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Need Debut matches/Simply looking for more

Tue Sep 08, 2020 11:19 pm by Void Effect

Got bunch of girls that need to debut, if anyone interested, PM me here or on Discord

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Poll regarding Kayfabe rules of hentai in non-hentai matches.

Sat Oct 17, 2020 9:03 pm by Old_Man_Tai

So, one of the various different things we are looking to bring to the board soon, is an official list of "In-World Rules", to help with world building and such and just make clear what the in-story rules of the Friction and Tension leagues are.

One thing I've noticed that people seem to handle differently, is the idea of using hentai, as in fucking, groping, stimulation, anything actually involving touching privates and beyond just flirting/kissing/rubbing in non-hentai matches. Some seem to …

[ Full reading ]

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Looking for a match.

Thu Oct 08, 2020 10:11 pm by Old_Man_Tai

Simply put, looking to get Silver Ace two or three short, quick matches to set up her story for her Avalanche match.

Also if somebody knows how to use photoshop, have a favor to ask.

Contact me on Discord or PM if you are interested.

Would be willing to offer proper matches with other characters in trade if that's acceptable.

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Iron Maiden w/ Dr. Fairchild

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Iron Maiden w/ Dr. Fairchild Empty Iron Maiden w/ Dr. Fairchild

Post by BCG on Mon Aug 12, 2013 11:31 am

(This bio is subject to in-story change, and will be updated regularly. Sections highlighted in color will be updated most frequently.)
Last updated 1/8/2014

Iron Maiden w/ Dr. Fairchild IronMaidenFaceshot.jpg
Ring Name: Iron Maiden
Real Name: Undisclosed
Nicknames: "The She-Beast". "The Crimson Giant".
Sex: Female
Age: 21
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Red
Height: 6'3 ft
Weight: 232 lb
Nationality: French
Personality: Despite her fearsome appearance, Iron Maiden possesses a child-like mentality, which just makes her all the more dangerous. She has a limited understanding of speech, making her impossible to reason with when she has her mind set on harming someone. She's also incapable of speaking herself, due to an irreparably scarred mouth which she keeps covered with a mask in the presence of others. While normally calm and introverted, she harbors an animalistic savagery that she'll all too willingly unleash on those who provoke her or those who her manager Dr. Kyla Fairchild tells her to attack. Another thing that sets her off are people getting a look underneath her mask. She hates for people to see her scarred mouth, and will react with maximum hostility to anyone who tries to take a peek. Things she likes include stuffed animals, playing school, and breaking people in half. People she trusts include Dr. Kyla Fairchild and only Dr. Kyla Fairchild.

Alignment: Heel
Show(s): Friction
Division(s): Singles
Title(s): None
Entrance Music: [url=]"The Evil Lord Exdeath" remix[/url:32hsb170]
Appearance: (Show Spoiler)
Iron Maiden w/ Dr. Fairchild IronMaiden1.jpg
Iron Maiden w/ Dr. Fairchild IronMaiden2.jpg
Iron Maiden w/ Dr. Fairchild IronMaiden3.jpg
Iron Maiden w/ Dr. Fairchild IronMaiden4.jpg
Wrestling Style: (Show Spoiler)
Strength: Great
Durability: Great
Speed: Average
Agility: Poor
Endurance: Great
Stamina: Average
Technique: Poor
Cunning: Poor

Iron Maiden has no distinct style, and hardly needs one. She relies entirely on her size and extraordinary strength to decimate her opponents, by tossing them around the ring like rag dolls and flooring them with sloppy strikes and kicks. Her body is also unusually tough and sturdy, making it hard for an opponent to dish out a lot of damage or knock Maiden off her feet. On top of that, her threshold for pain is extremely high. Iron Maiden is nothing short of a behemoth that no sane wrestler would want to be in the ring with, but her one major flaw is her lack of intelligence. Maiden doesn't fully comprehend how wrestling matches work, beyond knowing that she needs to hurt her opponent as much as possible, then get on top of them when they're no longer moving or Dr. Fairchild directs her to. She also has a nasty habit of taking things too far and getting herself disqualified. Sometimes she'll retrieve her chain from outside the ring and use it as an illegal weapon, or sometimes she'll even attack the referees themselves. Because of this, her success in a match tends to depend less on her level of skill and more on how well Dr. Fairchild directs her from ringside.

