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Need Debut matches/Simply looking for more

Tue 8 Sep 2020 - 18:19 by Void Effect

Got bunch of girls that need to debut, if anyone interested, PM me here or on Discord

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Poll regarding the possibility of Mods booking PPV matches.

Fri 23 Oct 2020 - 20:43 by Old_Man_Tai

So, basically, was wondering all of your thoughts regarding the possiblity of mods booking ppv matches.

The thought was, since people often seem to have trouble finding partners for ppv matches until the last minute or so, what if the mod team was to step in and, well in advance of the show, book the show ourselves, and try to put together the best matches we can, including title defenses, no.1 contender matches, and so on and so forth?

While I doubt our more popular members need such a …

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General Avalanche Reminder

Fri 23 Oct 2020 - 16:21 by Old_Man_Tai

General Reminder: Friction PPV Avalanche goes live on December 1st: So if you need to do any promos or build up for your Avalanche matches, you should be focusing on that now. You are allowed to do such things over Discord and then post them after if it helps get them done faster so matches have proper build up.

Also, if you are looking to get on the ppv, and have a partner and match set up, (or can do so quickly), contact me to let me know what match you are doing on the show.

If you have …

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Tatsuki Le Feuvre

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Tatsuki Le Feuvre Empty Tatsuki Le Feuvre

Post by Cy_Man on Thu 7 Feb 2013 - 21:44

Name: Tatsuki "Eva" Le Feuvre
Nicknames: Tatsu, Suki, Peanut (by Taylor Parker), Tat
Alias: The Super Athlete
Sex: Female
Age: 20
Birthday: June 15th
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Height: 5'2
Weight: 105 lbs
Nationality: British/Japanese
Alignment: Face

Entrance music
Buzy - Be Somewhere
Short version of Be Somewhere

For Title matches, PPV matches or special occasion matches:

Nana Mizuki - Fearless Hero

For matches on the day of Claude's death:

Nana Mizuki - Scarlet Knight
Short version of Scarlet Knight

Tatsuki was born in London, England to a family of highly trained acrobatic athletes to a British father and a Japanese mother with an older brother, sister and a younger brother, even at a young age she trained almost everyday during her free time to improve her skills so she can enter the Ultimate Athlete tournament which takes place once a year to win the championship, but she lost every year and made it the Finals only once during her 15th year but even though she lost she still had fun and didn't mind that she lost at all, but still had the determination to win no matter what. Tatsuki has more of her mother's Japanese heritage then her other siblings combined and was fascinated with everything relating to Japan: Kimonos, chopsticks, Samurais, and etc. But the thing that fascinated Tatsuki the most was Japanese anime and became an otaku of the fantasy genre animes, although she has to watch the anime over the internet with english subtitles since she could not understand Japanese at the time.

During her 16th year Tatsuki suffered a terrible loss. Her cousin and rival, Claude came to England to visit Tatsuki and to compete against her in many athletic contests, and then the both of them competed in the Ultimate Athlete Tournament and there they made a promise to each other to meet in the finals and setting their rivalry once and for all to prove who was the best, and when Claude was in his semi-final round he slipped from a great height then fell down and broke his neck, killing him. This devastated Tatsuki and she lost the will to compete in the Tournament. Tatsuki entered the Ultimate Athlete Tournament once again in her 17th year, but this time in her cousin's honor and wore clothing similar to Claude's and wore his favorite red headband with more serious determination with the will to win this time was finally able to win the Tournament as Champion, she was happy that she was able to win the Tournament which was her dream as well winning it for Claude, but somehow she felt unsatisfied with her victory and wanted something more.

