy of a magazine that contained a feature on her after winning the Entropy title at Avalanche '11, which she mailed to her after her dad died.

-She's never been comfortable with people's dogs. She doesn't know what to do with them, and doesn't like them jumping on her and sticking their noses places.

-Her tastes in food are very simple. She was a picky eater, but when she made training her life her diet followed suit. She very, very rarely eats junk food, and her favorite foods are salmon, nectarines, and, currently, shishito peppers. The only kind of candy she will eat of her own free will is Pocky.

-She has always had trouble eating in front of people she's not comfortable with. She's much better about it now, but in the past she's lost her appetite around people she doesn't like, not matter how hungry she is.

-She's always hungry. She works very hard, and has a very high metabolism.

-She and Johnny have had an intense, physical, adventurous, aggressive, strictly monogamous and at times very rough sex life. They have always been able to pass off their bumps and bruises on their training.

-Her favorite bedroom accessory would have to be handcuffs. :3

-She has kissed Lia Cross to shut her up, Akashi Tanikaze out of spite (during their Avalanche '12 match), and Talia Wilson because she was super, super drunk and looking to score, but Johnny wasn't in sight.

-After showering following a workout with Chigusa Yuuki, when Taylor's relationship with Johnny was brand new, she dropped her towel and yanked off Chigusa's and pulled her close for a picture, which she sent to Johnny.

-She also took a picture cozied up to Natasha Loclear in their club gear, during her return to AFW party, and sent it to Johnny.

-She nicknames people, often not using the same one more than once, partly because she likes to, partly to talk trash, and partly because she's pretty bad with names.

-She has fairly recently taken up reading, starting with biographies of and books by former wrestlers, and she especially liked Mighty Yukiko's autobiography. She's always been at least a little self conscious about how intelligent she is or is not, and reading has helped her to feel smarter.

We've come a long way...
Taylor Parker 2zingqe
Experimental Alternate Attire Sketch
Taylor Parker Rlhy1l
Just For Practice
Taylor Parker 65vgk6

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Taylor Parker Empty History: The story so far

