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Looking for a match for a debut for new girl

Sat Aug 08, 2020 6:42 am by Void Effect

Like the title said: Looking for a match for Lily, contact me using Discord please or PM

Brat Business FIasYCH

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Looking For Matches/Long Term Story Threads For New Wrestler

Fri Aug 07, 2020 12:19 pm by HighFly

Hey everyone, I just made JJ and need some threads for her!

I am looking for matches, maybe even a long term rivalry as well! If you feel like you want to work with her long term asa sparring partner for friend outside the ring after a match that is fine as well. Really anything that tells a fun story would be awesome! Please PM me if interested, thank you!

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Thu Aug 06, 2020 2:16 am by ChateauDame

My apologies for the delay on all posts and plans. My workday has a start time dialed back to a 4:00 AM start as of late and I don't end until about 4 or 5 PM so I am utterly tired as of late. I have about the rest of the week at this schedule and then it should lighten up a bit. I am optimistic for a sense of normalcy soon, maybe this weekend or start of next week.

Apologies for the delay!

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Brat Business

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Brat Business Empty Brat Business

Post by Kelsea on Sat Jul 13, 2013 12:47 pm

(Following from: [url:31ijy5xg][/url:31ijy5xg] )

After a glorious victory in the Tension version Friction; champion versus champion match, the Brat Pack were obviously in a celebratory mood... However, there was important business to get too aswell. So they had convened at a nice 5 star hotel room before in true brat style, celebrating by trashed the place! Pink lipstick had been used to graffti the walls with such phrases as "Brat Packs Rules" and "Adults Drools"... Every picture frame in the place had been turned to an angle between 25 and 75 degrees with horizontal, one had even been turned so that the backing frame was showing with the picture canvas against the wall... The water had been left running in the ensuite and toilet paper had been used to decorate anything that it could be hung from.

But now it was down to business... Izzi slung aside a number of scattered assortments covering a wooden table and took a seat across from Danielle Rugu who had joined them for the celebrations, while Cham Cham perched like a cat on the edge of the table. All kawaii's dressed in their usual ring attire

"As chairwoman of the official Brat Pack association I call this official meeting officially underway" Izzi said, getting a hammer from out of no where and slamming it down on the table like a judge or auctioneer conductor might do

"Who sez you are the chairwoman of the Brat Pack?"

"I very officially sez it... Just now... And the hammer seconded it... Weren't you paying attention Chammers?"

"Well.. Cham Cham sez Cham Cham is chairwoman of the Brat Pack..." Cham cham said, proudly beating her arm across her small kawaii chest.

"You haven't even got a chair! How can you be chairwoman?" Cham Cham snatched the hammer out of Izzi's hands and examined it

"And this isn't a real judges hammer.." In fact rather then a gavel, Izzi was using a metallic claw hammer which you might find in modern tool boxes... Izzi quickly snatched it back out of the feline's paws and gave her quick thump over the head with it

"Weow!!" Cham cham yelled, grabbing at her head.. Although Izzi had only given her something that was slightly harder then a tap with it, it still hurt

"Hmm... Seems bloody real to me."
Cham Cham snatched the hammer back off the pesky succubi and proceeded to give her a number of retaliation whacks with it as Izzi almost fell off her chair, trying to get away and move her arms up to defend herself.

"Who's the Hammer woman now?!"

"Uhm..." Dani cut in "I don't mean to disrupt the complex workings of the Brat Pack team... But wasn't there business to get too?"

"Mew..? Oh.. Yes.." Cham Cham said, giving Izzi one more strike before letting it drop to the floor. "I think the Champion versus champion plan went off without a hitch."

"ai!" Danielle said in glee, raising her can of extra sugary cherry cola and then taking a swig

"Yeah... you did well.. so now I guess we can welcome you as a brand new squirt.."

"Ya- wait what? squirt...?"

"Yeah... Its the name of a recruit section... The Squirt Squadron! We are opening the Brat Pack officially as a faction... Officially. And a lot of kawaii's want to be just like us, so the squirt squadron is for the new recruits"

"But... But.. Squirt sounds so... It sounds like something that happens when you can't hold in your pee..."

