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Summer Splash start date reminder

Tue Jun 30, 2020 7:13 pm by Old_Man_Tai

Summer Splash starts on July 15th this year.

After the poll that was taken, we decided to push SS back a little this year, to give people more time to get stories together given the pandemic.

With July around the corner, we decided to give a couple extra weeks and start SS halfway through July, just to give people some more time.

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Coming Back?

Wed Jun 24, 2020 7:38 pm by Lotuswarrior

I've been thinking of coming back, but I want to focus on a single character to promote some development. Looking back at what I've done, I've been thinking about how I did things and how I've could've made them better.

Not saying I've greatly improved while I've been away, but I think that most people will at least notice some improvements in my future matches or roleplay events. I have a few characters that I want to truly focus on using, but the others will probably be deleted or turned …

[ Full reading ]

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Burned out

Mon Jun 22, 2020 6:21 pm by Harrier

I really tried to keep on my one post per week policy and sat in front of my posting sheet for hours. But right now, I just canĀ“t pick myself up.

I guess I need a break.

Sorry to all my posting partners. I hope that i can pick up some steam again in the future and post then and when.

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Don't fuck with the witch! (IM match, part 1)

AFW :: Friction :: Gym

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Don't fuck with the witch! (IM match, part 1) Empty Don't fuck with the witch! (IM match, part 1)

Post by Psychopatrick88 on Mon Mar 09, 2009 7:36 pm

Patrick OConnor (2/21/2009 8:28:10 PM): Nadya walked towards the gym, feeling let down from her first match. "I was hoping she'd be a little less amateur. Hmph." She muttered to herself as she walked towards a mat. She began doing stretches in the middle of it, closing her eyes and started to stretch her body out more and more, in different ways and with different limbs, keeping her body limber.

(2/21/2009 8:33:04 PM): Asteria was already in the gym, she seemed to be meditating near the window. The witch was dressed in a simple black shirt and black baggy pants, also wearing her large witch hat while her long silver hair brushed over her shoulders. She did hear someone nearby, being a witch and all she could see and hear thing beyond the human limits but decided to ignore it.

Patrick OConnor (2/21/2009 8:35:03 PM): "Hm?" Nadya looked over towards the witch, raising an eyebrow at the baggy clothing and witches hat. She smirked a little to herself before closing her eyes and continued stretching. She would speak to her though. "You know, if you are embarassed about your body, there's much better ways to conceal it than wearing a silly hat and baggy clothing." She said. Her comment wasn't mean-spirited, she merely wanted to offer advice.

(2/21/2009 8:39:24 PM): Asteria's eyes flicked open, which were glowing very lowly orange, she looked over at the girl and hissed out. " I was meditating.. Skank. " She then closed her eyes once more, concentrating on her meditation, she needed to relax herself for a upcoming battle, though if the girl would keep going she would have to participate in a much earlier match.

Patrick OConnor (2/21/2009 8:40:22 PM): Nadya blinked at the insult, then looked over to the witch. "Now now... there's no need for insults." She informed. "If you're touchy about your appearance, I'll back off, but I could help you look a lot nicer, that is if you'll permit me." She offered.

(2/21/2009 8:41:52 PM): Asteria twitched when the girl just didn't seem to take the hint, opening one eye to look at her. " Touchy about my appearance..? Look nicer..? Go hump a tree, brat. " Asteria tried one last time to ignore the girl and meditate though she wasn't exactly known for her patience.

Patrick OConnor (2/21/2009 8:48:01 PM): "...You don't have many you call friends, do you?" She asked Asteria, ceasing her stretches for now.

(2/21/2009 8:51:14 PM): " Friends are useless.. Now I think you should stop bothering me before I pound you into dust. " Asteria gritting her teeth now, she was becoming enraged that the girl was simply asking questions that seemed worthless to her.

Patrick OConnor (2/21/2009 8:52:26 PM): "I'd like to see that." She said with a small smile, rolling her head for a moment as she readied herself, feeling this woman could offer an actual fight to her.

(2/21/2009 8:53:22 PM): Asteria finally snapped, getting up and placing her witch hat near the window, she didn't want to undress herself to more ' agile ' clothing, running straight towards the girl and decided to go for a harsh clothesline. " You're going down! ""

Patrick OConnor (2/21/2009 8:57:58 PM): Nadya smiled as Asteria darted towards her. "Now that's more like it." She declared before she bent backwards to avoid her clothesline, then she would bring her legs up, trying to grab Asteria's head with her legs, then lift her body up from the ground and take Asteria down to the mat, sitting atop the back of her head.