Post by Bluemouse on Sun Sep 15, 2013 2:21 am

Match - Gym - Backstage - Promo
Early Career

 1. Introduction (Promo) - Taylor introduces herself, talks some unprovoked trash about a few random Friction wrestlers, and ruins clothes she stole from their lockers. Pretty standard. Warning! This thread is bad. I was young and inexperienced and stupid.
 2. First Day at the Gym (w/ Leiko and Kagami) - Kagami didn't appreciate Taylor's comments about her in her promo. Yadda yadda yadda a brawl breaks out between the three girls.
 3. First Match vs Kei Maxwell - Taylor puts up a fight but is overwhelmed by the bigger, older, more experienced woman. Also warning! I don't think I'm rocking anyone's world by saying that this match is bad.
 4. Rubbing Elbows (w/Sarah Gatt) - Taylor bumps into Sarah Gatt and is star struck. She'd seen Sarah completely take girls apart, and Taylor sees their chance meeting as an opportunity to prove herself. Provoking Sarah is like shooting sleeping fish in a tiny barrel.
 5. Match vs Sarah Gatt - Taylor comes close to putting Sarah down, but Sarah turns the momentum around and with the help of her assistants she brutally beats Taylor.
 6. Screw You Guys (Promo) - Discouraged from her two losses, Taylor finds her way to the ring, grabs a mic, and tries to set the record straight.
 7. Down Time (w/Akashi Tanikaze and Lia Cross) - Taylor tries to get away from everything AFW, but ends up in a bar with several other Friction wrestlers. The downtrodden but still volatile Taylor tries to pick a fight with the Friction champ and instead ends up sort of befriending her.
8. Serious Training (w/Chigusa Yuuki) - Taylor, hung over from her night out and in a terrible mood, meets Chigusa in the gym. Sparring, both verbally and in the ring, ensues.
 9. Match vs Karina - Taylor's best performance so far. She beats Karina down for much of the match, but once Karina is able to shake her off, her sister Leiko drops by to make sure they get their revenge on Taylor for the beating she gave Leiko in the gym. Karina beats Taylor half to death, but a friend makes the save and puts Karina down.
 10. About Last Night... (w/Akashi) - Taylor and Akashi talk out what happened after the match.
 11. How Are YOU Doing? (w/ Akashi Tanikaze and Sarah Gatt) - In a particularly good mood, Taylor goes out dancing and runs into her best friend and her worst enemy. From page 4.
 12. Two Worlds Collide (w/Tai Kamiya) - Taylor tangles with a visitor from Sex Wars.
 13. Match vs Kagami - Taylor's fourth match sees somewhat of a step down in the level of competition and she has her way with the tiny, defiant Kagami.
 14. Match vs Satomi Kojima - Hard fought and thoroughly vindicating.
 15. Sunshine! (w/Satomi Kojima, ZZ, and Veronica Gannon) - Taylor catches up with her opponent after the match and the two run into some trouble.
 16. After Vanessa's Beatdown- Taylor goes to meet Vanessa Vandar after she's brutally beaten down in a match against Nha and Sha. A mutual hatred for Sarah Gatt and her crew is enough to bring them together, one way or another.
 17. A Modest Proposal (w/Tai Kamiya and Lukretia Von Creuzfeldt) - Tai pitches his cross-promotion idea to the boss. Taylor... helps.
 18. Stargazing's Not Boring (w/Lia Cross) - Taylor and Lia have another chance encounter and come dangerously close to mending their relationship. Words are exchanged, there's a little scuffle, Taylor tries to get Lia to open up a little and is rebuffed. Lia tries to patch things up but throws in the towel when Taylor doesn't reciprocate. A little outburst and that bridge is all but burned.
 19. Friction vs Tension Pro - Akashi & Taylor vs Tai Kamiya & Brad Chad - Taylor's big moment, sort of. She's at the top of her game and partnered with her her best friend in Japan, and maybe the world. It's very exciting. She's already beaten Tai once, so this one should be a cake walk... And with Tai's lack of non-hentai experience and Brad's lack of attention span, it is.
 20. TEAM AWESOME UNITE! w/Akashi - Taylor and Akashi meet over dinner to talk about their newly formed tag partnership and ruin a perfectly good table.
 21. Hey! Ho! Let's go! (w/Johnny & Mamouru Higurashi) - Taylor goes out on the prowl to de-stress and happens across a couple of Tension guys. She hits it off with one of them, and a day later they part ways.
 22. Prinnys and Personal Problems (w/Adrian Kytes) - Taylor encounters Adrian in the gym and in spite of herself bullies the girl around a bit. She tries to apologize, but it doesn't quite go according to plan and the two quickly discover that the other is too irritating to just let it go.
 23. Taylor vs Kytes 2: The Revengening (w/Adrian Kytes, Natalia The Dream, and Akashi Tanikaze) - Adrian has enlisted help to get Taylor back for their encounter in the gym, but their plan goes off the rails. Taylor gets hurt. Then Akashi shows up.
 24. Taylor vs Kytes Round 3: The Match Makening (w/Adrian Kytes) - Taylor and Adrian hurry off to find Lukretia to each try to persuade her to book a match between the two of them. Adrian ruins everything and Taylor pukes down like 100 flights of stairs.
 25. Going To Meet The Man (w/Lukretia Von Creuzfeldt) - Taylor is brought in to see Lukretia. Lukretia's a major dick. Taylor's obnoxious. Lia shows up. She's a dick too.
 26. I Quit Match vs Adrian Kytes - It's on! Lukretia inadvertently arranges an I Quit match to test two up and comers, unaware of the burning hatred shared by Taylor and Adrian for each other. They rip into each other until one can't go on anymore.
 27. Quitters Never Win! (w/ Adrian, Natalia, Lukretia, Chesna, and Akashi) - After the match, in the infirmary. A small army of people pack into Adrian's room. Lukretia is happy, Natalia is concerned, Taylor is conflicted, Akashi is supportive, Adrian is crazy.
 28. Misfortunate Encounter (w/Karina Rine) - Karina runs into Taylor on her way to the gym, and tries to apologize for trying to kill her. Taylor pushes her and stuff happens.
 29. Tension People Know How To Party (w/Cecelia Northman and the Higurashis) - Taylor goes to see Johnny's first match in Tension and then catches up with him, and his brother, and Cecelia, at the after-party.
 30. The After-After-Party Is Where The Real Fun Begins (w/Johnny Higurashi and Cassie Elliot)
 31. Promo - Cleaning House (w/Akashi) - Taylor and Akashi hit the Friction ring as a team for the first time and throw down the gauntlet. Shiro Shinde answers.
 32. Tag Match - Kamikaze vs Shiro Shinde - Taylor and Akashi's first Friction match as a tag team, facing a couple yanki tough girls who are making their debut.
 33. The Powers of Competitive Friendship (w/Cecelia Northman, Heather Sunderland, & Akashi) - Taylor responds to a challenge from the new tag team of Cecelia and Heather.
 34. Peace Offerings... (w/Natalia) - Natalia approaches Taylor to apologize for concussing her. As usual, nothing goes according to plan.
 35. Taylor Is All Grown Up
 36. Happy Birthday, Taylor! (w/Akashi, Natalia, and others) - Taylor turns 21!
 37. AFW Avalanche PPV - Backstage Scene (w/Akashi) - Taylor and Akashi and a moment of zen before the biggest matches of their lives.
 38. Entropy Title Match - Vs. Natalia The Dream - It's about time.
38.1. The Devil Went Down To Ringside (w/Lukretia & Rally) - Lukretia comes out to present Taylor with the Entropy belt, and Aurelia Fortuna makes her first appearance.
 38.2. People Are Her Business (w/Aurelia Fortuna & Lukretia Von Creuzfeldt) - Aurelia catches Taylor backstage after her match.
 39. Here Goes (w/Heather Sunderland) - Taylor bumps into Heather and makes an attempt to put her grudge behind her, which of course goes horribly wrong.
 40. So Much It Hurts (w/Akashi Tanikaze) - Taylor meets up with Akashi for the first time after their fateful PPV. The two hit the mall and visit a wrestling memorabilia store and have plenty to talk about.

