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Poll regarding Kayfabe rules of hentai in non-hentai matches.

Sat Oct 17, 2020 9:03 pm by Old_Man_Tai

So, one of the various different things we are looking to bring to the board soon, is an official list of "In-World Rules", to help with world building and such and just make clear what the in-story rules of the Friction and Tension leagues are.

One thing I've noticed that people seem to handle differently, is the idea of using hentai, as in fucking, groping, stimulation, anything actually involving touching privates and beyond just flirting/kissing/rubbing in non-hentai matches. Some seem to …

[ Full reading ]

Comments: 31

Need Debut matches/Simply looking for more

Tue Sep 08, 2020 11:19 pm by Void Effect

Got bunch of girls that need to debut, if anyone interested, PM me here or on Discord

Comments: 7

Looking for a match.

Thu Oct 08, 2020 10:11 pm by Old_Man_Tai

Simply put, looking to get Silver Ace two or three short, quick matches to set up her story for her Avalanche match.

Also if somebody knows how to use photoshop, have a favor to ask.

Contact me on Discord or PM if you are interested.

Would be willing to offer proper matches with other characters in trade if that's acceptable.

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Karin Rudel

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Karin Rudel Empty Karin Rudel

Post by Adeptus-Astartes on Mon Dec 06, 2010 2:26 am

[size=200:alonxtn8][align=center:alonxtn8]KARIN RUDEL[/align:alonxtn8]
[size=150:alonxtn8][align=center:alonxtn8]The Führerin[/align:alonxtn8]
[align=center:alonxtn8][url=]Karin Rudel Karinmain.png[/url:alonxtn8][/align:alonxtn8]

[align=center:alonxtn8]"I'm just a fly in the ointment, darling. The monkey in the wrench. The pain in the ass."[/align:alonxtn8]

[align=center:alonxtn8][size=150:alonxtn8]General Information[/align:alonxtn8]

Real Name: Karin Gertrud Rudel
Other aliases: The Überfrau, Obersturmführerin, the SS She-Devil
Sex: Female
Age: 25
Eyes: Red
Hair: Red
Height: 5'10'' (1.77 m)
Weight: 152 lbs (69 kg)
Three sizes: 37DD-24-37 in (93DD/60/95 cm)
Date of Birth: October 21
Place of Birth: Reutlingen, Baden-Württemberg; GermanyKarin Rudel De.png
Ethnicity: German
Alignment: Heel/Lawful Evil
Entrance music: [url=]Garbage - The World Is Not Enough[/url:alonxtn8]

[align=center:alonxtn8][size=150:alonxtn8]Combat Information[/align:alonxtn8]
Fight personality: For her standard matches are like having sex: The more passionate and intense it gets, the more she enjoys it
Strategy: Trying to inflict a devastating defeat to her opponent while enjoying the hell out of it
Style: MMA based on Tae Kwon-do, Karate and Judo.
Type: Striker, Submission
Preferred Attacks: Kicks, submission, sexfighting, strikes
Preferred Matches: Hentai, Submission, Hardcore
Weapons: Karin's main weapon of choice is her whip which she constantly carries with her. In matches against fighters of the Alternative Roster, she makes use of her combat knife, her HK416 assault rifle and her MG 3 machine gun.

[align=center:alonxtn8][size=150:alonxtn8]Powers and Abilities[/align:alonxtn8]

Gunslinger: Having the experience of countless battles and wars in her days in the French Foreign Legion there is almost no firearm Karin can't handle.

Photographic Memory: Having a photographic memory, Karin can remember anything she saw.

Karin Rudel Karinstats.png
Difficulty: ☠☠☠☠ Hard. Karin has no real superpowers and may therefore be physically inferior to most other members of the Index Astartes, but do not be fooled as she is as beautiful as deadly. What Karin may lack in muscles and magic, she makes up by will, courage and brains that make her more than capable to fight supernatural enemies. Keep in mind that this lady is an ex-French Foreign Legionnaire meaning that she underwent a training from hell in one of the world's toughest armies. Her kicks are lightning fast and devastating and there is almost no way out from her submission holds. But do not surrender just yet! Any fighter who emphasizes on submission should be more than a match against her. A Tae Kwon-do fighter or any other capable of dodging and countering her kicks should also do fine. If you possess supernatural powers and are able to outsmart Karin, than you have a significant edge against her.