(2/21/2009 8:59:16 PM): Asteria blinked when the girl bent backwards, never having seen such a thing before and soon felt the legs around her head, yelping out as she was taking down hard onto her stomach, her face buried against the ground while the back of her head was sat upon, her legs kicking against the ground. " Ngghh! "

Patrick OConnor (2/21/2009 9:05:50 PM): Nadya stayed on top of Asteria's head, and slowly started to slide her hands down her back. "Well no wonder you're so angry, your body feels so tense! I feel knots everywhere!" She said, talking with a romanian accent. She starts to massage her back a little, seeing if she couldn't get a knot or two out.

(2/21/2009 9:07:58 PM): Asteria's face was buried against the ground, growling out as she tried to struggle from side to side in a attempt to get Nadya off, hearing what the girl was saying, she became confused. Soon she released a surprising gasp against the ground, feeling the gentle massage on her back, which actually started to make her relax. " ...... "

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Don't fuck with the witch! (IM match, part 1) Empty Re: Don't fuck with the witch! (IM match, part 1)

Post by Psychopatrick88 on Mon Mar 09, 2009 7:39 pm

Patrick OConnor (2/21/2009 9:10:28 PM): Nadya smiled as Asteria started to relax. "It's perplexing, really. How can you even meditate with your body being this tense?" She asked, as she worked out a couple more knots. She didn't care if who she was helping was supposed to be evil or good, she'd make friends with either side if she could. She then starts to slowly hum a song that sounds quite soothing to the ears.

(2/21/2009 9:13:54 PM): Asteria twitched when she felt her bod relax, her arms draped over Nadya's thighs while her legs were no longer kicking the ground. She was almost starting to forget about the match untill she felt that she was still under a girl's rear, growling weakly and struggling from side to side to try and get her off.

Patrick OConnor (2/21/2009 9:16:14 PM): Nadya cooed softly as Asteria draped her arms over her thighs, then felt her struggling a bit. She wondered why she was fighting back until it dawned on her. "Is it the positioning?" She asked her.

(2/21/2009 9:17:13 PM): " W..Who d..Do you think you are.. Sitting on my head!? " Asteria started to get angry again, her arms puling back to ler her hands press against the girl's inner thighs, trying to push her off off her, she could fee her strength fading because of the massage she had gotten though.

Patrick OConnor (2/21/2009 9:19:55 PM): "Shhh... if that's what it is, just hold still." She said, voluntarily getting off her head and sat beside her, continuing to massage her, moving on to her lower back.

(2/21/2009 9:28:52 PM): Asteria didn't allow herself to be simply massaged by a stranger, quickily rolling away from her and getting up on her feet, she brought one hand up to stroke her face, growling lowly. " NOBODY.. Touches my body. "

Patrick OConnor (2/21/2009 9:30:24 PM): Nadya frowned when Asteria rolled away, sighing and shaking her head. "All that anger is just going to make those knots come right back." She advised before rising to her feet.

(2/21/2009 9:31:44 PM): " Shut up! " Asteria quickly ran out towards her, looking like she was going for a clothesline again but instead she'd stop right infront of her to hopefully scare her enough to attempt a harsh spear towards her stomach.

Patrick OConnor (2/21/2009 9:33:29 PM): Nadya sighed, seeing she was going for the same attack. "You're even less original than my first- oof!!" She gasped as she's speared hard onto her back. She looked up at her, a bit surprised, then smiled. "Guess I spoke too soon." She said, then grinned, reaching her feet up behind her back, using her toes to try and work out another knot or two on her back.

(2/21/2009 9:34:59 PM): Asteria made sure the girl was hit hard upon the ground, smirking with confidence untill she felt the toes massage her back instead, making her eyes widen and lay down upon teh girl, she had no idea what was going on and was becoming confused again, closing her eyes halfly. " ..Grrr.. "

Patrick OConnor (2/21/2009 9:40:04 PM): Nadya used her flexible body to her advantage, bending her legs further to continue working knots into her back as she laid down on top of her, and reached a hand up to slowly stroke her face. "Hmm... you must scare a lot of people with those orange eyes of yours.. but I see a hint of warmth in them.. hee, it's giving me a tingly feeling." She said, stroking Asteria's cheek, pressing her toes down on her back, making it crack a little bit, which would feel really good.