"Or something that happens in a hentai match.." Cham Cham said in a low tone of voice, obviously intending to be demeaning


"Look.. WE are brats.. but Cham cham still not sure about you yet? That's why you are a squirt." Cham Cham said folding her arms while still perching on the table with her ass and feet

"Whats wrong with 'me'?"

"Well.." Cham Cham reached over to grab the edge of Dani's pink apron and pull it up, to show off her bare crotch underneath. "Look at the way you dress for one.." Dani frowned and then reached forwards to grab Cham Cham's kitty tail, pull up to flap up the tiger striped rags and reveal the green haired girl's bare ass

"Well look at the way you dress for two!" Cham Cham let out a weird feline yipe and grabbed her fake tail out of Danielle's hands.

"Actually its not about how you dress.. The way you dress is all bratty and stuff.. Me and Chammers were talking, and we are worried about the style of matches you take..."

"Yeah... They are all hentai."


"Being Bratty is being hardcore!"

"Where does it say that hentai isn't Bratty too?"

"I'm sure I read it somewhere official..."

A few moments later they had burrowed an English Oxford's Dictionary from the reception room and brought it back up to the room.. Cham Cham flicked through the pages she came to the entry

"Here it is... Brat... a child, esp one who is ill-mannered or unruly: used contemptuously or playfully..."


"Meh.." Cham Cham said and then idly ripped a couple of pages out of the dictionary and then throwing it over her shoulder, just to be bratty.

"Ok fine.. Hentai can be bratty.. but still, judging by your record, you haven't proven yourself against a big opponent yet. Those big dumb dumbs are our enemy... So you need to go up against them."

"I proved myself by coming out and helping you win against Cecilia... You wouldn't have won without me!"

"Heh.. that remains to be seen.. But still, you have to go up against someone big in the ring." Danielle got up defiantly

"I'm even more bratty then either of you two.. you just wait and see!" She said before hurling her can of cherry cola at the wall, intending for it to hit the wall and splatter and leave the hotel with a big cleaning bill to cover.. However, in her ditzy way she mis-threw the can and launched right through the open window from the 8th floor. Dani raced to the window to look at where the can went, but a split second later, Izzi and Cham cham heard a clatter and then the screeching of car tires... A man yelled out "WHAT THE FU-!!" Before there was an almighty bang that could have only been from a taxi cab with cherry cola covering its windscreen crashing right through the window of a drug store.

"Oh.. um..." Dani slowly shut the window, "... yeah..." and drew the curtains... peeking nervously through the bottom

((OOC: If you would like your character to try and apply to become part of the Brat Pack, even if just for RP lols... please send me a PM))

The new and improved: Kelsea's Karacters

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Brat Business Empty Picking a fight

Post by Kelsea on Sun Jul 14, 2013 7:53 pm

Still in the hotel room and the place was still thoroughly trashed... This was something that the Brat Pack would come to realize, its always best to trash a hotel room when you are about to leave rather then as soon as you get there and have to then put up with the mess. They didn't mind though as they were all focused and had gotten down to business.

[url=]So What[/url:euu5a8th] by Pink (that had just been officially decided to be the Brat Pack official theme tune) was playing on a continuous loop to inspire the next order of business... Getting into a fight!

"Right then.." Cham Cham exclaimed "In order to prove you're a true brat, you are going to have to go up against someone big"

"And hentai.." Dani put in with a smile "I can do hentai."

"Right, sure, whatever."

"So we get big dumb dumbs attention with a Bratty letter."


"Lets see who have we got.." Izzi said flicking through book of registered Friction wrestlers. "This girl Eri is suppose to be over 6 foot..." She said opening the roster page open to the others so that they could have a look.

"Ohh.. she looks sexy, I'll wassle her!"

"Hey!" Cham Cham yelled, slapping her paw on top of Dani's forehead. "She is the enemy, not some crush!"