Tatsuki never took part in the Ultimate Athlete Tournament during her 18th year and had gotten over Claude's death knowing he is in a much better place now and that there is no need to be sad, but she kept on training with her desire for a new challenge strong in her heart, and then she found her new challenge. One day she decided to go to a training gym to train normally compared to her family's training and then she saw on TV an AFW Wrestling match and got interested heavily in this and was so excited as she finally found the motivation of her new challenge and started to train herself to learn how to wrestle and watched every AFW matches on TV every chance she could get as well as reruns from old AFW and Wrestle Angels matches from time to time much to her family's confusion. When Tatsuki was ready she, her mother and her little brother got on a plane to Japan while also taking Japanese study sessions from her mother to learn how to behave in Japan and learn the language. Once she arrived in Japan Tatsuki registered into the Friction AFW League and got an apartment for her and her mother and little brother to live in, eagerly awaiting the beginning of her new challenge.

Tatsuki has short black hair but some of her hair goes past her shoulders but only a tad bit, she has a very nice figure with an average sized bust and a flexible body thanks to her acrobatic training.

Visual Appearance
Tatsuki Le Feuvre 3ctJkn0
Tatsuki in her Fantasy Hero wrestling outfit.

Tatsuki Le Feuvre L7P4ZMN
Tatsuki: "Don't worry! Showing you this much is okay!"

Tatsuki Le Feuvre TIMZU03
Full view of Tatsuki's Fantasy Hero outfit.

Tatsuki Le Feuvre JqGbtgq
Tatsuki's Fantasy Hero outfit without the hairband, jacket, and gauntlet.

Tatsuki Le Feuvre BVqsHOL
One of Tatsuki's signature poses. (She is holding a staff above her head)

Tatsuki Le Feuvre GxHQXnv
Cheerful Tatsuki is cheerful.

Tatsuki Le Feuvre EnrdG7a
Tatsuki in her casual clothing.

Tatsuki Le Feuvre ESJIp9Z
Tatsuki in her AFW Building attire.

Tatsuki Le Feuvre PAxw2bY
Tatsuki in a Japanese Kimono.

Tatsuki Le Feuvre 4VzLpcm
Tatsuki with her childhood friend Becky.

Tatsuki Le Feuvre ClqR4xW
An example of Tatsuki's appetite.

Tatsuki Le Feuvre 5w9dsl
Tatsuki's massaging skills at work. (ignore that tail)

Tatsuki is a kind and gentle girl to everyone she meets which leads people to assume she is naive although she can be childish and too excited at times, she is also a very good sport and respects her opponents in whatever kind of competition she takes part in and has a sense of honor, but when she is in a match she gets serious and spunky and enjoys every bit of the match and haves a lot of fun even if she is losing. Tatsuki can tell what kind of person someone is by looking into their eyes and if someone is sad, lonely or depressed she will go out of her way to help that person in anyway she can to help them feel better.

Although Tatsuki had claimed to have gotten over Claude's death she actually didn't. Deep down in her heart she is still sad over the death of her cousin and rival but this side of her only shows on the day Claude died and will be very depressed and will take a few days off to go back to England to visit Claude's grave or his memorial that Tatsuki builds by hand at her favorite spot in Japan unless there is a match scheduled that day.