[align=center:alonxtn8][size=150:alonxtn8]Attack information[/align:alonxtn8]

Signature Moves

Sturm: At first Karin says "Ich hoffe du genießt es!" ("I hope you'll enjoy it!") and proceeds on to deliver a barrage hurricane kicks and finishes the opponent off with a final, most damaging hurricane kick.

Augen auf!: A counter move. Karin lights and smokes her cigarette and waits until the opponent is close enough. She then flicks the cigarette into the enemy's eye which, if it succeeds, will leave them wide open for an attack.

Common Finishers

Eisernes Kreuz: Karin locks one of her opponent's legs with her legs and the other with her arms. By pulling the opponent's leg Karin has in her arms, she overstretches the foe's thigh muscles until they surrender.

Unterwerfung: Karin approaches her prone opponent by saying "Es ist Zeit für deine Bestrafung!" ("It's time for your punishment!") and puts the foe's arms behind their legs. She then rolls the opponent supine and presses the heel of her boot onto the foe's solar plexus.

Herzlos: Karin rushes towards the enemy with a punch and performs a set of punches and kicks. She then throws the opponent in the air, grabs the foe and falls with them, crushing the enemy with a Judo grab.

Blitzkrieg: Karin starts with a rising-spiral kick which hits the opponent and sends them mid-air. She then kicks the foe downward, lands on the ground before the opponent, and delivers a strong kick to the opponent's back. She then keeps the opponent lifted on one of her legs and would mock them by saying "Das fühlte sich doch gut an Herzchen, oder etwa nicht?" ("That felt good honey, didn't it?"), and does an axe kick which sends the opponent smashing to the ground.

Fatality Finisher (Deathmatch only)

Kein Entkommen: Karin performs a Roundhouse Kick and locks the opponent's head with her leg. She then drags the enemy down and says "Du bist terminiert!" ("You're terminated!") before snapping their neck.

Wer nicht hören will muss fühlen: Karin drags with her whip the opponent by the neck and suffocates them, then she gets onto the opponent's back and breaks their neck by brutally pulling the whip.

Du bist gefeuert!: Karin pours oil or gasoline over her incapacitated opponent. She than lights and smokes a cigarette and says "Du bist gefeuert!" ("You're fired!") before flicking the cigarette to the opponent setting them on fire. If the victim is female, Karin will additionally sing [url=]"She's On Fire"[/url:alonxtn8] while watching her opponent burning painfully to death.

Hentai Finisher

Eiserne Jungfrau: This finisher is based on the Cobra Twist. Karin traddles one of the opponent's legs, then reaches over the opponent's near arm with the arm close to the opponent's back and locks it. Karin then kisses her opponent passionately while massaging the foe's pussy.


Primary attire (Minus the airplane parts)
Karin Rudel Karinprimaryattire.png

Hentai attire (Minus the eye patch)
[url=]Karin Rudel Karinhentaiattire.png[/url:alonxtn8]

Karin Rudel Karinbikini.png

Miscellaneous attire
Karin Rudel Karinmiscattire.png

[align=center:alonxtn8][size=150:alonxtn8]Personal information[/align:alonxtn8]