"But... I haven't met her yet, have you?"

"er.. no."

"Then why is she the enemy?"

"Because..." Cham Cham said but momentarily found herself at a loss for how to explain that simple but very valid question

"Because.." Izzi took over "She is over 6 foot and what are you...?"

"Barely 5."

"Exactly... And have you seen these breasts?" She said poking at Eri's bust on the picture "Where are your breasts at? huh?" Izzi asked Dani, to which Dani hesistated for a moment before in a rather dopey manner, gently pulled down the front of her apron to take a look at where her small bust was indeed at.

"Exactly!" Izzi said without hearing a words answer from Dani. "So she is the enemy!"

"Uhm ok... I think..."

"You are going to write her a letter to get her to fight you... Chammers get this down" Cham Cham had ready in her paw a pen and a piece of paper to write on "Go ahead Dani, what do you want to say to her to fight you.."

"Oh uhmm.. ok.. how about this.. *ahem* Dear Ms. Kirisaki, it has come to my attention that we will be fighting soon.. My name is Danielle Rugu and-"

"Wait.. Wait.. wait a minute... This sounds awfully familiar..."

"Oh yeah.. I got it from this film where a guy takes on 7 evil exes... One was kind enough to write an email informing him of the situation."

"What? thats stupid!"

"Yeah... Why would he have to fight 7 evil exes anyway...? Were they evil or just misjudged and wronged?"

"What? No.. No thats not what I meant... It's stupid cause we ain't going to be so 'kind' as to write to her informing her of the situation.."

"But... Isn't that what we are doing now."

"No!" Izzi yelled defiantly

"We are writing her right now, so that she knows we'll be fighting in the near future"

"Well yes... but- no, but... I mean yes.. but- .. Look! We are trying to insult her her, not invite her round for tea and crumpets..."

"Ok... How about this.. *ahem* Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!"

"This sounds familiar too..." Cham Cham put in again, looking out of the corner of her eyes at Dani

"Now go away or I will taunt you a second time!"

"No no no... That won't do"

"Yeah Izzi's right, you can't tell them to go away. You want to fight them."

"That's not what I meant.. Thats another movie quote... Here, write this down Chammers... Dear Eri, I saw your last match and it sucked... Sucked even worse then you can suck crotch... Your wrestling sucks... Your hentai sucks... And you suck... And I 'Danielle Rugu' will easily rape you in the ring when we face each other. From.. Your mother." Cham Cham was furiously scribbling onto the paper as Izzi dictated to her, but as Izzi stopped speaking, Cham Cham looked up

"Uhm.. how do you spell that?"

"What part?"

"All of it?" Izzi rolled her eyes and grabbed the paper and pen off of Cham Cham,

"What the hell is this? a picture of a banana?!" with an irritated she screwed up the paper and picked up another piece to start writing on

"Now I've forgotten what I said... something about sucking... ..."

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Brat Business Empty Very Bunny...

Post by Kelsea on Wed Jul 17, 2013 10:50 pm

There was a knock on the door of the [s:2a6zrys9]janitor's storage closet[/s:2a6zrys9] official Brat Pack recruitment office..

"A customer! Chammers I told you them flyers would pay off!" Izzi said excitedly as Dani, Cham Cham and Izzi scrabbled to seat themselves behind a make shift desk. Izzi shoved a mop out of the way that flicked right into Cham Cham's face and making her let out a disgruntled "Weow!" Seems the other two had lost themselves in the moment a bit, Danielle called out to the mystery guest

"Uhm.. Please come in!"

"Hey.. you don't get to say that, your still just a squirt.." But despite Cham Cham's protests the door opened and all three brats had to act calm and civil as they recieved their first guest... Their next possible Brat Pack companion to go alongside their most recently recruited Danielle Rugu... The excitement was high and the door was opening painstakingly slow.

Finally it opened fully and the surprisingly large girl who stood before them had a little trouble squeezing her way into the tight space, it was.... It was... It couldn't be...