Other Facts
- Tatsuki is bisexual but its unclear if she likes guys or girls more
- Tatsuki is secretly a pervert but doesn't show it at all and keeps it well hidden, but she will not hesitate to fondle a girl's breasts if she gets the chance, and she usually fondles her friend Aki Hibino since her breasts are huge.
- She has a habit of suddenly hugging or glomping someone she really likes and sometimes kisses them repeatedly on the cheek.
- Tatsuki absolutely DESPISES cheaters and if her opponent cheats she will lose all of the fun and excitement she had during the match and will do whatever it takes to defeat her cheating opponent without breaking the rules, cheating or doing any actions that will mark her as a Heel.
- She doesn't mind at all being half naked in front of thousands of people.
- Tatsuki has a habit of cosplaying as Fantasy Heroes and will sometimes wear a costume during her entrance with her wrestling outfit underneath.
- Absolutely ADORES animals, her favorite animal being cats.
- If wearing her Fantasy Hero Wrestling outfit when she gets completely serious she will take off the gauntlet, the jacket and the hairband.
- Tatsuki's ability to see someone's personality and emotions through their eyes can also help her see through lies, and liars annoy her endlessly.
- Tatsuki likes to make up catchphrases and use them for certain moments her favorite being "Galette Spirit".
- Her favorite color is sky blue and doesn't like red colors which is ironic since those are Claude's favorite colors and she wears his favorite red headband on matches that are the day of his death in his honor.
- Tatsuki values Claude's headband greatly as if it is her precious treasure and takes good care of it.
- After watching quite a bit of Tension matches, most notably the title match with Talia Wilson and Johnny Higurashi, Tatsuki grew to dislike the Tension wrestling league since more than most of the men there take pleasure in beating up on women and are nothing but ego filled playboys really and doesn't understand at all why her friends Purin and Aki Hibino are a part of that league.
- Tatsuki is a huge fan of wrestlers from the old Wrestle Angels league, but the ones she looks up to the most are Chizuru Nagahara, Rei Tomizawa, and Cutey Kanai.
- Although she wants to stick to wrestling for her career, Tatsuki would like it if she were able to compete in the Olympics and win it but is unsure to represent the UK or Japan.
- Tatsuki is very hesitant to take part in future Ultimate Athlete Tournaments as a returning champion due to her traumatic experience, but deep down she wants to go back and give her fans from then the best show and performance then ever before and keep returning every year again.
- Tatsuki has a very amazing singing voice, one that can rival even Nana Mizuki herself.
- Tatsuki is very skilled in giving massages but she is most skilled in giving oil massages and once had a part time job working for a beauty salon.
- Despite her size and small body, Tatsuki has a bit of a large appetite and doesn't gain weight no matter how much she eats, especially since she works out a lot.

Wrestling Information
Strengths: Her athletic skills make her a great aerial fighter as well as having fast speed to surprise her opponents, all while having great technique in grappling and suplex moves.
Weaknesses: Due to her body type she cannot defend herself from most damage well and takes more damage then usual, making her a Fragile Speedster.
Style: High Flying and Grappler
Difficulty Level: Medium

Preferred Matches: Doesn't mind being a part of any type of match including hentai matches but doesn't want anything to do with hardcore matches and somewhat dislikes Tag Matches due to standing outside the ring and watching her partner have fun with this look on her face: =3=.

Combat: As an acrobatic athlete she is highly skilled in aerial attacks but is also handy with grapples and submissions.


Favored moves
Roll Through German Suplex: Tatsuki runs forward pushing her opponent from behind into the ropes and then wraps her arms around their body and then rolls backward with her opponent and lands on her feet after rolling then while still holding onto the opponent lifts her up and slams them into the mat like an average German Suplex.
Octopus Stretch : Tatsuki positions her opponent's upper body downward, wraps her left leg around the right leg and wraps her right leg over her opponent's head and grabs the opponent's left arm and pulls back, inflicting a lot of pain onto her opponent's body.
Reverse DDT: Tatsuki will wrap her right arm around her opponent's neck from behind with their head under her arm and then either jumps or drops herself backwards, slamming her opponent's head into the mat. Tatsuki learned this technique while improvising a way to escape Purin's Dragon Sleeper submission hold.

Finishing moves
Japanese Ocean Suplex: Tatsuki grabs her opponent's arms from behind and puts them in a cross as she moves her head between her opponent's legs and lefts her up with her on her shoulders then falls backward and slams her opponent into the mat and pins them if possible.
Double Moonsault: While her opponent is laying on the mat Tatsuki climbs up the turnbuckle, raises her right fist into the air to pose for the crowd and then back flips off the turnbuckle, spinning twice and slams onto her opponent and pins them if possible.

Wrestling Attire:
Tatsuki wears multiple outfits for her fights depending on the type of match.

During normal matches she wears either a customized wrestling gear of a blue short sports vest and sports boyshorts with an exposed mid-drift along with a blue choker or neck scarf, black elbow and knee pads and white wrist bands and boots or a Fantasy Hero style outfit with a cyan over shirt with blue straps on both sides and a white mini skirt with a white and black short sleeved jacket over the shirt with blue bandages on her arms that almost cover her forearms but wears a gauntlet with a black fingerless glove on the right hand with white thigh high tights that have 2 black strips and shoes that look armored like the gauntlet but are not and lastly a hairband that has a wing on it on the left side.

