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Summer Splash start date reminder

Tue Jun 30, 2020 2:13 pm by Old_Man_Tai

Summer Splash starts on July 15th this year.

After the poll that was taken, we decided to push SS back a little this year, to give people more time to get stories together given the pandemic.

With July around the corner, we decided to give a couple extra weeks and start SS halfway through July, just to give people some more time.

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Coming Back?

Wed Jun 24, 2020 2:38 pm by Lotuswarrior

I've been thinking of coming back, but I want to focus on a single character to promote some development. Looking back at what I've done, I've been thinking about how I did things and how I've could've made them better.

Not saying I've greatly improved while I've been away, but I think that most people will at least notice some improvements in my future matches or roleplay events. I have a few characters that I want to truly focus on using, but the others will probably be deleted or turned …

[ Full reading ]

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Burned out

Mon Jun 22, 2020 1:21 pm by Harrier

I really tried to keep on my one post per week policy and sat in front of my posting sheet for hours. But right now, I just canĀ“t pick myself up.

I guess I need a break.

Sorry to all my posting partners. I hope that i can pick up some steam again in the future and post then and when.

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Don't fuck with the witch! (IM match, part 2)

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Don't fuck with the witch! (IM match, part 2) Empty Don't fuck with the witch! (IM match, part 2)

Post by Psychopatrick88 on Tue Mar 10, 2009 10:33 am

Psychopatrick88: *Nadya smiled a little, really having fun with that match, and crawled over to her bra, starting to put it back on again, then moved to put her leotard back on as well.

[c=74].: | Kagura | :.[/c=22][c=59] .| Haaaaahahahahaaa! .[/c=72]: Asteria was grumbling for a bit, she didn't expect herself to lose like that though suddenly the water started to feel odd, slightly sharp and cold.. When she opened her eyes to look back at the shower knobs her sister, Asura was standing outside the shower stall, watching her.

" You look awfull. "

Asteria grumbled quietly, looking away.

[c=74].: | Kagura | :.[/c=22][c=59] .| Haaaaahahahahaaa! .[/c=72]: Asteria tilted her head to the side to stare at Asura, finally muttering out something in a strange language, making Asura blink and speak in the same unknown language aswell. Soon Asura nodded when she heard all she needed to her.

" Stay here and just dry yourself off ,I'll take care of her. "

With that Asura turned to walk out of the shower room, sneaking towards the gym.

Psychopatrick88: *Nadya had caught her breath, getting her leotard back on snugly, and was waiting calmly for Asteria to return. She had laid the bottles of oil on the mat, leaning her back against a wall and awaiting the witch*

[c=74].: | Kagura | :.[/c=22][c=59] .| Haaaaahahahahaaa! .[/c=72]: Asura quietly stared at her before backing away, releasing a gentle sigh, suddenly dashing to one side of the gym room where the most cover was, sliding behind one of the small walls and turned her head to look at Nadya again, wondering how close she could come.

Psychopatrick88: *Nadya looked around, thinking she heard the shifting of clothing. "Asteria?" She asked, looking around, but when no one answered, she shrugged and sat down, looking over at the oils. She shrugged to herself, reaching for a bottle of the cherry scented oil and started to apply some of it to her legs.

[c=74].: | Kagura | :.[/c=22][c=59] .| Haaaaahahahahaaa! .[/c=72]: Asura started to sneak through the many gym equipment to pass Nadya, being very flexible and agile it did not take her long to pass Nadya and started to sneak behind her.

Psychopatrick88: *Nadya finished applying the oil, leaning back a little bit. She then looked around for a moment, seeing Asteria was STILL a no-show. She huffed. "How long does it take to have a shower?" She asked herself.

[c=74].: | Kagura | :.[/c=22][c=59] .| Haaaaahahahahaaa! .[/c=72]: Asura suddenly wrapped her arms underneath Nadya's armpits, pulling her into a full nelson and smirked, slowly starting to crouch down with her.