"Hewwwo~ :3 " Mara Bunny greeted them

"Hey..?" Izzi said, a little confused

"Hey :3 "

"Uhm... Hi...?" Cham Cham said in a way that wasn't actually meant as a greeting but more so to say.. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"Hi :3" <- oblivious

Danielle didn't speak but nervously waved... It seemed like that big bunny's body was rather menacingly covering the exit to get out of this rather small [s:2a6zrys9]janitor's storage closet[/s:2a6zrys9] official Brat Pack recruitment office. Mara didn't wave but stood there with her stupid grin, eyes sparkling a little as she looked down on the cute little kawaii and very huggable squad..

"Uh.. so... yeah.." Izzi said, trying to dispel some of the confusion


"Er... can.. we.." Cham Cham tried to find the words "help you?"

"Yep!" Mara said cheerfully, lifting herself up on her toes briefly as she did

"... Yeah?"

"Uh huh..."

"So...?" Dani sheepishly put in at last


"How... Can we... help you... exactly... might you.. say?"

"OH!" The bunny said before quickly scrambling for a screwed up piece of paper "I gots your flyer..."

"ooh...? Soooo..?"

"Soooo... I'm here for the kawaiis :3 " This was all eerily menacing... In the cutest possible way, but Izzi was not about to sit here and be intimidated by some big dumb dumb... HERE, in her own very official Brat Pack recruitment office (insert [s:2a6zrys9]janitor's storage closet[/s:2a6zrys9] ). She stood up as aggressively as she could, slamming her hands down on the table and leaning forwards to be just as menacing as she could be.

"Now listen here! We ain't gonna sit here and take your threats!"

"Threats...?" Mara said, her grin disappearing a bit as she looked genuinely confused

"Don't you try to kid me that thats not what you're doing!"

"But I'm not trying to threaten..."

"You're- You're not... huh?"

"Then.. What are you doing here?"

"I've come for the kawaiis :3 I've come to sign up as a kawaii in your brat pack!"

(read up to here before opening spoiler)
Crazy anime style shock split screen!
Brat Business 1741952-2OSRQB2.jpeg
Brat Business 1741954-VVYPNSM.jpg
Brat Business 1741955-OZCLU26.jpg

"W-w-what?! n-no.. no..." Danielle stuttered, trembling from the thought and just about wanting to crawl up in some corner somewhere where she can rock herself to sleep and maybe wake up later to find it was all a dream. Slowly but surely, it started to sink for each of the Brat Pack members that the bunny was actually serious. Izzi sat down carefully just so that she could bolt up again into a standing position and slap her hands down on the table again like before... It seemed that doing this acted was required to add an exclamation mark on what she had to say next:

"... ...OH HELL NO!!"

"Ya-huh! You said right here" She said unfolding the paper "Kawaii recruits needed, apply at [s:2a6zrys9]janitor's storage closet[/s:2a6zrys9] official Brat Pack recruitment office to become one of the Brat Pack."

"Wait..." Dani turned to Izzi "Izzi... did you actually write [s:2a6zrys9]janitor's storage closet[/s:2a6zrys9] on the flyer..?"

"That is how the room is officially known."

"That's so weak.." Cham Cham scolded, folding her arms and looking off in distaste

"So uhm.. can I join no?" there were some moments that brought the Brat Pack perfectly together in harmony.. This was one of them

"NOOOOOOOO!!" All three yelled in unison

"But- but... how comes?"

"How comes..?" Izzi said, ripping the flyer from Mara's hands "Cause the flyer specifically says... 'kawaii'.." She poked at the paper so hard she practically poked a hole right through it "KAAAAWWWWAAAAIIIIIS... Cute, small, petite, little, adorable, nice to cuddle..."

"I give nice cuddles :3" Izzi gritted her teeth and closed her eyes, finger tips rubbing at her temples

"You on the other hand-" Izzi said, pointing an accusatory finger right at Mara "..are like some freaky big super dumb dumb... kawaii hugging machine.. mad moo cow.. bunny freak!!" Mara face changed to something between a frown and a pout.