(2/21/2009 9:41:57 PM): Asteria was completely overtaken by the girl's fighting style, staring up at her when her cheek was stroked, her head tilting lightly to the side and against Nadya's hand, closing one eye completely and released a sudden purr, her back was being caressed like never before and it seemed Nadya was slowly starting to calm Asteria down..

Patrick OConnor (2/21/2009 9:45:23 PM): Nadya nodded slowly as she leaned into her cheek. "That's good... just relax, and let me do alll the work." She spoke in a soothing tone, moving her toes to her lower back, working out the knots some more. "You know... you'l have to forgive me for saying this, but I bet you're quite the looker without the baggy clothing... something inside me just feels that way..."

(2/21/2009 9:48:43 PM): Asteria just laid ontop of Nadya, both her eyes closing completely and dropping all her defenses to the girl, she didn't put up a fight any longer as it was feeling too good for her to ruin it. She heard Nadya but said nothing, panting softly against the girl's throat.

Patrick OConnor (2/21/2009 9:51:37 PM): Nadya smiled, moving her hand from her cheek to her hair, stroking it gently. "Hmm... you're quite adorable when you aren't angry.." She mentioned as she continued her massage, then leand down to give her a peck on the forehead. "I'm Nadya, by the way... what's your name?"

(2/21/2009 9:53:14 PM): " A..Asteria.. " Asteria spoke softly yet obediently for some reason, the massage had really gotten to her. The kiss on her forehead made her slightly blush, her breasts pressing down upon Nadya's even though her clothing mostly covered herself.

Patrick OConnor (2/21/2009 9:56:44 PM): Nadya nodded a little. "Asteria? Beautiful name... I love it." She smiled. She then tried to push her luck, trying to move her feet down a liitle more to touch her rear, rubbing her toes on it for a moment. "Hmn... you'll have to forgive me... but I just got out from a match, and I must admit.. my blood is still pumping a bit.. I'm a bit aroused. "She openly admitted.

(2/21/2009 9:58:30 PM): Astera blushed darker when she felt the toes on her rear, not saying anything since the massaging had calmed her down completely to the point where she had no idea if she wanted to move or not, her crotch pressing against the girl's. " Mm.. "

Patrick OConnor (2/21/2009 10:03:18 PM): It was Nadya's turn to blush a bit as Asteria pressed herself down on Nadya. She felt she could go on, but she would do one last thing first. There was a point in the back that would trigger sexual arousal. She moved her toes slowly up her back, tracing along her back to try and pinpoint the spot, then would press down a little bit. "Hmm... you know.. we're on a mat.. and there's no one else here... what would you say to a more playful... sensual fight?" Nadya cooed.

(2/21/2009 10:08:01 PM): Asteria couldn't help but release a sudden moan, pressing further against Nadya and whispered out. " L..Like what..? " Asteria was completely in trance of Nadya's agile feet and voice, her own arms resting around Nadya's neck.

Patrick OConnor (2/21/2009 10:09:48 PM): "Why a hentai match, of course." She replied, running a hand through Asteria's hair slowly, slowly licking her lips as Asteria presses harder on Nadya. "Mmmm.. I can feel the heat between your legs... don't deny your urges... we could make this so much fun..." She whispered hotly.

(2/21/2009 10:12:21 PM): Asteria looked up at her weakly, she was starting to get highly aroused just by staying close. She was about to give in untill she brought one hand back to pinch the side of her own neck, closing one eye tightly. She looked at her with a slight angrier look. " W..What makes you think I'll just .. A..Accept what you want? "

Patrick OConnor (2/21/2009 10:15:09 PM): Nadya kept her cool, leaning up to smooch her cheek. "I know you want it just as much as I do. Don't worry about others will think, I won't breathe a word of it to another soul... just an erotic struggle between me, a contortionist, and you... hmm... think of how much fun it could be... what do you say, Asteria?" She asked.

(2/21/2009 10:16:49 PM): Asteria blushed darkly when she was kissed on the cheek but soon wrapped her arms around the girl's throat and head for a reverse sleeper, putting a slightly rough hold upon it and mumbled. " You'll have to.. Do it yourself. "

Patrick OConnor (2/21/2009 10:20:30 PM): "Gck...." She choked as Asteria put her arms against her throat, but she wouldn't give up just yet, pressing her hips up against Asteria's, grinding very fluidly against her. "Come on, Asteria... hmm.. what.. ack.. what if... we added.. aacckk.. a wager?" She choked out.