Psychopatrick88: Nadya gasped as she's locked in a full nelson, and starts to chuckle a little. "Don't tell me you want a rematch with me." She grinned as more pressure is applied into the submission, causing her to hiss softly.

[c=74].: | Kagura | :.[/c=22][c=59] .| Haaaaahahahahaaa! .[/c=72]: Asura could only smirk wider when Nadya thought the girl thought she was Asteria, leaning in to whisper with a cold like tone.

" .. Heaven's.. Impale. "

Suddeny Asura released Nadya, only to send a harsh elbow against the back of her head though not letting her go, she immidiatly wrapped her arms around the girl's body and performed a German suplex.

Psychopatrick88: *Nadya blinked at the chilling voice, feeling goosebumps run down her spine at the unfamiliar voice. She then let out a yelp as she's nailed in the back of the head, then cries out as she's slammed in the german suplex. "Uggh... wh... who are you?" She asked, slowly trying to get back up.

[c=74].: | Kagura | :.[/c=22][c=59] .| Haaaaahahahahaaa! .[/c=72]: Asura stood back up rather quickly, staring down at Nadya. Her head tilted to the side and watching her. When the girl was about to get onto her feet though she'd immidiatly run in and go for a leg lariat.

Psychopatrick88: *Nadya tried to shake the cobwebs out as she stood up, just in time to practically get beheaded by the leg lariat. She yelps as she gets knocked for a loop and falls face down. She coughs some, shaking her head slowly. "Damn it..."

[c=74].: | Kagura | :.[/c=22][c=59] .| Haaaaahahahahaaa! .[/c=72]: Asura gracefully got ontop of Nadya's back, her legs hooking around the girl's and spreading them as far as she could, meanwhile her arms wrapping around Nadya's neck and head to pull her in a sleeperhold.

Psychopatrick88: "Wha? Mmnnn... gh.." She gasped and grunted as she's put into the hold, closing her eyes and panting softly. "Oohhhn... whoever you are... nice hold..." She complimented.

[c=74].: | Kagura | :.[/c=22][c=59] .| Haaaaahahahahaaa! .[/c=72]: Asura said nothing, her eyes and mind still keeping track upon the girl's movements to make sure she had no chance to escape it, her arms wrapping very tightly around her head. " ... "

Psychopatrick88: "Nghrrr... mmmhh..." She moans, grinding her rear up against Asura slowly.

[c=74].: | Kagura | :.[/c=22][c=59] .| Haaaaahahahahaaa! .[/c=72]: Asura opened her eyes only a little because of the sudden grinding but paid no mind to it, merely forcing Nadya's legs to spread further while she jerked her head to one side to keep the lock even tighter.

Psychopatrick88: "Ahhhhnn... ohhh yesssss..." She moans as Asura spreads her legs wider, hissing as she locked the full nelson tighter as well.

[c=74].: | Kagura | :.[/c=22][c=59] .| Haaaaahahahahaaa! .[/c=72]: Asura could not quite get how Nadya was moaning from her lock but only kept the hold on tight, leaning down to bite the girl's ear just to make her gasp out before muttering.

" Goodnight. "

Psychopatrick88: *Nadya gasped a little louder as her ear was bitten, then blinked when she heard her. "Wh...wha? Good night?" She asked.

[c=74].: | Kagura | :.[/c=22][c=59] .| Haaaaahahahahaaa! .[/c=72]: Asura decided to give her an answer though not with words, squeezing her arms very tightly against Nadya's throat and head, closing her own eyes and starting to hum softly, as if to try to and calm Nadya down.

Psychopatrick88: "Accckk... Gnnn..." Nadya growled, trying to struggle against her now. This was nice, but she didn't want to end up passing out in this woman's arms.