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Taylor Parker Empty Re: Taylor Parker

Post by Bluemouse on Sun Mar 02, 2014 9:23 pm

Match - Gym - Backstage - Promo

 41. Entropy and Enemies and Sentimentality - Taylor takes to the ring to issue congratulations, an apology, an invitation, a challenge, and some thanks.
 42. Valentine's Day Tag Match (w/Cassie vs Johnny & Mamouru Higurashi) - A friendly tag match on Valentine's day.
 43. The Right Thing (w/Cecelia Northman & Cassie Elliot)
 44. 3-Way Match - Taylor vs Lia Cross vs Adrian Kytes for the Entropy Title
 45. AFW Tokyo Fan Expo 2012 (w/Chigusa Yuuki) - Taylor takes another crack at having a conversation with Chigusa without ending up fighting her.
 46. From The Bottom Of The Ladder (w/Tessa Price) - Taylor is called out by a new talent who wants a shot at her title.
 47. Entropy Title Match vs Tessa Price
 48. Glowing (w/Johnny Higurashi) - Some pillow talk.
 49. Cleaning House II - The Crow (w/Morrigan) - Taylor calls out Morrigan on her recent insanity and in-ring atrocities.
 50. The Princess and the Punk (w/Natalia)
 51. The Third Wheel (w/Johnny & Jess) - Taylor and Johnny rendezvous after his first Tension win and bump into an AFW newcomer. Somewhat ironically, Taylor and Jess hit it off.
 51b. Masane's Return (w/ Masane) - This thread... may just be the finest example of collaborative fiction in the whole world. Masane smolders with generic rage in the locker room, and rather than be in awe of how BAD-FUCKING-ASS she is, Taylor makes fun of her, like she does. Pat, miffed by Taylor not playing into being in awe of how BAD-FUCKING-ASS Masane is, immediately has her leave, /thread. I didn't ask for this one.
 52. Kamikaze vs Hard Velocity (Cecelia & Heather)
 53. A Little Drop of Peace? (w/Heather Sunderland)
 54. Entropy Title Match vs Brittany Luvve - Taylor is booked into a title defense against a vicious opponent while still injured from her last match, for Lukretia's enjoyment.
 55. Too Much Heaven (w/Akashi) - Taylor and Akashi have it out after Taylor gets out of the hospital.
 56. Anyone At All (w/Natalia) - Taylor reaches out from her empty, depressing apartment to talk to the last person she can find.
 57. Back To Work (w/Tai) - Tai enlists Taylor's help in whipping him back into shape, and Taylor agrees if only to get back in the gym.
 58. Drifting To Toyko (w/Talia & Johnny) - Taylor happens across her "it's complicated" boyfriend Johnny, who happens to be on a date with Talia.
 59. Easing The Tension (w/Talia & Johnny) - Taylor shows Talia around the Friction building, and things don't go well, as usual.
 60. Punk Country (w/Clyde Gastin) - Taylor encounters Clyde Gastin, cowboy, drunk, former lover of one of Taylor's least favorite people, and friend to several more of them.
 61. Throwing To The Wolves (w/Lukretia, Talia, & Chigusa) - Lukretia brings Taylor down to the ring and has her pick an opponent for her return to AFW.
 62. Cage Match vs Chigusa Yuuki - Taylor makes her return to active duty, and in a hard fought match some interference from a certain rival lands her a major beating.
 63. Blue Barracudas Unite! (w/Tsumi, Sarah, Natasha, & Talia) - Taylor meets her team.
 64. Monkey See, Barracuda Do (w/Akashi Tanikaze) - Taylor and Akashi face off for the first time since their fight, and end up with another.
 65. Tag Match w/Tsumi vs Angel & Mayu - Red vs Blue pendant match.
 66. Who The Fuck Are You? (w/Cassie, Johnny, & Clyde) - Taylor goes to Kyoto to see Johnny, their first time together since the incident(s). Cassie tags along, and wanders off to stow a drunk in the correct hotel room.
 67. So Now What (w/Johnny Higurashi) - A lengthy period of inventive, athletic, marginally dangerous sex, some new wrestling gear that isn't for the ring, and pillow talk.
 68. The Next Step (w/Mercy Wrenn) - Mercy tracks down Taylor to ask her a couple questions about her career and inform her of a meeting with Aurelia Fortuna. Coincidentally, the two actually get along.
 69. Promoting Tough Love (w/Akashi)
 70. Good Fortune (w/Aurelia Fortuna) - Taylor meets with the boss. The good one. About what?
 71. Mercy, A Lot (w/Mercy Wrenn & Clyde Gastin) - Taylor backs up her girl. Clyde tries to keep cool. Mercy flips out.
 72. Karismatic - Karisma calls out Taylor. Taylor responds. Natalia shows up. Later, violence.
 73. Small World After All (w/ Clyde) - Taylor runs into Clyde, again, this time at the mall, and exchanges some feminine insight for some masculine views.
 74. Boxing Match vs Akashi Tanikaze - The showdown is ultimately cut short.
 75. Match vs Karisma - Taylor mixes it up and unreservedly mangles Karisma's spine to send Akashi a message.
 76. Conway's Crib featuring Akashi Tanikaze and Taylor Parker
 77. Avalanche 2012: Taylor Parker vs Akashi Tanikaze - Bamboo Forest I Quit Match.
 78. Whole Hearted (w/Akashi) - Taylor makes an announcement.
 79. The Next Beat (w/Johnny Higurashi & Akashi) - Taylor and Johnny rendezvous after her big announcement, and she has another to make.
 80. Every New Beginning (w/Cassie, Akashi, Johnny & Mamouru) - Taylor goes out with her girls and her guy and his brother to drink to her engagement and to bid farewell to her wrestling career.
 81. Exit Interview - Taylor and Lukretia say what they have to say to each other.