(2/21/2009 10:21:58 PM): Asteria released the hold after the grinding, blushing terribly, she looked at Nadya with a low growl and muttered. " ..What kind of Wager. " Asteria then tried to get off her.

Patrick OConnor (2/21/2009 10:24:31 PM): Nadya coughed a little when she was let go, her cheeks pink as well. "Well... you seem to enjoy treating people like trash... what if I gave you the opportunity to do that to me, however you wished, for a week if you won. If I win though... I get to finish up my massage with you... either way you win." She smiled.

(2/21/2009 10:26:16 PM): " Hmph.. That's all you want? To massage me? Alright. " Asteria stared down at her, it didn't seem like she had to be afraid if she would lose, tilting her head to the side and crossing her arms.

Patrick OConnor (2/21/2009 10:28:04 PM): Nadya smiled, getting up to her knees on the mat, dressed in a black leotard and black pantyhose. She knew this would be quite interesting, her first hentai match here, and against a complete heel.

(2/21/2009 10:29:09 PM): Asteria brought her hand up, releasing a slight yawn but stopping it with her hand, she'd look down at Nadya, watching her get ready but didn't didn't seem to undress herself, suddenly leaping over to her and tried to kick her straight in the cheek.

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Don't fuck with the witch! (IM match, part 1) Empty Re: Don't fuck with the witch! (IM match, part 1)

Post by Psychopatrick88 on Mon Mar 09, 2009 7:43 pm

Patrick OConnor: Nadya blinked as Asteria got all the way to her feet, gasping when she saw her trying to throw a kick and would try to duck low to avoid it, moving away from her on her knees.

Rini Zhang (2/22/2009 6:33:43 PM): Asteria watched her silently, getting into a crouching stance, ignoring the fact that she was wet before she dashed in to try and send a punc h towards Nadya's face.

Patrick OConnor (2/22/2009 6:35:26 PM): Nadya frowned a little, trying to lean to the right, falling to her side, and would try to throw the back of her leg for Asteria's face and take her down onto her back, keeping her thigh over her mouth while she reached over to try and stroke Asteria between her legs. "Must you be so rough?" She asked.

Rini Zhang (2/22/2009 6:37:31 PM): Astera released a muffled yelp as she was silenced by Nadya's thigh, her lips pressed against it and wanting to pant out, making it seem like she was sucking upon it. Her legs closed together as she felt herself being stroked between her legs, making her wet.

Patrick OConnor (2/22/2009 6:39:52 PM): Nadya felt sucking on her thigh, chuckling a little. "Aww... are you kissing my thighs? Hmm.. they are quite lovely, aren't they?" She asked, trying to tug down her pants, which should be no problem seeing as she chose to wear baggy clothing.

Rini Zhang (2/22/2009 6:40:49 PM): Asteria felt her pants being removed, showing off her moisty black panties, she did not want to fall prey to Nadya's weird fighting style, heaving her body up and struggling from side to side to try and get her off.

Patrick OConnor (2/22/2009 6:41:49 PM): The pants was all Nadya was going to try for, lifting her leg up to free Asteria and rolled away from her, back onto her knees and tossing her pants away, getting a look at her bare legs and smiled. "Hmm... I was right.."

Rini Zhang (2/22/2009 6:46:57 PM): Asteria slowly got up, panting loudly and staring at Nadya with a weak growl, she didn't want to lose again, quickly running towards Nadya again, trying to kick her in the stomach now.

Patrick OConnor (2/22/2009 6:48:48 PM): Nadya frowned when she kept going with strikes and bent her body backwards, Asteria's kick just barely skimming across her gut. "You know, honey, you'll get a lot more flies with honey than vinegar... in other words, you'll have a lot more chance beating me if you be more gentle and try a little more grappling than striking.."

Rini Zhang (2/22/2009 6:58:02 PM): Asteria didn't like being toyed with, she was only getting more and more upset. When She saw Nadya in such a position she immidiatly tried to go for an elbow drop to her stomach, though she was relatively slow because of hte arousal that still was in her.