[c=74].: | Kagura | :.[/c=22][c=59] .| Haaaaahahahahaaa! .[/c=72]: Asura gave a sudden jerk to the side with her arms, forcing Nadya in a much more painful squeeze, her humming stopping to focus on making the girl pass out in the hold.

Psychopatrick88: "Hrrrk.... damn it..." She growled, still trying to fight her, and would try to throw the back of her head into Asura's nose to try and make her let go.

[c=74].: | Kagura | :.[/c=22][c=59] .| Haaaaahahahahaaa! .[/c=72]: Asura thought that Nadya was done for but soon got hit square on the nose, making her yelp out and immidiatly release Nadya, rolling off her and clutching her face.

" Gahhh! "

Psychopatrick88: *Nadya groaned softly, slowly rolling off Asura, her head dizzy, having become dangerously close to passing out. She shook her head slowly, trying to pick herself back up and get a glimpse of this mystery opponent.

[c=74].: | Kagura | :.[/c=22][c=59] .| Haaaaahahahahaaa! .[/c=72]: Asura still hbeld her nose, luckily it wasn't injured that bad and neither was it bleeding, it was throbbing in pain though. Asura slowly started to stand back up once she could feel the pain lessening, growling lowly.

Psychopatrick88: "Ugh..." She got back up to her feet, trying to get back in the game and looked over to see her opponent. She stared at her, not recognizing her. "Who.. who are you?"

[c=74].: | Kagura | :.[/c=22][c=59] .| Haaaaahahahahaaa! .[/c=72]: Asura stared at her with her piercing grey eyes, suddenly running up towards her, looking like she was going for a full frontal attack but when she was close she'd spin past her opponent and send her forearm towards the back of Nadya's head.

Psychopatrick88: *Nadya slowly felt the dizziness leave her head, and braced herself for her. She was waiting for her to slam into her and take her back down, but didn't feel anything. She then felt something slam into the back of her head. She gasped, falling forward and falling onto her hands and knees. She reached a hand up to clutch the back of her head, muttering curses in her native language*

[c=74].: | Kagura | :.[/c=22][c=59] .| Haaaaahahahahaaa! .[/c=72]: Asura looked down at her, noticing that Nadya was only support herself with one hand and her knees, quickly heading to Nadya's side and tried to grasp her the arm that was holding her from the ground in a armlock.

Psychopatrick88: *Nadya looked up at the witch, then blinked when Asura grabbed her supporting arm and put it in an arm lock. "Gah! Get... get off!" She hissed, trying to fight her off.

[c=74].: | Kagura | :.[/c=22][c=59] .| Haaaaahahahahaaa! .[/c=72]: Asura gave a few good cranks on it before releasing her, only to try and stomp the back of Nadya's head to make her hit her face against the ground.

Psychopatrick88: *Nadya clenched her teeth as Asura wrenched her arm down. She then let out a sharp cry as her head is stomped into the match.* "Ah!! D..damn it... why are you attacking me?"

[c=74].: | Kagura | :.[/c=22][c=59] .| Haaaaahahahahaaa! .[/c=72]: Asura did not same to enjoy talking all the much, staring down at her while bringing her foot up to rapidly stomp on the back of Nadya's head, seeing if that would convince her to do stay completely down.

Psychopatrick88: "Ugh!! Gh!! Nhh..." She groans, laying facedown in the mat, panting softly.

[c=74].: | Kagura | :.[/c=22][c=59] .| Haaaaahahahahaaa! .[/c=72]: Asura stared down at her, shaking her head afterwards and turned to walk out of the gym, thinking she has done enough damage to make her pay.. For now.

Psychopatrick88: *Nadya stirred slowly, trying to get up to her feet. "Wh.. what... is your problem?" She asked weakly.

[c=74].: | Kagura | :.[/c=22][c=59] .| Haaaaahahahahaaa! .[/c=72]: Asura said nothing, merely waking away from her, her hand brushing against the wall as she headed outside, closing the door behind her to leave the girl there alone, Asteria was also nowhere in sight.


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