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The Duel Seeker seeks duels!

Tue Aug 04, 2020 10:40 pm by Deus001

Hey all

So I'm getting back into the swing of things and want to discuss finding matches for Charlotte Harenwood. I'm open for discussions for both Friction and Tension and stuff.

You can send me a PM here or contact me on Discord. Stillwinston#3222

Hope to hear back! Smile

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Killer King

Tue Aug 04, 2020 10:36 pm by KillerV

Looking for female jobbers to face the beast!

Also, been having skin problems on my hands full of blisters, been slow at typing and recovering as I can, but yes, can contact me PM or Discord- Killer King#0165

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Looking for debuts and matches.

Mon Jul 27, 2020 8:26 pm by Old_Man_Tai

Looking to be more active around here, which means starting more matches.

Yay more matches!

For those interested:

Cami (will do hentai, but not for debut match)

Hiromi (No hentai)

Blazing Kitsune (no hentai)

All still need debut matches

I'm also accepting offers for matches against:

Kairi (will do hentai)

Dark Star Chaos (no hentai)

Grizzly (no hentai)

Feel free to PM me or find me on the Discord if any of those sound interesting, or if you have another match you want to suggest. …

[ Full reading ]

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Jeff vs the Real Amy

AFW :: Tension :: The Ring

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Jeff vs the Real Amy Empty Jeff vs the Real Amy

Post by amazonwrestleramy on Fri May 27, 2011 6:58 pm

Jeff vs Amy

jeff chara link

amy chara link

amazonwrestleramy: Amy stood in the ring.. Wearing her red topless one pice thong.. Her muscles looking hard as her breasts hang there.. Rubing my hands over my body. Pushing my breasts togetter "ooooooo any ya boys in back want to play with little old me" she licks her lips as her muscles flex. Her red lips giving off a pouting look.

thatoneguy77die: Jeff's music had hit the arena and would walk out, looking into the ring with an eyebrow cocked. He shrugged his shoulders and would walk down to the ring. He would slide in and would look on. "Alright, so what's the plan here lady? What are the conditions?" Jeff would ask, taking off his shirt in preperation.

amazonwrestleramy: She looked him over. Grining a little she walked up to him. Her breasts pushed agiest his chest as she looks him in the eyes.. " Anything hand to hand goses.. Geting the other to Submit, knock out, or cum. To win.. And big boy." One of her hands reach down and grab his groan softy " names amy.." She teases by rubing softy

thatoneguy77die: Jeff blushed a little, but then shook his head and smiled a little. "Alright, sounds good to me. Name's Jeff by the way." Jeff would say, thinking now would be a good time to strike early. He would try to snake his leg between hers and would attempt to trip her.

amazonwrestleramy: When she felt his leg snake around her leg she swang her head at his face trying to knock him down as she pushed agiest him trying to land on him.

thatoneguy77die: Jeff would feel her head crack against her face, and woud fall down, but as she attempted to fall on him he rolled over to let her hit the mat. He would then get to his knees and would attempt to send an elbow against her back.

amazonwrestleramy: She rolled just in time to miss hsi elbow. "Wow almost got me" she blew him a kiss as she fliped up and backed up. She waited giveing him time to get up before waveing at him to come at her
thatoneguy77die: Jeff's elbow had hit the canvas and had made a thud, it stung, but there wasn't any big damage done to the elbow. He would stand up and would look at her with a smirk. "Well, this is going to be a good match!" He said, he would rush at her, but would aim for a low kick to her shins.

amazonwrestleramy: "Ya it better.. I need a work out before I rape you". She rushed at him and when he when low she when over him. Her hands grabing his head to snap him back tring to slam the back of his head down

thatoneguy77die: Jeff was a bit shocked as she had rushed him, let alone did he think of her jumping his leg and grabing his head, smacking it down to the mat. He would though attempt to punch her across the face when he landed.

amazonwrestleramy: When he hit the mat she was on him. Grabing his hands and moving to a siting spot on his face so his nose was agiest her thong and her legs on each side of his head "now now play hard" still holding his hands she leaned down and rubed her face over his pants covered groan "time to wake up" she giggled

thatoneguy77die: Jeff was a little suprised at the girl, he didn't quite expect her to be this good, but he couldn't think of that right now, she was sitting on his face and was rubbing her face against groin. He was getting a little hard, but he would swing his knee up to try to bash her in the head with it.

