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I'm back

Wed May 20, 2020 4:48 am by Ragdoll_Jobbers

Hey everyone! I'm back. My grandparents are safe now and I have been able to get some free time again. I look forward to RPing and talking with everyone again.

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Cicilia De'Reignhardt: Looking for a Match

Tue May 19, 2020 10:41 pm by Cicilia


Looking for a match for my main German Juggernaut: Cicilia De'Reignhardt!

Match Type: Up for discussion! (Minus hentai)

Who wins: Up for Discussion!

Cicilia's Profile:

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Hoping for some matches

Sat May 09, 2020 9:32 am by anime_hentaifighter

Hoping to find some more matches here. Send me a message if interested

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Amy vs Nathan- Debut

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Amy vs Nathan- Debut Empty Amy vs Nathan- Debut

Post by snappleR on Fri Jan 23, 2009 9:22 am

Single Fall- Victory obtained by 3-count pin, submission, forced orgasm, or knockout.

Nathan walked out of the Arena, still dazed. The tenuous confidence he had built up over the last few days had completely shattered. These fighters were vicious; he’d heard about the risks, but to actually hear a person’s rib break is far different from simply reading about it. His years of boxing and basic submission hold training seemed laughable now. Though thus shaken, Nathan considered his decision to scout the Arena beforehand a good one. He had a lot of work to do before he’d feel ready to officially step into the ring. He pulled a map out of his backpack, consulted it, then jogged to the gym.

Amy was already there, casually engaging herself in a heavy bag workout. Her approach to the AFW was far more relaxed, true to nature. What good would it do to see how strong everyone else is, she’d reasoned. The important thing is to build myself up so that I can take ‘em down when I need to. Why get all worried beforehand?

The gym was not outstanding, but it was still all fascinating to Amy. It took some very uncharacteristic self-restraint for Amy not to run around and play with the various machines. But it simply would not have been Amy if she hadn’t enthusiastically somersaulted into the pool fully-clothed on first sight. After catching an earful from the lifeguard, Amy had changed into her black shorts and white sports bra and begun her workout.

Nathan changed into his black workout attire in the locker room. He stepped out into the gym. He, too, approved of the gym, and of the swimming pool, though his reaction to the indoor pool was not nearly as energetic as Amy’s was. He had a look around. It was a simple gym, but Nathan knew that AFW members didn’t need equipment to stay in shape. The people who were working out seemed focused enough, but closer inspection revealed quick, furtive glances toward the locker rooms and the gym entrance, betraying a greater interest in social spars than individual workouts.

Then his eyes saw Amy, and they stopped; Nathan could tell who she was through her boxing gear. They were childhood friends before they were school friends, before they became more than school friends. They’d swapped v-cards 2 years prior, after each confessed a passion for wrestling. They’d practiced with each other, pushing each other forward, until they fell out of contact after Amy finished school early to see the world. To see her here and now (in Japan, no less!) was an unexpected shock to Nathan.

Nathan approached her carefully. “Excuse me…”

Amy was relieved. She’d been here nearly an hour already, but no one was offering a challenge. What was going on? She wasn’t unattractive; far from it. True, she was on the small side and had no real curves to speak of. But she was all spunk, and displayed her girlish figure with confidence. She was strong for her size, (though still generally weaker than heavier, bigger wrestlers) and had all the energy of an excited puppy. Her blonde hair fell to her shoulders when it wasn’t tied up, and she had blue eyes that encouraged friendly conversation. In normal circumstances, she’d have no problem making the first move, but she’d heard that the guys here moved quick, flirted shamelessly, and had the amazingly attractive ability to smile before, during, and after a beatdown, so she’d contented herself with waiting. So far she had been disappointed.

Until now, that is. Now that she was being challenged, Amy had a plan. She ignored the first advance, continuing to box, hiding a small smile. She’d wait until the third attempt, then spin around in anger, shouting what?! and the guy would be so surprised that he’d fall on his butt- no, to his knees, like a defeated dog- to the floor, then she’d stroll over to him all confident and sexy and then…

“Amy!” Hearing her own name surprised her, and she fell into the bag. She turned around, confused, and saw Nathan’s face. She squealed, “Nathan! Oh my god, how are you?”