Signature Moves:
Big Boot - A very simple kick that involves Iron Maiden lifting her leg so the bottom of her boot collides into her opponent's face or chest. This usually works best against an opponent who's charging at her, for it turns their own momentum against them.

Bear Claw - Iron Maiden positions herself behind an opponent on their knees and simply clasps their shoulder with her hand, causing them tremendous pain and potential joint damage if it lasts too long. This move can also serve as a submission if they're unable to pry away from her and choose to tap out.

Ragdoll - Yet another simple move. It involves Iron Maiden grabbing an opponent by any part of their body, and flinging them gracelessly across the ring. It's hardly a wrestling move as much as a simple, brutish throw. And with her strength, she's usually able to clear the entire distance of the ring, or sometimes even chuck them straight through the ropes and out the ring. This move can also be performed with Iron Maiden's chain, in which case she wraps the chain around her opponents neck and throws them by grabbing the ends of the chain and swinging.

Choke to Headbutt - Iron Maiden grabs her opponent by the throat with one hand and quickly pulls them forward so their head collides against hers.

Torture Rack - Possibly the most complex move Iron Maiden knows. It involves her lifting her opponent onto her shoulders so that they're facing up, and gripping them by their leg and neck. She then proceeds to stretch them, painfully bending their back with as much force as she can muster. This move can serve as a submission hold, but with Iron Maiden's strength, her opponents tend to pass out from the pain before they have a chance to give up. For Maiden, this move would make a good finisher if not for the fact that she's very slow and clumsy when it comes to setting it up due to her inexperience as a wrestler. This makes it very easy for her opponent to counter if they have their wits about them.

Iron Mace - A forearm club, given a unique name by Kyla Fairchild upon seeing how fond Iron Maiden had become of the move. It involves Maiden simply clenching and raising her hand, and swinging it down so that her forearm smashes against the top of her opponent's head. It's a slow and highly telegraphed strike that can be easily avoided if the opponent sees it coming. When it makes contact however, it's very much like being hit with an actual iron mace.

Knee Grind - When her opponent is positioned in the corner of the ring with their head against the bottom turnbuckle, Iron Maiden will ram her knee into their skull. Then, instead of retracting it, she'll begin to grind her knee against their head, causing additional pain and cranial damage. She'll often grab hold of the top rope in order to gain extra leverage for this move.

Finishing Move(s):
Chokeslam - Iron Maiden's finisher is a basic, two-handed chokeslam that proves to be quite devastating due to her height and the force she puts into it. She sets it up by gripping her opponent by the throat with both hands and lifting them into the air. She then throws them at a sharp, downward angle, releasing her grip on their throat and slamming them forcefully and painfully into the mat. It should be noted that the gap between her and her opponent's bodies as she lifts them up is small enough for them to straddle either sides of her waist with their legs, allowing for her to slam them at a perfectly steep, downward angle.
Backstory: (Show Spoiler)
The towering woman who would come to go by the name Iron Maiden in AFW, was born to a rich widower in Northern France. Iron Maiden's mother was a former amateur model who married into money and suffered the loss of her husband midway through her first and only pregnancy. She was a cold and shallow woman to begin with, who considered social status and physical beauty to be of the utmost importance in life, and this rotten attitude was only intensified with the inheritance of her late husband's full wealth. This would prove to be very unlucky for Iron Maiden, due most in part to the complications of her birth. Maiden was born with severe cranial damage and a slightly disfigured face, and there was little doctors could do to fix her superficial defects as an infant. Luckily, the doctors determined that no permanent harm had been done to Maiden's brain, and she would grow to become a perfectly healthy young woman in both body and mind. This however was not good enough for her mother. Despite the fact that Maiden was a healthy child, her mother saw and treated her like a monster due to her faults. Her mother wanted a daughter who would inherit her good looks, and who she could show to her peers without embarrassment or shame. Instead, her daughter was cursed with a deformed face, and they would later learn that Maiden also suffered from intracranial pressure that caused her endocrine system to secrete unneeded growth hormones, resulting in Maiden growing at a freakish rate and developing unnatural physical strength for a child.