amazonwrestleramy: She grunted when his knee hit her head. But she moved her legs so she could wrap them around his head and grinded her hips down tring to feel his nose beween her butt cheeks. When she did she would squeess her butt cheeks trying to cut off his air "ggrrr bitch" she biten down on his groan hard enough to show she was in contorl now.

thatoneguy77die: Great, Jeff was now in quite the predicament, his air was getting cut off by Amy's butt, but then he felt a sharp pain in his crotch, was she...biting it!? "MMPH!" He yelled as she bit down, he would start to swing his knee again and again, trying to get her off of him.

amazonwrestleramy: Each time his knee would hit her head her ass and legs would squess harder and she would bite harder.. Tho her head was hurting "aagg stop with the knees.. Ill take off makeing the other cum counts as they give up if ya let me strip ya unless you want me to bite ya again?" She didn't let up on her ass or legs "stop kneeing my head if ya agree before ya piss me off" she growls

thatoneguy77die: As she squeezed Jeff's neck had started to hurt, she squeezed again and bit harder every time he had hit her with a knee. He would have to keep going, aiming to swing his knee even harder then before, he would not stop until she got off of him.

amazonwrestleramy: She sat up leting go of his hands she eblowed his groan hard before leting him go and geting off of him. If her eblow stuned him she would move to his legs and start undoing his pants and try to pull them off

thatoneguy77die: Jeff thought he was in the clear, but then he felt his groin get pounded, damn it hurt! She would start to undo his pants, and he couldn't stop her from doing that, but he would attempt to stop her from taking his pants off by trying to kick her right above the groin.

amazonwrestleramy: She jumps back and grins "damn so close" she giggles and walks around him "did I brake your pecker??" She laughts at him

thatoneguy77die: Jeff would start to sit up, holding his crotch. "Nrrr, fuck you..." Jeff would say, standing up. She was pissing him off big time, but he would have to stay calm the best he could, not wanting to lose. He would run at the ropes and would bounce of them, attempting to hit her in the gut with a running knee.

amazonwrestleramy: "Aawww sorry this amazon plays too hard" she grins and just to be tough she didn't block his knee... Boy she didn't think it would be so hard so when it hit it knocked her to bend down and knocked some cockyness out of her stuned form the hit

thatoneguy77die: Jeff would grin and would bounce of another rope, running at her with a rising knee, attempting to catch her face with it. If it connected he would then try to dropkick her if she was still standing.

amazonwrestleramy: she stumbed back into the ropes hanging there like he was doing a lot of damage to her. Taking his drop kick and looking to be hanging in the ropes

thatoneguy77die: Jeff would watch as she was against the ropes, and would try to take advantage of this. He would backhand her against her chest, afterwords he would attempt to grab her left wrist and would try to whip her against the opposite ropes.

amazonwrestleramy: When he got close she grined and swang her legs up around his waist and squeses hard twisting to the side tring to bring him down. If he fell she would straddle him her legs wraped with his. Her hands grabing his hands and pining them above his head "try to slap my tits?? Bad bitch" she leaned down and starterd to titty slap his face hard with her breasts

thatoneguy77die: Jeff would be a bit shocked to say the least, as he was now on the ground and his hands were pinned above his head. It wasn't over there though, he then felt her breasts slapping him over and over again, it was like his first match again. Jeff would not just lay down though, he would raise his head and would attempt to bite down on her left breast.

amazonwrestleramy: She grined in pain and just droped her chest down covering his face as she moved her breasts around tring to get his face beween her breasts as she started to open her legs spreading his legs "bite me? Let's see how flexable you are" she started to spread hers and his legs open wider and wider

thatoneguy77die: Jeff had his head shifted between her breasts, and had his legs opening, which had hurt like a bitch. He would start to yell as his legs were spread apart. He would move his head to the side and would try to bite down on her breast again.

amazonwrestleramy: She open his legs as wide she she felt he could go and moans feeling him bite her breasts "mmmm ya that feels good" she started to try and spread his legs open wider

thatoneguy77die: Jeff was in shock, that was just turning her on? That was not good, that and his legs were getting spreaded wider. He had tried to bite down harder, but there was just one problem, he was losing air.