They hugged. “How have you been? What have you been up to?” Amy asked.

“Never mind that,” Nathan said quickly. “What are you doing here?”

“Working out, obviously.” She made a show of flexing her biceps. “Let’s sit and talk.”

“Have you been keeping it up?” Amy asked. Nathan nodded noncommittally, opening a fresh can of Pocari Sweat. They were sitting on a bench now, backs to the wrestling ring. “How about you?” he asked, offering his friend the beverage.

Amy took off her headgear and nodded. “I joined a gym, and I’m learning how to box, too.” Amy received the can and took a long drink.

Nathan sat silently, thinking. Then he asked, “What brings you to the AFW?”

Amy shrugged, cheeks bulging, mouth full of Japanese sports drink. She swallowed. “I like fighting, and I like sex, and this is the best place I can find to do both. I want to do as much of the two as I can before I get too old to have this kind of fun without getting hurt. What about you?”

Nathan looked away. “Yeah, me too.”

Sensing that Nathan didn’t feel like talking, Amy suddenly stood up. “Hey, how’s about a match, huh? We can have our first official AFW fight against each other. And we can use our own rules, for old time’s sake.”

Nathan looked up and smiled. “They have different rules here, Amy. And technically, this wouldn’t be a real match. We’d be sparring.”

“I know, but… okay, whatever. Come on! Let’s fight! Old time’s sake! Winner by 3 count pin, submission, knockout, or orgasm.”

Nathan sighed. “There’s no way I’ll win if it comes down to sex.”

“That’s why we put in the knockout rule, remember? You hit harder than I do.”

“You know I don’t feel right striking a girl.”

“I know.” Amy grinned.

Nathan threw her an exasperated look, but Amy was fired up. She was excited to see a familiar face; Amy was extremely sociable, and though she believed that she’d have no trouble making friends, it felt good to have a close friend from the start.

Nathan was glad too, but he didn’t show it. He made a show of resignation. “Fine. But if you beat me by jacking me off, you’re a pussy.”

“Charming,” Amy rolled her eyes. She pulled off the rest of her gear- her gloves and her wraps- and turned towards the ring.

They climbed in. Amy scampered over the top rope, Nathan rolled in. While Nathan stretched, Amy strode purposefully to the center of the ring.


“145, now.” Nathan hopped back and forth, warming up.

“Really? Wow, okay… PACKED WITH ONE-HUNDRED AND FORTY-FIVE POUNDS OF 100% AMERICAN GOODNESS… FROM EL PASO, TEXAS, IT’S NATHANIEL WEED!” Nathan raised his arms, showing love to the imaginary crowd. Amy passed the invisible mike. “They adore you,” she said, awestruck.

Nathan lowered his voice to a rumbling baritone. “AND IN THIS CORNER… STANDING AT FIVE FOOT FOUR, WEIGHING IN AT A LOVELY ONE-HUNDRED AND…” he glanced hesitantly at Amy, who stood with her arms crossed, amused. “…ONE HUNDRED POUNDS… FROM LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA…SHE’S THE ORIGINAL CALIFORNIA SUN GODDESS, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, AMY POFORD!” Amy leapt around the ring, blowing kisses to the empty benches and gym windows. When she got close to Nathan, she whispered, “I’m 115. But thanks.” Nathan smiled. Sparring with Amy always a good time.

Once they were ready, they faced each other, gave exaggerated bows, and yelled, “Ding!” just as they had when they fought two years prior.

Nathan didn’t expect Amy to come on strong right off the bell, so he was completely caught off guard when Amy’s right hook smashed him in the jaw.

Nathan staggered backwards, and caught two more quick blows to his chin. Nathan’s instinct kicked in; he lunged forward and caught Amy in a hug, wrapping his arms underneath her armpits and holding her to his chest, looking more for a chance to recover his senses than for a submission.