Her mother, shallow as she was, saw her as nothing but a freak and began shutting her away from the world so as not to be an embarrassment to her. Iron Maiden spent her childhood unnurtured and isolated. She was kept locked in the basement and given very little exposure to the outside world beyond a few magazines and toys. While Iron Maiden would have developed as a mentally capable person under healthy circumstances, the environment she was forced to grow in provided her with a downright abusive lack of mental stimulation, causing her to develop a mental disorder quite similar to that of a feral child's. As she grew older and her size and strength began to reach freakish levels, she became more of a handful for her mother. On more than one occasion she managed to break through the locked door of the basement, and injure her mother and the house staff when being restrained and taken back into her cold, bleak prison. It reached a point where her mother began tying her down with chains to keep her from doing any harm. This of course only intensified Iron Maiden's mental trauma, and with each passing year she grew more and more violent.

Eventually Iron Maiden grew old enough to start undergoing plastic surgery to fix her facial disfigurements and even relieve the cranial mass that was causing her tremendous growth rate. It was something her mother had been dead set on doing for her since the day of her birth, but she found herself with a problem. With the deranged, violent way her daughter behaved she couldn't bring her to any hospital. She also realized that trying to explain the situation to any doctors would just result in her daughter being taken away from her, which she couldn't have happen mostly due to the damage it would cause her reputation. After some time and thought, Iron Maiden's mother decided to hire an illegal plastic surgeon who would operate on her daughter in the basement itself. Of course relying on a surgeon without proper credentials or equipment was risky, but it was a risk her mother was willing to take to "fix" her daughter... never minding the irreversible psychological damage she had already done to her. Over the course of Maiden's teenage years, the illegal surgeon returned time and time again to operate on her bit by bit. Little by little Iron Maiden's deformities were corrected, and the surgeon even removed her cranial mass for extra pay, though Maiden was already abnormally tall and strong for a young woman by this point. The operations each went by without a hitch, and Iron Maiden's facial features were even beginning to look better than average. By the time she'd reach adulthood, she may very well be a mentally damaged monster of a woman, but at least she'd have a pretty face. That was how her mother justified it anyway. During the final surgery however, their luck finally ran out and things went terribly wrong. The surgeon botched the operation, accidentally leaving Maiden's mouth horrifically scarred. He fled the house before Maiden's mother knew what had happened, leaving her to clean up the "mess". She tried bandaging her daughters face, but she was no doctor and was unable to keep Maiden from sustaining a serious infection. Within days, Iron Maiden broke out into a life threatening fever that nearly ended up killing her. Luckily for her, fate, for once, decided to show her mercy.

A few days after botching the surgery, the surgeon was, by chance, arrested for another illegal operation he had performed. An investigation was quickly put together to build a legal case against the surgeon, and Iron Maiden's mother was one of many of the surgeon's "clients" who was questioned by the police. It was at this point that her conscience finally caught up with her, and she broke down and informed them about her daughter and the condition she was in. Maiden was rushed to an emergency room where her life was saved. Needless to say, after a full investigation was done on her mother, Maiden was not returned to her custody. However Iron Maiden couldn't be processed into the system the same way other abused children were. Hers was a unique case, for she was psychologically inept, violent, and big and strong enough to be a danger to everyone around her. Maiden was eventually emitted to a high security psych ward that unfortunately only served to worsen her mental trauma. Now in completely unfamiliar surroundings and forever separated from her mother, Maiden had a complete psychotic breakdown. Her inept mind was unable to understand where she was and what was happening, and all she could do was react with hostility. For the following year or so, she became an outright terror to the staff and psychiatrists who worked at the facility. They came to detest her as a patient, commonly referring to her as "the she-beast", and not without reason either. She went on daily tantrums, even when under the effects of medication. She demolished everything she could get her hands on, tore apart straightjackets and other forms of restraints, and on several occasions severely injured members of the staff. She even nearly killed the head psychiatrist by literally throwing him through a one-way mirror. Any attempts made by psychiatrists to speak to her were fruitless, as her scarred mouth left her incapable of speech, and her reactions to any attempts at communication left doubt that she even understood basic language to begin with. It certainly seemed like no progress could or would be made with Maiden... but then a certain disgraced psychologist came into her life.