For Tag Team matches she will wear an outfit that resembles her partner's outfit to match with them, Examples: Purin or Aki Hibino = Colorful leotard with a mask, Lady Lakota = Native American outfit.

For Gym training or sparring sessions she wears a simple one piece blue and black with white outline stripped gym swimsuit with white wrist bands and white boots.

For Hentai matches she either wears a blue two piece bikini swimsuit with a blue choker, white boots and wristbands or blue bra and panties with lace and black thigh high tights.

If a match on the day of Claude's death is scheduled Tatsuki will either wear Claude's clothing like she did at the Ultimate Athlete Tournament or just wear Claude's favorite red headband alone while wearing one of her outfits in her cousin's honor.

AFW Information

Record: 4/3/1
vs Purin - via Pinfall
vs Stonewall - Gym match via Verbal Submission
vs Celeste aka Carpathian Impaler - via Pinfall
vs Aoi Fukiwara - via Pinfall

vs Aki Hibino - via Pinfall
vs Reika Suzuka - via K.O.
vs Gwendolyn - via Pinfall

vs GreatForce - via Double K.O

Ultimate Athlete Tournament Champion
Current Aerial Ace Champion

Purin: Tatsuki immediately got along with Purin right off the bat the second they met each other in the ring before their match had started and they each did their best and gave it their all against each other to try and over power the other, but Tatsuki ultimately defeated her but the two still got along afterwards outside of the ring as good friends.

GreatForce: At first GreatForce saw Tatsuki as just another opponent she would simply defeat and went easy on the little athlete due to her small size compared to the amazon but then after seeing Tatsuki's skill they each went all out on each other and their fight got out of hand, after their fight ended in a draw the two bonded in the hospital and shared each others tragic stories and developed a sisterly relationship and a very competitive rivalry as they continue to compete with against each other.

StoneWall: When Tatsuki was discharged from the hospital she accidentally bumped into Ayumi while she was cartwheeling, she had heard things about Ayumi before from GreatForce and White Feather while in the hospital. The two girls got along instantly and Ayumi even treated Tatsuki to lunch, and the two had a friendly sparring match in the gym even though Ayumi had to take it easy on her since Tatsuki was just discharged and the doctors told her to take it easy, but they still get along great nonetheless.

Aki Hibino: A good friend of Tatsuki's and a personal crush of hers, even though she only met her a few times, first meeting her after the match with Purin, Tatsuki slowly fell in love with Aki with her lesbian side of her bisexuality and it was further strengthened during her match with the busty pink haired girl to the point of enjoying be pinned by Aki's "Hibino Revenger". Although so far it's a one sided love, Tatsuki is fine with that even if Aki doesn't return the feelings she hopes that they can still remain friends. Tatsuki also likes to fondle Aki's gigant breasts every chance she gets.

Aoi Fukiwara: Aoi is a kawaii wrestler that Tatsuki faced during her first Avalanche match where they fought in a Fantasy Hero fight setting in a forest. They got along well even as their match progressed but kept trying to win and it was almost an even fight before the athlete overpowered the girl and beat her. Aoi apparently has a crush on Tatsuki but she is unaware of this and doesn't see her in the same way even after getting a kiss on the lips from her and having their breasts press against each other.

Talia Wilson: Tatsuki first met Talia under her Dark Angel guise in the locker room and tried to offer kindness to her but was beaten up as a result. She later met Talia as herself at a Friction hang out bar and became friends with her and even offered to make her new outfits, which she did. Tatsuki then learned that Dark Angel was Talia, but after a long while of thinking, the athlete decided that she didn't care about that and wanted to truly be Talia's friend and be there for her no matter what.