"Sticks and stones may break my bones... Well.. Logs and rocks might... But that doesn't rhymes." She stopped for a second in contemplation "It can't be true if it don't rhyme... all the time..." a few more moments passed before she was finally able to get back on track "Besides... You have to let me in now, cause I have an application form filled out.. and it says you'll will honour all applications on that fly-" But before she was able to finish the world 'flyer' Cham Cham had yanked it out of Izzi's hands and ripped it up into at least 50 piece within 0.4 seconds and with a mighty "YAAAAAAAAAH!!!!" threw the sprinkles of paper up into the air to create a snow fall effect around all of them

"... ...Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze? :3 "



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Brat Business Empty Hellion

Post by Kelsea on Tue Jul 23, 2013 10:54 pm

There was a knock on the door of the janitor's storage closet official Brat Pack recruitment office..

"Come in!" Dani responded

"I told you before squirtle.. Squirts don't get to say that." Cham Cham said, showing a bit of fang.. But despite that the door opened and seeing who it was Izzi quickly jumped up

"Oww my client... come in come in!" The figure walked through the door, turning to be none other than [url=]Kelli DiVanette[/url:36k712bm].

"Please take a seat." Izzi offered with an open hand gesture towards the chair in front of their table.

"I'm good." Kelli dismissed, preferring to stand.. She really didn't intend on being here any longer then she had to

"And how are you this fine day..?" Izzi said, taking a seat all the same while Kelli stood


"You doing good?" Izzi repeated after getting no response to Kelli

"What the hell are you doing?" Kelli finally asked, squinting her eyes at the succubus

"What do you mean?" Izzi said as innocently as she could manage, but Kelli didn't seem all that impressed by it

"That with your voice." She clarified for the youngster

"You sound almost like... Kelli."

"... No.. No she really doesn't" Kelli said, rolling her eyes to one corner

"Thanks Chammers... I'm making my voice sound a different colour.."

"W-what...?" Dani said shaking her head in confusion "That doesn't really make sense..."

"It sure does! How do you like it Kelli..?" Izzi swooned over the Italian in front of her much to Kelli's aggravation

"You better cut that shit out..." She growled down at the imp..

"Cham Cham thinks this will just get confusing in time.."

"Why would it?"

"Look... see..."

"I'm Kelli..."

"And I'm Izzi..."

"And we both look cute and cool together..."

"We sure do..."

"We so much alike..."

"What's that Kelli? ... ya wanna kiss..?" However at that point Kelli slammed her fist down on the table, cutting Izzi off from her conversation with herself or imaginary Kelli or what ever the hell she had been doing.

"I SAID CUT IT OUT!!!" Kelli yelled, making all three of the kawaii recoil in their seats.

"Ok ok.. So, I guess we could just cut straight to business."
Izzi said back in her usual semi aussie voice


"Ok... Hey! I already got a great brat pack tag for yer."

Kelli blinked, anger quenched with confusion "... What...?"

"heh... This is gonna be so awesome... isn't Chammers?"

"Cham Cham thinks it won't be."

"Aw don't listen to silly cat... you tell her Dani."

"You should probably listen to Cham Cham."

"Feh! Whatever!" again Kelli's rage and urge to smash was rising

"What the hell are you fucking imps talking about?!"

"Ok, here... We've got Cham Cham... She's kinda ferocious and scary... So she's gonna be 'Scary Brat'... Dani's got ginger hair, so she's gonna be 'Ginger Brat'... I'm kinda sporty with my rollerskating, so I'm gonna be 'Sporty Brat'... If we get that kawaii Baby Blossom Gemma Piper, she can be 'Baby Brat'... And then we got you..." Kelli squinted and leaned forwards threateningly

"Are you trying to call me a Posh Brat?"

"What? no... where would you get that idea?"

"Don't piss around with me, I'm well aware of spice girls..."

"Spice girls? No... I'm talking about the Brat girls... haven't you been listening to a word I've been saying?" Kelli closed her eyes and grit her teeth..