Amy, however, was not interested in granting Nathan any respite. When she felt Nathan wrap his arms around her back, she fell backwards, and, despite giving up 30 pounds on her opponent, Amy was able to use Nathan’s forward momentum to bring Nathan toppling to the mat. Without missing a beat, Amy wrapped her legs around Nathan’s midsection while forcing his head down with her hands.

While Amy normally tried to give off a laid-back, perpetually unfazed impression while fighting, she allowed herself a small, satisfied smile. All he could see of her now was her navel, anyway. “You’re not supposed to call girls pussies, Nathan,” Amy lectured, slowly adding more pressure.

Grunting, Nathan struggled, freeing his head from Amy’s hands, but he couldn’t extricate himself from her legs. Somehow, Nathan managed to pull his arms out from under Amy and get to his knees. He took careful, measured breaths- this wasn’t his first time in a body scissors, after all- and tried to gain control of Amy’s hands. They grappled, and Nathan finally managed to catch her wrists.

Nathan stood up, with Amy still securely fastened around his sides, then suddenly fell forward into the mat, slamming Amy down in a clumsy powerbomb. Amy coughed, surprised, her breath briefly knocked from her lungs. Then she felt her stomach lurch as Nathan dropped her again. And again. It took 5 slams for Amy’s stubborn legs to become loose enough for Nathan to pry them apart and escape the hold.

Nathan stood up and discretely nursed his sore sides, courteously waiting for Amy to stand. Amy remained on the mat, taking a second to catch her breath, before springing back to her feet. After Amy regained her footing, Nathan lunged, reaching out with his arms, trying to grab Amy’s head and apply a headlock, but Amy ducked out of the way. Then, leaning in towards Nathan’s lumbering body, Amy straightened her knees and stood straight up, countering Nathan’s awkward tackle with a devastating uppercut through his reaching arms.

She scored a spectacular direct hit. Nathan’s head snapped up, but his body kept moving forward, nearly falling on top of Amy. He sprawled on the mat, stars exploding across his vision. As he valiantly tried to get back up, Amy attacked again, executing a running one-handed bulldog. Nathan’s face crashed into the mat, and he was back on the ground.

Nathan’s thoughts were momentarily scrambled, and for a brief moment, all he could think about was the feel of the mat on his cheek- cold, he thought. Then he vaguely felt himself being hauled up to a standing position. Nathan’s knees wobbled, and he had to be helped upright a second time. Then he heard annoyed murmurs- Can you say that again? Nathan thought dully- before he slid down again, not unconscious, but certainly in no shape to continue the fight right away.

“You haven’t been keeping it up!” Amy accused, as Nathan fell back to the mat. Nathan stubbornly pulled himself up on all fours, trying to get the cobwebs cleared from his mind. It was cute, in a way, the way Nathan shook his head trying to get a grip, but Amy’s frustration quickly chased her affection out. In the old days, Nathan would have taken that same amount of abuse and more in stride- and might even have pulled off the win in the end, all the while never throwing a punch or kick. The Nathan she faced now was out of practice and had forgotten how to take blows, though he was not necessarily out of shape. Amy waited another ten seconds before getting impatient.

“Was it the uppercut?” Amy wondered aloud as she grabbed Nathan by his thick, black hair. “I guess taking lessons really does make a difference.” She dragged Nathan over to a corner and stood him up. Then she leapt up, grabbed the ropes, and scissored his midsection again, wrapping her feet deftly around the post.

The sudden squeeze cleared up the rest of Nathan’s nearly refocused mind. Suddenly aware, he glanced down and saw that the situation was not good. His arms were trapped against his sides in Amy’s vice, and, with his back so tight against the post, he had no chance of escaping with slams. He began to squirm, and Amy was delighted.