Dr. Kyla Fairchild was a young British psychologist who was once renowned for her brilliant insight into the human psyche, but was now scorned by her peers. She had abandoned her job at a respected institution to follow her secret dream of performing as a wrestler in the AFW. Unfortunately her career as a wrestler hadn't worked out, and when she had tried to return to her old life as a psychologist, she found she had become a joke and laughing stock. Unable to get her old job back, or any high paying job in the field of psychology, Kyla had to settle for the best opportunity that came her way. That opportunity ended up coming in the form of head psychiatrist at the psych ward Iron Maiden had been admitted to, as the previous one had requested a transfer after nearly being killed by Maiden, and no one was eager to take his place. It was a job no one else wanted thanks to Maiden, so Kyla was able to snatch it up without much effort. After settling down in her new position, Kyla began trying to work with Maiden in controlled sessions. She found herself curious about this monster woman that had everyone so afraid, and figured that if she could make Maiden better, it would repair her tarnished reputation as a psychologist. And while the end results would be quite different then what she initially hoped for, her genius did shine through, and she made a tremendous level of progress with Iron Maiden. Kyla was the first person to realize that Maiden was longing for reminders of home, even if some of those reminders and her home itself weren't very pleasant things. She eventually managed to recover a few of Maiden's stuffed animals and even the chains her mother had used to restrain her as a child and teenager. Using these chains in place of a straight jacket surprisingly had a calming affect on Maiden. Over time Kyla made several more equally bizarre discoveries about what made Maiden tick, such as the fact that the rabid "she-beast" didn't want people to see her scarred mouth. Perhaps unconsciously affected by her mother's obsession with making her beautiful, Maiden had developed a strong feeling of repugnance for her scar, and Kyla realized that many of her episodes were triggered by people staring at it. After issuing for a mask to cover Maiden's lower face, Kyla was able to drastically reduce her outbursts. Kyla also made an amusing discovery that Iron Maiden had a deeply rooted desire to attend school, due to seeing many pictures of school children in books and magazines she kept while growing up. By gifting her with custom sized school uniforms, Kyla was able to further gain Iron Maiden's trust.

In an astoundingly short time, Kyla was able to earn Iron Maiden's trust completely. Maiden had come to see her as a maternal figure of sorts, and followed her commands and requests splendidly. Although Maiden was too damaged to ever become a well adjusted person, she was at least now allowed to be out in public while under Kyla's strict supervision. As long as Kyla was keeping her in check, Maiden behaved herself... but over time a thought began to reoccur in Kyla's mind. She now, essentially, had total control over Iron Maiden. Control over a freakishly strong amazon who could break people in half with her bare hands. While Maiden remained docile as long as Kyla urged her to, she could just as easily direct Maiden's strength and aggression if she wanted. Kyla couldn't help but think to herself that there was one place in the world where Maiden's talents could be put to efficient use. A place where Kyla herself had once sought fame and fortune and failed, but could now rectify that failure by using Maiden. The idea eventually became too inciting for Kyla to resist, and she eventually decided to take Maiden to Japan and have her compete in the AFW, where she'd surely dominate the competition. Kyla eagerly called AFW's offices to make all the arrangements, registering her under the fearsome name of "Iron Maiden" and assigning herself as Iron Maiden's manager. Soon after, she signed for Maiden's release from the psych ward under the condition of keeping her under constant supervision, and the two of them boarded a plane to Japan. A monstrous, menacing shadow now looms over the AFW, all for the sake of fulfilling Dr. Kyla Fairchild's broken dreams... and that shadow is called the Iron Maiden.
AFW History
Record: 1-2-0
Accomplishments: None
Tag Teams/Stables: None
Allies/Friends: Kyla Fairchild
Rivals/Enemies: None
Lovers: None
The Road So Far:
-[url=]Crashed Team Corona's promo[/url:32hsb170]
-[url=]Defeated Team Corona in Handicap Match, via Verbal Submission[/url:32hsb170]
-[url=]Defeated by Mai Nagasawa, via Disqualification[/url:32hsb170]
-[url=]Assaulted Kawaii Champion Kagami Celeste in interview gone wrong[/url:32hsb170]
-[url=]Defeated by Taylor Parker, via Pin[/url:32hsb170]