Background: Karin started her life as your everyday average Jane with a happy childhood where everything seemed to be normal. But unlike most other girls Karin had always a fascination for the military and dreamed of becoming an ace pilot like her great-grandfather Hans-Ulrich Rudel. After graduating from school and finishing her training in the Luftwaffe, Karin decided that the training she received was insufficient and that the German military won't be able to satisfy her desires by just sending her to peacekeeping missions, so she joined the French Foreign Legion with whom she fought in places like Afghanistan, Chad and Côte d'Ivoire. Exceeding her comrades in terms of efficiency and valor, Karin earned the nickname "The Panzer" a name that, combined with her being German, often made her a victim of Godwin's Law. Being at first annoyed by the constant Nazi comparisons, she decided that the best way to deal with trolls is to become one herself which was the start of her Nazi gimmick. One day on a mission in Afghanistan she was severely injured by a frag grenade and hospitalized for several weeks.
After recovering from her injuries, Karin instead of returning to the French Foreign Legion, searched for a place where she could satisfy her sexual need for girls and her hunger for war at once, so she joined Rudolf Hagen's Delmo Corps as a pilot. She even rose to the rank of a White Delmo, became one of Rudolf's top assassins an personal bodyguards and Neena's plaything number one. The strong and dominant personality of Neena rubbed off on Karin as she wished to become one day as her mistress, a desire that would turn this white Delmo into a future dominatrix. The time as a white Delmo and lover of Neena did not only increase her sexual aggressiveness, but also her lust for power and she even had wet dreams about leading her own army and achieving world domination.
One day after the death of Rudolf and Neena Hagen, Karin was the only white Delmo not to join the Commander's crusade for revenge against Aika Sumeragi. Instead she had her own desire of conquest. After the dissolution of the Delmo Corp, Karin united the remnants of the Delmos with her high school friends, former and rejected Bond villains and other unemployed minions under her banner and formed the Fourth Reich. Receiving financial aid and military hardware from Globex, reorganizing her minions after gaining inspiration from watching Jin-Roh and playing Killzone and having finished building an underground base, Karin is now more than ready to launch her conquest of the world.
When not being an evil plotting genius, Karin is an AFW wrestler of the Friction Roster which she had to join after seeing the roster's gorgeous women and the predator couldn't resist to chase the prey...

Personality: On the first glance Karin makes the impression of a typical Neo-Nazi villain like those from Black Lagoon, Hellsing or Hellboy who wants to see the world united under the Nazi banner and cleansed of Jews and other races classified as sub-human by Nazi ideology. In reality though Karin is a troll who just enjoys to offend people, regardless of their ethnicity, political beliefs or tastes of music. She even rejects the racial stance of Nazism, not because on moral grounds, but because she sees no practical reasons to limit her manpower pool on only one race. Also, by being a lesbian she would make a perfect target of Nazi ideology proving further that her gimmick is just for shits and giggles rather than real belief. But you will not come to this revelation until you know Karin personally and spend enough time with her. Being German, the great-granddaughter of Hans-Ulrich Rudel, her desire to dominate others and the fact that the Nazi uniforms are just gorgeous just fit perfectly for her dream of one day conquering the world so that all the good-looking girls would belong to her.
Karin is a very dominant person who won't take a no for an answer and will always make sure you know that she is not just the boss around here, but the boss to surpass Big Boss herself. Although she may appear to be a constantly horny sexual predator, she can be, only known to those close to her, a nice and caring person who will not hesitate to die for her friends. Unlike most Bond villains and evil overlords she treats her subordinates with care and respect making her an M.Bison with the personality of Hank Scorpio. Once you get past her Nazi gimmick and her desire to conquer the world, you have a warm hearted and gentle person who will stick with you until the bitter end.

Likes: Spicy food, trolling people, girls with big breasts, flying planes, watching Hogan's Heroes, listening to music suitable for invading Poland from artists like Prussian Blue, Rammstein and Laibach.

Dislikes: Tedious people.


- Affably Evil; a typical Bond villain you just have to like.

- Blue and Orange Morality; sees the concept of good and evil as outdated.

- Combat Pragmatist; will use any trick in the book that is practical to achieve victory.

- Determinator; will fight until the bitter end and the last drop of blood.

- Fearless; is not easily intimidated since she is a veteran of several wars.

- Flirtatious; loves women, and loves even more when she knows they are staring at her. Will also adjust her clothing slightly to show herself off, or perform gestures and arouse the sexual appetites of women. The game of flirtation is one of her pastimes.

- Generous; to her friends and subordinates.

- Loyal; sticks with you until the very end once you gain her trust and respect.

- Masochist; likes her fights as rough as her sex.

- Multilingual; is besides her native German also fluent in English, Spanish, French, Italian and Japanese and familiar with Russian and Mandarin Chinese.

- Pack Leader; she doesn't join, she leads.

- Predator; is always on the hunt for good-looking girls.

- Reliable; highly disciplined and does always get the job done.

- Sadist; enjoys beating up others a little too much...

- Sensual; a highly sexed woman. Adores lingerie and slow-burn sex with passion; uses appealing body language.

- Strategist; has a solution for almost every problem and knows how to play her cards right.

