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Early Notice: Summer Splash 2020

Wed Feb 19, 2020 8:58 am by Old_Man_Tai


Summer Splash 2020 starts in June-July!

This is an early notice to those looking to participate in the ppv, to please start thinking about and planning what matches you want to do at the PPV now.

I know everyone is still working on their Showdown/Avalanche matches, and that's fine and good, this is just an early notice is all.

The earlier you start, the easier it will be to get your pre-match story threads completed!

Title Holders, please start looking for potential …

[ Full reading ]

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Sorry for the delay

Sun Feb 09, 2020 7:21 am by LARIATO

(Meant to post this yesterday only just now got to it. Ironic I guess >_<)

Apologies for the delay on posts. No excuses, I just suck.

I think I've posted to all my active threads, but in my infinite stupidity and forgetfulness it's highly possible I've missed something somewhere. If anyone has a thread with me I still need to post to, please let me know so I can get on it asap.

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The hardest part is finding girls for it (Tension Request)

Mon Feb 10, 2020 1:01 am by Old_Man_Tai

Looking for two Tension girls willing to do mixed for some involvement in an upcoming Tension Hentai Title event.

Please PM me or find me on Discord/Trillian for more detail, thank you.

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Britt's Dojo

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Britt's Dojo Empty Britt's Dojo

Post by BritBrat on Tue Dec 12, 2017 6:39 pm

Britt's Dojo 7qBTLLR

Konichiwa, Young Grasshopper...

Just a Quick Note: No, this is not a faction that is in a rivalry with the Higurashi Dojo. This is a fancy way of saying 'The Locker Room'. Because as we all know, that name is rather generic now with most member blogs. With that out of the way, here's some information for you lurking this page.

  • Feel free to send a PM if you have any suggestions or ideas for matches or threads. I always look at every single one and should reply to you as soon as I can.

  • The characters listed below all have their own specific match and roleplay types so they should cater to almost anyone. Those that are able to cross-promote to other leagues will be listed under their own descriptions.

  • I'm not extremely picky about the length of posts, but I do generally prefer that they at least be a few sentences long. They don't necessarily have to be, but generally, the more you write, the more you give me to work within my replies.

  • I generally don’t care too much who wins or loses matches (although there may be one or two characters who I would like to protect). However, I would prefer to discuss that beforehand with whoever I am RPing with. It makes things a lot easier for me when I know what to expect going into it. Regardless of whether I’m the one winning or losing, I promise I’ll do everything I can on my end to make each match as fun as possible for me and whoever my opponent is.

  • I will always try to reply ASAP. Sometimes I'm a machine and would reply more than one thread per day, other times it might be a few days before I can get to anything. I’ll try to let you know if I won't be able to reply for a while in advance. And if you won’t be replying for a while for whatever reason, I’d appreciate it if you let me know too. That being said, I know life gets crazy at times, and people will forget things from time to time, so I won’t make a big deal about delays and stuff like that. At the very most, I might ask if you’re still up for continuing whatever the RP is just to clarify. And if you don't, totally fine, so long as you communicate with me.

  • Aaaaannnnd, of course, the obligatory 'I'm probably ripping someone else's locker room format' comment. Apologies and whatnot.


The Females

Britt's Dojo MCk1mBA
Saskia Schleswig-Holsten
A hentai submissionist who can bend vicims in ways you wouldn't think could bend, she seeks to continue the legacy of her old league.
(Friction Exclusive)

Britt's Dojo YJ8RCdg
Mika Kaminashi
A super-competitive Brit with a very interesting take on high-flying wrestling. Evildoers everywhere, fear her Butt Of Justice!
(Friction Exclusive)

Britt's Dojo SdExGoe
Chloe Mason
Ex-Comissioner for a wrestling league turned fighter, she uses her unique set of skills to bring many of her opponents at her feet.
(Tension Cross-Promotion Available)

Britt's Dojo 9Lu14vG
Johanna Vogel
Determination and natural talent makes her into a full package. She seeks to become better for her own benefit and carve her own way in AFW.
(Friction Exclusive)

Britt's Dojo PR61rvX
China's Most Lovely Export, she is a very skilled martial artist who can get very sexual like the rest!
(Friction Exclusive)

Britt's Dojo ILavGxd
Eliza Morgan
The All-American with dreams and aspirations to become among the best in the league and won't let anything stop her.
(Tension Cross-Promotion Available)

Britt's Dojo Jx6BWg2
Suzune Takashima
A oil wrestler with serious grappling skills, The Empress of Oil looks to make the sexy wrestling style great again in AFW!
(Friction Exclusive)

Britt's Dojo ZzG7QNN
Haruka Kanami
Limited in wrestling ability, unlimited in sexual endurance. This Pinkette knows how to make someone feel good and is never one to be tired out first!
(Friction Exclusive)

Britt's Dojo DNEVStR
Kasumi Tanimoto
A practitioner of Judo, this stern and headstrong woman seeks out the toughest of competition and to prove herself among AFW's greats.
(Friction Exclusive)

Britt's Dojo VGAgisN
Eliza Harenwood
Tension's truest epitome of grace and elegance, she seeks to test herself against strong competitors...and to give some that require a lesson in manners.
(Friction Cross-Promotion Available)


The Males

Britt's Dojo VFOZ3b7
Marc Troyard
Tension's Most Likeable Heartthrob, he can make women swoon by his skills in the ring as well as his charms.
(Friction Cross-Promotion Available)

Britt's Dojo CAOArdV
Lucas Vermilion
A long time friend of Marc, he is a loveable goof with serious grappling skills that can't be ignored.
(Friction Cross-Promotion Available)

Britt's Dojo Heg9rnO
Pierre Vulliard
With skills that matches his large ego, this egotistical hotshot sees himself as the next big thing...even if he may not be.
(Friction Cross-Promotion Available)

Britt's Dojo NbT0iL5

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