“Welcome back!” Amy pushed herself up, squeezing tighter. Nathan kept his mouth shut, trapping the involuntary groan of agony behind his teeth. He continued to fight, but the repeated assaults on his sides were taking their toll. Amy was right. He had been out of practice for some time now, and it was becoming apparent. Still, he fought, and with perseverance and a little slippery sweat, Nathan worked his right arm free. With renewed energy, he tried to free his other arm, but Amy simply flexed her legs. He would have to make do with his one arm. But how?

Nathan tried to push Amy off, but Amy was too well conditioned for his feeble attempts to have any effect. In desperation, he even grabbed at her small 32B breasts (Nathan’s normally quite reserved, but, hey, this was Amy), but Amy just laughed, too focused on her imminent knockout to respond in kind. His breaths became short, and Nathan started to panic. In his total helplessness, Nathan let basic survival instinct take over.

“Jesus, Nate!” Amy slid off the post and turned away from Nathan, her hand flying to her aching nose.

Nathan collapsed. “Sorry! Sorry! Are you alright?” he coughed. His body was gasping for air, but he didn’t notice. Nathan was mortified. He punched a girl in the nose?

Nathan stood up, dizzy, sore, and out of breath, but too concerned to care. He followed Amy to the center of the ring and put a gentle hand on her back. “Are you alright?” He asked again.

Amy sighed, looking at the blood on her fingers. She was embarrassed too. Her cursing was an involuntary reaction, due more to surprise than anything else, but it was her intention to maintain a stoic but friendly exterior during all fights. Was an unexpected attack all it took for her to break character?

“Let me go get you a wet towel,” He started for the locker rooms.

“Wait.” He turned around.

She gingerly pinched the bridge of her nose. “I don’t think it’s broken. Let’s keep going.”

“What, are you crazy?”

“What, so then do I lose the match? No, we go until one of us gives up, sleeps, cums, or gets pinned.”

Nathan knew she wouldn’t concede the point. “Let’s at least wait until you stop bleeding then.”

Amy waved away Nathan’s concern. “In a real match, I’d already have lost. You don’t stop the show for a bloody nose, Nathan.”

“Still…” Nathan wrung his hands, trying to think of a way to treat her, while saving her pride. “I don’t want to get blood on my hands and clothes.”

Amy rolled her eyes. “It’s okay, Nathan, really. I was just surprised is all. You’ve never hit me before, and I wasn’t ready for it.”

Nathan hung his head. “But just let me say one thing…” Nathan looked up.

Amy was smiling, but her eyes were cold. “If you hold back now, I’ll kill you.”

Nathan stood still, then unsure of himself, slowly brought his hands up in a boxing position.

Amy smiled, her nose still bleeding, and assumed a wrestler’s stance. “Come on, buddy.”

They stood at the ready, each willing the other to move first. Then Nathan threw a half-hearted left …

…And they were on the ground again. Amy paused, then, releasing him from her armbar, quickly scrambled to Nathan’s head to execute a north-south choke, crushing Nathan’s neck with her left bicep. Through the pain, Nathan could hear Amy ask quietly, “Are you holding back?”

“Ngghnn…no.” Nathan lied. Amy slapped Nathan’s solid stomach with her right hand and let him go. She stood up, angry, but well in control of her expression. Nathan followed soon after.

Amy wiped her nose and looked at her hand. The nose had stopped bleeding. “I’m serious, Nathan. If you hold back, I'll kick you in the balls. You need to learn how to throw punches at girls. You’re not going to win anything by being a knight here.” Nathan looked down at his feet, like a guilty child. Amy was frustrated.

“Fine, then just stand there and let me teach you.” Nathan looked up, confused. “This is pro wrestling, Nathan. If somebody backhands you across the chest-” Amy lifted her arm and smacked Nathan across his chest. Nathan flinched. “-you’d better slap them right back.” Amy waited. Nothing from Nathan. Amy moved on.

