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Poll regarding Kayfabe rules of hentai in non-hentai matches.

Sat Oct 17, 2020 9:03 pm by Old_Man_Tai

So, one of the various different things we are looking to bring to the board soon, is an official list of "In-World Rules", to help with world building and such and just make clear what the in-story rules of the Friction and Tension leagues are.

One thing I've noticed that people seem to handle differently, is the idea of using hentai, as in fucking, groping, stimulation, anything actually involving touching privates and beyond just flirting/kissing/rubbing in non-hentai matches. Some seem to …

[ Full reading ]

Comments: 31

Need Debut matches/Simply looking for more

Tue Sep 08, 2020 11:19 pm by Void Effect

Got bunch of girls that need to debut, if anyone interested, PM me here or on Discord

Comments: 7

Looking for a match.

Thu Oct 08, 2020 10:11 pm by Old_Man_Tai

Simply put, looking to get Silver Ace two or three short, quick matches to set up her story for her Avalanche match.

Also if somebody knows how to use photoshop, have a favor to ask.

Contact me on Discord or PM if you are interested.

Would be willing to offer proper matches with other characters in trade if that's acceptable.

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Allison Watson

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Allison Watson Empty Allison Watson

Post by Bluemouse on Tue Apr 05, 2011 6:17 am

Name: Allison Watson
Full Name: Sarah Allison Watson
Division: Friction
Age: 27
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'9" (175cm)
Weight: 140lbs (64kg)
From: London, England
Entrance Music: Massive Attack - Paradise Circus
Allison Watson CPRvcao
Ready for battle:
Allison Watson Omuqkf5
At The Gym:
Allison Watson RWK1dF2
At The Beach:
Allison Watson 6mYfVQD
Age 18, experimenting on a look for her pro debut:
Allison Watson 28i537o
Full pic, lower quality:
Allison Watson BNlaHWv
Extended Family

Wrestling Information

Type: Friction

Style: Pro Wrestling, Dirty, and Submission focused.

Allison is a tall, very fit grown woman. Her size and fitness give her a strength advantage over smaller girls, and her experience can still give her the edge against bigger opponents. She is tough, mentally as well as physically, able to take a beating in a fight without breaking. Her biggest assets are her intelligence and her experience. She's a very savvy competitor, and while she doesn't go out of her way to break rules, she doesn't give them much thought at all.

Strategy: Allison fights smart. She takes time to assess her opponent and doesn't rush into anything haphazardly. She wants to break her opponent's will to fight, which invariably involves painful submission holds and humiliation.

She likes the contact and the control, but most of all on a very carnal level she loves feeling her opponents react and craves the moments when they wilt. She's not above winning by pinfall as she'd much rather win with a pin than lose any other way, but she craves submissions. She wants her opponent to know when they're beaten, and to be forced to admit it.

Preferred Attacks: Submissions. She is a very capable all around wrestler, but heavily favors submissions. Second to that she also regularly uses suplexes and slams, most notably the German suplex, sitout powerbomb, and backbreaker variations.

Preferred Matches: Singles. Occasionally mixed.

Favored moves:
-The standards: Camel Clutch and Boston Crab - for their broad range of variations.
-Crossface, ab stretch/octo, stretch muffler, anything involving a double toe hold or the word bodypress.
-Full Nelson - Standing she can use it to lift smaller opponents off their feet, seated she can add a bodyscissors, and from there she can roll her opponent onto their stomach and grind their face into the mat while making herself comfy on their back.

Finishing moves:
La Fin - Allison lifts the opponent by the waist or hips and tosses them straight up in the air, and brings them back down on her knee for a massive, tailbone-crushing, pussy-destroying atomic drop.


Allison is unpleasant, vain, and irresistibly sexy. She can be professional, courteous, sometimes even helpful, while still managing to be unpleasant. She has an indomitable will to succeed that is motivated by equal parts of vanity and spite. She seems as though she's always in control. She is deliberate and refined, and she moves with a grace that draws the eye along with her. Her voice is smooth like your third glass of wine, her even English accent can be soothing, but not calming.

She is almost completely devoid of humor. What little sense of humor she has is dry and dark enough that it manages to be unpleasant itself. She likes to go to the theater and she enjoys reading, but her more sensual side loves dance music and clubbing. She loves to find new pleasures and drink them up, but is disciplined enough not to over indulge and doesn't go so far as to come across as needy or desperate. She doesn't try to conceal the fact that she uses other people for her own enjoyment, and most often they don't seem to mind.

She is a fighter. She loves to fight, but mostly when she's winning. She loves a long, hard fought, sweaty, exhausting, dramatic scrap almost as much as she loves dominating them. She is driven to win; she can't bear the idea of losing.

Physical Appearance:
Allison's physique is nearly proportionally perfect. She is long, lean, and feminine, with a narrow waist, full breasts, voluptuous hips and long, sleek legs. Her body is always immaculate. She's never over or under weight, her hair is always exactly the way she wants it, her complexion is always perfect, her physique is always fit and toned without being overly muscular or masculine, and she's never seen without perfect make up.