Ring Name: None
Real Name: Dr. Kyla Fairchild
Nicknames: "The Good Doctor". "Keeper of the Beast".
Sex: Female
Age: 25
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Auburn
Height: 5'6 ft
Weight: 120 lb
Nationality: British
Personality: As her doctorate in psychology would suggest, Kyla possesses deep insight into the human psyche and knows how to manipulate people and get into their heads. Her talent for doing so is matched only by her love for it, as there's little she enjoys more than playing mind games with people and winning said mind games. She tries to portray herself as cold and calculating, though is known to have fits of hysteria when she loses control of a situation. She's also a very bitter human being. Kyla feels like the world has given her the short end of the stick far too many times, and the only way she can rectify that, in her mind, is by using her talents to bring everyone else down. While she doesn't necessarily enjoy seeing people suffer, she harbors a deep-rooted unconscious believe that everyone else deserves to suffer. And the greatest suffering of all comes from watching ones hopes and aspirations fall apart around them.

Alignment: Heel
Show(s): Friction
Job: Manager
Clients: Iron Maiden
Entrance Music: None
Appearance: (Show Spoiler)
Iron Maiden w/ Dr. Fairchild KylaFairchild2.jpg
Iron Maiden w/ Dr. Fairchild KylaFairchild.jpg
Backstory: (Show Spoiler)
Born and raised in England, Kyla was always a very gifted child. Her gifts however, were simply never to her taste. Since early childhood Kyla achieved nothing but perfect test scores in school, yet in spite of her academic genius, academics were never of very great interest or importance to her. Se possessed a much greater love for sports. She loved being physically active and competing against other children, as it gave her a sense of fun and fulfillment that academics simply didn't. While she was gifted academically however, her physical abilities were very impaired. Kyla suffered from a severe case of asthma well into her teenage and adult life, and it had always kept her from becoming the athlete she desired to be. She grew up very bitter about this fact, blaming and scorning her parents for not letting her join sports teams or sometimes even just going out to play. As she grew up, she was forced to try and fulfill her competitive spirit through more academic means. Eventually, she found her calling in the field of psychology, and proved to have an almost surreal talent for understanding and unraveling the human psyche. To her, exploring a person's mind was like playing a game against them. It involved strategy, and learning how a person thought, and adhering to different sets of rules for dealing with every unique mind. In short, Kyla found playing mental games to be almost as fulfilling as playing physical ones. Almost.

The study of mental health satisfied her for a time, and as an adult she earned her doctorate in psychology and found a well paying job at an institution for the study of mental disorders. Kyla had a bright future ahead of her. She was a modern genius in her field, highly revered and respected by her colleagues and mentors alike. She was expected to go places, to perhaps even revolutionize the treatment and study of the human psyche, in light of how clever and driven she was. The further Kyla rose in her career however, the more dissatisfied she felt with the direction her life was taking. In spite of everything, this job and career had not been her dream. It was just something she had settled on because she was talented at it, and it gave her a moderate sense of fulfillment. She still wondered what it would have been like to pursue a career as an athlete, and how much happier it might have made her... but alas, she did what was expected of her and continued to settle on the career she had. That was until she discovered professional wrestling while surfing channels on tv one day. Kyla had never watched or even heard much about pro wrestling before, passing it by as a cheap alternative to boxing. After watching a few events on television however, she was hooked. One federation in particular really caught her interest, and that was the AFW. She tuned in every week to watch their staple show Friction, and was always amazed and inspired by what she saw. The competitiveness, the physical aggression, and not to mention the attitudes of the women who wrestled. Kyla envied them, wishing she could know that feeling of being able to exert one's physical dominance over another person and to be praised and revered for it. The AFW and its competitors seemed to portray everything that Kyla had innately loved about sports as a child.