Patrick OConnor (2/22/2009 7:00:05 PM): Nadya would've been in trouble if Asteria had acted just a little faster, but luckily Asteria was overcome with lust to attack quickly. Nadya smirked a little, rolling over onto her stomach and would try to catch Asteria between her legs, pulling Asteria's face in towards her rear. "If you give it a kiss, I may be persuaded to remove a piece of clothing or two from myself.

Rini Zhang (2/22/2009 7:06:01 PM): Asteria growled when she missed again, feeling herself caught between Nadya's legs and getting close and closer towards the girl's rear, shaking her head lightly from side to side, blushing terribly, her weakness was that she couldn't stand being trapped in smothers like those, her hands pressing upon teh ground to try and pull herself away. " No! "

Patrick OConnor (2/22/2009 7:06:56 PM): Nadya chuckled a little, crossing her legs a little more firmly and bending her legs back to press her face into her rear. "Just one little smooch, darling..."

Rini Zhang (2/22/2009 7:10:57 PM): Asteria used all her might to try and keep herself from the girl's rear but soon she was forced in, releasing a muffled scream and struggling weakly, her head shaking from side to side, her nose buried between the girl's cheek, trying to pull out.

Patrick OConnor (2/22/2009 7:11:55 PM): "Mmm... nuzzling it won't get you anywhere... just one little peck, and my leotard will be gone." She offered, propping herself on her elbows casually, like she was watching a TV show.

Rini Zhang (2/22/2009 7:16:25 PM): Asteria released small protesting sounds, closing her eyes tightly as she tried not to kiss her but she was starting to lose her air, her strength also failing to help her and her blush becoming much darker.

Patrick OConnor (2/22/2009 7:19:05 PM): Nadya started to hum a tune, swaying her legs left and right, which in turn made Asteria rub her face against Nadya's rear. She waited calmly for that kiss, knowing it had to come sooner or later. Seemed like an easy choice to her. Suffer a little humiliation in order to level the playing field, or lose right here.

Rini Zhang (2/22/2009 7:27:50 PM): Asterai started to lose her breath, closing her eyes and soon planted a gently kiss on one of Nadya's butt cheeks, ashamed of doing that. Her fighting spririt soon started to fade completely. " Mmfff.. "

Patrick OConnor (2/22/2009 7:31:11 PM): Nadya smiles a little and releases her, rolling over and sitting up. "Hmmm good..." She smiled. "Now my end of the bargain." She declared before slipping the leotard off her shoulders, sliding it down her body and kicked it off her legs, now dressed in her stockings, and a violet bra and matching pair of lace panties. She posed sexually for the witch, looking over at her with a lustful expression across her face. "What do you think?"

Rini Zhang (2/22/2009 7:37:52 PM): Asteria said nothing, slowly trying to stand back up, even though her face was completely red and her black panties were completely soaked from the smother. She shook her head to clear it from thoughts, staring at her.

Patrick OConnor (2/22/2009 7:39:17 PM): Nadya smiled a little. "The only way to have a chance at me is to stop trying to strike me, and start fighting fire with fire." She said before slowly approaching her on her knees. It would be the last piece of advice she would give her, remembering their bet.

Rini Zhang (2/22/2009 7:43:21 PM): Asteria still did not let Nadya tell her what and what not to do, running up to her and tried to tackle her straight onto her back for a pin, if she could she'd immidiatly go for a headbutt. " To hell with you! "

Patrick OConnor (2/22/2009 7:44:21 PM): Nadya sighed, deciding to try and just finish this, trying to slide to the side and avoid her tackle if it worked, she would hop onto her back.

Rini Zhang (2/22/2009 7:45:09 PM): Asteria ack'd out as she fell onto her own stomach instead and soon felt the weight on her back, struggling violently from side to side.

Patrick OConnor (2/22/2009 7:47:47 PM): Nadya smiles a little. "I tried to make this a fun thing for you and me.. but since you just want to keep wanting pain, I'll be more than happy to give it to you." She said, grabbing two handfuls of her hair to pull her head back, then would let go with one hand and start smacking her in the face again and again.