"I'm not posh!" she spat "I'm not a brat!" and then slamming her both hands on the table "AND I'M NOT A FUCKING KAWAII!!"

"but.. but... You're all small and kawaii-fied."

"Cham cham has certainly seen bigger kawaii's then you. Therefore, you must be a kawaii." Kelli closed her eyes, eye lid twitching a little

"I'm trying reeeeaal hard not to beat up on children today, really I am... But you little punks are starting to push push the boundaries of my patience..."

"Alright alright..." Izzi said dismissively "If you're that impatient... Chammers, cut to the interview.." Cham Cham brought up a couple of piece of paper and patted them on the table before examining the contents... They didn't actually have anything written on it apart from a doodle of a banana... But it made her look like she knew what she was doing.

"So why do you want to become one of the Brat Pack?"


"Really..? then why are you in the [s:36k712bm]janitor's storage closet[/s:36k712bm] official Brat Pack recruitment office discussing which Brat Pack tag name you will have and taking the Brat Pack initiation interview?"

"GGGRRR!!! 'Cause I got this FRIGGIN LETTER.." She said ripped a screwed up letter from her poke and shaking it furiously "-FROM THIS FLYING RODENT.." She said, thumbing at Izzi with her bat wings "-SAYING YOU PUNKS WANTED TO APOLOGIES FOR WHAT HAPPENED OVER THE 24/7 TENSION BELT!"

"Apologies? That doesn't sound like something I would write and hand deliver to you door with hearts and kisses... Nope... Are you sure your subconscious isn't playing tricks on you because you really wanna be a brat?" Kelli had heard enough, reached forwards sharply and grabbed Izzi by her purple lycra tube top, yanking her so hard forwards that her whole body ended up over the table..

"Now listen here you obnoxious little brat!" Kelli growled in her face

"Ah!! listen.. LISTENING!!" Izzi said hurriedly as the material of her lycra tube stop started to cut into her delicate kawaii skin from Kelli's gruff pull on it

"You had better hope that the next time you see me, I'm in a charitable mood like I am today... Failing that, start praying right now... Too all the gods you hold dear, that you see me before I see you... Cause if I see you before you see me... YOU WON'T SEE ME... CLEAR?!"

"Yeah? ..YEAH!" It really wasn't...

"Good." Kelli said and threw Izzi back so hard that the little brat went toppling back over her chair and ended up in a heep on the floor. Kelli meanwhile stormed out of the office, slamming the door behind her and making a bottle of detergent fall off a shelf at the side of the room. A couple of moments later, Izzi climbed back onto her chair, after pulling her tube top back into place and smoothing down her pig tails leaned on the table and said..

"Y'know... I think she's starting to grow a soft spot for me."

Cham Cham - >.>

Dani - <.<

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Brat Business Empty Re: Brat Business

Post by Kelsea on Sun Sep 15, 2013 9:49 am


"Hewwo~ :3" The pink haired buxom bunny greeted brat pack, sitting across the table from them... She was greeted firstly by Cham Cham who did a feline-esque hiss and swiped her paw gloved hand and claws in her general direction.

"What the hell are you doing back here?"

"I got your flyer!"

"Yes.. we know that already..." Dani said then cast an eye Izzi's direction "Someone put to many of them things out.."

"They sure did :3"
<- still oblivious

"So... Answer my question. What the *hell* are you doing back here?"


"We threw you out last time you were here, maybe we needed to throw you further.."

"Oooooh..." the pink haired bunny said, realization finally dawning on her "... You mean you threw out Mara Bunny... I'm not that bunny, that bunny is silly."


"I'm Bandit Bun Bun.. see?" She said pulling the face mask she had on slightly

"Oh come on... We all know who you really are..."

"No body knows Bandit Bun Bun's secret identity.. That's why she's so great :3 "

"You are the Love bunnies..." Dani said rather abruptly to invalidate Bandit Bun Bun's claim

"Who sa- I mean... nooooo, I'm not them- I mean.. who are the love bunnies?"

"You did a whole promo thing in connection to them... With the Love Bunnies acting as body guards against the Bandit Wabbits!"