- Troll; pretty much the main reason for her Nazi gimmick.

How Hentai are you?: [size=150:alonxtn8]â™️¥â™️¥â™️¥â™️¥â™️¥ "Oh baby, just thinking about it makes me horny alreadyâ™️¥"

[align=center:alonxtn8][size=150:alonxtn8]AFW Record[/align:alonxtn8]



Championships and Accomplishments
None yet.

None yet.

None yet.

None yet.

[url=]Karin Rudel 4threich.png[/url:alonxtn8]The Fourth Reich - created the 4th Reich out of the ashes of the Delmocorps and other Bond villains. She secretly operates the Reich underground and undermines corporations, militias and officially recognized political parties in order to take over the world dubbed as "Project Ragnarök".


Pre Ass Kicking One Liner

"Come on! *pulls a knife* Let's party!"

"Hey! You wanna be a farmer? Here 's some couple of acres..." *cracks her knuckles*

"Whose ass is ready to be whipped?"

"Hello cutie pieâ™️¥"

"You look like you haven't been fucked in a year. But no worry darling, I'm here nowâ™️¥"

(cracks her knuckles) "I must break you."

During a fight

In the heat of battle Karin often shouts some sentences in her native German.

(while using a submission move) "Ich kann das den ganzen Tag lang machen." ("I can do this all day long.")

"Hast du noch irgendwelche letzen Worte?" ("Do you have any last words?")

"Auf die Knie!" ("On your knees!")

"Tut es weh?" ("Does that hurt?")

"Für dich gibt es kein Erbarmen mehr!" ("No more mercy for you.")

"Willst du eine Kostprobe von meiner Peitsche?" ("Do you want a taste of my whip?")

"Unartige Kinder werden bestraft!" ("Naughty children will be punished!")

"Niemand...niemand kann mir entkommen!" ("No one... no one can escape from me!")

"Du gehörst mir!" ("You're mine!")

(using a hentai move) "Oh ja! Ja! Komm Süße! Komm für mich! Komm für deine Führerin!" ("Oh yes! Yes! Come honey! Come for me! Come for your Führerin!")

"Oh ja Süße, du weist wie ich es will." ("Oh yes darling, you know what I want.")

"Oh ja, dein Gestöhne macht mich so an!" ("Oh yeah, your moaning turns me so on!")

"Ach sind wir nicht dreist? Das wird lustig." ("Well aren't we cheeky? This'll be fun.")

"Dein Arsch ist mein Eigentum und ich werde meinen Namen in diesen einritzen!" ("Your ass is my property and I shall carve my name in it.")

"Oh ja! Je mehr du dich windest desto erregter werde ich." ("Oh yes! The more you squirm the hornier I get.")

"Verneig dich vor der Führerin!" ("Bow before the Führerin!")

"Uuuh Schatzi, hör nicht auf!" ("Uuuh honey, don't ever stop!"

Victory quotes

"Tell me! Who's you daddy and what does he do?"

"Crush your enemies, see them driven before you and hear the lamentation of their women."

"I've got some news for you're mine now, you belong to me!"

(while pressing the heel of her boot onto the enemy's head) "You want to fuck me? You want to fuck with me!? You're a pussy compared to me! A PUSSY!"

"You think you can take me? You need a fucking army if you gonna take me!"

"It's such a waste when pretty things get broken."

(while lighting a cigarette) "I'm Karin Rudel. You fuck with me, you fuckin' with the best!"

"You either die as a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain."

(makes the Nazi salute) "Sieg Heil mir selbst! ("Sieg Heil to myself!") Yes I'm THAT awesome!"

(sits on the enemy's chest and puts out the cigarette on the foe's face) "This darling is how we say "Good Game" in German."

"Don't be stupid, be a smartie, come and join the Nazi Partyâ™️¥ ^_^"

"You have been conquered!"

"Well, I'd love to stay in chat but you're a total bitch."


(sighs) "Back to da choppa I guess..."

"I'll be back..."

"Ergh! This sucks!"

"I shall raise from the ashes and one day achieve the Endsieg."

"Well crap! I guess this would be my Stalingrad..."

(dying)"I...have no regrets..."

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For the complete roster and updates check out the [url=]Index Astartes[/url:3duawh7q]


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