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Taylor Parker Empty Re: Taylor Parker

Post by Bluemouse on Sun Mar 02, 2014 9:24 pm

Match - Gym - Backstage - Promo


82. So How's Life? (w/Clyde Gastin & Johnny Higurashi) - Clyde comes to pay a visit to the newly weds.
83. Tension vs Friction Wrestler Interviews! - With Lilly, Tai, Clyde, Eclipse, The Brat Pack, Cecelia, and Wells Quinn.
84. Bury The Hatchet, Bring Out The Knives (w/Adrian Kytes & Cassie Elliot) - Adrian goes to find Cassie to ask for a favor so she can ask Taylor a favor.
85. Vi-v La Vie (w/Angel) Taylor takes a trip to the store to do her best not to pick something up, and bumps into Angel.
86. Each And Every Step (w/Adrian Kytes) - The favor commences, and the two bitter rivals are forced to set the old grudge aside.
87. Calling For Cavalry (w/Mamouru, Akashi, and the Elliots)
88. Tiger Tamer (w/Akashi & Johnny) - Akashi announces to the Friction crowd that she intends to bring Taylor back to AFW, and rallies the crowd behind her. Taylor watches it on TV and flips out, talks it out with Johnny, wrestles with him and eventually rough sex, handcuffs, and a broken bed come into play.
89. Conway's Crib Feat. Shauna O'Connor (w/Kelly, Mercy, Shauna) - Shauna is dragged onto the show to be interviewed about being photographed kissing Taylor's husband. Taylor makes an appearance and plays it cool, but things erupt anyway.
90. Ever Again (w/ Akashi) - Taylor and Akashi meet at the restaurant where three years earlier Kamikaze was born, and where Akashi and Taylor officially became friends, or partners, or whatever you want to call it.
91. I'm Not Who You Think (w/Cassie & Akashi) - Cassie goes home after hospitalizing Dark Angel in their rematch and has it out with Akashi. Taylor arrives as back up.
92. Down Time, Downtown (w/Akashi, Reika, & Brittany) - Taylor and Akashi go out drinking and looking for trouble, and they find it.
93. Family's Family (w/Junko & Johnny Higurashi) - Taylor goes to spend time with Johnny's parents. She's dying to meet his dad. His mom's... different.
94. Early Morning Light (w/Johnny) - Taylor and Johnny exchange some wrestling-related pillow talk.

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Taylor Parker Empty Re: Taylor Parker