“If somebody punches you in the throat-” Amy pulled back and delivered a straight punch to Nathan’s Adam’s apple. Nathan stepped backwards, bending over, coughing, and grasping at his throat. “-by God, you’d better have the balls to retaliate.” Amy put her hands on her hips, waiting. Still, Nathan made no move to do so. Amy gave up.

“Finally,” she put her hands on Nathan’s shoulders, straightening him up. “if somebody wants to put a knee in your groin,” Amy paused. Nathan tensed up, but didn’t try to escape. Amy sighed, and rocketed her knee upwards.

Strong hands grabbed her accelerating knee, then threw it down again. Then Amy was launched backwards by a sudden force just above her chest, just below the neck. She landed on her back a few feet behind where she had just been standing. She pulled herself to a sitting position and looked up, and saw Nathan, arm still outstretched from the punch he had just executed.

Nathan, still feeling guilty, asked, “Are you sure about this?”

Amy grinned. She got up, one leg at a time, rubbing the area where she got punched. Then she walked over to Nathan and took his hand.

“Hi, I’m Amy. It’s nice to meet you.” She gave his hand two brisk pumps. “Let’s get serious.”

They retreated to opposite corners, then stepped forward to meet again in the center of the ring.

It’s like fighting a different person, Amy thought. Nathan, it appeared, by no longer treating Amy like a delicate piece of china, was much faster and had much more complex footwork. Even Amy, whose fighting style was based mostly on speed and techniques, had trouble keeping up. Though Nathan had yet to unleash a serious combo, the tracer punches he was shooting were strong enough to have Amy rethink her strategy. I can’t box him all day, Amy thought. I have to get him on the ground and close up those fists.

All Nathan could think was, She’s a guy, she’s a guy, she’s a guy…

Finally, Nathan summed up the courage to let loose. He swung a left hook much too high, and Amy stepped in to capitalize, taking the bait. Letting his left arm carry his body around, Nathan inflicted a powerful right elbow smash on Amy’s right cheek bone. Amy stumbled far to the left and took hold of the ropes, her legs suddenly unreliable. Nathan swooped in, scooping her up then dropping her, back first, onto Nathan’s waiting knee.

To her credit, Amy didn’t utter a sound. She bounced off Nathan’s leg and flopped pitifully onto the mat, closing her eyes and clenching her jaws against the pain, all in impressive silence. Nathan leaned down and pushed down her shoulders to secure the pin, simply unwilling to hurt her further, but Amy got a shoulder up before Nathan could even start the count. Finally, Nathan got up and waited for her to recover, unable to shake the feeling that he’d committed some awful crime.

Less than half a minute passed. Amy was sore but ready to take another hit. But she remained on the ground. She sat up. “Why aren’t you coming after me?” she asked. Nathan looked away.

Amy clicked her tongue. “A true boy scout, this one. Absolutely no killer instinct. I’m sure when all those victories slip through your fingers, when you’re saddled with a perfect loss record, everyone will be talking about how much of a gentleman and not what a sorry excuse for a fighter you are.” Amy stared into Nathan’s face, which still refused to meet her eyes. “I said not to hold back on me, didn’t I? Get down here and make me submit, you pussy.”

Nathan crossed his arms, sighed, shuffled his feet, but and continued to avoid Amy’s stare. Finally, Nathan crouched down and motioned for her to get onto all fours. Amy, appeased, did as she was told.

Nathan hesitated, then he grabbed her shoulders and pushed her roughly to the mat. Then, arranging her so that she was on her knees, he applied a clean sleeper hold, draping his right arm casually across the front her shoulders and using his left hand to gently press her neck against his bicep.

Amy hadn’t expected the shove, so she lost precious seconds assessing what had happened before realizing her predicament. Sleeper! Amy grasped at Nathan’s arm, but couldn’t bring separate it from her neck. Her vision blurring by the second, she tried to rock back and forth, looking to unbalance her standing foe, but Nathan’s hand on the back of her head prevented such a counter. She could feel the blood in her brain grow stale. Feeling faint, Amy tried a different tactic.