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Don't fuck with the witch! (IM match, part 1) Empty Re: Don't fuck with the witch! (IM match, part 1)

Post by Psychopatrick88 on Mon Mar 09, 2009 7:48 pm

[c=74].: | Kagura | :.[/c=22][c=59] .| Haaaaahahahahaaa! .[/c=72]: Asteria closed one eye tightly when hissed as her head was pulled back by her hair then releasing soft grunts as her head lightly moved to the side with each smack, her hands gripping the ground underneath them. " Ngh! "

Patrick OConnor: Nadya stopped after a few more times, then leaned in close to her ear. "I can play just as dirty as you, sweetheart. I have no problem with it. If you keep trying to go at me this roughly, I may even change my bet to something not as nice, and believe me, I can be quite creative." She said, sliding her tongue along her ear slowly, her breasts pushing into the back of her head. "So what's it going to be? Are you gonna play nice and actually try a hentai move or two? Or will I have to take you out in public and spank you for being a bad girl?" She smirked.

[c=74].: | Kagura | :.[/c=22][c=59] .| Haaaaahahahahaaa! .[/c=72]: Asteria started to shivver immidiatly when she felt the wet tongue along her ear, making her cheeks burn up while her legs kicked the ground, starting to pant softly once more. " ..... " She tried to keep herself silent and not answering her reply, her body was starting to feel warm again though.

Patrick OConnor: Nadya smirked softly at Asteria's silence. "You have 10 seconds to answer before I bend you in ways that even *I* can't bend." She threatened.

[c=74].: | Kagura | :.[/c=22][c=59] .| Haaaaahahahahaaa! .[/c=72]: Asteria still said nothing, recovering her strength as quick as she could before heaving her body with everything she had left up to hopefully push Nadya off of her.

Patrick OConnor: "1....2....thr- gh!" She gasped as Asteria suddenly managed to buck her off her back. She fell over her, but then she would try to roll over and lock Asteria in a headscissors.

[c=74].: | Kagura | :.[/c=22][c=59] .| Haaaaahahahahaaa! .[/c=72]: Asteria quickly rolled to the side before Nadya could look in the hold, instead grabbing the girl's legs, starting to get up while holding them, if she could manage to do so she'll try to spin her body around and swing the girl around though not letting go.

Patrick OConnor: Nadya grit her teeth when she missed the headscissors, then was suddenly lifted up from the mat and started to spin around in a circle with Asteria. She shut her eyes, bracing herself for impact against whatever she might hit.

[c=74].: | Kagura | :.[/c=22][c=59] .| Haaaaahahahahaaa! .[/c=72]: Asteria gave a few more rough spins before she'd release Nadya, throwing her to one of the many training mats while she stumbled backwards from the spin.

Patrick OConnor: Nadya was thankful she didn't collide against anything, and ended up tumbling across the mats instead. Still, the giant swing made her rather dizzy, and slow in picking herself up. She groaned softly, trying to shake the dizzy feeling out of her head

[c=74].: | Kagura | :.[/c=22][c=59] .| Haaaaahahahahaaa! .[/c=72]: Asteria took some time to recover before she'd suddenly run in towards Nadya, lowering her body when she was close and tried to send a clothesline right towards Nadya's chest. " You're going down! "

Patrick OConnor: Nadya groaned softlt, slowly picking herself up, then turned to see Asteria already charging in at her. She had no time to react, letting out a small cry as she's clotheslined flat onto her back.

[c=74].: | Kagura | :.[/c=22][c=59] .| Haaaaahahahahaaa! .[/c=72]: Asteria turned to look down at Nadya and quickly went down behind her, trying to grasp Nadya's head a little up so she could wrap her legs around it and start squeezing.

Patrick OConnor: Nadya gasped when she was locked up in the headscissors, then started to moan in the position she was in. She didn't mind playing the submissive a bit, just trying to convince Asteria to play nice. She would lean up slowly to place her mouth on the crotch of the bikini, and began to suck on it gently. Not enough to put her at any risk of orgasming, but just enough to tempt her opponent and taint Asteria's mind

[c=74].: | Kagura | :.[/c=22][c=59] .| Haaaaahahahahaaa! .[/c=72]: Asteria squeezed her legs quite tightly around Nadya's head, really trying to wear the girl down though her legs were trembling when her crotch was being suckled upon, making the same dark red blush appear on her cheeks and slowly starting to weaken the lock around Nadya's head.

Psychopatrick88: *Nadya giggled a little, treating the girl like she was putty in her hands and sucked on her covered sex a little more before trying to break away. If she did, she would move onto her knees, and strike a very alluring pose. "Mmhh... stop fighting it, honey... I know you want me... just let your feelings go already.."