Post by Bluemouse on Sun Mar 02, 2014 9:26 pm

Match - Gym - Backstage - Promo


95. Let This Be The Day - Taylor returns to the ring to make an announcement.
96. Takes Me There Every Time (w/Talia Wilson) - Taylor gets a text from Talia out of the blue and goes to meet her at Starbucks. She hasn't seen her since she ruined Taylor's match with Chigusa, and attacked her with a chair.
97. If You Do It, Do It Right - Taylor goes out with her friends to celebrate her return to Friction, and somewhat intentionally runs into several Friction girls in the process. Includes Tatsuki LeFeuvre, Adrian Kytes, Rebecca Tomko, Rei Tomizawa, Natasha Loclear, Heather Sunderland, Talia Wilson, Cassie Elliot, Akashi Tanikaze, and Johnny Higurashi.
98. Good Morning, Beautiful (w/Johnny & Cassie) - Cassie and Johnny talk about plans to deal with Talia Wilson, and Taylor wakes up with a massive hangover.
99. Idol Hands (w/Mai Nagasawa) - Taylor is warming up for her match that night in her dressing room (or fast asleep) when she gets a visit from the idol/voice actress/fellow wrestler Mai, who asks her a small favor regarding her opponent.
100. Return Match (w/Junko Higurashi) vs Iron Maiden (w/Kyla Fairchild) - Taylor makes her triumphant return against a massive, savage animal of a woman.
101. Desperate Times (w/Talia Wilson) - Talia meets Taylor at the mall to tell her that Johnny attacked her in the Tension sauna, and reveals that she is Dark Angel.
102. Our Little Secret (w/Cassie, Johnny, & Akashi) - Cassie and Johnny discuss the Talia problem, and then Taylor meets them at Cassie and Akashi's place for sushi and Friction. Aurora Wilson's promo airs, declaring her war on Cassie.
103. This World Will Never Be (w/Akashi & Talia) - Taylor and Akashi go to pay Talia a visit, in hopes of burying the hatchet once and for all.
104. So What If You Can See (w/Cassie, Talia, Aurora & Mamouru)
105. Avalanche '13 - Tables Match vs Aurelia Fortuna - *crickets*
106. So How Did Cassie-Chan Do? (w/Akashi) - Taylor chases down Akashi after her loss to the Love Bunnies.
107. Chair With A Panda On It (w/Cassie, John, Ro & Amanda) - Cassie and Taylor head to Kyoto to hang out with John Mitchel and his buddies.
108. Johnny Higurashi vs Aline Siprienne - Taylor shows up to scream her lungs out and cheer on Johnny in his match.
109. Housing Hamamatsu (w/Johnny & Ro) - Taylor and Johnny visit Hamamatsu to look at houses and to check out the city. Ro meets them there, and the three of them check out the Hamamatsu night life.
110. Iron Abs (w/Fallon Terrazas & Akashi) - Fallon issues a challenge and Akashi answers, and while the two have their belly punching contest Taylor comes out to join the fun.
111. I'm At Your House, Muthafucka! (w/Kelly Conway & Lilly) - Kelly assaults Taylor with a megaphone and a camera from outside her apartment.
112. Upward (w/Junko, Mercy, & Brittany) - Taylor and Junko go to meet with Mercy to discuss Taylor's next match. Junko excuses herself and is assaulted by Brittany Luvve in the hallway.
113. Pizza Makes Everything Better (w/Morrigan) - Taylor meets with Morrigan over pizza with an unexpected job offer.
114. Come Undone (w/Morrigan & Junko) - Morrigan sets a meeting with Taylor and her manager/mother-in-law to talk about the job offer.
115. Hey, I Just Met You (w/Tai Kamiya & Junko Higurashi) - Tai comes knocking on Taylor's dressing room door and catches her by surprise. Taylor shoos him away to go find Junko if he wants to talk business, and the two managers talk about getting their clients together, and about a match between them.
116. Punking The Ace (w/Silver Ace) - Taylor meets up with Ace in Junko's gym to talk shop and get acquainted and discuss Iron Maiden.
117. Match (w/Junko Higurashi) vs Silver Ace - The young upstart gets the fight she wanted against Taylor, and surprises everyone by giving her a run for her money.
118. The World Is Mine (w/Kelly Conway, Anelle, & Morrigan) - Kelly cuts a promo in the ring calling out Taylor and talking trash, Taylor answers and finds herself in the ring against Kelly and her backup.
119. Match (w/Junko Higurashi) vs Fallon Terrazas - Standard match, winner pounds the loser's abs. Afterward, when Taylor refuses to beat on Fallon's belly, two masked girls show up to do it instead. Taylor tries to go help her, but is blindsided by a masked man. Taylor is beaten up by the much larger man, and sustains an injury to her leg from a stretch muffler hold.
120. Damsel In Distress (w/Johnny) - Taylor and Johnny have a fight over Taylor's decision to hire Morrigan as her personal assistant, and then Taylor goes out with Morrigan to work on a special project.
121. Kamikaze vs Uncharted Love! - Kamikaze returns for their first match in over a year!
122. The Guest List (w/Johnny, Morrigan, & Junko) - Taylor and Johnny meet with Morrigan to discuss the guest list for their upcoming housewarming/welcome-back-Cassie/home-theater-grand-opening party. Junko drops by, and Taylor has a talk with Morrigan.
123. New Kid In The Gym (w/Alaina Sanders & Mercy) - Taylor and Mercy meet a new arrival in the gym.
124. Cassie Elliot Is A Pro Wrestler (w/Johnny, Akashi, & Cassie) - Everyone goes to pick Cassie up from the airport! Yay!
125. Kaze-Kage, Dude (w/Johnny & Ninjette) - Ninjette goes to find Johnny after kissing him in their match. While the two work things out, Taylor finds them and rips into Ninjette. Verbal warfare ensues, followed by a little making out.
126. Kaze... Dude... (w/Johnny) - Taylor and Johnny discuss Johnny's choice of career and his choices of careers, and then Taylor has a little surprise for him to make it easier.
127. The Friction Spotlight Featuring Taylor Parker (w/Hilde Von Creuzfeldt & Mai Nagasawa) - Taylor is interviewed by the pair of Mai and Hilde, and her next opponent is announced.
128. Cassie Elliot vs Toshiko Nada Taylor looks on from backstage.
129. How Do You Like Me Now, Eh? (w/Cassie Elliot, Kia Manaputo, & Toshiko Nada) - Taylor catches up with Cassie after the match and deals with Toshiko's mouthy friend Kia, while Cassie tries to keep them apart.
130. Kita-Ku, Saturday, 7pm (w/Johnny, Morrigan, Junko, Mamouru, Silver Ace, and a shit ton of other people yet to appear - Taylor and Johnny throw a housewarming/welcome back Cassie party and invite everyone that they don't think will end up brawling. Also, Morrigan demands to invite Brittany, and Junko demands they invite Mamouru, which could be bad for everyone.
131. How To Train Your Dragon (w/Alex Wilson) - Taylor meets the man behind the black dragon mask on a train.
132. Kelly Conway vs Morrigan, FWC (w/Morrigan, Kelly, and Anelle) - Morrigan is double teamed before the bell, tasered, and beaten down. Taylor goes for the save.
133. Gonna Fly Now (w/Cassie, Adrian, & Rebecca Tomko) - Cassie chats with Adrian about preparing for the upcoming SS match, and Taylor has a word with Rebecca about not trying to murder everyone when Adrian gets beat up.
134. Adrian Kytes vs Taylor Parker - Contract Signing (w/Adrian & Lukretia) - Taylor and Adrian make it official, and manage to not even start a fight in the process. Taylor makes fun of Adrian, Adrian grumbles.
135. Summer Splash Challenge! Taylor Vs. Adrian: Event 1! (w/Adrian, Lukretia, Macha, Babd) - Taylor and Adrian's first challenge. Armwrestling!
136. Summer Splash Challenge! Taylor Vs. Adrian: Event 2! - Adrian's pick, obstacle course!
137. All Good Things (w/Nikolette Tesla & Morrigan) - Taylor gets together with Nikolette to learn how chess works, and to put in some boxing time. Taylor gets a phone call, and learns that the Asia Youth Foundation, with which she had volunteered for almost two years, is ending their relationship due to character issues, including but not limited to Morrigan's stunts in her match with Kelly Conway. Taylor feels her dreams slipping away, blames Morrigan, and flips out on her. She says horrible things to her, and fires her, which she regrets the moment Morrigan storms out.
138. Can I Come Over? (w/Akashi) - Taylor goes to her big sister for guidance after her blow up with Morrigan.
139. Summer Splash Challenge! Taylor Vs. Adrian: Event 3! - Lukretia's pick, chess boxing!
140. Summer Splash Match vs Adrian Kytes, Best 2 out of 3 Falls (w/Junko) - Taylor settles the score with her oldest rival in the biggest match of her career. Adrian experienced greater success than Taylor earlier in their careers, and now if Taylor ever wants to move up in Friction, she needs to get past Adrian.
141. The Perfect Opportunity (w/Morrigan) - Taylor goes from the ring to the infirmary, and then finally back to her hotel room where she finds Morrigan waiting for her. The two of them finally talk about what happened between them, but not at all like Taylor wanted.