amazonwrestleramy: She moaned in lustful passtion. Feeling him stuggle and bite her breasts harder. She was loving this.. Tho she knew she had to make sure he dosent. Pass out or knock him out before her real fun. So she stoped spreading his legs tho kepting them open so he still feels pain and starts to move her chest around "ooo baby just relax and let this big amazon slut have her wait with your sexy body " she purred

thatoneguy77die: Jeff was still in an extreme amount of pain, legs stopped spreading or not it still hurt like a bitch. He would feel his head getting moved around, which made him lose his grip, and the movement was almost hypnotizing. He was getting a little more tired from the hold, but he was still in there.

amazonwrestleramy: "Mmmm were close but I need you helpless" she let go of his hands and wraped her arms around his head. Smothering him beween her breasts. Kepting his legs apart tring to wear him down to helpless for a little

thatoneguy77die: Jeff was happy that he had his arms, but not so happy that he was getting bent by Amy. He would try to fight back, punching her in the ribs in an attempt to get her off, but he was tiring himself out. Eventually if she didn't let go he would stop, but would not be knocked out, just helpless.

amazonwrestleramy: She when back to spreading his legs tring to get him to use his hands to stop her legs form opening his. By now his legs we're open like his ( so close to being open to a full splits. Her arms holding his face beween her chest. Her chest fully covering his face with no air being let in

thatoneguy77die: Jeff had been getting tired, his legs getting spread again and he wasn't getting air. Eventually his arms feel to the side and he was almost out, not knocked out, but he could not fight back.

amazonwrestleramy: After a fue mins she let up and grined "aaww baby just relax" she moved her legs back siting up leting his legs go. As she rubed her hands over his chest "you look hot" she grined and turned to face his feet. Her hand moveing to undo his pants and starts bend over pushing his pants and underwear off. But her breasts rubed agiest his groan and she moved her breasts so they rubed agiest his cock

thatoneguy77die: Jeff was breathing in deeply, extremely tired from the smother. He had felt her removing his pants and underwear, revealing his semi-hard cock. As she rubbed her breasts against his cock, it had gotten harder.

amazonwrestleramy: Once he was naked she grined "oo your beast likes this" she pushes her breasts hard around his cock and started to pump her breasts up and down on his cock giving him a hard titty fuck

thatoneguy77die: Jeff would start to moan at reciving a titty fuck from Amy, he was fully hard now, but this also felt painful due to all the treatment that he got from her earlier. He would start to get some air back, but would lay there for now.

amazonwrestleramy: She sat up and slaped his cock with her hand "mmm I got an idea" she got up and reached down grabing him by his hair and pulls him up. "Hehehe" she turns him and picks him up in a torcher rack. One hand around his neck and the other beween his legs "let me know what this dose for ya?? Dose it make you cum or give up first" she pulled down hard on his body that was on her shoulders. Her hand jacking him off as she grins tring to finishim him off

thatoneguy77die: Jeff did not see this coming at all, he got lifted up in the torture rack, and was bent down in the the rack, his back was in pain and was getting jerked off by the amazon. He would struggle around, not wanting to give up right now.

amazonwrestleramy: She grined squessing his cock hard and then drops to her knees tring to add more presser. The starts to stand up and do it again pulling his body down harder each time

thatoneguy77die: Jeff had felt his back get a really sharp pain in it. He then got the same pain again, and was also getting close to cumming. He would then start to tap his hand against her breast, signaling his surrender.

amazonwrestleramy: She loosed up but still held him up "not yet baby.. Mamma going to milk ya" she moved her hand faster and faster tring to make him cum tho she already won

thatoneguy77die: Jeff had started to pant as he was getting pumped, it was humiliating to say the least, losing his second match and was getting milked after his loss. He soon moaned loudly, cumming from her handjob.

amazonwrestleramy: Laughing feeling him cum and squeezes his cock hard. "Good boy" she droped him on to the mat and pushed him onto his back. Her foot on his face as she looks at the cama man "mmmm hey you people who watched me brake and play with this cutey. Guess what.. Soon me. The real amazon wrestler amy is coming to afw.. So be ready.. My man merrick may have maded my chara and used it for a fue matchs but this time it was all ME. So be ready, I'm coming for you.. "

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