[c=74].: | Kagura | :.[/c=22][c=59] .| Haaaaahahahahaaa! .[/c=72]: Asteria moved back when Nadya managed to escape her hold, closing one eye tightly while she stood up on her own knees, glaring at the girl as if she wanted to kill her. She clenched her hands into fists, deciding to think about her next attack instead of rushing into it.

Psychopatrick88: *Nadya grinned a little, deciding to tempt her further and slowly reached back to unclasp her bra and exposing her bare breasts.

[c=74].: | Kagura | :.[/c=22][c=59] .| Haaaaahahahahaaa! .[/c=72]: Asteria looked over at Nadya and started to blink, the blush on her cheeks darkening as she had never seen another girl naked, quickly looking away from Nadya.

Psychopatrick88: *Nadya giggles at Asteria's reaction, finding it priceless as she tries to move behind her as she looks away, and tries to grope Asteria's breasts, moaning provacatively in her ear. "Ooohh.. Asteria..." She moaned. "You like hearing your name called, honey?"

[c=74].: | Kagura | :.[/c=22][c=59] .| Haaaaahahahahaaa! .[/c=72]: Asteria couldn't do anything in time, her head tilting back when her well endowed breasts were groped, the moaning only making her arms fall limply upon her sides, her body trembling as her arousal started to build up.

Psychopatrick88: *Nadya moaned louder, slowly ensnaring Asteria more as she reaches her legs up to hook around her inner thighs, forcing asteria's legs to spread. Then she would lean down to lick her neck, tenderly sucking on her neckflesh before blowing hot air over the spot she just made wet.

[c=74].: | Kagura | :.[/c=22][c=59] .| Haaaaahahahahaaa! .[/c=72]: Asteria went completely defenseless to Nadya's sexual assault, her legs being spread completely, revealing the slightly wet spot on the crotch of her bikini bottoms. Eyes slowly started to close as she gave into the other girl, resting back against Nadya's chest.

Psychopatrick88: "Mmm... I think I'll keep the wager I had first... consider yourself lucky." She said, reaching up to try and unclasp Asteria's bra, ready to get this finished.

[c=74].: | Kagura | :.[/c=22][c=59] .| Haaaaahahahahaaa! .[/c=72]: Asteria merely released a soft moan, sitting submissively against Nadya while her strength was fading, panting very quietly. " .... "

Psychopatrick88: "MMmm... such a cute witch.." She smiled, reaching over to grop Asteria's breasts, pinching her nipples and tweaking them a little, then leaned down to start sucking hard on her neck flesh, wanting to leave her mark on her.

[c=74].: | Kagura | :.[/c=22][c=59] .| Haaaaahahahahaaa! .[/c=72]: Asteria started to moan louder, her head tilting backwards as her neck and breasts were assaulted, her body lightly jolting as her panties grew more wet from all the arousal that was building up. " Aaanngghhh..! "

Psychopatrick88: * Nadya could tell from the moan Asteria was done. She had a feeling she could toy with her all she wanted now. She slowly slid her hands down lower.. and lower, then stopped at her stomach. "Ask me to finger you..." She whispered.

[c=74].: | Kagura | :.[/c=22][c=59] .| Haaaaahahahahaaa! .[/c=72]: Asteria shook her head from side to side, feeling the hands going lower, goosebumps appearing all over her body as she was completely helpless against Nadya's assault, releasing warm pants of air.

" P..Please.. Finger me.. "

Psychopatrick88: * Nadya was a bit surprised she gave in right away. Seems she was better than she thought. She flicked her tongue along her ear lobe and nodded. "With pleasure." She declared, sliding her fingers down into her panties and would slowly start to stroke her sex lips with her fingers, sliding two fingers up and down her sex lips slowly, pinching her clit in between those two fingers gently.

[c=74].: | Kagura | :.[/c=22][c=59] .| Haaaaahahahahaaa! .[/c=72]: Asteria moaned very loudly, her eyes opening to stare down at Nadya's arms and the hand that went inside her panties, making her press back further against Nadya's chest while her legs were still spread and trapped, her sex was already very wet from arousal.

Psychopatrick88: *Nadya smiled, pushing her breasts more firmly against Asteria's back, and slowly started to rub her faster. "Tell me how good this feels, Asteria..." She whispered.

[c=74].: | Kagura | :.[/c=22][c=59] .| Haaaaahahahahaaa! .[/c=72]: Asteria's legs slightly kicked against Nadya's, she was feeling her entire body giving into the pleasure and whispered back to her.