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Taylor Parker Empty Re: Taylor Parker

Post by Bluemouse on Thu Jul 17, 2014 4:35 pm

Match - Gym - Backstage - Promo

Road to the Title

142. How To Save The World (w/Lukretia) - Taylor rides with Lukretia from Atlantic City to Manhattan to interview for a position with a youth foundation as ambassador to Japan.
143. The Truth In Honesty (w/Johnny) - Johnny breaks the news to Taylor that he has a tag match coming up against Killer King and Bree, with Ninjette. Taylor loathes Ninjette, and has ever since she tried to make out with her husband on TV, but hates King even more, for obvious reasons. Naturally, she's not crazy about the idea.
144. A Quiet Dinner Get Together (w/Cassie, Johnny, Alaina, Charlie, Mamouru) - Cassie, Taylor, and Johnny go have dinner with acquaintances Alaina and Charlie and Alaina's boyfriend, and discover that Alaina's boyfriend is a bit more than an acquaintance.
145. Johnny & Ninjette vs Killer King & Bree - Taylor brings her steel toed boots and a chain to the match, and gets a front row seat, ready to jump in if anything at all goes wrong.
146. The Hardest Thing To Do (w/Ninjette & Bree) - Taylor goes to find Bree after the tag match while Ninjette goes to find Taylor.
147. Did You Really? (w/Silver Ace) - Taylor calls Ace from her basement one night to straighten out some troubling stuff.
148. Just Try Me (w/Kelly Conway) - Taylor takes to the ring to call out Angel and issue an open challenge to the roster. Kelly Conway answers.
149. Match vs Kelly Conway - Taylor and Kelly get to it right then and there.
150. It's Been A While (w/Angel & Eva White) - Taylor is harassed by a backstage reporter on her way to the lockers, where Angel catches her. The two have it out over Taylor's words in the ring.
151. The Deep Breath (w/Junko) - Taylor talks over her upcoming match with her manager/mother-in-law. The one against Angel. For the title. It's kind of a big deal. She's not freaking out, though.
152. Wild Animals (w/Gemma Faraday & Cassie Elliot) - Cassie and Taylor find a raccoon, and then a wrestler. They offer the raccoon lunch, have lunch with the wrestler, and try to offer some guidance as studly, experienced, hotshot Friction gals to a newbie.
153. AFW Friction World Title Match vs Angel
154. The Biggest Fan (w/Allie Parker) - Allie catches Taylor alone in the locker room after her match and the events that followed. She gets an autograph, and keeps her cards close to the vest.
155. Trashed (w/Natasha & Akashi) - Taylor tries to drink her problems away for a night.
156. Akashi Tanikaze vs Andrea Umlaut - Kelly picks on Akashi after she's knocked out by Rebecca Tomko, and Taylor makes her pay.
157. Under Pressure (w/Nikolette Tesla & Brittany Luvve) - Taylor meets with Nikolette to talk over recent Angel-related and non-Angel-related events, and to punch each other in the face.
158. Yabu No Naka (w/Morrigan & Brittany Luvve) - Taylor breaks the news to Morrigan that she's headed for a match against Brittany. Brittany does the same over the phone.
159. Match vs Brittany Luvve - Taylor tries to shut Brittany up once and for all and take the respect she thinks she deserves, while Brittany tries to ruin everything and make her look stupid.
160. Going Somewhere? (w/Dixie Clemets) - As Taylor is making her exit after her match with Brittany, Dixie answers her challenge.
161. Match vs Dixie Clemets: Camel Clutch Challenge!
162. Yankee Roses (w/Dixie Clemets)
163. BECAUSE I SAID SO! (w/Junko) - Taylor pitches a fit over Junko's decision to bring Ninjette into the dojo, despite Taylor having told Ninjette that she wasn't welcome.
164. Pride and Cowardice (w/Adrian Kytes) - Taylor calls Adrian late one night to talk about things, including Rebecca's murderous feud with Akashi.
165. Old Frenemies (w/Adrian) - Taylor and Adrian find each other in the gym and try to talk through the Rebecca/Akashi problem without killing each other.
166. Beat The Clock Challenge 3: Sandalwood Cooper (w/Sandalwood, Lukretia, and Angel) - Taylor crashes the party in the ring and steals Angel's second match.
167. Broken Clocks (w/Sandalwood, Blossom, Ashura, and sort of Akashi) - Taylor overhears the complaints of the recently stomped rookies.
168. The Couch (w/Akashi & Angel) - After the Beat The Clock Challenge, Taylor goes home to recover while Akashi goes to talk to Angel.
169. Once And For All - Taylor takes to the ring to issue one last challenge.
170. Haagen Dazs and Heartbreak (w/Mercy) - Taylor and Mercy talk over Mercy's recent breakup with you-know-who. Totally chick stuff.
171. Take What You Can Get (w/Sandalwood) - Sandalwood hassles Taylor about joining the dojo. Taylor is skeptical.
172. It's Cold In Tokyo - Avalanche 2014 Presser (w/Brittany & Marisa) Pre-Av press conference with Taylor, Brittany, and Marisa in the middle. Marisa is the only thing keeping things from turning into an outright brawl.
173. Avalanche 2014 Main Event - Match vs Angel for the Friction World Title (w/Junko)