For the following years Kyla continued to rise up in her career as a psychologist, using her bright and innovative mind to raise the bar in the study of mental health. On the side though, she had become a die-hard AFW fan who spent almost all her free time obsessing over it. She eventually even made arrangements to fly out to Japan and attend a live event, with her vacation time. It was a great show that she didn't regret going to see in the least, and once it was over she even had the opportunity to speak to a couple of people who worked for the company. Although Kyla hadn't been expecting anything to come of it, beyond learning a few new things about how the business worked, she was amazed to learn about how lax AFW's recruitment policies were. Apparently one didn't need to have any sort of background in wrestling to join AFW. Prior training in wrestling wasn't a requirement, and they accepted any and all applicants with few exceptions. Kyla was informed that even she was legible. It was mind boggling, life changing news for the young doctor, as she had never dared to dream that she could become an AFW competitor herself. Dropping her prestigious job to become a wrestler? It sounded ludicrous, and undoubtedly very few of her friends, colleagues, and family would understand, but if she truly had a chance of being accepted, then maybe it was worth the risk. Maybe this was her first step to leading a more fulfilling life.

Rather then returning home, Kyla made the bold choice of staying in Japan and applying to join the AFW. She didn't have to wait long before the company got back to her and welcomed her aboard. It was unbelievable! A dream come true. ...But of course she just had to hit a snag. When called into the AFW offices to draft her contract to perform on Friction, Kyla was questioned about a lot of personal information, some of which concerned her health. When asked outright if she had any health problems that the company should be made aware of, she panicked. Kyla feared that if they knew she had a history of severe asthma, they would consider her a liability, and so she chose to flat out lie, claiming she possessed no health impairments to her knowledge. It was a stupid move on her part, but her asthma had stamped out her dreams before, and she was so close to fulfilling this one. Once the contract was drafted and Kyla signed, she had officially become a Friction wrestler. It wasn't long before her first match, for much to her surprise, the AFW didn't institute any mandatory training program. They had a sink or swim policy, and needless to say her first match didn't go over so well. She was beaten senseless and utterly humiliated by her opponent, but she didn't let it dampen her spirits. She was still living her dream job, and the only direction to go was up. Kyla was sure she'd get better with experience, and gave it her all in her second match. Once again, she lost, but this time she had actually managed to put up a bit of a fight. Things were looking brighter. If she kept up her pace, eventually she'd be winning matches and would reach AFW stardom! Then came the day of her third match. It was going well, with her opponent being more on the same level as her in terms of experience, but then it hit her with full force. An asthma attack worse then any she had ever experienced before. The match was stopped and Kyla was rushed to the hospital, and by the time she was treated and released, the AFW executives had already looked into her medical background and discovered the truth about her condition. She had lied under contract and thus created a legal liability for the company. She wasn't very surprised when they fired her on the spot, but she sure as hell held a grudge over it.

Kyla promptly returned to the U.K. where further disappointed was awaiting her. Her friends, colleagues, and even family looked down on her for what she did. Dropping a respectable job as a psychologist to become a professional wrestler was bad enough, but when they had heard about the specific federation she had joined, they all checked it out, either by watching her on tv or looking up AFW's website. AFW's reputation was a controversial one for a reason, and when Kyla's acquaintances learned about the sort of things that went on there, she may as well have dropped her job to become a porn star in their eyes. Kyla was shunned by the people she had once been close to, and when she tried to reapply for her job, she was declined in spite of her unrivaled brilliance in the field of psychology. When word got around about her in the medical community, she found herself unable to get a job as a psychologist anywhere else either. She had become a joke in the field of mental health. Her reputation had been tarnished, and since the AFW had kicked her out with no possibility of return, it had been tarnished for nothing. Kyla fell into a state of bitterness and depression. She grew cold and distant to the few people she knew who were still friendly to her. She felt like the world had screwed her over one too many times, and she found herself harboring a dark wish to pay it back. Not that she knew how to do that. For the time being, Kyla could only let her depression and resentment simmer as she continued to fruitlessly look for a job half as decent as the one she use to have.