"Oh yeah... Well, like sis says... I look nothing like Leah Bunny.."

"And the other one?"

"I look nothing like Wascal Wabbit either.."

"Cham Cham says 'Enough of this!' ...Bandit Dumb Dumb gonna leave now?"

"Right after Bandit Dumb Dumb signs herself up to the Brat Pack.."



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Brat Business Empty I don't get it..

Post by Kelsea on Mon Oct 07, 2013 10:42 pm

"I don't get it..." Lil Luci lollipop said, still somewhat confused.

"What is there not to get!" Dani said excitedly, beaming a smile at her old friend.

"Like.. Why are you all here..?"

"Why else..? I think... therefore... I am.. here? I think thats how that goes."

"But but... This is a smelly old janitor storage closet."

"Thats just cat hairs you can smell" Izzi put in to Luci


"And This isn't an old janitor storage closet... this is an old [s:23sq2rqx]janitor storage closet[/s:23sq2rqx] official Brat Pack recruitment office..." Luci looked at Izzi as if she was clinically insane and then slowly let her eyes slip away from Izzi to look at her old friend Dani for help..

"Its for recruiting Brat Pack members.. thats why its called the [s:23sq2rqx]janitor storage closet[/s:23sq2rqx] official Brat Pack recruitment office!" She said, throwing her hands up and in the excitement knocking over a whole load of files from the desk onto the floor...

"Uh.... huh... So..." Luci looked at Cham Cham "Maybe you could explain to me... Why are you here..?" she said, hoping that maybe the feline would talk in something other than martian

"Cham Cham is the official head of Brat Pack operations!" Cham Cham said proudly, sticking out her flat chest and thumping it with her paw

"You're the official head of my ass!!"

"Thats right! Cham Cham is!" Izzi seemed to take exception to this claim and a small scuffle started out amongst them... In the meantime...

"I don't get it..." Luci as she watched the incredible struggle between a pint sized succubi and a tiny kitty

"What Luci?"

"Why are you here..?"

"I've joined up with Brat Pack... where have you been the last month?!" a more appropriate question for Dani to have asked might have been, where have you been the last year!

"But but.. we had a team together... we were sugar and spice-" Dani tried to grab Luci to stop her from finishing the sentence but it still ended up slipping out... Immediately Izzi and Cham Cham stopped scuffling and looked at Dani

"...Heh... Sugar and spice...?!"



"heheh! Cause you were made outta sugar and spice and things fluffy and nice.. huh... HUH?" Izzi said nudging up against Dani and fluttering her eye lashes like a little princess "I see what you did there.."

"That was a long time ago!" Dani said, her cheeks flaring up with embarrassment.

"Ok... So why am I here..?"

"Because..." Dani said closing her eyes and composing herself again "You could be a potential brat.. that's why you're here to apply as a recruit."

"But you said in your text that you were gonna give back my rufus rabbit doll you borrowed a year ago.."


<img src=" title="Embarrassed" />

"BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!" Izzi and Cham Cham laughed in unison

Dani said covering her reddened cheek with one hand "I just wanted to make sure you'd come... and now you are here, you can join up.. ok?"

"Ok... So that explains why they are here..." Luci said pointing to Izzi and Cham Cham who were at this moment wiping the tears from their eyes and recomposing themselves


"And it explain why I'm here.."

"Uh huh..."

"And it explains why you're here..."

"Sure does."

"But but..."

"WHAT LUCI?" Dani asked frantically

"Why is she here..." Luci said pointing towards one forgotten corner of the janitor's storage closet....

"Hewwo~ :3 " Mara Bunny beamed as Luci's finger pointed her way

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING LURKING IN THE SHADOWS!!!?" Dani squealed almost jumping right out of her cute little apron, Izzi and Cham cham grabbing each other almost in a reflexive defensive manner.. some how completely not expecting to see the bunny that had been standing their throughout the proceedings of this conversation

"Oh.. I just heard you like rabbit dolls... :3"



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