175. After The Snow Settles (w/Akashi) - Taylor goes to see Akashi in the hospital at the end of the night.

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Taylor Parker Empty Re: Taylor Parker

Post by Bluemouse on Sat Jan 10, 2015 6:52 am

Match - Gym - Backstage - Promo


176. It's Not Just The American Way, It's The Con-Way (w/Kelly Conway) - Kelly shows up in the ring to talk some trash about not getting the title, Taylor shows up to tell her what's up.
177. Check Your Head (w/Clyde Gastin) - Taylor calls Clyde to talk about his recent problems.
178. Johnny Higurashi vs Fang Xingyu Taylor's in the crowd, screaming her guts out.
179. The Guest List Too (w/Morrigan) - Taylor and Morrigan try to figure out the guest list for the upcoming party, and end up trying to figure out some other stuff.
180. Pride Of The AFW (w/Johnny, Avery, Alaina)
181. We Like To Party (w/Cassie, Jess, Akashi, Johnny, Mamouru, Shinobu, Nikolette, Bonnie, Ace, Avery, Alaina, Morrigan, Mai, Bucky)
182. Hi-gu Do-jo! (w/Junko, Nikolette, Avery, and Alaina) - The dojo convenes for its first official training session.
183. The Dojo Girls Eat Hamburgers (w/Nikolette, Alaina, Julia) - The girls go out for some dinner and conversation, and Taylor pops a question to Nikolette.
184. Western Philosophy (w/Bonnie & Clyde) - The Gastins come for a visit to talk about their Allison/Emily/Dinah problems.
185. Valerie Playtime (w/Valerie Von Vulpes & Paris Popescu) Valerie has an impressive record in Tension, and shows up with Paris to call out Taylor and the Friction roster.
186. Match vs Valerie Von Vulpes

187. The Queen City Sisters (w/Cassie, Gabbie, Nicole Desjardin) - Taylor and Cassie take a field trip to Yokohama to meet with a high class kickboxer.
188. Match w/Avery vs Kelly & Death Bunny - With a late substitution when it's discovered that Kelly had Avery attacked, and injured, backstage. While Avery is taken off to a hospital, Akashi steps in to fill her shoes and the match becomes Kamikaze vs The Coalition.
189. Can I Come... Can I See The... The, Um... (w/Mamouru & Megumi) - Taylor goes to meet the newest Higurashi.
190. Taylor Parker Is A Coward! (w/Kelly) - Kelly calls Taylor all sorts of nasty things, and Taylor comes down to announce her plan, to go after The Coalition as long as Kelly won't agree to use her contract and fight her.
191. Murder/Suicide (w/Cassie, Junko, Johnny, Gabbie, Alaina, Julia) - Taylor loses her cool in the gym, argues with Junko, and reveals the next step in her plan to deal with The Coalition.
192. New Heights (w/Candy Cane) - Taylor ditches an interview with Madison Heights when she spots weirdly familiar red pigtails in the Friction locker room...
193. Match vs Brittany Luvve & Death Bunny - Taylor takes on two coalition girls at once, hoping to draw out Kelly so that she can beat her in a title match and be done with her once and for all.