It was almost too soft to hear. Then it came again, a sigh, and then a moan, clearly one of immense desire. Nathan froze, then relaxed. “Nice try, Amy, but you know that one stopped working on me a long…”

But the faux sounds of pleasure still had their intended effect. While Nathan spoke, distracted, Amy threw her head back hard against Nathan’s hand, relieving the pressure on her neck. Then, in a blink of an eye, she maneuvered her head forward and right to escape Nathan’s left hand, then back again to inflict a sharp head butt on Nathan’s chin. Nathan reeled slightly, but didn’t release the rest of the hold.

Not that she needed him to. Taking advantage of her opponent’s momentary lapse in concentration, Amy struggled to her feet. She stepped out, breaking the hold, then threw Nathan bodily to the floor. Wasting no time, Amy kicked him over and straddled his back, launching punches at his head. “This- is- how- you’re- supposed- to- fight!” Nathan bucked her easily off, and Amy fell hard on her back. As he tried to stand, however, she kicked out at the back of his knees, causing him to fall again. Displaying her formidable energy, she kipped up, then fired a knee at the back of Nathan’s head as it fell.

Nathan crashed to the mat hard, his hands cradling his ringing skull. Amy continued her merciless assault, performing an elbow drop to Nathan’s forehead. Then she dragged him to the edge of the ring by his armpits, positioning him so that his head was hanging off the side of the ring. Then she spit into her hands, getting ready to end the spar.

Nathan was right; he had no hope of winning a sexfight against Amy. While Nathan had reasonable sexual endurance, Amy saw sex as a competition. It was a workout for her, a game she played dispassionately and ruthlessly. An orgasm, to her, was an admission of defeat, a submission of her mind to her body’s primal desires. And she hated to lose.

So it was over as soon as she reached into Nathan’s shorts and began stroking Nathan’s cock. Her thighs were wrapped securely around Nathan’s head, and she had threaded her lower body above the bottom rope to make sure he couldn’t roll over and break her hold. It would have been illegal in an official match, but this wasn’t an official match.

Even through his groggy thoughts, Nathan felt obliged to stimulate Amy’s sex through her shorts, which was just within his tongue’s reach. He knew that she was giving him this chance on purpose. She could have easily chosen to wrap her legs around his neck instead, and he’d be completely helpless. But Nathan knew that Amy would feel her victory was cheapened if she won through sexual stimulation without offering her opponent the chance to dish it out as well.

It was quiet for a while, then, inevitably, Nathan climaxed. Then it was quiet again. Nathan passed out from exhaustion. Amy pulled him into the ring and sat beside him, waiting for him to wake up.

It wasn’t long before he came to, but Nathan’s eyes stayed shut. “My mouth tastes like nylon,” he complained.

“Aww, is that right? Poor baby,” Amy teased. Amy tickled Nathan’s ribs through his shirt, which caused him to double up and squirm.

“Stop, Amy! Haha- If- haha- if people see you…” Nathan rolled away from Amy’s skittish hands and sat up. He glared at her. “Don’t tickle me where people can see, or I’ll never have a fair match in this league.” Then, with an odd look, he looked down.

“Damnit, Amy, would it have killed you to take off my shorts before you started?” Disgusted, Nathan stood up and waddled awkwardly to the men’s locker room. Amy watched him go. The other gym patrons stopped their workouts to stare at the unfortunate young man, then at the lovely girl kneeling in the ring from which he had come.

“Hi there,” Amy smiled and waved. “We’re just friends.”

Winner: Amy by Forced Orgasm

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Amy vs Nathan- Debut Empty Re: Amy and Nathan- Debut

Post by snappleR on Fri Jan 23, 2009 9:28 am

(Note: This is my first time RPing. I wrote the story for Amy and Nathan's first AFW match myself because I found it a lot easier to show their personalities this way than on the rosters. Also, I put this here instead of at the SW gym because it didn't seem fair that a non RP match would mess with the points system. Anyway, nice to meet y'all, and happy RPing!)

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