Wrestling Attire:
She sometimes removes her vest and scarf before a match, depending on her mood and the seriousness of the match. Underneath, she wears a black bikini top that matches her skimpy bottoms and takes full advantage of her cleavage. The lines of the bikini just barely cover her nipples, and it's always held in perfectly in place. Under her bust the bikini has a thin white leather strap, like the belt on her bottoms, with a gold buckle in the front. Her bottoms are cut narrow in the front to show a little skin of her abdomen, the sides are thin to show her hips, and the back, while triangular, still shows much of her butt. Depending on her mood, she might leave the gloves on and she might take them off. It's rare for her thigh high buttoned-up-the-side boots to come off, usually only for special occasions.

Past/History: - Related Profiles!
Allison is the youngest of three daughters, born to a wealthy family in London, England. Her father was a very successful businessman, and the majority shareholder of a private equity firm that he founded himself. The company produces nothing and offers no useful services. It's only purpose is to buy other companies, rearrange them to make them as profitable as possible for a short time until their business practices cause the collapse of that company. Her father's company profits immensely, and then dumps their subsidiaries just as they begin their inevitable spiral. He taught her that the world belonged to the clever, and to those who were ruthless enough to take it. Strategy and perception and intelligence always beat the strong-willed, starry-eyed ideologue.

As the baby of her family, she was spoiled, and her two older sisters hated her for what they perceived as favoritism. The attention and adulation her father seemed to pour over her even made her own mother jealous. With her father absent most of the time, she spent her childhood surrounded by people who treated her with loveless civility. I was clear to her that in her own home she was unwanted, unliked, and resented. Her father, while he enjoyed her he only cared for her as much as she served his purposes.

In school, she always carried excellent grades. She got along with certain kinds of girls, those that were either as bitter and hateful as she was, or those that were weak-willed enough that they were drawn to her strength of personality. She never acted out on any rebelliousness within the confines of school. She, as usual, had other plans for that.

From age 16, without her family's knowledge, she started wrestling. Her first experience was with mud and oil wrestling in a seedy London club. With her already very adult body she drew little questions regarding her age. She was hooked from the first time. She barely knew what she was doing, but once she was down to her bikini the man she wrestled was putty in her hands, resisting just enough to make her work to subdue him. She loved the feeling. She wanted to get better, to be the best.

She sought out the other girls that worked the club scene and persuaded them to train with her. She wasn't well liked, and often they were more rough than they had to be, but she learned, she got better. By age 18 she was going to the gym regularly and wrestling 3 nights a week, and at that point she determined that the next step for her was the much grander stage of pro wrestling.

She easily found her way into a pro wrestling gym and trained hard. She found herself more at home there than anywhere else, where she was valued for her presence and strength of personality and sex appeal, and where she was somewhat expected to be a bit of a jerk. She made enough money wrestling at the clubs to pay for her gym fees and to put herself through college. She very quickly earned an MBA, and by that time she had made her pro wrestling debut at a local indie show.

Her early 20's were spent floundering in different business ventures and executive positions. She would find a way to make money and exploit it, but ultimately her interests laid more with wrestling than with business. The next step at that point was to make the flight to Japan and seek out a fitting organization to wrestle for. At age 25, she arrived in Japan, and found work managing the daily operations of a spa in a tourist resort. She learned the language and the customs, and after about a year decided she was ready to move on. She purchased the spa and hired a new general manager. She was quickly accepted by the AFW and signed onto the Friction roster.

Fun (Random) Facts:
-Allison's musical tastes represent a collision of her upper-class London upbringing and her self-serving sensual appetites. She loves the symphony, but also dance music, be it house, trance, drum n bass, or hip hop. Fearing that it might detract from her sophisticate image in certain situations, she generally keeps her musical tastes to herself.
-She is fluent in french, though she doesn't like to speak it much.
-She loves to read, especially poetry, and especially Keats and the french poets. While her bookshelf is stocked with classic literature and poetry, her nightstand usually carries a small pile of trashy romance novels.
-She wears reading glasses, but not where anyone can see her. Not because she doesn't think she looks good in them though. She knows she looks good in them. She doesn't want people to see her have to rely on something like glasses, thinking that it makes her appear weak.
-While she has extremely expensive tastes, she doesn't have all that much money. Certainly she lives comfortably, but once she became a pro wrestler her family cut her off. No more trust fund meant that she could no longer buy the next year's Mercedes every year, and her own business ventures have not yet brought her the endless riches that she was accustomed to growing up.
-Buried somewhere inside her is a romantic, but that side of her is kept constantly in check by her self-serving, ambitious, domineering side.
-Allison's oldest sister Katherine's oldest daugher Emily recently caught wind of Allison's career as a pro wrestler and has become infatuated with the idea. She's 16, the same age at which Allison started wrestling, and the ordeal has caused even more tension between Allison and her sister.

AFW Information

Wins:  4
Draws: 0

Loss vs Tatyina via KO due to Sleeper hold
Win vs Lu Jiao Jocelyn via KO due to breast smother
Win vs Chigusa Yuuki
Win vs Shauna O'Connor via pinfall
Win vs Bonnie Gastin via DQ due to interference from Clyde Gastin

Championships/Accomplishments: None!