Reika "The Viper" Suzuka

Gwendolyn DuPont Bettencourt: A fellow British athlete just like Tatsuki who is the complete opposite of her in every way possible and looks like a Princess or something from a very high level a royalty, which bothers her somewhat as she very full of herself and thinks she is so perfect and has no equal in terms of skill and talent. While she doesn't view Gwen as an enemy or a foe, Tatsuki does see her as rival that she would like to compete with in future events regardless of how her egotistical and disrespectful attitude is.

Reika "The Viper" Suzuka: Tatsuki first met Reika during the Entropy Title championship event that was hosted by Tai Kamiya before getting taken over by Akashi Tanikaze. They immediately grew to detest each other and even got into a brawl during the match in an effort to let Kelly have a fair one on one match with Akashi that is until Heather showed up. During their brawl Reika kept throwing empty insults and taunts to make Tatsuki mad and gave each other a good beating to say the least. Tatsuki hopes she will never run into Reika again but also hopes for another chance to fight her and defeat her.

Aki Hibino

The Ring - Backstage - Gym - Promo

1. Tatsuki's debut match against Purin.
2. Tatsuki goes to the AFW Gym for the first time and meets someone who is hurt inside. (In progress)
3. Little Tatsuki faces off against an Amazon of an opponent.
4. Tatsuki and GreatForce recover from their brutal fight in the infirmary.
5. Tatsuki decides to pay two Native American wrestlers a visit while hospitalized.
6. Tatsuki is discharged from the hospital after more than 2 weeks of recovery and meets StoneWall after bumping into her by accident.
7. Tatsuki and Ayumi have friendly sparring match but has to take it easy since she is fresh from the hospital.
11. Tatsuki is very happy to be able to meet AND have a match with Chizuru Nagahara, her idol from the old Wrestle Angels League. (In progress)
12. Tatsuki tackles her first match in her first AFW Tournament the Strike Master Tournament against Celeste.
13. The young athlete makes a dangerous move to confront the Masked Miko wrestler Dark Angel in the Female Tension locker room after watching her match with Johnny Higurashi.
14. The young athlete finally gets to have a match with Aki Hibino, a cute pink haired girl that she has a bit of a crush on...
15. The young athlete meets Wells Quinn who is feeling a bit bothered over something and wants to help her.
16. Tatsuki decides to take part in Akashi's challenge for the Entropy Championship Title among many others.
17. Tatsuki decides to go to the club where Friction wrestlers usually go to and runs into the returning wrestler Taylor Parker of Friction! But she is drunk...
18. At the same club party, the athlete runs into another returnee, Talia Wilson and decides to offer help. But something about her seems.... fishy.
19. After the sudden cancellation of the Strike Master Tournament being given the Aerial Ace title belt by default, Tatsuki issues a challenge to Heather Sunderland for the belt to give it a proper owner. (In progress)
20. Tatsuki's helps Talia with making her a new hot red outfit at the athlete's apartment.
21. What starts as friends meeting up for lunch turns into a conflicted mind as Tatsuki learns of Talia's secret...
22. A day Tatsuki both dreaded and looked forward to since the Entropy Challenge: A match with Reika "The Viper" Suzuka...
23. Following her loss at the hands of Reika, Tatsuki was sent to the hospital to recover from the brutal match. (In progress)
26. The Super Athlete starts her long awaited match in Avalanche 2013 with a Fantasy Hero style fight with Aoi Fukiwara!
28. Tatsuki goes to visit Talia at the hospital to tell the redhead something very important that the athlete had lots of time to think about...
29. Tatsuki runs into her friends Purin and Aki Hibino and decides to hang out with them! (In Progress)
30. Tatsuki attends Taylor Parker's Q&A with Adrian Kytes and then asks them a question about rival relationships.
31. Tatsuki meets an old former friend she never expected to see again... (In Progress)
32. Tatsuki makes a live challenge to a fellow British Athlete to a match at Summer Splash 2014.
33. It was time for Tatsuki to have her match with fellow British athlete, Gwendolyn, at Summer Splash 2014!

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