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Taylor Parker Empty Re: Taylor Parker

Post by Bluemouse on Sat May 23, 2015 7:07 am

Match - Gym - Backstage - Promo

Loss & Recovery

194. F*ck (w/Johnny) - Taylor, after losing her title, in the shower.
195. Don't Look Down (w/Angel & Lukretia)
196. Work In Progress (w/Taylor, Johnny, Morrigan, Akashi, Junko, Julia, Blossom, Alaina) - Taylor sorts out her life after losing the title.
197. Tables Match: Johnny Higurashi vs Fang Xingyu (w/Shay & Eagle) - Shay and Eagle jump Johnny after the match, Taylor makes the save and sends all three girls running for the hills.
198. Disorder and Disarray (w/Johnny) - Johnny is preparing for his next match, a handicap match, and Taylor is furious.
199. Jessica Wright vs Danika Gorski - Jessica beats down Danika in a hardcore match and when the bell doesn't stop her, Taylor does.
200. Post-Denial (w/Gabby) - Taylor and Gabby have it out over Cassie's decision to leave AFW and Japan.
201. Blood In The Water (w/Jessica Wright, River Styx) - Jessica Wright bring her friend River down to the ring to call out Taylor and the Dojo.
202. Summer Splash 2015 Title Ceremony Featuring the Current AFW World Champion: Kelly Conway (w/Kelly, Nikolette, Rosie)
203. Beer and Sympathy (w/Angel) - Taylor meets Angel for drinks, and a heart to heart.
204. Howdy Stranger (w/Danika)
205. Higurshi Dojo (Taylor Parker & Julia Rogers) vs End of the Line (Jessica Wright & River Styx)
206. @AFW With Nikolette Tessla & Taylor Parker - Taylor and Nikolette take some fan questions before their match.
207. Sayonara, Koguma (w/Taylor, Akashi, Johnny, Shinobu, Bucky, Gabby, Nicole) - Cassie's farewell party.
208. Anywhere But Where You're Going Next (w/Cassie, Johnny, Akashi) - Cassie's last night in town.
209. Match vs Nikolette Tessla - #1 Contender Match - Taylor takes on her friend and training partner, part time Dojo girl Nikolette Tessla. The winner gets a shot at Kelly, and neither girl is holding back in the slightest. Taylor is there to smash Nikolette and send a clear message to Kelly: Nothing will stand in her way.
210. Space-Time (w/Nikolette & Junko) - Taylor and Nikolette enjoy a soak in some new hot tubs after the miserable experience of their failed match together. Taylor is working through several issues, not the least of which being her currently crippled arm, and the two come up with a plan of attack for dealing with The Coalition.
211. Don't Taze Me, (Sis) (w/Brittany)
212. Conway's Crib Returns: Featuring Dark Angel (w/Talia, Kelly) - Kelly bring back Conway's Crib, Mercy tries to shut it down and fire her, Lukretia fires Mercy instead, Dark Angel and Kelly heap massive amounts of slander on Taylor, Taylor comes out to say her part.
213. When Tempers Collide (w/Alaina) - Taylor chases Alaina down backstage to chew her out over her antics in the arena regarding Talia, and the girl's recent breakup with Alaina's friend Charlie.
214. Disquiet Comfort (w/Johnny) - Taylor and Johnny try to keep their heads up and support each other in the face of massive opposition.
215. Climax Main Event: Johnny Higurashi vs Killer King
216. Kalling Out The Koalition! (Taylor & Akashi) - Akashi and Taylor head to the ring to call out Kelly's crew and take care of some business. It's time to kick some ass!
217. Well... Congrats. (w/Akashi) - Taylor and Akashi let it out after the promo.
218. I Suck At Life (w/Mercy) - Mercy invites Taylor out for coffee to tell her that she's planning on working for Brittany Luvve, which is, of course, terrible news.
219. Friction World Title Match: Kelly Conway vs Akashi Tanikaze (w/Akashi, Kelly, Talia) - Akashi meets Kelly in the ring, but before the match can even begin Akashi is taken out by the coalition.
220. The Friction Spotlight with Taylor Parker and Kelly Conway (w/Kelly, Mai, Hilde, and the audience) - Mai and Hilde interview Taylor and Kelly in advance of their match for the Friction title at Madison Square Garden, and take questions from the audience.
221. Baby Steps (w/Mamouru, Aurora, Johnny, & Megumi) - Mamouru, Aurora, and Megumi come over for a visit.
222. In The Garden (w/Akashi) - Taylor and Akashi are backstage at Madison Square Garden before their matches.
223. Friction In MSG: Kelly Conway (C) vs Taylor Parker for the Friction World Title - Taylor and Kelly finally settle the score in a brutal match, followed by the result of Akashi's match against Haruna.

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Well... What do I do now?

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