Violate Placido - A friend in that they sometimes share common interests, but neither would require too much encouragement to stick a knife in the other's back.
Lu Jiao Jocelyn - An alliance built on mutual hatred and disdain. Jocelyn hero worships Allison, abhors her, and wants to destroy her. Allison uses Jocelyn as a despicable little attack dog.
Tatyina - Gave Allison a loss in her first match, and then befriended Allison's niece, putting her in a position where taking revenge would be too difficult. She puts on a diplomatic air when dealing with her.
Maricarmen - Allison dominated Maricarmen and tortured her physically and psychologically. She humiliated her, and sent her off down the path she's taken since.
Mercy Wrenn - Allison offered Mercy a job, and Mercy told her to stick it. Allison has since toyed with the idea of making her regret it.
Bonnie Gastin - See their match. Allison tortured her until Clyde had enough and ran in to make the save, and with some help from Jocelyn the two gave the Gastin family something to cry about for a long time.
Clyde Gastin - See above.

1. So Nice To Meet You... (w/ Violate) - Allison meets Violate and the two of them find their way to the gym for some fun. They pick out a poor, unsuspecting girl and Allison goes to work playing with her and sparring. Allison has no intention of playing nice, but when she attempts to dominate and break the girl she finds that there's more to the girl than it seemed. Allison finds herself on the receiving end of a beating, but with Violate's help she thoroughly avenges herself. The girl is left a mess in the ring, and Allison and Violate leave to get ready for a night out.
2. Match vs Tatyina
3. Wayward Souls (w/Tatyina and Emily)
4. Match vs Lu Jiao Jocelyn
5. Sappy (w/Jocelyn)
6. Red Wine and Pink Hair (w/Poison)
7. Hostage Situation (w/Jamie Valentine & Mercy Wrenn)
8. Concrete Poetry (w/Lu Jiao Jocelyn)
9. Poetic Concrete (w/Lu Jiao Jocelyn)
10. Match vs Chigusa Yuuki
11. London Calling (w/Addyson Queensbury)
12. The Lioness' Mouth
13. Match vs Shauna O'Connor
14. One Bird, Two Stones (w/Jocelyn & Dinah)
15. Only You To Come Back To
16. Match vs Bonnie Gastin (w/Jocelyn & Clyde)
17. Dream of the Red Chamber (w/Yi Lan & Violate Placido)
18. China Syndrome (w/Yi Lan)
19. What Makes You Tick (w/Clyde, Duffy, Bonnie, Poison, and Jocelyn)
20. Concrete Dreams (w/Jocelyn)
21. Intifada (w/Jocelyn & Bonnie) - Jocelyn comes to warn Allison that Yi Lan told Bonnie where to find her, and the Texan comes to visit the spa. Allison promises her a rematch if she can convince Yi Lan to leave AFW.
22. Not Cold Enough (w/Bonnie Gastin) - Bonnie comes back to talk to Allison, with Yi Lan still very much in AFW.
23. Summer Splash '14: Silver Ace & Valley Doll vs Allison Watson & Lu Jiao Jocelyn - Allison and Jocelyn step in as late replacements for the absent Hawk and Lioness.
24. The Strong, The Broken, The Weak (w/Jocelyn) - The match has led Allison to a disturbing realization about Jocelyn, and as a result she cuts the girl out of her life. Jocelyn doesn't take it well.
25. Bonnie Gastin vs Emily Clarkson (w/Allison, Clyde, Jocelyn, and Tatyina)
26. No Appointment Required (w/Clyde & Jamie)
27. Bonnie Gastin vs Lu Jiao Jocelyn
28. Yi Lan vs Allison Watson
29. Lion Hunting (w/Clyde & Bonnie Gastin) - The Gastins call out Allison again, and this time she answers.
30. Legal Counsel (w/Mercy) - Allison pays Mercy a visit, and the two exchange legal concerns.
31. Shark Tank (w/Mercy) - Mercy comes to discuss the plan with Allison. Allison gives her a nice tour of the spa. And stuff.
32. Contract Negotiations (w/Clyde, Mercy, Bonnie) - The four meet to iron out a rematch that would put an end to everything, a day after Allison discreetly send Clyde a video of her and Mercy having sex.
33. Cheshire (w/Violate) - Allison meets Violate for tea after her meeting.
34. Allison Watson vs Bonnie Gastin - Rematch, Mercy Wrenn as ref
35. Old Long Since( w/Duffy & Emily)
36. Rabbit Hole Recovery (w/Violate & Bonnie)
37. Eye For An Eye (w/Kagami & Mazzie)
38. The Rose And The Thorn (w/Jocelyn)
39. Allison Watson vs Bonnie Gastin - Contract Match - If Allison wins, she gets Emily's contract and can kick her out of wrestling entirely. If Bonnie wins, Allison and Jocelyn's contracts are in her hands...
Ground Rules (w/Bonnie)

Allison Watson TWAL6tL
Super Secret Pic:
Allison Watson YGnRoJq

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