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Summer Splash start date reminder

Tue Jun 30, 2020 7:13 pm by Old_Man_Tai

Summer Splash starts on July 15th this year.

After the poll that was taken, we decided to push SS back a little this year, to give people more time to get stories together given the pandemic.

With July around the corner, we decided to give a couple extra weeks and start SS halfway through July, just to give people some more time.

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Coming Back?

Wed Jun 24, 2020 7:38 pm by Lotuswarrior

I've been thinking of coming back, but I want to focus on a single character to promote some development. Looking back at what I've done, I've been thinking about how I did things and how I've could've made them better.

Not saying I've greatly improved while I've been away, but I think that most people will at least notice some improvements in my future matches or roleplay events. I have a few characters that I want to truly focus on using, but the others will probably be deleted or turned …

[ Full reading ]

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Burned out

Mon Jun 22, 2020 6:21 pm by Harrier

I really tried to keep on my one post per week policy and sat in front of my posting sheet for hours. But right now, I just canĀ“t pick myself up.

I guess I need a break.

Sorry to all my posting partners. I hope that i can pick up some steam again in the future and post then and when.

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Welcoming back the Submission Queen (Tasha and Natalia)

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Welcoming back the Submission Queen (Tasha and Natalia) Empty Welcoming back the Submission Queen (Tasha and Natalia)

Post by Kelsea on Wed Feb 18, 2009 11:06 pm

psychopatrick88: Tasha stepped into the locker room with a nostalgic sigh, glad to be back in the AFW. She steps towards the shower stalls, humming casually to herself as she begins to drop her cloak and strip off her corset, feeling a nice hot shower would do wonders for her body right now.

kelseakk: Natalia came in shortly behind her, she had caught word that Tasha was back around on AFW after having been on extended holiday for some time... And now then she had seen her and followed her here to the shower rooms. Now that she had her alone, she locked the shower room doors so they wouldn't be disturbed and walked in quietly. As Tasha removed her corest, Mistress Natalia stepped up behind her and slid her hands up to grasp two handfuls of her bust as she pressed her body closely behind Tasha "Guess who.." She said, it was actually a stunt that someone like Belinda might pull off

psychopatrick88: Tasha had just dropped her corset when she felt someone covering her breasts. She was a little surprised at first, then thought of who it might be and chuckled a little. "Hmmm... Could it be my favorite french erotic bombsh-" She stopped when she turned her head and saw who it was. "...Oh." She said. She didn't exactly seem happy to see the mistress, but she didn't exactly seem hostile towards her either. She wasn't quite sure what to think of this.

kelseakk: "What..?" She said, placing one hand on her hip.. She was kited out in her typical ring attire, black trousers held up by suspenders that was the only thing covering her nipples, and then that same hat... "You don't sound pleased to see me after all this time..." she said with a slight smile

psychopatrick88: Tasha smirks a little. "Well, after humiliating me twice, dunking my face in a toilet bowl, using your slave to save yourself in the middle of what should've been a fight between two mistresses, you'll have to forgive me if I have trouble digging up a tear for you. Heh. Despite all that though, I suppose it is nice to come across you once more. So I guess you aren't Marie's pet anymore?"

kelseakk: "Yes that was a fun time.." Natalia said as Tasha recapped her on what happened on their previous two encounters. Natalia eyebrow twitched slightly at the suggestion about Marie though. "I was never anyone's pet... And you simply can't get snippish, the first thing I said when I met you was that you made enemies of people who made powerful friends... As for our second run in, well, you ask for that one yourself."

psychopatrick88: Tasha snorted a little bit. "That second one you were mine, hun. No buts about it. I had you on your knees and what did you do? You stooped down and made your slave help you out instead of accepting your defeat. I do not see you as a friend, and defending yourself is only making it worse." She declared, crossing her arms underneath her bare breasts.

kelseakk: Natalia equally snorted "That is fine, I never offered you friendship.. only pain." She brought her gloved hand to the bottom of her lip "I did think you would have cracked by now... I wondered if after our last match as you disappeared for a lengthy while, whether you had broken and decided to give up on your career here altogeather. I do like breaking people... it seems somewhat different in this case, and now seeing that you are back does not fill me with disappointment." Natalia made a amused "Hmm" noise and waved her hand as if trying to dismiss a thought she was dwelling on... "Don't think to readily that I am going soft... Perhaps it is simply that love is pain and I do enjoy giving people that kind of 'love', particularly you I have noticed..."

psychopatrick88: Tasha merely smirked, keeping her arms crossed. "Never insinuated that you were. Oh, and don't think that my going on vacation has made my body any softer either. If anything, it's toughened up a bit since our last little tussle. Hmm... speaking of which, where is that lovely little slave of yours? Always found her to be rather cute."

kelseakk: Natalia didn't make the obvious implication that "a slut would find interest in a fellow slut." instead her response was conservative "...In that case, I will take that as a compliment to my taste... She is back at my place, I do not take her with me all the time."

psychopatrick88: "I see..." She nodded, then looked up at her. "So.. was there a point in following me into the showers, or was this pretty much it?"

kelseakk: "Well... I was considering attacking you seems this was the place of our first clash..." She moved uncomfortably close to Tasha, her breasts brushing against her's and perhaps reminding Tasha alarmingly to the fact that she was almost naked and her body vulnerable... "Kind of for old times sake." She smirked slightly "I also consider having my way with you as a welcome gift from my heart to you... But perhaps that would be the same as attacking you. But perhaps instead there is a serious question you could answer me"

psychopatrick88: Tasha didn't seem to mind her approaching her, smirking as her bare breasts rubbed against her almost-bare ones. She stayed calm, locking eyes with her. "Which is?"

kelseakk: Natalia noticed that Tasha didn't back away from the physical contact as Natalia moved up nice and close, even though her question had nothing what so ever to do with her approaching Tasha. "Why does Marie hate you so..?"
psychopatrick88: Tasha smirked a little. "The same reason you're attracted to me, roughly." She replied calmly.

kelseakk: "Oh, so you presume that I am attracted to you...?" She said, despite the fact that she was pressed up against her right now

psychopatrick88: "Well I doubt you're checking if there's something in my eyes." She replied with a small smirk. "Anyways, it's only part of the reason. She thinks she's better than me, and tries to prove it, but I shut her down every time... until she decided to find help."

kelseakk: "Hmm..." She said softly and slowly slipped back away from Tasha, her nipples gently flashing with Tasha's as she moved "I see..." She said swipping her hand against her hair. "Well then, I must be going now..." Natalia would turned to leave

psychopatrick88: Tasha smiled a little at her. "What would you say to an open and honest rematch? outside grudges aside, no interferences, just you and me, as rough as we can be. We could even both start out with a crop whip in our boots. Oh. And loser has to kiss the winner's boots... or feet if they end up stripped off in the fight."

kelseakk: She stopped for a moment "Hmm.. perhaps.. we'll see. I thought you knew by now that theres no such thing as an honest match against me though.."
psychopatrick88: Tasha smirked a little. "Oh, I know there will be dirty fighting. I just request no interferences is all." She said.

kelseakk: Natalia smirked slightly, looking over her shoulder "We'll see.." Although smirking, she seemed to have quite a bit on her mind. If Tasha has nothing else to say, she will then take her leave.

psychopatrick88: Tasha smiled, leaving it at that, allowing her to leave before shutting the stall door behind her and locking it as she undressed fully and began to shower.

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