Eventually Kyla lucked into a job as the head psychiatrist of a psych ward all the way in France. While she would have to move out of country, it was the only good job opportunity she had, so there was very little choice. Besides, it wouldn't be the first time she had moved to another country for a job opportunity. After moving to France and settling down in her new position, Kyla was soon made aware of the specific reason she had been able to procure her new job so easily. While she had assumed that news of her disgrace simply hadn't reached her foreign employers, the truth was no one else wanted the job. There was a troublesome patient at the psych ward she now ran who was scaring away the staff and all other potential candidates for the the position of head psychiatrist. The patient was a monstrous amazon of a woman who stood over six feet tall and was strong enough to tear apart her own straightjacket. She had been responsible for the last head psychiatrist quitting, after she nearly killed him by throwing him across a room through a one way mirror. This patient was as mentally disturbed as could be, and her imposing size and strength made her very difficult to deal with, let alone treat... and now she was Kyla's problem. Rather then feel intimidated by this challenge however, Kyla welcomed it. It reminded her of why she had turned to psychology in place of sports, to begin with. Plus, treating this monster woman would be a good way of testing herself to see if she was still as talented as her former colleagues use to tell her she was. Kyla began treating the patient almost immediately, starting off by speaking with her in controlled sessions. The woman was incapable of speech herself due to a traumatic surgical accident scarring her mouth, and she didn't seem to fully grasp verbal communication to begin with. Kyla was forced to be patient with her, biding her time to earn the patient's trust and learn what exactly made her so violent and agitated. She discovered many things about the patient that previous psychiatrists had been unable to, mostly thanks to her unorthodox methods and willingness to take risks with the patient. Through realizing that the colossal woman was more like a deranged child than anything else, she was eventually able to gain her trust and acceptance. The patient came to see Kyla as a sort of maternal figure, and in an astoundingly short time she had come to trust Kyla to the point of doing everything she told her.

The patient's behavior eventually became so easy for Kyla to control, that she was able to bring the woman out into public with her. All it took to keep her patient from going berserk around people were a few calming words or, failing that, stern commands for her to behave. Her patient never disobeyed. She had grown completely attached to Kyla, and although Kyla didn't feel quite as strongly for her in turn, she also found herself growing rather fond of her prize patient, if only because she confirmed Kyla still had the unsurpassed talent for psychology that so many of her peers now refused to recognize. Still, the sad truth was no one had forgotten how smart Kyla was. It was all a matter of reputation, and she would never be able to fully mend hers. Her job as a psychiatrist in France was as good as it was going to get for her, at least in the pompous, judgmental world of studying mental health. But what if there was another option? Another course she could take in her life, and her patient's? Kyla, essentially, now had total control over a freakishly strong amazon who could break people in half with her bare hands. While she remained docile as long as Kyla urged her to, Kyla could just as easily direct her strength and aggression if she wanted. Kyla couldn't help but think to herself that if there was one place in the world where her patients "talents" would be appreciated, it was the AFW. Her patient would be utterly dominant as a wrestler, and Kyla herself could serve as her manager. Through her patient, Kyla could achieve the success in AFW that had been denied to her when she tried competing as a wrestler herself. And it was more than that too... In a way, Kyla could take out a sort of revenge on the AFW by unleashing such an unstoppable powerhouse like her patient and having her destroy the top competitors on Friction. The top wrestlers, the greatest champions... Kyla's patient could cripple every single one of them, and she and her patient would end up being the ones making top dollar of all the wrestlers in the company. That was the plan anyway. After giving it thorough consideration, Kyla eagerly called AFW's offices to make all the arrangements, registering her patient under the fearsome name of "Iron Maiden" and assigning herself as Iron Maiden's manager. Soon after, she signed for Iron Maiden's release from the psych ward under the condition of keeping her under constant supervision, and the two of them boarded a plane to Japan. A monstrous, menacing shadow known as Iron Maiden now looms over the AFW... and she answers only to a very bitter Dr. Fairchild.
AFW History
Record: 0-2-0
Accomplishments: None
Tag Teams/Stables: None
Allies/Friends: Iron Maiden
Rivals/Enemies: [url=]Lukretia Von Creuzfeldt[/url:32hsb170]
Lovers: None
The Road So Far:
-[url=]Crashed Team Corona's promo(w/Iron Maiden)[/url:32hsb170]
-[url=]Oversaw Iron Maiden's debut match[/url:32hsb170]
-[url=]Oversaw Iron Maiden's match against Mai Nagasawa[/url:32hsb170]
-[url=]Assaulted Kawaii Champion Kagami Celeste in interview gone wrong(w/Iron Maiden)[/url:32hsb170]
-[url=]Oversaw Iron Maiden's match against Taylor Parker[/url:32hsb170]

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