" V..very good.. "

Her nipples starting to perk and stiffen, she was starting to get close to her climax.

Psychopatrick88: "Mmmh... rub your breasts..." She requested, slowly pushing her fingers into her sex.

[c=74].: | Kagura | :.[/c=22][c=59] .| Haaaaahahahahaaa! .[/c=72]: Asteria was hesitant at first before the fingers plunged into her wet sex, making her release a loud gasp of shock, her hands slowly coming up to her own breasts and started to lightly massage them.

" Mmmhh.. "

Psychopatrick88: "Mmmm... that's really turning me on, honey." She whispered as Asteria played with herself, then she started to pump her fingers in and out, slowly going faster and faster.

[c=74].: | Kagura | :.[/c=22][c=59] .| Haaaaahahahahaaa! .[/c=72]: Asteria's lower body seemed to be moving forward whenver the fingers pumped into her, making her eyes open slightly with each thrust, panting very loudly.

" Aaah.. I'm... Getting close.. "

Psychopatrick88: "Hmmm... that's good honey... just let it loose." She purred into her ear, pumping her faster, licking up her neck passionately.

[c=74].: | Kagura | :.[/c=22][c=59] .| Haaaaahahahahaaa! .[/c=72]: Asteria was already having trouble keeping herself under control when she felt the tongue licking over her neck, which set her completely on fire, tilting her head back to almost scream out as she released her juices on Nadya's fingers and her own panties, her legs lightly kicking against hers.

Psychopatrick88: * Nadya smiled triumphantly when she heard that cry and felt her fingers become soaked. She slowly slid her fingers out of her panties. "I win..." She whispered, licking off her own fingers. "mmm... very tasty.." She said, slowly letting her go.

[c=74].: | Kagura | :.[/c=22][c=59] .| Haaaaahahahahaaa! .[/c=72]: When Asteria was let go she immidialty fell onto her side, her hands coming between her legs to clutch her wet panties, blushing darkly out of humiliation, for some odd reason though her juices tasted like a pineapple, strawberry mix.

Psychopatrick88: *Nadya smiles a little at her* You were a lot of fun, you know that? Hehe, now it's time to claim my prize." She said, moving towards her and trying to guide her to her stomach. There was still the deal of the massage she promised Asteria if she won.

[c=74].: | Kagura | :.[/c=22][c=59] .| Haaaaahahahahaaa! .[/c=72]: Asteria was easily brought onto her stomach, her body sprawled out onto her ground while the front of her panties pressed against the ground, leaking her remaining juices upon the ground.

" Mmhhhnn.. "

Psychopatrick88: *Nadya smiles* "I'll be right back." She said, standing up and skipping away for a moment before coming back with some nice smelling oils. She smiled, walking back to Asteria and would start to straddle her rear. She brought french vanilla, strawberry, blueberry, and cherry scented oils. "Which one would you like me to use?" She asked her.

[c=74].: | Kagura | :.[/c=22][c=59] .| Haaaaahahahahaaa! .[/c=72]: Asteria slowly started to regain her normal attitude back, feeling Nadya straddle upon her soft rear, making her release a tiny sigh and muttered out to her.

" Your.. Choice.. "

Psychopatrick88: "Hmmm.... how about blueberry then?" She asked.

[c=74].: | Kagura | :.[/c=22][c=59] .| Haaaaahahahahaaa! .[/c=72]: Asteria merely looked away and muttered.

" Can't I take a shower first.. I don't like the way it's now.. "

Psychopatrick88: * Nadya blinked down for a moment, then smiled* "Oh, of course, honey. Guess I just got a little excited." She said, getting off of Asteria to let her up.

[c=74].: | Kagura | :.[/c=22][c=59] .| Haaaaahahahahaaa! .[/c=72]: Asteria slowly started to stand up, grumbling lowly as she headed towards the shower stall room, not caring if Nadya would follow her or not.
Psychopatrick88: *Nadya decided to giver her her privacy for now, killing her time by doing more stretches*

[c=74].: | Kagura | :.[/c=22][c=59] .| Haaaaahahahahaaa! .[/c=72]: Asteria stepped into the shower stall that was closest to the door, turning on the knobs untill hot water came out of it, she removed her wet panties from her body, still feeling humiliated as she started to dry herself off.


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